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Film Theory: The Breaking Bad Ending’s HIDDEN Truth

“Now, say my name…” “JOHN CENA” MEMES GALORE “You’re god damn right…” Hello, internet! Welcome to Film Theory a daily part of your balanced breakfast! “Where’s breakfast…?” So go ahead, pour yourself some cereal and double-check your stevia for ricin ‘Cause today, we’re forever changing the way you look at the final scenes of one of the greatest television shows of all time As such consider this your [SPOILER ALERT] Now breaking bad, is one my favorite television shows one that truly pushed
storytelling on TV Main character Walter White’s
transformation from a Mr.Rogers-esque chemistry teacher to a meth kingpin of
Scarface level proportions is perhaps the most memorable character arc in
television history and what other televised drama can attest to starting
so many memes from; “I am the one who knocks” To my personal pick… “Yeah, science!” The characters, the acting,
the pacing, the artistic camera shots everything about this show was perfect Well, except for one thing: The ending. Admittedly ending such an incredible show was an impossible task There was no way it could satisfy
everyone I mean, Walter White was a character you either love to hate, hated
to love, love to love, or hated to hate there was no middle ground with this guy; and after
six (or I guess five and a half) mind-blowing seasons, Breaking Bad ended
with what a lot of people thought was a cop out after getting complete closure
apologizing to his wife Skyler ensuring his children get the remainder of his
drug money, killing off the rest of the bad guys and rescuing his partner Jessie Walt dies from a combination of a
gunshot wound to the abdomen and his returning cancer all while surrounded by his beloved
meth-making equipment, ensures the problem a lot of people had with his ending is
that Walt gets everything; He wins! there is no punishment or
atonement for all of the awful things he does throughout the series and let’s be
honest he does a lot of awful things sure you may say, “Oh, he dies!” but he dies
on his terms it’s a complete victory for Walter White
and that understandably frustrated people But what if I told you there was
more to the story that Walt will face trial and punishment for his crimes that
the ending wasn’t as clichéd and clean-cut as we’ve all been assuming the
last couple years in short are we really sure that the man
known as Heisenberg is dead in that final shot ’cause let me tell you: I’ve
run the numbers, and he’s not. I mean yeah, He does get a gnarly stomach wound;
collapses and lies motionless on the floor for about 20 seconds as we hear
some appropriate blue meth inspired a jab but is that enough for us to hang
our theorists’ coats up and accept that he’s dead? NOT A CHANCE! “You’re god damn right” Oh… gets me every time. ok, so what am I talking about? well,
according to the University of Maryland Medical Center the three most important
factors for determining a person’s odds of surviving a gunshot wound are: 1. The location of the injury; 2. The
amount of blood lost; and 3. How quickly the victim is transported to a
hospital so let’s take them point by point; but before we
dive into the location of the injury, we first need to discern the nature of the
injury itself, and I know what you’re thinking: “It’s a bullet in his stomach, right?” well,
not exactly. let’s recap the final showdown Walt
comes to the neo-nazi compound with an automated remote-controlled turret built
into its trunk he tackles Jesse to the ground click the
button the trunk pops open and a mirage of bullets killed almost all the
neo-nazis inside but we are most interested in is near the end of the
attack when walt gets hit by *SOMETHING* I mean it’s kind of hard to tell
honestly all we really do is see him grunts now we know from the opener of
season 5 episode one that won’t purchase an m60 machine gun with 7.62 millimeter
NATO rounds pretty heavy-duty machinery is evidenced by the fact that it blasted
through the side of the trunk and the wall of the neo-nazi rec room like it
was nothing but let’s look at the set up here it’s highly unlikely that Walt was
actually hit by one of these bullets 1. walt is too low to the ground Walter’s hoopty of death is a
fifth-generation cadillac deville which according to the manufacturer’s stands
exactly fifty six point seven inches tall or about 1.4 meters if we take this photo of Walt standing
outside the car and apply some basic algebra and pixel counting we can conclude that the trunk is 42.5 inches off
the ground or slightly over one meter the m60 shoot slightly lower than the
exact height of the trunk let’s just say it’s an even 39 inches about one meter
just to be safe considering that the average width of a
human being is about 9.5 inches or 24 centimeters even if Walt and Jesse were
planning on top of each other toe to toe forehead to forehead they would still be
far lower than the line of fire I mean you can even see the difference
from the bullet holes in the wall compared to their relative position on
the ground so obviously it’s not a direct bullet hit maybe it’s a ricochet
seems like a solid possibility except for one thing according to my research it seems that
higher powered bullets like a 7.62 millimeter nato round 10 not to ricochet
the usually either crush into the object they hit or break apart ricochets are much more common with low
caliber ammunitions such as a 22 or 177 most likely culprit for injuring Walt then is
either shrapnel or a broken piece of a bullet entering from Walter side why the side well because throughout the
ensuing scenes we get a pretty good glimpse at the front back wall jacket
and there simply aren’t any holes to the right side is the only option ok so we have a piece of shrapnel
entering waltz love handle knowing this let’s look at our medical criteria
number one the location of the we never actually get to see the wound
itself only the blood stain on the lower right side of his shirts which is such a
shame because i really love that shirt on walt ;_; given the radius of the
blood-stained we can only make an educated guess as to where the entrance
wound is the biggest risk associated with a bullet wound to the abdomen is
hitting either the lower aorta or some of the major blood vessels if such was the case though Walter would
have keeled over and bled to death VERY quickly but that’s not what
happens Walter walks talks and even tells Lydia that he murdered her with
relative grace for over 10 minutes now you could potentially right off a
lot of Walt’s mobility as shocked but even shock can’t keep you alive for 10
minutes if a vital organ has been hit your body now given the location of
blood and waltz shirt it’s likely that the shrapnel got lodged somewhere in his
large intestine and believe it or not this is actually good news quotes the main concern with gunshot
wounds that involve the intestines or stomach is not bleeding but infections
that result from spillage of the contents of those organs(EW!) and quotes in
other words you were dead but it takes days to die from your womb a study
conducted by the medical journal the annals of surgery looked at victims of
gunshot wounds to the abdomen over a period of five years between 1983 and 1987 the survival rate
among victims that had no vital organs hit was an astounding 88.3 percent
that’s incredibly high and with medical technology having only gotten more
advanced over the last 30 years Walt would have a real chance at survival
which means we should move on to the second criteria amount of blood lost now
blood loss is likely the factor that causes wall to collapse onto the ground
and stare blankly up at the ceiling but the big question here is whether he
died due to the blood loss or merely passed out well let’s take a look although we can’t
realistically measure the amount of blood that’s ripped onto the ground or
absorbed onto waltz clothes we can draw some encouraging conclusions due to the
fact that there’s no blood on the other side of his shirts which means the
bullet didn’t go through him exit wounds leave a much bigger hole
than entrance wounds thereby leading the victim to bleed to death much faster in other words this fact buys Walt some
valuable time now one thing that I haven’t brought up
that I’m sure it’s on the tip of all your theorists tongues is that Walt’s
lung cancer is back there by making his body more fragile and perhaps more
sensitive to blood loss but get ready to HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN because there’s research to suggest the
exact opposite that his cancer would have increased his chances of survival there’s actually a significant amount of
research that suggests that people with pancreatic cancer multiple myeloma and
most importantly for our purposes lung cancer are all more likely to form
blood clots according to dr. Jean Connors at the
dana-farber cancer institute for reasons not quite known the normal human body
will keep a balance between Pro clotting and anti-clotting activity apparently cancer skews that balance
in terms of pro clotting increasing inflammation and compression of blood
vessels creating more coagulation and actually lessening internal bleeding long story short there’s actually a high
probability that Walt’s cancer is limiting the amount of blood he’s losing
in these crucial minutes so we have not a full bullet but a smaller piece of
shrapnel entering waltz body in an area with non essential organs walt’s slow tour
about the compound showing that the injuries not really that critical in a
situation in which blood loss is slowed the only an entry wound it being in the
intestine and Walt having cancer that brings us to the final criteria of
determining the likelihood of survival speed at which the victim gets medical
attention. If walt were alone somewhere in the New Mexico desert this would be
an open and shut case you would have bled out and died but the final shot
shows us a unit of police officers descending on him almost immediately after he collapses. Are they DA, Albuquerque PD? If we zoom in on the arm patch the shape and color definitely indicate that it’s
Albuquerque PD. According to code 02 – 11 of the
Albuquerque Police Department procedural orders manual : “department policy
is to ensure that medical care is provided to arrested persons intoxicated
persons when such care is needed based on approved medical and legal procedures”
Do not only are the police obligated to give Walt medical attention but let’s
not forget that the walter white case is a national story they want Walt the sea trial they want
Walt to live so that he can confess to all the unsolved murders he’s been
involved with it is in their best interest to keep him alive so that these cases can be concluded. Add to that the fact that it’s
reasonable to assume that there’s a standard-issue trauma kit and at least
one of those cop cars and most every police officer is trained to dress a
gunshot wound it’s a waltz bleeding would have been significantly reduced as
soon as a minute after he collapsed and if you’re looking at this from a
timeline standpoint he literally just collapsed we even see the police cars
rushing past seconds before he falls to the ground and here’s a big piece of
evidence for you. Why are the cops even there ? Who called
them ? The pile of dead neo-nazis certainly didn’t, Walt and Jesse didn’t
do it, the most likely cases that someone nearby heard the m60 gunshots and called
the cops. What that tells us is that although we
have never given a real location for Jack’s neo-nazi de Kamp it means we’re
close to civilization based on the length of that last seen it took 10
minutes for the cops to arrive at the location that also means that there’s
likely a hospital in that vicinity so looking at all the pieces of evidence
considering the wound didn’t hit any vital organs was a smaller piece of
shrapnel didn’t leave an exit wound that clotting was increased due to cancer and
that help was on the scene immediately after collapse and Walt got medical attention
somewhere in the realm of 20 minutes from the time he was shot there is a
high probability that Walt survives this last scene of Breaking Bad but you don’t
have to believe me or all the research i did just trust the creators of the show if you look really really closely at
that final moment you see the officer reach out and check for Walt’s pulse and
then the scene cuts out before we get his reaction. We don’t actually see the results of
that test! Think this was a coincidence ? Heck no! It was a purposely done moved by
a creative team who thought through every last detail of every shot in this
show. What seemed like a clear-cut and kind of
clichéd ending is actually open to interpretation. We just saw the easy obvious answer but
by doing the research you see that there’s a lot more ambiguity to that
final scene and that I only have one thing to say. “Yes science!”. And before I sign off if you
want more fun and fascinating Breaking Bad analysis click on the eye icon in
the upper right part of the screen to check out my friends over at the
wisecrack channel who are doing an incredible five part series exploring
the hidden meaning of each season of Breaking Bad. Relive all the mag it’s a tidy whitey goodness with their
hilarious and thought-provoking show earthling cinema show your theorists
bride telling Matt Pat section I don’t know leave some sort of trolling
comment about how Walt is it dead also if I was you I’d probably subscribe
while I was over there but you know you’re called your prerogative and with that being said remember THAT’S
JUST A THEORY A FILM (tv?) THEORY you know what the coolest thing about
all of this is it leaves open the possibility of seeing Walter White’s
trial appear on better call Saul would that be incredible to see the return of
these characters ah make it happen skillion make it
happen please here click the bag of blue meth to check
out that Breaking Bad miniseries i mentioned over on the wisecrack channel
or if you want something truly scary click the Terminator to see how will all
be slaves to computers within the next 30 years fair warning the future gets intense and
you’ll never look at your laptop the same way again now if you’ll excuse me all this
breaking bad talk has got me a hankerin for some delicious fast food chicken like el pollo loco or
something don’t know why exactly huh strange.

  • so, let me poke holes in your first three points, from an understanding that it is impossible to know without examination the exact extent of the medical issues at play. 1 Your point about larger bullets, while being accurate for direct or even small angle strikes, should the bullet have hit a window frame or rebar from the wall at a shallow angle, the bullet likely would have deflected downward and remained mostly in tact, and given that the wound is on the left side, it implies that this is what happened. its worth noting that fragmenting is even less common when using military ball ammo instead of the hunting soft-point round shown in the slow motion video. now 2: we have no way of ascertaining if Walt's specific type of cancer would increase clotting, and given that it has returned, it has likely also metastasized, and given that lung cancer often metastasizes to the liver, which is large and on the right side of the abdominal cavity, it is quite possible that his liver was injured, and even possible that the bullet struck a tumor, and given that both the liver and cancerous tumors are highly vascularized, that could have led to pretty rapid bleeding. and its not a good response that there wasn't much blood on the shirt, because he could have been bleeding internally. bottom line, its impossible to say for certain without a medical examination, and I've never seen someone pass out from blood loss with their eyes open.

  • As much as this is well done, there is also no way Gus got up after that bomb explosion with half his face missing and walk out the door before collapsing, it’s a tv show they do things that look cool or just fit story wise they don’t exactly go in to wether is practical or not, it’s visual story telling and the story says he has done everything he needs to do before dying and now he can dye amongst the equipment he used doing something he loved and gave him purpose. And not to mention the creators said he is dead so you also have that. But this is a very well made and researched video and I did enjoy watching it.

  • these breaking bad people should have done their homework. if they had, the movie would have confirmed this, not denied it.

  • If u like this ending you might like code geass it has what a lot of people call the best ending in all of anime and i think it would make a good video and the series is short and similar to death note

  • I've actually never heard anyone complain about the ending, everyone I know thought it was amazing, I feel like he could've died at a better place at a better time tho

  • Just finished the series. People didn't like the ending??
    Acting like he ended things victoriously is silly. His family kinda hates him, he lost his "empire", he ruined Jesse's life, and got his brother in law killed.

  • If you got frustrated by this ending, you are an idiot. The whole point was to show you that there is no justice, there is no good or evil, there just IS. Stuff just happens for no reason and smarter people get what they want by rigging the odds in their favor at the expense of everyone else. That's just life! If you can't understand that or accept it, I'm sorry you are stupid. There is no such thing as justice, that is just an illusion to keep the majority population in check.

  • 😉😊😉😁🎁🙄📲😊😉😊😘😁📲😍🕜🐽😅‼️😜🎁❗📱🗺️🗺️🗾🗽🕋⛩️🕍🕍🏫🎫🎀🥈🇦🇹🇦🇸🇦🇮🇦🇺🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • If you think about it in a way, Walt did get a punishment for all the terrible things he did. His family now hates him. So everyone that says he didn’t get a punishment, is wrong

  • hey MatPat I beg of you to make a theory on Dexter, you know that one fictional serial killer who kills bad guys. I am sure you can form a jaw dropping theory about that show. 🙂

  • Mieux vaut qu'il meurt comme ça que finir sa vie dans un lit a dépérir lentement tout seul…on notera l’ironie, il meurt parce qu'il a fait une bonne action sur la fin, sinon il serait en vie et ne pourrait même plus en profiter vu qu'il serait mourant dans tout les cas.

    On peu presque dire que kle destin l'a recompensé par un mort rapide et providentielle plutôt que des mois de souffrance inutile.

    Dans le canon de l'histoire Walt était de toutes façons condamné et n'en avait plus pour longtemps, il n'aurait pas survécu jusqu'a son procès, il serait même pas incarcéré vu son état, il aurait fini sa vie allité, si on peu appeler sa vivre.

    En dehors de son fils qui a coupé les pond car il lui reproche la mort de Hank (encore une ironie vu que ce n'est pas sa faute pour une fois) et sa femme qui lui en veut beaucoup aussi et ne peu dans tout les cas plus avoir de contact avec lui, est vrai que Walt a presque la meilleur fin pourrait on dire a 1ère vue.

    Sauf que non, il fini éloigné de sa famille, ne passe pas ses derniers instants avec eux, doit prendre soin d'eux a leurs inssu par delà la mort et bien que sa femme verse un torrent de larme pour lui et un légé signe de tête de Jesse, c'est seul au monde qu'il meurt après avoir réparé du mieux qu'il pouvait ses mefaits envers eux.

    Je trouve ça quand même triste de le voir caresser une cuve en guise de dernier geste…

    C'est donc loin d'une fin bisounours, peu de série on une fin aussi amère je dirais même mais c'est la conséquence logique de ses 2 vies qu'il a accepté a la fin de la série (c'est en 1er lieu a Jesse qu'il a avoué qu'il était devenu accro a ce "job" dans la saison 5)

  • It’s the only way it could/SHOULD end. WW got into the business because he wanted to secure money for his family so they would be good when he passed. He then goes to the next level when he realizes he likes doing it, and he goes into remission. He has a newfound lust for life, and levels up exponentially. His motive is no longer to secure his family’s financial stability, but to gain power and respect. His cancer comes back and a member of his family dies, and his empire crumbles. He goes into hiding, but comes back to avenge the family members death. After that, all bets are off; his family, power and most of his money is gone. His whole reason and purpose is null and void, so he does what he can to rectify everything he caused. By doing so, he avenges Hanks death, secures his family’s financial future and inadvertently saves Jesse as well. There is no other way to tie up all the loose ends, but the show writers bring everything together and somewhat redeem Walt as a person. He does everything he initially intended and dies, as he should. There is no better way for him and his storyline to end, without hamming it up with some contrived BS. This show was great from beginning to end, anyone who believes otherwise was in it for some kind of fairytale ending and “reality” doesn’t work that way. I’m just glad they didn’t pull a Dexter and show him 6 months later in hiding

  • Walt is belived to have killed Hank a well known D.E.A agent. 2 in fact. Would the cops rather see him stand trial or watch him suffer and bleed out. Humans have a tendency to lean toward revenge and may have found that more satisfying than trial. Watch him suffer and taunt him through his final moments or hours, or in the crazy breaking bad universe days or weeks……

  • I mean, even in the show, they said he died, one of the beginning songs was a mariachi band, singing about how Walter dies. I can't remember the episode off the top of my head, but I just re watched all of Breaking Bad and there's a whole song about him dying and the creators of the show was pretty good with foreshadowing.

  • I totally agree that it is likely that he could have survived, at least for some time after the wound… BUT I think the story device/lesson or whatever is that Heisenberg is dead… the person he had became had died/would die soon.

  • Hmmm… I’m thinking his 50 years of fear are his consequences, plus the 2 years after his cancer, involving himself in the ‘empire business’.

  • I love the ending! I saw the ending or the last episode first… I loved it so much I decided to watch all of it based in how good the ending was.

  • I hate when people hate endings because they aren't fair. Life ain't fair. Bad people don't always get punished. Just look at all the Japenese war criminals that remained unpunished after WW2.

  • I felt the ending of breaking bad was very good it was always going to end with Walt dying it was set up from the beginning

  • If he went to Jail he either would die from his cancer or as paid back for killing all those guys in the club house.

  • I love your work, but here you misjudged the show completely, the ending was not cliche and walter lost everything, he didn't won, family money everything, walter was ment to lose and so he did.

  • You say Walter isn't punished for his crimes, but he lost basically the love of everyone who loved him. He also looses his morality. The punishment is his crimes.

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