Ernie Johnson Gives His Sports Emmy Award To Stuart Scott's Daughters

  • I actually cannot believe that someone would thumb down this video. EJ is probably one of the most humble people ever. His selflessness is like none other. One day I wish I could meet Ernie in person and tell him how much of a wonderful man he is.

  • Didn't know Ernie did this. I always respected Ernie Johnson, but this just put my respect level for this man thru the roof. Class act.

  • For the people that dislike this u are a fucking asshole punk loser no good people and btw kiss my ass

  • Some people claim to be "Faithful" but are all talk…EJ LIVES his Faith…

    What a beautiful human being. And the fact he brought his Wife up to share it shows the love he has for her. We should all be so lucky to have a woman like that to love and to stand beside you in this life. When the last Emperor of Austria (Karl/Charles I who led Austria at the end of WWI) married his wife Empress Zita on the altar he told her "Now our job is to get each other to Heaven." That is what is all about. A lifelong partnership that brings children into this world, nurtures them in sickness, and if you have the means to bring other children into your life to give them the love we all so desperately need but most of the time in this era of materialism and "ME! ME! ME!" lack.

    I thank God daily I have a Wife like that. And I wish the same for everyone..No one is perfect..But love makes up for it.

    The love he showed Stew's Children is EJ in a nutshell…Gayle Sayers said it best; "I am THIRD.." meaning his MAKER, his family and friends, and finally himself after those. EJ might live his life as a "Third" (as I try to strive to) but when you live like that you become "First" when HE seperates the sheep from the goats. If putting others ahead of yourself is an outlier (as it seems to be today), I'd rather be mocked for my Faith and be an "outlier". The reward when you meet HIM and he says "Your life was worth it. Well done!" makes all the trials of this temporary time here on Earth worth every second you've toiled here…EJ is living that kinda life and is someone we all should look up to for that. Selfless is a virtue beyond reproach.

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