First Kenyan Awarded The Best Global Teacher Prize Award, Full Ceremony 2019

ladies and gentlemen please welcome our guest of honor Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum grand Prince of Dubai thank you your highness the global teacher prize goes to Nancy actually I've learned and I'm still learning how to make a school a place of happiness and wisdom ambien Felicita a la maestra Hanan are dumela Allah Shara Linum secured an beard or Hudnall islands Italy Nana Noah haidle alum Vitaly Maggie McDonald [Applause] this is for all the top 50s out there teachers teachers [Applause] Andreea Zafira coo tonight it's not about one person it's about celebrating all the teachers and recognizing the important role they play in shaping the future for our children [Applause] your highness distinguished guests ladies and gentlemen please welcome Her Excellency Sarah bint Yousef Allah Miri cabinet member and Minister of State for advanced sciences for the UAE star America good evening your highness Sheikh Hamdan Hamad Al Maktoum Crown Prince of Dubai sunny Varkey chairman of the Warka foundation your excellencies distinguished guests it gives me a great pleasure to welcome you today to the global teacher prize that honors the best teachers from all around the world teachers shaped lives and mold our future they are the invisible hand in society and they can create great citizens of humanity as many of us do I have a story with a teacher who with a few words shaped my future in the 8th grade my Arabic teacher called me into the office and simply said I checked your grades I've spoken to your others too to your other teachers and all of us agree you are a good student and that is the problem because you can be a great student you have great potential and you are destined for great things and we are puzzled about why you are holding yourself back that day I learned my most valuable lesson from a great teacher who went above and beyond the call of duty I learned that we are all our own worst enemies and that our limiting beliefs are what hold us back those words had a profound impact on my life that moment elevated me it expanded my horizons it provided me with the foundations to dream great to act upon those audacious dreams it sheds all of my insecurities to my teacher thank you I am here today because of your words this is what great teachers do they provide a boundless canvas for dreams to be drawn on like great leaders they understand the strengths of their students and tap into on its an untapped potential they extract it and give their students the opportunity to grow to every teacher in my son's life you are an integral part of my family from a parent thank you for all that you do for my son hotted thank you for every time he surprises me with an act of kindness a thought and a dream that I knew that you were a central part of and I would also like to thank Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for being a great teacher in leadership and for teaching us and showing us that impossible is not a word in our dictionary and too sunny Varkey and the Warka foundation thank you for bringing teachers to the center stage with this award and to all the teachers in the audience today thank you for making the world a better place one student at a time and now ladies and gentlemen a special message from Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber your highness your excellencies ladies and gentlemen good evening I wish I could be with you in person to this beautiful celebration I know you're in for a treat this evening because I've heard that tonight's shows as good as anything you'll see on the West End or on Broadway so enjoy when I first heard about the global teacher prize I thought it was a simple and wonderful way to help people see the important contribution the teachers make throughout the world both my parents were music teachers and I saw firsthand the effort and skill involved in their work it made me recognize that teachers deserve far more praise and they sometimes receive so I am very glad that knew ten finalists are being recognized on the world stage for your dedication and your talent to be on that stage you have to have worked hard improved the lives of many young people and laid the groundwork for their future achievements today as I fear we all know education is under threat all over the world from funding shortages lack of resources and importantly too few teachers this is particularly true in the case of music education where many young people lack access to instruments tuition and opportunities to perform through my foundation and the music in secondary schools trusts we try to help supply some of those needs in the UK but we can only do a little bit so wherever you live in the world if you were involved in education or you were in a position to make a difference please consider supporting music tuition and musical life in schools it creates well-rounded young people it's not about turning them necessarily into musicians great if they do but it's about making them empowered and music can empower them all sorts of unexpected ways with that thought I hope 2019 will be an excellent year for you all and a great year for the global teacher prize I would like to extend my warmest congratulations this year's 10 marvelous finalists and every inspiring teacher in the world I offer my personal thanks to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for his continued patronage of the teacher prize I would also like to thank sunny Varkey and the Varkey foundation for doing so much to support the work of teachers around the world thank you and good night ladies and gentlemen now to announce the ten finalists for the 2019 global teacher prize mr. Hugh Jackman ladies and gentlemen it is now my great pleasure to announce the top 10 finalists for the global teacher prize for 2019 they are and room offered from the United Kingdom a big challenge for us is teaching our children that there are different people out there there has been a sort lies in racist and a religious hate crime this is a resource that helps schools teach children that we're all different but actually that's fantastic Daisy mertens from the Netherlands you don't need computers or other resources it's for free to listen to children so that's what we want to achieve that adults and children work together more and then from the bottom up you have ownership of your own future and you can create your own future Deborah Garofalo from Brazil who else's material was sustained knows almost for the robot in town I'm trouble you decree achieve a dodge Meister manger Sisu to pain Sammy to a vida bells for vintage official techie grasses ie Buca so Elif I transform and miss premier said profesora de Diez he D Kazu Shoto from Japan no Japanese English only ever okay alright let's go I figured out that why not March together English and information technology I want to spread minecraft project all over Japan you guys are perfect Martin saw Betty from Argentina radio communication in case our period ista dome on radio communal Ament a Lucca to10 Alana Ponce a vida de trabajar pins on them no Chico's okay Lucas on your fedora pienso que la mejor no no she Otto a via top Iranian Melissa salgueiro from the United States my students they helped pick me up they came to me with lyrics and I said I have to give this a voice my students open up to me and it's so important that you just listen my kids deserve to be seen and heard and I love them Peter to be she from Kenya I just want to have a positive impacts not only in my country even the whole of Africa caring for people is in my heart we need the peace in our communities we need the peace in our odds to be a great teacher you have to do more and talk less soir au revoir from Indian the teacher is Bill one makes a huge difference in the children's self-esteem in one village love pooja all the girls took a vow never to get married till they were 18 I want my children to be equipped with life skills that not only make them resilient but emotionally empowered Vladimir up cassava from Georgia scholar desert a trance operator t Natalie civilian Angela trans kolento Ellis who are trained masala of Sumatran scholarship and Musa mr. Levangie ro e boozled I'm Teresa pleasures shamed excuses goddess SS Teresa Peppa the squats yesterday is selvakumar from Australia I absolutely love my job working with students for them to understand the world and their place in it we are constantly telling our students that it's not where they come from it's where they're going to go the whole communities and all the world can be transformed through the way that we do things every day and I'd like to give special thanks to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai under whose continued patronage the global teacher prize has become a shining beacon for teachers around the world I'd also like to thank sunny Varkey and the Varkey foundation for giving us such a powerful celebration of the work of teachers and their commitment to education throughout the world since the launch of the global teacher prize in Dubai UAE just five years ago it has gone on to inspire over 30 national teacher prizes are know think thousands of stories of Heroes that have transformed young people's lives ladies and gentlemen have a fantastic night best of luck to the 10 finalists I really really wish I could be with you there in person tonight you know what it must be quite a few award ceremonies in my time but it's the greatest privilege to be able to celebrate the work of teachers not just you guys here but teachers around the globe there is no job that is more important and tonight gives us a chance to thank those who don't get thanked enough for doing such an incredible job so not a lot of people know this but when I was 18 I left high school and at my school they had a program where two students had the chance to go to London to work as a member of staff in in London miles from Australia was a big deal it's in two of us we each had six months at the school and that's where I really learned what it meant to be a teacher I mean I was just a teacher's assistant but to watch how hard teachers work every single day the hours of preparation just to put into a one-hour class the service the care they took for each and every student it was humbling and I of course did not go into teaching but the other gentleman who actually was in the school for the other six months he went into teaching and this is a coincidence but he ended up becoming two years ago a top 50 finalists in the Varkey foundation and he happens to be here tonight mr. Cameron Patterson stand up arrow petter don't worry mate I won't tell any war stories it's okay you can relax but if I won't for the teachers in my life I wouldn't be standing on this stage today teachers they cajole you they push you they encourage you they pick you off the floor when you literally can't get up they they inspire you and if it wasn't for these 10 finalists here on this stage tonight none of us would be in this room your highness your excellencies ladies and gentlemen we put on a show that I hope you enjoyed but I think we'll all agree the real stars on stage tonight are these 10 teachers now only only one of you unfortunately is actually going to be holding that trophy in about ten minutes five minutes from now but I think we can all agree that all of you are winners here tonight every single one of you you have all achieved beyond measure you have given from your hearts tirelessly for years and years to each and every kid that's come into your care you have showed passion you showed dedication you have showed love and it's an inspiration to all of us a lot of you working in places where life is very very tough but you teach young people how to stand center stage in their own life story all of you and every dedicated teacher around the world is shaping the next generation Andrew you look great man in the tux the bowtie you teach kids to be proud of where they come from at the same time to be tolerant and to be accepting of people who may look different who may believe in different things who may come from different places Daisy you said something in your video that really touched me you said all of us have scars but let's not be defined by the past in our lives let's be defined by where we are going and you shared a story that you'd had a tough upbringing but school was a safe haven for you and you've gone on to dedicate your life to making sure school is a safe haven the and every kid that comes into your care it's amazing Deborah Deborah from some Paulo Brazil Deborah don't cry yet we got a long way to go it's okay you are incredible you work in an area which is difficult for some a lot of those kids have really really difficult lives but you teach them to look beyond to the whole globe to take care of this planet at the same time you you show them that it's important to connect locally to connect to their community and no matter what they're going through you take care of each and every one as though they're your own it's amazing because oh come oh ah come on Eddie Kazu you teach foreign languages to students when you were young your parents didn't have the funds for you to be able to travel abroad so now as a teacher you make sure no matter what situation kids are coming from you make it not only possible for them to learn the language that you're offering you make it fun you make it fun you use computer games you use robots I wish I was you and my teacher when I was learning French for three years and really all I've learned is cross all it's really not very helpful not honestly it's amazing what you do Martin you taught me a new word tonight fart fart fart sure means eleganza you are the essence of elegance my friend in your school 20 years ago you created a radio station so you made sure that the kids could find voice that they could campaign about things that was really important to them on top of that you decided to start a program where you taught the kids how to fix motorcycles and on top of that you said once you fix a motorcycle we're going to deliver them to the poorest of the poor and our communities so the people who are still with a horse and a cart can now have a motorcycle you're a hero really congratulations Melissa Melissa I know you're gonna cry it's okay let's just stay here just hug it out Melissa you teach music which is obviously dear to my heart music is everybody's joy whether you're talented or not and so that's the approach you're gonna make me cry stop it you make sure that any kid comes to you and says I want to be in the band miss they're in the band if the if they haven't been to one practice and the concert is on that night you say you're in the band no problem when you arrived at the school there was not one musical instrument you now even despite the school being broken into all those years ago and every instrument being stolen you have raised over $200,000 to make sure that every kid for the future that school will be able to play an instrument Peter Peter I love your story Peter from Kenya was working at a private school and decided to leave their private school to give his talents to children who were not getting the same level of education that we're getting at the private school this particular area he worked in had suffered under very severe conflict in 2007 it was very violent many of those kids were traumatized families were traumatized you started a Peace Club I knew I was going to outrun the music sorry guys it's Melissa's fault it's not my fault I'm sorry yeah let's just play it again that's okay sorry you started a Peace Club you also teach the adults if they want to learn anything about agriculture whatever it is you started a science club and the kids who worked with you with hardly any materials went on to win the major prize in Africa for the best science prize that was because of you Peter not only that not only that Peter donates 80 percent of his salary back to the community not only that here to share with me last night that up until yesterday he'd never been on a plane in his life and you've arrived in a country that feels like you're in heaven on another planet SWAT up SWAT oh we have something in common we worked in the movies however you made the wise decision to get out of it at age 37 one of the biggest Bollywood stars she had been Miss India which really what she wanted to do is teach so at age 37 she left and has been teaching thousands upon thousands of kids through drama how to about themselves really you connect to every single child you travel India you give you teach them how to tell stories and you teach them to connect to yourself it's extraordinary Vladimir Vladimir when I saw the video about you and the smile you have on your face every single day and how you create a safe space for those kids to be able to talk about whatever is going on in their life in is it it's in Georgia Chat Chat Chat what's the Chettiar what's the name of your town a town home town I'm sorry my Georgian is really bad I'm sorry don't worry it's a lot to take in but he if you must watch this video to see how these kids are not just going to school they are thriving at school and on top of that he looks after eight orphans at home yesterday we have two things in common we're both Aussies and both our sets of parents emigrated to Australia yours came a vary from a very difficult situation in sri lanka they fled violence at the time and you arrived and felt so grateful of the opportunities that you'd had growing up in australia that you dedicated your life to serving particularly communities of migrants and refugees making sure that they have all the opportunities that you were given when coming to australia it's extraordinary you all teach us so many lessons so many important important lessons most of all you teach us how to give life to our dreams so tonight on behalf of the world students and on behalf of anyone anywhere around the world that cares about our future we say thank you so are you ready all right okay guys here it is your highness your excellencies ladies and gentlemen the time has come the winner of the global teacher prize for 2019 is Peter to bocce [Applause] congratulations Peter I I would now like to invite I would like to invite His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and mr. sunny Varkey to the stage to present the trophy to the winner thank you thank you your highness and sunny if your continued support of the teaching profession [Applause] and my economy group but of terrific thank you so much thank you your highness Thank You mr. Bochy now stay no no no stay stay stay up here stay up here and it's okay stay up here with Peter I'm sure he wants your support so Peter congratulations before I give you this microphone to say a few words I have a surprise for you we have a very special video message just for you if you have a look up on the screen on behalf of all Kenyans let me congratulate you on winning the global teacher prize for this year you are a shining example of what the human spirit can achieve not just for Kenya not just for Africa but for the world Peter you chose to teach in a remote part of Kenya Kiriko mixed a secondary school and you chose to transform lives in such situations a choice that I'm sure was difficult you give me faith that Africa's best days are ahead of us and your story will light the way for all future generations in your Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum your support for the teaching profession and your continued patronage of the global teacher prize is changing the lives of many teachers and children around the world I also recognize the contribution of mr. sunny Paki the Varkey foundation and all those who have made this celebration possible your commitment to education throughout the world is commendable to all our finalists and to each and every dedicated teacher around the world let me say the future of our planet the future of our young people is in your hands and we will support you in achieving this noble goal congratulations to all and especially thank you congratulations Peter your highness excellencies ladies and gentlemen we were now like to hear a few words from the winner of the 2019 global teacher prize Peter to be Qi thanks so much thanks so much I didn't expect this it is surprise a great surprise not just for me not just for Kenya no just for Africa for the whole world this shows that teachers matter teachers matter teaching is a noble profession His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum 5 vice president and prime minister of UAE and ruler of Dubai San the founder of the fact foundation ladies and gentlemen I am pleased cornered and humbled to be awarded the global teacher prize I appreciate this great recognition on behalf of all the hard-working teachers throughout the world I salute all the global teacher prize nominees or my friends here present on the other yes and the other teachers who have transformed and are still transforming the lives of Lana's and that of the society in different ways in a special way let me recognize the fact foundation team for this wonderful initiative I also must appreciate my pharaoh Franciscan brothers and everyone who supported eliminated or inspired me in one way or another very special thanks to my school curricula secondary school including my piss-poor means that danielle marie who is here with us fellow teachers very very clearly teaches that all the time.i we work together closely support staff Palance students for their animals support my thanks also goes to the teacher service commission of kenya for their great support kindly kindly allow me to share my story i was raised in a family of teachers in macaron cozy village which is within whose zealand Kenya Africa growing up with his main challenges I lost my mother at the age of 11 after this my father a primary school teacher had to do everything for the sake of the family in the reading preparing meals educating us items like Justin sympathize with him who just ask him shall I just assist you to prepare the meals educating us and most importantly we just just came to reflect just the other day that it was the most important thing most importantly in steering moral and Christian values in us very strong Christian and and that's why I found myself to be a brother for the sake of the community and the wallet right he told us to be hard-working humble what feeling chinless selfless and resilient ladies and gentlemen my father mr. Lawrence cebiche younger my father mr. Lawrence the Bianca is with us today Papa Papa please stand up [Applause] he has been an ascetic man all through in still all but not all very strong does much appreciative thanks so much thanks so much [Applause] deedy marvelous he did great work thank you thank you thank you let us recognize him and all those who have some before us thank you thank you so much ladies and gentlemen Jericho secondary school is treasured in Pawnee village Nakuru country Kenya in Africa it is lucky it is located in a remote semi-arid part of Kenya Swift far a he a student struggle to learn in a resource-constrained environment and come from diverse cultural riches and native backgrounds I was moved by the difficult situation of the needy people in a poor village and felt like I could offer some help so I decided to stretch and show love to this wonderful community through teaching when I joined the school I met a community of dedicated and hardworking teachers students and others stakeholders we worked together to focus on finding solutions to many challenges we are so far succeeded in uniting the school and the local community by introducing the Peace Club we have inspired students to participate in talent nurturing club and science club to create an opportunity for them to explore and express their talents talents and abilities I must say I am very excited that the majority of the students who have been shining in most of these activities are equals these grapes as we seek to get more girls focused on STEM subjects ladies and gentlemen the value of a teacher cannot be measured in terms of the monthly salary what matters is the passion and dedication with which we serve our lana's because we were to be paid it will be in terms of millions we do great work let every learner appreciate the fact that everyone was born for a reason and that fellows are a part of life if you don't fail you don't learn and if you don't learn you'll never change and that challenges and failures make us strong people through them we become creative in the process of trying to find solutions let us always remember when you promote education you are empowering the society and changing the world for the better thank you so much and may God bless you thank you so much [Applause] ladies and gentlemen it's the world that these kids and kids like them all around the world are gonna make because of the teachers of the world will you please give these kids a massive round of applause how many guys he's highness excellencies ladies and gentlemen thank you very much to the teachers of the world and particularly our finalists congratulations thank you so much to the Bakke foundation what do we say kids [Applause]


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