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[Expert Insight] How should E-Commerce Advertise Online

basically, you need to make yourself very clear who are your targeted audience do not always emphasize on your product but mainly to emphasize on the problem solving part hello everybody, welcome to AdsHelper Expert Insight Today we’ve got this really great guy I would say he is great ninja in Digital Marketing world and social media marketing he is an expert in social media marketing especially in Facebook So guys, (let’s) welcome William Thank you. Thank you So, my name is William basically, I’m from Alor Setar but now I live in Penang for few years quite some years already I think four five years ago I started to do my online marketing stuff where I come into contact with online That time by selling some electronics
products and so on partnering with my sister-in-law one of my weird hobbies is starting a business which is why I’ve got about 8 businesses running by myself and my partner’s 3 for myself and another 5 are partnering with my a few partners I’d like to grow business but I don’t have time to grow more that’s why I started coaching
business so that I can start more business by teaching people to do business so if I (were to) count, around 500 students I have coached Jaff: What? Five Hundreds? Will: About 1 years time One year! Guys! One year five hundred. This guy and then from the feedback my students I think about 50 plus of them are earning five figures a month Jaff: This is impressive Will: It is kind of fun in this journey So, since your flagship is social media marketing So, what do you think of the differences between the traditional marketing as well as the online marketing Ok! Actually all businesses I can say every business we need to run an advertisement to let people know unless you try to
sell it for ads to your relatives or your friends only so if we want to reach
out to the strangers market which we, marketers would call it whole market we have to advertise for traditional business, the advertisement cost is very high I can say very high like for instance, take an example if you want to do the streamer on the road pole or the lamp hole thing I think one year you need to at least RM2-300K to do that Jaff; Yeah! I still remember those days when advertisement is so expensive definitely, but for online marketing actually if you know how to do it if you know
what you’re doing I think the budget can cut now about one or two zeros from that
cost per year so it’s kind of fun and it may get a lot of less effort for a
youngster or for a guy who wish to start a business make it more easier for them to start it with a lower cost ready for nowadays if you want to start a business online Jaff: How low? I think probably; in my case, last time when I start to play with online marketing but that’s 5-6 years ago already I take it about RM300 to 400 to start a business Jaff: Per month? Per month. Yeah, the return is about five figures with 3 figures, you actually make back 5 figures guys, this is something right? that’s poison, that’s drugs, it can make you addict So, you’re literally having this online marketing is your money printing machine that you can just keep on printing, printing money right? it still needs a lot od hardwork because it’s not passive I can say it’s an active income because you have to work on it if you stop
working on it, then if you’ve not systemize and do the brand properly, your income will not be passive so I also like to work on
business that’s why I would not say it;;s a money printing machine but it’s a kind of
that a source of income which is I can say it’s massive so William, to me, Facebook is a very
noisy market how do you actually make your ads stand out okay! so the difference
between Facebook and other ads the difference is because Facebook more focus
on the behavioral study of human, which means it’s just like another virtual society within the society, I can say that so, when you try to use Facebook to advertise you cannot treat it as a
normal advertising platform where you just just spam money, not spend, it’s spam money like *HANTAM (Spend) RM500 or 600 or few thousands
ringgit to make it just like a newspaper to go out there everyone in the market
to talk about your business so your product, you’re offering your products how good your products is, something like something and it would become very expensive and you become just another guy another advertising guy on Facebook but if you truly understand social media marketing
where it is a society where you socialize with them you can actually
study the person’s behavior what they like or how they like it and what is their behaviour what is the words that they want to hear you have to customize it very well and one more another cool thing for Facebook, actually it can just let you to select which type of behavior of that person
that you want to talk to just like a customized salespersn, I can say so when you understand that concept,
you actually can craft your word and your graphics towards that particular
person so that as if like you are speaking to him one-on-one so that your conversion would be quite high but speaking about conversation conversation is always about one person interacting with each other but online marketing especially
social media marketing is more on I speak and you just sit there wait for responsive if that guy didn’t respond; you know it’s one-way conversation to me it’s one-way conversation so how do you actually get this respond fast and capture it precisely? Okay! That’s a trick
there you can see when a person is looking at Facebook sometimes inside their mind already got one sentence which is the conversation to you that they want to find the answer through the net so they already have one sentence there a problem to be solved when your message, you
craft your message not just few lines but it’s like paragraph, we call it sales copy and that one serve as a message to them so when they look at it, they follow that isn’t their mind that the question that are answered by your copy it just a conversation it will act as a conversation to answer their question so eventually you can convince them to buy your products you don’t need to have
two ways conversation like always talking to each other something like this but
you can answer their questions by using your sales copy and your graphics so it will help you to make your conversion even much better so, do you actually have any tips for beginners if they want to start their Facebook Advertising do you have any tips for them? okay! For beginners, if you want to start a a business by using Facebook Basically you need to make
yourself very clear who are your targeted audience do not always emphasize on your products but mainly to emphasize on the problem solving part like for instance, your product offers what type of solutions to audience that you want to target so that it will help you to craft your sales copy your sales letter to become even more, like, friendly to them so that they can eventually easier to buy from you so, at the first stage, the first step is to make clear of your own audience the second step is do not try to stock up first because the stock up, the stock is a problem It’s like a few thousands ringgit or a few hundred thousands to make you to stock a product you can use Facebook to run a very simple ads to test the market first make sure your product is welcomed by the market something like pre-order uhh! maybe I do not; They are not said to pre-order I would say as a teaser so that you can see how your product response how the market respond to your products and you only decide whether you
want to bring in your product so that you can just maybe I’d say make a few loss
like that RM10-30 on the ads and you will know whether
the market accept the product then only you decide to start the productions then you can start your campaign to push your products so according to what you’ve said it’s more about human understanding, right? It’s more about the behavior you need to understand what they really want first is that what you mean? Ya. It’s true as you know social media marketing It’s all about socialize so we need to understand human behaviour before we start the marketing because
now it’s unlike other online marketing part like you are doing
solo ads and so on by those ads, ii’s like bursting ads, but for social media marketing it’s like sending out team of sales person with different features go out to the market and find your customers and cast craft the owrds to talk to them like for instance if you want to visit a engineer you need to talk the engineer language you want to find a chemist, you’re going to talk the chemist language like for instance my own products I’ve got about five or six ads directing the same product but different copies different products and so on because we are talking to different
people like cheifperson so we have different words for them so behavioral is the best thong to do it we are not opening a shop by the roadside to let people visit our shop, so it’s totally different concept so, study is a must well, that actually makes the think of something similar if you are having shock, so you make a young person, young lady the wat that you tell her; or the older lady, you tell her is going to be different. Maybe some people they want to hear about how good is the clothes? How good is the quality maybe the other one, want to listen about how cheap is the not to say cheap but how brandable, right? so that’s what you are saying the perspective, the different perspective that’s why you have multiple campaign, multiple ads and landing page that you can fit in all the audience, right? Yes, you are right there’s a lot of hardwork, isn’t it? that’s true because for me marketing is all
test try an error Jaff: Test guys, test
Will: Ya! My everyday job is to create 8-10 ads for one product. So everyday is creating ads and and eliminating the fail ads. So, it’s like everyday job So, if you (were to) ask if I am still working because is a job for me Because it’s a job for me, every day I have to do all these thing
the routine for me to create ads and evaluate and shut down all the fail ads so, it’s about test everyday so lesson of the day, good money comes from good work So you just don’t wait there, you know people say spend some ads and money will come in. Ya ya ha ha ha WIll: No
Jaff: At least you have to do some hard work, right? Okay. One last question, I think this question a lot of friends a lot of people or business out there would ask how do they actually determine what is the unwanted audience and also how much the budget they should plan in for their budget, as in monthly budget Monthly budget? Okay. From Monthly budget, I think I shift down to daily budget, so it’ll give a better understanding on that For the unwanted visitor’s part, I will solve that means first a lot of people of them it’s Facebook fault that Will: Bringing in some fake statistics
Jaff: Fake “Like”s you know Jaff: It’s like who is this?
WIll: Fake “Like”s and so on Will: Who is this? I’ve never seen this name before but to be frank, those are real people working in Malaysia so come back to behavior, we as a
Chinese, Malays and Indians is hardly press a like on a post, unless we really like it and for other races that we’re not so understand their behavior as what I can see from one survey that time when I was having my breakfast at the mamak there. I saw a foreign worker’s playing Facebook with his new phone. Because I
quite buddy with him already because I always been to the shop So, I saw him playing Facebook is like every post each and every single post, he liked it everyone Jaff: Oh? Really?
Will: Yeah and then I saw the friend’s recommendation He scrolled and add every friend, so, I was like Wow! That’s cultural shock for me I was like, wow! You play Facebook like this from that time, I understand that that’s not a fake “Like” It’s true people; so, about unwanted visitors it’s not about unwanted or wanted something like this if you know your customer audience behavior when you target the right audience, for instance, I got one student that selling diploma course actually she get business,
she gets sales from Indonesian where we Malaysian always says that
Jaff: Cross Nations, right? we always says that, well, some other races “We don’t want this, don’t want that”, but we do not wish to exclude the potential customers but you got a way to do it. I can say you got the ways to do but we didn’t find it though Yea, that’s why we need to learn it from William and in his courses and then in much more details So William, what do you think about budget? Okay! About the budget, you want to spend on the Facebook ads I strongly recommend you to not one shot put in a lot of money you need to depend on the audience size, like for instance in Malaysia, if you narrow down the niche that you are selling it will become not much, like for instance, that 100K or 70K of audiences that you have,so, per day, I’d suggest about RM10 for one ad, adn then if you want to spend higher budget you can create multiple ads, multiple ads like you can create 10 ads(with) different angle, so you can have RM100 spend on ads per day. So, why idea is like this? Because most people will have those kind of rush, like, once you saw your ads then you straight away buy, but, more towards long-term like they saw it everyday, everyday, everyday, like, brainwashing and they only decide to click in and see what happens some of them, their behavioral is like this
Jaff: Oh! Wow! So, I think (from my experience) you don’t need to put in high budget on single ad, you just need to, don’t put everything into one basket instead, distribute out to 10 or 20 different ad sets, if you want to so, for this 10 ads, how long we should actually test it? it depends on the reach because Facebook nowadays, they will learn the behavior of the audience that you set so, usually if you, not talking about technical jargon 3-5 days, but if you want to talk about marketing jargon you’ll need to see the reach, the impression do you have any example?
Will: the reach is about for fitness is about 1.5K; for beauty or money making opportunity thing which is about business proposal,it’s about 3K-5K reach which means the ad delivered to 3K-5K people so after you determine your reach, them you can know if this ad is actually successful or not
Will: Yes, you are right Right! Thank you, thank you William for sharing with us so many great information and useful information Will: Thank you
Jaff: I think we really really enjoy this session and learned a lot from you. if you guys want to learn more from William Please check out our website or William’s website Symmetry Marketing Academy So guys, that’s all for today, thank you. Thanks, William Will: thank you So William, have you ever actually try on AdsHelper, the tools? I heard before but I wish to try it out let’s do it
Will: Alright. Let’s go


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