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Follow Us Around: The Arnats at The 2012 Grammy Award Show and Afterparty

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Archie Beatz: Hi everyone, I’m Archie Beatz. And I’m Natasha Solae. And we are The Arnats.We
are a Grammy Recording Academy Production Duo consisting of a boy. par
Natasha Solae: And a girl. par Archei Beatz: And we want to thank you guys
for coming by. This video is very very very important to us because it’s out first youtube
video and also this weekend was super incredible because we got to attend the 54th Grammy Awards
Show.par Natasha Solae: So we’re gonna get straight
to the point and show you some exclusive footage from our Grammy Weekend.par
Natasha Solae:After a long night in Vegas filled with interviews and meetings and checked
into the Biltmore Hotel.par Archie Beatz: Natasha, Hey! Walking the record
carpet. We are here at the 54th Grammy Awards Show walking the red carpet. Gotta get one
of those. There is a lot of people here..wasn’t expected. Everybody is looking great. I guess
I look okay.par }


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