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Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – IU, Go Soo, Yeo Jingoo [ENG/CHN/2017.05.01]

(Episode 1669) Hello, everyone. I’m Shin Hyunjoon. Hello, I’m Jung Jiwon. – Next week is already May. / – Yes. There’s a long break from next week, so a lot of people are going on a vacation. Right. Do you have any special plans, Hyunjoon? – In May, you mean? / – Yes. I have something very important to do. What is it? I’ll be voting. I have to vote. The presidential election is on May 9. By the way, isn’t only Koreans could vote – in this election? / – I am Korean! – Did you get naturalized? / – What are you saying? I’m born Korean to the Pyeongsan Shin family. I’m from the 32nd generation of the Munhuigong clan. – I’m Korean. / – All right. – I’ll make sure to vote as well. / – Me too. – By the way… / – I’m Korean. We have a new member today. Her name is so lovely. Cho Eunnarae. – Yes. / – Please introduce yourself. Yes, hello. I’m the new face of Entertainment Weekly. I’m Cho Eunnarae. I will try to make your day amazing with Entertainment Weekly. I will give my all for it. It’s nice to meet you all. – People won’t forget her name. / – Right. Welcome, Eunnarae. Now, let’s begin the show energetically. – All right. / – Hyunjoon is unusually excited. Yoon Jiyeon prepared the first news report. Yes, I have it ready. – Let’s begin the show most energetically. / – Yes. We’ll start with This Week’s Hot Click. Shin Junghwan has returned after a seven-year break. And Nam Joohyuk and Lee Sungkyoung, both actor-models, are in a relationship. Let’s begin This Week’s Hot Click. Actress Choi Jungyoon’s husband, Yoon Taejun, has been arrested for manipulating stock prices. They married in December of 2011. Her husband, Taejun, was a former member of Eagle Five. It was also known that his family is a business tycoon. However, Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office found out he had been manipulating stock prices and arrested him yesterday to protect evidence. Taejun leaked information that their Taiwanese partner will be entering the telecommunications industry in China, resulting in their stock prices skyrocketing. He’s charged with unlawfully profiting 400 million dollars from it. We’ll have to wait and see how the case will end. I believe people will forgive me one day if I ask for forgiveness. Shin Junghwan is returning after seven years. Being skillful at dialogue, he was on many talk shows. In 2010, he was involved in a gambling rumor again. At the time, he was denounced by the public for lying about being hospitalized for dengue. As the gambling rumor turned out to be true, he received a prison sentence and stopped working. Last Thursday, Junghwan officially announced that he’s returning to the entertainment industry. Gambling is one thing, but the public is more upset about being lied to. The public isn’t so happy about his return. On his fan club website, he revealed that his motive for returning to the entertainment industry is to become a diligent father to his child. There are many rumors related to his return. But his agency said that there is nothing set yet. For the public, sincerity and likability are very important aspects for celebrities. The reaction of the public will depend on how much sincerity he shows. Junghwan’s activities and his next move will remain important. Singer Jeon Ingwon’s song “Don’t Worry” is currently involved in a plagiarism controversy. Let’s listen to the songs that are involved in this. (“Don’t Worry” by Jeon Ingwon) (“Drink Doch eine Met” by Black Fooss) (“Don’t Worry” by Jeon Ingwon) (“Drink Doch eine Met” by Black Fooss) (“Don’t Worry” by Jeon Ingwon) (“Drink Doch eine Met” by Black Fooss) In the 1970s, the simple triad chord was popular in music composition. I think that’s why the two songs sound similar. It’s unfair to say that it’s plagiarized simply because some bars are similar. Ingwon expressed his thoughts on the controversy too. You must feel muddled. I never plagiarized anything. It’s all a coincidence. Though I must say it is quite similar. But I don’t think there’s a big problem with it. Would you bet your 40-year music career on that you never plagiarized this song? If it was plagiarized, it was done very skillfully. You’re confident because you didn’t do that. Right? That’s right. It’s not true at all. Despite his explanation, the controversy didn’t die down. Yesterday, Ingwon announced on social media that he will be leaving for Germany to meet Black Fooss. He said he will reveal the truth when he returns. People are paying attention how it will end. Do you see me being completely in love with you? I think I like you too. (Nam Joohyuk and Lee Sungkyoung are dating.) I like you. Next is the news about the new celebrity couple. Joohyuk and Sungkyoung were an on-screen couple on a drama that ended in January. Whether you’re my friend or my man, – I want you to stay by me. / – What is it, Saengmin? I’m so jealous. (They were a sweet on-screen couple.) They were such a sweet on-screen couple that it would be strange for them not to fall in love. They’re actor-turned-models from the same agency. They were close even before the drama. (They showed off their friendship on social media.) Even after the drama ended, they continuously posted pictures of them together, and people suspected them of being in a relationship. (But they continued to deny it.) I’m really curious. Why do we have to date in secret? Right. Last Monday, they were spotted on a secret date, and they admitted they’ve been dating for five months. (They became a couple after the drama.) I think they became close near the end of the drama. Perhaps they naturally grew closer as they shared their problems and worries about their careers. I’ve confirmed that they met on special occasions such as Joohyuk’s birthday, Christmas, and when they returned from abroad. Before the announcement, they mostly had their dates in a car. Won’t you run? (This became famous due to Joohyuk’s improvisation.) This scene became famous due to Joohyuk’s ad-lib. Only a real couple could do this type of acting. I’ll kill you when I catch you! Anyway, I love it. We don’t have to hide anymore. It would have been better if we didn’t hide it. (The drama became reality.) They actually fell in love in real life. And they’re a perfectly match in age too. We hope their love will be just as sweet. Congratulations. (Unidentified victim) (I finally found him.) Go Soo is the mysterious driver. (Prime murder suspect) (Who are you?) Kim Joohyuk is the wealthiest man in Kyungsung. I went to meet the two handsome actors. How was it when you found out about each other? On the first shoot, I realized that he’s very serious. He takes his work very seriously. I love that about him. – He had that friendly image. / – Right. I wanted to meet him and talk about different things over a few drinks. It’s too bad that I can’t drink. I can’t drink. In the movie “The Tooth and the Nail”, which tells the story of a mysterious murder case in Kyungsung, the two actors are in an intense confrontation with each other. (It’s a thriller about a murder case in Kyungsung.) Your character is the richest man in Kyungsung. What did you prepare to make your character believable? My character speaks four languages, and plays the piano well too. But I had never played a piano before. – Do you know Beyer’s book? / – Right. I quit while practicing Beyer’s third volume. (He has no talent for it.) Being terrible like that, I wasn’t sure if I could manage it. (How was he in the movie?) I managed to play one song. – I surprisingly played well enough. / – I see. I watched the movie today. (How was he in the movie?) And? It was cut out. I felt so sad. But there was a piano scene in the trailer. I felt so sad. Let’s take a look at that. In the trailer… (Among 50 cuts in the 1 minute and 20 second video) If you look closely, you will see him for exactly three seconds. You couldn’t tell if I was really playing it or not. The trailer makes people doubt it. – I worked so hard for it. / – Right. – I was at the shoot. / – Okay. And he really played the piano. I hope they’ll release a director’s cut that includes those parts. Please do that. (He asks the production company a favor.) It’ll be a waste. I’m curious about it too. – Can you show us / – Okay. how you drive a car in reverse? (No way.) Yes. – Even guys want to see it. / – I want to ask do ladies like that pose? – Yes. / – Do they? – These days… / – We have rear-view cameras now. The screen shows the rear view. What’s so great about this? Just show them. – Just show them. / – Yes, please. Show us. You have to turn around. You have to turn to the back to do it properly. I should sit like this then. Right. I’ll help you. – Do I have to do this? / – This is the passenger seat. Joohyuk was very enthusiastic. – Like this? / – We’re thankful for him. – That’s it. / – Do I have to do it? Okay. I’ll be the woman. – Okay. / – Here. (You have to take the initiative to entertain people.) – Should I look at the camera? / – Yes. He didn’t want to do it at first, but he even made car sounds and winked. Isn’t he amazing? What are we even doing? (It’s tough to entertain people.) – Goodness. / – Good job. (It’s only fun for the people watching.) This is tough. These two actors with amazing on-screen chemistry – debuted in the same year. / – Right. – You debuted in the same year. / – Hello. (They greet each other once again.) Do you remember each other’s work? There’s… That… (He’s not sure.) It was… (Well…) He’s similar to Taejin. – I don’t remember the name. / – Gootaeng. Gootaeng. He had a very friendly image like Gootaeng. It made me wonder what his thoughts are. I admired him as a junior actor. As a junior actor, I found it nice. We debuted in the same year. (I forgot.) As a colleague, I found it nice. Don’t be that way. Joohyuk, how did it feel to work with Go Soo? I had this thought every time I saw him. “He’s very handsome.” “It must be easy to act with such a handsome face.” (He has a face that makes acting easier.) I’m seriously jealous. Do you find acting easy? (He can only smile.) It looks like he’s standing under a spotlight. The sight of his face – blinds my eyes. / – I have my own worries. Regardless of their looks, actors must work hard. That’s right. The two actors recently did a Guerrilla Date. How do you feel about doing a School Attack? Who would be more popular at a women’s university? – My goodness. / – Must you ask? – The answer is obvious. / – I feel the same. – The answer is obvious. / – Do you want us to fight? I wouldn’t be more popular. – They would love him. / – He’s on a different level. I’m old. I have no chance of winning. In which age group are the majority of your fans? They’re teenagers. As you have worked as an entertainer on a variety show, do you think Go Soo would do well in a variety show? He’ll have to pick a concept carefully. What kind of a concept do you recommend? (Choose a concept properly.) He shouldn’t try to do something. It would be more funny if he shows his true self. I don’t think he should try to be funny. The thing is, he’s very serious. I think he should draw laughter with his seriousness. If there is a variety show that will allow me to do that, I want to be in it. Will it help his career in acting? – It will 100 percent help it. / – Stop it. – It will 100 percent help. / – 100 percent. I’m not saying that his image will improve with variety shows. It will help an actor further his skills in acting. I was in many variety shows in the past. – Really? / – I was in many variety shows in the past. I learned what it’s like. I think he should learn it once more. It was a fun interview with Go Soo and Kim Joohyuk. He’s serious. (Entertainment Weekly) – I hope the movie becomes a hit. / – This is the best! This is the best! – She needs no introduction! / – Who is it? It’s IU! IU is back with her new album, “Palette”, which is currently sweeping across the music charts. She’s the star of Guerrilla Date today. Hello, I’m IU. As you can see, your popularity is at its peak. How does it feel? – This is very fun. / – Is this fun? It’s good to see everyone. You’re back on the show after a long break. Let’s shout, “Guerrilla Date, let’s go.” – Guerrilla Date! / – Let’s go! Here we go. It was the hottest Guerrilla Date. (Why are you so pretty?) (Her honey-like voice graces everyone’s ears.) Let’s check it out. Did you expect your album would be such a hit? I hoped it would produce good results. I was thankful that people welcomed me. Congratulations. What is your new song, “Palette”, about? It’s a story about the thoughts I’m currently having. How did G-Dragon come to collaborate with you on your song? When I was writing the song, I asked for his advice. I asked him to collaborate on my song, and he accepted because he had time in his schedule. Let me introduce her once again! It’s IU! – IU! IU! / – IU! IU! Look at them. Please come closer. Okay. Only one of you will get to hug her. – Me! / – Me! Okay. Let’s have a contest of specialties. Who wants to go first? – All right. / – He was pushed by his friend. We have a fan. We have a fan. Are you Zion.T? He’s a doppelganger. In three, two, one. Let’s go. (“A Good Day” by Zion.T from Hongik University) (Tears well up in my eyes and I raise my head) He’s struggling. He’s overexerting himself. (Not even once) (Not even once) You can stop now. I don’t want you to die. Please stop. – All right. / – All right. Let’s go. (Contestant number two sings “Nagging”.) (He uses his throat) (and abdominal muscles to sing.) ♪ You only think of it as nagging, let’s stop ♪ IU had this dance in a music video. The dance move represents the hands of a clock. (The dance of “You and I”) – He is good. / – He danced skillfully. Why don’t you shake all of their hands instead? I’ll hug all of them. She knows how to treat her fans. IU’s kindness made their day. That’s incredible. Words can’t express their excitement. We met another IU fan. (His entrance is extraordinary.) His entrance is extraordinary. I’m 25 years old. – You’re the same age. / – We’re the same age. He can’t hide his excitement. Speak to her casually for ten seconds. Why are you so pretty? Why are you angry? I will let you admire her beauty for five seconds. In one, two, three. He makes eye contact with IU. How does he feel? Jieun, you’re so pretty. This is insane. I feel like I’m dreaming. Why do you like IU? Her songs are healing. – She’s beautiful. / – Are you from abroad? I’m from Yeongju, North Gyeonsang Province, – Gyeonsang Province. / – You can ask IU a question. What brings you here? I should ask you that question. IU is here for an interview. She had a fun time with the fans. We then talked about music and other topics. How did it feel to meet your fans on the street? Guerrilla Date is always fun. It was more fun today since it happened in the evening. – It’s spring. / – Some people were drunk. I could smell the alcohol. It was nice. You could feel the youthful energy. You released a new album after three years. And you produced the entire album. I wanted to have better control of my work. That’s why I made that decision. As the lyrics of “Palette” state, you are 25 years old. What does it mean to be 25 years old? I think I’ve changed. While it’s not a drastic change, I feel more relaxed. I don’t get angry often. I thought about what brought on the change and realized that I learned to control myself better. I still haven’t figured that one out. – It’s an improvement. / – That’s right. A popular topic on the Internet is how flawless your body is. – Are you serious? / – I have pictures. I have flaws. These pictures were the talk of the town. I don’t have a nice figure. – These are just great pictures of me. / – I see. I want to thank the person who took this picture. – All right. / – A round of applause. Did you go on a diet? – I have gone on a diet. / – It was for the comeback? It was possible to forgo meals a few years ago. But these days, I skip dessert after meals to lose weight. I have some of your past interviews with me. Please guess what you had said. Ta-da. “It’s my dream to take the stage with someone.” Guess who you were talking about. This interview is from 2008. In that case, – I think it’s Gummy. / – Let’s see if you are right. – Correct. / – She remembers the interview. “It’s my dream to take the stage with Gummy.” Ever since I was young, I was a big fan of Gummy. I practiced singing her songs a lot. – She was the judge at my audition. / – Really? Which song did you sing? – Gummy’s version of “I Miss You”. / – “I Miss You”. I missed it. (You’re funny.) I’m proud of my witty pun. And then she sang the song. (I miss you) – ♪ I miss you ♪ / – She can sing very well. (She has such a sweet voice.) – ♪ I resent myself for it ♪ / – Your voice is great. Thank you. There is a legendary video of your interview. Will I be seeing it once more? It’s frequently shown. I see it every time I visit Entertainment Weekly. – Please say a few words to Shin Hyunjoon. / – Okay. I enjoyed watching him in “Bare Nose Gibong”. – Excuse me. / – It’s “Barefoot Gibong”. (It’s “Barefoot Gibong”.) It never fails to make me laugh. “Bare Nose Gibong”. I would like to apologize once more. – I’m sorry. / – You’ve apologized many times. I apologize every time I visit Entertainment Weekly. – It must be hard. / – Spring is here. Music is a must for spring. – You’ve chosen top three songs for spring. / – Yes. This is number three. – “The Shower”. / – “The Shower”. Which album is this song in? It’s in my last album, “Chat-shire”. It’s actually a song about summer, – but both spring and summer have showers. / – Right. We get rain showers in both spring and summer. At number two. “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms”. I participated in writing the lyrics. Even the title contains the word, “Spring”. Would you sing the song for the viewers? (Except for me, everyone is falling in love) ♪ And singing about spring ♪ (Her voice is fresh and beautiful like spring.) (Not spring, love, or cherry blossoms) – That’s how the song goes. / – She can sing very well. You have a beautiful voice. I can’t believe how beautiful your voice is. – Thank you. / – You’re incredible. Let’s see the number one song. – “Bare Nose Gibong”. / – It’s “Springirls”. – It’s not your song. / – It’s Sunwoo Junga’s song. Did it feel awkward to fill the list with your songs? (She was caught.) It was a bit embarrassing to do that. It’s a fun and stylish arrangement of the classic. That’s nice. Do you have a goal for 2017? My biggest goal was to release a regular album. Since it came true, I’m living each day in gratitude. It would be greedy of me to wish for more. I want to conclude the year without any hiccups. It’s all I ask for. I hope you have a happy and beautiful spring with my new album, “Palette”. I will visit Entertainment Weekly again with good news. – Thank you. / – We look forward to IU’s future endeavors. (We look forward to it.) Every time IU visits Entertainment Weekly, she apologizes to me. I won’t accept the apology she gave today. Please visit Entertainment Weekly often. I listened to her new songs this morning as well. It’s nice to sing along to her songs. ♪ It’s strange ♪ It is very strange. ♪ But I like it easy these days ♪ ♪ Rather than hot pink ♪ Let’s continue with the program. What in the world are you doing? – I’m sorry. / – We had just enjoyed listening to IU. From now on, I will only listen to her songs. – She can sing very well. / – Kim Sungeun is up next. Her singing made me lose energy, but I will do my best. I met the three actors who command the movie industry, Lee Jungjae, Yeo Jingoo, and Kim Mooyeol. Not only are they handsome and talented, they are also voluble. Jingoo was especially funny and sensible. Please wait a little while longer to meet with the three actors. For all the workers who have been busy all week, Namgoong Min of “Chief Kim” gave a surprise. He received a lot of love for his role in “Chief Kim”. He visited a company in secret and showered them with his merriness and delightfulness. Namgoong Min’s Office Attack – is coming up. / – So it’s Office Attack. Today’s Hot Star-gram features the ever-changing actor with the best body in Korea. We will follow Kwon Sangwoo who is currently starring in “Queen of Mystery”. Let’s check it out right away. My goodness. (Hot Star-gram) We follow the hottest stars on Hot Star-gram. This week… (Hot Star-gram) His name is a brand and his body is a treasure. He is the talented actor of Korea. Kwon Sangwoo plays a detective in “Queen of Mystery”. (The hot-blooded detective in “Queen of Mystery”) (The walking photo shoot) I don’t usually take a picture with guests. We want to keep him in our eyes forever. We call him “The walking photo shoot”. When he wears a suit, he has both a wild and gentle charm. He would have left the country already. However, does he have a secretive past? He has a degree in art education. He was too perfect to remain a teacher. How can a work of art produce art? That’s why he took to the fashion runway. He debuted on screen in the drama “Delicious Proposal”. However, there was another work that made him a star. It was the national favorite movie, “My Tutor Friend”. He became a star after he showed his manly charm and perfect body. (He punched Jung Woo and Gong Yoo.) (A man of charisma with a perfect body) Sangwoo’s abs aided in the success of the movie. (He doesn’t have a perfect face.) I have a perfect body. He has another nickname. – He’s funny. / – My nickname is “Back”. It’s not “Back” as in “Go back.” Do you know why my nickname is “Back”? He has six-pack abs. With a body like that of a statue and a pretty face, he became the icon of a fit body. Even though he is 42 years old, he continues to be fit. Every day is his heyday. He has a nice body. I have abs, too. (This man in his 40s is proud of his muscles.) Many men are jealous of him. He uses his abs as a washboard. – Don’t be ridiculous. / – I’m serious. My goodness. What did you say to me? (He only talks big.) Even a man with a perfect body has his weakness. You look exactly like my husband. Get out. Enjoy your time. I don’t have an inferiority complex. That may be true, but he has a trademark trait. – It was a great drama. / – Love comes back. Love comes back. Love comes back. Are you a good fighter? Meet me at the rooftop. Are you a good fighter? Meet me at the rooftop. (He gives a great performance.) Doing impressions of Kwon Sangwoo gave me a lisp. Son Taeyoung has something to say on the matter. My husband doesn’t have a lisp. I don’t understand why people say he has a lisp. They should come and measure his tongue. He really doesn’t have a lisp. Meet me at the theater. Sangwoo is like a five-day market. (A man like a five-day market) He has everything like a five-day market. He pulls off sentimental scenes with his soft eyes. (Soft eyes) And he pulls of sexy scenes with his wildness. He has a variety of charm – that include slyness. / – I like that hairstyle. I really like that hairstyle. His secret weapon is action scenes. He does all his action scenes without a stunt double, and he goes above and beyond our expectations. He looks like he got hurt. He shows off his manly charm one moment (Rough man) and then his boyish charm the next. (He loves his family.) His charm shines brighter as he became a father. His social media posts always shows his love for his family. His love for his son, Rukhee, even created a song. (He loves his son.) “Rookie” has nothing to do with him. And now he has fallen in love again, this time with his daughter. He became the first fan of his daughter, Riho. He is absorbed not only in acting, but also in his family. He is a star who is always with the public. He is an actor who gains depth with time. This was Kwon Sangwoo’s Hot Star-gram. – He’s cool. / – I’m a big fan. Even his voice is cool. Everything about him is cool. What will happen if your favorite celebrity suddenly visits your workplace? I’m with the hero of the day, Chief Kim… I mean, Namgoong Min. – Hello. / – Hello. It’s nice to meet you. It’s my first day at work. Hello. He’s here to meet the tired employees. You can look forward to Namgoong Min’s Office Attack. Did you hear about what will happen today? I heard that the employees think there will be – a special shoot for Labor Day. / – That’s right. – And then I surprise them. / – That’s right. – I’m nervous. / – I’m here because I want to cheer up the tired office workers. They might try to touch you. Would you be okay with it? – Come at me. / – I can’t wait. – Here it comes. / – We have a new recruit. He will briefly say hello. He shows himself. Hello. – Hello. / – They are so shocked – that their jaws drop. / – Min is here. It’s nice to meet you. – I want to cheer you up. / – She’s fixing her makeup. It’s nice to meet you. (They finally realize what’s happening.) How does it feel – to see Min? / – He’s handsome. Who wants to be closer to him? – Who? / – Her last name is Namgoong, too. – Members of the Namgoong clan met. / – We’re family. “We’re family.” – What’s your name? / – Namgoong Mirae. – Mirae? / – Namgoong Mirae. Namgoong Mirae and Namgoong Min have met. As a member of the Namgoong clan, what did you think of his recent success? Members of the Namgoong clan are indeed handsome. She’s right. Namgoong Min will be giving out presents now. We will pick three people. Let’s start with contestant number one. Tell us how much you like Min. I once went out with someone who looks like him. That’s a strong answer. Isn’t she the one who was fixing her makeup? – That’s right. / – Is there a photo of him? (I’m sorry but he’s my ex-boyfriend.) I’m seeing someone different now. I see. – He won’t be pleased. / – Of course. We get it. What about you? If he needed an organ transplant, I’d happily donate. Any part is available. That’s how much she loves you. – This is fun. / – They’re very original. What about my famous line? – That’s a great idea. / – They can do an impression. Say it like Min. “Director, I hate you.” How about that? Do you remember the scene? Director, I hate you. You’re out of your mind. Let’s hear them say it. “Director, I hate you.” – That was too timid. / – Next. Just know that I’m a fan. She reminds him that she’s a fan. “Director, I hate you.” (That felt real.) You’re up next. Just know that I love you. She shows that she’s sorry first. “Director, I hate you.” That was quite good. Although she says she’s a fan, she delivered her line with hate. Who is that person? It’s her. Yes, you did great. – You’re still a fan. / – I adore him so much that I could donate my organs for him. She shows her love through her organs. Didn’t she say that to me? Would she have any left to live? First line. – An acrostic poem. / – Do you have a boyfriend? What? Okay, I hear you. Do I have a boyfriend? I’m sure he has many male friends. That was original. – Second line. / – I’m just curious. Okay, good. Third line. Do you have an identification card? She’s just saying whatever pops in her head. There is no thought behind it. So who will he choose? The one I choose is her. She will get to ask Min for a wish. All right. Can you hug me from behind? – From behind? / – A hug from behind. Min hugs her gently from behind. She couldn’t be happier. Thank you. It was my pleasure. Do you have any words for your boyfriend? It was great. (They received special gifts.) Next are special gifts from Namgoong Min himself. (Get off work early) – I’m jealous. / – That’s the best gift. You’ll be able to get off early. – Hang on. / – It says five minutes though. Let’s see yours. (A full course lunch with the director) “A full course lunch with the director”. Just give him your organs. Aren’t they hilarious? There’s one last gift, and here it is. “A chance to nap during work hours”. That’s what probably every employee wants. I heard there’s only one male employee here. – Really? / – Here you go. Thank you. What’s it like to work among pretty flowers? It’s sad that I’m allergic to them. See how humorous they are? I guess we have Min to thank for that. Wow, they’re so funny. Even I can’t stop them from having lunch. So how is it for you to finally visit a regular office? Since I played the role of an office employee, something inside just makes me want to do whatever I can for them. He did seem very generous. I was worried about how it’d be, but I had a heartwarming experience today. “Chief Kim” ended, but you’re still very busy. I’ve been invited to be on many shows and events, so I’ve been working hard. Also, I’ve already signed up for another drama. Already? Your taxes will be through the roof this year. Right. Well, I’ll happily pay up. (A happy taxpayer) It’s good. Personally, if the award ceremony was held in June, I think you’d win the Grand Award. A shoe-in for the Grand Award? I honestly don’t think that’s possible. Anyway, the ceremony is always in December. “Descendants of the Sun” aired around that time and the lead actors still won the Grand Award. Did they really? He suddenly cares. Not only did you hit it big with “Chief Kim”, but you’ve also worked hard over the past ten years. So we thought it’d be nice for you to do a performance review on yourself. Here’s your name. Age isn’t important to actors. There’s no need to keep it a secret though. – I turned 40 this year. / – Really? – I bet you’re all surprised. / – I’m 40. You look so young. You should know that I had a check-up – when “Chief Kim” ended. / – I see. – The results were good. / – He’s healthy. I felt great. We filled out some of these for you. You have an unusual background. You are a film director. You directed the 2015 movie “Light My Fire”. I feel odd saying that this movie came out in 2015. The film wrapped up production in 2015, but I was too busy to actually edit it. I submitted it into an upcoming festival as the director. I can’t wait. – “Action scenes”. / – “Action scenes”. – This I give myself an A plus. / – That’s right. That’s because I have a herniated lumbar disc. I really do. So you have a back problem. We salute him for delivering action scenes even though he has a herniated lumbar disc. I have a bad back. But even though I have that, I delivered action packed scenes. So the plus is for your efforts. That’s right. What are your goals for 2017? I’m curious to find out. “Be humble and do your best like you are doing now.” I don’t know why, but acting has become trickier for me. I felt that especially while doing “Chief Kim”. So my time on the show definitely made me think that I should keep working harder, and I’m grateful for that. To all the hardworking office workers in Korea, I wish you the best of luck and health. Thank you, Min. We wish you the best as well. Good luck! The movie that will have our hearts boil. Three actors that are strikingly handsome. Here are Lee Jungjae, Yeo Jingoo, and Kim Mooyeol. Welcome. It’s a pleasure to meet you all. (Three memorable actors) You three are here to promote “Warriors of the Dawn”. I’m sure you’re wondering what the movie is about. The warriors of this movie are soldiers that serve in the military for others to earn a living. The movie follows the story of Prince Gwanghae and how he and soldiers fought together during the year of Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592. (“Warriors of the Dawn”) Jingoo plays Prince Gwanghae while Jungjae’s character is the leader of his soldiers. Who does Mooyeol play? My character is Jungjae’s right-hand man. Think of me as a corporal. That analogy makes it easy to understand. – You get it right away. / – Yes, I do. Think of me as a staff sergeant. Then Jingoo must be He must be the battalion commander. (Jingoo plays the commander.) You’re a veteran now when it comes to promoting movies. Do years of experience help you in any way? We never just talk about our movies here. You even make us play games sometimes. Over the years, you’ve tried to make the movie promotions more fun and less stiff for viewers, so it’s also easier for the actors. Jingoo, is there a special way you’d like to promote your movie this time? This movie wasn’t shot only on a movie set or a studio indoors. The whole crew worked at mountains to fields. That’s why I’d like to promote the movie mostly in a city. The filming must have been exhausting. Yes, it was. Jungjae, didn’t junior actors back in the day never complain like this? No, but I did. (Jingoo is just like Jungjae.) – That’s good to know. / – You taught him well. Yes, you can say he’s on the right path. Since the movie is about us going to battle, we had to walk a lot. Some had to carry the sedan chair – with Jingoo inside. / – My goodness. The routes included steep hills as well, and Jingoo had the audacity to eat before filming. (Jingoo ate before filming started.) Look into the camera, and say a few words to those who carried you. (Do you have anything to say to your fellow actors?) I’m sorry for breaking my promise. I promised not to eat before sitting in the sedan chair, but I was caught by the crew nonetheless. (He was heavy.) Since it’s a historical movie, you had to ride horses and perform sword fights. Did you have to train separately for those? Horses are incredibly hard to control. I see. They don’t do as you say. You rode sedan chairs though. Of course. I mean it was hard for them. Yes, of course. Don’t come to my aid like that. – Did I ruin it? / – Yes. People will think you’re silly too. I’m sorry, but this has become more unsalvageable. Let me drown on my own and save yourself while you can. This is your first historical movie since the movie “The Face Reader”. I saw the movie at a theater and your entrance was more than just memorable. (A charismatic entrance) Isn’t he incredible? Gosh, I’m in love. Do you have a memorable scene in this movie too? – The soldiers were put in situations / – He’s so cool. that forced them to fight for their survival. There were many scenes in which I had to be a tough leader in rough circumstances and situations. Personally, the scenes in which I portrayed anxiety when I was alone… Those are the scenes that I worked harder on. Jingoo, the other two adore you very much, but someone else does as well. Park Bogum sent over a coffee truck. (Bogum sent a coffee truck as a gift.) – That’s right. / – Who enjoyed it the most? The female staff members loved it. Bogum sent only a truck, but they were still more than excited. Now there’s someone who must have been wishing you a great amount of luck. Right? (He’s embarrassed.) – Right? / – Who do you think it is? (Who is she?) It’s my mother. Your wife would be upset to hear that. We won’t openly say the name of the person. I asked if they had anything that they wanted done for them. Let’s see. Can you read it for me? I want Jingoo to promise something for when we reach seven million tickets sold. That’s a tricky request. Would you be all right with that? – Jingoo. / – Yes? With my fellow actors. With the two of them. (He won’t go down alone.) – I’ll have them join me. / – You won’t drown alone. I can’t believe he’d drag us down too. – With them both… / – Good idea. We’ll do a free hug event. – In downtown Seoul? / – That’s right. – A free hug event in downtown Seoul. / – Yes. Do you two agree to that? – Sure. / – You kind of asked for it. Jingoo, let’s see what you wrote. (What favor does Jingoo want?) What is it? I want the other two to show their cuteness instead of me. Jingoo, thanks. We owe you. Thank you so much. (Jingoo flees the studio.) Jungjae, we’ll start with you. (The game begins.) (Flustered. Embarrassed) I can’t wait. Everybody, I hope you look forward to our movie “Warriors of the Dawn”. Please come and watch it in the theaters. Jingoo is making them do this himself. – Look at him nagging them. / – Everyone, I hope you enjoy our new movie. (Adorable) (The catastrophe Jingoo caused) A catastrophe. They do their best in whatever they do, and that is why we have high hopes for the movie. – Of course. / – The movie will be a blast. – Thank you. / – Thank you. You should make a run for it. I promise to see how entertaining it is myself. That was amazing. I wish you the best. (Entertainment Weekly) I worked as a reporter for 21 years. I’m one of the oldest reporters in the business. – I can find out secrets / – It seems like his face is – just by looking them in the eye. / – getting older. Who on earth are you though? I’m Yoomin, the prettiest member of Melody Day who also raps and sings. Yoomin is the talented member of Melody Day. (She’s the prettiest member.) Who will we be investigating today? He always portrays his characters convincingly. From a villain to a romantic to a helpless loser, this actor is known as the master of transformation. He sounds like a tough one to crack. Bring him in right now. This is Kim Saengmin’s Veteran. Can’t you ever change it up? Tell me your name and age. My name is Park Byungeun and I was born in 1977. – That makes you 41. / – That’s right. You look young for your age. Many people see me that way which I’m grateful for. Do you do anything special to keep your young look? I jog whenever I can and take lower-body baths. – That’s incredible. / – Thank you. – Do you like lower-body baths? / – He’s unusual. I’ll give you a call. – I jog quite often as well. / – Isn’t he unusual? I think I’ve seen you around. Just so you know, I took an upper-body bath yesterday. I actually almost drowned. You’re going off point here. – I’m sorry. / – Let’s carry on. So when did you debut? My debut wasn’t like those of other actors. A friend would ask me to say a few lines and I’d do just that. In return, I asked to be treated to a meal. That’s how I naturally got involved in acting. Then what movie or TV show did you debut in? I’m not sure about that. Then how about this? Which was your first big screen debut? “I’m a Cyborg but That’s OK” by Park Chanwook, “Beautiful Sunday” starring Park Yongwoo, and the 2009 movie “Parallel Life”. – So you’ve been acting for about ten years. / – Right. I heard you went on many auditions with a friend. Yes, I went to many auditions. Oh Jungse, Yang Ikjun, Jeong Mansik, and I would meet at a fast-food joint and call film companies. We’d evenly distribute the calls we had to make. Jungse informed us that Heo Jinho was directing “One Fine Spring Day”, and I was very intrigued. Since I was interested, I called the movie company and asked for their address to send them my resume. However, the movie had already been released. (Byungeun fell for a joke.) Jungse mocked me for being so stupid. The movie had already been released. I can’t believe he’d make a joke like that. – So your friend Jungse fooled you. / – Not really. That’s the kind of jokes we used to play on each other. – We’d fool each other. / – Really? Starting with small roles in 2010, he has now become an actor who has starred in about 40 movies and TV shows. (He built himself from the ground up.) File the papers so I can be discharged. Many people, especially the elderly, still don’t know who you are as an actor. Do you have any memorable roles? Of course. Does that mean you have three? I became famous from a movie thanks to this hand gesture. (He played the role of Kawaguchi in “Assassination”.) In the hit movie “Assassination”, he played the role of a Japanese military officer. (He played a frightening but memorable villain.) I remember auditioning four times. Four times? Give us a quick rundown of it. For the first audition, I hired a Japanese tutor with my own money. That we should give him praise for. What about the second audition? I handed in an essay on the life story of my character. Was it based entirely on your imagination? Of course. Imagination is key when it comes to acting. I wrote a detailed essay about my character’s childhood, his family, his personality, and handed it in. For my third audition, I rented a Japanese officer’s uniform of that time and asked a friend who works at a pharmaceutical company to join me at a Japanese bar. We took photos at the one with the red lights. The bar owner thought we were crazy. – For my fourth audition… / – And on the fourth? I was asked to read the script for them, but the director stepped outside. I honestly thought I’d had to audition more. – Isn’t he peculiar? / – The fourth time did the trick. I’m sure you moved them. (“Assassination”, “Woman with a Suitcase”, and more) His devotion to his characters led him to bringing great villains to life. Your role in “Woman with a Suitcase” was memorable. To be viewed as someone scary, I thought I had to have some innocence. That’s why I thought of what children like to do. I’m amazed. I thought of candy. Sucking on candy looks sweet and adorable. It’s delicious and it makes you look childish. – A villain sucking on candy. / – So that’s what I did. That’s incredible. He has challenged himself by taking on different roles and has managed to show his versatility. I heard that you’ve made your move to KBS, and you’ve been taking the small screen by storm. That’s right. The investigation uncovered his big role in the TV series “Queen of Mystery”. He shows off his good looks and sweet smile while playing the role of Korea’s most brilliant profiler. I joined the show on the sixth episode. – Your show has the highest ratings. / – Right. I’m grateful for it. You sat yourself on a moving horse. (The show is carrying him.) Yes, and I’m trying my best not to fall off it. People like you have a way of looking like you have the perfect life. Before I ask about marriage, I should ask whether or not you’re seeing someone. Do you have a girlfriend? I’m sure she’s out there somewhere. I want to meet her as well. To be honest, acting is all I care about right now. I’m constantly worrying about the characters I’m playing on the TV series and my upcoming movie. Sometimes, it keeps me up at night. Would you like to say something to your future wife? Please don’t drink too much and come home early. Don’t play games that involving drinking either. People who ask you to don’t mean well. Isn’t he so very peculiar? I’d like to ask about your future goals in life. I want to be an actor who’s known as a chameleon. Of course. – We learned a lot from you today. / – We did. – We wish you the best. / – Thank you. – It was nice to meet you. / – That’s a wrap. Thank you. We wish the best for the hard-working actor. Byungeun, we hope to see more of you on TV and in theaters. Next up, we have Eunnarae. It’s spring, the time for a new season of baseball. I went and met with legendary baseball players Yang Joonhyuk, Lee Jongbeom, and… ♪ Hello, it’s me ♪ ♪ Are you well ♪ lastly, Lim Changjung. We’ll air the clip a little later. She’s totally different from Jiwon. Gosh. – Please try to be better. / – Let’s check out Korea’s 100 Favorite Songs for Confessing Love first. Today, the number one song will be finally be revealed. It begins now. All right. Hello, I’m Mina of Gugudan. – It’s Mina. / – Today, we’re going to check out the top ten songs out of Korea’s 100 Favorite Songs for Confessing Love. What kind of songs will make my heart flutter today? I can’t wait to find out. In tenth place, it’s “Marry Me” by Lim Changjung. Changjung sings sincere lyrics with his unique voice in this song. He declares his love and promises it will last forever. (Many people sing it at weddings because of its title.) ♪ Stay with me so I can dream again ♪ The score is 1892 to 1891. Lim Changjung won! He won first place on a music show and established himself as a famous ballad singer. (He won many kinds of awards.) In ninth place, it’s “Always by My Side” by Kim Hyunsik. This song is about the wish of wanting your love to stay when you’re down and tired. (It’s from Hyunsik’s sixth album.) (It’s sad that it was released after his death.) The Grand Prize of the Golden Disc Awards goes to Kim Hyunsik of “Always by My Side”. (It was sad his son received the award in his place.) (You are my love) Cho Jungseok is a good singer. (Please stay by my side) (Although he’s gone, his songs will live forever.) Even though he’s not here with us, the great songs he left are still here with us today. (They will live inside our hearts forever.) In eighth place, it’s “You Make Me Happy” by Sunflower. With this song, you can sincerely confess that the existence of your love makes you happy. (This song sends happiness with sincere lyrics.) (You give me happiness) (Even though I’m on a long and rough journey) Even if it’s not grand, you can make many people happy. Isn’t that the power of songs? (You give me happiness) (Entertainment Weekly Bank) ♪ There is nothing I can do for you ♪ In fifth place, it’s “All for You” by Cool. This song shines more brightly because you can hear the feelings of both the man and woman in love. (It’s a song about a man and a woman in love) (which is perfect for couples.) Lee Jaehoon is such a good singer. (It got popular again) (as the theme song of “Reply 1997”.) This song about promising each other eternal love became popular again as it was remade for a drama. It’s the best duet song for couples that you can feel the romance of a new couple from. (All you have to do is stay by my side) (Just like you do now) “All for You” even moves the heart of Heo Kyunghwan, the man who rejects all confessions of love. (I will love you forever in the next life too) Gosh, they look beautiful. In fourth place, it’s “I’m so Fortunate” by Lee Juck. As the sound of the piano and Lee Juck’s voice mix, the song becomes more touching. (His soft voice and the melody of the piano harmonize.) This is a song he wrote for only one person. He sang it himself at his own wedding. ♪ I’m so fortunate ♪ I sang it at my wedding without prior notice. Did your wife cry? – I cried. / – He cried instead. (“I’m so Fortunate” can be an official proposal song.) This song is touching for both the listener and the singer. It can be an official song for proposals. (I was able to meet you) Are you summoning ghosts? (I can shed tears when things are hard) (I’m so fortunate) This song needs to be sung in Lee Juck’s voice. Darn it! (Why don’t you express) (your feelings right now?) – Isn’t that beautiful? / – Yes. (Entertainment Weekly Bank) Now we have only three songs left to reveal. Let’s check them out now. – See me afterwards, Saengmin. / – In third place, it’s “Confession” by Yim Jaebeum. “Karaoke songs for seducing women”? (Karaoke songs for seducing women) Number one. (“Confession”) That’s very… (“Confession” is a rock ballad by Yim Jaebeum.) It’s a difficult song to sing. (It’s a classic song for all Korean men.) There’s a song men sing that women hate. – “Confession”. / – Yes, “Confession”. It’s a difficult song to sing no matter how good you are. – Men always choose that song. / – Exactly. (What will we do with you?) This is an example. You should never sing it. (It’s a great song, but not recommended for anyone.) – Is that Cho Choonghyun? / – Yes. (Very unique and calm) (Too much vibrato) That’s Kwanghee. Being earnest always wins people’s hearts. (Being earnest always wins people’s hearts.) (Try singing with sincerity.) In second place, it’s “Can I Love You” by Yurisangja. That’s right. ♪ You stole my heart ♪ (It’s about a man declaring his love for a woman.) (Can I love you starting today?) It’s a sincere declaration to give only the best. It was a huge hit when Park Shinyang sang the song in a drama. (People sing it when they propose to their loved ones.) I’m so grateful that we’re getting married. I’m so happy. Let’s have a baby soon. ♪ I’ll tell her my feelings ♪ (Sam started a family with this song.) – His son is beautiful. / – I know. He’s called William. A family started with a love song. I’m so touched. (Can I love you?) And the song in first place is… ♪ Will you marry me ♪ It’s Lee Seunggi. (“Will You Marry Me?” by Lee Seunggi) It’s voted overwhelmingly as the number one song. (The song stole every Korean woman’s heart.) Your heart flutters as soon as you hear the first line. The song goes straight to talking about loving someone and wanting to live with her forever. (It’s the number one wedding song.) So it’s number one. (It has been featured in numerous dramas.) (I’ll love you and protect you forever) The number one love confession song Koreans love is “Will You Marry Me?” by Lee Seunggi. Congratulations! – Mina of Gugudan. / – Yes? How was it today? It was so much fun working with Mr. Saengmin. “Mr. Saengmin.” – I’m sorry. / – I’ll work harder as a Gugudan member. Please love Gugudan. We’ll be back next time with more fun rankings. – Bye. / – Bye. Thank you. (Entertainment Weekly) Korean legends are here with me today. We have the best baseball players and the best balladeer. Lim Changjung, Yang Joonhyuk, and Lee Jongbeom are here. Nice to meet you. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hi. / – Nice to meet you. How do you guys know each other? – These two were in a commercial together. / – Yes. My two sons play baseball so I got to know them. When I saw their commercial, I wanted to join them. I always had that in mind. I got to visit the set with my two sons by chance and I met the company owner there. I persuaded him and made him hire me for a small fee. Changjung is a multi-talented entertainer. He’s also a baseball player. That’s right. – He loves baseball. / – He was… Changjung was a member of “Invincible Baseball Team”. They’ve known each other since then. Joonhyuk and Jongbeom were rivals since 1993. Can you tell us something you couldn’t say in the past? People ask me that question sometimes. – I… / – This is interesting. I think of Jongbeom as my rival. But he thinks of himself as his rival. – He’s his own rival. / – Yes. What does that mean? The best player considers only himself as his rival. Second best players always think of the best player as their rival. That’s the difference. A pro can’t win against others if he doesn’t take care of himself. I chose myself as my rival in that sense. Joonhyuk keeps bringing that up. I guess he’s been upset by it. I said it in a nice way. The best player has nobody else to chase after. So he’s his own rival. Joonhyuk was the best player in his team. – Jongbeom was the best in his. / – Right. I asked them about the most recent home runs. They came up with surprising answers. “Become a university student”? – Yes. / – Did you enroll in university? (Did you really?) It’s not about my son. I thought you had a degree. – I run a baseball foundation. / – I see. I’ve been supporting underprivileged kids. It’s been seven years. They’re in their last years of high school. (They’re already in their last year of high school.) Next year, they will get into universities. They’re not my kids, but I supported them like my own. They’ll soon become university students. I’m so proud of them. They say they’ll be good and make me proud. I feel like I’m their parent. You’ve been doing great work. I don’t know about anything else, but that was like hitting a home run. You must be so proud. – What about Changjung? / – I picked my music. (His recent music) I’ve been doing music for a long time. Recently, my kids asked me why I wasn’t on music shows anymore. And one time they asked me why I wasn’t at number one. So I worked very hard and topped the charts. He topped the music charts for two weeks without any TV appearance. Thanks to my kids, I worked really hard and received so much love. I consider my music a home run. I ended up bragging about my sons. Music shows are filled with idol groups these days. He’s about my age and he’s still competing with those young kids and doing an amazing job. I’m so thankful. – How about Jongbeom? / – As you know, my son is a baseball player. Following his dad’s footsteps, Lee Jeonghoo also plays baseball. He looks just like his dad. When I see Jeonghoo play, I wonder if he’ll be like Jongbeom. We can see Jongbeom play again through him. We don’t need to say anymore. “Can we see Jongbeom play again?” Yes, we can. – That’s it. / – Gosh, thank you. I got goosebumps. It would’ve been nice if he had more experience. He was very lucky. I’m thankful he didn’t let his luck slip. I’m grateful that he’s playing major league. He must be so proud to see Jeonghoo in major league baseball. – You’re right. / – I’m so jealous. There’s another question that needs to be asked. What is baseball – to you? / – To me, – it’s my lover. / – Your lover? I loved baseball too much. Because I loved it so much, I’m still single. I really love baseball. You love it enough to devote your life to it. – Spend your 2017 with pro baseball! / – Pro baseball! – Wait for me. / – Okay. – Let’s do it again. / – Let’s do it again. – Spend your 2017 with pro baseball! / – Pro baseball! Like baseball, life isn’t over until it’s over. We hope to see them be more active in the future. It was nice to see the three of them. This is all we prepared for today. We’ll return next week with more news. – Stay happy, everyone. / – Stay happy. Thank you.


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