Fenty Beauty: Trophy Wife, Match Stixs, etc. First Impression || Nyma Tang

hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm going to be reviewing the other products that Fanta Beauty launched yesterday I did the foundation with the brush and the sponge and all that good stuff if you have not done so already make sure you are subscribed and give this video a thumbs up and I'm gonna go ahead and jump us straight into this video so for the matchsticks I have a few of these shades here that I thought would work for me this is truffle which I thought would work best for my under eyes and then I have espresso which is actually the darkest much thick which I guess people would use as a contour but it's not dark enough for a contour on me okay and then I've got just a few of those trimmer matchsticks this one is yacht light this one's cinnamon and then this one is tripping I actually think I'm gonna like send them in the most so I'm gonna go ahead and give that a try I'm gonna go ahead and go under my eyes and if this drives us fast as the foundation dries I'm gonna go ahead and just blend that out real fast I'm going to go ahead and see what cinnamon looks like on my sheets I feel like I could never apply cream highlighters ever so that's cinnamon right there I think I'm gonna like cinnamon and on my eyes okay so I think the next product I'm gonna go ahead and test out is the trophy wife highlighter this highlighter is yellow but I'm honestly really excited it looks like on my skin I'm just gonna put a little bit on at first to see if it's something that could be appropriate for like everyday wear it's pretty it's a little bit more glittery than I thought it was gonna be you guys should have seen this on Alyssa in person it was it looked so good on her skin as far as I can tell can i it's not terrible for everyday wear if you're just like that little extra nice for every day but it's a little bit more glittery and a little grainy ER than I thought it was gonna be so it doesn't look like a skin glow Briana had it like strobed out all over like her face like in the C shape so I'm gonna go ahead and give that a try and see what that looks like it's definitely not something I've probably wear on an everyday basis but it looked gorgeous on Rihanna when she wore it to the launch party beautiful so if you're gonna try and soften up some of these edges with normal highlighters I can get away with just blending it out this specific highlighter it's transferring a lot okay so this is what it looks like I'm not mad at it I obviously would not wear this out on a day-to-day basis but I'm not such a bitch and then last but not least is the gloss balm this is uh I think the only lip product that they have it's supposed to be a universal lip product all righty guys so this is the look that I kind of got using all these products okay so run through matchsticks was I completely obsessed no but that was just because it's one of those products that I can't use the gloss balm I like it does seem like more of an everyday gloss the shimmer matchsticks um I'm not a cream highlight kind of person I prefer more of a powder highlight that's just my preference so would I reach for them normally on a daily basis no but that's just because I don't like cream highlighters but they do have other highlighters that I just didn't get and then last but not least trophy wife honestly I like the way it looks right now it is a little bit more for special events like special occasions like if you're do if it's like your birthday or something like that and it's your launch party or something like that it's definitely something more for special events I wouldn't wear this on a daily basis but I honestly I'm not mad at how pretty it looks on my skin tone right now since I just sprayed the setting spray down there it doesn't look as chunky as it did earlier but it is a chunkier highlighted also I did want to mention yesterday this is one of my for my sponge look like on the foundation review I thought that it was just this sponge alone specifically but it kind of did the exact same thing on my Beauty Blender so I'm thinking it's just the consistency of the foundation is a lot more liquidy than other foundations so it kind of like literally sinks straight into these sponges and these products so I'm not gonna completely write off this sponge I'm gonna try to test it out with other foundations and see if I like it a little bit more I hope you guys enjoyed the second part of this venti Beauty review thank you guys so much for watching lots of love and I'll see you guys next time


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