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Faith Inspired by Saint Oscar Romero

(light guitar music) – It is 4:55 am and I slept at 2:30 am (crowd chanting “Romero”) Romero transformed my faith
in a very beautiful way. Understanding that faith
is not only in the church, but also outside with the people and preaching for justice and peace. He’s one of my role models. (crowd chanting “Romero”) (guns firing) (light guitar music) (air horn honking) (crowd speaking Spanish) (guns firing) (women crying) (light guitar music) So this frame of Romero validated me being here in my new role. My first day here, it was a
gift from one of my colleagues and everywhere I go,
whenever Romero shows up, I know I’m meant to be there. This is very special to
me, it’s relic of Romero. It’s a piece of his alb when he preached. The two largest massacres that happened during the civil war in El Salvador were in Rio Sumpul and then in Mozote. That was a very powerful experience and I had to translate a
very powerful testimony from the daughter of the only
survivor of this massacre. (bright music) In my heart, Romero has been a saint, from the moment I learned about him. But now, it’s gonna be official. Everywhere I go, I feel God all around me. Spirituality happens everywhere
and through everyone. And I see the face of Christ in everyone, in all walks of life. And that’s something that
Romero has taught me. I mean, there’s gonna be
around 50,000 people here at the canonization who could
share similar testimonies of how Romero has transformed their lives. (Archbishop speaking Latin) You could be that change,
you could be that seed that is planted in the lives of others and really make an impact. (bright music) (church bell rings)


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