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Fmr Drug Czar Vs Amy Winehouse Grammy

plan that it out ronald reagan’s cabinet
member is upset with allied bag granny people grammy awards because of the fact
that they gave amy winehouse grammys for her album
where she saying about how she didn’t want to go to rehab matches a you saying that they should be
ashamed of themselves uh… they basically have reinforced her
terrible behavior uh… this it’s almost as if they were
supporting her unhealthy behavior well with one of the grammy awards going
to do you know she had at the c_n_n_ drug
problems had a drinking problem she had me you know genesee is there’s no
question about that but does that mean that you can’t take
her music and awarded form for what it was it was she was a
talented woman her music was celestron assailant bill bennett said this season and the grammys should look
at every sale i mean said all right let’s put aside their songs listening to
their personal lives yeah defrauded outlets looks a little too much we might
be sending the wrong message we wanted smoking right that one as a little too
much sexier to hear she’s old too slow to i mean by the way you need a
reelection katie pet perry ever get another actor i mean but by the way you would eliminate
grabbing side you would eliminate all of the mail investors that make me
here is my guess is there although i think you might say
support they’re not there player or rock complicated so i think he goes on that but here
comes a great honor bill bennett addicted to gambling you know how much money he lost million dollars that’s amazing this
cloud of the earth recall who wrote a book called the book of virtues about
how what morality how more or all he was an iranian more more or all meanwhile as he’s writing the book he’s going to play five hundred dollars
slots i’ll hold j any decline earth plays between midnight and six a_m_
who’s all going to see those sources are gay because he does want to get spot it because he’s so virtuous so i don’t want
anybody see he was education secretary he was in charge of the uh… national
and out of the humanities for reagan and then later became a drug czar right okay but his wrath five million dollars slots for every
time sometime in august now it’s more than five hundred dollars
if you’re playing every single line in your bedding five times every single
line you’re betting like thousands of dollars each time no question one time he won the jackpot soon was in
the records that you want to play by those laws akbar who cares at by then i’d he looked lost
six hundred twenty five thousand dollars i hung out a i’ll give ya a guy if he
knows my favorite quote on that also refer back in two thousand three was one
of the casino uh… managers told that the other person
writing the story we have a name for this in this at for guys like bill than
in the in this profession so what is it’s a with call them will losers after three r_j_ so then this guy
is judging people’s morality any say all the brandishing a dozen other people’s
morality and and the guy who wrote about this for salon magazine made a brilliant
point to look care i just wanted rami four the gambler you know maybe the center on signed a
bill bennett you know you currently employed at
mixing it up that’s why the force of specialist eight million dollars quote another play with the nobody fighting in other words might families
not destitute yet we haven’t gone bankrupt i lost eight million dollars any letter about virtues we look at you
done for your kids about eight million dollars okay look at my wife as you know is was
on the senate woman in the world brain instead of how much money after bad et
cetera she’s a hundred samia the bylaws eight million dollars in
gambling becker dot o_ r_ family got our kids
education and cetera uh… my hand would be on a plan right and rightfully so yeah okay anti-war road block all the bulk of
merchants fishing mostly not write editorials
judging other people’s lifestyles as saying the grammys still remained more judgmental and it was their fault
for only during the music and not her lifestyle there is no end to the hypocrisy of the
republicans their brains in their own label back i just paid for being quote

  • I can't defend that jackoff but I can make an argument. It's a slippery slope fallacy but humor me. Here goes: Let's say Skrewdriver made a song that was musically brilliant & every note was played w/ laser precision. Let's say the drum work sounds like Bonham, the guitar work is someplace between BB King & Jimi Hendrix. Let's say the bass work is better than Nik Fraiture. Let's say the singing is better Neil Diamond. BUT, it's "heritage music" (white supremacist bullshit). See where I'm going?

  • I guess I should have went to rehab but I said NO NO NO.

    HAHAHA F that B word. She is dead, and she should have went to rehab. And her music is horrible.

  • she got a grammy for her music, not for her drug use. art is supposed to be the opposite of clean & sterile reality, either beautified or destroyed with method, intent, purpose, and passion. to see something, whether an inanimate object, or life itself, and reject it, desire to change it into something more "creative" either negative or positive… is artistic endeavor.

  • i lived with a gambling addict, and i lived with a crackhead… the crackhead, to me, was the lesser of two evils.

  • i thought the rehab song is counterproductive but jesus man, the beatles sang about drugs ALL the time. Almost everyone who wins a grammy at some point has taken some sort of drugs on a constant basis. If the grammys can only give awards to non-drug using singers, there would be no more grammy winners

  • Wasn't hemmingway a drunk. There's a lot of famous figures that had issues.
    MLK JR womanizer
    Bush coke
    Rush pain pills

  • @afonscp What I'm saying is that, no matter how great a song is, we're still allowed to challenge a song's subject matter. I'm an urban man from Chicago's South Side (born on the West Side). Let's just say that I've seen just about every incarnation of ugly. That said, I know hip hop & rap have urban ugly as its subject matter a great deal of the time. Is it totally inappropriate to challenge subject matter? No. Is it a leap for the guy to say that NARAS is rewarding Amy for being "bad"? No.

  • @upabittoolate Listen, Rehab talks about Amy's refusal to be hospitalized and how she sees her drug addiction. Winehouse believed that she was fine and that her addiction was perfectly normal. Rehab (the song) is not about how drugs are awesome or how rehab shouldn't exist. Besides, drugs are drugs. It's not like it's a racist or homophobic issue.

  • We've all heard the song. I'm making a broader point: it's not wrong to challenge NASAR if they're congratulating "bad" behavior. Drugs aren't racism or homophobia, tis true. But drugs aren't "good" either. If evil is still evil we can't judge racism & homophobia on a sliding scale. Is cocaine (what probably killed Amy long with chain-smoking) any less destructive than homophobia or racism? Evidently not.

    Again, I do not defend the degenerate gambler but I do understand his argument.

  • @upabittoolate Dude, doing drugs is a choice. Being white, black, yellow, red, gay, bi, straight isn't a choice. Besides, why are drugs evil? You know that medicine are drugs, right? Are you going to say that headaches pills are evil? Are you on drugs? Let me tell you something: the only evil thing in the world is the human species.

  • @seiferganon Actually, she DID write her own music.
    Anyways, that wasn't the point of my post. My point is ALL of those artists listed have had drug problems, some died from OD'ing. According to him non of them deserve praise or awards because they were setting a 'bad example'.

  • Amy Winehouse sucked, I'm tired of people making her seem like she was a child prodigy. Her music was mediocre at best.

  • Winehouse fucking ruled when she was on her game and deserved every accolade she received. Considering the events of last week, I don't think anybody is now considering "Rehab" as their personal theme song, so you can just shut your ugly mouth, Bennett.

  • When the documentary "Gasland" came out it was nominated for awards as well…then special interest group(s) tried to "persuade" the award commission to block the movie from the awards to attempt to stifle awareness. They however were unsuccessful. Its good to hear that there are some things that are un-corruptible still in the USA…they are getting quite scarce though.

  • William Bennett is a very sick creature. He is as close to total evil as exists in the USA, the only people more evil are those who appointed him.

  • @Vdude13
    You might not like what she did, this can't be discussed. But there is no question that she had an exceptionnal musical talent, and it showed in her music. There is nothing easy or trivial in what she did.

  • Amy Winehouse didn't start singing to get a fucking Grammy. This is projections at it's finest.

  • I think it is a feeling by conservatives that are morally superior to others. Therefore, they are able to criticize people for similar behaviors they do without feeling irony or hypocrisy. This virtuousness allows Newt Gingrinch to impeach Pres. Clinton for cheating on his wife while Gingrinch was cheating on his wife, drug abuser Rush Limbaugh to argue for hard sentences for drug abusers, and Bachmann demanding cuts in subsidies for others while receiving subsidies for herself.

  • The thing is, we're not just talking about Amy's life & Amy's music as mutually exclusive entities. She was given the award for song of the year. The song in question was about drugs. In other words, it's where her music & her life intersected. And no, I'm not judging her life. I'm saying that it's not beyond the pale to criticize the guys who gave her the award. You can't use Elton John here because his homosexuality ain't killed nobody. But we can probably all agree that Amy's dope killed her.

  • You're correct. Life is all about choice. And in truth, we all pick our poisons: dope, gambling, excessive women, adrenaline, junk food, booze, tobacco, etc. I get that.

    The premise is that excessive cocaine use is "evil" because it took Amy's life at 27. Don't add something (like sexuality) to my anecdote that wasn't there. Deal with the premise as is. Is it wrong to critique subject matter? No. Is HE implicitly wrong to saying NASAR was awarding her for stylizing dangerous behavior? No.

  • @shoecat42 I never said it wasn't "worth hearing". I said that he (Bennett) wasn't wrong in his premise that subject matter, in a medium as pervasive as music, is a factor. In the same sense that NWA singing "Gangsta Gangsta" then getting an award for talking about violence & misogyny isn't a great idea.

    This isn't about her art containing something "controversial". This is about her putting a dangerous lifestyle to music then being awarded for it.

    Again, I don't fault him for that premise

  • It's easy to say, "it's just music", "it's just a book", "it's just a movie" or "it's just a blog". But damned if there was no such as driveby shootings BEFORE someone saw it in a gangster movie. Damned if some guy didn't read a book then decide to shoot up a Holocaust museum. Damned if someone didn't shoot an AZ congresswoman.

    I'm not saying we should limit anyone's speech. But I think it's okay for someone to tell the Grammy board that we shouldn't award such things.

  • @SDub817 Conservatives stand for hold up unrealistic standards so they can later pretend to be butt-hurt when people then transgress said standards for being human.

  • @ugliguy I don't think songs always get based on the "sciences". Taht song Elton John wrote about Lady Diana wasn't all that musically. And if were about the "sciences", indy rockers would take every award because they're usually more accomplished musicians. You best believe the Grammies have no credibility. And in the end, my larger question is about Bennett's concern for pop music (shouldn't he be doing something "meaningful"?). BUT, I won't tear the guy down for taking a swipe at NASAR.

  • @FumingPoliticalPunk He's an asshole for a myriad of reasons. He's a bit of a hypocrite too. But is he wrong in his critique of the Grammy board's awarding Amy for a song about illicit drug use? That's what we need to ask ourselves. Is a fat doctor any less correct in his opinion that people should maintain good health? Nope. Does the pot calling the kettle, "black" make the kettle any less black? No because it's still true.

  • @frepi No sorry, I'll have to disagree yet again. Her lyrics are loaded with cliches, over the top and hardly sincere. As for the music, it's generic and hardly distinguishable from a great number of other acts that are going on right now. And you should also keep in mind that the majority of the actual composition and music production was't done by winehouse, but by her producers. What you see in the music video and what you hear on her album, isn't all Amy Winehouse. Bad and generic.

  • What I'm saying is that you don't reward someone for making songs about "bad" behavior no matter how musically tight the song may be. In that respect, I understand Bennett's premise. Also, let's stop kidding ourselves; life everntually imitates art because art informs the sensibilities of the people who listen to it. Music is EXTREMELY pervasive.

    And I never said it wasn't art. What's artistic, rather, what distingusihes art from porn is very subjective. Again, Bennett ain't totally wrong.

  • @echosixnoble
    Maybe that's your worthless opinion but i loved her music and a lot of people do and did. Have you even listened to more then 1 song?

  • Amy Winehouse was speaking for the people who didn't want to go to rehab. People have a right to choose whether they want to go to rehab or not.
    Saying that she was endorsing addiction is really stupid. Besides, if the drug war was so bad, it'd be ended years ago.

  • @ChristianMission. Hersay? Mistakes? Struggle with issues? Addictions? William Bennet didn't lose $5000 on slots he lost $8,000,000 and was playing $500 slots from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. so he wouldn't be caught. That's more than an adiction or a mistake. It's a sickness and being dishonest. Say what you want about Amy Winehouse. At least she was public about her addiction which is more than I can say for Bennett. BTW nobody expects Bennet to be a saint you ignorant religious freak.

  • @ChristianMission He was feeding literally MILLIONS OF DOLLARS INTO SLOT MACHINES. If he was a liberal who was doing the same thing, what would you be saying? His gambling is VERY bad, because he is a high ranking government advisor… Here is a clue for you, when somebody has massive gambling debts or a massive gambling habit, THEY ARE MUCH EASIER TO BRIBE and BLACKMAIL.

  • This is one of his best ever comments — callin it out! Great job TYT! Love the relating it to how $ could be spent your kids education!

  • Do U know how many Grammy Winners in Music History that have had Addiction Issues??? They would have to Revoke the Grammy's the most Famous Musicians in WORLD History such as: ELVIS, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, M. Jackson, Ray Charles, James Brown, Rick James, Even old Willie Nelson who was busted for like TONS of Weed on his tour bus! *LOL* etc, etc, etc, the list is too long!

  • He's probably more saying that by giving her a grammy for a song that denies rehab, it encourages the behavior that denies rehab. It's not really the grammy's point and it's a vain, shallow, superficial point, but I don't necessarily disagree with the intent.

  • This is the stupid bastard who refused to authorize dying cancer patients enough pain killers to die without pain when he was drug czar.

  • I'd love to know how much money Cenk turned down. I'd also love to know if any of the other YT would of turned it down.

  • O.k, I'm a bit ambivalent about Amy Winehouse… I do like some of her sound, but not enough to buy an album because I dislike some others sound of he… And generally, I prefer rock music, so I always fell like she lack something sometime – Some of it made me think of Jeff Beck and early Yardbird, but it's because it's Jazz and R&B… And still, she miss some punch! But I will not trash her because she took so much drug, she was a good singer with an neo-retro style (I dislike the style).

  • Amy Winehouse was an irrelevant bimbo who had her voice manufactured by a sound studio and her songs written by people more talented than her. She was a talentless hack. I don't care about this person or her family. Move on to more important things.

  • ad hominem wat Cenk?

    Whinehouse was a druggy who experienced a predictable fate. Her music really was not all that great and did not warrant a Grammy in the first place. The fact that her songs were about being a drugged out loser was just one more reason it should not have been given any award.

  • @MrsD7777 Most musicians are fucking losers. Popular losers, but none the less they lose at life. Especially if they overdose and die. Their popularity often stems from people that desire to be as self destructive as they are.

  • @GirtheAlienGoldfish Most drug addicts I have ever met do not fund their drug habits through working hard. They steal from other people. Their parents, their friends, and strangers. Selfish scum. My heart has been harden to them for a long time.

    I am glad when they die. It stops them from stealing from people.

  • Um, yeah, the Grammy Awards should be ashamed of themselves for recognizing musical talent. That said, some of the winners that the Grammys select are ridiculous. In 1979, The Cars and Elvis Costello were on the list for Best New Artist. Who won? A Taste of Honey. In 1977, Starland Vocal Band won over Boston. In 1980, Ricki Lee Jones beat Dire Straits. In 1981 Christopher Cross beat the Pretenders. And in 1990, Milli Vanilli won. Don't take the Grammys too seriously.

  • amy died because she stopped drinking,if you are an alcoholic hou have to take medicine because you can get delirium almost like a epilepsi attack.she decided to kick the habbit herself like many others,you can but its dangerous.many people do it that way because they hate being on rehab and if you write a song about that you shouldnt get grammus is both cencorship and crazy.artists have to be alowd to sing about everything,good and bad.

  • So the Reagan Admin drug czar, the administration who started the crack revolution with "Rich Mountain Aviation", wants to vilify Winehouse?

    Talk about people in glass houses.

  • A Reagan drug czar wants to talk about virtue and morality? Hang on, I think my irony detector just broke.

  • Oh brother, these holier than thou pieces of shit. People with no lives bashing on her from the comfort of their computer. All I can say, do something better, get off your horse and your fatasses and do something better. What I hate with people nowadays is there's no empathy. I suffered through drug addiction myself, I know how hard and what a hell it is. I don't feel sorry for myself, I think I'm a better man and wiser because of it. But these 'morality' police are just scumbags.

  • @TheScamr And what's your point? If it was legal, then they wouldn't have to steal. You're only calling them scum because you really have no idea what else to say. You have the nerve to be glad when someone dies because they steal, not knowing that stealing is petty. There are worse things one can do to another person than steal from them.
    At least Amy never stole from anyone, but that's besides the point to you Isn't it?

  • @FumingPoliticalPunk On that, we can definitely agree. People have been jumping all over me for saying I don't disagree with his premise. I wish people would actually think critically.

  • Sorry Cenk but even Natalie Cole (a former addict) said at the time that giving her Grammys in the midst of her addiction was harmful because she was having her proverbial cake and eating it. I totally agree: instead of helping her, we patted her on the back, booked her for gigs she was incapable of performing, and dismissed it as a funny thing. "Oh Amy Wino!" Amy was bipolar and refused treatment, plus an addict… like Charlie Sheen. Who we also laugh at, while ill.

  • I understand the noble idea of "protecting the youth" from all the "dangers" of drugs, but quit being so fucking naive. People are going to do drugs, find addictions, and ruin their own lifes whether or not the government tries to regulate their lives.

  • @AmericanMuscleCarSS You are 100% correct. In fact the war on drugs does more damage than legalization. Look at Portugal. They made it legal for users to have drugs but if they get caught they are not sent to prison but sent to drug treatment where they can hopefully kick their habits. This frees up space for the police to go after the real criminals who are the drug dealer making money off of people addicted to substances.

  • Billy Boy Bennett having the NERVE to talk about vice when he was into the high roller treatment (no doubt including hookers) at Las Vegas and Atlantic City and lost over $8,000,000 dollars playing $500 a pull slots and video poker.

    And Conservatives go on and on about how great things were during the Reagan Years. An addict as Drug Czar and Secretary of Education. He wrote "The Children's Book of Virtues" as he was banging hookers.

  • @dgumbrecht
    Oh i do, what makes him a communist is that he supports bloating the government to fund anti constitutional wasting on stupidy like the war on drugs

  • @seiferganon She's STILL was a musician who I think deserved respect for her accomplishment and her talent. I'm in no way trying to make the point that she was at the same level as those other musician, but to belittle her talent is just plain stupid.
    By your logic, LEGENDS like Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley etc don't deserve admiration because they wrote few or none of their own music.

    Anyway, you're still missing my original point. You must be a bit slow.

  • The Grammys awarded the sexism, homophobia and violent lyrics- he can write songs about murdering an actual real life woman and win prestigious awards, but Amy Winehouse being a boozehound is going too far? It's an artist's job to be honest;, and she expressed a side of addiction that hasn't been explored in music before- the excuses, denial, minimalizing, enabling. Addiction has given us great songs- "codeine", "heroine", "cocaine", "cold turkey", "sister morphine", "ginhouse blues".

  • …….Do the Grammy reward music or personal travesty. …give Me a breaks if you rehab away you still have my 8 other songs on the album….should those not count towards anything.?? she's real. I love her music. I'm upset that 13th e re so t be another song from her. I know she's at peace finally and I'm sure the family in some wierd way thinks the same way. no longer do you live everyday waiting for something to happen or getting that one phone call. it's pure he'll. I put my parents in many bad situations. at least now they know where she is and what the next day and next night will bring…..peace of mind. I know this sounds bad and I'm not say I g that her parents should high 5 each other….but u feel some piece of relief for the first time in 4 years or more.

  • You guys are disgusting. Listen to her music and understand what makes her amazing. Her lyrics itself beat anything I’ve heard this century.

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