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Extra Clip on Red Velvet Interview in December 2018 [Entertainment Weely / ENG]

Who stays with whom in a dorm? Each one of us has her own room. We recently moved in a new dorm. What are good things when you
use a room alone? The fact I use it alone? YOU DIDN’T LIKE ME? When I sleep alone, I feel a bit loney. Right. You have been with each other
since you were trainees. You were used to sleeping
next to each other. I don’t have to study
the other’s face. DID I MAKE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE? /
It’s not what I meant… Oh gosh… I snore while I sleep. I felt sorry for that. Yeah, and I miss it. You miss it? /
Yes. I will sometimes sleep in your room. No, no. I don’t want it. This time, we will do
“Point and Talk.” You have been living in a same dorm
for more than 5 years. You know everything
about each other. I wish I didn’t know. Which member washes for the least? It’s Wendy?
She got 5 votes. Wendy, you voted for me? It’s me. IT’S ME! Joy voted for Seulgi? I vote for Seulgi. /
Oh, really? Then I will change it. NO, YOU CAN’T! It’s you! Let me explain. Hold on. I take a shower
when the others are asleep. So they couldn’t see
me taking a shower. I even put body lotion on
and then go to a bed. Only lotion? In the past, you were right. But now I’m like a “reborn”
after moving in a new dorm. (((Check out the description
to watch the full interview.)))


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