Exclusive Highlights from Ghana football Awards

for the local competition governmental organization committee immense competition the women's competition and of course every other exploit like all other national teams are taking part in for Ghana ladies and gentlemen it's great to see all of you aspects of our society they trust one people but nice to have you here tonight and I trust that together we'll make this comfortable and beautiful ladies and gentlemen this is the second edition which is promised was a battle and photos will bring us the breakthrough automobiles and especially those ones that we also call the land rumors and you know what they've got the finest and newest editions outside we'll be talking about that ladies a German Institute that to a person or a group who are doing something significant for our football here in this country there let's go international who previously served as the manager of a profitable and also the managing director did you enjoy that [Applause] – I see pictures of Banyan people as a country the world load it is the DDF a peaceful that is special on hospital tfhe ought to continue their commitment towards empowering [Applause] but if your ah [Applause] [Applause] some of our little what about to light the light over a team of the year and the nominees are 2018-2019 team of the year the gnomes are assert the guttacore how to fall blackmailing and they award goes to [Applause] 2018-2019 ninja star award the nominees are Mukarram alkali no salinas black meetings and acquaintances do see Tila Carol a lightly greased edema please leaves and black minutes and every that is applying done a wonderful job so far for every player opinion the nominees are 2018-2019 foreign-based Footballer of the year the nominees are Hamas party analytical moderate and black stars could you assume wha inter milan just an ad KRC genk the winner is Thomas buddy [Applause] ladies and gentlemen the court Bates playoff they have 2019 from us Ponte please purchase the other award which is the goal of the Year 2019 here of a conical Awards is a very interesting man on one side is a fine gentleman who knows everything about scoring some of the best goals you can think about and of course on the other side is one of Ghana's biggest exports in the auxin entertainment in the street film ladies and gentlemen please help me with yet another round of applause to welcome or customer helpful and I'm McCain [Applause] 2018-2019 Donnelly this category is solely determined by attributes the nominees are up the philosophy first article against para bunker shots deceiver to dat we nice [Applause] put your hands together ladies and gentlemen as we congratulate your step a soul whose goal against dreams have seen for a 20-19 as one hand the goal of the year here at the 2019 garner football awards congratulations to you just have a soul we're here to present the award for the women's Footballer of the year and the nominees are 2018 2019 humans football of the year the nominees are mukarrama of the lie not only needs blood minions and black Queens genetic Jew after welding and black onyx graces and wha after that Millennials and black princesses one more time but a woman to warmia mukarrama a boy ladies and gentlemen my name is Joe [Applause] and they want to receive all this photography you suggest Thank You 2018-2019 coach of the year the nominees are of personality black minutes [Applause] brilliant [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we are about to support fully acknowledge the most consistent the best of the past year telling us the present the award is the acting British High Commission gone up his Excellency form for me please put your hands together he will be a police reporter as a marketing manager of Jaguar Land Rover or vans photos please put your hands together as we walk comedy the nominees 2018-2019 kavya the mornings are the most party let's motivate and rock stars fill expand Rosalie's not meetings advocates ladies and gentlemen 20 seconds I believe so much take one day of the trip and the Black Star please put your hands together as ever but um for receiving this procedure over here 2019 in the world war two and one more time

  • congratulations to my team Kumasi Asante Kotoko for winning the team of the year
    Abdul Fatawu S. (home-based player of the year),
    C. K. Akunnor (Coach of the year)

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