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Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Minho, Hyolyn, Gang Dongwon [ENG/CHN/2016.11.21]

(Episode 1648) Hello, I’m Shin Hyunjoon of Entertainment Weekly. Hello, I’m Jung Jiwon. Today is the third Saturday of November. There was the college entrance exam this week. We’d like to say good work to everyone who took it. We wish you the best of luck on the results. We’d also like to cheer up every viewer watching Entertainment Weekly today. Let’s begin today’s episode of Entertainment Weekly. Let’s go over This Week’s Hot Click. We have updates on Ma Dongseok’s love relationship and the breakup of Jang Dongmin and Navi couple. This Week’s Hot Click is starting now. I’m going to ace the college entrance exam! It’s that time of the year again. It’s time for the college entrance exam. Even the glamorous stars look nervous before the exam. We went to cheer for the celebrity students. Let’s see who were there. On the 17th, the college entrance exam took place. Many people were there wishing students good luck. We were soon joined by Dahyun of Twice. She looks good in her school uniform, doesn’t she? I’m really nervous right now. I wish everyone taking the exam the best of luck. Dahyun held tight onto her lunch as she went her way. Who made lunch for you today? The members of Twice made it for me. I feel like they’ve got my back. Thanks for the food, everyone. – Good luck on your exam. / – Thank you. We went to a different exam site to see who’s there. (The juniors of the exam-takers came for them.) Nayun of Momoland came with other members. I’m really nervous to take the exam. I’ll try to do my best. – Go, Nayun. / – Go, Nayun! Someone came prepared with a pink blanket. We met the former member of April, Hyunjoo. I’m really nervous. I’ll have to try my best. Which subject are you most confident about? Korean. I like reading books. I’ll have to read carefully and look for the answers. The competition between reporters grew. Sinbi and Umji of GFriend also made appearances. They look rather nervous. Can you show us your identification slips? They take out their Identification slips at a request. We asked them how they were feeling. This is my first big exam and I got nervous. Other members helped us with that. – They made lunch for us. / – Yes, they did. – Which subjects are they best at? / – Which subjects? I have good language skills. I think I’ll do well in Korean and English. I think I’ll do well in social studies and history. I hope people taking the test don’t get too nervous. I wish the best of results for everyone. – Good luck on your exams. / – Good luck. Good luck, everyone. We met celebrities taking the college entrance exam. I wish the best of luck to everyone. (It’s surprising how I feel about you.) The celebrity couple, Jang Dongmin and Navi decided to part ways. The two started openly dating last December. They uploaded pictures on their social media and appeared on shows together showing their affection. There’s an eyelash on your face. – Women are all the same. / – They are. Last August, there was a rumor of their breakup. On Friday the 18th, they made the breakup official. (They grew apart due to busy schedules.) Jang Dongmin’s agency made an official statement saying they did break up after growing apart due to busy schedules. That was the end of their two-year-long relationship. I wish the best of luck to both of them in the future. I love Ma Dongseok. Ma Dongseok is in love. My shirt’s a little tight. Ma Dongseok and Ye Junghwa are in love. They made an official statement yesterday afternoon. They’ve been dating for three months. Ye Junghwa is a former physical trainer for the national football team. Ma Dongseok’s physique isn’t bad himself. They are quite the muscular celebrity couple. According to the agency’s statement, they had many similar interests and thus became close. What do I see in a woman? – I like someone who’s cheerful. / – I see. I like a man who I can teach exercises to. That’s Ma Dongseok. They’re the lovers they each dreamed about. I wish the best of luck for the happy couple. (We will be expecting more good news.) Congratulations. (Entertainment Weekly) You can trust these actors to make good movies. These three tell a heartwarming story. Let’s get right to it. This time slip movie is the one to watch this winter. I’m with the cast of “Will You Be There?” – Welcome. / – Hello. – It’s nice to meet you. / – You too. I love the combination of you three. – Thank you. / – I’ve been wanting to meet you three. Can you describe your roles in the movie? Can you start us off? I’m a pediatric surgeon called Han Soohyun. I save a girl’s life and receive ten mysterious pills in return. If I talk more, I’d spoil it for everyone. You’ll have to check out the rest in the theaters. I’d like to add to his explanations. “Will You Be There?” is a movie about a man who goes back 30 years in time and meets the past himself. Two actors are playing a single character. How would you feel if Byun Yohan was how you looked 30 years ago? Well, I got offered the role before him, so… (I see.) I see. I recommended Yohan to the director. That’s a fact. – Oh, really? / – Yes. Were you aware of that, Yohan? It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. Thank you. I was concerned whether I should try to imitate his style of acting. I observed him carefully to try to be like him. Can you do an impersonation of Kim Yunseok? “Have you eaten?” That was his impersonation of you. Can you show him how it’s actually done? (“The Yellow Sea”) – Have you eaten? / – That’s how you do it. You always ask me to do embarrassing stuff. Have you eaten? We can’t not talk about the only actress, Seojin. Chae Seojin was the first love of those two actors. She’s also famous for being Kim Okvin’s sister. I was always nervous when I was on the set. They gave me a lot of love, but I was too nervous to notice it. I think Yohan was the ice breaker on the set. Before a romantic scene, he had me listen to a Titanic theme song. (Yohan likes listening to music.) Do you have a favorite idol or music? I like EXO. He says he likes a boy idol group. Really? There was a collaboration between Yu Jaeseok and EXO. Are you interested in an opportunity like that? Can we go back to talking about our movie? – Why are we talking about Jaeseok? / – He got upset. In fact, this movie is based on a bestselling French novel. Guillaume Musso is a renowned novelist. He said he’s a fan of Yunseok. It was an honor to hear that he saw “The Chaser.” We did go to Cannes Film Festival, but still… That’s just one of the things he liked. The scenario was very well-written. When he read it, he got very impressed. He was impressed with how his novel got reworked. He uploaded a post of the movie on Twitter. Did you say anything to him as a response? I don’t speak French. If you say something to him, we’ll write the subtitles. There’s a delicious food called “jokbal” in Korea. I’d like to enjoy it with you when you come here. This movie is about a time slip. This is a very global show. If you could, to when would you like to go back? I’d go back to June 15 of 2002. I got married on June 16. I’ll tell myself to call off the marriage… – Are you serious right how, Yunseok? / – Oh, no. – You can’t say that. / – Goodness. I won’t say that. I’ll tell myself to love her more and be good to her. You’re not going to edit the last part out, are you? I was just joking. That’s up to the director. I’ll sue you if you do. I won’t forgive you. How many people do you think will come to watch? Eight million? Can you make a pledge on what you’ll do if it happens? I’m not the one who said eight million. I didn’t say anything. How much attendance do you think you’ll get? But she already said something. You have to make a pledge. He kept avoiding to give an answer. I saw someone doing a cross-country walk because of the pledge he made. That’s when I knew I shouldn’t make the same mistake. Actor Ha Jungwoo had to go on a cross-country walk because of the pledge he made. He looks exhausted. “Will You Be There?” is coming to theaters in December. It’s got comedy, romance, thrill, and drama. You can trust us on this one. We’ll give you a happy Christmas. – See you in theaters. / – See you in theaters. Let’s do that over again. Aren’t you supposed to be playing the same character? We’re finished shooting. We look forward to watching your movie. (We look forward to meeting the three in theaters.) I think it’s going to be a really good movie. I have a feeling it’s going to be a hit. – Me, too. / – I’ll make sure to go watch it. If you went back 30 years in time, what would you do? – If I went back… / – You weren’t even born then. Aren’t I right? I think I wouldn’t have studied as hard. Right. What about you, Hyunjoon? I see. The next news will be brought to you – by Kim Taejin and Yujeong. / – Yujeong will start. I interviewed Ma Dongseok and Minho of Shinee. Just yesterday, Ma Dongseok declared his love. In both movies and reality, he’s devoted to pure love. Please stay tuned for the date I went on with them. I met with Hyolyn of Sistar who released a new solo album in three years. She’s the perfect example of girl crush. I went on a date with the feisty and charming Hyolyn. Let’s see how it went. You look dashing today. (It’s late autumn.) It’s late autumn. “It’s late autumn.” There’s a lonely man waiting for someone. After a while, a woman appears. (She’s slowly approaching.) – Who is that? / – She looks cool. You scared me. Guess who? You have a gruff voice. Park Kyunglim? (Come to me.) – What’s your name? / – It’s Hyolyn. – Hyolyn? / – Yes. Min Hyorin? Are you… She was about to curse. – Relax, Hyolyn. / – I like that. – Hyolyn of Sistar? / – Yes. I met with Hyolyn of Sistar. (Welcome) – We’re going to go on a date. / – You’re a good actor. – I see. / – How do you like it so far? We’ll be walking down the streets, stepping on leaves. (It’s a romantic autumn date.) I just like being here. – On the streets. / – It’s crowded here and everything’s so shiny. Were you locked away all this time? Is this your first time out? Should we walk arm in arm? It’s cold out. – Sure. / – Let’s go. (What’s this?) Oh, that’s what you meant. I’m hard to get. You’re funny. Hyolyn is back with a solo album. Anywhere I go with her is a paradise. – I gave up on that. / – He’s so clever. – Stop it. / – That’s hilarious. She refuses to be pretentious. She’s always cheerful and charming. Let’s go on a date with Hyolyn. – Isn’t this your first activity since summer? / – Yes. I’ve been working on my album and doing performances as a member of Sistar. I’ve been busy with all the work. You must’ve been too busy to drink. – I can always make time for alcohol. / – I see. It’s a puppy. Can we say hello? They love you. What are their names? This is Madonna. – Madonna? / – That’s Betty. There are two Madonnas here. We found your competition. – They’re so cute. / – They really are. – Do they like being around women? / – Yes. – They must get that from the owner. / – Right. Thank you. You released a new album. – That’s right. / – It’s been a while. – It’s called “Paradise,” right? / – Yes. It’s doing well on the charts, right? To be honest, I try not to let myself care too much about the rank. I’ll probably only end up hurting myself anyway. That’s why I try not to care. – I’m sure it only adds pressure. / – That’s right. So, let’s now go to where we’ve set up. – Should we link arms? / – Sure. Here we go. – How was the fresh air? / – It was nice. Really? Well, I was cold. I’d love to have stayed outside. Let’s talk about your new album. The lead single is called “Paradise.” To help you out, we’ve brought along a friend. Rebecca. Can you play Hyolyn’s new single? (She’s doubtful.) I’ll play for you “Paradise” by Hyolyn. She seems genuinely surprised. (She’s shocked.) Isn’t she amazing? She is. This is fascinating. Can you sing along? – ♪ Your confident gaze ♪ / – That is fascinating. ♪ I find adorable ♪ There’s nothing there. That’s very charming. Rebecca, that’s enough. (She understands everything.) – What on earth is that? / – It’s bewitching. You’re also quite famous all around the world. Billboard said that your voice was similar to Mariah Carey’s. – Really? / – You Youngsuk said that no other vocalist in Korea is like you. As an artist, I like being recognized for my talent. You’ve become sexier over the years compared to how adorable you were at first. That’s why I’m doomed. I hate looking so mature now. Hi, I’m Kim Hyojung. I was born in 1991. This is Hyolyn before her debut. As you can see, she looked young and innocent. She’s so pretty. (Her vocals are just as powerful.) Isn’t she amazing? – Do you remember when you were a rookie? / – Sure. It was seven years ago. Can you perhaps sing for us your debut single? Rebecca, play me “Push Push.” – “Push Push” by Sistar. / – Rebecca did it again! She’s amazing. Isn’t she smart? Was this released seven years ago? It’s Sistar’s debut single, “Push Push.” I remember their bubbly and sporty look. (Sistar and Hyolyn exploded onto the scene in 2010.) – I especially remember your bangs. / – Oh, yes. I’m sure it’s different as to flying solo on stage. Of course. For some reasons I like being in a group, but then again some things are easier when I’m alone. I see. Hyolyn’s picks her best three songs. – Was this taken for the recent album? / – Yes. Was it retouched? It probably was. Can you point out where? – My legs have been elongated. / – I see. You’re gorgeous, though. My features have been retouched, too. (She went under construction.) In third place is “A Girl in Love.” Rebecca, please play “A Girl in Love.” This is “A Girl in Love” by Sistar19. – I love this song. / – Do you? It’s the song that accentuates her femininity. It’s her third favorite song. – She adores it. / – I tried to be very feminine. I know. In second place is “Erase.” Please play “Erase” by Hyolyn. I’ll play for you “Erase” by Hyolyn. Her voice is so soft. It’s the song she sang with fellow artist Jooyoung. (It’s a rhythm and blues collaboration.) You also sound feminine in this song too. I sing that way mostly when I’m with a man. Don’t you develop feelings in the process? Of course, not. I wonder what her favorite song is. Is it what you all thought? “Slow”? I wrote it myself. – Did you? / – Yes. That song means a lot to me. What’s the song about? It’s an erotic song. Is that so? Let’s listen to it quickly. Rebecca, play “Slow” by Hyolyn. That’s the kind of song Taejin loves. (You can be rough, I’d love to feel it) “You can be rough, I’d love to feel it.” Is it based on personal experience? I wrote what I thought was right for the song’s mood. They weren’t huge hits. Yet, they show who you are as an artist. I’m sure they’ll catch on once this show airs. – I don’t think so. / – Don’t you care? The reality isn’t lost on her. My new solo album is out after three years. I look forward to all your support and I wish you a warm and loving year end. – Thank you. / – We hope to see you more and we wish you the best. Good luck! I love her new song. Look out for these tough guys on the big screen. (He’s immersed.) I cursed a lot and smoked for the first time. I like those that are bubbly. – I see. / – Yes. I know it seems not so much of me. Let’s go ahead and meet the two men that are charming in their own ways. Please tell us about your movie, “Derailed.” Go ahead and tell the viewers the role you play. It’s about two men living like dirt, fighting to protect the ones they love. I play the role of a runaway teenager. It’s about two men of an ill-fated relationship. With everything on the line, they fight in order to protect their loved ones. You’re no stranger to action scenes, but were there any parts that were particularly hard? Not really. Why am I drooling though? I have one word for you. Busted. We see a rough side of you that we haven’t seen before. My face is never clean. I always have bruise or a scar. Many of my lines has curse words in them. I smoked for the first time as well. Did you quit smoking right after the shooting was over? Yes. I quit right after I decided to. I heard that it’s not an easy task. I know. Is it hard for you? Me? I don’t know what you’re talking about. What’s the most devious act you’ve done? I try my best to always be good. – Of course. / – But you never know. I created some havoc when I was younger. Did you drink when you were young? Well… I’m trying my best to erase those memories. (No more bad memories.) How far have you gone for a loved one? I’ve waited all day for her. – All day? / – Yes. – That’s amazing. / – Is it? I’ve given her my one and only credit card. Really? Could you edit that out? That we’d never do. Dongseok, you’re now one of Chungmuro’s secret weapons. It doesn’t roll off your tongue, does it? That’s all on me. In the movie, “Train to Busan” Dongseok scared off zombies with his charisma. (He’s a regular scene-stealer.) Do you want to see me unleashed? In “Familyhood,” he stole the show with his comedic presence. Your nicknames include “Pretty Boy Ma,” “Lovely Ma,” “Macho,” “Maderella,” “Movie Fairy,” and many more. They don’t suit me though, – but the fans came up with it. / – They suit you. So, I’m truly grateful. I particularly like “Lovely Ma,” which is what Kim Hyesoo called me. I can’t believe I said that myself. It really does suit you though. Is there a nickname you’d prefer? No, not anymore. – I get it. / – I’m grateful with what I have now. Let’s now look at their related word search. (Connections, Fit body) My gosh. Look at this. – Is this really you? / – Well… Does this mean you don’t believe it? I’m sorry for saying that. This was taken in high school before I moved to the States. I have one more. – This… / – Hang on. This is what you call fit. Of course. Just look at those abs. As a trainer, I’ll break it down for you. What’s the verdict? It’s extraordinary. That’s correct. Another one of the words related to Dongseok is “Marriage.” He’s currently in a relationship with Ye Junghwa. Who’s your ideal woman? – I like those that are bright. / – Really? That way, she can soften up the darkness I possess. – So, is it about the personality? / – That’s right. The two of us and the rest of our crew worked hard in cold weather for this movie. So, I hope you all look forward to it. It will hit the theaters this November 30. We’ll look forward to their movie, too. We wish you the best. It doesn’t matter if we know them or not, but trivial issues about celebrities always intrigue us. So, what is this week’s topic? It’s the news that shocked all women across the nation. It’s the wedding announcement of celebrity couples. This wedding I don’t approve of! (She screams.) Ladies now call single male celebrities by a new word. “Public goods.” (These are celebrities that belong to the public.) The four kings are Kang, Gong, So, and Hyun. Let’s begin with the youngest celebrity, Hyun Bin. – He’s handsome. / – His real name is Kim Taepyung. There was a time when he was a rookie actor. He played a ghost. (He debuted as an actor in reenacted scenes.) Then, he played a handsome stalker who is a pervert. There’s a type of character that makes him shine. Stay still. It’s the arrogant character. After he played the owner of an amusement park, he played the owner of a department store. He played a millionaire perfectly and left behind brilliant lines. (He has a monopoly on roles of arrogant millionaires.) Is this the best you can do? Are you sure? Even though his cheekiness made many people flustered, he was loved for his romantic lines. Since what age were you this pretty? Since what age were you this pretty? It’s not a line anyone can pull off. (It turns into a fight scene.) The kissing scene made cappuccino sell out in cafes was created by Hyun Bin. At the height of his popularity, he entered the marines and fulfilled his military service. Upon return, he played the charismatic King Jeongjo. He showed his impressive back muscles and reestablished his potentials as an A-list celebrity. Who else has a status of “Public Goods”? He’s the sexy celebrity. His name is So Jisub. While big and defined eyes were in vogue, he went the opposite way and became a hope for men with monolids. Small eyes are still unfashionable. Since he used to be a swimmer, he has broad shoulders. His defined abs are his trademark. You can even wash clothes on his abs. When is he the loveliest, manliest, and coolest? – After shower. / – Of course. Even Shin Mina fell for the shower scene. So Jisub always looks like he is in a photo shoot. Thank you for your nakedness. Have dinner with me or live with me. Everything he says sounds brilliant. Kim Joonhyun tried the scene as well. Have dinner with me or die. Why won’t you have dinner with me? I don’t want to, you pig. (I’m sorry, Pig.) He even raps under the name of G-Sonic and shows his different talents. What does the perfect man, So Jisub want in his future wife? Who’s your ideal type? I don’t care if she’s a celebrity of not. I’m happy, too. Let’s move on to the romantic and well-mannered star. He’s a man you want for yourself, Gongyoo. He has a smile that melts women’s hearts. He looks handsome even in a simple white shirt. (He makes women’s hearts flutter.) You won’t notice me on the stage when he appears. Sad predictions always come true. Gongyoo is a man with a strong sense of presence. He debuted in “School Four.” He played a boy who carries around a lollipop. Perhaps because he looks good in school uniforms, he played a high school student in “Hello My Teacher.” He completed love between a student and a teacher. This confession gave him the status of “Public goods.” It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or an alien. I don’t care anymore. Let’s take this to the end. He has talents in romantic scenes. With intense kissing scenes that shake women’s hearts, he showed perfect chemistry with different actresses. (He showed perfect chemistry with different actresses.) There’s another one. His well-mannered legs add to his charms. Even though Shin Hyunjoon is tall, he lacks charms. With his acting skills that transcend genres, he became the lead of a film with ten million views. – Fans have a request. / – Talk to him as a fan. Please announce your marriage to your fans first. Please do that. – I had planned to do that. / – Thank goodness. Make a pinky promise. Please keep your promise. Thank you. Many female fans would be heartbroken if he gets married. Even Lee Byunghun agrees. He’s a star who should be protected, Gang Dongwon. He had beautiful looks since his debut. He appeared like a comet in “Country Princess.” However, another film is closely associated with him. – Umbrella. / – Every man has reenacted this scene. – Even Sian has re-enacted it. / – How cute! He did a pretty good job. He has well-proportioned body and long limbs. Even a slight sway looks like a dance. (He captures women’s hearts with snaps.) He showed his passion for dancing in “A Violent Prosecutor.” (He’s cheerful.) He continuously transforms in films of various genres. In “Kundo: Age of the Rampant,” he played a cold-hearted villain and showed scenes that belong in a commercial. Don’t ever stop being “Public goods.” I have no intention of doing that. You do want to get married. When do you predict you will get married? – How would I know? / – Nothing is planned. Some stay a single even though no one asked them to. The first one is Ji Sangryeol. How do you say, “Come and have drinks.” I say, “Get your liver over here.” “You have a way with words.” “Your tongue has a strong Wi-Fi signal.” He has strong words and looks. He always shows ugly sights on TV. (It’s as revealing as an evening dress.) It’s neither a crew neck nor a V-neck. – I have never seen such things. / – It’s a U-neck. He has a truckload of wedding gifts his acquaintances gave him in advance. (The room is filled with unopened products.) This is from a friend. (People gave him furniture as wedding gifts.) Ji Sangryeol, you should settle down already. Please get married next year. Here is another celebrity who remains single. He’s a man who continues to live alone, Park Soohong. – You really don’t want to get married. / – No. However, he has an aspiration. I want to be a cool delinquent. He received love for his gentle and hardworking image, but he plans to become a delinquent clubber. It seems like he has a long way to go. What is he doing? It’s a sad sight. My goodness. I can’t go to clubs these days because I’m busy. Except for schools, friends, and matchmaking services, clubs are the best place to meet people. I might meet my future wife at a club. I’m open-minded. If we meet in the future, please show your interest. I’ll be waiting. The last one is a man who looks like he will always be alone, Kim Kwangkyu. What does your father do for a living? After asking that question, Kim Kwangkyu became old enough to be a father. (He’s Song Joongki with his forehead covered.) He’s pretty handsome. The problem is that he dresses like an old man. He also has weak legs. (He gets exhausted easily.) I’m exhausted. He needs to exercise. (Here we go!) Not only that, he’s incredibly sloppy. We really hope he gets married soon. (It lands on his hair.) It’s sad. (Dusting it off) Some celebrities are too good to be owned by one woman. However, we’ll contact you if there’s good news. We’ll be waiting. (Entertainment Weekly) – I’ve been a reporter for 20 years. / – This is fun. I’m the fossil among reporters. One look into the eyes lets me know all the secrets. Who are you? I was picked from 101 candidates. I’m Jung Chaeyeon. She’s the beauty of I.O.I, Jung Chaeyeon. I look forward to your work. Did you investigate? – Yes. / – What did you investigate? – What? / – Why? Are you flustered that I’m not following the script? – Yes. / – All right. Who are we interrogating today? He’s the new little brother figure after Lee Seunggi. He melted women’s hearts with a cute smile. Then, he made older women faint with his defined abs. He’s a dangerous man. No secret is safe in this room. Look forward to an interview with Gongmyoung. What’s your name? Gongmyoung. How are you related to Gongyoo? I’m not related to him in any way. My agency gave me the name after Zhuge Liang. – What’s your profession? / – I’m an actor. When did you debut? I debuted in September of 2013. – Are you writing everything down? / – Yes. I didn’t hear you type. I’m organizing it in my head first. It’s a nice ad-lib. What was your debut work? I debuted as a member of “Surprise” in a web drama titled “After School: Lucky or Not.” You’re a member of “Surprise”? “Surprise Mystery TV.” We invite you to the world of mystery. Which character did you play? Brian? David? Trump? My group is different from “Surprise Mystery TV.” “Surprise” is a group of actors. What do you mean by this? An actor isn’t an idol singer. They shine only by their existence. Gongmyoung and Seo Kangjun are in this group. Seo Kangjun. Kangjun should be here at the interview. Why are you here, and not Kangjun? I deserved to have this interview, too. If you have an experience of drinking alone, you might have recognized me better. Explain what he just said. He was one of the main characters of the drama “Drinking Solo” which is about drinking alone. That’s why you’re here. How did you get a role in that drama? Same as what you did. They mentioned Kangjun during my audition. So, what did you say? I said I’m going to become more famous than Kangjun. I talked to them ambitiously and they liked it very much. You got the role with your confidence. (You’re amazing.) By the way, you filmed a drama with Kangjun. He’s been hidden by Kangjun’s fame all this time. Their characters were even contrasting in the drama. He took a role of the son of a rich family. You were just a slave. How did you feel about that? Being a slave is better than dressing up as a woman. Saengmin Stone, you were dressed up really nice there. How did you feel about that? (He got revenged.) I heard that you lived in a dormitory – with your members, although you’re an actor. / – Yes. – You guys live individually now, right? / – Right. Why is that? It’s obvious. You guys had a fight. Did you fight among your members? No one did. – Did you guys have no problem? / – Not at all. – For real? / – Yes, even now. Five people lived in a house together and there wasn’t a single fight? There was. Do you normally win or lose? I maintain neutral. Who do you live with, Pofiler Jung? I belong to two households. (Is that possible for a girl group member?) What do you mean by that? I belong to two groups and I live in both groups’ houses. What are Gongmyoung’s major works? He’s been active in “Hwajung, the Princess of Light,” “Entertainer,” and “Drinking Solo.” You’ve started your career very early at the age of 19. – Yes. / – It’s a rare case for an actor. Do you have any specific reason for that? I’ve never thought of being an actor. (He was a taekwondo player until middle school.) My parents strongly opposed me in doing taekwondo. I was injured a lot. It was hard for them to watch me in pain. – They were athletes in the past. / – In which sports? My mother was a runner and my father was in boxing for a long time. They knew how hard it was to do a sport. That’s probably why they didn’t let me. What kind of acting do you want to do? I want to act something very evil like a psychopath. You chose a wrong person today. What if Gongmyoung tries this evil character? Is it possible to see evil from your innocent face? (He’s concentrating to immerse in emotion.) (Here’s the real actor.) You chose the wrong person today. (I regret asking him to act evil.) (This is the climax.) I’m sorry. (Save me, please.) I like Gongmyoung better than Kangjun to be honest. You’re typing really fast. Have you been in any entertainment show? Yes, I have. What did you do there? I cried. It seems she’s not getting enough love. – Right. / – He’s upset about it. You’re acting as if someone’s passed away. – I agree. / – It’s not that sad. Do you cry a lot? – Yes. / – There are many reasons to cry. When do you cry the most? When it’s related to a family matter. Love makes me cry as well. Do you cry when you break up with your girlfriend? (He’s hesitant to give an answer.) Got you. You’re such a crybaby. You have a charming point in your cuteness. – You’ve tried “Cheer up” before. / – Let’s try it. This is the original version of it. I’ll regard it as an acting. He was hitting himself. ♪ I was with some friends that’s why ♪ ♪ I was shy, shy, shy ♪ (He makes girls’ hearts pound.) That’s great. Why are you laughing so much? (He was cute enough.) It’s been such a long time seeing this kind of innocent actor. (He’s expanding his acting spectrum in various genres.) (We’ll look forward to your future acting.) To those audience who watch my acting, I want to be an actor who could give them emotional resonance. How about starring in Guerrilla Date next time? I’ll do my best – to make it possible. / – Great. Actor Gongmyoung, we’ll support you until that day. End of today’s investigation. We’ll always support you. Thank you. I could feel the spirit of youth from him. – Right. / – He seems very popular among ladies. I was popular among ladies when I was in his age, too. Where are those ladies now? Most of them passed away. Hey. – I’m sorry. / – I hope they’re alive somewhere. Let’s move on to the next news. Taejin and Saengmin prepared for you. Yes, I did. It’s Korea’s Beloved 100 Couples. We’ll start from 80th place. One of our show members is included. Who would that be? – Wait a minute. / – I’ll be there shortly. Before that, I prepared this amazing interview for you. You’ll see Lee Byunghun, Gang Dongwon, and Kim Woobin at the same time. I had an interview with them about their new film. I looked so ugly among them. Let’s meet Lee Byunghun, Gang Dongwon, and Kim Woobin right now. – You look ugly. / – Who’s going to start us off? It’d be good if the most good-looking one does it. – Me? / – Then, I’ll do it. In one, two. (He even did it while drinking water.) I should’ve done it earlier. He’s friendly. He’s very wise. I was a bit envious of them. The interview with Korean superstars starts now. The fact that you three are in the same film is such an amazing casting. I looked up if you have any relations but none of you worked together before. It feels like I’m in an award ceremony. It’s amazing. Say hi to our viewers, please. Hi, I’m Lee Byunghun. I took a role of the most notorious swindler. He swindles in a very clever way. He took an evil role in eight years. Hi, it’s Gang Dongwon. I took a role of the leader of an investigation team that investigates intellectual crimes. He endures any pressure in order to keep the social justice. It’s such a nice character. – Hi, I’m Kim Woobin. / – He’s the youngest. I took a role of Park Janggoon. He acts clever between the intellectual crime investigation team and Chairman Jin. – Start it now. / – The movie “Master” was a big issue for its cast from the beginning. It’s a crime action movie where the investigation team and a swindler deceive and chase each other. Can you deal with it for sure? Let’s start with Woobin. How was it working with these actors? Sometimes, I felt a lot of pressure because there were so many senior actors. Among the actors in this film, I’m the second youngest. – Do you mean the age? / – Yes. So, I did my best thinking I’m the only problem. I was the second shortest. (He was the second shortest.) The age doesn’t really matter. He suddenly makes fun of himself. He has such a good sense of humor. Were you being like a cute little brother among them? – I’m / – Yes. not that cute. I rather like touching people in a friendly way. – He touches people a lot. / – I see. Yes, he does. – Something like this. / – That’s quite unexpected. – You tried to be friendly. / – He’s actually cute. He’s a very friendly person. Right. I observed Dongwon while filming, and he was so much cooler than I expected. He really was. Okay. We didn’t have many scenes together. It was almost the end of the filming but I met Dongwon there for the first time. Normally, chairs are placed in front of the monitor. Among those chairs, there was one exceptional chair that even has a headrest. I was looking at it amazed and soon Dongwon came and sat there like a king. I was a little envious of him to be honest. He went elsewhere for the filming. So, I looked around carefully and sat there for a while. I tried the headrest part as well. Even the Hollywood actor is jealous of his chair. It felt like sitting in first class. He carries a special chair. Thinking back, what was the toughest thing? – There’s an area called Tondo. / – Yes. It’s 1 of the 3 most dangerous areas in the world. Manila’s hot and humid weather was tough, too. That area had a stench I’ve never smelled before. – Is it nasty? / – It’s very nasty. Because of the weather, there are countless insects. There were an overwhelming number of mosquitoes. The shooting condition was very harsh. But they still managed action scenes without stunts. These three actors gave their everything to this film. Now, let’s get to know their honest feelings. Who is really like a master of a field? In one, two, three. Dongwon, Byunghun, and Dongwon. We’ve only met for a short time, but watching him act really inspired me. So, he’s the master of acting. Why did you choose Dongwon, Byunghun? – Most actors have good sense of fashion. / – Right. Yet, there’s no actor who dresses better than him. He’s the master of fashion. It’s me, though. Look at his shoes. (His golden leather shoes stand out.) I thought he was T-1000. Aren’t they similar? I wondered who would wear those shoes. In variety shows, you’d wear them as a punishment. Yes. – I think / – But Dongwon can pull it off. He can wear them because he knows fashion. The way he always dresses makes me think he’s a true master. When we talk, there’s nothing he doesn’t know. He seems to know everything. He’s knowledgeable about everything. When he has a question, he has to find the answer. So when I ask him something and he doesn’t know, he finds the answer and tells me. He has a vast knowledge of everything. – He searches faster than anyone. / – Does he? Is that Dongwon’s hidden talent? – He’s a search master. / – That’s funny. With who would you want to be left in a desert island? That’s difficult. It’s a tough question, but it’s a fun question too. In one, two, three. Woobin, Woobin, Byunghyun. Whoever I’m with, it will still be a desert island. Right. They’re all men. But Byunghun has more life experiences, so it would be wiser to go with him. You gave a wise answer to a silly question. Byunghun chose Woobin. Why did you choose Woobin? Will you make him pick coconuts? That’s one of the ways to use him. (He will utilize Woobin’s height.) Woobin is very good at – taking care of people. / – He really is. – He takes care of all his colleagues. / – He does. There are many discomforts in the desert island. He could be used in many different ways. Woobin’s a very desirable desert island partner. By any chance, did you prepare an acrostic poem? I’ll call out the verses. – Ma. / – Hey! (It sounded like he just repeated what he heard.) I was a little flustered. He’s implying I shouldn’t make him do this. I’m sorry. So, you’re done. – It must be tough for you. Sorry. / – Next. – S. / – S. I can’t stop thinking of a swear word. – No! / – I can’t help it. No! No! You can swear at me. I want to hear it. You little… You’ll see that there are many parts that closely resemble the reality. But the catharsis from watching our film will provide you an escape. It’s a fun, entertaining action movie. I hope you will watch it and relieve all the stress. “Master” will be out in theaters in December. We hope “Master” will be a huge hit. – Thank you. / – Thank you. We’re excited to see them more in the future. I think it’s going to be really fun. (Entertainment Weekly) Since when were you this pretty, Gil Raim? Since five years ago. Since when were we so sweet? I don’t know about that. Is this the best way we can open? Are you sure? (This survey took place over 3 days with 1,121 people.) Korea’s Beloved Couples. Here we go. Rank 80th. Yoo Dongkun and Cho Jaehyun. I’m Jeong Dojeon. Jeong Dojeon led the revival of historical dramas. It’s a country where you can be a noble man. It reinterpreted the establishment of Joseon. By exquisitely mixing history and reality, it gained sympathy from the viewers. Isn’t it the country’s job to protect the weak? Jeong Dojeon and Yi Seonggye was a great partner. The owner of this country is the king. You’re wrong. The owner of this country is the people. They had the greatest bromance in Joseon. The king and his servant had a great friendship. They even danced together. I did my best. The rank isn’t important. Your friendship is the best. Hurrah, Korea! (A radio message comes through.) Who is it? Hello? What year is it there? It’s 2002 here. The World Cup is going on. A million people gathered in Gwanghwamun! It’s 2016 here. A million people gathered in Gwanghwamun. Is Heungkook cheering for the World Cup again? He became the chairman of Singers Association. What’s amazing is his friendship to Cho Saeho. They ranked 79th on Korea’s Beloved Couple list. Cho Saeho? I don’t know who he is. Who is he? Do you know Cabbage then? The 79th is Kim Heungkook and Cho Saeho. Why didn’t you attend Ahn Jaewook’s wedding? – Who? / – Ahn Jaewook. How can I go? I don’t know him. (He became famous with this.) As this went viral, he became to be known as “Professional Ditcher.” Heungkook is the one who made him a star. Thanks to him, Saeho’s got a distinct character. I’m the variety show guru. I’m the cheat code. He did me good, too. He became the Midas of entertainment industry. It turns out Saeho has another great partner. – He’s close to Changhee. / – But it’s not going well. But Saeho and Changhee ranked 73rd. Saeho’s partner has always been Changhee. In the past, they were in a team called Reo. They’ve been good friends since the start, and they’re still best friends. How do people react to their bromance comedy? I feel like my eyes are going to rot. We hope their friendship lasts forever. He’s the hero of 2002 Busan Asian Games! Gold medal! What happened to my hero Janghoon? He became a professional entertainer. He has a great partnership with Kim Gura. Wait. You must stay close to him. Janghoon is rich. He’s got a lot of money. The 78th is Seo Janghoon and Kim Gura. – Why are we wearing the same clothes? / – I know. They got along well since the start. – Just do it. / – Just do it. Gura starts to help Janghoon, the newbie. They have no manners. Really. – You’re mistaken. / – You’re pointing fingers again. – You… / – And Janghoon learned it from you! (They both point fingers to people.) Janghoon ends up becoming the second Gura. Unlike them, we still live together. They share the same pain. – We’re like, “I don’t care if you leave.” / – Hey. – That’s why we’re divorced. / – Hey… What? They’re too similar. The next two couples have amazing voices. The queen of ballad, Baek Zyoung meets Ok Taecyeon, the beastly idol. The charming singer and the energetic idol. Their perfect couple dance was a hit too. There was sexy chemistry between the two singers. Many people parodied them. (They do the sexy duet dance.) Zyoung gets lucky with boys. She’s been changing partners for seven years. There’s a line of people who wants to partner with her. (I’m so excited.) Isn’t she amazing? Who was your favorite partner? It was Kang Hodong. – Really? / – Isn’t it unexpected? He precisely pinpoints important details of the dance. Hodong’s “My Ear’s Pig” won the first place. Let’s listen to it. We can’t forget these two. It’s Insooni and ZoPD! The song, “My Friend” surpasses generations. When the diva’s voice met ZoPD’s rap, their chemistry exploded on stage. What’s their secret? They were amazing. How can you be close to Insooni? What do we do? First, you need good food and a good place. Here’s another one. Baby stories. Yes. I love talking about babies. You like talking about your child. – Yes. / – Don’t forget that! So, that’s how I should approach you. The 75th is Lee Dongwook and Lee Dahae. The 74th is Kang Hodong and Podong. About 20 years ago, everyone loved these brothers. Wearing rags, they were always together. What do you think of me, Podong? Hey! – He’s so cute. / – You’re okay. He was amazing. Then, how about now? – How’s Podong? I want to see him. / – I’m curious. Thank you, my brother. He has grown into a handsome guy. For now, I’m auditioning for plays. Through the plays, I’m trying to be an actor. I would like to see their chemistry again. The 72nd place is So Jisub and Shin Mina. Look at the chemistry between a baby face and macho. “Oh My Venus” had such a good-looking cast. The couple was known to be one of the sweetest couples. The audience cheered for them as a couple. There was a different point of view about this couple. – The first is women’s perspective. / – The scene they’re touching each other when they’re exercising made my heart pound. This is the scene. This scene caused a lot of women’s hearts beat rapidly. Then, how did men think about this? Please dip the celery into sauce and eat. That wasn’t necessary at all. I completely understand. Hello? Hello? What year is it there? Here? We’re in year 2000. Is it in year 2000 there? This is crazy. Then, sell all the points you have. That included your virtual characters. What? What are you saying? Do you know how much I spent on them? What is the most popular TV show? It’s “School.” Jang Hyuk is in the show. He’s a rapper now. The back of you passing by looks familiar There was a time when he was a rapper. He used to be a popular rapper. Tell him to stop at this instant. It’ll be a painfully unforgettable history for him. The 71st couple is Jang Hyuk and Lee Dahae. Let’s do it. Let’s get married. They just met and she wanted to get married. Do you not like me? Is someone forcing you to see me? There’s no one forcing me to see you. You shouldn’t treat me so coldly. What happens if I run away from you? She did run away. Was it because he didn’t marry her? He chased after her wildly in “The Slave Hunters.” Where did you see her? When? However, this guy was a hopeless romantic. After all, he lost her to another guy. They starred in three different shows together. Their chemistry in real life is also amazing. – Can you rap for us? / – Do you remember? I don’t remember quite well. What do you mean? You always rap at karaokes. In real life, Jang Hyuk is wrapped around her fingers. She’s not ruthless when it comes to revealing his past. (The back of you passing by looks familiar) Show us a fantastic chemistry in your next show. What is a popular movie? “Siren.” Jung Joonho and Shin Hyunjoon are in it. In 2016, do they still have a great chemistry? Things are serious here. Both of them are with announcers. Jung Joonho is married to an announcer. Shin Hyunjoon sees Jung Jiwon every week. What scares me the most is Hyunjoon’s nose is bigger than it was 16 years ago. What? The 70th couple is Shin Hyunjoon and Jung Joonho. – I forgot about it. / – The couple has a brutal start. They met first at a music video of Jo Sungmo. – He’s handsome. / – They met in a film next. They acted together in a film called “Siren.” As the plot involved fire, their chemistry was hot. – Joonwoo! / – That was impolite. – Consequently, / – The film didn’t do so well. they faced a painful result. Joonho is like an animal companion. He listens to me really well. I realized that. He didn’t star in “Friend” as I advised him not to. (You told him not to star in “Friend”?) People ask me if I don’t have ability to pick good films. I have it. I told him not to. I didn’t want him to be successful. They build their chemistry as they fight. – What’s wrong with you today? / – Learn from them. – I’m sorry to butt in. / – What do you want? – Aren’t you in the same team? / – Watch your mouth. – If this gets aired, you’re in trouble. / – Indeed. Oh, my goodness. How can you air this? They even hosted a music show that idols get to host. Middle-aged men hosting a music show. Isn’t it amazing? They even filmed a commercial dressed as Arabs. They followed Suh Soonam and Ha Chungil’s footsteps. Back then, I did receive almost all of the awards. You’re arrogant. Since you didn’t receive a lot of them, – you won’t know. / – Yes, I don’t. Don’t you think you’re forgotten? Is this how you want to handle things? I hope you two will host Entertainment Weekly someday. The 69th couple is Jisung and Park Seojun. The 68th couple is Gang Dongwon and Hwang Jungmin. It’s a film called “A Violent Prosecutor.” In the film, a prosecutor and a con artist join forces. Gang Dongwon acted as a sly con artist. Hwang Jungmin’s acting was incredible. It was quite a picture to see. The relationship between the two was amazing. What a marvelous chemistry. (Don’t overdo it.) I’m sorry. I went too far. The 67th couple is Ji Jinhee and Kim Hyunjoo. The 66th couple is Joowon and Moon Chaewon. She made great couple with many actors. (Their first encounter is out of the ordinary.) She was surprised to see Joowon. (Joowon was different from other colleagues she had.) The chemistry raged like a snowstorm – That was a good show. / – in “Good Doctor.” (It’s a song I want to sing for you.) Don’t mix up “Good Doctor” and “Siren.” A romantic song is a must in building chemistry. They stirred up a beautiful chemistry for the audience. Her ultimate partner for the chemistry is Joowon. I dedicate this song for them. (They showed how pure love can be.) The 65th couple is Lee Jongsuk and Lee Boyoung. – Your staring… / – Your staring won’t get us a clue. – How did you… / – How did you do that? No way. I can read people’s mind. You didn’t know you got 65th place. Let’s move on quickly. The 64th couple is Heo Kyunghwan and Oh Nami. Here. Kyunghwan is a popular prey in “Gag Concert.” – But there was a special woman for him. / – I’m… Oh Nami and I’ve been single since birth. Saint Oh Nami. She tried her best to build a chemistry with him. (They were on a virtual dating reality show.) It wasn’t real, but her crush had a fruitful outcome. My type is a guy who can be a father figure to me. (They are like no other.) Nami, you don’t need to look further. Marry him. The next two couples are from “Unstoppable High Kick.” The first couple is Choi Minyong and Seo Minjung. (They were a funny couple and the chemistry exploded.) Do you want to come down or go up? She had a crush on him who worked at the same school. They were beloved as their nickname was Min Min couple. Her slapstick contributed a lot towards the chemistry. That was incredibly funny. She tripped as she didn’t look where she was going. He felt the need to protect her. (Finally, they became a couple.) You can’t forget about these two. (Na Moonhee and Park Haemee take the 62nd place.) Haemee kept scolding her mother-in-law. That caused an incident. Is this potato? That’s sweet potato pumpkin. It’s pumpkin sweet potato. I got the sweet potato pumpkin from… You mean pumpkin sweet potato. – It’s pumpkin… / – Pumpkin sweet potato! She couldn’t hold it in anymore. Not only did she talk about her behind her back, but she also planned revenge. Take this. – She decided to face her. / – It’s a success. But she was injured as well. What? Is her cranium fractured? Why did she have to injure herself for the revenge? Isn’t that crazy? Our last couple is Zo Insung and Son Yejin. I chant a spell. – Look back. Look back. / – Is it “Classic”? Look back. Look at your ranking. (He’s like a prince charming from a fairy tale.) You took 61st place. They showed what an innocent love is. It’s the most memorable scene as they run in the rain. However, this scene made someone unhappy. (My part was longer than his.) We’ll put you in when we do our research next time. 301. Hold on. Until when are you going to do this? How about ranking for our chemistry? What’s our rank? (Stay tuned for more beloved couples next week.) Stay tuned for next week’s segment. (Stay tuned for more beloved couples next week.) Thank you. (Stay tuned for more beloved couples next week.) We’ve the longest history as an entertainment program. They have a lot of record on me. – My gosh. / – Say something to Joonho. I have nothing to say to him. This is all we have prepared for today. We’ll see you next week with more news. – Please stay happy. / – Please stay happy.


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