Fishing Sim World – #21 – Waldsee Lake: TROPHY Wels Catfish – "Curiosity"

hey hey guys this is Hawkeye and I am back with fishing sim world and we are still in waltz Lake Austria and we are still on a lookout for wels catfish now to go to the best place that I have found these guys I have to start over here at this peg guys this is where I had showed you last time but we didn't catch anything at that point in time but I have made the conditions such that should be ideal to catch these guys now this is the pig but we want to claim it's at the far end of this dock and we're gonna go ahead and claim this now I need to make sure that I've got my setup yes I do have my carp default setup so that is good so let's go ahead and clean this and that'll get all my rods and wheels and whatnot out ready now the area that I am going to be casting is going to be right out there I can't really point because I don't have the mouse capability to do that but I do want to show you what I'm fishing with it seems like these pop-up tiger nuts are awesome for the catfish I was first led to the using these by one of my viewers now the regular tiger nuts do catch them as well and I've also got some other things such as these white maggots just to see if I can catch any other species that happen to be around just for fun mainly because I don't have the money to buy a heavier rod basically right out here where jill's rocks are now we're gonna set that one there now I believe this one has the maggots I think we're gonna set that one over here see if we can't get something kind of small get the cast option there we go nice even fish close family I don't know see what's close to the dock that's like right on the brink of two different substrates and this one we're gonna cast just to the right of the other one or no to the left I mean hopefully you can cast it too far that's good alright let's go ahead and put that down now it's just mostly waiting game guys and that's what it usually is sometimes you'll get one buy it after another and sometimes you're just sitting here waiting patiently but yeah we did go to some fishing before we were catching a lot of other species but this seems to be the area where they are located I did fish here like a 22 I did fish here and not record and I did manage to catch some catfish over so I want to be 100% certain that I was accurate and I was of course now they're gonna give me a hard time because I'm recording so there got me a little brain here little Breen just start off a fishing trip let's see come on you little pain in the butt I wanna be playing with you and I could be catching a catfish come on now you're not to level 10 pounds not bad yeah actually I might just go ahead and put that down because right now I really want to get focused on these cats looks like we've got something number 3 don't know what we got here but hopefully it's what we're after and it took a little while he's got a Vince kind of slow today I don't want the dealers oh yes guys we've got something big think we got our cat look at that fellow over there jeez look at him that's what we're after he's just moseying around just like he's got not not a care in the world I need to put a little more attention on this because he is not even budging yeah these guys are like logs it's like honest to god bringing in a log they are heavy they're slow but they are strong as all get-out love catfish I love fishing come on big guy I see you moseying around here just came to say hi now he's gonna go back out cuz he's like ya don't mm-hmm no don't know if I want to become pretty so uh come on this may take a while guys that's just a fact of fact that if these guys are heading strong it's gonna take a little while to tire him out just got to watch that tension because he can effortlessly break that he chooses to I'm bigger I'll tell you if he's not a trophy I'm I would be surprised he looks huge here he comes front of the pass nope change his mind kind of reminds me of Joel when those lines Bruce come on yeah unless you get some seriously heavy gear you're gonna be fighting for a while now looks like something literally when I had that apparently changed his mind here he comes the pass I knew he was still not ready to be caught I'm just starting to get a little tired I'm not quite though he's still giving me a fight okay let's try muscle man you really gotta watch a tension now it's a strong fish no yes not quite ready he's starting to realize that he's caught and he's not liking it much see the main how he does it we need to let down a little bit here there we go we got him guys we got him see how biggest sucker is holy crap there he is there he is awesome he is a trophy 92 pounds nine ounces guys his name is curiosity and curiosity killed the cat fish I guess isn't he a monster look at that son Shh guys that that is a fish that is a fish and it's my personal best well I tell you what I am pleased this is what I was after and this is what I got good gun he's holding my keys and weighs nothing that sucker weighs as much as a child large child actually Lord that was amazing guys that was amazing and we're gonna try cast out one more time see if anything goes for it but that in and of itself is probably sufficient I mean we're talking major catch there guys well guys I don't think that we're going to get anything more this time times kind of running out but anyway I think that was definitely worthwhile for you guys to see and I doubt I'm gonna get anything bigger than that to take anyway guys I hope you enjoyed that episode please be sure to share comment like and subscribe and I'll be back with another episode of fishing sim world here at wold sea lake maybe guys until then always remember aim straight cast fart have fun and I will see you later bye bye you

  • Hey buddy, Yup I am still hanging on by a little but still none the less, I guess I am just to old and miserable to go yet lol, Glad to see you doing a vid on Fishing Sim World, Was not sure if any body was really still playing it or not, What I am asking is well you no I love pike and the big cats and I see you are on 1 of the DLC maps looking for the big cats, Are there any in the first lake that comes with it or no there is none, Also I wanted to ask you about some advice on which if any of the DLC,s I should get for this and how best to go about trying to place in the bass tournaments, Or would you rather me email you instead, up to you, I think if i email you it would be better so do not have a novel on your channel in the comments, let me no what you prefer my friend, Bear L.

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