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First Entertainment Member Profile: Amber Sealey

♪ I’m Amber Sealy and I am a director, writer, producer
and an acting coach. You know, it’s a funny thing, so as a person, I’ve
never felt like I’m a female
filmmaker, right? I just feel like I’m a
filmmaker. And yet you can’t
deny that it’s really important
politically and socially to say I’m a female
filmmaker and to help support other female filmmakers. I would say that my favorite
thing about filmmaking is working with the
actors. I think, because I
trained as an actor, I’m really passionate
about performance. And, I think that if you
have a good performance, you can sell anything else. I have a family.
I’m married and I have 2 children and being a
mom and a filmmaker is, I’m not gonna lie,
it’s hard. And sometimes you feel
a little bit torn. When I made my first film,
it was sort of an experiment to
see if I liked it and just kind of, you know, feel it out. And, it ended up that I
loved all the different aspects. I mean, I love the writing. I love the whole production. I love the post production. You know, my films, not
consciously, but I just end up telling a lot
of stories about women. It just happens because I’m naturally interested in
them and because, I guess I do believe
that we should have more stories about women
up on the screen. My most recent film,
No Light and No Land Anywhere, is about a woman kind of
unmoored from society and going through a
lot of depression and relearning what family means. I love the title because
it just reminded me of the feeling of drowning, of
like drowning in dark water and you can’t see and you
can’t find any land to rescue
yourself. And that’s really like a
good metaphor for the
lead character, Lexi. Her life has kind of
completely fallen apart in London and she decides
to go on a voyage looking for her dad. Ultimately, of course,
it’s about finding herself and finding family in places
that you didn’t expect it. I love films that are,
and my films are I think, raw and very intimate. Really, like human
stories. You know. Real people going through
real intense stuff. And, kind of universal,
emotional feelings that I think we all have. You definitely have
to be creative financially in Indie film, and be
willing to do a bunch of different things in order
to get your budgets put together sometimes. A lot of friends of mine
who are in the entertainment industry had recommended
First Entertainment and said they loved it.
And so we looked at it, and we were like, great.
So, we joined and we’ve been very happy
ever since. I’m Amber Sealey, and
I’m a member of First Entertainment
Credit Union.

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