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Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Jeong Eunji, Hugh Jackman, Lee Seongyun (2015.10.16)

Hello, everyone. This is Shin Hyunjoon on Entertainment Weekly. Hello, I’m Lee Dahee. It’s the weekend of the first week of October. The Seoul International Fireworks Festival was at Yeouido on October 3. And at Busan the Busan International Film Festival is going on now. Many people are going to Busan. I hope you all enjoy many good movies. If you go to Busan you can see Shin Hyunjoon the actor and not the host. He is not a foreign actor so you can wave at him if you see him. What was that all about? You look like a foreign actor. I thought you were Russian. Like someone Arab. Let’s drop this. Why are you here already? The festival isn’t over. This is a live broadcast. I got here as soon as I got off the train. You came for Entertainment Weekly? That’s right. You didn’t have to. What do you mean by that? – Our director… / – For our show? He suggested I host the show without you. He said that would be nice. You all agreed, right? But he just tactlessly showed up. I’ll leave then. No, no. – No, no. / – I shouldn’t, right? Good-bye. Taejin has our first report. Yes, I have the first report. Time to find out the entertainment news for the week on Entertainment Hot Click. As our two hosts mentioned the Busan International Film Festival started. We also have news on the Chinese fan breaking into Zo Insung’s property. Let’s watch Entertainment Hot Click now. The entire world focuses on the BIFF. It started on October 1. Busan is called the city of movies now. The 20th BIFF has gotten bigger in scale. We got to see the leads of the 10 million tickets selling movies “Ode to My Father,” “Assassination” and “Veteran.” Also big-name directors and actors were there. Tang Wei is in two movies in the festival and she was present with her husband Director Kim Taeyong. Enjoy Asia’s biggest movie festival. Is this the police? A Chinese fan broke into Zo Insung’s property and was arrested by the police. The incident occured after Chuseok on September 30 at 12:20 a.m. The Chinese fan started banging on Zo Insung’s door and screaming. When Zo Insung’s younger brother came down to open the door, she ran into the yard. I was shocked. She was screaming so loudly at night in the quiet street. Imagine how loud it was. Zo Insung’s brother reported it to the police and she was arrested immediately. But Zo Insung’s family must’ve been shocked. You were shocked last night, weren’t you? No… For the past 2 years, that Chinese fan has been visiting the cafe run by his family and followed him everywhere he was overseas. She was well known by the agency and his neighbors. The fans ran towards his car. But only that Chinese fan would watch from afar. I saw her do that many times. Zo Insung wants to take out a restraining order against that Chinese fan. We visited the police station to see how the investigation was going. She followed him for 2 years. She came to Korea 2 months ago. She came on a travel visa. The Chinese fan states that she went in because the door was open. And that Zo Insung’s family caused bruising on her arms. You can be imprisoned up to 3 years or be fined up to $5,000. Even if it’s commited by a foreigner living in Korea, the laws apply and so they can be punished. Even if Zo Insung forgives that fan and asks for a lenient punishment, since he didn’t report it, she can still be charged. Jung Yonghwa of CNBLUE was recently humiliated by an extreme fan. I’m not an object. You can’t just own me. He wrote on social media, that he appreciated the fans for their love but asked them not to come looking for him at home. These fans chase after the private lives of stars. There are numerous stars who suffer from them. You know the things in our dorm? Like underwear. They took a photo of inside the dorm and sent the photo to us. That’s scary. That means they snuck in. That means they took the photo from inside. That’s actually like breaking in. Last year, a woman in her 30s broke into Seo Taiji’s garage and was fined by the police. His wife Lee Eunseong was 7 months pregnant. Idol stars have left warnings on social media. This obsesseive behavior is actually a crime. The more we love stars, the fans should respect them. Fans need to be thoughtful. Have you heard of the song ranking conspiracy? In order to raise the rankings of associated artists, they play the same song on online charts repeatedly. For years, people have merely suspected the song ranking conspiracy. But it’s recently been drawing attention again. Agencies buy their artists’ songs repeatedly in order to raise their ranks on the charts. This is what the conspiracy is about. Songs that are tampered with on the charts can affect their rankings on music programs. It’s causing a disturbance in the industry. On one music chart site, countless IDs that look similar have been discovered. People suspect they’re used to manipulate charts. There are thousands even hundreds of thousands of IDs with the same pattern. They’ll continue to listen to a certain song repeatedly or repeatedly download the song. This way the song stays up on the chart for hours or even days. There are other instances of chart manipulation. If you just stay in the top 50, all the users listen to it. So they try to get their artists in the top 30 or top 50. Park Jinyoung and Lee Seunghwan have also spoken up about the conspiracy. And it’s no longer just a conspiracy. I do think it exists. 6 out of 10 songs. But I don’t know how true that is. They’re manipulated? It’s an open secret. They can raise the rankings. They offered me hundreds of thousands of dollars. – Really? / – Yes. The media outlet that reported on this stated that they got their information from an inside source. They even revealed a setup with hundreds of phones. It’s a factory. They get thousands of phones and play the song over and over again and download it. That’s how they manipulate the charts. It’s like an open secret. They demand tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars for succesfully manipulated songs. They have laws to regulate and punish such crimes for published works. But no such laws exist for the music industry. As time passes, manipulation methods are advancing and it’s become more difficult to catch out the culprits. A music chart has released a statement to counter this current problem. They stated that if anyone is caught with manipulating the rankings, they will take strong legal action. Yang Hyunsuk also took an aggressive stance again music ranking manipulation. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism are establishing a means to catch out music chart manipulation and have voiced their desire to clean up the industry. We’ll have to wait and see if that will happen. Today’s guest for Star Reporting In is… Star Reporting In. I, Jeong Eunji, have been called in for an Entertainment Weekly interview on October 3, 2015 and I’m reporting in. Entertainment Weekly! The girl group member became an actress. It’s Jeong Eunji of Apink. What does Eunji have to report on? I play Kang Yeondu, who is the leader of the dance team Real King in the drama “Cheer Up!” She seems nervous for her first solo interview. I don’t think you’ll find members for your team. Can you show us a dance? Show us a dance. That’s how you get members. Dancing is the best for relaxing. But this doesn’t seem to be going well. Come on, yo! My interview with Eunji starts now. They say you’re a born actress. People were asked who the best acting idol is. You were voted 1st by 40.4%. It was a landslide. 2nd was IU. 3rd was Suzy. You beat them both. Look at that big smile. I’m going to be cheerful today. Thank you. That’s great. The new drama “Cheer Up!” is about 18-year-old youths growing up through being in a cheerleading club. So this is the club room? Yes, this is our club room. Real King. It’s our very own space that the school does not support. So it kind of seems like a storage room. I can see the lack of support. Right. We don’t even get electricity. Really? They gave us electricity today because… – You guys came. / – Really? Yes. This dark club room will show romance, teamwork and the preciousness of friendship. They all look so young. Why do you think you were cast for this drama? Because I suit the role of Kang Yeondu. Isn’t your real name Yeondu? My real name is Kang Yeondu. I was shocked. Really? No. You’re so cheerful. And good at lying. – I fooled you, didn’t I? / – Yes. I thought it was for real. Here is one of your related search terms. Song. That’s what pops up. Were you born a good singer? I heard I was musical when I cried as a baby. How can you be musical like that? Like Kim Heungguk? No, no. Let’s hear it. I cried in R&B as soon as I was born. Really? Were your parents against you debuting? They were. My dad was on my mom’s side. When my mom was there, “Hey! Listen to your mom!” But when it was just us two, “It’s not like that. Do what you want to do. I’m on your side.” So that really confused me. Really? You’re so good at acting. Acting like your father… You truly are the best acting idol. I like acting things out. I thought you were a father just then. Can you be a jukebox? Just sing a verse at a time. Eunji, please focus on the interview. That startled me. “Mr. Chu!” ‘Mr. Chu, on your lips’ ‘A sweet kiss’ “I Don’t Know Anything But Love.” ‘The moment you stood by me’ “Chili.” ‘I go over the valleys’ ‘And another one is left’ “Flying Through the Sky.” ‘Flying through the clear sky’ ‘If only I can have you hold me’ “Ripe Persimmon.” Eunji is suddenly flustered. I can’t remember this one. Gosh. That’s okay. We’ll move onto the next one. No, no. I have to sing it. How does it go again? ‘I remember’ Do you? ‘I remember’ So you remember. ‘When the persimmon is ripe’ And then what? My mom… ‘I don’t remember’ Such sad lyrics. I hope you remember eventually. What’s one thing we can see in “Cheer Up?” Shining youth. The brightest moment of your life. The youth of students. Be happy tomorrow too. Thank you. Please watch “Cheer Up!” Don’t forget to watch the original broadcast. Looking forward to it, Eunji. The report on the BIFF is being edited now so we’ll air it as soon as that’s done. Hyunjoon, your recent movie is called “Bad Guys Always Die.” What a long and unique name. If bad guys always die that means you die, right? You saw the poster. I was in a police uniform. I play a cop. Come on… You look like a bad guy… I look cute and kind. Alright. Sorry. Let’s hear the next report. The next report… I must be flustered. Come on. This is embarrassing. It’s Jisook’s turn. Jisook, go ahead. Yes. You two are very funny. The voice of fall Lim Changjung is back in the music industry with a great ballad. Bet you’re curious about the song. We talked about music with Changjung. You’ll see it a bit later. Thank you, Jisook. That’s why you shouldn’t tease me. You forgot the order. I was punished. I’m sorry. This person goes abroad often so we don’t see her in the studio often. Soyeon, you went to Hong Kong, right? Yes. “I love Korea.” I went to Hong Kong and met a Hollywood star that’s famous for loving Korea. It’s Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman right now. (Hong Kong) (Come see me) Hello, everyone. This is a peaceful village. It’s the Neverland of Hong Kong. I’m here because I heard a world star that loves Korea is here. A pirate ship that showed up in the city. This guy was on it. Thank you. Korea is the best. The man who loves Korea. Hugh Jackman. Let’s meet him now. The man that loves Korea. It’s Mr. Hugh Jackman. – Hello, Hugh. / – Hello. You are a very regular guest of KBS Entertainment Weekly? Thank you. This set was amazing. It was the biggest that I’d ever been on. Neverland was… – It’s just perfect for children. / – Huge. It was the size of a football field… The actual set. And plus in another set there were 3 big pirate ships. Real size. It was amazing. Can you give us a forecast of your character? I play Blackbeard. Blackbeard is now in charge of Neverland. He’s a pirate, he leads the pirates… There’s a big transformation, right? You shaved your head, your makeup, you dressed up… My brother saw the movie and halfway through the movie he turned to me and said, “When do you show up?” I said, “That’s me.” “What?” He didn’t recognize me. – I love your singing. / – Thank you. – You have a very great voice. / – Thank you. Could you like show us a little bit? Sing a little song. Do you know any Korean songs? You want to teach me one? “Gangnam Style.” You know, right? Oh! With the voice of Blackbeard, could you… ‘Gangnam style’ I don’t know how to do that. (His type of humor will work in Korea) ‘Gangnam style’ I love it. Also, there is a Korean actor right in the cast. – Na Taejoo. / – Yes. I play a warrior in a Neverland native tribe. I cannot do anything like what he does. He’s pretty amazing. He’s extraordinary. He does a great, great job. Action scenes are what I excel at. So those scenes weren’t a big problem. I had a lot of fun with them. So the last time we gave you seaweed sheets for your daughter. She loves it. She eats it almost every day. The true laver lover is Hugh Jackman’s daughter Eva. Great. It’s lunch time so I’m going to… I’m going to give them to my daughter. – Did she like it? / – She loved them. – Yeah? / – Oh, yeah. She loved them. – That’s great. / – Thank you. This time we have a new present for you. (A special gift for Hugh Jackman) “Obsessed with daughter.” Obsessed with daughter. You can do whatever for your daughter. You have a big love for your daughter. Perfect. Obsessed with daughter. And the other one is Eva in Korean. – That says Eva? In Korean! / – Yeah! She can wear it and you can wear the other one. This is great! That is fantastic. Thank you. If you can say Korea is the best… Korea is the best. Korea is the best. Hugh Jackman is also the best. Hope to see you in Korea next time. See you in Korea! (The voice of fall Lim Changjung!) Such a great voice. The legendary ballad singer is back. Lim Changjung’s new song “Love Again” has been 1st on the digital singles chart for 12 days since it first came out. That’s amazing. I’m back to sing sweet music for the fall. I’m Lim Changjung. Hello. My warm interview with Lim Changjung starts now. Hello. You haven’t done a 1:1 interview in a while. – It has been a long time. / – Right? Let me give you a hand first. Things have been great. You’ve conquered the digital music charts. Yes, it’s surprising for me too. I heard your ring tone. It’s your song. I wasn’t so good at doing that… – But I learned. / – I see. They say “Love Again” is doing well so I just went with the trend. It’s a great song. Some viewers probably haven’t heard it. (Automatically) That’s the song. My fans told me never to sing the song without an instrumental during an interview. I’m terrible at singing acapella. But that was great. I think this needs some work. Please edit it. It’s perfect without any editing, Changjung. I heard you wouldn’t do music shows. I’ve been a singer for a long time. So people might think that those kinds of live performances would be a piece of cake. But now that I’m older I get more nervous and scared. You tremble on stage too? Yes, I do. Your song is doing so well that you might be forced to perform. If that happens and I win 1st that would feel great. I showed my kids the digital singles chart to brag. “Look. Daddy’s came 1st.” My kids were like, “Awesome!” They were so happy. I hear they brag to their friends. They bring their friends home on purpose. I see. They show off my trophies. “Wow, Lim Changjung won this from Music Bank?” Then my son says, “Why are you calling my dad by his name?” That is true. This marks his 20th year since he debuted as a singer. Let’s hear some of his hits. First… This is one of your most famous songs. “A Shot of Soju.” (Automatic again) (Such a soulful voice) – Now I want soju. / – That’s so great. I can sing well acapella! That’s right. Very true. How about you give some tips on how to best sing this song? Men, pay attention. First… ‘A night when you’re craving a drink’ Don’t sing. Talk. If there’s a girl there, look at her. Look into her eyes. ‘The good times’ ‘Hello, it’s me’ And then… – What do we do? / – Turn the karaoke machine off. I can’t hit that high note. ‘Hold on’ “Hey, let’s sing something else.” That’ll lighten the mood. Or else you’re going to a point of no return. Yes, turn the karaoke machine off. His second great song is from his 3rd album. “Again.” He won 1st 5 weeks in a row on “K-pop Top 10” and he even won the golden cup. He looks so young. When I first got that song I wanted to write the lyrics for it. So I did. They played it on the radio and the melody was great but the lyrics were awful. So we had to hire the famous Park Juyeon and had it rewritten. Those are the current lyrics. Is that allowed? Just changing the lyrics? It was before the song was reviewed. Great timing. That was a really close call. If I was a week late would that song have existed? I wouldn’t be here today if not for that song. That’s how this song was made. Changjung won the KBS Music Awards Grand Prize in 1997 with “Again.” He was huge in the 1990s music industry. If you could, what singer would you force to perform? H.O.T. H.O.T. For a solo artist… Kim Jongkook. He doesn’t sing as much now that he’s making money. He shouldn’t be like that. Singing is his profession. Good observation. I wish he’d sing. What if he’s motivated from seeing this? I’ll give you a song, Jongkook. Wow! Me too. Thank you for loving me. Be healthy. Thank you. Thank you. Changjung, we hope you continue to be successful. The BIFF report is finally ready. Jiyeon and Chunghyeon, you two went to Busan? Yes, we went to Busan. It rained a lot on the first day. It was a bit of trouble but we got a lot of great stories. What happened at this year’s BIFF? You’ll find out in a moment. Film festivals are all about the red carpet where the actresses’ fancy dresses become hot topics. The 20th BIFF did not let us down. Aren’t you all curious about the behind story of the red carpet at the BIFF? Let’s go to Busan now. I’m curious. A global movie festival. This is the 20th Busan International Film Festival. Stars from around the world on the red carpet. Many reporters and fans were excited. (The fancy dresses were a sight) We’ll give you all the news on what happened at the red carpet. 10 minutes before stars arrived at the red carpet we met them at their hotel. I’m worried because it’s very windy. I hope I can look pretty on the carpet. Will Seo Yeonghui do well on the red carpet? Do you have a concept? If you were to give it a name… (Sticky situation) – What is it? / – We have to make something up… We have to come up with one. We’re… We haven’t talked it over yet. My hometown is Busan. So I’m going to enjoy myself like I’m in my hometown. The opening ceremony is important but I’m hosting the closing ceremony. So I hope you focus more on that. No. Enjoy the opening ceremony too. See you on the red carpet. The red carpet finally starts. Many actresses wore long dresses. Chae Jungan showed off her perfect body in a colorful long dress. Seo Yeonghui welcomed our team earlier. She walked confidently through the wind. But the wind almost got the better of her. The wind actually worked to this star’s advantage. It’s Son Yejin. She wore an innocent looking long white dress. The dress flowing in the wind made her look like an angel. It sure was windy. Ha Jiwon wore a revealing black dress. What is she smiling at? Jiwon! It’s Entertainment Weekly! Jiwon smiled for our team that was screaming out to her. But… She didn’t accept my rose for her. Thank you anyway. I came out really big in this article. Thank you. But Jiwon’s dress was fantastic on this day. Jiyeon and I lost our voices screaming over the fans. Suho of EXO came over to us first. EXO! We love EXO! My hand touched EXO’s hand. Jeon Doyeon and Kim Namgil showed up. Doyeon, thank you for flashing us a heart. The two leads of the movie “The Shameless” was the best couple of the festival. They look great. The leads of the movie “Circle of Atonement” showed up next. Look at Son Hojun. He tried to hold Kim Youjung’s hand but… He failed! Just laugh it off, Hojun. It’s a good day. Park Boyoung showed up next. She flashed us a cute heart. All of Busan cheered hard for these three. How about this for their concept? Two tall bodyguards. Many stars wore red dresses. Among them Tang Wei really stood out. She was more beautiful than a rose. (She got prettier after getting married…) After a little while, the fans all looked to one direction. The 10 million ticket selling actor, the actor you trust and a handsome actor. The best group of actors showed up. They look great. Just them walking side by side looked like a scene from a movie. I wanted to join them too. It’s our host Hyunjoon! Seeing him here made him really look like an actor. He looked so cool. So handsome. An Seonggi is a regular at the BIFF and he showed his imposing charm. Song Kangho isn’t often seen on the red carpet but he was here this day greeting the fans with a big smile. All the reporters were excited to see him. Amazing. Of course he had to be there. Our family member Lee Jungjae. He happily greeted us too. Thank you. He’s radiant no matter who he’s with and where he is. Jung Woosung, you were waiting for him. The opening ceremony was hosted by Song Kangho and Afghan actress Marina Gulbahari. This is my second time hosting the opening ceremony since 2001. Kangho hosted 14 years ago. He hasn’t changed. Announcing the start of the 20th Busan International Film Festival! Right! The BIFF is always a big hit. The real festival starts now. Now we’ll hear the hidden stories of the stars at the BIFF. Time to hear about the behind stories of the BIFF and what happened at the festival. It’s my turn now. This is the hotel where many of the stars are staying for the festival. I’ll get up close and personal with the stars. 2 hours before the red carpet I invaded the rooms of actresses. How did they look? You look so beautiful! Thank you. Are you all ready? Yes. Just need to put on a few accessories. I see. How do you feel to be here? So happy. Actually today… I’m walking the red carpet with my dad. Really? I want to show people that this is a film festival everyone can enjoy. My concept today? The shining stars and the gentleman. Your father is the gentleman? Can you pose for us? Pose? They always want you to wave for them. If you wave too fast they can’t see your hand. So hold it still or wave slowly. So let’s see how Kim Gyuri looked on the red carpet. She looks so beautiful. And this is her father. He could be mistaken for an actor. He slowly waves. They must’ve practiced together. How do you feel? This is my first film festival. I feel very excited. But unfortunately it’s raining now. Right. If my dress gets wet it’ll cling to my body. The viewers might like that more. What’s your makeup concept today? Since it’s raining and it’s chilly… I got a pink base for a warmer look. The dress shows off my figure. Can you flash a heart or shoot an arrow for our camera on the red carpet? Like a mission. Like this? Great. Later on the red carpet… Do this while wearing an elegant dress… Lee Taeran showed up on the red carpet in an elegant dress. The first thing she did was fulfill her love gun mission. Her figure looks great even if the dress isn’t wet. An open talk show for the stars to meet the fans. The stars got to do some talking. Lee Jungjae showed up for the fans too. We’re going to take a question from someone sitting here. Can I address you by name? A shy fan came up. Tell us your 3 charms. That was quite bold. My hands? Can you grab me with those hands? Say hello to Entertainment Weekly. The leads of “Circle of Atonement” showed up in more comfortable attire than on the red carpet. Hello, I’m Seong Dongil. Sorry for wearing sunglasses. I drank too much last night. My eyes are swollen. I have ties to Youjung. She had pretty eyes since she was 7. I told her this over dinner yesterday. To wait for my son until he’s of age. He proposed on behalf of his son at an official event! We also met the cast of “Journalist.” Is there any secret you know about your current movie “Journalist?” Every time I come here I just spend a lonely night in my room with my stylist. I was really excited about today… The cast started laughing at the announcement that someone had to move their car. So… I’m curious. When my managers fell asleep, I snuck out and took a cab to the beach. I got a plate of raw fish to go and went to the beach. So I was hit on for the first time in my life. This is a scoop. Some guy around 10 years younger than me offered me beer. I politely sent him on his way. No big news. The announcement about the car… What was really funny was that… Let’s say the license plate is 1234… The car is being pulled out as it was announced. Anyway, illegal parking is bad. We met the cast of “The Shameless.” It rained and it was very windy yesterday so I was worried about being outdoors here today. But the weather got a lot nicer when I woke up so I worried again if it would be too hot. Then why did you wear a turtleneck? Right. Kim Namgil lashes out right away. Jeon Doyeon as an actress… She isn’t the queen of Cannes for nothing. What if you had to choose one? Who would Hyegyeong choose? Choose one? The two seem competitive. What will she say? I think Hyegyeong would love Jaegon. Looks like she chose Namgil. She was loved by Jungil… A man shouldn’t love a woman. Looks like Park Sungwoong got his feelings hurt. We had to go see Hyunjoon too. He was with Son Yejin and Bolin Chen at the movie’s press conference. You’ll be a father soon. I’ve been waiting to have a baby. I’m so happy to finally have one before I turned 50. I hope the baby is doing well in my wife’s belly. Yejin, you shot a movie with these two guys. What’s the difference in their charms? Bolin has a very cute side. Regardless of the country a good actor is a good actor. As for Hyunjoon… He plays a very charismatic role but he was quite cowardly. He shot a gun and the gun is a bit loud. He wore earplugs. Were you worried about your health? Just joking. I had a lot of fun shooting. We met stars at the Buil Film Awards, which is the first movie award show in Korea as well. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you! Say hello! I’m very excited about who will win an award today. Did you drink last night? Yes, I drank a lot. We’ll probably party again tonight. Jeon Doyeon, do you think you’ll win? Yes. I’ll try harder to do a better job. Tell us how to enjoy ourselves here. Just relax. For those that didn’t have fun in the summer. Think of having a good time during the fall. You’re a nominee. You think you’ll win? What? I don’t know. Did you have a good dream? No. What if you win? Who will be the first person you think of? Entertainment Weekly! He’s so thoughtful. I’m Kwak Dowon. Hello! Let’s see what stars won awards. I won my first award at the Buil Film Awards. Dowon seems to be in a great mood. Moon Junghee of “Cart!” I’m so happy. Thank you, everyone. Thank you. As his senior actor, I apologize on behalf of Kwak Dowon for tainting the honor of the Buil Film Award earlier. He’s so witty. Jeon Doyeon of “The Shameless.” The queen of Cannes Jeon Doyeon won an award in Busan too. She accepts Song Kangho’s teasing. Let’s see what she says. Let’s go, “The Shameless!” Kim Namgil went up to give her flowers. I was so happy to work with you all. A big round of applause for Jeon Doyeon. (But!) Doyeon was touched to tears but Dowon was so thoughtful. He made her laugh by giving her a plant at his table. I apologize on behalf of Dowon again. Lee Jungjae of “Assassination.” Our family member Jungjae won the best lead actor award. Thank you. Sungwoong gives Jungjae a plant like Dowon did. The award show was filled with laughs and smiles. Please support the BIFF. Please come if you have time. The BIFF will go on until October 10. It’s not too late. Go to Busan now! That was fun. Great work. Today’s guest for Guerilla Date has a handsome face and handsome voice! Lee Seongyun! The best at acting annoyed and angry! But he’s a gentle man to his fans. I invaded Gangnam with Lee Seongyun who has a voice that echoes. – Guerilla Date… / – Let’s go! Yes! It starts now. I’m sure you’re flustered at all these people. It’s the time people are getting off work. You’re as popular as a teen star. What if I get a complaint from the district office? You think many people are here because this is Gangnam Station or because of you? Because this is Gangnam Station! Why are you angry? And people are off work. You made a movie that sounds exciting. It’s called “The Advocate: A Missing Body.” I see. There are many twists yet it’s a casual court chase movie. I see. There was a great line too. “Who’s the star of this court? Me.” Who’s the star of this Guerilla Date? Me. Can you say that? The star of Guerilla Date is always Kim Taejin. I don’t think so. Today’s star is Lee Seongyun. Wave for them. Now he starts to meet the people. Who knows the title to Seongyun’s current movie? Do you know? Yes. “The Advocate: A Missing Body.” Come here. What’s the name of the actor next to you? Lee Seongyun. What kind of question was that? Seongyun, promote the movie. Convince her to watch it? Manager, give her $9. He wants her to watch it. I think you came from afar after seeing him. How does it feel to see him? He’s so handsome. I see. A Korean poem with “The Advocate: A Missing Body.” Both of you. “The Advocate: A Missing Body.” I hope it’s a hit! “The Advocate: A Missing Body.” I like you… “The Advocate: A Missing Body.” Like a pervert… How will this end? “The Advocate: A Missing Body.” I’m not so weak. “The Advocate: A Missing Body.” I love you. – Nice. / – Nice. Out of all the actors out there what do you like about Seongyun? His voice. Of course. I want to him to wish me a good night. I see. Let’s act it out. Ready… Why’d you put your bag down? To hug him? You’re not going to sleep here, right? Ready… Action! Honey… The female fan eagerly leads Seongyun. You’re saying the lines yourself. Very good. I like it. I had a great date today. Go to bed. Good night. Do you think you’ll sleep well? Yes, very well. I hope you sleep until 4 p.m. Who wants to play the rubber mallet game? Hello! Why do you like Seongyun? My girlfriend likes him. So your girlfriend likes him? Shouldn’t you be jealous? That’s why I want to hit him. Is he an anti-fan? You’ll get hit hard this time. I’m a father of two children. The rubber mallet game between the two men. Seongyun will attack now. Hit him! He lost to Seongyun and lost the game. You don’t get your wish but how about granting your girlfriend’s wish? Girlfriend, step out. Come here. We gave her a chance to meet him. Why do you like him more than your boyfriend? He’s more handsome than my boyfriend. Your boyfriend is more handsome? – He’s more handsome. / – I see. Are you two breaking up today? Just kidding. Then what do you like about your boyfriend? That wasn’t a hard question. You’re taking a while. Okay, okay. I see. Most of the people here… Seongyun will solve the concerns of the people. As someone older than them. In five characters in Korean. Who wants Seongyun to solve your concern? Raise your hand! Hello. What concern do you have? I’m curious if my major is related to my dream. His major is unrelated to his dream. What would you say to that? Pursue your dream. Great words. – Very nice. / – Great. What English word would you use to describe Seongyun? Sexy. What about him is sexy? His neck. What’s neck in English? Throat. Trot? Pursue your dream. Seongyun was shy at first but he hugged all the fans that were waiting and enjoyed the Guerilla Date. How can you not fall for him? Has the corpse been taken care of? Seongyun will play a lawyer that takes action. He takes a murder case without evidence or a corpse. Can he solve this case? So how was your second Guerilla Date? I enjoyed it. It’s to energize each other. Have some chicken since you didn’t have lunch. Have a drumstick. I don’t like the drumstick. Really? Good. I’ll eat it then. I really like that. When I do this? When people like different parts than me. You’re back with a new movie after 1 year and 4 months. “The Advocate: A Missing Body.” It’s a chase as well as a mystery. Do you like this kind of genre? I don’t prefer a specific genre. A lot of people compare it to “A Hard Day” but it’s very different. It’s fast-paced and fun. That’s similar. The movie’s called “The Advocate: A Missing Body.” When were you recently very angry? When my son doesn’t respond to me. I see. When I tell him to come eat but he acts like he didn’t hear me. Are we about to get started now? I can relate to that. Your character’s name is Byeon Hoseong. Let’s see what you have in common with him. In the movie Hoseong is in the top 1% in terms of intelligence. Seongyun, did you get good grades in school? He suddenly doesn’t look too pleased. Do you want to see me get annoyed? Hoseong is also a very well-dressed and stylish lawyer. Are you also stylish? I have my own style. I see. We prepared this. Photos of you in plain clothes. Let’s take a look. A photo from 2010. These were you at press conferences. This is like BIGBANG. Those are my clothes. You actually have these clothes? If I wear this, this is what reporters say… “Are you homeless?” You have your own unique look. I like that style and dress like that often. I dress comfortably. This was from 2013. You look kind of lame. What is it? This can’t be rated. This is a bit too much. I got that coat for cheap. It’s in a lot of movies. I wear it in “All About My Wife.” That coat… It’s in this movie too. It’s a coat that can be worn comfortably. Yu Haejin… He dresses very well. Haejin dresses well? (Angry) You’re comparing me to him? So we looked for photos of them in plain clothes. They’re about the same. Your looks haven’t changed since you debuted. Do you take care of your voice? I take care of my nose. I put a saline solution up my nose and it comes back out. That’s really good for you. I see. There’s another actor that takes care of his nose. Shin Hyunjoon. Guys like us have noses like wind instruments. Like I have two bassoons here… Any plans on doing a drama? I did dramas after “A Hard Day.” I guess you don’t remember. You think “Pasta” was all I was in? I did two dramas during that time! Gosh! People think I stopped doing dramas after “Pasta!” I see. Okay. Anything you want to say to me personally? Try to cut it short outside! Geez! Calling all those people that didn’t even raise their hand! You complained but you’ll come to Guerilla Date again, right? He doesn’t offend you even when he’s annoyed. He’s always so honest during interviews. That was Lee Seongyun! We’re looking forward to your movie! That was funny. That’s all we have for today. We’ll see you next time. Viewers, be happy! (“Ah-Choo” by Lovelyz) (“Super Fly” by 24K)


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