FIFA 19 My Player Career Mode EP4 – Unbelievable Hat-Trick!! Oscar Brown VS AC Milan!!

moving from England to Sevilla was never gonna be an easy task for Oscar Brown but he's really enjoying his time now in this city of Sevilla he's adjusted to his new club he's getting on well with his teammates in the dressing room and finally it is time for Oscar to get himself an apartment to stay to chill after the training sessions after the games and he's doing exactly that Oscar Brown makes about 4,700 per week which basically means about 20,000 per month and he can definitely afford a decent apartment at least on rent and he's done exactly that he's rented out this beautiful apartment by no means is this apartment a mansion but it's a great place for Oscar Brown to chill and relax after the hectic schedule of training and of course the difficult 90-minute games of football after getting kicked out of Manchester United it's great to see Oscar Brown getting his football career back on track here at Real Betis he has now established himself as a first-team player in a very short amount of time and he's been scoring some cracking goals lately although things are going really well for Oscar Brown on a personal level in fact he just signed a contract with Puma in the last episode on a team level things just haven't been going well for real betis especially in La Liga they are 14th in the league with just 14 points welcome to episode number 4 of the my player career mode series today's episode is certainly a cracking one because well ralph Betis on a difficult spot in the league as we discussed and they need to get back on track and we need to help but our vetti's do exactly that so today's episode we certainly have some big games in at the league and apart from that a potential debut for Oscar Brown in the Europa League could be massive hopefully it's against AC Milan that will be huge for his career so if you guys are enjoying this my player career mode series I would really appreciate a like on this video and tell you what if you guys can smash out 1,500 likes I know it's a bit of a difficult target but if you guys can smash that out I'll give you an episode of this series tomorrow itself so go down there and drop a like in the video and if you are new around here subscribe for more FIFA 19 content Oscar's been balling out lately he just signed a deal with Puma he's been scoring goals to a fan and he's now 69 rated and look at some of the stats they've gone up massively good to see Oscar grows so much in a short amount of time he scored four goals in eight games already last episode we gave Oscar these fumer Future 2.1 net fed boots and a lot of you guys complained that the colors didn't look good on him so we're gonna be giving him the Puma Future 2.1 orange boots they look pretty good and yeah we'll see how Oscar performs in these ones Oscar's been banging in quite a few goats lately and I think it's time for us to give him a new celebration and I'm thinking let's go for the Griezmann cellphone one cuz I really like this celebration and it looks good in game so hopefully we can score a lot of goals and celebrate in this way here's a quick look at our player objectives and now that Oscar is a starter we need to start pushing for these objectives because you guys know how important they can be so hopefully in this episode we'll see more goals and assists and just more from Oscar Brown again I'm doing pretty well with the bond to score challenge three goals already assists wise we're doing well two assists out of seven and yeah only one goal from a header or volley hopefully that will change in a today's episode so it's Ariel Pettis vs. Villarreal as we face them away from home it's gonna be a tough task beating or sinking the yellow submarine but we need to do it man we're in a tough spot in La Liga the team needs to pick up three points here Oscar is starting the coach believes in Oscar and I'm hoping Oscar can repay the faith shown by tech SAT and with a goal or two and of course the likes of loss also Canales Carvalho of starting strongly out petty side let's get right into this one or big transfer Villarreal Santi Cazorla isn't messing about there Santi Cazorla the Spaniard the former Arsenal player has fought Villarreal into the lead which is just so disappointing Villarreal deservedly as well are in the lead in this one they've been a better team so far and Santi Cazorla does not make a mistake they've gone 1 nila Villarreal again with another chances Pablo for Niles foots in the cross and it's gonna be a penalty it was a late challenge from Sydney I have no idea what this real betis team is doing right now defensively it is to shambolic chance fortune on Mourinho to put his side into a to nil advantage can Moreno convert he can I mean Paulo Pez didn't even move to no down Sevilla real chance for Villarreal to make it three nil and they do that is well it's just embarrassing now Villarreal three rial Betty Snell KK Citians team talk is meeting in all nothing's worked and realities continue to disappoint in La Liga full-time in this one and it was genuinely an embarrassing performance from Real Betis hopefully the team can move on from this as soon as possible because results like this could lead to realities potentially getting relegated seven point one match rating for Oscar considering he had absolutely no service it was actually decent but just a terrible performance from everyone in general the club situation right now in La Liga is just awful 14 points in 13 games is simply unacceptable we are just three points off the relegation zone we need to start picking up points the funny thing is look at this in the Europa League it's been a completely different story Real Betis going neck in neck with AC Milan to finish top of the group I don't know how we've been performing so well in the Europa League so it's Cardiff City next in the Europa League and Oscar Brown has been rested or benched for this game and it's going to be well back and said your Leon up front can realities get a win here to keep you know pace with Milan and yes indeed well petit scared to win with France's and said early on scoring the goals a 2-1 win over Cardiff well if we haven't had enough problems already Marc Bartra has suffered a training injury and he's gonna be out for the next three months with a broken collarbone things are not going well at all for our bodies so there's a very good chance in the Europa League we could top our group as we've got 13 points and Milan of drop points so as long as we can get a draw or a win against of course AC Milan we will be top in Group F which will actually be massive I'm hoping the coach will start me for this game against Milan making my debut in the Europa League I think will be huge I mean getting you know European football in the first season itself I think is gonna be amazing and I'm hoping I'll be a part of that game against Milan for now though the coach has picked me for this one against a rail sauce that it's at home and it's a big game for us guys we cannot get back-to-back losses now we've got to win this game so now we can push towards the top then a win here is gonna be crucial for us we've just got to get it done at this point of time every game seems like a must-win fixture for us we've got to win this game otherwise we're looking at a relegation battle which is something we do not want and it also seems like it's been a while since Oscar scored we've got the apartment we've got the puma deals but most importantly we need to continue the goals and hopefully Oscar can bang in a few against Larry Al at home as well let's get right into it well this is not good the defense has been opened up as its Paulino than number 9 putting in a cross it's a good ball played in and this is just so frustrating their first chance and Real Sociedad have scored it's just poor defending a fantastic cross and a goal richest struggling that's the best way to put it joaquin finds me inside as Oscar's looking to turn still Oscar Brown this is brilliant Oscar goes for gold but not enough power on it and it was straight towards the keeper although the chance could still be on Oscar Brown finds the ball in a good spot goes for go but not the best of attempts there from him once again Larry al with the chance and they've completely opened up our defense and it's just beyond frustrating now we just been embarrassing these past few weeks losing Marc Bartra to an injury as well it's just going from bad to worse now or here we go now could we get a ball back to Oscar that's actually a very good pass now this is looking really nice Oscar puts it back in decent delivery it's a beautiful cross but the keeper saves that how on earth is the keeper managed to save that from Sergio Leone that was such a good move this is nice it goes Oscar Brown fake shot inside still Oscar Brown good passer too said yo Johnny why didn't he shoot why didn't he shoot man bearishness oh that's terrible from Sergio Leone he he just had the ball there and he didn't go for the short embarrassing or here we go what a pass that could prove to be here goes Oscar Brown now who's basically in a 1v1 situation Oscar shoots and no he's bottled it I mean how the pressure from the defenders was there but Oscar normally scores these how's the keeper save that full-time in this one and they know they're embarrassing performance from Real Betis it looks like we're gonna be in for a relegation battle this season and yeah it's just disappointing man so good in the Europa League for some reason and so bad in La Liga you know what's funny Oscar actually had a decent game an 8.0 match rating and yet the team just couldn't get the job done everyone played okay but then defending wise it was pure tragic it's definitely good to see that at least on an individual level things are progressing really well with Oscar Brown he's now up to a 70 overall which is superb some of his stats look really good now with 73 finishing 71 ball controls 74 sprint speed let's hope we can continue in this manner we are actually just one point off the relegation zone that is just bonkers man imagine if we get relegated in like Oscar Brown's first season as a professional footballer that would be tragic so up next it's a Copa del Rey game against Osasuna away from home and because well Oscar doesn't have the fitness to play this game because he just played against Larry Allen a couple of days ago it just makes sense getting this game out of the way through simulation and it's a draw but as Oscar scored the winner against Osasuna last time around Real Betis are through to the next round so Oscar's just unlocked the long throw in trade which is pretty cool let's give this one to Oscar because well we don't really have any of the other traits unlocked so it's nice to just give this one to Oscar Brown because I want to target this game against AC Milan and make my Europa League debut that is why I'm gonna be sitting out this one against rival Cano we're gonna be swimming it and of course hopefully playing this one against Milan the league is basically now hopeless for us we don't really have a chance of doing much in at that competition thankfully we get a win against it I've icon of beating them to 1 Europa League now it's the competition we've got a target that win is certainly given round Betty some relief as we are now two points away from the relegation zone in 14th place I'm so glad we managed to be dry of ikono for now though our focus is on the Europa League and it could be the game where Oscar Brown makes his debut in this competition and it would be against AC Milan as well away a trip to San Siro for Oscar Brown could be huge for his career he's already been at the Camp Nou and San Siro could be a perfect destination for him to score his first European goal the San Siro I'm pretty sure a lot of footballers have that Stadium in their bucket list as a stadium to go out there and score and you know the crazy thing the San Siro won't be there any longer it's gonna get destroyed and a new stadium for both Milan and Inter will be made so this could be one of Oscars last games at the San Siro one of the last opportunities he could ever get to play in that Stadium and score against the mighty Milan a team that have won so much that have been at the top of the Champions League for so long playing against them is gonna be a massive opportunity for Oscar Brown and well lately the team has disappointed I'm hoping they can deliver in this game and maybe we could see Oscar scoring in the Europa League and looks like we could actually see that happening as Oscar Brown has been picked for this one against AC Milan at the San Siro Oscar will be starting here we go water game this could turn out to be AC Milan vs Real Betis are the San Siro stadium away from home as long as we get a draw of course we win the game we will top the group so we've got a bit of incentive here Oscar starting in his first Europa League game can he get on the scoresheet hopefully he can strong team put out buy tickets at the end we did win I'll ask him against the Rio some hoping we can take that form into this one as well let's go out there and win oh the atmosphere for this one looks electric at the San Siro we're playing against the club that have won the Champions League what's seven times and have an legends like Martina and Ronaldinho where they're sure it's gonna be one hell of a game against them Oscar Brown gets the ball there Oscar goes for goal decent attempt but on a rumor with the safe good to see real pet is going for it from the first minute itself or here's Oscar brilliant Oscar Brown once again still Oscar Brown goes for gold but it was his left foot and that's why he couldn't keep that one on target so now we've got AC Milan on the attack AC Milan with the big chance Piazza going up a go Paul Lopez thankfully saves that oh not good AC Milan with a big chance chalindo glucose for gopal Lopez saves the day with a big save it's been an entertaining game against Milan both teams have had their chances Oscar gets the ball still Oscar looking for a shooting option may be still Oscar opens up some space goes for go and the keeper saves it goes Oscar Brown on the attack does he have the pace to be to the defensive line unfortunately he has all he has the pace come on Oscar he goes for gold but of the keeper saves it there that was such a good run drama clearly I thought just caught up to him but then he went sliding in Oscar evaded him and then the keeper saved it's not gonna be easy beating Donna remar or here goes Oscar now this $0.60 still Oscar Brown still Oscar Brown still Oscar Brown that is superb from Oscar but it's not on target the footwork there was on point Oscar looking to bring the ball inside but there's so many people on him still Oscar he's beaten a couple they oh he goes down inside the box and he gets a penalty that is a sensational run from Oscar Brown to win his team a penalty against AC Milan in the 78th minute what a moment in this game and this is our chance to potentially score and get the job done of course Oscar Brown is not the penalty taker of this team and it's Joaquin the captain who takes the penalty and converts the veteran has still got it celebrates with Oscar and Real Betis have taken a lead finally guys a good moment for us in this episode that Rondo from Oscar was genuinely wonderful that literally earned the team the penalty and of course Joaquin delivered full time in this one and we're going to be topping our euro polygroup Oscar made his debut in the competition and he did put in a good show of course he had so many chances to score but the ball wouldn't go and but ultimately that run towards the end that earned his team a penalty came Koch and AC Milan have been defeated by Real Betis a one nil win for us seven point six match rating for Oscar from this game one key dribble one key pass not bad at all a lot more touches from Oscar and some of them towards the box as well which is good to see and apart from that look at the amount of shots he took five and three of them were on targets so not too bad we've topped our Europa League group with 16 points and we are unbeaten in the competition which i think is massive AC Milan finished second the draw hasn't been made yet and I can't wait for the draw to be honest I'm actually not surprised the coach is benched me for this one against Espanyol away from home because well there was just a couple days is damn between this and the AC Milan game it actually makes perfect sense for me to be rested and let's go guys no self-sow scored the winner in this game real betis win 1 mil so back-to-back wins in La Liga that's brilliant and just like that with the couple of wins we're back in the top 10 a real betis now in 10th positioned with 20 points but we've got to keep going we next face a bar at home a big opportunity for us to get some points but the thing is a bar on the top 4 so this is not gonna be an easy game but guess what Oscar Brown will be playing this one he has been picked for this game and let's so boss against go he hasn't scored or assisted at all in this episode some hoping he can do that in this one this is how the team is lining up for this one against aber Oscar starting up front along with Sergio Leone we've got Christian Selleck worth our dough those cells so an all-star team strong team it's a bar at home I mean come on we've got to win this let's make it 3 wins out of 3 in La Liga and hopefully a goal for Oscar Brown as well it goes Oscar Brown on the attack or brilliantly done by Oscar what a chance this is an Oscar Brown scores finally we've been waiting for him to score in this episode Andy's delivery runs straight down the camera and Real Betis lead one nil oh really good finishes well I went for the driven shot and Oscar did not disappoint he scores his fourth goal for Real Betis off 50 goal have not even shotting it's his fifth goal but run from him was brilliant beats a couple of defenders and then the driven shot beside the keeper superb staff and there you go a big goal from him as we make it 1 nil Cristian Tello or finds Oscar Brown once again he's honored guys he is ready for this game Oscar cuts inside hits the post but on the rebound we do score again Oscar Brown has come alive in this one against a bar and two quickfire goals from us means that we lead to nil where was this performance earlier on in this episode man we're playing so well now let's keep at it or this is brilliant Oscar now again with a chance lots of open space to work with Oscar beats his man still Oscar again on his right foot goes for goal just find it can a brilliant run he is up for this game guys he's already scored once contributed the second goal and has come so close to scoring this one is well corner Feroz good ball Oscar Brown with the Hedren that seen another head of Rosco come on that helps us with our objective and that's Oscars second goal of the game and we make it cleaner against a bar really good header guided home keeper an absolutely no chance he tried to score from the initial attempt of the corner but then when the second ball came in Oscar was of course gonna put it in good header and his second of the game could this read a game where Oscar Brown gets his very first Patrick for the club who knows here we go we've won the ball back in a good spot his Canales moving forward still Canales could he cut it back yes he can Oscar Brown shoots with his weaker left foot and scores and that's a perfect hatred from Oscar Brown and he's gonna do his new celebration the phone call one come on real betis make it for Oscar Brown announcing himself to the world by scoring a hat-trick in a La Liga what a moment and what a strike as well with that weak foot he's got a two star weak foot but that didn't matter in at that case as he just banged it home come on it's for nil against a bar as Oscar Brown bags his first ever career hat-trick full-time in this one and what a performance from Oscar Brown Patrick for the first time in this series and he's gonna be saving the match for home seriously man what a moment this is in this series for the first time we've seen Oscar Brown bag a hatred just brilliant it's an unbelievable moment and yeah he's done it guys in La Liga and hopefully this is the start of something for him that he can push on and continue scoring more and more goals and finally Ralph petty seemed to play like a team seemed to deliver in terms of performances and let's keep it going a big win for us in La Liga man-of-the-match in this fixture for sure and he's unlocked a few traits as well which is good to see starts going up as well a 10 on 10 and match rating in this one superb this game will be remembered as the Oscar Brown game I mean look at this the amount of touches in the opposition's box crazy and yeah he had five shots three of them go goes all the shots on-target were girls crazy game and of course with that hat-trick Oscar Brown has made it into the team of the week and he gets himself yet another silver inform card that's his second inform card of the season what a hat-trick that was if all that hype wasn't in Oscar Brown has just done this he's won the Player of the Month award that's right for the first time in this series Oscar Brown is won the December Player of the Month award what a moment this is for his career and guess what he's done it at a time when the transfer market opens so potentially we could see a lot of clubs being interested in him we'll see how things go but right now he's definitely focused on realities and of course with this award comes a beautiful Player of the Month card which is purple and this time it is 76 rated as well superb to see Oscars now scored seven goals five of them coming in La Liga brilliant he's now up to a 71 overall as well and some of his stats are just going up massively which is awesome to see let's keep it going we've actually made some great progress with our player objectives in today's episode we've completed the hat-trick hero challenge which means end of season we get to add a +2 boost on any of our players and stats which is awesome we've scored now six goals which is great haha trick in this episode of course and also one of them was a header so that's helped us with the lethal poacher challenge as well I reckon we've done really well with our objectives today that hat-trick has come out and helped us immensely today's episode started off so poorly with us not delivering the team not performing in all in all just bad vibes everywhere but the team has turned it around we're in the top ten now our job in the next episode is to continue pushing and hopefully push for maybe top eight top seven that would be brilliant and in the next episode we could be playing against Real Madrid which again it would be massive I can't wait for that so that is it for today's episode it's been an up-and-down journey but we ended off on a high with Oscar Brown winning the Player of the Month award with him scoring a hat-trick and hopefully you guys enjoyed today's episode if you guys did I like would be superb if your on you around here again make sure to subscribe for more FIFA 19 career mode content and I'll catch you guys next time


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