Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Oscar De La Hoya 24/7 #Ep 1

three thousand miles apart two men find themselves in the same place in San Juan Puerto Rico the most celebrated fighter of his generation readies himself for what would be the greatest victory of a brilliant career for Oscar De La Hoya the routine is familiar but this time something's different the odds are against unusual territory for a boxing legend [Applause] meanwhile just beyond the globe the Las Vegas Strip lurks an undefeated world champion universally regarded as boxey's best um [Applause] now as boxing's most anticipated matchup in years approaches to men's seek their greatest victory only one will find it this is what I know this is what I do you don't want to make me your enemy from the top floor you remember that can't be too good guys I chose to be the bad guy I'm gonna be something make you call me pretty I'm a beach like that then we'll be just four weeks two camps all-access this is an unprecedented unfiltered look at the lives of two champions as they prepare for an historic showdown this is De La Hoya Mayweather 24/7 [Applause] on the north coast of Puerto Rico sits the islands capital city of San Juan a tropical seaport known for its picturesque coastline relaxing resorts and historic charm but at a small gym in the outlying village of Guaynabo the mood is far from tranquil Oscar De La Hoya the most popular fighter in boxing has arrived with his team at the Wilfredo Gomez gymnasium for the first day of training camp I love that feeling of having that unity you know and and and and being like a family we have one mission one goal Dean De La Hoya includes his older brother Joelle one of Oscar's closest confidants Rob Garcia the conditioning coach charged with preparing De La Hoya for what many feel will be the toughest fight of his career and a newcomer to the De La Hoya inner circle trainer Freddie Roach Roach's replaced Floyd Mayweather senior De La Hoya's last trainer the father of his opponent Roach anticipates little trouble motivating his fighter Oscar's was one of those cats that if you get under his skin a little bit and so forth he's gonna take it personal in dealing with the Floyd's antics the way he treated us in the press tour a lot of people want to see him shut this me with his mouth making a toast to me kicking ass for De La Hoya developing a dislike for Floyd Mayweather jr. has been easy in the wake of Mayweather's behavior during an 11 city nine day press tour in late February the antics began when the tour kicked off in New York City here we are in the biggest fight of our lives and you have the pound-for-pound champion of the world acting like out of his mind he couldn't control himself I want to make it a rough I'm gonna do you ain't gonna want to say things I say he wanted get him get on camera to say you got to keep up his fake image come real man it's really made whether it's taking potatoes for life as the tour progressed so did the provocation [Applause] [Applause] he stole my bag took my belongings few books I had in there my boxing gloves I'm a professional I've been in this ball game for a long time I've been in many big fights it's not gonna work you say I stole this training gear okay we'll do something about it made fit that's all I gotta say okay I stole you don't do something about it do something about it you have this kid who is under a lot of pressure will he rise to the occasion or will he be crushed because the lights are too bright we'll have to wait and see if Mayweather is crushed it would be a first a boxing virtuoso with a swagger to match the man they call pretty boy as methodically steamrolled each of his 37 professional opponents as camp mayweather opens there was a recharged atmosphere early this morning Floyd's uncle and trainer Roger completed a six-month jail sentence for a 2006 assault conviction hours later with his young son Lakai in tow he's back on the job what does a guy got access to why's it Mayweather is my trainer that arrangement may be unsettling for a surprising visitor to camp Floyd's father Floyd Mayweather senior laid the groundwork that led to Floyd becoming a world champion at 21 but their relationship soured when senior was sent to jail on a drug charge while jr. was still an amateur he left my life when I was 16 he came back into my life I was 21 so I wasn't over the man and he always kept treating me like a a child like a little kid I don't like I'm a man well somebody criticized everything you do you don't want to be lying anyway oh I won World Championship didn't father and sons relationship once close turned tense in 2000 Floyd made a tough decision uncle was in dad was out but now after parting ways with De La Hoya for the first time in seven years Floyd senior is back employed made what is he is my father and I respected nothing my father but before I made whether right here is gonna do him he gonna do what he want to do his floor his faith whatever he decide he want to do that's fine with me if he want a great chance he have his daddy if he want all right chance and maybe you do something else he probably the biggest place in the world right how you do you get there based on what his father said well he need to get there based on what I see I'm the one trained with his uncle and father not on speaking terms Floyd took it upon himself to clarify their roles as camp began in the kitchen of his 12 room mansion in the outskirts of San Juan Oscar De La Hoya relaxes with lifelong friend Erik Gomez the afternoon has spent watching the Masters on television knowing put a Rico we put it in their pot in the stove and that's a real deal when I moved to Mexican American so we used the machine for De La Hoya life in Puerto Rico with his wife and 14th month-old son Oscar Gabriel is a stark contrast to where he came from a place where nobody ever enjoyed the choice of how to make an espresso de la hoya is from East Los Angeles the son of Mexican immigrants growing up his family often relied on food stamps to get by when you're a kid you think that the whole world is perfect you think that nobody's gonna do any harm to you your surroundings are just all positive and and you're just a happy kid living on the block and that that's how I grew up we came from a tough neighborhood we were surrounded by drugs violence there's actually a few ways out of there and one of them is education our parents instilled that in us and the other way sports the De La Hoya's are a family of Fighters grandfather vicente father Joelle and now by no accident Oscar I went to the park on a Saturday morning and we were playing ball with our little friends and all of a sudden I see my father's car pull up and he's walking towards the mound at the time I was pitching and he pulls Yanks me away and says no you're not playing you're gonna go you have to be a fighter you're gonna be a fighter and so he takes me to the car and that was the end of my baseball dreams the skills young Oscar showed in the ring inspired big dreams there and as he blossomed into a top amateur one voice was usually heard above the rest with Oscars mother you know they had a special bond and she was Oscar's biggest fan she always looked after him she was at all his amateur fights she's the one that would Pat him in the bag give him a kiss hug him I remember fighting as an amateur and I would be up in the ring and so the first bout would ring and we would be fighting and I would hear this lady just yelling and it was my mom Oscars father taught him the basics of boxing his mother provided the inspiration I always thought that she would be with us forever you know that she would beat this disease and she would she would live on and continue on being there ringside at my fights and you know it was it never crossed my mind that she that she would be gone one day in 1990 as it became clear De La Hoya would be a contender in the Olympics Cecilia lost her long battle with breast cancer Oscar considered quitting the sport but the memory of her final words to him convinced him otherwise win win the gold medal don't give up when she told me those words they hit home they hit my heart and I think till this day it's what keeps me going it's it's you know part of the reason why I keep on fighting because of her because of those words she told me when she was in bed sick let's see good girl come before he got married Oscar was not a dog lover now thanks to million yet he owns five this is Lucy and there's this penny Penny Lane come hey that's the mutt she never listens get over here come go boxers traditionally seclude themselves in remote locations for the duration of pre-fight training but for this bout both fighters are defying convention the sessions are no less grueling no less intense but for Mayweather the comforts of home are just a short ride away punishing day [Laughter] they don't want no confrontation I don't know don't be a fighter given no confrontation look I want some computation straight up What's Wrong boy 50 said hey Curtis no they don't buddy understand 50 cent we talk about things that he don't talk about with nobody else he's the villain in rap music I'm the villain in boxing I tell them like this I'm at the table when I'm at the top I don't look at who's behind me I'm leading the way yeah we're about getting in my spot the United Stated before remember I said how could you be funny gonna sit there they think about it I'm gonna get puzzle you know why cuz hard for you to figure out the piece of my nose under feet and I'm that's what I'm finished in your boxers real recognize real here real number room . p BG lifestyle flashy flamboyant forever me i'll finish your please back in the Caribbean the Sun Kristen's another perfect day in Old San Juan downtown at la Bamba RIA a local coffee shop an unfamiliar face sits among the regulars he takes his coffee light and sweet and makes himself at home I used to have a place like like this in that light and then they they change and went fancy on me so I don't go there anymore I don't like fancy places I like we use it to Don casually have a cup of coffee bothers you at first glance no one would suspect that Freddie Roach makes his living in the field of sanctioned violence the stylish eyeglasses and easygoing demeanour are hardly indicators that this is one of the most highly sought after trainers in boxing if you don't punish whoever he's gonna warning it go right away it's the gardener buck okay this is a fight come on happy works hard wish everyone told me he does the boiler we get into it the better I'll know and I'll know when to push someone to hold back a little bit it's taken less than a week of camp for fighter and trainer to confirm they're a good match Floyd Mayweather senior is already a distant memory for De La Hoya as Roach has quickly proven himself an adept teacher an able motivator [Applause] he's way ahead of schedule right now and I was really happy with the with the workouts today and that's how we're gonna bring him into the fight fresh happy we're ready to go not border boxing this time just you know believe it or not this is one of the best friends I've ever yeah the following morning another champion touches down in San Juan a man whose prior engagements with Oscar De La Hoya wouldn't make him a likely guest in camp [Applause] but since his two victories over De La Hoya Sugar Shane Mosley has joined up with Oscars Golden Boy Promotions now joining camps a sparring partner you could say that the former welterweight champ is simply being a loyal employee I'm just looking just to help out a fellow player you know – so you can be the best you could possibly being a fight you know I'm probably the best guy for the job anyway because my hand speed and my movements like that so you know I'm just helping out in there and I getting paid any money or anything I'm just you know only thing I think I'm getting out of it is keeping myself sharp force in a shape of me what better spawn and spawn when I got a Oscar De La Hoya begins training promptly each night at 6 o'clock the sessions are closed to the public and gym manager Jose Sanchez spends the evening guarding the door De La Hoya's presence is big news in San Juan among today's headlines how unusual it is for the camp sparring partner to be a former world champ that's good can't get any better sparring for him and for myself so it's like you know killing two birds with one stone you know it's we're working together and you know obviously obviously he's a great champion and he's gonna get great work out of it too just like myself so it's it's perfect that you can come down here and do me the favor welcome into it set it up okay little head movement sit come off of course right hand okay with one of his new weapons shouting instructions from the corner and the other hurling punches at his head De La Hoya goes to work the fight is 29 days away in April 2006 Roger Mayweather was suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for 12 months on Tuesday he requested reinstatement and the right to man his nephews corner on may 5th a year after his involvement in one of the ugliest incidents in recent boxing memory let me work [Applause] Floyd Mayweather was facing Zab Judah for Judah's welterweight title in Las Vegas Judah looks strong early but it's about war on Mayweather fought back in Judah fought dirty [Applause] badly hurt by the logo and now Rob to me [Applause] I'm a budget I act on my emotion and that's my nephew how do you feel so I hate your mama okay you know how I felt what happened on the night of April 2 a that happened it was an unfortunate incident and we all paid the price including myself I was suspended for four months I was fine 50 genes Roger was fine 200 G's but it happened we put it past us we moved on bottom line we're gonna continue to put your focus back on where it needs to be and that's Floyd on whooping Oscar because that's gonna definitely happen yeah you've done your year and you've you forfeited to $200,000 okay that's fine if we allow you to have that license and something happens that we can trust you to do the right thing can we do that can we trust you to do the right thing sure you cuz you've learned a lesson is that what happened on that night of April 8th is no reflection on how we conduct ourselves as professionals and how we how we represent the state of boxing if we saw fit to give him a privileged license to be a second yeah I want you Roger to understand if something were to occur and you were part of it you know you've heard of the death penalty in criminal law that's how I would view that particular type of conduct you guys consider that I've already paid the price for what I've done so if I do it again then and he said I'm gonna be banned from boxing boxing is what I love so while I wanna be man from something that I love to do I would move that mr. Mayweather be relicensed in the state Nevada but subject to that Express caveat and that is that if there's another event that it should occur at any practice this fight but anytime in the future that you will be revoked for life all in favor say aye are there any opposed it's unanimous thank you good luck sir just like OJ Simpson trial somebody got some way you can show Amy back at Wilfredo Gomez Jim the next day the sameness of camp gives way to spectacle for media day De La Hoya's job description alternates between puncher and promoter as the media horde floods the camp for the day Golden Boy is in the house right I mean it's swamped it's crazy you know but uh but it's good for him anyways but he takes a day off from from actual sparring training a sparring session with his wife is a temporary diversion from the looming presence 3,000 miles away obviously Oscar's right in a very best Astra can't fool me he know he gonna get beat it's highly gonna get beat that's what he been worried about fuck your trash we'll see this has been a presentation of HBO Sports


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