Fastest way possible to get TP MEDALS Xenoverse 2

yeah what is up guys I'm back I wanted to show you guys the quickest way to literally gather teepee medals now this is the easiest way to gather the DP medals because to grind your missions on expert mission doubt that will take you like an hour to get like 300 DP medals overall if you do it properly as well so it all depends on how you do it and but if you gather the dragonballs and then just like you leveled up and I showed you this guy's a while ago on how to level up with the dragonballs which is the fastest way I think it was one of the first people to show you guys how to do this anyway so break is another method but for the TP medals because we all know TP medals take a while to grind for and the rate hasn't ended yet so you won't get the reward for this raid until the raid has ended so I want to show you guys how much CP medals you get from wishing from the dragonballs and collecting them and also even after you complete the quest you get the DP medals anyway so basically the same method I showed you guys which was to level up it's the same thing you're gonna do but this time you're gonna wish for TP medals okay so now I'm gonna take you guys ahead and show you what all this new mechanic on the burst limit let me burst you can make this quest so fast you can literally just turn up the freezer and you also boost your friendship so every time you you are going to do your quests for this to like grind for TP medals guys so at the moment I have 300 as you can see give me like exactly two hours from now I will reapply the same video another video and show you guys how much medals I've made ever seen stuff start I started doing this so I'm gonna grind for this from now which is half five until half – then showcase to you guys how much medals I've done ever since I showed you this method so yeah and then you guys can compare which one is fast or whether to do it on an expert mission or expert mission or flippin ill I can't freaking talk the grind which is basically this one I'm doing now so all you need a special beam cannon each enemy that comes to you your special beam cannon their ass and they're basically done for it's pretty simple guys and you also need gigantic Omega to make things a lot faster because it makes it so that they can't vanish the combo when you use it so I'll show you guys exactly what I mean in this one video so you guys can try it out laughs after that also Goku Super Saiyan Unleashed will have a new charged up skill just called godly Unleashed or something this mad it's like insane so this is the question you have to pick explosion in that mech right here and you go ahead I forgot to change my mentor damn it but that's cool I just want to show you guys how to do this real quick I'll take one person I think it's here actually yo I think it's hit I think it is because I changed it so yeah I'm sorry I won't be able to fast forward this for you guys so you guys can see the results but I want to make it so that you guys can see exactly that I'm not bluffing and you know remove remove tray it's over just like that literally each enemy you do it once and they're done for my burst limit my limit burst ran out just before I killed him that's why I didn't die but as you can see I already got a Dragonball from this there we go it's over just like that about a minute and 10 so all I got to do now is do it six more times and that's another Dragonball and that's another and each quest is guaranteed to drop a Dragonball if it if you don't see a key item pup after you kill two of them you have to press Start I mean options and retry straightaway guys so yeah I'll catch you guys in a bit in two hours time I'm gonna upload this again the same video just showcasing you guys my TP metal amount all right man I'll catch you guys later guys I hope you guys enjoyed the video


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