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Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – ZICO, “Fight For My Way”, etc [ENG/CHN/2017.07.14]

(Episode 1680) Hello, everybody. I’m Shin Hyunjoon of Entertainment Weekly. Hello, I’m Jung Jiwon. This is the second week of July. Last week, we reported Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo’s marriage. We have more marriage news this week. S#arp’s Lee Jihye and actor Lee Siyoung will both be wearing wedding dresses this autumn. Congratulations to them. Lee Siyoung was my partner on Entertainment Weekly when I first began. Thank you for the great news. Congratulations on your marriage. We’re having a lot of marriages this year. In January, Rain and Kim Taehee married, Then Joo Sangwook and Cha Yeryun. And recently, Sung Yuri and Eric. I guess this is a great year to get married. I hope you can get there too. I’m doing my best. Just prepare my cash wedding gift. – I can give it to you now. / – Make it plentiful. It probably won’t be plentiful. Let’s hit the ground running today. Kim Seunghye and Kim Taejin have our first story. I’m Kim Seunghye, who reports on handsome men. We had an interview with Yook Sungjae, who you can’t stop liking once you start. Gong Yoo and Lee Dongwook loved him too. Come see how charming Yook Sungjae is with me! My goodness. Let’s check out This Week’s Hot Click first. This week, singer-actor Yim Siwan joined the army. Today, we heard news of U-IE and Kangnam dating. I’ll go into more detail about This Week’s Hot Click. Let’s click on This Week’s Hot Click Kangnam! (Source: SBS) The first story is U-IE and Kangnam’s steamy romance! News of them dating was reported by a media outlet earlier this week. (Source: Dispatch) The report said they were on a variety show together and the two grew closer and closer. However, both sides are denying the claims. The rumors were about to be passed off as nothing, but then the two of them were spotted on a date! (Source: Dispatch) They looked cozy on the date. When they left, U-IE hugged him enthusiastically. (Source: SBS) Entertainment Weekly investigated and… They first denied it out of consideration for the other, but after discussing it, they formally announced it. Please continue rooting for them and show them love. Hope they have a great, happy relationship. Congratulations. As a man? A? Actor Yim Siwan has become a proud soldier of Korea. Seven years ago, he debuted in the idol group ZE:A. His stellar acting skills brought success after success and he’s been active in all kinds of roles. He’s so good. To fulfill his duty to defend the nation, he joined the army on July 11. We spent 5 hours coming here from Vietnam to see him. Siwan, I like you! Hope you come out safe. For his fans, who had come from all over the world, Lim Siwan spent some time with them. With his short hair and face they won’t see for awhile, his fans couldn’t bear to miss a second. (Preparing his last goodbyes with a smile on his face) I feel like I’m doing homework I procrastinated on. I’ll do my best. I’m kind of sad that I didn’t get to do a fan meeting, which I had talked about with my fans. But I’ll still have a lot of time after I get out. I’ll do my best. It’s sad, but the fans, who rushed out to see him, as well as Lim Siwan, who had to go, safely entered the military compound. Come out healthy and safe! When one person leaves, another enters. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Donghae have returned. Fans from many different countries came to greet Eunhyuk as he left the army last week. The other Super Junior members who were there two years ago to see him off, stopped by to show their superb friendship. Eunhyuk was in front of his fans after 17 months. He gave a huge hug to his members, who he sorely missed. I’ve been discharged! You’re exactly the same. Notification complete! Salute! It feels bittersweet. If you feel bitter, then go back. I said bittersweet! It’s sweet and bitter. Do you want to tell Eunhyuk anything? Thankfully, Donghae will be out in just a few days. Correct! Donghae entered the army just two days after Eunhyuk, and he’s been discharged. He finished police duties after 17 months and came out looking manlier than ever. Salute! I want to eat a home-cooked meal by my mom. What girl group gave you the most energy in the army? Red Velvet, who is in our agency, as well as TWICE, and many other people. You showed up at Eunhyuk’s discharge day. How did you? He finished his service just two days before me, so I wanted to go and say hi, and I missed him as well. During his discharge event, the screams grew louder. Eunhyuk made a surprise appearance! This is what they call true loyalty. When Siwon, Ryewook, Kyuhyun, who’re in the army, get out, they’ll all be done with military service. Looking forward to your activities in the future! (Source: SBS) So are you planning to marry in 2017? Yes, I postpone it every year. Here is the news of stars getting married. First is former S#arp member Lee Jihye, who is a bride-to-be. She’ll be getting married this autumn. What do you require from your ideal husband? Just one. No drinking or smoking. I want him to be a quiet person. But he has to have a full-time job. Who was the man of her dreams? (Dindin) Does he have a full-time job? Yes, he does. (Park Myeongsu) I heard he’s in accounting. He’s not an accountant. Be specific. He’s really suave. Is this a shotgun marriage? No, but I want it to be. She wants it to be. But we both live with our parents, so that can’t happen. She’s planning to get married on September 19. Lee Jihye is about to be off the market. Congratulations on your marriage. Lee Siyoung, what do you think of me? (LOL) She laughed. Let’s move onto the first story. (Embarrassment) The left side is black and white I’m getting older and marriage is the next step. (Source: MBC) Lee Siyoung, who was once a regular on our show, is also going to be the star of a wedding this autumn. (Source: MBC) I like a guy who does housekeeping. The man who stole Lee Siyoung’s heart is an entrepreneur in the restaurant business. His name is Jo Seunghyeon. (Source: SBS) The two found a common love for food, which Siyeong loves, and grew closer. And a few days ago, Lee Siyoung uploaded on her social media account that she is getting married soon, and that she is expecting a baby, shocking fans. Lee Siyoung found out she was pregnant while filming a drama but denied rumors so as to not hurt the work. Even at 14 weeks pregnant, she was still able to do intense action scenes, (Source: MBC) showing professionalism as an actress. Congratulations on beginning the second act of your life as a wife and mother! Congratulations! (The coolest guy in the world is at this spot) (I’ll show you the meaning of cool!) He’s so cool. Goodness… (Oh my god! Sungjae!) (Woosh! Are the girls watching?) (The ball rolled to her as if by fate) By fate? Do you like basketball? If I make this shot, you have to date me. (Cold) Excuse me? Hello? You must’ve been busy, right, Sungjae? Let’s check out what makes Sungjae so cool! Once you start liking him, you can’t stop! We’re with Sungjae, who you can’t stop being a fan of! Hello! Hello! I’m BTOB’s Yook Sungjae. I hadn’t seen you in real life yet. You’re so handsome. – Thank you. / – I should be saying that. What did you come here for? We’re on the set for an ad for thermoses. In order to match his youthful image, this college campus was made into an ad filming set. Even with the sweltering heat, Sungjae is doing his best. But something was even tougher. It’s fall, and the sunlight is sizzling hot, and I have to wear this hot windbreaker. You’re sweating a lot. It’s so hot. (Shining even when he’s sweating) Only top stars do ads. I wouldn’t call myself a top star. – A rising star. / – A rising star. Did you ever feel when you were young that you would become a star? A lot. When you were young? When I was brushing my teeth or in the shower I’d look in the mirror and think, I’m pretty handsome. I thought that a lot. And I went to karaoke a lot when I was in school. I was the best singer among my friends. So that’s why you were destined to become a star. We prepared a panel. One of his charms is “the voice of Yook Dongryul.” Yook Dongryul. Do you know what Yook Dongryul means? That’s a huge compliment. (Famous for a voice similar to Kim Dongryul) It sounds great. He’s doing a perfect impression of Kim Dongryul. (Rapper BewhY) (100% in sync with Min Kyunghoon) (So lovely!) Doing it here is so embarrassing. If you had a mic, it might not be. We can’t leave out his other charms. Actor Yook Sungjae. You made a transition into an actor recently. You were in “Goblin” with Gong Yoo and Lee Dongwook. They called you “Gong-dong-yook.” The Gong from Gong Yoo and the Dong from Dongwook. And the Yook from Yook Sungjae. When we had a press conference, I made a minor remark, and they put on a forced smile and a forced laugh and started clapping, and treating me like a baby, So that’s how I got the name. They looked after you a lot. Which do you wish was your real brother? Since we’re talking about this, they’ll post in our group chat, “So that’s how it is.” One of them keeps talking like that. I don’t know if they’re keeping track of it, but in magazine interviews for example, they’ll ask if I like Gong Yoo or Dongwook better, and ask, “If you had to choose…” So who do you choose every time? I said it differently every time. You’ve got good social skills. But we have to hear an answer from you. Gong Yoo or Dongwook? Goeun. (Thanks, Sungjae!) It’s a dilemma. Entertainment Weekly viewers, BTOB albums are coming out every month as solo songs, called “Piece of BTOB.” Please show that a lot of love. And I’ll work even harder in the future. Thank you. We root for Sungjae, who you can’t help but love! Sungjae does acting, and these days, I think the line between singers and actors is disappearing. The original idol actor – is you, Shin Hyunjoon. / – Why me? You released an album. This song. Why did you turn this song on, director? Director! I’m sorry everyone. I won’t do that anymore. Please turn this song off! I won’t do that anymore. I’m so embarrassed. Do you remember it? Yes, I do. I wonder why I did it. I also made a pledge to become an announcer after appearing on “Immortal Songs.” I had the same intentions as Shin Hyunjoon, I think. Let’s hurry and move on. The next story is by Yoon Jiyeon and Kim Saengmin. Please begin. We’ll meet a veteran today. We’re here today with actor Son Byeongho. Many people know him through the Son Byeongho game, but he’s a top actor who’s worked tirelessly for 35 years. We’ll meet with him soon. But first we’re going to have the Hot Star-gram. The star of today’s Hot Star-gram is the actress Song Hyekyo. Let’s follow her to see her youthful debut to how she became the queen of melodramas. We only follow the hottest stars! This week’s Hot Star-gram is… Have you ever been infatuated? Of course. I’m sure you know that. Everyone in Korea knows it! With her unchanging beauty, she’s entranced audiences for over 21 years. (Source: SBS) The actress seen as a national treasure to be protected and who’s loved by all, Song Hyekyo! Song Hyekyo’s Hot Star-gram starts now! No matter what Song Hyekyo does… I’m the best looking. She was beautiful even when she was young. A dream of a deer with jewels on its antlers preceded her birth. The pure looks of age sixteen. She won the grand prize at a school uniform model contest. Who did she give the honor to? The principal? Her homeroom teacher? Who? I didn’t think I’d win, but I’m so happy. My mom gets up every day and works so hard. She’s such a great daughter. We sometimes want to ask her. “Do you know when you’re prettiest?” Are you saying you’re pretty just sometimes? She’s so pretty there’s no point in even saying it! School uniforms and traditional clothes look great on her. But there was one time her beauty really shined. I’ve lost my confidence. I don’t have any makeup on. Everyone else gets asked if they’re sick, but her no-makeup face is always clean and bright. Her daily life is like a photoshoot. In 2010, on a famous US movie expert site, she was chosen as one of the top 100 most beautiful stars, beating out many Hollywood stars to claim a solid spot at number 18. Her looks are killer all over the world! Her blood type is unique too. What’s your blood type? Beautiful. Say that again. Doll-like. If cuteness was a crime, she’d get a life sentence. She’s always been in the spotlight. Let’s see her around the time of her debut. The dream girl of all men. She became an ad queen with her cute yet sexy image. But do you remember her best ad ever? I said not to stay up all night! I already did! But her charms don’t end there. She also has dazzling figure skating skills. And her singing skills are pretty good, too. I’ll sing you a song. ♪ You won’t know ♪ ♪ How much I love you ♪ ♪ Momma bear is skinny ♪ ♪ Baby bear is really cute ♪ ♪ Good job, good job ♪ She’s so good. How are her ballads? ♪ Me missing you ♪ ♪ Is a midsummer night’s dream ♪ Let’s check out the work that put her on the path of acting. I like drawing. Honi is going to a concert tomorrow. I really wanted to go. What is this? Huh? With her unique fashion style, she had sensational popularity on the sitcom “Soonpoong Clinic.” (Source: SBS) Men love this. Is your dad Park Jinyoung? He’s Oh Jimyeong! If you don’t like it, never mind. What was your turning point? “Soonpoong Clinic”? It was “Autumn in My Heart.” Through “Autumn in My Heart,” the public realized I could also do traditional dramas. The drama that got her widespread recognition was “Autumn in My Heart.” With her doe-ish looks and emotional acting, her first drama reached over 40% viewership, an extremely high rating. (Source: SBS) People have to have flaws, but I’m pretty and perfect no matter what I do. Being pretty no matter what brought her big success. In the drama “All In,” as a charming pixie, she became a Hallyu icon and melodrama queen. (Source: SBS) And 3 years ago, in “That Winter, the Wind Blows.” You keep making me weak every time. She played the role of a blind person as if she actually was one, with refinement and control. In her work, the word “actress” suits her even more than her actual name. She always makes you think she can’t get any better at melodramas or onscreen chemistry, but then in 2016, she came back more perfect than ever. She’s the best. Hyekyo and Joongki gave the whole nation butterflies and their lives shined brighter than the sun. Their last name is “Song” but it should be “Sweet.” Let’s check out their love-stagram. He’s the envy of all men. The two of them just announced their marriage. They always cared for each other. I think I was able to win this award from having the best partner, Song Joongki. Even off set, the two were close every day. Their romance went from onscreen to real life, making a top-class couple. Every single scene has not only the drama itself, but the loving romance of the two themselves. You didn’t say you love me, but kissed and held my hand. You’re unbelievable. I love you. You surprised me. I love you. I love you too. With my body and soul. (#SongJoongki&SongHyekyo) (#WeWillGetThroughTheToughRoadOfMarriage) We’ll be waiting to see her dazzling beauty once more on the last day of October. (Source: SBS) This was Song Hyekyo’s Hot Star-gram. (#SongCoupleForever) 21 years as a reporter. A dinosaur. The dinosaur of the journalism world. But who are you? Hello, I’m Monika of BADKIZ, and looks are my specialty. The girl group with tons of individuality! BADKIZ’s Monika. A supporting actor who freely crosses the line between good and evil. With his presence, he does movies, dramas, and variety. He’s friendly yet terrifying at the same time. He’s a scary figure. Tell him to come back right now! That acting. I’m sorry. Veteran begins now! Your name? You don’t know me? (Ouch) Do you know the Son Byeongho game? – Yes. / – You do. – It’s very famous. / – It is. That’s me. My name is Son Byeongho. He’s a gang boss, a good-for-nothing, a real bad guy. Let’s talk nice. A bad guy? Talk nice how? Like a hard worker. (Complete 180) Or someone who helps others. (He won’t take this lying down!) Let’s begin. Let’s start. I’ll start from the very start of my acting career. After my father’s business failed when I was in 11th grade, going to school became difficult, but I was a humanities major, and I had nothing to do. So I started looking through newspapers. Then I saw an ad for an acting group called “Eunhasu,” which had Yeo Wungye. And some aspiring actors and senior actors. I felt that I’d succeed if I did it. So I took the test, and I passed. (Passed in one try) I thought only I passed, but apparently everyone did. You said you wanted to be an action actor. Yes, because the hero among my friends was… – Bruce Lee. / – Oh, Bruce Lee. I went to see all his movies. We’d bring nunchucks when we met and practice and make noises like he did during P.E. You’re really similar. And we’d go like this. I made ten basic moves during theater acting to do. (Woosh woosh swish swish swoosh) – I’m good, huh? / – Yeah. We brought nunchucks with us today. You have to show us. I haven’t done this in a while. It’s been 30 years. He’s just like Bruce Lee. Hiya! (I’m just like Bruce Lee) He’s good. How much did an 80s actor have to make to buy a house? I was too ashamed to see my dad, but my first payment from the acting group was around $20. It wasn’t even $1,000 a year. But I was happy because I wasn’t starving. I was at the practice room, and I had a place to hang out at. Despite how poor he was, Son Byeongho was happy being able to act and felt the thrill of life through being onstage numerous times in his youth. Those experiences made him what he is today. And now you’re coming back to the public. I was practicing one day and I got the script for “Failan.” My role was circled, but the role was too big. It felt too good to be true. They want me to audition? Who else is in it? Is it Choi Minsik, my favorite actor? So I went one time. You must’ve gotten used to it. We know each other. He was like, “We’re the same age. Let’s be friends.” But I refused. Because he’s an actor that I like, so if I wanted to be close in skill to him, I would have to do a project with him, see if I’m good enough, and then become friends. I wanted to stay on my toes. I was doing it so I wouldn’t lose. And then I was able to be in a good work. It was an intense and great work. Kangjae. Do some thinking. Think for a change! That was a great work. During the party to celebrate the end of filming, we became more casual with each other, and that’s how we became friends. You expanded your acting range in “Failan” and “Mokpo the Harbor,” as well as now. I felt a little bit of pressure and worry that I was doing too much of the same role. But I changed my mind when I thought, “Acting is making villains all different.” Did you lose 12kg for a role once? That was my era of villains. For the part of Yongsik, he was the villain of a small area in Incheon. A small area villain. And another villain role of mine was as a boss of Mokpo, a big city. And in “Running Wild,” I was an ex-National Assemblyman. A member of the National Assembly. I thought that I should lose weight to do that role. I wore an M-shaped wig because it looks intense. Foreign movies have that. – So I lost 13kg. / – That’s amazing. That felt so good. The feeling of losing weight and slicked-back hair. I had an energy just from sitting and smiling. I feel like that was the final villain role for me. (Nod) So I died. The reason I died was to do something new. They were telling me to make a new transformation. That was way too dramatic. Die and do something else. You’re very positive. Have you ever worked with Yu Jaeseok due to changing from a villain role? Son Byeongho game. You’ve been amazing ever since elementary school. People don’t know me, even now. People only know the Son Byeongho game. If I say I’ve played the Son Byeongho game, they say, Son Byeongho is a person? I asked Yu Jaeseok what he does these days and he said he plays games. That’s reality. At that time, we were playing the finger truth game. He asked what game we were playing, and I answered. He asked, “Should we play?” And that’s what’s important. So we played. It was really fun. You all burst out laughing. Put your fingers up. Through this program, the Son Byeongho game was born and became popular on variety shows. You’re known as an older father. There are rumors all over Chungmu-ro and Daehak-ro. You must’ve been happy getting your second at 49. I’m thankful to my wife. She’s 45. She went through a lot having our second. She was in the hospital for a week. But two months after, she said something. Honey, let’s have a third. She said it first. The second looks completely different from the first. And I can’t imagine how different the third will look? The third will be completely different. How pretty and different would she be? That’s the joy of having kids. They’re so beautiful. So you tried to have a third? Yes, but it didn’t work out. It was fine when we had one. With two in between us, we’re getting farther. If there’s one, I can grab her hand like this. But with two, I can’t. (Sad) – I can’t reach. / – I see. On the stage and the screen, as well as a TV show regular, actor Song Byeongho has shown his enduring acting without fail. There are no small roles. Only small actors. Depending on how the actor does, the role changes. That’s the power of an actor. To avoid being a small actor, I’m working hard and analyzing and doing my best on the stage. My dream is to try hard at life. For your passionate truths, thank you so very much. Investigation complete! Thank you. Thank you. Son Byeongho became a father to his second child at the late age of 49. I had my first son at 49. You’re one of a kind. We look forward to more great work from you. I’ll raise the child well. Kim Saengman’s Veteran… Kim Saengman? Who? Who is Kim Saengman? That was Kim Saengmin’s Veteran. Kim Seonggeun and Kim Taejin have the next story. It’s time for Guerilla Date. The star today is trendy star ZICO. He’s a really popular star, so a huge number of people came, clogging up Hongdae. We’ll see ZICO’s swag-filled Guerilla Date in a bit. – Everyone! / – What is this? What joy do I have to live for? “Fight My Way,” the drama that I was in charge of every Monday, has finally ended. Just stop, please! For the fans like me, who can’t bear to part with “Fight My Way,” went to the after-party. Let’s go check it out and laugh! Light! (The Mon-Tues drama that dominated TV sets) Nobody can watch just one episode. “Fight My Way,” which ends this week, has taken its place as a popular drama by recording number one in viewership ranking. Entertainment Weekly has to go to the afterparty. Let’s go to the most cheerful place on earth! (Lettuce, not flowers?) We’re holding lettuce wraps. They both went. We’re waiting for the stars of “Fight My Way.” Hurry up! Please! The four stars of “Fight My Way,” who made us laugh and cry were the first to arrive at the afterparty. The final 4. (An Jaehong, who got there first) Hello! We brought lettuce wraps. Isn’t it light? Is the love from “Fight My Way” different than the past? Where’d he get that shirt? It’s meaningful and a great memory to me. You look great with these lettuce wraps. Seolhui, my partner in the show… Accept my lettuce! It’s a relief it ended without any major trouble. Thanks for empathizing and making memories with us. Hello, we’re Entertainment Weekly. How do you feel? I’m a bit sad. I’m sad it ended so quickly. But I’ll stay as Dongman until the end of this week. Thank you for all the love you’ve given for “Fight My Way.” The drama ending doesn’t feel real. Thank you so much to all the viewers who showed love to and supported “Fight My Way.” This was the ending we all wanted. I can’t live without you. I’ve been like that for 20 years. Marry me. There’s even marriage talk here. Why even ask? Kiss! Kiss! Dongman and Era promised to marry… I thought that affair would end. An affair is just an affair. You’re the one who’ll regret. With tears pouring, this couple had no choice but to break up. In the end… Even if I want to kill her whenever I see her… Yes, that’s true. Just let us love. Lovers’ quarrels are soon mended. I should kick you. “Fight My Way” had a sweet, happy ending where everyone’s love and dreams came true. Were you satisfied with the ending? Yes, I am. I’m glad it was an ending that allowed us 4 and the other characters to breathe easily and satisfied us. Which couple had the best chemistry? Best chemistry? Tough question. We had a lot of couples. I hope it’s Dongman and Era. We’re very one-dimensional. We brought lettuce wraps for “Fight My Way.” Thank you so much. It’s hard to eat alone, so please give some to your lovely partner Kim Dongman. Dongman, please accept my lettuce! Dongman expressed his thanks! These people allowed “Fight My Way” to exist. They had viewership rates in the palm of their hands. From the lead’s ex-girlfriend to the couple-breaker. All the supporting characters from “Fight My Way” are here! How do you feel now that it’s over? I haven’t been able to torment Dongman enough? You sacrificed yourself to bring relief to all the viewers. You must feel proud. I do. I got cussed out a lot. The more Juman put up his defenses, the more the viewers liked it. Don’t you feel kind of sad? You didn’t have a happy ending, but they did. Yes, I think Yejin missed out on a lot. But I feel the same as the viewers. Since you’re not that bad in real life? – Of course. / – Of course. I’m happy to have done it with Jaehom and Hayun. Thank you. It was so enjoyable and everyone loved it. I thought you’d be at the end, but you weren’t. I started a blood sausage business. (The final shots of another couple) Should we start a blood sausage business? Huh? Jangeo! I mean… Jangho! Take this! Kim Sung Oh went in quickly. I heard you had an amazing graph when the show ended. The viewers are really happy. – Are you? / – Extremely. – How happy are you? / – Extremely. Which scene annoyed you the most? A scene that annoyed you as well. For me, it was… I think it was when I said, “Baby.” This scene made people shudder. Baby… Baby… Baby… That one word, “Baby…” I told you to stop saying that! What did the viewers choose as the best scene? I like Era’s first scene, in the past. I liked the microphone ending. Are you going to some kind of event? Era couldn’t live without a mic. If she can’t get the mic, she’ll grab someone collar. Era is the definition of girl crush, isn’t she? We played the 007 drinking game in one scene. It’s hard to tell if they’re acting or not. Doesn’t it seem realistic? Hurry and drink! Drink! For me, it was “dissolve.” Because of this line, a lot of people looked up the word “dissolve.” But this line angered more people. I don’t want to do that. It’s all going to dissolve. And if he’s not sure about his feelings, then I definitely don’t want to stop. I’m going to make him even more unsure. For me, it was when Dongman was in the crosswalk, and he yelled that he’s quitting. Then he turns around and goes his own way. I guess people have to do what they love. What makes you happy? Something competitive? Actors other than Sungoh chose this as a great scene. You always tell me that if that’s the best I can do, then I should just quit. But I’m not excited about that work and that’s the best I can do. So that’s why! I’m quitting! I quit! Then the words that resonated in everyone’s hearts… Dongman yells it out for them! I’m doing it even if it has no future! Now we have something for those who are panicking how to get through the day without “Fight My Way.” The “Fight My Way” limited edition! Presenting the behind-the-scenes stories that you can’t see in the drama! Follow me! There’s a camera there again. (Friendly Seojun) Have an egg. There’s Seojun, who’s sharing a fried egg, and you can get right on the filming set! You think going down this road looks good? This. These two were in high spirits even late at night. Is it okay for a random dance to be this cute? I just did it with Seolhui based on how I felt. Is this it? Era! Era! They’re yelling her name with a lot of effort. How are Juman and Seolhui in real life? Song Hayoon and I are the same age, and we feel the same way and care for each other. That’s why I was happy and thankful throughout. You’re so annoying. I know why she hated Era. Thinking of him getting hit on his bare skin makes me feel hurt. Perhaps because she felt sorry for him, but she gave him a shoulder massage on set. She gave him a soft massage, and Dongman put headphones on Era during break. (Source: KINGKONG by STARSHIP) Didn’t he copy this scene? Stop talking nonsense and rehearse. The two are extremely playful with each other. He even showed some care by grabbing her hand. However… (Did they film that?) I was wondering why… I got butterflies. Did you get butterflies? I’m nervous. But… Yes. Dramas are just dramas. “Fight My Way” shined brighter with cast chemistry! Thank you so much for all the love. I’m so happy, and it was very fun. I’ll keep cheering. Be happy! Thank you for watching “Fight My Way” all this time! I was also happy thanks to “Fight My Way”! Everybody scream! The hottest idol and rapper in Korea! ZICO! He’s acting a bit over the top today. The star of today’s Guerilla Date is genius rapper ZICO, who’s back with his second solo album. (Genius rapper ZICO is back with “Artist”) Guerilla Date with ZICO! Look forward to it! I’m going to show something to ZICO. These are the real-time charts. – Who’s number one? / – ZICO! – Number 2? / – ZICO’s “Anti.” And you’re number 6 and 7 as well. It’s 7:30 p.m. right now. It’s been an hour since you released your album. That’s true. Please look behind you. This is what being a popular star entails. A massive crowd is here. (The power of ZICO) You’re familiar with Hongdae, right? I did a lot of shows in nightclubs here when I was around 18-19 years old with my crew. Before your formal debut? But I was also active here after debut, doing activities in underground live clubs. You must feel moved. I heard there’s now a ZICO museum here. Yes, there is. We did a collaboration with a movie theater, and the 9th floor is filled with images of us and our albums and related exhibits. Let’s meet a fan right now. (A fan bursts through the crowd with dolphin sound) Please look at his face! He’s so hot! Are you older or younger than ZICO? Of course I’m younger! – Why are you getting angry? / – I’m so so happy. Alright. You must be wondering if this is actually happening. Would you like to do a video call with a friend? Do a video call. Your friend’s name is Red Pepper Paste? (Her friend’s name is Red Pepper Paste) Hey! It’s ZICO! ZICO! Are you connected? Say hi! Say hi! How is seeing ZICO in real life? He’s so handsome! Please give ZICO a message! You’re my dream guy! She’s going wild. Thank you. Come here! (A more enthusiastic fan to meet ZICO) Do you remember the first moment you saw ZICO? Yes, it was when you did “Match Up.” – You’re a real fan? / – Yes. I did that a long time ago. And today you put out “Artist.” His new song hasn’t even been out for an hour. Of course. Right at 6 p.m., I put it in my playlist. We have a quiz to see if you’re a true fan. ZICO’s latest album has two title tracks. One is “Artist,” but what’s the other? – The hands are faster than the eyes… / – The answer? Anyone can get it right if they search! “Genius”! – The double title tracks. / – “Fancy Child.” – The title song. / – It’s over now. The title song. – “Anti”? / – You got it. Anti. (The double title tracks are “Artist” and “Anti”) You must be a hater. (She was trying to introduce all the songs) There’s a reason I like him more. He’s great live. Everyone has to see ZICO’s concert. Seriously. Would you like to sing a line with ZICO? What song do you like? “Okey Dokey”? “Okey Dokey”? ♪ Is that true? Yes! ♪ ♪ Okey-Dokey-O, is that true? Yes! ♪ ♪ Okey-Dokey-O! ♪ Since ZICO has acknowledged your skills, you are certainly a true fan. ZICO has prepared a surprise gift for her! It’s my new album! Amazing! My dream is being an album designer. Really? I’m going to work with ZICO. You’ve worked with him a lot today already! Mom, I love you! Thank you. A big hand for her! Please give me a hug! It’s an unforgettable memory. Now the problematic couple is here. – Are you newlyweds? / – No, students. We’re preparing to get married. We’re students. You have matching shoes, pants, and t-shirts. What song would you like to sing for them? ♪ You’re me and I’m you ♪ ♪ You’re me and I’m you ♪ A song just for the matching couple. – Hug! / – ♪ The two of you will become one ♪ (A hug? Or a headlock?) (Even she thinks it’s funny) That song goes with them so well. Aren’t you jealous that your girlfriend likes ZICO? I almost did get angry. This interview can rub salt into the wound a bit. How is seeing ZICO in real life? He’s so handsome. There are hearts in her eyes. Now we’ll have your boyfriend say what he hopes to see from ZICO. I hope he has success after success and becomes the number one rapper. Great. Thank you. Can your girlfriend hug ZICO too? Let’s shake hands. (Handshake not allowed either) Her boyfriend is an iron wall. (A special hug only for today) Then do it with me in between. That’s a weird hug. What is this? (Everyone together, we are the world) That was fun. Everybody’s happy. Live happily ever after. Thank you. When’s the next female celebrity? I need revenge. They’re a fun couple. That was so fun. You look very young. How old are you? I’m 13. You must like hip-hop. Yes, my dream is to become a rapper. Your dream is to become a rapper? Are you nervous? Get rid of that anxiety. An improvised audition! You can do it! Start! ♪ King of the jungle ♪ ♪ Hey kids, stop your cute baby party ♪ ♪ The mood is already ripe ♪ ♪ Conquering the audience in a moment ♪ (Passed Round 1 of Show Me) (The Entertainment Weekly passed!) He did a part from Block B’s “Very Good.” That part. Look at the camera and tell your mom you passed! Mom! I passed! How cute. Today’s Guerilla Date was hotter than ever. It’ll be an unforgettable memory for ZICO and his fans. Sadly, this is the end of today’s Guerilla Date. Let’s change locations and talk a bit more. We just filmed on the street for one hour. Did you feel at any moment, “Wow, I’m awesome?” Rather than awesome… Thankful? I felt extremely grateful. You’re lining the top of the charts. Do you usually search for that online, or does your manager tell you? There’s no time for my manager to tell me because I check it constantly. We listened to ZICO’s life story and music story through his tracklist. As of February 2017, you had created 93 songs. And on the charts for the first half of 2016, you had 244,598,000 streams of your songs, and articles said you were a major album-seller. 10 billion? That’s a huge misunderstanding. I’m in an agency. I’m in an agency, so I have to split my income. – So you don’t get all of it. / – Right. I just get a portion. The amount that I alone take home isn’t as high as you think. Because of that, you are featured by other artists very often. I did a lot last year. I think I did around 30 total. You’re the leader and main rapper of Block B, and you write the songs yourself. That’s why you’re called a genius. I don’t think I’m a genius. “Genius,” the first track on my new album, expresses the madness surrounding the title and softens the meaning of genius in a fun way. We prepared an old photo of you. This is from middle school, right? – When you went to school in Japan. / – Yes. I was studying art back then. And I went abroad to study. – At a young age. / – In 9th grade. But you ended up loving music as much as art. I always listened to music as I drew, and that’s when I began listening to hip-hop. I bought a microphone to use a hobby and recorded myself at home with a program, and that was the turning point. You were a born artist. A true artist. We also have another young picture of you. You were so cute! Isn’t he? Don’t his clothes make him look rich? What did you hear a lot when you were young? People said I was cute. We prepared this special gift for you. Thank you. – You don’t like it? / – I love it. Entertainment Weekly viewers, please show a lot of love to my second album, “Television.” ♪ Entertainment Weekly will show love to ZICO ♪ We’re looking forward to more great music from you! – I have to go to Hanguk University. / – Where? The school series that’s always great is back! The honest and varied emotions that teens face are in “School 2017,” but before that… It’s had every single top star. The gateway that brought many stars into the limelight. Introducing the stars of the “School” series. (This gateway brought many stars into the limelight) Don’t the teachers here make the ranking just by grading the good and bad students? The first-generation star of “School” was Jang Hyuk. With his unrivaled charisma, he was the role model of males and dream guy of girls. He became a star overnight. (Who was this delinquent-looking student?) Go get some bread and water at the store. This scary girl is none other than… Are you asking me for money? Sorry. It’s Soo-ae, who is known for her gracefulness. To become a star, you have to deal with a bully. We’ll have to take a loss. – Don’t. / – What? She’s worthy of the title of Korea’s best actress. Ha Jiwon and Kim Minhui acted as bullies and left their mark on viewers. Doesn’t he seem like the male lead in a romance comic? The guy who has a place in our hearts with his looks. The always-handsome Zo Insung, with a spotless past. After his initiation in “School,” he became known as a teen star. And beside the handsome Zo Insung was the handsome Lee Dongwook. We saw Lee Dongwook’s refreshing youth when he debuted at age 20. Hold this so I can tie up the bike. That’s a novel method. That was 18 years ago. To kiss, they say… You have to stop the girl’s arms from moving. That’s right. Lee Dongwook’s melodrama acting began in “School.” But want to know something? All the stars of “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” were in “School”! In 2000, Lee Dongwook was in the third iteration and was the eldest senior. And Yook Sungjae, who was in the 6th version, was the youngest. And this guy was in the 4th version! Time to share Gong Yoo’s past! The spot next to you was mine since last year. Why are you putting jewels in your face? Huh? I mean your eyes. Aside from Gong Yoo, the Romeo with the famous lines, there were also these familiar faces. We also saw Lim Soojung and Lee Yuri in their youth. I think you’re really similar to me. Is there any girl in our class who isn’t? It’s fun to look back on the past of actors who are not top stars. – Pervert. / – What? The final youth stars of “School” were Lee Jongseok and Kim Woobin. What I’m trying to ask is… You didn’t miss me, you jerk? They both became stars through “School.” This makes it the gateway to fame, doesn’t it? This summer, “School” is back in session! The seventh season of the series that always delivers. We met with the expected teen stars of “School 2017.” We’re with the stars of “School 2017.” Hello. Nice to meet you. I’m Kim Sejeong, with the role of the bright and cheery student Ra Eunho I’m Kim Jeonghyeon and I have the role of Hyeon Taehun. I’m Jang Dongyun and I’m playing Song Daehui. I’m Han Sunhwa and I’m playing the police officer, Han Suji. I’m Han Juwan, playing a teacher. Thank you. So we have Jang Hyuk, Choi Ganghui, Bae Doona, Gong Yoo, and Lee Jongsuk. You have to take on their roles. I’ll make sure Kim Jeonghyeon becomes Jang Dongyoon. I hope we become stars not from “School,” but from “School 2017.” I hope you cheer us on. Do you think you can do it? I’ve got to do my best. What’s the main spectacle? The role of Mystery X, through that, Ra Eunho, who symbolizes the average student, and the cooperation when events arise, as well as the fun that comes from. That is the main draw. What would you choose as the subtitle for the show? There’s a process to catching Mystery X. And? “Mystery X.” It feels like “In Depth 60 Minutes.” Sejeong, how similar to Ra Eunho are you? About 80%. What about the other 20%? She’s more womanly than I thought. And really cute. I thought I was lacking in that area. You probably have to act cute towards elders on set. Please do something cute to Sunhwa. Short and clean. This is the first time a girl has acted cute to me. Action! (Preparing to act cute) Suzy, please hit them all. Sorry. Sunhwa, I’m sorry. I won’t make them do that next time. There’s a question we always ask at this time. The viewership. Estimate your first episode viewership. I hope it has two digits. – 10%. / – Yes. Sounds great. (10% no matter what) What about the highest viewership rate? The highest a “School” series has ever gotten is 15.8%. So 16%. 16%. If you reach that, what promise do you want to fulfill? We’ll go to a high school and give everyone a message of support. That’s our pledge. Watch us next week as we get rid of the summer heat for you with cool refreshingness. Watch the premiere! Monday-Tuesday drama! School… 2017. Please watch it and show it a lot of love! Hope the drama hits it big! Hope that drama is a hit. That’s all the news we have for today. We’ll see you next week. Everyone, be happy! (“Artist” by ZICO)


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