Faavae Faauliuli GOLD MEDAL for Samoa in Weightlifting @ Commonwealth Games in Delhi 2010

it isn't then if David katoa town from cure baths can lift this way to 186 now he's been ushered from the platform no you see out there so folks start so 186 there before it was cold and that that's you can't do that you know what you cold he's just came he's kind he's ready to go he lifts this he's going soft the chancel middle I reckon so you didn't he fight it he was ripped up and firing he charged out there 186 oh can he get said he would have got that if he had have been out on this straight away already he was that pumped but not this time so he gets one more opportunity but he's coming from such a long way back he was sixth after the snatches safe and likely you would see here comes the Scotsman he pay the Kirkbride with his second attempt currently leads the competition but we still haven't seen the Samoan for vey for Oly Oly Arne that gets the dan signal and the scotsman is tallada because he knows how important that is it looks like a medal of some sort still a lot left to go in this competition anything can happen but some important he does well he nails that with 196 brag lift he's put the score on the board he's put the weight on the board and now he's laid down the challenge to these key competitors for Oly Oly from Samoa and Benedict iloko from Nigeria then let's not discount at the moment David guitar tower from Keira bass will have one final lift I suspect at 186 here is that's just gutsy I was awesome well for turn final 10 186 maximum effort and strands and Paikin these limitations he really did well fantastic result for him 186 so total there for gets our town from here evasive 321 kilos so 3 left is to complete the clean-and-jerk unlikely that he'll have a bronze medal likely that he will finish in fourth position but if this man files well he never know but he comes out at 187 kilos they bully Olli from Samoa look at the size of the thighs big thighs means big cleans well it's best this year is 185 187 let's have a look what the referee say and they say three one lives so fail Uli's on the bar with his first clean and jerk of 187 kilograms he is the last lifted her into this competition after the snatches in the third medal position but he's well and truly in the mix was our goal here the way things are shaping is one kilogram behind Petter Kirkbride in the race for the gold medal still some work to do for the Nigerian benedict the loco who makes his way to the platform now with the bar at 187 kilos and he'll need to lift this because he finished two kilos behind for all the early in the snatch so he needs to make this at least to stay in the race for the gold medal the Nigerian 30-second buzzer I love code that's great Fadi by the Nigerian gets 177 he does it with class it's not enough to put him in front but we know is in the hand for a medal at least in this competition well it was here win the bronze medal I mean that's what he's secured with he's he's second attempt he's got one to go so he's got a bronze medal in the bag but depending on what he can pull out for his final left who knows you might even win the gold medal for his final left in the competition at 189 this walk put him and retain his lead for the gold medal and he will lay down the challenge to these two competitors to out lift him over their final lives he doesn't get this you think he's in a spot of bother because the other two looker so they can do it so a very important attempt at 189 and he cleans that beautifully to stay in the gold medal position he doesn't ride chuckling some wonderful lifting here three white lights that he's completed all six of his Leafs tonight he's parked business outstanding lifting 333 kilograms his total but now he's laid down the challenge to the Samoan and the Nigerian to out lift him they've got destiny in their hands but gee it's gonna be tough laughing it up so just got to sit back and wait down Kirkbride wait to see the outcome what for Olli Olli and a loco can do 192 he will take the lead in this competition so the gold medal currently sitting with Peter Kirkbride from Scotland and the Samoan now to take that off him with his second attempt still to clean and jerks up his sleeve successful with 140 turn the snatch massive left here he's got to go for that extra kilo because he's got a heavier body weight so 192 to put himself in the gold medal position for they put all the away a hard claim he didn't catch that bounce and he paid the price in the jerk you still got one more chance at 192 he needs to regroup take your time and come back for some hour and try and wrestle that gold medal off Peter Kirkbride from Scotland so a lock oh well Luke oh he wants the gold we'll need to live 193 oh I can't cutter a loco is kept me out it is a strange attempt to come out now because this will not put him in front but maybe he's judging that any more than this is too heavy and he wants this well surely you've got the cookie on the fact that this will give him silver if he gets this well I just can't understand it he's got the bronze an extra kilo at this way for the gold but he's going for 192 perhaps for a silver medal he's 187 look good and 192 clean looked very good too it's a gripe list and to beat celebration for the silver medal I hope they haven't but their calculations I can tell would think they've got their calculations wrong why wouldn't you go for an extra kilo and go for the gold medal I don't know well see any strange thing with this is if only all he could live 192 be relegated back to the bronze if he needs four kilos behind on the snatch then he's only three kilos up so this is it this is for the gold medal the man from Samoa for vague for Ollie Ollie with his second attempt to lift the 192 kilograms to secure the gold medal in the 94 kilogram men class he's lifted superbly all night the Samoan and he faces the bar for the gold medal what an exciting moment for tomorrow in weightlifting potentially men's gold in the 94 kilogram class strong legs looks like he's gone he's won the gold medal the baby for only only Dooley wanna lift 192 kilograms and he's won the gold medal for Samar and I still can't believe Benedict like oh it's really Gator back to the bronze Kirkbride the silver strong quads are just packed rific drive just hold it that left elbow was to give way that way comes crashing down but he just fights and he screams and he fights and he gets a fantastic result Gold to Samoa and it means 94 kilogram class and there's a summary for the men 94 kilo class for vey for allioli the gold medal 334 kilograms Peter Kirkbride from Scotland the silver medal with 333 killers and Benedict or lookรถ from Nigeria the bronze medal 332 kilograms but Jim said exciting competition sure was we'll take a break and then 19th comer wolf games coverage up next we'll head back to the Women's Road race honey do you need


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