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Fleabag Wins Best Comedy Series | EMMYS LIVE! 2019

[music playing] Here are the nominees for
Outstanding Comedy Series. ANNOUNCER: “Barry,”
“Fleabag,” “The Good Place,” “The Marvelous Mrs.
Maisel,” “Russian Dolls,” “Schitts Creek,” “Veep.” And the Emmy goes to– “Fleabag.” [applause and cheering] [music playing] Hi. Hi. [inaudible] Well now, this is
just getting ridiculous. [laughter] “Fleabag” started
as a one-woman show in Edinburgh Festival 2014,
and the journey has been absolutely mental to get here. And I just want to say a huge
thank you to everyone who’s been involved, everyone who’s
standing behind me here, this unbelievable team. Two brothers, Harry
and Jack Williams, who I told them two jokes
over a pint and they said, We’ll option you. And it’s that kind
of– that’s the kind of meeting you dream
of, and so thank you for supporting me in every way. Lydia Hampson and Sarah
Hammond, who produced series one and two, like just in
a way that, I mean, we did it all every
single heart, no– I mean, all heart, no sleep. And obviously, Harry,
and I just wanted to say this is about season two. Obviously it’s wrapped up
with season one in my heart, but season two would not have
happened or exploded in the way that it did if it wasn’t
for Andrew Scott, who– [cheering and applause] –who came into our “Fleabag”
world like a whirlwind and gave a performance of
such depth and complexity that just elevated the
whole thing for all of us, so thank you for
trusting us and coming in and doing all that for us. Thank you to– I just want to
quickly, sorry guys, say thanks to my family,
who have been so amazing, especially to mum,
dad, and Jasp, and my sister, Iso, who wrote
all the music for the series, as well. So a huge thank you to her. And to my amazing agents. Do you guys want
to say anything? Can I– I forgot to thank my
wife when I was up here, and she hasn’t been– we’ve had a very difficult hour. [laughter] Thank you, Dina. So will you please give
her a round of applause, and my child, Cass– [applause and cheering] –who is in London,
and I love you both. And I couldn’t have
done it living with me. It’s terrible, so thank you. And one more person who
really, really was hugely important to us
was Gary Dollner, who edited the hell
out of this series, so thank you so much to him. And is there everyone
else that I’m forgetting? I don’t know.
[interposing voices] Thank you. I love you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you so much to my
amazing agents at UTA and [inaudible] at
Independent, and just my god, thank you all so much
for voting for us. It means the
absolute world to us. And yeah, just
Fleabag says, Thanks. Thank you. [applause and cheering] [music playing] (SINGING) Livin’
in a golden age.


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