Flower: Pure Trophy [HD]

  • For anyone who keeps dying in the thrid section when the towers start to fall: hug the left wall the whole way through. Your pedals start to fall, but if you slither like a snake along the wall you can make yourself climb. It also keeps you slow so you can pass through the towers after they fall.

  • just don't touch any powered poles, don't get zapped from start to end while playing in all level long. not only canal part needed to trophy. then when returned to main screen. will get pure trophy.

  • The secret to stay more in control in the last section is to have lots of flower petals with you, like a tail to a bird they help you greatly and make you steer better too ;D what I also did is when I started that last section I held the controller to face the ceiling instead of the tv so that I can make it fly slower while steering of course 🙂

  • my advice,when you arrive to the last section,stay on the right corner on the middle,and you should pass with no problem.

  • i think it's broken on ps4. got it on ps3 and vita fine but ps4, tried 5 times no damage and no trophy. thinking maybe the black specs count as damage so been trying to avoid them but you just flew into them and got it.

  • It's ironic how thatgamecompany wants to make comfy, relaxing games and then choose awful and frustrating trophies. Good job, really. You are masters of game design

  • My advice for this, the only real threat here are the last 3 sections near the end. The first of those are the falling debris, just slow down but be at a certain height so when those starts to fall, you're safe. The second part are the spikes from the ground, you can try to go pass them slowly while dodging the spikes or try to yolo them by using wind. Be careful though because they pop out faster when you go faster. The last bit is the same as the first BUT if you used the yolo technique from before, you need to be able to rise in that sweet height and slow the heck down. You can try to go near the walls to evade some of the debris. Yes patience is needed here and a working controller. Got this trophy 30 minutes before typing these stuff but I got the game a year ago. The only not relaxing part of the game.

  • I got this on vita and ps4 but for some reason my flowers keep pushing down on their own on the falling crane section and I get damaged =/

  • No good. My petals fall like a rock. I can speed through the last two section with easy though by maximum acceleration and getting high up on the right. Just need to get through this part right after the maze.

  • man…i always get hit on that last drop…and it wont even let me make it to that swirly thing at the end 🙁 such a simple game….so annoying tho

  • Well, I give up. I'm gonna try something a little easier.. like beating Bioshock on Insane mode with no vita chambers…

  • GOT IT! collect loads of petals then as soon as you hit the red petals on the floor which give you a boost. immideately let go of boost and fly up and to the right.some confusion maybe as to how the sixaxis actually works-keep your joypad totally vertical to achieve maximum height,keep away from the boost button and stick to the right.after the level has ended then leave the joypad alone for 30 secs or so then press start,this will take you to the windowsill with the flowers and there the trophy will pop.follow this exactly and you should get it.

  • This is hands down the toughest trophy in the game…and it's only a bronze! All I have to do is this one and the urban trophy and I'll be 100%!

  • For anyone having trouble, during the parts where the objects fall DON'T HOLD X – the game will do it for you 🙂

  • Yeah this trophy was pretty poorly designed, precision flight with broken controls doesn't really suit Flower's themes.

  • That 45° angle tip perfectly worked, once you've crossed the 5:21 falling metal thing you have to keep your pad up on the right with a 45° angle until the end of the level as long as you don't press any button (apart from the pausing one when the game automatically pauses since you're not pressing any button). I tried this strategy only once and it perfectly worked at the first ever try!

    Thanks a lot for helping me getting that last trophy and another 100% in my collection. 🙂

  • man that trophy had me all scared I thought I didnt get it but I did thanx for posting this I didnt lknow how to get it 🙂

  • Ugh I did what everyone on the Internets is saying to do and the flowers still just coast right into the falling beams… this is the worst trophy in the game by far. Maybe I'll try turning around and flying the other way as it pushes me into their path.

  • It's the only part of this wonderful game that forces you to stress once you play it to relax…the first try will be a little harder. Thanks for sharing.

  • Finally got this trophy (last one) thanks to your video. Thanks man. I heard from many different sources that you had to collect all the purple flowers. Apparently, they were wrong. Thanks again.

  • @Voldo04 i've done this map 3 times w.o getting hit.. i still havent goten the trophy. did i miss something? i pretty much followed this vid

  • hehe i discover a glitch if you hit the ps button when the beams start falling it dosent hit you, after that wait until the wallpapers kicks in and hit the ps button again.. if you are afraid is going to hit you ps button saves the day 😛

  • @Voldo04 Really, damn, when I finished the level it was saying Saving… and the trophy sound but I couldn't see it in the trophy collection :()

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