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First Entertainment Business Spotlight: MPCS

(Michael) Hello, I’m Michael Albright for First Entertainment Credit Union. And today we’re at Motion Picture Compliance Solutions. Now, you may not have heard about these guys, but the service they provide is essential. Every day there are thousands of big trucks lugging equipment around doing film and motion picture production, but who’s watching the drivers? Well, let’s meet the folks who solved a huge problem for the industry.
(Max Johnson) Our clients hire us to qualify the driver to be the safest driver possible behind the wheel for their production. A driver walks into production, fills out paperwork. That paperwork gets to us, we audit that paperwork, drug test, DMV report and background check. We qualify that driver to be able to get behind the wheel and be the safest driver possible. (Michael) Tell me a little bit about your background. (Max) 1985, I got in the 399 Teamsters. Started off on a honeywagon. From honeywagon to captain and then to coordinator. At times we had up to 300 drivers and to qualify these drivers, it was pretty close to being impossible.
(Michael) And you saw a need.
(Max) And I felt the frustration of the driver being a driver myself. I can help.
(Michael) Right now when a driver wants to track their driving, it’s all manual.
(Max) We, we put eyes on every log and we’ll do up to 4,000 logs a day.
(Michael) But I understand all that’s about to change? (Max) First quarter 2017, we’re coming out with our online app. This mobile app, the driver can go on his phone fill out his paperwork; we audit and turn around. It’s a fraction of the time. (Michael) But I understand now there’s a new requirement for an electronic monitoring device that’s going to be going into vehicles.
(Max) December 2017, it’s mandatory that any vehicle over 10,000 pounds has this electronic logging device in the vehicle. With the electronic logging devices – the ELDs – that device goes in the truck, plugs into the engine. That data comes to us. But I know that we’re making the roads a safer place. (Michael) It’s a very esoteric field, but you’ve really been a pioneer in it.
(Max) Like you folks are at First Entertainment. You’re courteous, you’re kind. You walk into First Entertainment, you feel like you’re the only one there. So with each one of our clients, we really look at their individual needs.

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