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Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Yoon Dujun, Park Sihoo, Shin Haesun, etc [ENG/CHN/2018.01.29]

(Episode 1703) Hello, I’m Shin Hyunjun of Entertainment Weekly. Hello, I’m Jung Jiwon. In the midst of this cold snap, we have sad news from Miryang. Jaecheon has made headlines once again. We hope there are no more casualties. For the rest of the winter, please be careful to avoid fires. There are more tragic stories this week. Yoon Jiyeon will tell you about it. (Yoon Jiyeon) It’s time for This Week’s Hot Clicks. This week, Jun Taesu, brother of actress Ha Jiwon, passed away. Celebrity couple Song Seungheon and Liu Yifei broke up. But first, we talked to Song Hae, whose wife has passed away. Let’s click on This Week’s Hot Clicks. Honey, it’s not too late to come to me now. There’s so much I didn’t tell you. I’ll say those last words. I miss you. The wife of veteran entertainer Song Hae has passed away at the age of 83. News was received on January 20. She went to the hospital with the flu but her condition worsened and she passed away. Her family took part in the wake and many celebrity colleagues paid their condolences. (Park Sangcheol) She got married late. I was there to congratulate her then so I’m so sad she’s passed away. Over her 90-some years, she’s had lots of meetings and farewells and pain. This is the first time I’ve felt that much pain. My heart hurts so much. They must have really loved her. They got married after the Korean War and depended on each other through those tough times. And on January 22, amidst sadness, she was sent off. What’s the point of holding on? She just left a bit early. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the kids. They went down to her burial site in Daegu and said their final goodbyes as they laid her to rest. After the funeral ended, we asked Song Hae to say a final goodbye. Honey, it’s not too late to come to me now. There’s so much I didn’t tell you. I couldn’t take you on even one vacation that so many others go on. I’ve been all around Korea and around the world but I never went traveling with you. Just come to me anytime. I’ll say those last words. I miss you. I didn’t know parting would hurt this much. Thank you for saying that it’s late and I should go to bed. They always showed their loving relationship. They had their wedding in 2015 after 63 years, making the attendees tear up. Oki, please marry me! Please marry me! They weren’t able to have a wedding ceremony at first because they were poor. (Letter to his wife revealed at the wedding) It’s been 63 years since we became one and time has flown. Looking back, I was so crazy about my work that I wasn’t a good husband. What happened to your once youthful face? But honey, to me, your face is like the face of an angel. You’re prettier now than back then. I love you. I will love you. Seeing his true feelings towards his wife, and how they relied on each other, news of her passing was even more saddening. Song Hae is a well-loved MC that has traveled all around Korea. Despite the sadness of sending his wife off, he is expected to continue broadcast activities. I won’t miss any of my schedule tomorrow. That’s what I decided. In this life where goodbyes are inevitable, I must ruminate on what I must do next. I’ll do my best for you all. Thank you. Be healthy. Thank you. We hope you stay healthy for a long time. May she rest in peace. Actor Jeon Taesu has passed away (Source: MBC) at the young age of 34. His sudden death became known on January 21. His agency made a press release about his death. He joined the entertainment world in 2007 through an M/V and was a villain in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” showing his stage presence as an actor. He could have hung onto his sister Ha Jiwon’s fame, but his slim figure and stable acting made him stand out on his own. (Source: MBC) Ha Jiwon’s unique feelings toward her brother are in the spotlight once again after his passing. Everything is a first for him at the moment, so he has to learn more and try harder. How would he react if you told him that? He’d say he’s working hard. “I’ll work really hard” is what he’d say. I see. His passion for acting was as strong as his sister’s. He was receiving treatment for depression and planned on a return to acting after he became stable. He was unable to achieve this, saddening his fans. We hope his passion for acting can continue wherever he is now. We hope you rest in peace. Next we have news of Kim Junho’s divorce. He married theater actress Ms. Kim in 2006. He frequently showed his extreme love for his wife on TV. I asked what she wanted to do before giving birth. She said she wanted to learn English. So she went abroad for 6 months. America is too expensive so she went to the Philippines. After sending his wife abroad for study and business, he lived alone for a long time. They were apart for so long and Kim Junho had no kids, so many questioned if they had gotten divorced. We have no kids. I’m not a goose father. Am I a sparrow? (Source: MBC) – Sparrow husband. / – Spar-band. Recently, his lonesome life was shown on a TV show. (Source: MBC) I need to eat it again. Then on January 22, we received word he had divorced after 12 years. When this news spread, netizens speculated about the cause of the divorce. Then Kim Junho uploaded an explanation on social media denying the rumors. We hope Kim Junho returns better than ever, like how the ground hardens after rain. The international couple of Song Seungheon and Liu Yifei have broken up after 3 years. They met in the movie “The Third Way of Love” and acted well together with romance. I had a good feeling about her. They started dating in real life and revealed they were a couple in August 2015, becoming a China-Korea couple. They were affectionate at conferences and made fans believe they would marry. (Source: China Hunan TV Official Channel) But on January 25, a media outlet revealed they had broken up. Other Chinese and Korea media outlets then picked up the story. Around the end of last year. It wasn’t solely because of the Chinese ban on Korean entertainment. Right now Korean content can’t be aired in China. You could say it was pressure since actors names were in the midst of that. But saying that is the cause of their breakup is going too far. They grew apart naturally due to their busy schedules. Now they’ll walk their own paths. We hope you beat the pain and improve at acting. The ex-girlfriend of singer-actor Kim Hyunjoong has been jailed for 1 year and 4 months for fraud and defamation. I thought I’d live like an adult, but as time passes, I grow further from adulthood. Kim Hyunjoong’s long legal battle began in 2015. His ex-girlfriend Choi sued for $1.6 million, alleging she miscarried after being abused by him. Kim Hyunjoong filed a countersuit in July that year, denying the claims. The court found that Choi’s claim lacked evidence and that she caused defamation through false claims, siding with Kim Hyunjoong. Choi tried to appeal but prosecutors caught her making up false claims and indicted her for attempted fraud. The trial for this was held on January 22 and prosecutors found she sent a photo of a pregnancy test that she didn’t take herself. She also had no pregnancy records at the hospital and she altered text messages to create false claims. They sentenced her to 1 year and 4 months in prison for attempted fraud and defamation. This discharge feels like the start of a new life. I’m worried and scared, but I trust you and my fans and hope you’ll support me. He’ll kick off his world tour in February and has teased a return to the entertainment world. Many are focusing on how his 3-year-long legal battle will end. (43% viewership) The day has come! The long-awaited day has come! A collaboration with “My Golden Life”! He said something about 43%. This isn’t the end. Guerrilla Date has other stars too. We’re curious who it is. The hottest Guerrilla Date of the year is coming up soon! Seok Oki and Jeon Taesu, we hope you rest in peace. Let’s change the mood with the next story. Kim Seunghye and Kim Taejin will share it. It’s time for Guerrilla Date. (Kim Taejin) Just as you saw, stars of popular drama “My Golden Life” joined us. It was -17℃ but they kept their promise. As always, the citizens were overflowing with passion for the date. We’ll see it soon. (Kim Seunghye) I interviewed the stars of new KBS drama “Radio Romance.” It’s just starting off, so I was worried they would be awkward, but the interview was so delightful. Let’s check it out. An A-list DJ who can’t do anything without a script. I’m Yoon Dujun and I play Ji Suho. I’m Kim Sohyun and I play Song Geurim, a radio writer who does everything well except write. I’m Yura and I play Jin Taeri, who used to be an A-list actress in her prime. I’m the troublemaker PD, the ace of the radio station. I’m Yoon Bak and I play Lee Gang. The delightful interview with the 4 stars of new KBS drama “Radio Romance” starts now! Hello, we’re the cast of “Radio Romance.” We didn’t practice that. It’s been shown in the trailers, but a top star who’s helpless without a script meets a writer he clashes with and has a romance aired live. You deserve congratulations for this. Sohyun is 20 years old now. I’m 20. Congratulations. You’re 20 and your first project is “Radio Romance.” The actors are so good, which is big. And the role of Song Geurim I play, despite her age, is bubbly and energetic, so I wanted to play her as soon as I saw it. Sohyun, you play a radio writer. Do you enjoy writing? I liked it when I was young but now I don’t really write. Can you do a radio opening now? – Now? / – It’s not easy. “Strongest cold snap ever.” Can’t the DJ do it? – The writer should write. / – She must write it first. I’ll do it. The top star who’s helpless without a script. He’s devoted to his role. You all must be cold. On a lonely night like tonight, hang out with Ji Suho on “Radio Romance.” Here, this cold snap… That darn cold snap… We’re not afraid of the cold snap here. We’ll warm you all up. Yura, what have you prepared for your role? The character I play wants to be popular, so I got my nails and hair done even more to be glamorous. – You look glamorous. / – It’s to be more glamorous. – She’s so glamorous. / – I cut my hair too. You didn’t get a pedicure. Why point that out? Women hate when you say that. – They do? / – Yes. That’s not what I meant… You just had to point that out. It’s winter. Your nail art is glamorous. I want to hide my feet. That’s how she’ll be from now on. You play the troublemaker. You’re becoming more like your character. I do that to people I’m close with. I joke around a lot. Kwak Dongyeon said if the show has high ratings, he’d clean the KBS radio station with Yoon Bak. – I saw that article. / – Me too. I thought it had already been decided. I was not consulted whatsoever. So do you agree, Yoon Bak? I’ll do it with Dujun. Dujun, please make a pledge about the viewership. – I’ll be a radio DJ. / – For a day? If you invite me, with Sohyun, Yoon Bak and Yura. – We’ll do it together. / – We should. It’s very cold. Which is when it’s best to watch dramas at home. Tune in to “Radio Romance” for lots of warm romance and heartpounding scenes. Entertainment Weekly viewers… This has been “Radio Romance.” Thank you. We hope the drama is a hit. We’re rooting for you. Do you remember this scene? It was 2 months ago in November 2017. Can you make a public pledge for us? Here’s the pledge they made. We’ll go on Guerrilla Date if we pass 43% viewership. 43% for Guerrilla Date. Us actors will visit you. I’ll drag them all out. Viewership broke 43% within 2 months of the pledge. That’s why they’re here. The day has finally come! To keep their promise of coming on Guerrilla Date, it’s “My Golden Life” couple Park Sihoo, Shin Haesun! It was so cold that day. Just how cold was it? Please greet the viewers. Hello, I’m Shin Haesun. Hello, I’m Park Sihoo. Glad to be here. You came to honor your pledge of 43% viewership. How do you feel? I’ve only been on film sets recently. Now that I’m here in Hongdae, it feels real. So many fans have already gathered. How do you feel? It’s so cold… That’s all I can say. I’m so thankful. You’re still filming the drama, right? Yes. How did you make time despite your busy schedule? We had to make time. We made a promise. We promised to come if we passed 43% viewership. With the actress. We talked about 40% and doubted it could get there, but then Sihoo said 43%. – I said, “Don’t be absurd.” / – She hit me like this. I’m grateful that it happened. And on the day you’ve come to honor your pledge, it’s -17℃. It was incredibly cold that day. Really? Are you okay? And I had to tie my hair up today. I feel like my ears will fall off but it’s fun. We were worried fans wouldn’t come since it’s cold. We were worried about that. But so many fans have come out. It’s such a relief. I was wondering how we’d film but their fiery passion makes it so I don’t even feel the cold. Why did you shiver while saying that? Caught red-handed! – You didn’t wear gloves? / – Hot packs. What is this? A nameless fan just gave him this gift! The warmhearted citizens. Here’s a hot pack. Someone just gave gloves and then ran off. Thank you. Where did they go? Your expression is so warm after getting the gloves. When you made the pledge, do you remember… – Saying you’d drag everyone out? / – Yes. Are only you two here? No, I dragged them all out. The others came too? Where are they? They’re probably waiting over there. We’ll see them. These two stars have been waiting since before we began filming. Curious to see who they are? Hello. Hello. Many other people came as well. Even more people joined us after. These actors are keeping their promise! All the stars of “My Golden Life” are here! They look so cold. We’re “My Golden Life”! Lee Taehwan and Seo Eunsu have joined them bringing all 4 of the “My Golden Life” stars together. We met the citizens with them. This is the top drama these days. Where were you? We were waiting the whole time. – We waited endlessly. / – You brought something. We prepared gifts. We wanted to give it to the citizens. To the citizens? For what reason? Our high viewership is thanks to them, so we want to show our gratitude. I see. The drama… Many fans held up hands before I finished speaking. Do you watch “My Golden Life”? Yes! Which couple are you rooting for? These two! Why Lee Taehwan and Seo Eunsu? She’s suffered so much liking him. They got so into the show. What scene is most memorable to you? We’ll give you a gift if you reenact it well. When Cheon Hojin imagines he has cancer. (What is that?) (Frustrated) You liked when he got cancer? (Sad…) They’re exhausted due to their busy schedule. Please send them energy with a scream. 1, 2, 3! (Take this!) So full of energy. That was more than enough. Goodness! – Hello. / – Hello. Why do you have to meet the actors? I studied for 1 year and wanted to see this… Oh my, you’re so handsome. It’s hard to believe in real life. – Are you an exchange student? / – No, I’m Korean. Thought she was an exchange student. Who’s your favorite actor? – Park Sihoo! / – Go beside him. What do you like about him? That gif from a long time ago. Where he has a huge chest. You like him for his huge chest? We got the photo. This photo riled up fans. He’ll have to give you a gift. – Of course I should. / – Great. – Thank you. / – Thank you. What viewership do you want the show to achieve? 50%! Thank you. Please look at the gift and do a celebration. Park Sihoo is here. How drunk are you? I had spicy rice cakes. I’ll open it up. This… This looks expensive. I wore this when I made Jian seaweed soup. The actors prepared this. It’s meaningful. It’s an honor. But you only watched it through summaries. I’ll give it to someone else. Why did you hit him? Say thank you. Don’t sell this online. What a fun person. Next. You back there. I’m Lee Changjun and I live in Incheon. How popular is “My Golden Life” in Incheon? I watch it with my mom! Who does your mom support? My mom likes them! – Who do you like? / – I like them! Take this! – Are you really giving it to me? / – Yes, of course. Why are you rooting for them? He’s suddenly fallen silent. So you like me? So you actually like them. You almost passed. (Give it back) This is so fun. You’re with two beautiful, top actresses, Between Shin Haesun and Seo Eunsu, who is closer to your dream girl? Seo Eunsu. Are you a capitalist? The last interview is for fan service from one person. From who and what kind of fan service do you want? – I want a hug. / – With who? Shin Haesun. (Hurt) He’s toying with these actresses. He’s a pro fan. What a pro. We had a fun time with the citizens. Haesun gave him a warm hug too. It was a super cold day, but it was also a super great Guerrilla Date. Thank you for the citizens for making this possible. The viewership pledge mission is a huge success! That must have been the coldest ever. We’ll have the indoors interview now. This is unbelievable. How did you four all make time for this? It was probably very difficult, especially for these two. They came here in the middle of filming. Did you imagine your pledge of 43% would come true? It was close to 40% then, so I was kind of looking forward to it. I always think like that. And Shin Haesun said she’d bring the others. Are you saying that line from Haesun had an effect on viewership? I didn’t think that would happen. I called my agency… All of a sudden, I’m sitting here. You helped us with the casting for this episode. She’s the fairy of casting. I wanted to do it. What kind of changes are you feeling now? I might look arrogant… – But it doesn’t feel real. / – Why? I’m so busy filming that I haven’t had that shocking feeling. I see, since you’re still filming. That’s why being here today is so meaningful. I was blushing like crazy. Did more fans come than you expected? It’s embarrassing if there aren’t enough. She has an honest charm. But if many come, then that’s embarrassing too. I see. Have things changed for you, Lee Taehwan? For me, people were like, “You, you, you! The bakery girl…” But now, many people call me Hyeok, recognizing me. I heard kindergarteners recognize you too. “Bro, I’m watching the drama. I’m 10 this year… I’ll keep watching.” I get those messages. His popularity transcends age. I feel pressure and responsibility. You’re the stars of the people’s drama. Before you four came, we asked fans if they were curious about anything. I’ll ask you a few of the questions. These are the citizens’ questions. Can Jisu do an eating show? Bread is brought up frequently. “What number foundation do you use?” 21. The brightest one. “I love you, Eunsu. Do you like younger guys?” I welcome them. You’re crazy about them? She welcomes them! Sorry! I really misheard that. I welcome them. “Sihoo, you got kicked out of Hyeseong Group, but why do you have so many clothes?” (Flustered) Jisu has a magic suitcase. I just keep pulling things out. Taehwan, what’s the circumference of your neck? I was born like this. Sometimes shirts won’t go on properly. It’s like a baobab tree. He’s handsome. Who has the most bloopers on “My Golden Life”? I think it’s me. – Since you have a lot of airtime? / – That’s true too. You chose Haesun in the last interview. – Who? / – The actors. – Me as the one with the most bloopers? / – Yes. She had a lot last time. Right as we got that tip… Did you air that scene? Please calm down! You crossed the line! I said not to air that. I was so frazzled that day. I wasn’t doing well that day, when you guys came. (Oh my gosh) That scene is on repeat in the KBS lobby. – For all the KBS visitors. / – She’s so cute. She denies it, but let’s check if she makes the most bloopers. Exhibit A. The first blooper. While laughing. Shall we try again? The second blooper. She forgot her line. For the third blooper, she can’t speak. She probably was only like that on that day. She’s cute and is a great actress, isn’t she? She is good. (Entertainment Weekly roots for Shin Haesun) Don’t hate us! You’re beautiful. We asked the actors for a favor before the interview. We asked for them to write down their top 3 scenes from “My Golden Life.” Let’s start with no. 3. When angry Jisu slaps Jian. I didn’t know which side to slap him. I practiced on a pillow. She has big hands. I have a good slap, so we wanted to do it in one take. Let’s take a look. This scene was done in one take. My goodness. You evil witch. Everyone has an opinion on slapping. I must be enraged on the inside. You’re furious on the inside. Let’s check no. 2. The root of the problem, “Jian!” Can you do it yourself? Jian! Let’s take a look. You kidnap my child then pretend to be her mom? (Episode 2, “My Golden Life”) On what grounds do you make those claims? Tension is building and then… They’re having a fight of words. Who is it? Who? Who is my daughter? Jian! I got goosebumps while watching that on TV. It was like fireworks going off. When she yelled “Jian” at the end, it showed the anguish of all mothers. That’s engraved in my mind. Let’s check no. 1. What did they choose as no. 1? Taesu making a heart for Jian in the subway station. The viewers would agree with this too. Did anyone not cry during this scene? Let’s take a look. (Episode 3, “My Golden Life”) (Expression of love from father to silent daughter) It’s truly a legendary scene. Usually, just being a daughter doesn’t mean you can act cute. We don’t have deep talks with our dads as adults. In that scene, he says, “Jian, I love you” and sends me a big heart. In that scene, Jian can’t look her dad in the eyes. It was very touching. It brought the viewers to tears. “To Jian,” “Jian!” and “Jian’s slap.” Are these just your top scenes? We chose them together! I see. We watched all three scenes. Shall we have another public pledge? The viewers really enjoy them. – Reporter! / – You’ll be a reporter for a day? Or you can introduce the drama after yours. – That sounds good. / – Yes, it does. So what percent? If you get a certain percent… 45%? 46%? 47%? 47% is great. That’s a number to dream about. Those who can come to the live studio, can. – And tell us about the end of the drama. / – Great. – What wouldn’t we do? / – I see. We’ll wait and see. There are about 10 episodes left of our drama, so thank you for watching until the very end. Just like in “My Golden Life,” we hope you experience the best years of your life. We’ll be grateful if you keep watching with zeal. Look forward to it and watch until the end! “My Golden Life” is touching, fun and hilarious and we’re rooting for an ending befitting the title. See you next time! “My Golden Life” has achieved 43% viewership, which is very difficult. Truly. Yet they’re doing it. I want to invite them to our studio. I’ll be watching when the next episode airs. We’ll watch until the end. Kim Saengmin has the next story. ♪ Look at the white snow falling from the sky ♪ Winter Songs Koreans Love is fun today too. It’ll be on soon. First, we have Veteran. It was hard to bring him here. It was so hard to cast him. We met top musical actor Chung Sunghwa and it was a touching moment. – It starts now. / – You’re friends. – 22 years as a reporter. / – You shocked me. A fossil of the journalism world. Detective, if you’ve been doing this for 22 years, shouldn’t you have changed your line by now? I’ll never change it. I never change. I’m going to do Entertainment Weekly forever! Wow! Me too! Great, Jooe! Saengmin! Cross! Who’s under investigation today? Many remember him as a comedian but whatever he did back then has been forgotten. Now he’s known as a musical star who dominates the stage. He has completely rewritten his resume. (Source: Les Miserables Korea) He’s a very mysterious figure. I know him well. Call him in immediately! That line… Look forward to Veteran today. The one we can only see on the stage has come. Yeah. What took you so long? I sent so many summons over the past year. Yeah. We sent them, and sent them, and sent them, asking you. How busy can you possibly be? Am I the kind of person who comes and goes as you command? What a sweet voice! What are you doing right now, Jooe? I thought this was a loan advertisement. Fine. He’s captivating. Don’t look at the script during a sketch. This guy… (They’re getting along from the start) Your name? Chung… You don’t know who I am? Be quiet! Your name? Chung Sunghwa. Profession? You don’t know me? Musical actor. I’m musical actor Chung Sunghwa. My investigation shows he has an ironic past. Ironic? He was a good student who got a scholarship, but he suddenly turned into a clubbing maniac. How can something so ironic happen? Let’s talk about the scholarship. In high school, I was the MC at festivals. And the principal said I’d do well on variety shows. He gathered money to send me to academy. He prepared that money, so I took acting classes. Why did you enter Seoul Institute of the Arts? My dream was to become a comedian then. The club I joined was the comedian’s society. So who was the first person I met? You. I thought about who chose me. It was you. But what’s this about becoming a clubbing maniac? I wasn’t a maniac, but I did it within the bounds of normalcy at the time. We went together! If I went 6 times, 4 times was with you. – Don’t you remember? / – Be quiet. I can understand that. You liked Shin Dongyeob so much that a talent like you was stolen by SBS. Why did you like Shin Dongyeob more than me? Back then, Shin Dongyeob was much more famous than you were. (Of course…) Yes, then it began. Your life as a professional. You were invited to Tin Tin Five, which many people are jealous of, after doing numerous roles. Yes. As soon as I joined Tin Tin Five, if I could tell what was good and bad, I would have worked very hard there. But I didn’t know that, so I didn’t what to do there. Despite the fantastic opportunity, I got fired soon after without achieving much. In the end, that great broadcast and “KAIST” were stepping stones, in my opinion. I had an indispensable role there. That place was meaningful to me. He was very popular back then. I thought then I had to do it within the play. You should’ve kept succeeding after “KAIST.” What ordeals did you go through? I was unsure of the roles I did after that. The next step for those who succeed is important. If you don’t get recognized, you won’t survive long. I didn’t think I’d ever rest, but then suddenly, my schedule for the next day was empty and I didn’t get contacted by anyone. Then I got cast in “Ireland.” And I started theater. I thought being on stage was magnificent. You entered the musical world. Did you study separately for musicals? No, I always loved singing and I had been in a choir. I was just right for musicals. That’s amazing. You could say it’s the project that made you into a top musical actor. “Man of La Mancha.” Yes, it’s the work that gave me room to breathe. ♪ The uncatchable constellations ♪ ♪ Stretch your arm as far as possible ♪ (Source: OD Company) He was so good then. (Becoming a recognized musical actor is tough) (Chung Sunghwa toughed it out to become a star) (Source: Les Miserables Korea) I heard he practiced singing so much. (Source: OD Company) Did you feel something on your back? I’m sweating. Having sweat on your back isn’t the right expression. – The shivers. / – Right. We’re reminded of this work. “Hero.” You went to New York. You were on the 9 o’clock news. I was so shocked. I realized that I should not do things half-heartedly. (He won the Best Male Actor Award for this work) (Deeply touching) (Reaffirming he’s a great hero in the work) (And a true musical actor) Thank you. Then finally… “Les Miserables.” – You’re back there. / – “Les Miserables” is here. In some articles, out of pride, they wrote you did it better than Hugh Grant. Hugh Jackman? (Embarrassed) I’m sorry. Do you hate me? (Kim Saengmin, stupid!) Chung Sunghwa did it better than Hugh Jackman. He was the best. As I age, I must do works where I can learn a lot. When the songs are too hard, I come face to face with my limit. I’d talk big about how good I was, but then I realized I shouldn’t do that. I felt so embarrassed about doing that. After that, I started regularly taking lessons. Then the work we’ve been waiting for began. Chung Sunghwa, who guarantees a musical hit, put on boots and stood in front of the public. – It was “Kinky Boots.” / – It was so popular. I was dressed as a woman. I’ve done lots of roles like that. (Source: AGA Company) The one on the boat? Yes, I did “La Cage Aux Folles” like that. You might be surprised, but I was very confident in acting dressed as a woman. It’s not that I think I do well when dressed as a woman, it’s that it feels like my calling and that it’s right for me. That’s what I think. Dressing up as a woman is so fun. Oh my gosh. “Dressing up as a woman is so fun.” The songs that make the audience move their feet. On top of those songs, the work gives lots of messages. For example, you think you should accept people as they are. It’s like a gift basket. Since you’re still young, what field do you want to venture into? If I have the chance, I want to do a musical movie. “La La Land.” Seeing those works receiving love, I’m sure Korea will make movies like that as well. I hope that I’ll be the first person to be in one. I hope that comes true. What do you want people to remember when they think of you in the distant future? It’s hard to fill up a theater with tickets priced at over $100. That’s a lot of money. I want to be someone who inspires that confidence. Top musical actor Chung Sunghwa who gives hope. Thank you so much for the interview today. – Investigation complete! / – Complete! Thank you so much and we’re rooting for you. We’ll root for you. (Winter Songs Koreans Love) It’s me, Yeonggil. I’ve been fine. Have you? Yes, I have. – I’m leaving. / – Where are you going? Are my good looks too much pressure? Yes! Winter Songs Koreans Love! Sorry… Let’s check it out! Look at me. Look at me! I hope things work out for you two. No. 20 is “Winter Rain.” (A song full of the sadness of winter rain) This song’s first word contains the world’s sadness. It was on Sinawe’s first album and was on Kim Jongseo’s solo album, becoming a late hit. His unique singing style was impressive. ♪ The happy moments of love ♪ (Gummy is great) (“Winter Rain” increases our longing) This song makes our longing even stronger. “Winter Rain.” No. 19 is “Blue Sky” by Winter Sea. It’s the debut song of group Winter Sea, a group formed by songwriter Yu Youngsuk. (Soft piano melody that knocks at the listener’s heart) (It expresses his sadness through serene singing) We released it in the summer of 1988 and of course since it was summer, it wasn’t played but in the winter in 1989, it was played on the radio for the first time. It was played so little on the radio that I wrote a postcard and sent it. (Wanting to run to the winter sea with you) As if longing for that precious time, he makes us tear up. No. 18 is “When the Cold Wind Blows” by Kim Jiyeon. The line that made newcomer Kim Jiyeon skyrocket to stardom within 6 months. ♪ When the cold wind blows ♪ ♪ You’ll get lonely ♪ That hairstyle was in fashion. We remember this song every winter with cold wind. Isn’t it great? No. 17 is “Reminisce” by Sanullim. (Source: MBC) (Well-loved song on Sanullim’s 8th album) This song was on the 8th album of Sanullim, a trio of brothers, and has been loved ever since. (Farewell to Lee Changhun, lyrics about anguish) (Source: YouTube Hye Binnu) It is about loneliness and farewells, and is a confession that arrives every winter. (Source: SBS) It’s unchanged. His voice is the same. ♪ I remember that person who left ♪ No. 16 is Lee Sunhee’s “Winter Memory.” (“Winter Memory” is about sad farewells in winter) People padded their shoulders back then. Haven’t you been good at singing since elementary? You think that’s all I was good at? It was the first Korean album released in English. (English version of “Winter Memory” was released) Even now after so much time has passed, we’re steeped in memories of winter. No. 15 is “Couple” by SECHSKIES. It’s so good. Just one line brings back memories. It puts you under a spell. (Source: MBC) Altogether! (Spellbinding song that makes you want to sing along) It came back even after 16 years in the form of a remake. (Source: MBC) If you feel the winter is just cold and lonely, sing it together. Oh, love! ♪ I’ll spend all my time with you now ♪ No. 14 is “Winter Story” by DJ DOC. This song was released on a music program in winter and was no. 1 for 3 weeks. (No. 1 for 3 weeks) It expressed the emotions of farewell in a witty way. ♪ I’ll cover it all like snow, come back to me ♪ (Source: SBS) GOOFY were going to release it as their title track. They actually recorded it. That was “Winter Story”? Haneul stole it. “Winter Story” is still well-loved to this day. No. 13 is “White Love” by Turbo. (A national pop song we remember every winter) We think of it more when the first snow falls. (Source: MBC) Its upbeat melody was all the rage. It’s known as a representative song of winter. (Turbo’s song makes explosive comeback) It’s exciting and great. (A love as pure as white snow) No. 12 is “The Wind Blows” by Lee Sora. (A song that holds back lonely winter emotions) (Poets say “The Wind Blows” lyrics are beautiful) It’s a song like a poem. ♪ The world is the same as yesterday ♪ ♪ Time is flowing by ♪ (An emotional melody that conveys sadness) (Source: MBC) (Lonely winds that blow in chilly winter) (Source: YouTube PHShinvideo) ♪ You disappear heartbreakingly ♪ It’s so great. No. 11 is Turbo’s “December.” (Turbo’s most memorable winter song, “December”) Turbo has so many songs. Befitting his popularity that won no. 1 ten times, this melody returns every winter. ♪ You don’t see her hiding behind me? ♪ ♪ She’s sleeping, avoiding the wind ♪ (Source: SBS) (Shared romantic memories of winter) In winter when everything is frozen solid, when you listen to this song, you’ll fall right into your happiest and warmest memories. (No. 1 will be revealed next week) We have to talk about tennis athlete Chung Hyeon. Despite his injury, it was great to see him give his all. For the first time, a Korean is in the top 4. We hope he takes home the trophy next time. We’ll cheer you on until the very end. Good job. With that said, it’s time to say goodbye. We’ll be back next week. Everyone, be happy! (“Turn It Up” by RAINZ) (“My Flower” by JBJ)


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