Fantastic Plastic…Star Wars Haul😄 The Entertainer & TK Maxx UK

just been on a sort of hole today like hunt found out about these sort of things on Saturday but unfortunately due to my own sitting this I got a bit drunk the night before and was in no state to be able to go out go buy Star Wars stuff so I went today fortunately the entertainer's shot on Sundays which is something I agree with you know you know growing up in the 70s Sunday's are special and the ice of you know I mean I definitely think said they should be special six days a week you can go shopping anyway so on Friday I got totally blitzed at work and I mean I know I know we ended up in the pub and then that's all I remember the next thing I came to embed the next day so somehow I made it home I remember walking along like what seemed to be a long forested area they just seemed to be going on and on and on forever and I sort of I think what kept made me come to for a few minutes was that it was chucking it down that night so that's the only thing I remember about my return journey home is that it was a and the seemingly endless walk so enough of that foolishness anyhow I got these two figures at the entertainer the last year by Ray Jedi training I think they're 375 to see the reason I bought two is because only one Kenobi showed a review of these figures and other European cards and he had about seven of them so that put in my mind that I should buy many of these figures by bought two also at the one in Westfield they had these little ships titanium so I got credit shuttle first of all I've seen that in the UK the Thai strike our first time I've seen that in the UK they're two pounds each bargains and I got the cargo shuttle and robe on so I want to get the start def star and the Ewing and I got two deaf stars at least and then that TK Maxx they got this for $7.99 which is the Han Solo van speeder from the new movie solo I think this is European packaging as well yep so took a year after the film came out more than a year for the items to turn up so I mean what's going on Hasbro you want to sell stuff but it takes you a year to get stuff to the UK this is the European packaging first time I've ever seen it in the UK this first time I've seen this in the UK and came out May 20 18 it's now July 2019 so it's 14 months too late this toy so no wonder it's been heavily discounted $7.99 well I think this has got its got like a lot of our crash features like the if you remember Anakin speeder from episode 2 that had a crumpled front as well that's the yellow speeder and this seems to have similar features it's a 2.0 I've only got one point the first version of a forced link but these figures are great as are these rays I mean obi-wan Kenobi was asking whether this figure will make become valuable in the long run that's hard to tell I mean I grabbed two I think especially the European packaging it makes it more wearer than the u.s. packaging I've got so much sweat in my eyes because it's so hot I can hardly see but yeah so I've got these two that these are 375 at the entertainer the Black Series Titanium's are two pounds each and that is $7.99 there that eight-pack only once can I be showed as well like the Entertainer that's like oh six pack of stormtroopers me and bam stormtroopers and such and such and like hard in this store to buy my trooper outfit so there's something I pick up down the line but these are the things I'm after the most the Titanium's because i got a lot of these little Hot Wheels I can do comparisons the case of Tears goodbye

  • Shit man… I really want that Speeder! I went by a TKMaxx when I bought my Reys but they had no Star Wars stuff in there! 😕😕😕

  • Nice titaniums man 👍 dunno why the latest generation speeders like reys and hans look like an old book with all the aerodynamics of a house brick ! the 1983 R.O.T.J one has never been beaten for looks or features !!! At least you only bought 2 reys and you have an excuse being probably still a bit delicate (pissed) 😉

  • Those prices are ridiculous. Great pick-ups. Man I remember my drunken eBay purchases with amazing clarity. Stuff would arrive and I would have no memory of buying them. Incomplete jawas for $40?…sure WHY NOT!

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