Fans at The Open hold the Claret Jug trophy

  • This moves me to deep emotion every time I watch it,,,the gentleman at the end , sums it up beautifully

  • Love, love, love this. I would be so emotional to hold the claret jug. It would be such an honour. The names that have held that aloft!!!

  • I would love to hold that, just thinking of the golfers that have won that iconic trophy. It would be unbelievable to be honest. The guy at the end sums the trophy and the tournament up perfectly.

  • Love this commercial!! I get choked up just watching their reactions and knowing how I would feel if I got to hold the Claret Jug. Awesome!

  • Fantastic! Lots, zillions of promos and commercials have been made by zillions of folks who sought to affect an audience for one reason or another. This is fantastic for but two reasons: 1) the matter at hand is good. 2) it was done exceedingly well. Well done all who had a hand in making it. Thank-you.

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