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Final Jeoardy: “Oscar Winners”

Great game today, and now our players have to deal
with Oscar Winners and this clue… 30 seconds, players. Good luck. ♪♪ She had a bit of an in
in getting the role. We come to you first, Brandon. You were in third place
with $10,800. And what did you write down? “Who is Sofia Coppola?” You are right. And you add $9,201,
taking you into the lead with $20,001. Elisabeth, over to you now. Did you come up with Sofia? No, you picked Marisa Tomei. That’ll cost you how much? $15,000. Oh, darn. You’re at $5,000. Over to Pat, our champion. He had $20,000,
tied for the lead. Came up with… an incorrect response
in Reese Witherspoon. [ Chuckles ] Yeah. And lost everything. So, Brandon Randall,
congratulations, young man. You are the new “Jeopardy!”
champion with an impressive total
of $20,001. And you get to play again
right here tomorrow. Please join us then, folks. Promotional consideration
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