Epic Chase Funko Pop/ Found in the Entertainer in UK but what could it be??

so today I went Funko pop huntin and guess what I found another chase Funko pop but what could it be there's only one way to find out let's go if we sell hi folks and welcome back to Funko UK guy so today I went Funko pop huntin as per usual and guess what I stumbled upon a chase in the entertainer in Birmingham I went back into Birmingham this weekend and I found another chase Funko pop so this chase Funko pop I found in the entertainer and it wasn't on the shelf and I would always suggest you do this or what ask a member of staff if they've got any chase Funko pops on the back and I did and they said we've got one chase from got pop in the back and they bought out and I thought well it's not a sort of chase Funko pop I want to get in my collection but he is still pretty cool so I thought I gotta pick it up I'm a sucker for chase Funko pops so this is the chase Funko pop I got from the entertainer it cost me 10 pounds as well mine and I think the going rate for this at the moment is about 22 23 pounds so I had to pick it up it is the WWE Triple H those receipts on the top here as well the WWE Triple H the chase version with his I don't know an awful lot about Debbie Debbie but hope you all can help me out on this one it looks like a skeleton mask on and it looks really good it looks absolutely cool so on the back you can get six or five fungal pops in the WWE range you can get Triple H skull King mr. McMahon sergeant slaughter Kurt Angle and a Zuka I think it is I don't know I have no idea how to say their names I might be completely wrong but I think now Silas said upside them so this is the number 52 in the WWE range like so this is Triple H so remember Triple H as a young kid growing up with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker but I sort of drifted off WWE or at the time it was WWF drifted off it completely about 20 odd years ago and I have no idea half these characters on the back such a slaughter I think I think he's like a really old guy inning god he must mean it like 60s 70s surely mr. McMahon I think he's the owner I think of WWE I might be wrong Kurt Angle don't we know azúcar have no idea but yeah this is the triple I hate chase and let's get that at the box and I'll show you what he looks like up close let's go so I don't know if I'm gonna keep this one or do as a raffle or do it as like a giveaway I'm unsure I've got a few chase from cops down here I have bought and yeah like they're funshine bear Care Bear one and yes not when he sort of fits in my collection so I probably would give away very shortly I asked him a very good milestone I think of 1,200 subscribers so I might do a giveaway so this is like I keep saying the Triple H chase variant do you know what I don't really like WWE all the all the Funko pops itself but you know what this is not a bad Funko pop it's pretty good so there you go that is the triple H it looks like it's got two hammers in his hands just here like just like horror for being a crown on his head maybe and he's got like like a metallic I don't know it's like it's like a medieval whatever you call it like yeah I don't know what you call it I have no idea but yes he's got like the skull mask on two hammers a tiny little shorts on showing his body he's got a cape on the back – black shoes on he told me that bad it don't want that bad it doesn't it pretty good I kind of like this one actually I kind of like it so I might keep him or I might not I don't know what do you think do you what would you want this is a giveaway would you want it I don't know but yeah this is 10 pounds so it's a really really good price for a chase and yeah I can't leave a chase behind as soon as I see a chase in the shop I have to pick it up yes people say why did you pick it up if you don't need it give it to someone else thing is though I like giving stuff away for free so you know I don't charge a post they join us and that when I send out my giveaways so I like giving stuff far away but yeah that is the triple haste Triple H not triple ace Triple H chase funkopop and I hope you will like this because this is a pretty cool Funko pop and yeah so that is it for me today on the box itself there was a bit of a small mark going down the case you could see that on the case but like I said it came from a shop it was 10 pounds and yeah I got the receipt here as well actually yeah 10 pounds so you can see there 10 pounds so yeah it's a pretty good price pretty good price right then so that is me it for me today I hope you like this video I hope you like what I do and if you do like it please remember to hit that subscribe button and if you don't mind it's all for free just give me a thumbs up as well and if you want to comment below just chatting to me you're more than welcome to do that I have got Instagram and Twitter as well so a message beyond there if you want to so that is it for me today folks I hope you all enjoy that video hope we will have a great day and I hope you will have a great night and there's only one thing for me to say bye bye

  • Pretty cool chase! I have seen those a couple of times around here don't know why I haven't picked it up yet! lol.

  • Not into wrestling whatsoever BUT that pop chase looks really quite cool mate…!!! And to find a chase in the entertainer is proper rare imo so well done Steve 👍

  • I have heard that a lot of shops keep the Chase Pops behind the counter or out back, I need to start asking.

    I don't really know anything about wrestling Lol.

    If it's not a Pop range I collect then I tend to just leave it even if it is a chase as I think another Pop collector will come along looking for it, But if your buying it for a giveaway to a collector who wants it that's really cool.

  • you need find more to find more pops that you know nothing about its always fun to see people make things up
    I want it.
    kurt is an olympic gold medal wrestler and is very very big.
    Asuku is a top japanese wrestler who is a big woman wrestler in wwe but has not been doing much in last few months
    HHH is more in management than a wrestler but sometimes comes and kicks ass.
    sgt Slaughter retired 2014 but has continued to be a big name in wrestling
    vince is in control and will never let his kids take over his company
    its a weird set of pops dont really come as a set all over the place in people and years wrestling

  • You need to get on the Facebook Funko groups and plug your channel you do fantastic videos and I am sure your subs will jump up

  • What a cool chase! We ordered a Razor Ramon pop once and didnt know there was a chance to get a chase. Didnt even know there was a chase variant. But we got the chase. It was awesome!

  • Awesome find! It looks like an awesome pop of the box, even though I'm not a WWE person lolz

    I actually found two chases in the wild on the same day over the weekend and it was my first time finding a chase in the wild let alone two lolz

  • Good video and good chase funko UK guy.. We need more people from the UK collecting funko pop and doing YouTube videos like your sister

  • I got that From the entertainer Then I found the none chase one on Facebook market place for £5 didn’t you do a giveaway before we’re it was rick and the rock chase pops do you still have one of them you should give they other one away

  • I picked this up a couple of weeks ago, paid £24 for it but really wanted the Chase so didn’t mind paying the extra. The detail on his mask is exceptional, it’s become one of my favourites in my collection. So if you DO give this away I won’t be entering for obvious reasons 😄

  • im the same as you, i dont know alot about wwe also will you collect yugioh funko pops? also im still loving the vids and im glad that you uploaded!

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