Eye On Entertainment: A$AP Rocky Charged With Assault In Sweden

rapper ASAP rocky will go to trial over a fight and Sweden prosecutors say they will move forward with charges against the rapper and two others the 30 year old whose real name is Rakim mayor's is accused of assaulting a man last month rocky says he was acting in self-defense he claims the man continued to follow and harass him even after he repeatedly told him to stop the case is getting a lot of attention President Trump called Sweden's Prime Minister about it over the weekend there's been a lot of support from a lot of different people and the king – is of course very thankful for everybody that has reached out the rapper and two others were arrested on July 3rd the trial is expected to start next week rocky could face a fine up to two years in prison rappers Meek Mill and jay-z are celebrating big this week with the start of a joint record label the to say Dreamchasers Records will work to find and develop Talent Meek Mill previously operated under a different music label but now he says this joint label with jay-z will help him focus on growing other artists this is the second bit of good news for Meek Mill this week yesterday a judge overturned his 2008 conviction on gun and drug charges ordering a new trial with a new judge this is fighting words to say you're gonna take something that exclusive or my father's and just put it in somebody hands that's gonna try to get more money if I had my way they would go in Musial worldwide one of BB Kings daughters is outraged over the upcoming auction of one of her father's guitars it's estimated worth the guitars between 80 and $100,000 his estate says it will go up for auction in September there have been legal battles over King's estate among his 15 children King's Trust has the final say on the auction a trustee said a majority of king's children and grandchildren are in favor of the auction


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