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we talk all the time about the envy of being a global game Dave McMenamin is on right now Dave did you know this the NBA champions from Toronto the MVPs from Greece the most improved players from Cameroon the Rookie of the Year is Slovenian and the Defensive Player of the Year is from France the NBA truly is a global game Dave Oh fantastic and Mike Budenholzer from Arizona blood in the game as well but it was it really was a tremendous night and the idea that someone can have a manifest destiny journey like Yanis that's kupo it's inspiring it quite frankly there's no other word for it you you're in a room last night and Adam silver gets up and he says you know there's only been about 4,000 people in the history of the NBA so where Jersey to play in this league and you realize how specialized it is just to get to that level and then to win an MVP in the you know one of the 73 in this league's history or I guess is even less because I've repeated you know it takes an incredible amount of determination and you know the tears pouring down the honestest face when he's talking about you know there were days where you know I didn't want to play or days I felt sore and you know I did it you know my memory of my dad I did it for my teammates and you know it's easy to criticize guys easy to say oh yeah he's so lucky you know he's born with a 7-foot wingspan and and this incredible athleticism and yeah we can't even shoot a three-pointer oh my gosh but folks about what you can actually do it's a really really special guy and a special story yeah Chris Brockman sitting in for Rich Eisen and Ryan Holland here on the Rich Eisen show talking with Dave McMenamin ESPN it's the Honda inside a report brought to you by the Honda fourth-of-july sales event right now you can enjoy monumental offers on the Accord pilot and civic sedan Korean and cast your vote for great deals today you were there last night Dave what was the scene like when Yana TSA's name was announced there in Santa Monica well he was rolling deep he had his brothers there I think they go by the cou pros and Milwaukee Bucks we're out in full force several grocery staff members as well as John horses general manager and he had a great night – he was named executor of the year you know they took home a lot of hardware between the three of them with blood get in coach of the year as well and you know everybody stood up and you know there was I'd say that three moments of the night there was the Robin Roberts award yes she was presented with the Craig Sager honour there was magic and bird up there and it was the honest and they no disrespect to Luca and all the other guys have won awards but those were those were the moments where the entire crowd got up to their feet the crowd I've never really been to an awards show before so maybe this is what it's like but during every commercial break the crowd got up and everybody's going to the bar what kind of needles around right everyone main yeah I would say it was it was a distracted crowd for most of the night but you could hear a pin drop during Alice's speech that was kind of the moment where you know you can't not pay attention to the guy you know everyone in that building at some extent has a connection to basketball or respect for basketball and and for someone to kind of pour his heart out like that what was remarkable I got to talk to you on us afterwards and in my mind was that in today's NBA for better for worse you see guys playing with one another in the summertime going on vacations together you know and he's been the lone wolf and purposely not done that and you know he rattled off a quick list of you know the six or seven guys that he thought were the best of the game is if I played against them I'm sure like I picked something up you know playing a squire LeBron or Kevin Durant and on and on sometimes but the way I've done it it's worked for me and guess what I get to come back every year with the surprise to the game and to me that was almost him being like hey you like this version of me wait until next year yeah wait till he develops a 22 foot jumper a three-point shot he famously turned down a role in space GM – right yes he did it would disturb his training schedule yeah but that's not what I'm about that's also why I turned down a row in space to him – Jeanne bus made some news last night Dave just give us a second we're gonna play her sound from the red carpet talk about Magic Johnson well since you know the end of the season I had a big surprise when Magic Johnson decided to step down and so we've had a lot of changes but I'm very confident and Rob Kalinka leading our basketball operations kind of been the first time we've heard her publicly address magic surprise surprise move stepping down what is your reaction to hearing that yeah I mean I think she handled herself well and she's all about trying to put the best spin and the best foot forward for the franchise that she cares so dearly about bye after later I was like hey what about this the timing though I mean the day you guys are introducing Frank Bulbasaur head coach Magic goes on national television I gotta burn into your place to the ground oh you know I've known magic for so long he's always full of surprises and this reminds me of that 1981 where you know you surprised by wanted to get Paul Weston fired and guess what we ended up with Pat Riley so who knows maybe this will turn out to be just the thing we needed I was like okay Jeannie I mean yeah you're buying that are you no not at all but I mean I do respect that she's gonna protect her her franchise at all cause I mean cuz that was two-and-a-half months ago that magic walked into Staples and kind of surprised everyone why do you think it's taken so long for her to address this I really believe that they had a strategy or they continued to have a strategy that there are close quarters and you know loose lips sink ships and we're gonna let our work through talking so let's let's make an Anthony Davis trade that's you know button up the rest of the roster and then come you know July then we'll address everything now you know a few was down out there yesterday she said she was there to support magic because magic got this Lifetime Achievement Award that was the explicit reason for her being there to me that again is a strong move it it says that you know our relationship is more than what just happened a couple months ago it's decades long and this is you know a special achievement for someone who has been great for they are franchised with the entire NBA but you know it as a reporter it's been somewhat frustrating because you know the words have been few and far between from Rob palinka and certainly from Jeannie but so now what is one of the Lakers doing we're a less than a week away from free agency klay Thompson I presume they were targeting is going to be out for most of next year so who are their big fish that they're going after yeah I mean cake lady months ago I'm sure would have been right at the top of list but you know they have a Titan window because LeBron is gonna be 35 years old play in the year 17 and so you look at the table it's going to be Kawhi Leonard first and then you know in some order behind that Jimmy Butler Kyrie Irving it and I'm not even sure Kemba Walker would be on that list you know there at some point they're gonna look at it and say whatever money we can free up and it could be right now it's about 24 million that could get up to 32 million through various machinations that should be feasible for them to do is it worth to pay that guy temel walker 32 million or at that level that's the top-tier talent we get to would it be better to split it up and you know become June 30th this Sunday they'll know for sure you know I don't think most guys are gonna drag their feet with their answers and things go pretty quickly in free agency these days so know for sure whether they're and I've shot it that's one of the big guys and if they don't in short order they look to split it up and it's kind of the top three priorities explained to me here big man shooter and point guard and you know a name to look at point guard it's darren collison a couple names to look at at the sure position or you know Danny Green JJ Redick and even Kentavious caldwell-pope who's I've been on a couple of one of your deals are represented by rich Paul just like anything Davis and LeBron James and Center yeah it wouldn't surprise me if you saw you know Tyson Chandler and Orangevale McGee come back I think the big fish that like it's a real and would be DeAndre Jordan yeah we're seeing DeAndre Jordan's name rumor to try to lure a Kevin Durant to Brooklyn is that still in play I mean what are the Nets chances are the betting favor to get Kevin Durant are they going to land him and/or Kyrie Irving and someone else yeah I've seen the backside you know I saw the reports and the New York Times on DeAndre Jordan I can't speak to the realistic possibility I mean one thing I know speaking to some people familiar with the Nets everyone I shouldn't say everyone a lot of people around that situation believe Kyrie Irving's coming and so that's the first domino and the question is and we've seen different reporting we've seen the reporting actually kind of change you know the messaging a month ago is that yeah we'd be totally cool with Kyrie Irving and D'Angelo Russell as are playing in the backboard I can't see that working I can't either and and now you're hearing well you know this is not my reporting the port's that are out there maybe there's some trepidation about bringing a Kyrie unless Katie's coming with them and it may be you know maybe the DeAndre Jordan pieces you know maybe Tyree isn't enough of a geologist himself but if we can say we're gonna add Kyrie and DeAndre to play with you that will bring comes around and I mean it's fascinating I think the position that both the Clippers and the Nets have done and having a bunch of young talent that consider relatively egoless and then you have a very confident in deep front office and money to spend I mean that's the formula to get this thing done and and whether you know both of them get there their biggest fish they dream of to Katie for the nets and Kauai for the Clippers I think both those franchises are set up to have a lot of success over the next half decade or so you mentioned Kawhi Leonard news just broke earlier this morning that Masai Ujiri is going to stay in Toronto turning down a reported offer from Washington what does that mean to possibly getting Kawhi to resign in Toronto I think it would be a good son but I'm not gonna get inside quite that because I don't I can't do it I you know from what you saw and when you observe them during the parade or or you know after press conferences and then seeing them you know cher hugger and then you know obviously the way Masai speaks in such reverent tones about Hawaiian and obviously Hawaii to see that hey this guy had a bold strategy to trade for me and make me feel as comfortable as possible and so that all those things I think we work in at right direction but you know he's the SoCal native and then if that really is a top priority for him like no matter what Maasai does unless he trades for the beach will trade you this hour yeah I don't think that you can be but doesn't a one plus one for Kauai makes sense when you look at the bucks out of a ton of free agents not not sure who's gonna come back to them the Celtics are in a little bit of disarray you don't know who's coming back to Philadelphia they could run back to our whole team and make another run at this now oh yeah I mean yeah you would say that some of their key pieces Kyle Lowry Marc Gasol Serge Ibaka are probably on the descent now you would say that okay Pat got the Octomom nice and friendly getting better they didn't have oh she has an OB throughout the entire playoff run because he had to have protected me you know there's this enough to talk yourself into them being a favorites especially because quite so good but I you could probably say that he could find himself another core out there where he would have a better mix of players all getting better versus some key pieces that are kind of on the decline all right Dave thirty seconds one of my Celtics doing they're making sure they got a bunch of good kids with good character my goodness to me when you're talking about that you're not yeah of course we you gotta like Tatum and brown still and and you know Hayward showed a little bit at the end of last season but they've moved in my mind they've moved out at contender status and there'll be a playoff game that's so frustrating I mean I'm available right you've seen my game Dave you called me last wee so Danny needs the county report thank Chris boat all right that's our Honda inside a report brought you by the on a fourth of July sales of n right now you can join monumental offers from the Accord pilot in Civic Sedan hurry and cast your vote for great deals today Dave McMahon event of ESPN foam on Twitter at MC te n Dave you're the best thanks bud – for more of the Rich Eisen show tune – audience Channel 239 on DirecTV for free on BR Live or download the Rich Eisen show app


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