Female Hunters chasing Trophy Whitetail Bucks

you're watching the high road with me Keith Warren brought to you by Timber Creek outdoors hey everybody Matty Warren here and as a female hunter the most challenging thing I've had to deal with is trying to find other female hunters so in this video I'm gonna show you the one place I've had a lot of luck and meeting other female hunters and show you some of their hunts my name is Robert Sergey the ranch director of Legends ranch up here at West Michigan we believe that women are starting to hunt here more because we make them feel very comfortable as more females come into the hunting industry you come up to a ranch like this it can be a little intimidating but you get here you arrive and it's not a good old boys club it doesn't matter if you're female male what part of the country you're coming from the hospitality is welcoming warming and make cater to all of your needs and it's an experience one would never forget the woman's country repair at Legends Ranch had an immediate camaraderie like I said I think the women's force for hunters is an up-and-coming one there seems to be this new spark among women and I love to see that kind of camaraderie in the women here and women all around the world they're the deer hair or beautiful I couldn't get over how beautiful the deer are and even after my hunts he took me out yesterday and I was able to get a lot of deer on film and that was I love that so even though I'm a hunter I also appreciate life and the deer and it was very nice to just see them in their own habitat that is awesome yes he does it was just heart-stopping the excitement that we had knowing that both of us loves to hunt and then she got to be there when I made my first whitetail deer kill here in Michigan at legends ranch and then everybody you end up with 15 16 people around the campfire at night everybody is talking and laughing and somebody's bringing out you know coffee or drinks or something and snacks and I don't think I've been catered to like that before I have never ever had a group of people celebrate like they do here what was funny was when the guy started all honking their horns as we're driving in and it felt like a parade of celebration that Kate got her deer and then I've got a text from the rest of the women that they were like her adopted mother they were all proud mothers of Kate that she got her deer I thought that was really neat we loved that family atmosphere here they actually feel at home and with the ladies this week the smiles are all there and we know that some of them are already making plans to come back and that's exactly what we strive for and we just look forward to building these bonds and relationships every year okay so look what we have here this is Trisha and this is a her big buck so she just came to camp and it's nice to get along with other girls and meet other girls who love to hunt as much as I do and we're just talking hunting stories you got him what last week last Thursday we're gonna get a deer and he's gonna be come on stay tuned yes right Thursday God's plan man that's awesome my dad's been coming here for forever and I just love how it feels like a family and you meet people and you meet other women who love to hunt I don't know it's it's incredible it's an experience it's not just a kill or a hunt you've got so much around here to be thankful I was just gonna use that same word it's the experience of it all yeah it's not just the getting these antlers it's this campfire it's the lodging dining yeah the people the guides the people yeah my second time here too so really no yeah cuz you came earlier this season I did just to see the facility analyst I gotta go back yeah I've got to go back well maybe next year we can hunt together it'll be fun let's do it I've actually been to legends once before for my 21st birthday two years ago it was a blast but it was false so there were beautiful colors oh that's a nice deer he's stupid is there any such a thing as to be oh my god is – you if I wasn't if you're ready man you're rich yeah you fight good about the show yeah I can't stop shaking oh my god my shapes are wearing off I'm still thinking you might have missed stop making me nervous I didn't see him go down okay so where was he was right over here right back there and there's hair right here blood I was standing he literally he was standing right here I really thought he went this way oh I see him I had no idea see that's the one thing about hunting up here at Legends ranch the deer are there bodies are so big that that literally when you look at the antlers when they're alive but they don't look that big and then when all of a sudden you get down there is no ground shrinkage I mean look at the mass that well that's what I said I knew he had great mass just like you did but then when you get up on him it's a lot more than you expected you're all surprised I had no no no idea that's the kind of deer that like legends ranch legends frankish it's December right now there's snow on the ground and it looks like a winter wonderland it looks pretty cold because it is cold but there's no problem with that I don't handle the cold very well and I don't have to because we have nice heated blinds here at legends ranch we just got set up this is the same stand that I shot my bucket on my 20 years but it looks a little bit different you know cuz there's snow on the ground and last time it was October and it was nice weather but anyways this is my lucky stand so hopefully we can make it happen tonight so we had this buck come in he was so wide and beautiful I loved his frame and I wanted that book so I got on him we followed him and he just wouldn't give me a clear shot he went behind this tree and he started walking back further away from us and I just couldn't make it happen and I was pretty bummed out looked around the field and while I'd been following him a bigger buck showed up right here to the right Greg is that dear old enough right there looks like he's a 30 year old man if you like to date him Maddie how do you feel I feel come on okay when he stops air boss team [Applause] perfect right in the heart he's going down he's down oh my god like I can't believe that no I was so focused on that big white one yeah I didn't even see him come in no ground shrinkage no this is our lucky blind well he's down let's go see him this is a monster buck I mean even his size look how big his body is you've got a great heart shot right here you didn't go far at all look how they tore knee muff after we were getting on a blind the Bucks came over here and just tore him up but we have a day to relax this is a week-long hunt and we have one more day to relax and that's one thing around here I just love being out here I love the deer I love being out here and it's always relaxing for me but it's relaxing I wish that's gonna be able to hunt but that's okay I I'm just grateful to be here and I'm grateful to be here with you thank you daddy and thank you Greg I had a blast so we got back in from a successful hunt and I was very excited to find out that I was not the only successful hunter these girls were successful – she got her very first year ever you got how many there is he's up for been so so she added to our list and then Krystal she's going for her very first deer tomorrow so that's something I love about legends ranch you come here and women are welcome you feel comfortable it's not like you're with a bunch of Bubba's or people are disrespectful it's fun it's nice to be with other women who like the outdoors and like hunting as much as I do so yeah cheers and congratulations and good luck so I hope you all liked the video and liked seeing some other females that are hunting I think it's really important for us to pass hunting on to the next generation and that involves getting women involved in our sport so if you have any questions or comments go ahead and post them below and if you'd like to join us on our next hunt at Legends ranch go ahead and read the information below we're gonna have a direct link to their website and you can hunt with my dad and I September 9 through 13th of 2019


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