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Final Girl Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Abigail Breslin, Alexander Ludwig Movie HD

Veronica, would you like to come with me? Where? To a place where I would teach you things. You like learning things, don’t you? What kind of things? I would be training you. For a very important job. What kind of job? The kind most people can’t handle. Ah there’s the new waitress. What’s his obsession with blondes? It’s just his type. What did I miss? What do you guys do out there? We hunt. (screaming) O— who’s a beautiful blonde you got hooked for us this time, man? Is this seat taken? What are you doing Saturday night? Washing my hair. No, you’re doing that Friday night. You’ll meet me here at eight o’clock. With, uh, clean hair. And red lipstick. Hello boys. I’m Veronica. So, are you ready for a game? Depends on the game. Now, I want you to run, Veronica. And then, what? We Hunt you down. RUN! There’s no one person more powerful than the other. Only the one with the most will, is the strongest. You gonna have to do this mission alone. I’m going to enjoy this. You are an interesting girl.