Exclusive: Natti Natasha Talks First Album at NYFW | Latinx Now! | E! News

alright guys so the reason that were here together is because not that you're actually going to be walking down Cousteau's runways I am yes I am what I'm very excited I'm really a fan of his of his art so this is a first big-time thing was though why not I mean we love her she's incredible why didn't you know go for nothing well when we receive the news that a naughty one to say in our runway was price very nice surprise we are working in a couple places special for that for her hair daddy have you modeled before not really every night every night every night every night this is like a really crazy busy week for you because you have not only you know your your modeling on the runways but you also have your new album coming yes yes it is movie night is going out it's been a lot of work but it's a very special moment where I think everything is coming together and I can't wait for you guys really enjoy everything all the songs got explained to me though Illuminati so what is that you me as light I just wanna it's more of a sharing light with other girls out there with other women that are also struggling to get to where they want and obviously nothing because as my first album so I gotta have that name in there and you know looming you know the light for women and I love that it's an album dedicated to to women so and obviously I've done a lot of collaborations and that's where people got to know nice work from and I felt like this moment was more of a you know listen to what nothing has worked on all all these years and it's very special so now this album comes out February 15 right which is basically right around Valentine's Day right so yeah is that on purpose kind of that was what Valentine gave me that's my present to myself and the whole team that's good the whole team is gonna be working so that's a that's a good thing we're all gonna be sharing balance scientist also about friends and oh you don't have Valentine's plans working working yeah I rested in honest you rest up today's love is an everyday situation well one thing that I don't know about you is you have a useless talent Wow that's the way and I guess not going I do it and just one and then all right okay this is the lighting it's now and if you like what you saw hey subscribe you know the button so click the one right it's right here it's right oh maybe [Laughter]


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