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Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Ha Seokjin, Turbo, Richard Marx [ENG/CHN/2017.07.31]

(Episode 1682) Hello, everybody. I’m Shin Hyunjoon of Entertainment Weekly. Hello, I’m Jung Jiwon. This is the final week of July. Real vacation time started this week. I’m jealous. How are you planning on spending your time off? Do I have to go somewhere just because it’s time off? I’m just going to stay home and focus on watching movies. How sad. How? You should meet some men or go on blind dates. Please contact her. Introduce me to someone then. – Like who? / – Someone high-quality. I can guarantee high quality. And good looks. Sorry, no can do. We have an ambitious segment tonight. Look forward to it. We have a new segment today too. Let’s get started. The first story today will be presented by Kim Sungeun and Lauren Oh. I met with actor Ha Seokjin. I was able to see how he’s known as smart and sexy and his charm as a single man. Coming up soon. First is “This Week’s Hot Click”. Ballad king Richard Marx visited Korea. Entertainment Weekly met up with him. We also investigated entertainer Kim Jeongmin, who has sued his ex-lover for damage to his image. Let’s click on this week’s Hot Click. He’s the world-famous kind of ballads. We’re here with Richard Marx. Welcome! All of my Korean fans, hi. You Korean fans, you’re the ones I love. Thank you. So why are you here? I heard there is something good going on in October. Yeah, we’re doing three shows, – in Incheon, Seoul, and… / – Busan, right? Busan. Did you know that in Busan there’s a different dialect? I heard that. – You can coach me. / – Yes, I can teach you. I’m so totally… I’m so totally… He’s good. Easy for her to say. I love you a whole lot. He’s got better pronunciation. Which song is the most popular in Korea? – It’s “Right Here Waiting,” right? / – Yes, it is. “Right Here Waiting” and “Now and Forever.” “Now and Forever” is my biggest one. They really like when they can hear you sing a bit. ♪ Wherever you go ♪ ♪ Whatever you do, I’ll be ♪ ♪ Right here waiting for you ♪ His voice is beautiful. He will also be on “Immortal Songs” before his concerts. I love his kind smile. Yes, his smile is great. I’m going to sing one of Richard Marx’s songs, which I’ve listened to ever since I was little. ♪ Whenever I’m weary ♪ I can’t wait to come back and play and do a proper concert. It’s gonna be kind of a rock and roll show, but then we’ll have the moments where I can do beautiful ballads. Let’s do Entertainment Weekly’s signature greeting. – I love you. / – I lub you. Entertainment Weekly. I lub you. (I “lub” you? Love? Love?) I love you, Entertainment Weekly. Can’t wait for Richard Marx’s legendary performance. We love you too! I’m the best at that. I’ve done many challenges, including skydiving. Next is Kim Byeongman’s unfortunate accident (Living legend of slapstick comedy) Kim Byeongman, a living legend of slapstick comedy, led a “Gag Concert” segment called “Expert,” where his near-master tricks brought laughs. For five years, he did all kinds of tricks and made “Expert” the longest-running segment. It was known as the best athletic comedy segment. (Source: SBS) After that, on a reality show, he sacrificed himself to lead his team, becoming known as the survival king. Whether in figure skating, martial arts, or other fields where you use your body, he was an unmatchable presence. Are you okay? You fell down, right? Kim Byeongman, who seemed able to surmount any challenge, went skydiving in a California suburb on July 20, and fractured his spine. We called his agency to confirm his current condition. (Source: SBS) After receiving surgery, he is focusing on recovery and will return to Korea in around 1-2 weeks, when he recovers. He needs around two months to fully recover, so to focus on that, his schedule will be adjusted based on his progress. Kim Byeongman always worked hard to show us his development in his best areas. The crow-tit can keep up with a stork. It moves that fast. Yes, I’m a turtle. I don’t know when I’ll arrive, but I don’t stop. We hope you have a speedy recovery. We’re not close. I don’t know what will happen when this airs. Let’s just break up in peace. Entertainer Kim Jeongmin has sued her ex-lover, who is a coffee shop owner, for additional defamation. The controversy started on July 11, when the coffee shop owner, known as A, was charged with blackmailing Kim Jeongmin, his former lover. They met through an acquaintance in 2013 and dated from July of that year until December 2014, with their sights on marriage. “A” mentioned in an interview that Kim Jeongmin approached him for his money, saying that things were unfair. After the court battle became a hot topic, Kim Jeongmin had stated her side on social media. On Thursday, July 26, Kim Jeongmin sued “A” for defamation and false rumors. Their intense court battle has a few main points. First is nonmatching stories of how they broke up. Kim Jeongmin was unable to stay with “A” due to his numerous lies and problems with women, despite the fact that they were dating to marry. But “A” stated differently. He said she disappeared after he mentioned marriage. He said she told him to talk to her agency’s CEO. The issue is who is responsible for the breakup. After Kim Jeongmin demanded to break up, she paid $142,000 to “A” after he allegedly threatened her. She did pay him the money, but “A” said he returned it. Kim Jeongmin said this was a lie. The prosecution announced they would investigate. The third issue is the dating cost, which was $890,000. “A” stated that during the 18 months he dated Kim Jeongmin, he spent over $890,000 on her. After buying her watches and bags, he invested $890,000 to marry her, and in February, he sued her for $623,000 in damages. But Kim Jeongmin’s spokesperson says differently. He said the $890,000 figure is baseless. We asked a legal expert on what the main issue of the damages lawsuit was. (Shin Eungyu / Lawyer) In order for the damages suit to be accepted, her ex-boyfriend “A” would have to have lent, rented, or gifted her his items Kim Jeongmin must prove those transactions did not occur, but if there is no exact proof, the possibility that the lawsuit of “A” will be dismissed is higher. The first trial for blackmail and attempted blackmail will be held on August 16. Everybody is waiting to hear the results. The star of today’s interview works hard and is known for being smart and sexy. It’s none other than Ha Seokjin. The sexy and smart star of Korea, who women love. Ha Seokjin’s honest interview starts now! Men can be sexy too! From his gaze to his body, every part of Ha Seokjin is sexy, including his brain. – Hello. / – Hello. It’s been so long. About a year. It’s been almost a year since you’ve been on our show. How have you been? In May and June, I went to a far place for vacation. You did? Where? I went to Paris, partly for work, and Sweden and Thailand. I went partly as a prize on another show, so I went with the other members. Sounds like you had lots of free time. I spent it in luxury. Let’s get more in depth with actor Ha Seokjin. Let’s see what your related search terms are. Will you tear this off? – Sexy, smart man. / – Sexy, smart man. You expected this, right? Since the TV station gave me this image, I’m very thankful. You studied engineering at Hanyang University, where only the top 1% of SAT-takers get into. Can you tell us a studying tip? I sat down for a while. My butt stuck to the seat. Others went to the bathroom twice every three hours, but I went once every three hours. I see. We investigated to see how you were in college. Engineering guy. I’ll start trying in April and find a girlfriend by May, no matter who it is. (Cringy) But don’t cheat on your textbook. We all have to cringe. Do you remember that? I’ve got to delete all that. After being discharged from the army, I was very ambitious about studying. I thought a lot while in the army and thought I had to work hard. I felt like my life as a man had started. But I wanted a girlfriend. The emotions of a returning student. Here’s the next keyword – This? / – Yes. Ta-da. “Single guy.” I try a lot these days. I look around. Do you go on blind dates? I’m trying to. But it’s not easy to find someone. Jung Jiwon, what do you think? How long have you been single for? Around two years. Two years? It says six in the script. (It did?) 2 years? I did it unknowingly. We looked at your past ideal types. – To see what I said? / – Yes. A girl who doesn’t look at her phone when we meet. I’m the same now. A girl with a thin neck and thin wrists and ankles. Wait, that’s my wife. Ideal types don’t change. Aren’t my wrists small? They’re not bad. Really? So how many points do I get? Let’s grab a meal. Thank you! Success! The next term is – She went there to date. / – She must be happy. You’re a step behind. It’s empty. You get to choose. What related search term will he choose? I want to be a charming man. Charming how? I want people, whether in person or on TV to feel like they want to get closer to me because I’m charming. That’s me. – Comfortable enough to approach? / – Yes. I’ll choose a great project and be back to greet everyone. Look forward to it. Thank you. The honest actor Ha Seokjin! We look forward to your future work. See you next time! I haven’t seen him on our show in a while. She’s single too. Oh my god. I like engineering guys too. Contact her. Let’s move onto the next story. Yoon Jiyeon and Kim Saengmin will tell it. Veteran is coming up soon. The actor today is Cho Minki. He’s acted for 35 years, and shared memories of making women swoon even when he was in school. We’ll meet with him soon. Before that, we’ll have Hot Star-gram. The star today is Cho Seungwoo, who is a master at musicals, movies, and TV. He’s always been extremely charismatic, but before that, he had different charms. Let’s follow him. We only follow the hottest stars. The Hot-star gram for this week is an actor who went from movies and musicals to dominating TV, and he never fails to deliver. Who could it be? I’m scared. Hello, Entertainment Weekly viewers, I’m Cho Seungwoo. Hello, Saengmin. ♪ God, grant me permission ♪ He’s so cool. A voice granted by the gods. We’ve put together even his small works. Cho Seungwoo’s Hot Star-gram starts now! The past of this man with a killer smile started with looks and talent. Did anything change about his captivating shy smirk? Nothing changed at all. Hear, hear. His warm looks that stole the hearts of girls. With his determined eyebrows and tightly shut mouth, His flirty face and his remarkable poses. Originally, his dream was to be a baseball player. After seeing his female friend perform in a musical, his life took a 180. I was jealous. As soon as he began his acting career, he succeeded wildly, making even his older female friend jealous. Let’s take a look at his acting life. I lived like a dog for the gang. (Source: SBS) With that dirty money… He’s got a strong gaze. Im Kwontaek was the first to capture his sweet gaze. He was cast as Mongryeong in the movie “Chunhyang.” Chunhyang, come here. It’s late. Let’s sleep. After that, he was granted the honor of walking on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. He was cast in melodramas with his gloomy gaze. His acting potential got a kickstart in this scene. Do you remember? Chowon’s legs? They’re the greatest. Worth $1,000. And the body? It’s fantastic. Those $1,000 legs overcame adversity, and it was a story about pure youth. Did you eat? After farting. After “Marathon,” he was cast in much more and was a charismatic card chat as Tazza. If you’re scared, kill yourself. He had another home run as baseball god Choi Dongwon. Cho Seungwoo’s charms can be felt more backstage. Dressing up as Hedwig, he mesmerized audiences. He played Jekyll & Hyde with multiple personalities. We confirmed how popular his movies are. Looks aren’t all he has. He’s also a Romeo who’s chic on the inside. Revealing it all now! (Source: YouTube) After shows, he’d be expressionless in front of fans. Does he have a sweet, loving side? I said I didn’t know what love was. Love? It’s all lies in the end. But… Cho Seungwoo’s love isn’t a lie. Her name? My name? It’s Yoon Jiyeon. It’s late, so go. It’s dangerous. That line is cool when he’s acting nonchalant. Mongryeong fan cafe members and Hedwig-Seungwoo and Cicadas. He was detailed in naming all his fan clubs. He also cared for his fellow actress friend Jeong Suri. He’s a kind person. He gets love from other stars as well. Everyone is an enthusiastic fan of his. He was running from the end of the hall. That was the first time I saw him so happy. Cho Seungwoo? (Source: MBC) I’m not that kind of guy, but… Strangely, when I see her… With a manly vibe, he seems like he’ll love in a cool way. But he actually acts really cute. Keep your hearts in check. (Source: V LIVE) 1 + 1 is cute… 2 plus 2 is cute… Oh my, Cho Seungwoo… He does it when you ask. How nice of him. Cute… You’re the best! (Source: YouTube) The perfectionist Cho Seungwoo also makes mistakes. I forgot it. It looks like pre-planned cuteness. (Source: YouTube) In time with Cho Jungseok’s song, he became spirited. Do all handsome guys do this? Where does his attractiveness end? The man blessed with looks. We’re looking forward to more of your work. – We’re cheering you on. / – He’s so cool. 21 years as a reporter. A dinosaur of the reporting world. That was good CGI. We meet again. What’s your name? – What’s your name? / – JooE. Juvie? Our profiler, JooE of girl group MOMOLAND, has returned! I don’t like you using other people! Please make me a fixed cast member. Who’s the target of our investigation today? He’s got a soft smile and looks kind, but as soon as the smile disappears, he looks cruel. How many people live inside of him? He’s a person of interest we can’t figure out. I’m curious. Bring him in! Let’s begin Veteran. (Entertainment Weekly Investigation Room) What’s your name? You don’t know? It’s for the investigation… And you called me here. JooE, please speak up. Okay. His name is Cho Minki. Age 53. Good job. Continue. If you flip it around, you get his time since debut, which is 35 years. It’s been that long already. You still have a youthful image to us. Elder. (Angry!) You wanted to become an actor since 8th grade and had no other dreams. What triggered that? Nothing. Based on our production team’s guess… It was your looks. (Oh yeah) Let’s say it was. Okay. This is a picture of when he acted in high school. Where is this? This is the acting class behind the stage. I was the head of the acting club. – You were? / – Yes. Can’t you tell? Look at my pose. That was the best time of my life. I heard that checking all the notes that girls put in your bag when you got off the bus was like work to you. That sounds like an exaggeration. It’s true. So you rode the bus like this? I’d get on the bus but it didn’t move fast. I’d get on and see who was hot. Then divide them into groups A, B, and C. If group A had lots of people, I’d go in front of them. I didn’t sit in the very front. If I grabbed onto the handle a step away, they’d ask for my bag. – But you can’t give it to them. / – Really? – “I’m fine.” / – “I’m fine.” Then they repeat themselves. “Let me have it.” Then you acquiesce. “If you insist.” And give it. – Fun, huh? / – The lines are long. So you joined the acting group in 11th grade and did everything, including handing out flyers. Correct. People would stare when I went to Myeongdong. I couldn’t do it willingly. So when I was unable to hand them all out, I threw them at a tall wall with no people around. That place was the equivalent of the National Intelligence Service. “You son of a… ” “What did you just throw, huh?” The employees inside gathered them up. You came out alive, luckily. That place is probably greener now. You got attention in the 90s for movies and dramas. You failed public talent recruitments five times. Thinking back, I was terrible at acting back then. Those are all very good actors. Who was recruited at the same time as you? The fastest to succeed were Cha Inpyo, Shim Eunha. Yang Jungah. Was that interview correct? You said there’s a cliff above and below you. My colleagues were all getting good roles that were right for them and were doing well. One day I looked up in the mirror as I washed my face and wondered how my face changed so much. I felt my heart was hideous and uncomfortable. I thought that. That’s when I decided to not be like that. (Source: SBS) The miracle of stardom didn’t appear. He began to rose to stardom as audiences remembered and searched for him. You were in seven dramas and two movies in 1998. Is that even possible? You got sick. You had acute hepatitis. Yes, I did. My wish was to stay up all night memorizing lines due to have so many, just like other actors, while at the filming site. I wished that. But after 3-5 years of that, I was thankful. Then your turning point was in “East of Eden,” (Source: MBC) where you played Shin Taehwan in 2008. You were very popular in that role. We did a little digging and found out that back then, people would say, “You’re just like Shin Taehwan” as an insult. “East of Eden” was as fun as it was hard. I could understand Heath Ledger. Nobody was on my side. After filming, I’d go home and have two glasses of mixed beer and soju, and that was when I could finally breathe. While rubbing off my makeup. Thinking, “Just what kind of job is this?” Three hobbies ruin men. Cars, cameras, audio. How many of those apply to you? Tell us. They all do. You like classic cars, so you have seven. You also have three expensive cameras. That’s in the past. Did you buy any camera without your wife knowing? You’re like my wife. Have you or not? You have, haven’t you? This guy… When did you give it up? All of your hobbies? They didn’t last long. Please tell us your motto that you’ve had from your 20s until now. In the past, I waited until I was 40. I thought that at 40, I could live in style. But after reaching 40, I realized that living in extravagant style was arrogant. At 53, I realize I have to prepare to get old. I feel like I must grow old in an awesome way to show everyone what style is about. Thank you so much for all your honest words. – Investigation complete! / – Complete! A great interview with a cool actor. We’ll look forward to Cho Minki’s future activities. Entertainment Weekly has an ambitious new segment up next. Shin Hyunjoon will introduce it himself. It’s our new segment. We talk about the week’s hottest issue and it’s called “Midnight Dinner Talk”. This is the first day. I can’t wait. We’ll see it soon. Let’s see what Kim Taejin and Kim Saengmin have. I’ll go first. This is a special segment. Summer songs Koreans love. How many refreshing songs will there be? – Look forward to it! / – What’s with your hands? – Coming up soon! / – Oh my… I met with the three members of Turbo, who are back after almost 2 years. We met at a refreshing water park. They really knew how to treat their fans. Let’s check it out right now. Getting rid of this summer’s heat! The star of this pool date is… Three men hotter than ever! Turbo! (Turbo back with all members) Glad to be here. Let’s interview a more intense Turbo. It’s different promoting solo and with the members, right? Yes, very. It’s easier to move around when you don’t have any sandbags tying you down. I have time to rest during a song. I rap in the middle. I can sing it higher than when I’m solo. Yeah. You’ve made a profit on your 2015 6th album, right? Yes. It felt great, huh? We didn’t do many promotions. That was a bit disappointing. But we’re going to do lots of promotions this time and make a lot of money. Who wants to talk with Turbo? Stand next to your favorite! I was shocked. He intercepted you. What’s so cool about Jongkook? – I like his handsome body. / – His handsome body. Say what kind of fan service you want. Please hug me! Will her wish come true? (Squeeze) Kim Jungnam is faster than everyone. (Satisfied) Choose a girl you want to interview with. Only the men are raising their hands. I don’t want to do this… What’s so attractive about Jungnam? His bronze skin? His bronze skin. (A strangely suspicious woman) She said she was Kim Jungnam’s fan, but something is off… You can backhug with one of the three. You’re definitely Kim Jungnam’s fan. Who do you want to do it? Okay… She’s asking for you. She turned out to be Kim Jongkook’s fan. Did you really have to do this? Backhug! (Hold on) You’re going to take that off first? Isn’t that too erotic? Thank you. (Turbo has thrilling fan service) Then we had fun dance time with the fans. The first song we’ll turn on is one that all Koreans love! “Twist King”! Turn it on! Follow along to the dance! The original dancing machine has turned on! But does he only dance in front of women? What about the guy? Oh my goodness! We apologize! What song was next? “Black Cat.” Come in! She forgets her shyness momentarily and they dance! (Super into it) Kim Jungnam, this is not the place for that! This is fun. Who wants to dance with Jongkook? What does Turbo mean to you? A friend who’s the same age. How old are you? 46. You’re not the same age. I’m the same age as you. Just dance along with them. An old man dance. Come over! There’s a club like this near the beach. A tent club. This is great. They danced excitedly. We had a lot of fun with the parkgoers. It was an unforgettable memory for them. Then we changed locations and digged deeper. We’ll interview Turbo more in-depth. 1, 2, 3! (Moving to the interview spot) This is really old-fashioned. Introducing them once again! Active dance singers Turbo! We jumped and landed back when we did “Super Sunday” in the past. You’ve all heard Turbo’s new song, right? They’re back with a cool summer song after 2 years. They’re worth of the name “Hot Sugar.” How do the younger singers greet you when you’re on music shows? We avoid being near them. Because they may feel uncomfortable? Is there a girl group you want to meet? – Of course. / – There is? – For me. / – Who? You know the one in MAMAMOO with Jongkook’s thighs? – Hwasa? / – Yes. You were pointing out her thighs. You should apologize. If it was because she sang well, then… I know MAMAMOO are great singers. They’re very good singers. I said she has Jongkook’s thighs because… They’re that… I have that much interest in you. (Come on) What are you talking about? (Nervous) You mean she’s that stunning. I get nervous in front of girls I like. Let’s take a look back at 1995. The male dance duo skyrocketed to the top with their flashy performances, captivating audiences. Looking back, they were truly enthusiastic and cool. This is a photo of Turbo version 1. Turbo’s first group makeup. You all had similar poses then. We did. The people taking the photos always said they preferred that pose and asked us to do it. So we always stuck out our hands and left space in between us so the camera could come closer. (Hello, we’re rookie dance group Turbo) Kim Jungnam’s popping dance mesmerized Korea. This was 20 years ago. He was a popping machine. Apparently his skills haven’t faded a bit. We’ve got to see that. It’s 9 in the morning now. Are you fine with that? He does it at four in the morning, too. (Perfect reenactment of his past popping dance) Your skills haven’t faded at all. Let’s give him a hand. Your perm looks good on you. After he dances like that, it’s tough on his body. There isn’t much cartilage. He has as much as Seo Janghoon. I’m Kim Jongkook of Turbo. Hello, I’m Turbo’s new member, Mikey. And Mikey joined the group’s second version. With his charming voice and sweet rap harmony, he received lots of love. Mikey beat 3000:1 audition odds and was selected. Jongkook, you were there when he auditioned, right? I saw him after many initial people were rejected. I saw three, so he beat 3:1 odds to me. I’m wondering what Kim Jeongnam was doing while you guys were out promoting. While they were promoting during the day, I did it at night. – As Turbo? / – Yes. Isn’t that illegal? I’m Turbo anywhere I go. We could’ve stopped him if we wanted to. But we were acting in good conscience. You cared about his situation. He went out, saying he wanted to earn money himself. We thought Turbo would only be in our memories when they suddenly announced disbandment in 2001. After 15 years, you got back together 2 years ago. With all the members. Since we couldn’t interview you then, here’s some belated applause. Do you have anything to tell each other? We have to be together for it to be Turbo, so I’m thankful to the members for allowing Turbo to be reborn again. It wouldn’t be Turbo without Jongkook. I felt like my place was beside Jongkook. So now, we’re closer than ever. He sits next to me in the car, too. When he could just sit in the back… Since you led us so well, I was able to come to Korea. He was doing his own thing in America, but he came back to Korea to join forces with us. – So we’re very thankful. / – Very thankful. Please give us sweet, sugary love. We’ll work even harder in the future. Thank you. It was more fun with all three of them! We’re cheering for your future promotions! Hit it big! Time to slowly chew on the entertainment world’s biggest issue this week. The hottest place tonight is Midnight Dinner Talk. Have you eaten yet? (“Grumpy Columnist” Pop culture critic) (Jeong Deokhyeon) This is a new segment. I think we invested a lot in it… (“Always refreshing” entertainer Lee Jihye) I don’t think it’ll be canceled after just one week. (“Fact Attacker” Editor-in-chief Park Hyeonmin) (“Smart & Sexy” Psychiatry Expert Yang Jaewung) This restaurant has no owner. Sir! I’m right here. Welcome. (Shin Hyunjoon is the owner) You’re handsome. Are you just a puppet boss? (“Midnight Dinner Talk” puppet boss Shin Hyunjoon) Welcome to Midnight Dinner Talk, where we slowly chew on the week’s issues. Want to know what’s on the menu today? – Yes. / – I do. Presenting the menu of the day. (How long should celebrities repent for?) You should’ve told me you’d put that CGI in. Good. Didn’t you spend time self-reflecting? It wasn’t self-reflection, it was time off. That’s self-reflection. It was nonvoluntary. There’s an important point in what you said. Whether or not you reflected or not. You must show it to feel like self-reflection. Lee Jihye, back when you were promoting, there was no way for people to express their displeasure or discontent, right? Yes, correct. She’s old. Excuse me! – Hyeonmin! / – Your social media would’ve blown up. Old? Please choose your words carefully. Please don’t use expressions like “old.” Um Taewoong made a comeback in director Kim Kideok’s recent movie. In November 2016, he was summarily arrested for soliciting a prostitute and received a fine. He said he’d reflect and paused his activities. And now he’s in a movie all of a sudden. And the movie was filmed in February. He began filming within just three months. How is that self-reflection? I’m asking how he reflected and what he reflected on. Movie actors are different than entertainers. Often, movie stars don’t know what they’ll be doing. Sometimes, they film it and then it comes out One or two years later. So you’re saying Won Bin is on a 2-year-long reflection period? He hasn’t been in anything in a while. (His promotion cycles are just long) The industry is very random. People like you one moment and hate you the next, and things are very divided. Shin Jeonghwan recently said he was returning and he’ll be back in September. People are talking a lot about that show. When someone is working hard in their field and is really good at acting, or singing, for example, the public is more likely to forgive them. Lee Byunghun is one example of that. That issue disappeared in an instant. Through his acting in “Inside Men.” Many people were able to distinguish his personal wrongs from his work. But it’s much different than when people who do melodramas are caught doing something wrong. From the point of view of a commenter… Are you here to share the perspective of them? I mean from the perspective of an entertainer… Sorry. From an entertainer’s point of view… I’ll do it over. We’ll write it here for you next week. – Two jobs. / – I’ll be an entertainer and commenter. Commenters remember everything. They’re just not mentioning it at the moment. Because the work was so good, and they lead conversation about it, they bury it temporarily but don’t forget it. From that point of view, Kim Gura has a big problem. His comments about comfort women became an issue, and his method of self-reflection to solve the issue is a good example. He’s still reflecting. Your talk of sincerity reminded me of someone. Jung Junho kept doing the Food Cart of Love. That was just empty actions. You’re clapping for him. I didn’t see any sincerity in that. He would doze off like this while working, and if someone said hi he’d suddenly smile and shake their hand. He had no sincerity. We’ll get a message again today… One media outlet did a study and made an index for idols who reflected, then had comebacks. Military service evasion was 37.3 months. Sex scandals were 29.8 months, Gambling was 16.1 months. Strangely, DUIs were the shortest, at 4.7 months. The mindset of the public in Korea is… How do I put this… They’re not very aware of these things. Our society is tolerant towards alcohol. – Very tolerant. / – Extremely. Let’s talk about how to apologize. Sometimes when they apologize on social media, they get even more hatred. What should they do? The biggest mistake they make is thinking that everyone will feel the same way as they do. I know what that feels like. Even after news of me getting married came out, My manager was flustered, so he denied it. He said it was untrue at first. But I think that being clear, honest and open and saying, “This is what happened” is the wisest method. That’s very hard, though. Because Lee Jihye has been through many hardships. Hardships? Are you kidding me? How could you say that to me? She mentioned her self-reflection. She’s now has complete moral character. Some never had the public ostracize them and people liked them before they even thought about what or who they were. But then people start turning their backs on you, and that is a big trauma for them. So you don’t know what to do at the moment and deny everything. And you rely on your agency to hide. What kind of apology does the public want? Is there a way to apologize? The most logical form of apology is called “C.A.T.” Contents, Attitude, and Timing. T.O.P recently released an apology. What did he say? I feel like he may have been late in the timing part of C.A.T. He was supposed to have a press conference before returning to the army, but he moved up his enlistment date and the press leaked more as he was changing hospitals. He didn’t formally apologize. I think C.A.T. isn’t an appropriate apology. Despite that, I want to point something out. What? The public is really wondering whether he’s actually reflecting. Despite that they don’t desire his comeback, some people just go right onto TV shows. That’s because some people succeeded… Recently, there were successful cases… Of noise marketing, right? So rather than people being uninterested, they often try to join the conversation. That is often their intention. – It has the makings of a hot topic. / – Yes, it does. And in the industry sometimes, some companies have production teams in-house. They produce content within the company, and if the celebrity is also employed by the company, they can put them on the show for cheaper. They do it for synergy. You’re even talking about the industry. The big players. I’m curious about your future progress after marriage. Thanks to the four of you for that honest conversation. I hope you all jot down and keep in mind this talk. Thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (Self-reflection has no end. It’s continuous) (Until you’re filled with sincerity) (You’ll get hated anyway… Handle it) (You choose to return, but the public judges it) That was great. That was fun. (The summer heat isn’t abating) This is for all of you who are tired of the heat and aren’t on vacation. A special feature by Entertainment Weekly! Summer songs Koreans love! Refreshing songs to cool you down! Let’s go! – Sorry. / – That’s a swimming cap. That was so embarrassing. That looks exciting. Kim Saengmin, why don’t you go do that? (Number 30-16 songs that Koreans love) Number 30 is “Party” by Girl’s Generation. Girl’s Generation returned with all their members at the height of the summer. With a motif of a beach party, “Party” showed them enjoying a vacation. And their perfect bodies in bikinis captivated the gaze of everyone. ♪ We can’t stop stop stop, this is party time ♪ ♪ This party time keeps going like this ♪ These cheery girls’ song “Party” swept the music world that summer. It’s always party time with them! Number 29 is another one of their songs. “Genie” by Girl’s Generation. “Genie” was a song where they changed into goddesses of luck and gave vitality to those tired of routine life. The side kick showed off their legs and their marine look was well-loved. You just say your wish when you hear it. Girl’s Generation’s 10th-anniversary is this year, and they will also have a comeback soon. We can’t wait for their next refreshing summer song! Saengmin, stop dancing! Number 28 is “Airplane” by Turtles. That song is so great. “Airplane” was the title track of their 4th album. The exciting song makes your shoulders move. I miss that. It swept music charts and was the most popular song on Minihompy. It was loved for giving energy in the summer. ♪ Fly through the blue sky ♪ ♪ And ride the airplane you dreamed of when little ♪ Lyrics of the butterflies of flying in the blue sky left a deep impression. Turtles are slow, but we’re back with a fast, exciting song. We can’t just have sad songs. But the exciting song covered a sad story. Kim Seonghoon, now deceased, was working on “Airplanes” before he was getting heart surgery. We can’t see him on stage, but we’ll remember him as long as the song. Number 27 is SHINHWA’s “Eusha! Eusha!” We’re advancing like a rocket! We’re SHINHWA! If I’m a fossil of the reporting world, they’re a fossil of the idol world! We recommend their “Eusha! Eusha!” from their debut. The lyrics sing of playing in the water, and it’s the perfect summer melody. (Taekwondo brought the dance to life) I know how to kick, so I put that in the dance. It was the part when I had to kick and the camera suddenly moved in closer. So I just kicked it with my foot. The camera. KBS has that data, probably. This is that very scene. (Kick!) Where did the cameraman go? But unfortunately, they quietly concluded promotions do to the worst floods of the year. They were on the verge of disbanding, but then they made comebacks on the charts. Now it’s a summer song of all Koreans. Congratulations! Number 26 is “Travel to Me” by BUZZ. Number 25 is Sung Sikyung’s “The Blue Night of Jeju Island.” This charming song had Sung Sikyung’s sweet voice. It’s been called a traditional song of Jeju-do and comes to mind when one thinks of the island. Let’s listen together. Look at his hair back then. (Adding to the already-beautiful views of Jeju-do) I want to go to Jeju-do… The original was by Choi Seongwon of Deulgukhwa. He put in the emotions he felt while in Jeju-do. It’s always sung by younger singers, even today. With its flowing ballad and deep lyrics, it calms our hearts, exhausted from the heat. It’s that summer song. Number 24 is “Paradise” by PSY. Number 23 is “Sea Bird” by “Sea Bird.” After 1980, there have been lots of summer songs, but this is the most famous. (Source: MBC) Rising to fame after the 1986 Gangbyeon music festival, the trio of Sea Bird released a song called “Sea Bird.” (Hearing it brings refreshing memories of the past) With refreshing vocals and harmony, this song makes you breathe easy and relax. It’s known as the cheer song of the Lotte Giants, a pro baseball team. Even hearing it now after 30 years, it’s the same old refreshing song “Sea Bird.” Number 22 is Park Jaeran’s “The Pearl Fishers.” Number 21 is Kim Chooja’s “Lady in the Rain.” Number 20 is UN’s “Wave.” This song is great. Number 19 is UP’s “Beach.” UP made us so many memories in the 90s. “Beach” is a song for the summer. It received huge support from teens with its cute lyrics and dance at the time. Kim Saengmin, I guess you missed UP a lot. Anyone could easily follow the melody and rhythm. It was impressive. Their clothes were impressive too. This song was great. In 2016, Huh Gak and Jeong Eunji remade it, making headlines. It’s a perfect song for when you depart on a trip. Number 18 is Indigo’s “Summer, Please.” The song everyone knows. The summer anthem you think of when summer comes. In the summer of 2000, they were prominently dominating the music world. It was the number one song for going on drives during the hot summer. (Souce: SBS) It’s still heard playing in cars every summer. The summer carol that comes back to us every time. “Summer, Please”! Number 17 is CLON’s “City Escape.” CLON left the city and went to the beach. “City Escape” was their hit after “Kung Ddari Shabara.” It gave them the title “summer men.” It was the song that let us enter the Taiwan market after a Taiwanese singer called on us. They were chosen as the sexiest men in Taiwan by DJ Koo. CLON expanded from Korea to Taiwan. Let’s run to the beach with CLON! Number 16 is Busker Busker’s “Yeosu Night Sea.” (Source: MBC) Kim Saengmin is very excited today. Cherry blossoms are good sons. Yeosu’s a good daughter. At 20, Jang Beomjune went to Yeosu and wrote “Yeosu Night Sea” while reminiscing about the girl he liked. (Known for having over 2,500,000 downloads) (I am the Yeosu night sea, the Yeosu night sea) This song increased tourism to Yeosu. So, Yeosu calls it a song that has done its duty. (A summer anthem that stimulates the emotions) (Go to the romantic Yeosu coast this summer) It’s a summer anthem that stimulates the emotions as Yeosu stretches out before you. Summer songs Koreans love! We’ll be back with more refreshing songs next week! Kim Saengmin, good job. I thought “Midnight Dinner Talk” was fun. You did? Come join us next time. I’ll go then. This is all the news we have prepared for today. We’ll be back next week. Everyone, be happy! (“Catch You” by P.O.P)

  • Once again, why don't you talk about the 2 months’ sold-out Japan Tour of KIM Hyun Joong after be n°1 at Oricon? South Korea has a gem with him and you never support him!!!

  • Shocked to hear about Kim Hyeonbung's accident and spinal surgery! I hope he'll make a full recovery and soon. I love him in Law of the jungle. Hes a very hard working and responsible team leader.

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