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Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – TVXQ, Choi Jiwoo, Lee Sunjae, Solid etc. [ENG/CHN/2018.04.02]

(Episode 1710) Hello, I’m Shin Hyunjoon of Entertainment Weekly. Hello, I’m Jung Jiwon. March has just ended. Marriage trends seem to have changed nowadays. In the past, when relationships were exposed… – They would deny it at least once. / – Yes. When photos got out, they’d admit they’re marrying. That’s what they did, but now, nobody knows until they suddenly announce their wedding. And it’d be secret. Yes, and marriage news a few days ago shocked everyone. Actor Choi Jiwoo had a secret wedding. Choi Jiwoo was at your wedding, Hyunjoon. You must’ve gone to her wedding, right? I guess you didn’t get invited. You didn’t attend? I should have, since she came to mine. I learned about it through the news. I received a large monetary gift from her, so I’m not sure how to deliver that to her. Just congratulate her instead. – A video message? / – Yes. Me? Here? Now? Choi Jiwoo, Of the actresses I’ve worked with, you are beautiful but your heart is the most beautiful of any of them. Your husband is a lucky man. Live happily ever after. Congratulations. Please bring us good news in the future. Congratulations on your marriage. We congratulate Choi Jiwoo on her marriage and will now look into other stories from this week. First is Yun Jiyeon and Kim Seon-geun. (Kim) ♪ To you, who trusts me ♪ You know that, everyone? – I don’t know. / – The R&B legend! Solid has returned to us after 21 years. Despite the fact that so much time has passed, they’re just as cool as before. Wait just a bit for their exciting interview. This is tough. (Yun Jiyeon) First, we have This Week’s Hot Clicks. The Entertainment World is abuzz with controversy that the people suing Lee Yuntaek demanded money from Kwak Dowon. Entertainment Weekly got the scoop. As stated previously Choi Jiwoo married yesterday. We’ll also bring you news of that. Let’s click on This Week’s Hot Clicks. I will cooperate with the investigation. The MeToo controversy of theater director Lee Yuntaek is creating a stir. A controversy arose when victims in the Lee Yuntaek case were accused of blackmailing for money. At the center of the controversy is the senior colleague of the Lee Yuntaek scandal victims, Kwak Dowon, a former member of Street Theater Troupe. The scandal started on March 24 when Kwak Dowon’s agency CEO, Ms. Lim, uploaded a post online. According to him, 4 victims in the case called him for help and then met with him. When Ms. Lim was not present, they demanded money from Kwak Dowon. We summed up the issues in the case. First is whether the financial demands were true. Kwak Dowon’s side claims that the 4 junior actors demanded money from Kwak Dowon saying that he was the wealthiest in their troupe and to transfer money into their accounts. But the junior actors claim the opposite. They said that Kwak Dowon’s agency asked them how they’d like to receive the money. They denied the claim that they mentioned their bank account numbers. They expressed disappointment at the theater troupe seniors for not supporting them. Overcome with emotion, Kwak Dowon told them to give him their account numbers. However, they said they refused. Due to the extreme differences in the claims, the truth of the monetary demands will have to rely on hard evidence. One of the juniors who had met with Kwak Dowon’s agency received a text from Kwak Dowon asking if she had gotten home safe but said the monetary demands were not true. On March 26, Kwak Dowon’s side revealed conclusive evidence, which was a recording of that night’s events. That evening, the recording and proof of the blackmail was sent to the lawyer representing the people suing Lee Yuntaek. Why wasn’t the recording, which could end the controversy, revealed? Kwak’s side said they would not prosecute to avoid damaging the integrity of the MeToo movement. The lawyers are leaving the decision of whether to include them in the lawsuit to sue Lee Yuntaek to the joint legal team. Then, Kim, the first to come forth about Lee Yuntaek, said it was odd Kwak Dowon’s side sent the recording and that it was strange they said they wouldn’t sue. What do the lawyers of Lee Yuntaek’s accusers think of the recording? We have no comment on the case. When we are contacted, we’re going to leave the lawyer a message. (Trying to contact lawyer Lee Myeongsuk) We couldn’t hear from the lawyers of the accusers. The truth of that night, exists but has not been released. But it may not be easy for the recording to be made public. If one’s personal life is on the recording, then revealing it would be defamation. That’s why they pushed back releasing it. If both sides want it revealed for the truth, then it wouldn’t be considered defamation. The public’s attention is focused on the recording. On March 28, Kwak Dowon, who’s at the center of the scandal, posted his feelings on social media. He said he would graciously forgive his colleagues. He didn’t forget to reference a third party lawyer, Park Hun, who openly criticized Kwak Dowon’s agency’s statement. He bet $100,000, starting a war of words, and the post was deleted. Lawyer Park Hun, who responded, withdrew from the bet on March 30. On March 29, the joint accuser’s committee of the Lee Yuntaek case sued Ms. Lim, the CEO of Kwak Dowon’s agency, for defamation, taking legal action. The recording sent by Kwak Dowon’s side was revealed to be a partial recording and was unrelated to the monetary demands. Attention is turned to the truth in the case, which has erupted into a legal battle. A writing from just before death… The press raised the issue… Suspicions regarding Jang’s death are growing. To resolve the basic suspicions of this case, more and more are saying a reinvestigation is needed. A case 9 years ago that made major headlines is in the spotlight again due to demands for a reinvestigation. On March 7, 2009, Jang Jayeon committed suicide after writing a shocking note about how she was forced to give sexual favors to wealthy and high-ranking officials. The note she left referenced sexual favors in entertainment, which were only rumors at the time, and the real names of many famous people, causing a major stir. The investigation at the time found… Do you admit you cast her for roles in exchange for selling sexual favors? Only accusations of Jang’s agency CEO hitting Jang over the head with a PET bottle a few times were found to be true. He was sentenced to 4 months with 2 years probation. This was a shorter sentence than the manager who revealed the documents showing Jang’s abuse. Plus the investigations into drama and movie directors who were accomplices were closed. She would have attended because she wanted to. She would not have thought of it as insignificant, so that’s why many directors are not under suspicion. Of the 17 people under suspicion at the time, none of them went to trial. This was due a lack of evidence in Jang being forced to perform sexual favors. Due to this outcome, they were suspected of being let off the hook, but it just ended in controversy. Then on February 26, on the National Petition website, someone made a post titled “Reveal the truth behind Jang Jayeon’s death,” which got 230,000 signatures, focusing the attention of the public on a reinvestigation of her case. This week on Tuesday, news was heard of the Past Affairs Prosecutor Board extensively looking Jang Jayeon’s case. One of the reasons was that the investigation of Mr. Bang, who was from a news company, was unsatisfactory. The agency CEO was arrested and he testified. He had to be arrested within 48 hours. He testified that the CEO of Koreana Hotel was there but it was too late to confirm it. If a reinvestigation occurs, the possibility of those involved making additional testimonies cannot be excluded. The statute of limitations for the crimes of coercion has passed but the statute of limitations for severe sex crimes is over 10 years, so there is still time. The Prosecutor’s Office has stated that it will decide whether to reinvestigate the case by April 2nd. We’ll have to pay attention to see if the hidden truth of the case will be revealed. (Source: SBS) I’m a nice woman when you meet me. Where are you? Hurry and come to me! She’s finally found her match. Here’s news of Choi Jiwoo’s marriage. The news was reported yesterday and topped live search charts immediately. (Choi Jiwoo’s mom) Good job. You look so alike. I look like my dad. She’s beautiful, just like her mother. She’s good at cooking and can take care of herself. What’s something your husband is lucky to have you for? Cooking? I’m not so good at that. Money? That one’s true. Someone I can talk to for a long time. And when we’re not talking, being able to communicate through our eyes. The person she’ll spend the rest of her life with is a non-celebrity office worker. How did the totally unforeseen marriage announcement happen? We heard from the reporter who had the exclusive. I found out she was getting married on the day of the wedding. The groom is a non-celebrity. Only their family attended the wedding. I heard not even her manager knew. She wrote how she felt about getting married in a handwritten letter and uploaded it on her fan site. When news of her marriage spread, befitting a Korean Wave goddess, many foreign fans congratulated her. Congratulations once again to the new wife, Jiwoo. Congratulations. We’ve waited a long time. The final week of March with Entertainment Weekly. This is Solid! Oh my. The R&B kings are back after 21 years. These 3 men dominated the era with hit songs. The interview with the full group begins now! Solid! Solid! What took you so long? Time has really flown. I was in elementary school then, and now I’m a dad. How have you been? Living normal lives. Being a dad, you have to pick up the kids from school. Jae Chong, I haven’t seen you on TV in so long. I’ve been active as a producer. I see. Not many people thought you’d have a comeback. No singer has been inactive for 21 years. This is the longest inactive period ever. Including overseas singers. You’re great singers, but Lee Jun’s low rap was really impressive. (His bottomless voice) He was very loved for his unmatched low voice. It sounded a bit sleazy. That was cool! Do it in a more sleazy way. ♪ Perhaps… ♪ Go overboard with sleaziness. When do you think Solid was at their peak? Our 3rd album. (“You’re My First And Last” 1996) The title track of their 3rd album, released in 1996, was lauded as their peak. ♪ You are my everything ♪ Nice singing. ♪ You’re my first and last ♪ In convenience stores, there were magazine racks. We weren’t on just one or two, we were on all the covers. Just all Solid. Which member do you think was the most popular back then? 1, 2, 3! (Unanimously Lee Jun) (Original American reaction) What do you think the reason is? – I’m not sure… / – His cane. I wanted that cane too. The special thing was when a song came out, it only came out on the radio. So people would think those with low voices had big bodies. Since they just saw the picture. They thought I was Lee Jun. Many people sing like me, and when we came out on TV… They were shocked and wondered why the rapper was singing. That’s why I think maybe I was seen as more attractive. I was doing a bit of bodybuilding them and was working out my biceps, so I looked like a rapper. Then I go… ♪ My lips… ♪ It didn’t fit. So the keywords are “television” and “biceps.” How great. It’s great right now. (Hahahaha) “Holding On To The End Of The Night” really got your name out there. (“Holding On To The End Of The Night” 1995) Did you think it would be a hit when you made it? We didn’t know how well it would do, but I imagined it. I could see what kind of large concert hall I would be singing the song at. I knew it was a hit. It sold over 1 million copies and is still chosen as a legendary song even now. I’ll bring some items to help you remember the past. There’s a vest inside. You’ll remember. – This is it. / – Not wearing anything. Anyone can tell you didn’t wear anything. You and you. The photographer wanted us to be naked from the waist up. But at that time, we came to Korea and learned about Korean pork belly barbecue for the first time. We loved it. We’d sit down and order 10 servings. The 3 of you? Ma’am, 13 servings! So we went to the photoshoot and took our clothes off, but they said, “No way.” That’s why I wore this jacket and have no shirt. Oh, you two split one outfit. I had to wear something, so I put it on. Many felt odd since you hadn’t been together long when you broke up in 1997. From “Holding On To The End Of The Night” to our 4th album, we barely got any rest. We decided to take a break to get some rest and focus on our own work. Then get together again to make music if an opportunity arose. The headlines were short. Not “They’ll be back soon,” but rather “Solid Disbands.” It was shocking, even though we were just thinking of a temporary break. But that got bigger. This is not the end of Solid. (It took 21 years for them to fulfill their promise) I’ll talk about your new song. – It’s so good. / – Thank you. We made a new genre called “future retro.” It’s about needing courage to go to a bright place. So it’s filled with our desire for challenge. Solid is back after 21 years. We’ve changed a lot. We hope that the memories and life experiences within that can be shared through our music. Solid! Let’s go! Thank you for returning and stay active! Solid is with us again after so long but since I’ve heard those songs so much, it’s a pleasure to see them. I feel like that 21 years is long, yet so short. The song is great. We look forward to your promotions. Thank you for returning. Let’s continue onto the next stories. Now we’ll hear from Kim Saengmin and Kim Taejin. (Kim Saengmin) We have a special feature, Dance Singers Koreans Love. We’ll reveal them starting at #50. It’s very interesting and will be on soon. Are you in the segment? (Kim Taejin) First, we’ll have Guerrilla Date. The star this week is TVXQ, back on Guerrilla Date after 6 years. The street was paralyzed due to the many fans. TVXQ are known as a fun group due to their especially witty lines. Look forward to it. It starts now. The true ones are here! Textbook idols! TVXQ! The stars of Guerrilla Date! Return of the king! Idol emperors TVXQ, back with their 8th album! It’s been 6 years since you were on the show, right? It’s already been that long? Do you remember 6 years ago? Do you remember their presence? Filming was paused due to the massive fan turnout. You’re enjoying the same popularity as 6 years ago. It’s the same. It hasn’t changed at all. But today has the worst fine dust of any day. I won’t lose to fine dust. TVXQ’s Guerrilla Date! Let’s go! Here we go! You’ve enjoyed this popularity since your debut. We’re thankful for it. It wasn’t always like this. It’s something you can’t not be thankful for. I saw you on MBC’s variety show “I Live Alone.” (Source: MBC) TVXQ is being loved for their odd charms on this variety show. Did you enjoy it? Yes. You looked close and looked very good on the program. It feels like a different world. I can’t believe someone from KBS is saying MBC is good. I feel like the world has really changed. The world has become a better place. I have to ask you about your new album. It’s your 8th already. You emphasized “eight.” It’s something to be proud of. What’s your title song? It contains a story of love and is called “The Chance of Love: New Chapter #1.” A more mature and softer mood can be felt in their new song “The Chance of Love.” We’ll talk about the album more later… Oh my, be careful. A dangerous situation has arisen. Okay. I don’t think we can continue filming. The streets were seriously paralyzed. Let’s move over there. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. We moved to a safe location. Please continue watching. 1, 2, 3! Reintroducing TVXQ! If he introduced them like that before… We brought a few fans to talk to you up close. Can you look in their eyes for 5 seconds and such? Of course. Can you do it to each other? Us two? Come here. A male fan. Do you like TVXQ? Yes! – Do you love them? / – Yes! How about they each give you a hug? He said he was a fan since he was young. How great! How great! Then a real true fan appeared. Scream! (Waaaah!) Look at the real true fan. (Unbelievable) She ran out of the hair salon! What happened? I was dyeing my hair and I saw TVXQ outside the window so I ran out. In the middle of dyeing? – My scalp hurts so much. / – She said her scalp hurts. She’s the best ever. You must love TVXQ so much to run out while dyeing your hair. This is the first time ever on Entertainment Weekly. Can you say 3 attractive things about them? – 3? / – Yes. I think I’m going to go blind. Humans can’t have proportions like that. They’re nice. But you have to be close to them to know that. I’m close to them by myself. I know a lot of stuff myself. Who can dance? Come on out. – It’s a female fan. / – Hello. Where are you from? China. China. Can you have a dance battle with them? Get ready… Start! She’s good at dancing. She’s the dancing queen of China! She’s pretty good. Then U-Know Yunho steps forward! (Competitiveness unleashed) It’s the competitive U-Know Yunho, with more passion than anyone. He grits his teeth and dances! Usually the stars don’t try this hard in the fan battle. (Embarrassed) How long has it been since you saw him do this? – 15 years. / – 15 years. Alright. TVXQ gave out tons of fan service. Now you know why they’re so loved. We changed locations to have a deeper conversation. You’ve come back after 2 years and 8 months. This time, the album contains a lot of our personal input. Starting with the concept, we wanted to give fans the feeling of receiving a gift. That’s how we started. Let’s talk about the past. It’s been no less than 15 years. We have a photo of Changmin. Is this from right before you debuted? I think it’s from the year before. At your audition, they told you to dance, so you just danced and clapped like soldiers did and passed. Many people find that story ridiculous but it’s true. So you got chosen on your face alone? I don’t want to toot my own horn but that was the case. Then didn’t the others give you a hard time? I’ve said this often but I kept my head bowed down. You got to debut in a group called TVXQ and were told your names were U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. How did you feel hearing that? I felt dizzy. I still remember being asked what my group name was by older colleagues. “TVXQ.” “What?” “It’s TVXQ…” – It was embarrassing? / – Yes, at that time. As time passed, I felt pride in that name. It was nice that later, putting a prefix in front of your name… It became a trend. Entertainment Weekly has Shin Hyunjoon. There’s also SM Entertainment member Saengmin. What 4-character name would you give them? From the original 4-character name stars. Interest Saengmin. Interest Saengmin. To cement his image… He built himself up slowly like interest and became the Kim Saengmin he is now. Wow. Great name. Interest Saengmin. What about Shin Hyunjoon? I’d choose Zla… Zla-Hyunjoon. Since he looks like Zlatan. I really like him. Wow, that photo… – They look the same. / – They resemble each other. Sometimes there’s disharmony between words and actions. “Words and actions are different. TVXQ are a capitalist group.” What does this mean? We have prepared 3 photos as evidence proving this. “We don’t like physical contact with men.” Is what they said. (TVXQ: “We don’t like physical contact with men”) We’re slaves to capitalism. We had no choice but to submit. From KBS variety program “Happy Together.” That’s the perfect truth of life. The truth of life. You thought that’d be talked about for 10 years. You said you regretted it deeply. You said you were embarrassed by it yet filmed an ad of it. Investigating reveals all. Do you actually regret it? You said it was so embarrassing for you, yet… Do you admit this is capitalism? I said it was embarrassing but became more resolute since it was me. I think it’s amazing. I’m never that resolute about myself. That’s not easy to do. That’s why so many people say I’m cute or friendly. He’s eloquent. We feel we must approach more people with a friendly heart rather than focus on doing well as our goal. Please show us lots of love. Let’s go, TVXQ! Always looking forward to great music from you. The hottest place in Korea! Welcome to Saengmin’s Nightclub! (Welcome to Saengmin’s Nightclub) It’s so hot in here! The people are good-looking tonight. Hello. It’s Interest Saengmin. I’m DJ Min, in charge of your Friday night. Shake it, shake it! Time to meet the #50 to #31 Dance Singers Koreans Love. Let’s start with #40. Why are we starting at #40 and not #50? Because I feel like it! Look at his hair. Saengmin’s Nightclub! Saengmin’s Nightclub! Saengmin’s Nightclub with Saengmin! The dancing gods will join us tonight! A special feature by Entertainment Weekly to raise yours spirits tonight. Dance Singers Koreans Love starts now! #49 is Chaeyeon and #48 is SECHSKIES. With their powerful group dance… And cute dance routines, they’re a group that can handle various dances. Introducing the two in charge of dance in SECHSKIES. The wings of SECHSKIES, Lee Jaejin and Kim Jaeduck. SECHSKIES reminds us of a certain dance. Even now, it has a shocking move. The acrobatic fall-down dance. (Source: MBC) My falling down dance. Did you just resist the pain? I did. I had to be tenacious. He withstands the pain and boasts undiminished dance skills. These two had a notorious rivalry. H.O.T’s Jang Woohyuk and SHINHWA’s Lee Minwoo. SHINHWA’s dancing machine Lee Minwoo is #38 on Dance Singers Koreans Love. Charisma on the stage and SECHSKIES’ eternal rival. Where does H.O.T’s Jang Woohyuk rank? We’ll reveal it next week. #43 is Gain of Brown Eyed Girls. It was the hottest in 2009 and can be called the “people’s dance.” This was called the “arrogance dance” and Gain, the youngest member of Brown Eyed Girls, drew gazes when she danced to it. (Gain’s fatal temptation) Sexy and cute, dangerously teasing, she knocked out men. (A sexy dynamite that could explode at any time) As a cute, sexy dynamite that can explode at any time. She even made the sensitive pervert Yu Huiyeol get a nosebleed. #42 is Kahi. #41 is the dance master Yang Hyunsuk, who dominated music in the 90s. (Source: MBC) He’s a very famous dancer. He’s the best dancer in Korea. Seotaiji even acknowledged he was a dancing god in the 90s. This is Yang Hyunsuk’s whirlwind dance. It’s as if all his joints are opened. 20 years later, Akdong Musician made the news when they recreated it. He said he’s coming to our dorm. No! Yang Hyunsuk and JYP met on the stage in the 90s and battled for the throne of dancing king. You must be wondering how JYP, Yang Hyunsuk’s eternal rival, is ranked. Wait and see. #39 is Lee Eunha. #37 is Poppin Hyunjoon. #36 is Jay Park. #35 is Hyun Jinyoung. With his leaning forward dance, he caused a hip hop craze in the 1990s. The one who brought hip-hop to Korea, Jinyoung. Talent shows were filled with people wearing hip hop pants and doing that dance. (Source: MBC) He recently went on stage, showing off his unchanged dancing skills. He’s still got it when it comes to dance skills. #34 is Jun Hyosung and #33 is Son Dambi. Son Dambi boasts a perfect figure on the stage. When she came out with “Saturday Night,” the word to describe her was “Retro Goddess.” Seeing her shoulderpads and retro dance was enjoyable. Before that, one word turned her into a sexy queen. It was “chair dance.” The chair dance took Korea by storm in 2008. (The chair dance that drove Korea wild) (Source: MBC) Many stars parodied her chair dance throwing down the challenge. The parodies reached their peak. Due to all the parodies, many broadcast stations banned this song. Nobody does it better than the original. We hope we can see the dancing queen Son Dambi on stage soon. Come back, dancing queen. #32 is BTS and #31 is EXO. #32 is popular not just in Korea but globally too. They’re a global group that represents K-Pop. BTS captivated the world with their precise dance moves. They’re the first Korean group to be at the American Music Awards. They were met with loud cheers. (World stars the entire globe is focusing on) #31 is a leading driver of the Korean Wave fever. At the center of EXO is Kai. He performed at the PyeongChang Olympics closing ceremony, which is an honor. A star celebrities love. A star of stars, EXO! With the world watching, they elevated the status of K-Pop with a flashy dance. It’s not an exaggeration to say that EXO is at the height of idol popularity. They’re so cool. Here’s a hint for next week on Dance Singers Koreans Love. Doll-like Jooe. She dances well, like a bunny. She’s a good dancer. Who will be on the list next week? Top 100 Dance Singers Koreans Love! Look forward to next week! Look forward to next week. Coming soon! I enjoyed Dance Singers Koreans Love with Interest Saengmin. I wish he would wear that wig in the studio next week. I enjoyed that. My shoulders are grooving. The next story is by Kim Saengmin and Kim Seongeun. Let’s hear from our spring girl Kim Seunghye. Hello, I’m spring girl Kim Seunghye. There was a meaningful event at Incheon International Airport this Thursday. Entertainment Weekly went to check it out. Coming up soon. I went to meet a miracle. I met with 3 people who showed us a miracle just by meeting with them. I interviewed Kim Myeongmin, Kim Hyunjoo and Ra Miran, stars of the new drama “The Miracle We Met.” Kim Myeongmin was mindful of Kim Hyunjoo and Ra Miran as we were filming. We’ll find out why soon. First, we’ll have Veteran. The star today has made Korean broadcast history. A living legend and a maestro of the television. Lee Sunjae. Let’s hear his honest thoughts and what he has to say as an elder of this generation. Who’s under investigation today? His name is Lee Sunjae. He was born on October 10, 1935 in Hoeryong, Hamgyeongbuk-do. Why are you all here? How do you feel cooperating with the investigation? I don’t even know why I was called here. I haven’t done anything wrong. You’ve been doing this for 62 years. Is there someone behind the scenes pulling the strings? What? (Laser eyes fired) Do you have any last words? I love Entertainment Weekly. The target of our investigation today is Lee Sunjae, an actor of 62 years. Let’s begin the investigation. (Slam) Sir… I got makeup put on and I want to show it off. I thought you were acting. Please start. Do you remember the first time you came to KBS, where this investigation room is located? The first time was… When KBS was opened. It was in Namsan, not here. The first program by KBS was the drama “I’ll Become a Man.” It was live. – A live drama? / – That was in 1961. So they had no bloopers. No, bloopers were just aired as they were. But they wouldn’t be back. You’re a smart celebrity. You studied philosophy at Seoul National University. You always say that. You must have studied well in 12th grade. The Korean War began when I was in 10th grade. So I couldn’t study properly. We had to go to the refugee areas. We were all scattered. Then a Seoul National University student decides to become an actor. I’m curious about that. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. You can definitely think that. Especially back then… 90% of my family was against it. They criticized the profession. I got interested in it because we had a lot of good movies back then. They were all artistic movies. That’s when I discovered the artistry in it. “That an actor is an artist,” I figured. I had the impulse to try it out once. In the 1960s, you made many women swoon. The original boyfriend look. They all loved Shin Seong-il back then. I was short, so they wouldn’t look at me. Many people put the word “father” in front of your name. Still? Shouldn’t it be “grandfather”? No, it’s father. (Source: MBC, “What is Love,” 1991) He got the title of “father” through the drama “What is Love.” What’s the point of talking about that on KBS? They said the KBS office building would cross over. That means that as soon as the KBS 9 o’clock news ended, everyone turns on MBC. – That’s an exaggeration. / – It’s for real. I said that when the old KBS CEO was present and caused a great discourtesy. It got over 65% viewership. You bothered Kim Hyeja so much that it upset us. You were too tough on her in the drama. But patriarchal fathers are like that. Those kinds of fathers don’t do anything bad. They’re too cheap to cheat. People who are tough on their kids do it because they love their family. Are you like that at home too? If I was, I’d be in real trouble. I always say this but in my time, there was no leading in housework or anything. Since you had to work every day. You couldn’t eat if you didn’t. They didn’t pay us cash for movies. They gave us a promissory note. 2 to 3 month ones. So you had to promise? No, that’s not what I mean. Look at this generation gap. It’s a different history. You get a check, right? That you can cash in. In the old days, you couldn’t do it right away. You can only cash it after 3 months. I see. But to me, I apologize, but this is what you remind me of. (Source: MBC) Nobody could imagine it. Who knew he would watch this? What is that sound? (Porn Sunjae) He gained the title of Porn Sunjae after that. Along with your solemn history… And along with your extremely high viewership… The word “porn” followed you around and you became even more popular. How do you feel looking back on that? Why do you keep talking about MBC here on KBS? That’s fine, it’s okay. Why doesn’t KBS produce something like that? I tried not to do it, but they said it was fun and would be a hit. But one must save face. Everyone could relate to me. That’s right. Since a grandpa was interested in the same things, they felt we were equals. After that became a hit, you officiated a few marriages. You told the couples to watch adult videos together. I heard that too. (Source: MBC) Love aggressively and with passion. And if you need to, watching adult videos is fine. The reason is because… – Do you sometimes fight. / – A lot. When you fight, don’t leave it unsolved that night. You have to resolve it then and there. Resolve what, sir? Be quiet! When couples fight, 80% is because of the man. I tell the brides that if her husband asks for forgiveness 3 times, to give in and accept it. At that time, you can watch adult videos. But shouldn’t you not watch that to resolve the issue? You have to not watch adult videos to resolve issues. I mean to satisfy each other’s feelings. You can’t just turn on the adult videos. You can use it as a way to accelerate things. I see. I’ll remember that. Can this be broadcast? Of course. – Your spouse is everything. / – That’s right. Let’s talk about the work that explored elderly love and elderly romance. That was my last work on KBS. “Mom’s Dead Upset.” I’m not sure what she was upset about. Wait a minute. I worked hard on it. There’s a really innovative drama from KBS that I remember. It was a groundbreaking drama. “Ordinary People.” It was a masterpiece with over 500 episodes. Then I think in 1996… – “Men of the Bath House.” / – Kim Heeseon. – “Men of the Bath House.” / – Kim Heeseon. I got a call saying I’d win an award. I thought they were giving me the grand prize. Then 3 or so days before the ceremony, they said it was the lifetime achievement award. “What?” Those are what I remember from KBS. “Mom’s Dead Upset” was a good drama. He challenged himself endlessly over 62 years. “Stand By Me” would not have been complete without Lee Sunjae. He’s come out with a movie this time. I really want to see that. It was a natural story about a family. I got choked up reading the script. So I thought it was good. I was shocked. You accept the role for no pay? Well, it didn’t seem like they’d pay me a lot anyway. I was 90% the lead. I had been the lead a lot in the past, and in movies. Of course. I’ve done lots of famous works but now I don’t know if it’ll be my last work. So that’s more important than money. That’s incredible. Your last work… So I’d rather get a better role and get paid less. I’m sure they’ll compensate me if the movie’s a hit. Since you’re 90% of the movie, as you said. – I’ll go see it. / – Please do. Entertainment Weekly has been airing for 21 years… But I’ve never interviewed anyone with your level of experience that has cooperated so well in an interview. This has to be a hit. (So honest) As an actor and as a senior, you’ve been going full steam ahead without a break. If you could tell yourself one thing, what would it be? Good job. You’ve worked hard but there’s a bit more to do, so work hard when you’re given the opportunity. I think that acting is never complete and never ends. It’s just an endless challenge. You must continue to create and endlessly work hard. That’s why it’s worth doing. It was an honor to meet you today. Investigation complete! Am I being discharged? An actor of our era, Lee Sunjae. We want to continue to see you for a long time. Thank you. Unbelievable! I’m with the stars of “The Miracle We Met.” Hello. He was eating a candy. (Miracle of swallowing candy) What kind of drama is “The Miracle We Met”? It’s a miracle we’re all in the same drama together. Why is that a miracle? Weren’t you the one who said this? What miraculous teamwork. This is our drama. (Two men with the same name and age) A man starts living a completely different life after he enters the body of someone else after a freak car accident. Go Changsuk’s spirit enters the body of Kim Myeongmin. Can you believe that I’m a different person? Would you rather be the branch manager Hyeoncheol or the original Hyeoncheol? Which do you prefer? I miss my husband Hyeoncheol. But who knows how things will turn out. I don’t think it’ll last. (I’m Kim Myeongmin) He’s lived long enough. Kim Hyunjoo, you said that you were mindful of Ra Miran in another interview. She’s so cute and lovely and is good at housework. She’s a nice character. But on the other hand… Sorry to say this, but I play a pretty character. (My goodness) (Ends with boasting) A cold person. She counterattacks but… How can you call a high-class woman cold? Are you already taking sides? (Suddenly alert) Great chemistry. This question is for Kim Myeongmin. – Which of the two do I choose? / – Of these two… Answer correctly. If you had to choose. I got along with Ra Miran very well at first. (What?) She had a different charm. (Myeongmin is puzzled) Did you just frown? With you in the middle… Try sitting here. Sit here and feel this. But he can’t avoid it. (Watch where his hand goes) His actions speak louder than his words. (Fixes direction immediately) (His hands are busy today) No need to say more. You act coldly at first. Was anything tough about it? I was trying to stay composed. I try not to talk if possible. You have to act as Go Changsuk too, so did you observe his acting or anything? Even if everything else is different, Hyeoncheol had to wear the same underwear. So there’s a scene where he sneaks in and takes his underwear. It’s very sad. Thinking about how his items would’ve been stored. It seemed like they’d be in a box… I didn’t get his things in order yet… It’s done already. I got them in order. What if that happened to you in real life? I think I’d go crazy. I think you’d be just fine. (Ahh…) A brief silence… (Grumbling) She lifts the mood… I have to do that? You’ve done it often. (Let’s go home) The hottest keyword of the drama is “Body Rental Contract.” Kim Hyunjoo and Ra Miran rent each other’s bodies. She’s very luxurious. Look at that smile. But she’s hinted at how confident she is in her body before. I’m not in good shape… Let’s write a body rental contract, starting with Ra Miran. What body part are you most confident in? Perhaps because my manager couldn’t find another spot, he said I had pretty ears. Show us your ears. I guess there was nothing else pretty about me. Aren’t they pretty? Isn’t the contract too cheap? I’m not in good shape… Kim Myeongmin’s contract says the body part he’s most confident in is his wrist. He wrote it’s free. Getting just $5 for it would be absurd. So I just made it free. A cool, free, rental. You have terrible handwriting. (Dizzy at the fact attack) Kim Hyunjoo is most confident in her waist. Going down from my waist. – The line. / – The line. The rental fee is a delicious dinner. One that goes well with a glass of wine. About $200 worth. (Why you…) “Just don’t get injured.” That’s enough. Didn’t you say you have weak joints? (Absolute rest needed before the rental) The first episode premieres on April 2nd. We hope you have a miraculous experience through our drama. A miracle is coming to you this April. Watch the premiere! (Incheon Airport Early Spring Music Festival) Incheon Airport held a special performance to celebrate 17 years since opening. We watched Hong Kyungmin perform. Hello, I’m Hong Kyungmin, performing at the airport. I’m happy to have performed at this momentous and honorable 17th anniversary celebration. (Hip hop Festival was on March 31 at Incheon Airport) It was good to see myself not doing anything strange on that live cut. That’s all the news we have today on Entertainment Weekly, which made me focus. We’ll be back next week. Viewers, be happy! (“ONE” by Samuel)

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