Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Oscar De La Hoya – Highlights (Great Fight)

they run a little right hand across the top first significant landed blow of the fight they weather often leads with left hooks too much but we can't deal with floors feet in front of the ring he tried to counter it but he can't so he's trying to get forward to the Sun up to the rope before he feels right took the definitely weathers left bad but to a neutralizer a little counter punches get through very well good right hand across the top from De La Hoya Mayweather now feels the need to answer back right hand across the top against another straight right hand landing together way and a staff on the right hand again the crowd goes nuts as hello he begins to take over they landed enough to make the point that he's landing punches while Floyd is whether all these ways within Israeli big right hand by my left knee Loya flurries before Floyd moves away mixed feelings that it was even taking place it's all the coffeeboxx numbers which slightly favored lol I don't [Applause] across the top and for the first time in the fight want to look genuinely on the defensive planet pension with whether the think I'm gonna be patient very effective right hand lead from a was immensely effective to that fun and instantly he moved away to the side left hook fleet moves the way to the side this is CENTAC may what if is why Delaware needs to find a way to but he really wanted to go here's your hand with solid left hook landed for Mayweather to punch out punch some of that luck ships gonna contain around here presented in this case you're also excited flat-footed the body and there is a sustained attack man he seemed concertedly aware of it and because he throws the body shots he pins Mayweather against the roll-top and gets the chance to try a couple of shots upstairs twice now we've heard Roger Mayweather said he's going to get tired I get tired again later inside with quickness away inside by my mother in a fix right hand counters up Lloyd Mayweather you so wicked recently down the threat of those fibers which accessible in profit plane landed across across the top I like that mayweather is standing right in Rosella way here this is POTUS know Stella way on the defensive as soon as her in the Middle's arrest and Mayweather inside lay the right hand on officer this is the right hand light on the side and he had over top of his extended jab and I think later on he fans another white here the different types right here this is the light handsome son the colonel chorus hit the same loosely the lungs again loa goes back to work chopping wood trying to get it Mayweather's ribcage the way Jose Luis Castillo did the same upstairs right hand his best round since early in the fight now there's a quick left hook part of his bread and butter for free shot and just to show you that officer Hurst ready questioning will we get the drama we were hoping for the second mass pi/6 good body shot by May 1 and he comes back to the body in hammer fell away again big left hook upstairs by male up he fights in staccato bursts he likes it that way illa we are trying to pressure pressure pressure so on the floor doesn't punch back awesome little room his round business partners can pull the boy along with cables in his bargain another day Louis is there again once again setting up the assaults with the black wedding on the defensive but when he used was it puts Mayweather on the defendant he's got to keep doing that they went to a car right hand net Oscar looking for one with a counter jocular after looking for one definitive rally down dead right hand over the top how does a spider get to be state forfeiting a great spider if he throws basically one by the time Taliban fighters what disagrees with us about accuracy maybe they have boys landing twenty or thirty five of the last round that's I accuracy we've been emancipated eleven circle ten round finished [Applause] here you save bloodletting the right hand at the end of the round Argus who was hiring that night right hand potshots for Mayweather Melo you're not stabbing leaving himself open for Mayweather's opportunity right hand leads that time by fellow Oya Mayweather skipping away along the ropes amber doctor with the right hand in the center of the red after being the block every time he throws who's never potato he lost his right hand [Applause] 12th round knockout if it were to happen it would be the first to fellow a in Korea theme function once again they were throwing more and told everybody and everything else and that may impress the judges must after hand arguments with kiss whether in the cold reality [Applause] the cutters are rusting for a giant pot of money overall you make sure promised to keep on fighting even after this [Applause] [Applause] to the winner by split decision and new [Applause] born [Applause] Hey

  • To all mayweather fans, flomos ,TBE fanswatch this,Roberto Duran about Mayweather : please watch once
    And if you doubt, see duran vs peak sugar ray leonard 1, if duran says sth he really means….. see duran record on box rec( once it was 72-1 and finally 103 wins (70 KO),16 Losses(4 KO), he ducked nobody, he fought from 1967 to 2002. even at age of 50 that too total round at that time was 15. His fights are exciting whether he win or losses. Mentally fit duran is impossible to beat. Most of his losses came at later age.What to say DURAN can said greatest of all time like SUGAR RAY ROBINSON,ALI,FOREMAN,ROCKY,MARVIN HAGLER,SUGAR RAY LEONARD not the shitty flyod TBE (The best boring ever), who hugs,ducks prime fighters,runner)…………Is fighting retirement fight with berto right ??? why not young blood, then conor mcgregor,,,shit that shitty based on 50-0 saying TBE.

    Also watch Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. on Flyod Mayweather :
    107 wins(85 KO),6 losses(4),2 draw. Listen what they have said.

    Many fighters remains unbeatable that does not make you greatest of all time. Jimmy Barry,Joe Calzaghe[,Kim Ji-won,Mihai Leu,Ricardo Lรณpez,Rocky Marciano,Terry Marsh,Floyd Mayweather Jr,Jack McAuliffe,Sven Ottke,Dmitry Pirog,Harry Simon,Pichit Sitbangprachan,Edwin Valero,Andre Ward. These all are unbetables. Should we call all these greatest of all time. Greatest means whom you fought in their prime, recorded win over whom,style,sensational,puncher,statement making,defensive,clean fighter.

    I am not against any boxer. But to call TBE u have to have that I kind of ๐Ÿ’“,legacy, do a fight with kind of do or die situation, clean shots. Why doing hugging,taking injection IV before fights,running a lot, ever fought with great boxer toe to toe ? See sugar Ray Leonard fight Roberto Duran toe to toe. He also has unbeatable record. But for that fight fought toe to toe. He will become more great after learning from that fight. Later able to beat Hearn's,Hagler.
    Flyod lost to Castillo 1 ,Maidana 1 ,Oscar de la Hoya (never want remtach why ??), Manny Pacquaio(flyod never wanna rematch?) but MGM always gives flyod a decision irrespective of what happened in the fight. We heard this from childhood :Lion can fought everywhere but the dog fought for n his land only. Is this true? He only fought MGM the judge score did you see how acward it is.
    Flyod has let the boxing down as now every boxer just want unbeatable record with lot of money. Best are not fighting the best now days unlike old days. Not fighter Andre Ward (prime),Manny Pacquiao (prime), Shane Moseley(prime) etc. What to say to flomos ! Shit. And the farewell fight to Berto (! Is he is the best P4P and Conor McGregor ( Holy shit that too boxing rules have the heart to fight him MMA style?). Not fighting the best Errol Spence jr., Crawford, Thurman ? Is this the best our generation got??? Always avoiding prime fighters to maintain unbeatable record. Such a broke and call TBE! Is this the greatest we r watching ? Stop it. Understand the his science of making money from us (followers).

    Mayweather fight is like this video.

  • If u think Oscar won ur damn idiot those little flurries of punches didnโ€™t so shit compared to when Floyd landed

  • Oscar a hater anyway glad he got his ass whooped….he still salty to this day ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Floyd prolly has the best technique he makes his opponents get tired thatโ€™s why he lets them hit him in the early rounds and then the late rounds his opponents get to tired he just goes off on them because they are so tired

  • If Oscar stayed would have stayed agrassiive !! He would have won!!!! N. Mayweather loss!! Straight up ,!! The world know it!! Fuck his uncle's Kno it!! ,!!?? ITS THE TRUTH!!!

  • I actually watched this fight on ppv and bet on Mayweather but De La Hoya really should have remained consistent with that jab. His jab and Maidana are the only things that I saw that disrupted Mayweather's boxing

  • Oscar De La Hoya is some crazy ass motherfucker, respects to him, good boxing against a great opponents such as Mayweather

  • Oscar got robbed and yโ€™all people blind. Especially the first 4 rounds ! May weather had more hits! The guy said! Wow the judges have accuracy eye sight ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


  • Muy buena pelea !! Buen peleador ร“scar de la Hoya ….nada que ver con el novato de canelo Alvarez..

  • Thanks for making it look as if Oscar won. Saw it live, he got the brakes beat off him ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Lmao don't just show Oscar shit he lost this fight pretty badly and crowd was getting hyped over non landing punches. They weren't even connecting ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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