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Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Kim Taeri, Ryu Junyeol, etc [ENG/CHN/2018.02.05]

(Episode 1704) Hello, I am Shin Hyunjun of Entertainment Weekly. Hello, I am Jung Jiwon. The PyeongChang Olympics begin soon. It’ll be the first time in 30 years the Olympics are in Korea, since 1988. We hope for a successful Olympics and Paralympics where beautiful stories and the warmth of Korea spread to people throughout the world. Our athletes that have prepared for 4 years – must be so nervous. / – Exactly. We’ll cheer you on so that you can compete strongly with no regrets. You can do it. Let’s get started in full force today. The first story is by Kim Sungeun and Yoon Jiyeon. I went to the set of popular drama “The Secret of My Love.” Unlike the drama, which has twist after twist after twist, the mood at the set was very delightful and fun. I got the inside scoop with the drama about to end. – It’ll be on soon. / – Why is she acting pretty today? We’ll check out This Week’s Hot Clicks first. We have the news of the enlistment of Jung Yonghwa, who was under controversy for getting special treatment. The car inspection results from the fatal car crash of actor Kim Juhyeok in October were revealed. Let’s click on This Week’s Hot Clicks. (Preferential school admission treatment) (And enlistment announcement) A scandalous 10 days. One man went from school admission to army enlistment. Jung Yonghwa, who allegedly got preferential treatment to get into a master’s degree program, is enlisting this March. (Jung Yonghwa to enlist in March) It began on January 16. An idol group member who received special treatment to be admitted to school was revealed as CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa, drawing criticism online. An interview score report revealed by a media outlet said Jung got perfect scores, but an investigation found that he never even took the interview. The next day, Jung Yonghwa handwrote an apology and his agency actively worked to clear his name. His agency said they applied because the school asked them to multiple times and believed that the interview process had been handled normally. But Kyung Hee University said admitting a student without an interview is a violation of policy and said they’d check and cancel the admission. 2 weeks later, to see if they checked, we went to the master’s program in question. We want to speak freely, but we can’t… While the school was investigating, Jung Yonghwa became embroiled in controversy for receiving preferential admission. Many said it was to delay enlistment. (Source: MBC) (Source: YouTube) Amidst the controversy, to keep a promise to his fans, Jung played at a solo concert in Hong Kong. He cried as if expressing his feelings. But the meaning of these tears was revealed to be Jung’s sudden upcoming enlistment. According to his agency, he will join the army on March 5. They stated he will halt all activities. His enlistment news came within just 10 days of the controversy. Some criticize this as a way to dampen the scandal. We’ll have to wait and see if he can turn around the hearts of the public after 2 years. (Source: MBC) I mean, we can die anytime. If you die, that’s the end. What else is there? Nothing. There are still many questions surrounding the death of actor Kim Juhyeok, who died last year. (Unresolved suspicions regarding Kim Juhyeok’s death) On October 30, 2017, actor Kim Juhyeok died in a freak car accident. The direct cause of death was declared by the NFS at the scene to be instant death due to head trauma. But an investigation about the full series of events, to determine if the reason behind his erratic driving was due to a health problem or due to a car defect needed to be examined. However, no odd drugs were discovered in his system and his heart showed no problems, so the only cause left was a car defect. On Tuesday, the NFS revealed their findings. They found that the car had no defect. (“No evidence of a vehicle defect or malfunction”) The police stated that they will request a further medical explanation on the NFS’ cause of death. Now, with many questions about his death, as if to comfort his fans that miss him, Kim Juhyeok is back in a posthumous work. (Source: SBS) We hope the true cause of death is revealed soon. One man struggling to become the real one. The stories about four men and women that surround one man. Let’s check it out. (Han Jiseop, who was living a normal life) You’re such a good husband, honey. (His twin brother Kang Jaeuk leads a different life) Their fates become intertwined. A sudden car crash… And the twin brother Jiseop falls into a deep trap. I’ll buy 3 years of your life. Pretending to have committed suicide, he begins to live as a different person. Let’s begin the real battle now. (He lives as Jaeuk, leaving his wife and daughter) I’m not Han Jiseop. I’m Kang Jaeuk. If I take that mask off you, I’ll make you kneel and beg to Haesol. I’ll make sure that happens. This drama promises fierce revenge. “The Secret of My Love.” We’ve brought all the stars here. Entertainment Weekly was on set and it was more delightful and warm-hearted than ever. Let’s check it out. They’re hard at work filming. We first met the two stars practicing their lines, Song Changui and Kim Dahyun. (Filming continues in a tense atmosphere) What’s wrong, Song Changui? Did you faint? Are you okay? Are you okay? You’ll see when you watch the show. (Watch the episode live) How does it feel today? Is filming going well? (Looking around) Thankfully, we’re in a good mood. Shut up! Are you really in a good mood? With the sweet yet savage Park Jung-a behind them, we met another enthusiastic actress. She professionally finished preparing. She’s getting into character. Dad! Dad! I bought this medicine for you… Hurry and get up! She’s a million times better at acting than Saengmin. A billion times better. So you were drinking milk. Hello. I’m Kwon Ye-eun, who plays Han Haesol. Nice to meet you. (Hard to believe a 6-year-old can act like this) (The baby of “The Secret of My Love”) Why didn’t you come? (Her counterpart is also feeling his character) What actor gives you lots of help? Lee Hwihyang. She takes a lot of interest in my acting. And she gives me lots of praise. Can you tell us a secret? A secret? A secret in the drama? She was so cute that I asked her… Jaeuk is actually Han Jiseop. Am I allowed to reveal this? Thankfully, it’s a secret the viewers already know. How cute. We met the stars of that secret as well. Did you know the show would be this popular? In my opinion, Kim Dahyun expected it. Why? I thought it would get over 20% for sure. I felt that at the first script reading and thought it would get more fun as time went on. So 20% seemed easily reachable. I’m glad it passed 20%. You backstabbed me? The famous scenes that carried the drama. (Pouring wine on her head) The actors really gave their all for these scenes. (Their choice of best scenes?) My character says mean things, curses them, and warns them. She even does that with love. She takes him to Ki Seora’s family and makes them face each other. That scene is when I actually felt Jin Haerim was disgusting. I felt disgusted at that moment. It was hard for me to film it. Song Changui did a lot of evil acts too. I did a lot. I think this had to be the worst one. My daughter comes to the company with Ki Seora. And I criticize her for using her child to get her way. That was an extreme scene. This scene was chosen as Changui’s worst deed. To avoid being discovered, he coldly sends his daughter off. I haven’t even married. How can you call me your dad? I hate you, dad. I hate you! Are you some panhandler? Why bring your kid here in such an inexplicable act? What? Panhandler? Ye-eun is so cute. Looking at her makes me want to have a daughter just like her. Is that why you two stole her? Can you guys just take the baby away? Is it wrong for a father to raise his own child? She doesn’t let anyone get the upper hand. Tell that to the writer. I heard the viewers got angry. They did get angry. I’m sorry all of a sudden. In the show, you all fight, but I heard you’re close in real life. Who’s the one who sets the mood? Park Jung-a on set. She has great energy. Her energy is hard to manage. What energy does she emit? She flies over when filming starts. The viewers must recognize that she flies in real life. – She’s so cheery. / – Thank you. She spreads good energy. I’ll fly out when the interview ends. You’ll fly out when I say, “Thanks for the interview.” Look forward to it, everyone! Kang Sejung, when you film, you have to make various faces. Yes, there are many scenes like that. I’m always surprised and unaware. Sorry, but… There’s a reason it looks so real. That’s right. Lee Hwihwang, who’s in the show, does unexpected things. We’re always curious since she’s so into character. The wine part wasn’t in the script. Her shocked expression is real. The four of them all empathized with her. Those real emotions shine through. The people who saw me in that scene saw the real me because I was beside her and didn’t expect it, and when it happened, I said “mother” in a realistic way. Let’s check out that real acting. (The scene that drew viewers in) Mother! This is it! We have to meet Lee Hwihyang, who has an important role. It was scary. I just met Song Changui, Jung-a, Sejung, and Dahyun. The four of them said that you were the reason their acting is so great. Why? Because I hit them? I just stimulate them. I think sincerity is necessary when doing villain roles. You have to hold the center for viewers to understand it and follow the villain. I think they understood me in that way. They told me to be careful. – As a joke… / – When? (Surprised) They said you’d do that. What’s the secret to the drama’s popularity? – The reason… / – Go, mom! We can do it! That’s it. We have great teamwork. And they all work hard. I’m the villain, but don’t hate me! We’re waiting for sweet revenge. Yeah… (Only 7 episodes left) While we were eating at a restaurant, the owner came and asked when we’d get revenge. So when will you do it? – We’re not sure either. / – I want to. He asked when the revenge is coming, and we said we’d do it soon. I’m working hard with the energy from the actors, so watch and enjoy. Don’t hate me too much. Please show lots of love to the show. I was energized while filming through the love of all the viewers. I’ll look forward to 23% viewership by episode 100. We have to get at least 30%. That’s just our hope. Yes, it is. We’ll work hard to the very end. Thank you. Thank you. Jung-a, please fly out. Shall I? Is the CGI ready? Here are my wings! That was so fun! See you in your next work! I’m sad “The Secret of My Love” ends next week. Good work. I’ll watch it to the end. I’ll watch too. The next story is by Kim Taejin and Kim Saengmin. I have two stories. Winter Songs Koreans Love will finally reveal no. 1 today. We’ll go on a trip down memory lane. But first, we’ll have Veteran. He’s getting a lot of love these days. I met with Choi Gwihwa, who is getting attention for his role as the romantic baker in “My Golden Life.” It was touching and full of laughter. Coming up soon. The star I met has been a top star since debut for 20 years. It’s Kim Heesun. An interview where Kim Heesun’s perfect looks and witty lines could be felt in full. Let’s check it out. Here we go. 1 minute before meeting Korea’s top beauty. People should be consistent. Where’s the camera? Saengmin, this is what you do now that you’re famous? She had a lot to say since it’s been so long. You got braces early. She was observant and noticed every detail while asking question after question. Who’s interviewing who here? Am I the reporter or the guest? I was confused. We’re still doing it. Just act natural. Why is it so hard? Check out the cheery interview with Kim Heesun. (Natural treasure beauty! Goddess Kim Heesun) Pretty and beautiful! A beauty and lovely! Cute and flashy! A great actress who doesn’t age! To sum up, Kim Heesun. Hello. The producer said to lift the mood. (Kim Heesun is here, is this real?) Usually Kim Saengmin does this as an exclusive. He should be here. He’s all grown up, I suppose. Even grasshoppers grow up. Let’s work hard. Grasshoppers… – You suddenly became a grasshopper. / – I did. Entertainment Weekly hasn’t changed at all. The lines are always the same. Consistency makes it beautiful. Her beauty doesn’t fade with time. From dramas, variety, and advertisements, she’s been working at the top for the past 20 years in every field. How amazing. How long have you been doing that brand? I did it for a long time before marrying then got kicked out for a bit after marrying. That deserves congratulations. Being a model for this brand for a long time and coming back to it makes it feel like family. In the drama “Sons of the Wind.” He’s so handsome! That’s Shin Hyunjun. How handsome! You caused a lot of fashion trends. Do you remember? She made hairbands a fashion trend in those days. If I tried to popularize an item that was hard to find in Korea, it’s impossible to get, so how could it become a fad? It became popular since it was easy to buy and use. I didn’t do it alone. You sometimes watch Entertainment Weekly. Do you want to point out the fashion of a reporter? – I was unsatisfied about this. / – With me? No, every time you say, “You did it with top stars” you always put Shin Hyunjun in there. So you don’t want him to be included in top star lists. That’s normal. They’re very close. G-Dragon referenced you in one of his song lyrics. Did you know that? ♪ You look like my dream girl, so give me some ♪ ♪ Kim Taehee, Kim Heesun, oh my god, Jun Gianna ♪ I feel like he forced my name into the lyrics. No way. I’ve known him since he was a baby, but the rhyme… That’s why… He wrote “Give me some.” “Kim Heesun, give me some.” I think he put it in since it sounds similar, and I’m thankful he did… “Give me some? Kim Heesun?” We prepared a yes or no quiz. “I get excited to look in the mirror in the morning thinking I’m pretty.” I’m most jealous of your husband. – My husband is the most hurt. / – Why? He only sees me without makeup at home. She’s honest. – She’s the best. / – She’s honest. When we meet after I film, he said he gets butterflies then. I’ve wanted to ask you this. Is your daughter prettier or are you prettier? I’m still prettier… The banter continues. Have you ever regretted turning down a role that later became a hit? No. It might not have been popular if I had done it. It’s popular because of the actor. Have you ever regretted anything, even 1%? Just 1%? That’s not a question. I do regret 1%. It could have worked out because it was me. Can you give an example? Well, I get almost all the offers first… “I have any past memories or rumors I’d delete if I could go back in time.” No. You’re confident in past clips. Incinerate it. How can you play things from before my debut? We’re very sorry. I like Kim Wanseon too. This is Kim Heesun from before she debuted. She’s beautiful as ever. She’s cool and sings well. You’ve been at the top since you were a rookie. You won an award last year. I keep doing roles that fit my age, so I get looked on favorably. The viewers age with me as well. I evoke their empathy and because of that, they’re looking favorably on me. It’s late, but happy New Year. Stay healthy and see you again, Entertainment Weekly. We’ll look forward to your next work. See you again! We’re always cheering for you! – 22 years as a reporter! / – That acting. A fossil of the reporting world. Jooe, are you confident today too? Of course. I’ve always done well! Boom boom! But who’s under investigation today? The target of our investigation today can act all over the spectrum and perfectly takes on any role he gets. Everything he’s been in has had success and he’s a very mysterious figure. This won’t be easy. Send him in now! Veteran starts now! We’ll begin the investigation. Name? Name? Quiet down. Call my lawyer. I have the right to remain silent. Jooe, tell him. Okay. Name, Choi Gwihwan. What’s his name? Gwihwa… Sorry. Choi Gwihwa! You made a scary guy laugh. Sorry. (I’ll shoot you!) Next? Born in 1978. Age, 39. I was born in 1973, so I’m 5 years older. Why is he treating me so terrifyingly? You’re older? Sorry. Saengmin does look young. He’s here! (Hot screen actor Choi Gwihwa) Everyone from “The Outlaws” has been here. Yeah. I was shocked. I want to say this about “The Outlaws.” “The Crybabies.” They all cried? Jin Seongyu cried at the awards ceremony. (Source: SBS) Lim Hyungjun bawled like a baby here. Are you planning on crying here today? I’m not sure. So I have to cry to complete the trio? The triangle? I’ll try. Let’s start at the beginning of his life. Since he’s here on the show. Ta-da. Born in 1978. You started acting at a very young age. Was there a special reason? There was no special reason. I saw a theater troupe poster and wanted to do it. I asked if I could and they said to come, so I did and that’s how I started. Were you unknown for a long time? Yes, since I’d been acting for 19 years before I did “Misaeng.” It’s been about 3 to 4 years since “Misaeng.” So no matter what I ask, you can’t find any excitement or joy in it, I guess. You didn’t want to come here and wanted to focus on your own work… – That’s not true. / – Okay, okay. You always had hard times on stage. Before marrying, working wasn’t hard. I wanted to go to the theater every day and hang out, do something, make something. But after marrying and becoming a dad, I have to make a living, so work became less fun and having to provide for someone became a compulsion. So things got tough. Through a long unknown period while silently building up his acting skills, Choi Gwihwa’s name became known. Then you did “Misaeng,” your breakout work. Yes, that’s right. What happened? Did you do an audition? Yes, I did. I wasn’t contacted for 2 months, so I thought I failed, but then I passed the “The Wailing” audition. – These were at the same time? / – Yes. The movies just get released later. But they filmed at the same time. “The Wailing” was all in the countryside, like from Jeolla-do to Gyeongsang-do. So after filming, I had to go and film “Misaeng.” The schedules for both of them went awry. It was crazy. So eventually, the producer of the movie and the producer of the drama contacted each other. “He’s either here or there.” They’d contact each other. So I was able to go back and forth with no problem. In 2016, you were in “Train to Busan” and you continue to do work but it seems you think having good teamwork is more important than getting bigger roles. What role did you have in “Train to Busan”? – I was a homeless person. / – Yeah. Have you ever argued with the production team to get a bigger role or anything? – I wonder how that happens. / – Some actors do. I still find delight in bringing to life the roles that others would avoid doing. I know what you mean. That’s interesting. Like in “The Outlaws.” Nobody wanted to play my role. Haven’t you wanted to do more active roles? I had a very active role in “Taxi Driver.” There was that. But then you want that same thing over and over. I’ve acted for a long time, so I know. I’m tempering myself by sometimes doing roles that aren’t as big, doing cameos, and things like that. Then something interesting happens. You get cast on a TV show. The reason you chose “My Golden Life”? I wondered if I could do a good job since I’d only done movies and theater. I met the director and writer and thought it would be good to have a warm drama in my life, so I agreed to do it. You get many questions about melodrama – acting, right? / – Yes. You don’t really look perfect for… Sorry. – That’s true. / – How is it? When the director offered it, I wondered if he didn’t know who I was. I’ve always done tough or comic characters. I guess that’s why he chose me. Melodramas were done by people who’d always done them but I think he wanted to break that mold. We’re curious how your onscreen love will turn out. Your sauna proposal scene made headlines. The writer said she wanted the couple I’m part of to show what true happiness is about. Finding happiness and gratitude in the little things. I feel we show that kind of acting. For the Entertainment Weekly viewers, can you give us a minor spoiler? I’m not sure… Since the script isn’t fully out while we film. That was very natural. Some say they can’t tell or else they’ll get scolded by the director, and such. You sounded like a detective in “The Outlaws.” “I’m not sure about that.” You had your wedding ceremony after 6 years married. You cried the most out of anyone there – at the wedding? / – Yes. Actually… Actually… My parents passed away a long time ago. We had the ceremony after “Misaeng” when we were doing well… Come on, you’re making me cry. The actors aren’t just crying, you make them cry. (Sorry) They hadn’t ever seen me succeed. I hadn’t even shown them a play. (Now they can’t see him anymore) They weren’t at the ceremony… That was sad. Now it’s the start of 2018. You’ll do a lot of things. What is your goal or wish? Just as I’ve always done… “My Golden Life.” Yes, finish “My Golden Life” and “Bad Guys: City of Evil” but the most important thing is “The Discloser,” which premieres soon. I saw it recently and it came out great. I can’t wait for that. I hope many people watch and think about how our country is moving along. After 30 years, you’ll be saying, “I’ll be 70 next year.” What do you want people to look back on and think of you, Choi Gwihwa, as? – Lee Sunjae. / – Yes. I hope I become a splendid adult with knowledge, ethics, and good health. – Splendid. / – Yes. Thank you so much for giving us so much to think about today. We’ll keep cheering you on. Investigation complete! Complete! Thank you. Thank you for the honest interview. Keep on succeeding. What are you doing on the day of the first snow? Should we meet then? Everyone has an unforgettable memory of winter. The day of the first snowfall, were you with the one you love? With memories and romance, Winter Songs Koreans Love. #10 is “Teacup” by Skylark. (Skylark’s song “Teacup” came out in November 1979) I can’t believe I know this song. (The song evokes memories of that time of longing) They sing of memories and romance with a serene guitar melody and smooth voices. ♪ You’re being protected too quietly ♪ “Teacup” is known as a song by Sanulrim’s Kim Changwan and the Sanulrim version was well-loved. (The Sanulrim album had 6 songs) (And the song is still loved now, 38 years later) #8 is Mr. 2’s “White Winter.” The duo of Mr. 2 rose to stardom like a comet in 1993, singing “White Winter” with sweet voices. (“White Winter” sung on the streets) 20 years later in 2012, it was reborn as a male-female duet by Lena Park and Kim Beomsoo. My life I met you in was a prize. I’ll come back as rain. I’ll come back as the first snow. I’ll pray to god to allow me to just do that. #7 is by Ailee. “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow.” (The 2017 hit winter drama “Guardian”) It was put into “Guardian” and became popular. It was the only song to be streamed 100 million times in 2017. Staying on the charts all winter, it has the longest-ever #1 run for a soundtrack song. (The song that turned Ailee into an OST queen) (“I Will Go to You Like the First Snow”) The title of OST queen. You’re like a rookie queen now. I’m not a queen. More like a princess. ♪ I won’t forget ♪ ♪ Watching you with my heart aflutter ♪ (AIlee came like the first snow) She sings of the phrase “first snow,” evoking feelings of unrealized love. ♪ The day we were the happiest ♪ ♪ I’ll go to you like the first snow ♪ #6 is Lee Jeongseok’s “The First Snow Is Falling.” It won the gold prize at the 1986 College Song Fest. (A song that douses us in past memories) The song that was perfect for a snowy winter. After 30 years, it was in the spotlight again through a drama, giving us a romantic gift of the past. #5 is Lee Jongyong’s “Child of Winter.” (A song of love to all babies born in winter) A song of blessing to all those born in winter. This legendary winter song warmly approaches just like snow blankets the ground. It became reborn with time. (“Winter Child” by Suzy) I was born in winter. Okay. “Winter Child” has Suzy’s clear voice. Legendary songs stay legends. I’m not a child. #4 is Choi Baekho. “My Heart Has Nowhere To Go.” A romantic, great singer that connects generations. Choi Baekho is a poet of music. His debut song in 1977, “My Heart Has Nowhere To Go.” The lyrics are about me in my 20s when my late mother passed away in winter. It’s about telling a person who’s leaving to not leave in winter. A song about his deceased mother. Even now, 40 years later, his emotions are deep as ever. ♪ My heart has nowhere to go ♪ ♪ I’d rather you go ♪ ♪ In white winter ♪ #3 is Jo Sungmo’s “Thorn Tree.” It was released in 2000 and sold 1,650,000 copies, becoming his greatest hit ever. (A song you want to hear every winter) It’s been 17 years since I brought you “Thorn Tree.” It’s my most prized and meaningful song, so I’m thankful you chose it. The song that was in my heart in my teens was by SG WANNABE, and I remade it. (Jo Sungmo’s “Thorn Tree” is well known, but…) (The original was by Poet and Village Chief) A song that plays on the streets during windy seasons. Jo Sungmo’s “Thorn Tree” is #3. The #1 and #2 Winter Songs Koreans Love. ♪ Do you know? ♪ Be happy. Kim Saengmin won’t be on screen again, right? #2 is Park Hyoshin’s “Flower of Winter.” “Cherry Blossom Ending” is to spring as this song is to winter. “Snow Flower” is a song that blossoms on the charts every time it snows. Even now, 15 years after it came out it’s chosen as the song that most suits winter. (“Snow Flower” chosen as top winter song) (Received love as OST in “I’m Sorry, I Love You”) On winter nights when snow blankets the ground, his serene voice flows into our ears just like a beautifully blooming flower of winter. (Winter evokes memories of “Flower of Winter”) What is #1? “The Teahouse in Winter” by Cho Yongpil. Our eternal singing king. Cho Yongpil sings on the streets of winter. (A song that alludes to loneliness in winter) It’s a legendary song. ♪ I’m crying even though I’m smiling ♪ ♪ You’re my love ♪ It’s a winter with a biting wind. We hope you’re having a warm winter strolling down memory lane with Entertainment Weekly. This is the end of Winter Songs Koreans Love. See you again this spring. let’s move on to the next story, Shin Hyunjun’s Midnight Dinner Talk. What’s the topic for today? The topic today is about plagiarism scandals in the music industry. It’ll be up soon. First, we have Kim Seunghye. I met with top stars in Chungmu-ro, Ryu Junyeol, Kim Taeri, and Jin Kijoo. Word was that they had great chemistry in the movie, and when I met them in real life, it was true! Let’s meet them! Today’s concept? Dirt-covered carrot. How was the interview with this pleasing mix of stars? (Delightful to just look at) It was so fun. 1, 2, 3, we can do it! Young stars chosen by harsh Chungmu-ro! – Let’s meet them! / – They’re so young and fresh. Unpolluted, youth actors. I’m with the stars of the movie “Little Forest.” – Hello. / – They’re so young and fresh. What kind of movie is “Little Forest?” After living in the city, she becomes disillusioned and wonders if that’s the right path for her. Then she suddenly goes back to her old hometown in the countryside. It’s a story of youth. To get all four seasons in, you had to stop and restart filming four times. It was fine at first, but we had to keep finding characters. I realized it was hard then realized that’s why they shoot movies in one go. Like meeting relatives you haven’t seen for a while on holidays, it’s nice to see them every season. Even when we say goodbye, we’d say, “See you in the spring,” “See you in summer.” It was a different experience than other movies. You probably chatted a lot at night. Yes, we did. Taeri and I debuted at around the same time, so we have the same worries. This is Kijoo’s first movie, so she has a lot she’s curious about. We share those topics and end up talking all night. That sounds like a lie. It’s true except for the “all night” part. – Since we didn’t see the sun. / – Just 3 to 4 a.m. We did sleep. He’s like a role model. He tells us to get up at 7, saying the sun is up. I ask him, “Are you crazy?” He reads bible verses every day. And gets some exercise in. – They’re all… / – And showers with cold water… – For my body. / – He’s like me. Then he adds in the part about “for my body.” Ryu Junyeol always livens things up. They have good reactions. We’re the laughy taffy. Now real magic begins. – Laugh! / – Don’t! (Laughing hard) What is going on? Ryu Junyeol has that power. I was grateful during filming. We talked more honestly with the 3 of them. (Be Honest / Yes or No Talk) “I think I’m the bomb these days.” No? She’s laughing so brightly. He’s the bomb. Do you think you’re the bomb? Hey! Liar! “I worry my popularity will vanish so soon.” No. You think you’ll stay popular? (Hopeless) My back is suddenly sweating. What happens if I say yes? It means you’re afraid your popularity will vanish. (Can’t think straight) What will you say? What will you say? That you do worry? What was the question again? Do you worry your popularity will vanish overnight? – Oh. / – Start. I say no. You’ll stay popular forever? They’re so delightful. I saw in an interview… – My interview? / – Yes. You wrote that popularity flows back and forth like a river. You’re very philosophical. What quotable line do you have for us today? “Shower with cold water.” That’s Ryu Junyeol’s personal preference. Jin Kijoo… “I actually have sexy smartness.” No. Coy. Oh, “smart.” How did you mishear that? I thought you said “coy.” Sorry. Do you think you’re coy? 1, 2, 3! No. – She’s not coy. / – She’s amicable. Smart in a… This is hard to say… She was in engineering. You must’ve been very popular there. Only until the first semester. Then the new freshmen come in… So they got the focus… Popularity comes and goes… Popularity is like the 1st semester of the 1st year. Happy new year, everyone. Please watch our movie “Little Forest.” I’ll go watch it when it comes out in February! It looks interesting. A plagiarism scandal in the music industry has erupted again. The topic tonight is about the state of pop music and how it has lost its path between creativity and plagiarism. We have a special guest today. He’s been on the show for around 8 years but we’ve only seen him through a monitor. Hello. Seeing you in real life, you’re very handsome. (Lim Jinmo) I was first on the show in 1986. He’s a true fossil. The topic today is Sunmi’s new song “Heroine,” which reignited this debate. We’ll talk about plagiarism in the music industry. As soon as the song came out, she reached #1 on 7 charts, as if proving her popularity. But the plagiarism accusations began then too. With the allegations, we’ll listen to how close the song is to actual plagiarism. (“Heroine” by Sunmi) (“Fight For This Love” by Cheryl Cole) (Let’s continue) (Playing them both at the same time) Aren’t the music videos similar? The music video and song are similar, as well as the progression of the song. For this song, a plagiarism scandal seems inevitable. In the middle of the controversy is the producer of the song, Teddy. He revealed his position. As soon as accusations began, he said it was a 100% original work and that he did not use the song as inspiration. Even if he said no, the public will still be suspicious. Teddy talked in the past about how he composes. He said he hears the music as he sleeps and he wakes up and writes it within 10 minutes. The song he made then was 2NE1’s song “Fire.” Some were suspicious it copied 50 Cent’s song at the time, and since these suspicions keep occurring, the public thinks there may be some truth to it. That’s an element that brings the scandal to mind. Is that possible medically? It is. The process of creation happens in the cerebral cortex. Long-term memory is there too, so memories are not newly created but rather stored, so it could be created that way. That’s why they say memories are unreliable. The crux is that he said he absolutely did not copy another person’s song. He said he didn’t reference it or know of it. But after writing it, people said it was similar. – Afterwards. / – They said it’s similar. So what should happen? Either he says he wrote it and that he’ll fight to defend that, or he’ll say, “Another similar song? I can’t do this. I’ll admit it.” It can only be one of the two. The reason the public is angered over plagiarism is because it requires intent. When a songwriter is constantly swept up in these complaints, some say that it could be intentional. Since this is with a commercial product, the public feels very deceived. It’s about conscience. Similarity is above intention or lack thereof. That’s the law. If it was unintentional but similar, ??? With dramas and movies, lines were said to be stolen from old books. Before “Barefoot Ki-Bong” we watched “Forrest Gump.” And decided to absolutely avoid making it similar. Not a single scene is similar. But since it got popular, people called it “Forrest Gump.” It has a similar vibe. (Just running doesn’t make it all plagiarism) Why play that clip again? Some say that Sunmi may be a victim or an accomplice in this plagiarism case. We can’t call her an accomplice. She’s actually a victim now. However, she’s a victim who must take responsibility. I agree and disagree. As someone who’s been a singer, I know that Sunmi probably has a very busy schedule now. Her and her agency should have checked and since they share the income, she should share responsibility. What I’m saying is the same as Lee Jihye. I said Sunmi, but I meant Sunmi’s agency. While making it, if they decide it’s similar, they need to tear up the music score. Paul McCartney and Lee Jeongsu did this in the past. So in this case, Sunmi has responsibility, because… – Sunmi does? / – Yes. “Fight For This Love” is not an unknown song. Those who know music could know it. She has to take some responsibility due to that. – Whether Teddy or Sunmi. / – Right. I only found out about the other song after this became a controversy. Unless you go and search for it, you can’t listen to every single song. Sunmi or Sunmi’s side being unable to check that seems possible. I think experts should be held to different standards. Regular people might not know, but experts in the field would have known it even if it was on the British charts. S#arp’s song was similar… I haven’t had any plagiarism scandals. Really? You were famous, so why didn’t you? I was famous, but I avoided them. That’s the conclusion. There was a bigger scandal to hide it? I don’t know if you saw last week, but an old clip of S#arp played. It was very different. I’ve gained weight since then. I worked very hard. Of course. Is that plagiarism too? (Breaking News / Lee Jihye, Face Plagiarism Scandal) Face plagiarism scandal? How did I plagiarize my face? Your mother and father are the original creators. That is true. Did the original creators accept it? They said it’s true. They said it’s true. – Then… / – I’ve already compensated them. I’ve taken responsibility financially. What is the legal standard for plagiarism? The funny thing is, the Korea Public Performance Ethics Committee took responsibility for this. They said, for example, if a certain amount of the 2-4 or 4-4 beat measures are similar, then it’s plagiarism. They made a ridiculous standard. I don’t understand that. If 8 measures being similar means it’s plagiarism, then you can just have 6 similar and change 2. Those kinds of rules are basically telling the songwriters to quit their jobs. That’s a ridiculous standard. If you say if just one measure is the same, just one accent and that’s final, then one similar measure means it’s plagiarism. I think the aftermath is important. How they handle it after the scandal. I wish the producer and artist would be more humble and nicer. Last time, Kim Doheon said Teddy’s handling was not pretty and that it was uncultured, uncouth, and that he should stop doing it. That’s the main thing that brought ruin. That’s a good quote. “It was not pretty.” What you just said is important. If there’s a plagiarism controversy… We’re talking from the point of view of the creator, but the listener and consumer bring it up a lot. Consumers wonder why they have to pay for a plagiarized work. So from the point of view of a consumer, complains come in and the creator and producer think they have to compensate consumers for that. That’s true now. You can’t view it as exclusive to the songwriter. I think that there is a reason that so many people are saying these things. There is definitely a reason. It’s important to take a deep breath and quickly handle the accusations. Thank you for coming today, Im Jinmo. Thank you for your thoughts. – It was fun. / – Thank you. That’s all the news we have for today. See you next week. Everyone, be happy. (“Jazz Foo Foo” by Winterplay) (“Awake” by Target)


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