First Living Iraq War Veteran To Receive Medal Of Honor

at first living a rock war veteran will receive the Medal of Honor tomorrow it is the most prestigious military decoration to recognize a service member mr. hazel Sanchez has more on the heroic actions that made David Bellavia so deserving of the award and what he's doing now off the battlefield Staff Sergeant David Bellavia is life changed on November 10th 2004 the day he and his platoon stormed a home in Fallujah the enemy was using his cover we knew those 8 to 10 guys were there somebody had to go in and get him out when gunfire trapped his comrades Bellavia sprung into action using a rifle and grenades to kill four insurgents he took out a fifth in a hand fight his bravery single-handedly saved his entire squad and led him to being the first living Iraq war veteran to receive the Medal of Honor never been an award guy I love my guys feeling good I like to see people feel good about what they've done if that means an award great he was just a regular guy Steve Banco is a Vietnam War veteran who like Bellavia is from western New York the two have met at veteran events Benko himself was saved by a Medal of Honor recipient who died in combat that kind of courage that kind of heroism is only motivated by your devotion to your fellow soldiers Bellavia is now a radio talk show host in Buffalo New York he was on the air when the news broke as Tom Puckett just reported David Bellavia is apparently set to receive this is unofficial this yes this is because the protocol is the White House the White House people that work in radio are real comfortable with this microphone they're not real comfortable with thousands of people within vision and that's David he does not like the spotlight he's uncomfortable yet honored in receiving this Bellavia is also an author of the book house-to-house detailing his experiences in Iraq hazel Sanchez CBS 2 News Bellavia left the Army in 2005 but later returned to Iraq as an embedded reporter for the organization he co-founded called vets for freedom the goal is to assess the security and get a progress report on Iraq operations


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