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European Capital of Innovation Awards 2019 are open

As more Europeans move to urban spaces, local administrations and municipalities are
experimenting with new and better ways of living together. Transport is becoming more intelligent,
traffic smoother and air cleaner. Cities are restoring abandoned public spaces and
attracting start-ups and innovators. New facilities for younger and elderly people to socialize,
study or train together are emerging. Many mayors are consulting citizens, business and
universities on how to best serve their aspirations and make the most out of taxpayers’ money. The EU is awarding the cities that deliver the best solutions
to the most pressing issues and improve the lives of their citizens. Athens, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona and many others
have become an inspiration for other cities. By 6 June 2019, cities above 100 000 inhabitants
can apply to become European Capital of Innovation 2019, win 1 million euros to upscale their local innovation ecosystems, or 100 000 euros if selected as a runner-up. and become part of the European Capital of Innovation community. Discover more on how Europe is helping
cities connect and learn from each other, and join places that bring ideas to life.

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