First Impressions: Trophy Wife Body Lava, ABH Riviera Palette, etc. || Nyma Tang

oh hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Nima if you are new here if you're not welcome back so today I'm gonna be showing you guys a bunch of new products that I've gotten that I'm actually really interested in some of them are a little bit older like maybe a week two weeks maybe a month ago some of them a little bit newer so it's just a bunch of new products I've been wanting to try and why not just throw them all in one video give you guys a full first impressions video so that's what I'm gonna do a new fancy beauty body lava and trophy wife I'm really excited about this one the a BH Riviera palette foundations from mented lots of good stuff so I'm super excited make sure you are subscribed notified and join your girl we are so super Millie so thank you to all the new people that have joined hi welcome Nima hi okay so we're gonna go ahead and jump straight into this video so I am going to go ahead and start by priming what primer do I want to use today I'm gonna go in with the Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base and I'm gonna use my primer today I've been really stuck on the Pharsalia skin tuned blur Heike I might use it again today I'm not sure this is one of my favorites too I like to use this when I'm not when I don't know what the foundation I'm using is gonna be like I'm gonna use the Lancome tint idol ultra wear blur and go and I'm just gonna pop that into my little t-zone area make sure I rub this in so today is your girl's birthday I honestly forgot about it and tell you yesterday I was doing some paperwork and I had to date it and like we tomorrow's my birthday and yeah so it's my birthday happy birthday to me if we're probably not doing anything today but we're gonna go and do something tomorrow so make sure you guys follow me on Instagram shameless plug to see what I'm up to tomorrow for my birthday I'm just gonna lightly set that with my D or forever and ever shine control powder this powder has just been everything I've needed and more like it's the only powder that I can do this with and it actually really does make your makeup look really beautiful shout out to Jackie for that this powder is amazing it literally looks like it blurs it's just so nice so I'm gonna go in with demented stick foundation this foundation is definitely new to me I have d40 in D 30 and I'm pretty sure I am the shade D 40 the foundation is called skinned by Menton so that's D 40 right there and that's the last shade and then I have D 30 just the one next to it we're just gonna stick with D 40 just cuz I think it's a little bit darker I think that undertone for D 30 might match me a little bit better I'm just gonna start applying this and mint it is a black-owned brand so if you guys haven't heard about them they're bomb they're nude lipsticks for your deeper skin tones are amazing yeah and actually stocked up on my favorite shade I love their mint in number 5 that's my favorite shade from them and I like the matte ones but I also do like the regular ones I just their matte formula is really comfortable so I really like that looks like it's definitely gonna be one of those matches for my chest finish looks amazing though super pretty ok so if you guys are looking at my Genki brush it's the wet and wild rose brush and I really really really love this brush but the stick is too skinny I was just too skinny and I need a bit more to grip on so I put a little duct tape around it that was good a little one a long way so that's really nice and the finish is really smooth I'm going in with the coverfx power-play concealer of in the shade P deep v I'm just wondering out the concealer no you can share we're all set and good to go underneath the eyes the base looks pretty good like the foundation doesn't look bad at all so that's good I'm going in with my Dior powder again with a brush okay so I've got my concealer all set in place we're in a super close next we're going in to the Riviera palette from a th that is what it looks like on the inside it's so pretty I think what really got me excited where the shimmers really pretty that shimmer I'm really excited for that so I've kind of already got my eyelids pretty nice and primed with concealer so I'm gonna go ahead and just jump straight into the eyeshadow palette I'm gonna go into the shade Cannes which is a purple shade it's pretty purple shade it's building up nicely then I'm just blending it back and forth I have more of an almond shaped eye so I like to balance it out by giving myself like a more rounder eyes shape just packing on that purple shade it's taking a little bit and it doesn't really have that much fallout at all but it is taking a little bit of me going back and forth to build up that purple I'm taking bahama bahamas and I'm just gonna buff that into Cannes I'm using a Sephora Pro blending brush and the one I used before was another Sephora brush these are like some of my favorite brushes crease brush is what I'd use before to put down the purple I'm going back into Cannes just to make sure it doesn't get lost and the sauce part of me wants to go like very colorful and go in with this teal shade on my lid and then the yellow on the inner corner but I also do like way doing more like wearable looks which it's not not wearable but you guys know what I'm talking about you guys know I'm more of a neutrals kind of gal I love my neutrals it's not meant to be smoky but a part of me wants to go smoky so I think I'm gonna do a little bit of black and just in that corner just to kind of I don't know I feel like the black would really help to offset all those colors so I'm just gonna block right there use the purple shade to blend it out together yeah I think that's gonna do what I needed to do and that way I can just add a bunch more colors I feel more like something I couldn't wear I'm thinking that shade this is so pretty oh I forgot to wear for the powder so that should help make sure we don't have any craziness oh my god that looks so good already I'm obsessed that black really really really helped it out okay look at this color I'm obsessed okay I'm just using a brush to make I get the crease more pigmented like that line because sometimes you really can't apply the color with your finger without going too high up especially since I have a hooded eye so then I'm just gonna buff it out so it doesn't look too much like a cut crease cuz that's not what we're going for I'm using the shade Cannes I'm just gonna go back into that black just a little bit right here what do I want to do for the bottom I'm taking Cannes just taking a little bit of that black just to follow the theme on the bottom lashline for the inner waterline I'm taking this Pat McGrath blue blitz liner and I'm just tightlining and then I'm gonna do a little bit of a black liner on the top and I only do this to help hide my lash band and it also helps to lift my eyes it makes my eyes look bigger I'm getting my lashes ready I've actually I'm actually trying out this new brand called new bones I feel like I'm saying that wrong oh is another way of saying love oh that's kind of cute and these are new to me so I'm gonna try these out so for mascara I'm going in with the pomegranate eyes mascara I actually really really like this mascara I am definitely a fan of it it's kind of it kind of feels like when you wait for your mascara to dry down and that's when it just does what it you need it to do that's what I feel like this mascara does without needing to dry down how do they look let's do the inner corner I'm going in with inheritance for the end of corner and it's that gold shimmer shade get rid of this powder let's do lashes okay so I'm using the NARS exhibit a blush that I love to use I'm just gonna give myself some color give my cheeks a little bit of color I can't wait to spray my face cause I'm feeling mighty Mattern I have these palettes from makeup revolution and these are so pretty look at these look at this pink one that's the one I'm gonna use right now some sort of chocolate collection and I think they're so pretty so I'm gonna go in with the pink one I'm gonna take that on my brow bone I stopped contouring my nose like forever ago I think like at the very beginning of my youtube career and I just haven't gone back since I don't know I just feel like it's just not for everybody and it's not necessary I have a pretty flat nose bridge so it kind of just looks muddy sometimes and it's just like you I am really really liking this highlighter alright I'm gonna go ahead and spray my face down with the Estee Lauder set and refresh okay this looks so good so pretty I'm going in with the make up forevers dimensional dark brown I had to put in work for this wig I swear for the first few weeks that I had it I just the style that I had I just did not like I felt very like mom very grandma my grandma but very like soccer mom and I just needed it's like some really nice diva curls and these are what it needs I got it like a really nice chocolatey Brown because I really wanted it to like complement my skintone really well and then I'm going in with Menten number five from mented above this nude lipstick I am obsessed with it I'm gonna go ahead and put a gloss on top of it I'm using this makeup revolution I heart chocolate lip gloss and I'm just gonna pop that right in the center I'm really feeling this look if you guys can't tell I keep looking at myself loving everything looking when you background you guys I just I get bored easily and I get bored of seeing the same things over and over again so that's why my background is always constantly changing I just get bored and I need something new to look at so we'll see how long this will last I really like it it's very simple very clean since Tony and I have moved in recently our new place we've been decorating it and I've just been having the best time getting all the pieces together it looks amazing making some really good progress okay so anyways body Lama fenty a body lava and trophy life the trophy wife I think might be the one I'm most excited about she's a beauty I cannot wait to try this okay I'm gonna start off with a little yes all over okay this is pretty this is what I was kind of expecting on the other ones oh this is really sexy did they change the formula it does not feel like as not that like the old formula was sticky I don't think it was sticky but it feels more of like an oil hmm I like this formula though I like the new one I put a lot like I put all Lots on but I love the fact that it shows up like this I genuinely love it I cannot wait to wear it I'm obsessed I can't wait to see what this looks like on my legs okay so that's pretty much it I'm about to take some fire selfies okay fire for the rundown abh Riviera pallets done mean I can't wait to keep playing with it it's such a pretty palette mented foundation stick I actually really like it I think it's a really nice beautiful finish I think I would like to go a little bit darker but I like it I like the formula I like the stick you guys have just been killing it for me you guys know how much I love you guys over there at mints its body lava fenty y'all saw that reaction I don't really need to go into much more this is everything I needed it to be and more and I don't know why I wasn't I was expecting it to kind of be like the other ones the brown sugar I should have expected this I should have expected this amount of glitter and shine the trophy wife is it's in its own class and that's what I should have expected from this but I love it I really do I think it's so pretty the lip gloss the makeup revolution lip gloss and the shade mint chocolate is what I used I like it I just wish it was more glossy I was I need a little bit more gloss from it but I like it he makeup revolution highlighters balm and I know they're super affordable because maker revolution is is so affordable the new lashes have them in the style Lyoness these are actually really comfortable for such a more fuller lash for me at least I have really tiny eyes so I can't go to too heavy with the lashes they're not bothering me they're not uncomfortable they don't feel heavy and it's still giving me that like off without the heaviness I think that's all I have for today's video I really hope you guys have enjoyed it if you have make sure you join your girl like I said we are almost at that Milly and I'm super excited I can't believe it thank you guys again for all you guys that have joined the family understand what my platform is about understand why I talk about the thing that I talk about how important they are to me and I just really appreciate all of you guys's support we are making a difference we are making a change in this industry I would not be able to do it without all of you guys's love and support I'm super grateful and super thankful don't forget to subscribe right here thank you guys so much for watching lots of love and I will see you guys next time


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