Fit IPTV New IPTV Review – Global Entertainment With Over 10,000 Channels

welcome back today we're gonna talk fit IPTV let's take a look at these guys we're first checking out their website we'll jump in to the app we'll talk pricing trials with soup these guys are all about see if they've got great content to help you guys save some money so let's do this quick walkthrough of the website see what it's about and then we'll get into the product all right keep in mind this is educational purposes only guys I'm not here to promote or encourage one specific service I review a bunch of them want you guys to check check check them out do your own review do your own research and then come back and decide if it's gonna be the one for you so all right let's look the website you can see it IPTV service you know fit IPTV they do talk about having the subscription if you want to be a reseller or even a restream or you can buy streams from these guys start your own company they offer that or if you're just here to find the great service alternative to cable or satellite this will be a great one for you so but there's where you coming at the trial guys they do offer a two day trial so you can come check that out and see if it's gonna be for you very nice they give you two full days to do that so something I've noticed in the past you know probably a month or so a lot of servicers are moving away from a free trial so if you can find one definitely take advantage of it for that so good to see they still offer that a lot of them are now doing some paid services which is still pretty good deal they're you know buck or two maybe three bucks for a service for you know two to three days not even a bad deal there you receive and you know one cup of coffee or something to to really get a month to TV or a week TV or a day of TV depending on how much you're willing to spend for those quote-unquote trials sometimes you're trying it for a day other times you try it out for a month for five ten bucks so it's up to you guys let's go into the app right now see what they have to offer and then we'll come back and talk to pricing all right all right so I'm just using the smarter zap here they send you the m3u link for you to look at and put it in your app whatever you want I just use smarter zap they do have some video on-demand movies TV series whatever you want to call over 19,000 now this is all over the world case it's a worldwide service so they've got countries from everywhere now they do have a TV series built in here so there's not a TV series section everything just boom right here for you so you know there it is right there TV section so you can see Poland movies Portugal Greek Spanish Arabic you get the point there's just tons different channels here I guess movie shows countries areas where everyone call it English there's over 2000 movies there so and it's funny because there's almost 2,000 in Germany you know there's just a ton there if you guys look at even has some 3d stuff you can look at so a lot of good information here for you to come check out if you're looking for some video on demand some services have moved away from it others still have it whatever you guys want to do whatever comfort level I'm not going to show that there I know there's been some you know lawsuits out there about video on-demand streaming stuff so I'm avoiding all that let's just go live TV show you guys the categories they've got we'll click on a couple of these categories show you some content there and what they've got over 10,000 channels it's a worldwide service you can see 24/7 200 plus channels there but then we got Argentina Austria Afghanistan Australia I don't mean realities but Africa Arabic Belgium Brazil Caribbean Costa Rica Colombia China you get the point guys there's just a ton of them out here so if you're looking for just you know US or UK or Canada yeah you're gonna get a whole lot more than that and the price is pretty good we'll talk pricing trials here in just a moment guys so hang with me now as we go through this app here latin america 369 so big selection there for you if you're looking for that you know but you still got Malaysia Netherlands New Zealand so if you're not in the US or UK or Canada and you're one of the people that you know follow me for worldwide services this is definitely a good one to look at I mean Poland 285 I had no idea there was that many you know channels over in Poland so Sweden swish Sri Lanka you know United Kingdom 502 United States 996 so they just throw everything in together okay they don't break it out and say you know news or entertainment or sports or movies or whatever it may be they put it all there okay so it's all listed in there we'll show you that in a second but you can see over 10,000 channels definitely a huge amount you guys just need to take that trial find out it's gonna have everything you're looking for let's go into the u.s. and we're gonna go through the channels here and you can see that they're kind of just I don't wanna come scattered in here but they've kind of added a bunch from here so somewhat alphabetical and then it goes not alphabetical you'll see as we go through but you can see a lot of these channels or what you would have to replace cable or satellite you guys can definitely do that here now you have to take some time yourself hold down the button long press it they're added to your favorite any of these you say hey you know what I'm probably gonna watch that one I'll hold that down because you don't wanna have to come through here again and go through you know what was there 900 channels whatever you can just come in here find the ones you want now you you know you might see duplicates say well I thought I already had one for National Geographic but I'll save it anyway and you want to do that because just in case one of them doesn't work you can have a second one available for us so as you can see again this will take you a few minutes it will for you to find all the channels you want and I'm gonna go through them all but I'll start going through these now little quicker discoveries are here FX Fox your HBO so all your premium movies are gonna be here your premium sports are in here your regional stuffs here you'll be able to come and watch some good content here for a weight better price than what you'll be paying for your cable or satellite as you can see these are major channels out there that that are in here you know your sports stuff there there's some you know 1080p stuff that's in here so it's gonna take you a few minutes like I said just come through here check out all the channels find the ones you want and save those there so we're laying that you know some Discovery co2 scroll little bit further down ESPN's are there some Fox stuff fox sports I think we already saw Fox Sports so there's kind of a duplicate there that's not a problem that's actually a good thing for you guys because if one of them's down you can come in here and search for another one there so more HBO's again so even though it has you know I can't remember was it 900 channels in here they're not all going to be you know 900 different ones you have a lot of duplicates in here but you guys can come find those and save them and again if you you know if you save 2 or 3 TBS is that's fine you'll want to save those and then find the best one that's gonna work for you so anyway live channels there's your NFL Ticket now obviously NFL is out of season right now but it's here you'll have all your sports packages here major league baseball basketball you know football soccer those will all be here for you there's your basketball so depending on the season those will be here for you everyone snow you know those here they are now you see here live NBA and then up here we have the NBA pass so you've actually got two different versions of those NBA games which is great because if one of them is not working or glitchy or whatever it may be you can come in here and find it in the second option there so definitely a good one to look at here there's some Disney some Nick stuff there more Fox wGNS MBA some event stuff there so your pay-per-views will be here but some music channels are there EPL's baseball anyway you get the point guys you know there's another NBA pass so you've got to spend a few minutes another NFL pass great you know more channels for you guys to look at you know you'll be fine with finding what you need I think you know it's definitely like the kitchen sink I like to call these guys just have everything they throw it all in there you can come take a look so you know spend a few minutes it's gonna take you that long you got that trial take a look at it and make sure it's got what you need so anyway there's some cinema pay-per-view so those ones you leave pay your cable company five bucks for to rent it right well here's those channels here available for you so you know these guys do a great job fit does a great job on you know providing you just a ton of stuff to look at and find the best options there so all right I think we've seen that channels there's definitely a lot of stuff in here a lot of repeats but I think you're gonna have what you need for getting all of your entertainment here so as you can see there's just a ton of them out there we're not going to go through them all but you can do that yourselves in that trial so alright let's go back to the website let's talk the pricing and again we showed you the trial we'll show that again we'll see how much this is gonna cost you alright so when you go the website fit IPTV comm it's right there you scroll down a little bit you'll see it in the black box their IEP TV trial go ahead and click on that fill out a little form here let's see you can chat with them now if you want or you can just fill have to form your name your email if you have a MAC address you'll know if you do you don't need it but then you can select what kind of trial you want most likely you'll go through the default ram through you the IPTV smartos trial to send you that so you can kind of go through here and see what device you have and get it to work there so if you do you want to become a reso you can definitely do that if that's your option so though that out you'll be good to go alright let's go a little bit further down here talks about the pricing after you get that it does cost $14 per month or 35 bucks for three months so not a bad deal for what you're getting you saw all the channels there definitely a savings off of cable or satellite now I believe this is the one connection I'll show you the multi-room connection there six months is 55 for a year you get 80 bucks which that's cheaper than most people are paying right now for cable so you can definitely get that for us so all right let's go up here to the little top here this little orange box we can look at the multi-room this is we're gonna buy for multiple connections and if you have any questions just chat with in there guys so it says the multi-room is three devices minimum for that you can see it's per device so it'd be ten bucks so you spend them what like 30 bucks a month for the service for three rooms so you know it's definitely on the higher end of costs but for what you're getting I think you know you have to determine that yourself take that trial see what's gonna work because again not always a five or a seven or ten dollar service is going to work you may spend 20 or 30 and have it work you know seamlessly look just like you would have cable running therefore so but you can see there's some options there to pay for that I was just reach out to these guys to their chat make sure good to go for that so 30 bucks a month like I mentioned that seventy five four three months there's some savings there for it so come take a look guys like said just you know showing what that IPTV has I don't you know promote encourage anyone service this one isn't for you come back tomorrow we'll probably have another video for you so appreciate it guys have a good one you

  • Dumb question but why do some of the channels not work when you have HW decoder turned on and it freezes up the whole smarters app until you have to restart the app? Weird

  • I have a question for you, I from Spain I like the soccer so much, I'm looking some iptv for 3 devices can you help me?

  • Bro have you herd of iptv subscription tv that's the name of the service really generic they use the norgo app my coworker says its great idk cant find anything on YouTube about that service

  • To be honest this one has been working fine so far for like 4 months or so , only problem is the smarters app , it tends to freeze up a lot when HW is on

  • Keep these videos coming! Great work. 👍👍
    One thing that would be really cool, is if you could start trying to identify the services that offer the same feeds. I've noticed a few that are identical, and have also noticed some distinctive top left corner logos that are provided from different services. I understand that many may be resellers, and I know it won't necessarily be easy to always identify these, but it would be a big help.

  • I would stay away from this….not a safe service!!!there is only a handful of safe IPTV services out there…I know them all!!

  • Why would anybody pay for a service that you have to hunt over 900 channels to find what you're looking for. These people are lazy. This is a no go.

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