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Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Cho Jungseok, Eugene [ENG/CHN/2017.05.15]

(Episode 1671) This is Entertainment Weekly, and I’m Shin Hyunjoon. Hello, I’m Jung Jiwon. Last Tuesday, Korea’s 19th president was elected. It’s the first weekend after the inauguration. – People have high hopes for him. / – That’s right. – Do you have high hopes too, Hyunjoon? / – Me? – Well, I’m a dad. / – Right. So my wish is for our country to be a place where children are safe and happy. My wish is for our country to become a place where young people and the disadvantaged can smile. And for that, we’re wearing blue that represents hope. – Let’s do our best with full of hope. / – Okay. As citizens, we’ll do our best at our own places. We prepared a lot of news that will make you smile. Jiyeon has prepared the first news report to start off the show. Yes. I’m ready with the news. It’s This Week’s Hot Click. There were a lot of events this week. Both Moon Heejun and Park Joon have become fathers. And actors Gwak Dowon and Jang Soyeon broke up. Also, actress Lee Jaeeun is now divorced. Let’s click on This Week’s Hot Click. Three celebrity couples gave birth this week. Last Wednesday, singers Lim Changjung and Park Joon both became fathers. Changjung, who already has three sons, married an ordinary woman last January. His son was born four months after their marriage. He is now a father of four sons. Both mother and child are safe and healthy. Congratulations. The next star who became a father is g.o.d’s Park Joon. (He got married in 2015.) I’m going to get married. You’re going to get married this May. That’s right. I’m getting married next month. Congratulations. Last Wednesday, on the 10th, he became a father of a beautiful girl. Both the baby and the mother are healthy. He adores his daughter. I think the baby looks more like her dad. That’s not the end of good news. The first idol couple, Moon Heejun and Soyul, had a daughter Friday night. They became the first ever idol couple to have a child together. However, the rumor of premarital pregnancy has resurfaced after the birth of their daughter. Heejun made a statement regarding this issue. I feel responsible as a father. I want to say this. It feels very unfair to me. I neither confirmed nor denied it. I wanted you to know that. It’s become a controversy since his stance has changed. We wish all of them happiness. Congratulations. Next, Gwak Dowon and Jang Soyeon have broken up. They started a relationship after being an on-screen couple in the 2014 movie “The Wailing”. – I have a crush on someone. / – You have a crush? I wish he would accept me. That person was Dowon. After that, they made their relationship public. I’ll be grateful if you can come. (Laughing) Since they were both old enough, a lot of people expected them to get married. Last October, while on a plane, they were witnessed having an argument. There were rumors of them breaking up. As of today, their break up has become official. They are back to being colleagues. We can only wish both parties the best. Next, Lee Jaeeun divorced after 11 years of marriage. (Lee Jaeeun, divorced after 11 years) Give me that. I’ll do it. Lee Jaeeun made her name as a child actor. In 2006, She married her choreographer professor. He is nine years older than her. After 11 years, she announced their divorce. (Lee Jaeeun Divorced After 11 years Of Marriage) Two years ago, she confessed that she was having a rocky marriage. They were on a show and looked back on their marriage. Reflecting on my past, I think I was lazy. I also thought that I had caused a lot of trouble for you. They both repented and apologized to each other. However, they couldn’t overcome the crisis after all. They agreed on getting a divorce. There were a lot of speculative rumors because of what they revealed through the show. Since it’s a private matter, please refrain from doing more of that. Jaeeun says she will focus on her acting career. We wish her all the best. Sulli, ex-member of f(x), has found new love. Is that right? Last Wednesday, through the media, she announced that she is in a relationship with a brand director. She surprised a lot of fans by announcing this two months after her break-up with singer Choiza. Her agency also acknowledged the relationship just an hour after the article was published. The couple met through mutual friends this year, and began their relationship two months ago. Sulli is always straightforward. We hope you have a happy relationship. (Entertainment Weekly) There never was an action film like this before. I’m here with the cast of “The Villainess”, – Welcome. / – It’s been awhile, Kim Okvin. I’m really looking forward to this. Congratulations. I feel like I should give you a big round of applause. Your film was invited to the Cannes Film Festival. “The Villainess” has been invited for the “Out of Competition” category. Can you tell us what “The Villainess” is about? “The Villainess” is about an elite killer, Sookhee, who has been trained since she was young. After her mentor, Joongsang, dies, she becomes a secret government agent and goes on missions. While doing so, she discovers secrets about her. After that, she starts taking revenge. The action scenes are amazing. – They are amazing. / – Is Okvin the villainess? Yes, I am. (Okvin plays the villainess.) She’s the villainess. What about you? I’m the mentor for killers and also a killer myself. I’m a higher-up of a secret government agency that trains killers to become more competent. Why are you guys all evil? You’re all villains. Sungjun, are you the good guy? I am good. – Are you? You’re the only good guy. / – I am. – What is your character? / – I’m a mysterious man… Action movie heroes usually have distinct weapons. I use everything. Guns, knives, axes, swords… You look so innocent. I can’t believe you use axes. Knives, axes, rifles… You can expect to see everything. – Is that right? / – Yes. Hakyun taught her such skills, right? I think you’re like a master killer, right? I don’t talk much. (Master killers are quiet.) I don’t talk about my feelings. – You won’t know what’s on my mind. / – That’s scary. They end every fight with one move. While filming, since I was in the one learning, I was panting all the time. Hakyun ended the scene with one move. He really was a master killer. – He looks strong. / – This picture… Don’t I look like a cyborg? – I look so stiff. / – Even from my perspective… It was so cold that day, so I couldn’t open my mouth. My face was so stiff. There were comments made on this photo. “I’m a girl, but I have a crush on her.” They say that girls have a crush on you. Do you agree to that? Yes, I do. (She admits it.) Do you have a tough side? I do, but I’m really feminine. (She’s feminine.) Is that right? Can you show us your feminine side? (She increases her feminine side by 200 percent.) I’m sorry. I hope you didn’t lose your appetite. (Please be kind.) You are. You really are very feminine. Don’t judge me by my looks. People think you’re tough from your previous roles. – Kim Seohyung is really feminine. / – Of course. Sungjun, why did you choose this film? I chose this film because I’m a fan. What are you talking about? What does he mean? I’m actually a fan of all of them. I watched their films since I was young. – I always went to go see their films. / – That’s nice. You’re emphasizing “young” too much. There isn’t that much of an age difference. I’ve seen their movies since grade school. Grade school? Did you only like them? What about Seohyung? – I’m a big fan. / – Edit me out. I’m a bigger fan of Seohyung than I’m of the others. – I’m a really big fan. / – It’s too late. – I was too shy. / – I’ve never heard that before. I’m too much of a fan of hers to say that I’m a fan. You should have said that sooner. – You’re really close. / – They were all very close. – It must have been tough. / – They’ll just erase me. I was actually using these two as a cover-up. – I’m actually a fan of Seohyung. / – That’s enough. They’ll now tell us what made them become good actors. I think my free-spirit is my weapon. I don’t want to be tied down. This inspired and liberated me. If you were to go back to your past, would you still choose your free-spiritedness? No, I think I would choose another occupation. What kind of job would you take up? Regarding my personality and aptitude test, I’d like to work in the media. Like a news reporter or an announcer or or a producer? I think being a news reporter will suit me better. – That interests me. / – Come to Entertainment Weekly. – I asked her. / – Would you like to give it a try? – Yes. / – Really? You’ll be welcomed anytime. Let’s see what Hakyun wrote. I wrote, “Because I didn’t know anything.” You become courageous if you don’t know anything. I started acting purely because I liked it. It gets harder and harder as I act. What would you do if you could go back to the past? I think I would still be an actor. Is that so? Okay. What about you, Seohyung? “Unwavering conviction”. I always wanted to be an actress. Are there any roles you would like to try? I’d like to do some characters that would erase my girl crush image. – Feminine characters? / – Yes. Okay. To finish off, why don’t you ask our viewers for their support for the upcoming movie? I’ll start first. – Our… / – Should we start? – Yes. / – Shouldn’t you guys practice it? They’ll just follow if I start it. – Let’s test your teamwork. / – Yes. Our movie, “The Villainess”, premieres in early June. I hope you look forward to it. There are a lot of creative action scenes. Show us a lot of love. We will also root for “The Villainess” which broke new ground as a female action movie. I look forward to the movie. – The preview was amazing. / – It was. Someone is doing a cosmetic commercial. We met the alluring and elegant Eugene. Hello, everyone. It’s been a while. I’m Eugene. It’s nice to meet you. It’s a pleasure to have you. Hello! I met with Eugene the timeless beauty. (Eugene the timeless beauty) Personally, this is fascinating. S.E.S’s second album was released in 1998. – That’s right. / – I was in middle school back then. He’s being silly again. I tried skipping school to buy your tape, but I got caught and was reprimanded for it. I see. So I’m fascinated to be here interviewing you. – You got good grades though. / – So you were a fan. Yes, I was. You only feel that way because we grew old together. You wouldn’t think that with younger artists. Not at all. You haven’t changed a bit. So what brings you here today? I’m here to be in a commercial for a cosmetics brand. I haven’t been in one in a while. What makeup is in trend for this spring? I heard that gold will be throughout spring and summer. That’s why gold colored products with glitter – might become popular. / – I see. I was drawn in by what you were saying. – Didn’t I sound like an expert? / – You did. You sure know a lot about beauty and makeup. To be honest, I have many wrinkles. Yes, especially when you laugh. I find wrinkles created by expressions beautiful no matter what your gender is. Removing them will make you look awkward, so don’t do anything. Men get a lot of procedures done too these days. Of course. Right. I’ll try restraining myself. She sure is right about that. Seven years ago, Shoo of S.E.S tied the knot first. Eugene followed suit, and now Bada is a married woman as well. Bada got married recently in March, and now you’re all happily married. Our group hates being second no matter what we do. Bada didn’t seem to want to get married, but I was worried other groups will outdo us, so Shoo and I nagged her to get married. Really? I see. So Bada was only thinking of the idea, – but you gave her a nudge. / – We had to be the first. We couldn’t let another girl group be the first to have all their members married. I didn’t know of that. Your husband stars in “The Return of Superman”, and your daughter Rohui is adored by viewers. She’s adorable. Rohui, give me a morning kiss. – Look. / – My goodness. Her husband and daughter currently star in “The Return of Superman”. Being as angelic as her mother, Rohui is loved by many of the viewers. She picked up a golf ball. How adorable! You wanted her to pick up the microphone though. Yes, that’s what I wanted. My husband and I wanted her to grow up to be a singer-songwriter like IU. That’s what we discussed, so I’m afraid she’ll have to learn golf later. (Golf will be put on the back burner.) She is becoming fond of singing as she’s growing up. (Moon, moon, what moon is it?) She has a sweet voice. – Rohui! / – Okay. Okay, you sing. Can you sing one of my songs? She likes it. ♪ Oh my love, to me ♪ ♪ Oh my love ♪ It’s safe to say she resembles you a lot then. In terms of her looks, she takes after her dad. Meanwhile, I want her to be more like me in regards of her personality and such. Why? She probably meant a lot by that. I tend to view life as if it were easy. (Eugene is more optimistic.) I don’t worry a lot, so I want her to be like that too. She can be optimistic – and… / – She can marry someone like her dad. (Her dad is more meticulous.) That’s a great idea. (How Eugene Spends Her Day) We looked into a typical day of Eugene’s life. Do you wake up at nine? That’s when Rohui wakes up. So that’s also when I wake up and get her ready for daycare. (She gets Rohui ready for daycare.) Rohui spends four hours there. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It’s my most cherished time of the day. – Of course. / – It’s my “me” time. What do you do during this time? – I work out. / – I see. I sometimes go to the hair salon. – Then for two hours, she takes a nap. / – Nap time. You know it all too well. – Parents will know this. / – Yes. Anyway, my daughter takes her nap, and that’s when I spend time with my husband. We go shopping for clothes or groceries together. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time for a movie. Yes, it’s slightly too short. If only Rohui can sleep for one more hour. I know that feeling. Then, when my daughter goes to bed at night, I can spend some time for myself again. I watch movies at home, or read books. I sometimes knit as well. Do you sleep an average of nine hours each day? (Nine hours of sleep?) Since I have to sleep with a toddler, you can never get a full night’s sleep. You’re woken up 3 times for about 30 minutes each. She sometimes slaps me with her foot. (Rohui slaps her!) That was strikingly more normal than I imagined. Can I take that with me? Yes, of course. It’s yours. It was like talking to a friend I haven’t seen in a while. That’s how much fun I had. I promise to be back again later. Please always be healthy. We’d love to see you again too. Thank you. Eugene, until next time! (We look forward to seeing you back as an actress.) Eugene has always been beautiful, – but motherhood sure does side with her. / – I agree. I also wish you the best for the upcoming movie. Next, Kim Sungeun is bringing us more news reports but we have Saengmin bringing us his segment first. It’s the Entertainment Weekly Special. It’s Stars in Love with Sports. From celebrities who fell in love with their hobbies to those who were skilled before joining the industry. We have the ultimate list for you. Don’t go anywhere and please stay tuned. You keep gaining weight. I’m up first though. Just how much dashing can this man be? No, I’m not talking about myself. We know. I met with Cho Jungseok, the actor who never fails to shine. The actor is known to adore his fans, so he invited them to a secret room of his. His first meet-and-greet was full of excitement, so let’s take a look at how it went. – Why is he so cheesy? / – Many love Jungseok. – Jungseok! / – He’s not just an ordinary actor. We met with Cho Jungseok at his first ever meet-and-greet with his fans. Stay tuned to find out why people can’t get enough of him. – He’s amazing. / – How handsome! It’s the talented actor. Shine brightly, Cho Jungseok! I’m here with Cho Jungseok. Hello. – Hi. / – It’s nice to meet you. I’m sorry if I scared you just now. Anyway, I heard this is a big day for you. – Yes. / – Can you tell us why? I’m meeting my fans today. Congratulations. – Look how good Sungeun is. / – Tickets were sold out. How do you feel? I’m ecstatic. What more can I say? Many of my fans have been asking why I haven’t held one yet. So it’s like I’ve finished a homework of mine. I’m glad to know that many have been wanting this. – You held one yesterday. / – That’s right. You held one today too, so how did your fans react? Yesterday, I had a blast with my fans. I can tell by the smile on your face. I had fun yesterday His good friend Jeong Sanghun joined him today and showed the fans their brotherly romance. I’m sorry. I forgot he’s sensitive about his chest. (Sanghun and Jungseok’s great chemistry) So many fans filled the auditorium. To wish him nothing but the best, his fans surprised him with a gift. (Jungseok is moved.) You named your meet-and-greet – “The Room”. / – That’s right. “The Room”. What’s the reason behind the name? I wanted the gathering to be nothing but pleasant and comfortable. I invited the fans to what I named as my room to enjoy a nice cozy evening with them. That’s what I was going for. There is something I’d like to say though. You can get comfortable, but don’t take off your socks. I’d really appreciate that. The event will be polite and formal. – I won’t be revealing / – He is so talented. what should stay private. Yes, of course. You put in a lot of effort for this event including the direction of it. So what is special about your meet-and-greet? Is there something unique? I first debuted as a musical actor, so I wanted to do one that showcased my skill set. That’s why I sang the soundtrack – He’s a good singer. / – from “Jealousy Incarnate”. – He’s a talented musical actor. / – I know. ♪ For some reason, your face today ♪ (Glows and shines) (His voice doesn’t seem special, but it’s sweet.) His nose looks like mine. (He played the guitar and sang a song he wrote.) ♪ You are like a vitamin ♪ (He’s amazing!) Jungseok’s meet-and-greet was quite unique. Since it’s his first gathering, he put on performances that made the event seem like a musical. It was truly a show. Doesn’t he look amazing? They say you’re talented enough to take the center position of an idol group. The center position? That’s how much people praise you. They only say that because they’re my fans. To be honest, that’s just absurd. I’ve been practicing for a while now, and that’s how I was able to pull it off. If you could join a boy band, which one would it be? – If I could be in one? / – That’s right. – I guess I could name one. / – Sure. – I won’t actually join them. / – Of course not. EXO would be nice. The boy band Jungseok wants to join is EXO. He starred in a movie with one of the members. – Yes, that’s right. / – “My Annoying Brother”. I’ve become good friends with Do Kyungsoo. – That’s right. / – Since we’re friends, I’m sure he’ll treat me well. Is it his spot you’ll be taking? No, of course not. Not his, but the one next to him. Another member’s spot? – It’s probably taken. / – Right. – I’ll be in between them. / – I see. Somewhere in between them. – Somewhere you can blend in. / – Right. – You’ll be “C.H.O” next to D.O? / – Well… I look forward to their on-stage chemistry! That’s funny. Just like me, you have a lot of male fans. – I do apparently. / – Right. When I go to a restaurant, male customers shout out my name while we’re all eating. Then I thank them. Yesterday as well, during the meet-and-greet, – I noticed some male fans. / – I know. – It’s not common, you know. / – Right. So I wanted to ask, but I couldn’t just in case they’d feel embarrassed. As he’s a top celebrity, he has fans from around the globe. – I love you! / – I love you. – I love you, Jungseok! / – From all around the world. Did you come here because you’re a fan of his, or are you just accompanying your daughter? – Mom is his fan. / – My wife is the fan. – I’m the fan. / – She used to like Jung Woo, but – she changed her mind. / – She was a fan of Jung Woo. So she went from Jung Woo to Cho Jungseok. – Where are you from? / – Ulsan. – Did you come all the way here for this? / – Yes. – Did you… / – It’s my wedding anniversary, but I still came here. Today is my wedding anniversary. – Really? / – Good job. – What is he doing? / – We apologize on her behalf. Probably lying in bed. Say a word to your husband. I’ll return home tonight. “Tonight” she says. – We love you, Jungseok! / – They’re funny. You did well. – You did an interview one time. / – Right. – Do you remember “Cho Caprio”? / – Well… Are you still bringing that up? That is… Gosh, that’s crazy. Do you all remember this? Jungseok was popular even before becoming a top star. Should I read this? “I’m Cho Caprio.” (Embarrassed) Please forget about that. I wrote it when I was in high school. When I was full of confidence. We’ll remember that. We had some time to study his charms. Like I said before, he’s an expert in controlling things. First one is about controlling your pupils. – In the drama, “Jealousy Incarnate”… / – Right. Look at how he expresses joy and sorrow with his pupil. (His pupil acting skills is magnificent.) Is there a trick that allows you to be good at it? I don’t particularly have one. It just happens whenever I act. I don’t control my pupils on purpose. Is there anything you have in control lately? – First of all, I’m on a diet / – Does he workout? – for my next drama. / – I’m so good at guessing. Are there sweet abs underneath your shirt? No, I’m working on it. (He’s working hard on it.) – It’s not as sweet yet. / – I see. Next is about advertisements. Your ads include cosmetics, alcohol, English education, outdoor clothes, water, tuna, ham, ginseng, and so on. Show us your pose for those ads one by one. How do you pose for cosmetic and water advertisements? First of all… Cosmetics first. It’s about men’s beauty. – He fails. / – Gosh, I’m not good at things like this. – I really can’t do this. / – You did well on that ad. For the water advertisement, it’s very important to look refreshing. (His pupil acting to express refreshment) Something like this. – It’s the look after drinking water, right? / – Yes. – It’s different for alcohol commercials. / – I see. You need to do this after drinking. (Making the refreshed sound) This must be why he’s a model for various commercials. It does feel embarrassing though. You get to complete the last blank. I guess I’m about being comfortable. – Being comfortable? / – Yes. As a person or as an actor? Both as a person and an actor, I want to be someone who is comfortable to be with. Dear viewers, like I told you before, be healthy and be happy. (Dear viewers) Be careful of the fine dust. I’ll visit you with another drama soon. Thank you. – He’s cool. / – Be healthy. It was the comfortable actor, Cho Jungseok. (Entertainment Weekly) Today, we’re meeting celebrities who are in love with sports. It’s the celebrity sports competitions which were fiercer than any other competition. Let’s check it out right away. (Celebrities in Love with Sports) The first sport is bowling which you can’t get out of once you get a taste of it. (Bowling) Stress is all blown away with a strike. With the satisfying sound, it’s a cathartic feeling. There’s a bowling fever within the industry recently. (Crazy for bowling) – Bowling. / – I see. – It’s an exciting sport. / – Right. What’s your average score? It’s 180. That means you’re really good at it. Girl’s Day members are crazy about bowling that it’s not an exaggeration to say they bowl every day. (They’re like professionals.) They visit bowling alleys often like professionals. This star is also into bowling. (He’s known to enjoy bowling.) Regardless of place and time, Kim Soohyun shows his love for it. He encountered it by chance while staying abroad for a fan meeting. He could do the perfect pose even without a real bowling ball. Too much in love with it, he went for a huge challenge. He challenged himself to go pro. (He tried out to become a professional bowler.) (He took part in the 2016 Pro Bowler Selection Match.) (He already looks like a pro.) Singer Lee Honggi also participated in it which became another hot topic. Though the results weren’t great, their spirit for the game was acknowledged by many. When you visit Korea, after your schedule for the day is over, what do you usually do? I love playing screen golf. Golf is another sport which celebrities enjoy. (Celebrities enjoy playing golf.) Daniel Henney is in fact an enthusiastic golfer who is willing to screen golf if he can’t go to a golf course. And… – Hello, everyone. / – Lee Gyeonggyu is also a golfer. I prepared a golf room. Nice shot. Good shot. This person entered a special competition out of his love for golf. Lee Seungchul has been playing golf for 25 years. At most, I’ve hit 1,000 to 2,000 golf balls a day. Even these days, I hit at least 500 balls. He said he has to practice no matter what even if he can’t practice singing. He’s known to be a lover of golf. He even became a caddie. Is the ballad king trying to be a golf king now? You’ll regret it if you miss this one. It’s baseball which will fully satisfy your eyes. I’m not sure if it’s for baseball or for the looks. These stars grab your attention with their appearances. They’d conquer the Major League if it was about looks. (Jang Donggun loves playing baseball.) Jang Donggun loves playing baseball so much that he once dreamed of becoming an actual athlete. He’s now the leader of a baseball team. (2009 Korean Series) He showed amazing pitches at the 2009 Korean Series and impressed us all. (Major League, here I come.) He made these female fans stand up. It’s Zo Insung. (He’s known for being a baseball lover.) Proving that he was once a baseball player, (He showed off his pitching skills.) he showed off his perfect pitching pose. – Isn’t he like a moving statue? / – He’s amazing. – He really is different. / – Right. (The tickets for the match were sold out.) In the entertainment industry, there are many stars who were originally athletes. I’m Jackson of Got7, JYP’s new male group. I was a fencer for seven years. I was first in an Asian youth fencing competition. (He moves very fast!) (Jongshin was scared.) Jackson was a famous fencer. Cheng Xiao and Cao Lu, who both studied dancing, showed their rhythmic gymnastics skills, . Broad-shouldered Kim Raewon and Jinwoon both used to be basketball players. (I am Jinwoon of 2AM.) If it’s a sport they like, our stars give their hearts and souls to it. We will cheer them on for their passion. We’ll always cheer you on. (Entertainment Weekly) Hello. I’m actor Lee Jungjae. Through the works I’ve done so far, I’ll be looking back on my life. The titles “star” and “actor” both suit him well. This is Star Zoom In. Let’s begin. – He’s great. / – We’re featuring a great Korean actor, Lee Jungjae. You appear frequently on Entertainment Weekly. But this is your first time on Star Zoom In. Right. I’ve seen it, but I’ve never been on it. This segment is called Star Zoom In, and we have an in-depth discussion here. Will it be an in-depth torture? Isn’t that what it’s going to be like? Are there films you’re embarrassed about? There are some movies I had worked on – that I feel uncomfortable watching. / – I see. Let’s get some goosebumps. He’s got such an easy-going personality. – And he’s handsome too. / – Let’s watch some films that best represent you. First, the first one is your debut show. Let’s check it out. It’s the youth drama “Dinosaur Teacher”. – I remember the first shoot. / – Right. I put the school uniform in a suitcase – and carried it over my shoulder. / – You did. I went to the set with it. The other actors who were going to act as fellow students saw me and said, “That man from that commercial must be” “acting as our teacher.” “Isn’t he too young to be a teacher?” After a debate, they said, “He must be the PE teacher.” They already drew a conclusion. When I changed into the uniform and sat in the classroom, they said, “What’s up with him?” – They didn’t know. / – Right. You debuted in a TV commercial. Many people are wondering how you landed the job. The director saw the commercial and contacted me first. There was someone I used to be close with, and he took me to a TV commercial company. – Did he? / – Yes. He suggested that I come with him and say hi to the director because it’s boring in the car. When he saw me, he wanted me as a model. That’s how I replaced the old model. – He was my savior. / – Right. We can’t forget about this one. – That’s your film debut. / – Right. – Bae Changho’s “The Young Man”. / – You were handsome and talented, so you became the lead. Wasn’t it a lot of pressure being the lead actor? – I think I was nervous. / – Were you? I wasn’t sure if I was – up for such a big role. / – Right. I felt like I wasn’t ready for it. That’s one of the reasons why I entered college to study acting. I see. That’s “Sandglass”. We can’t talk about you without mentioning this. I was serving in the army when it was being aired. And I wasn’t allowed to watch TV during training. After the training, I went to work from home. And I realized then how popular it was. People even scared me. Do you remember how it was rated? At the time, it wasn’t easy to track viewer ratings. – But it was the highest rated drama ever. / – It was. (He admires it.) I love that movie. This movie taught me that acting can be fun. Do you remember when you first met Jung Woosung? We first met at an awards ceremony when we received the Rookie of the Year award together. – I was in “Park vs Park”. / – Right. I remember. – It was a courtroom film. / – It was a comedy film. We were on a show to promote our respective films, – and we met again. / – I see. “Let’s watch Jungjae’s new film ‘Park vs Park’.” In the movie, my nose bleeds, and I make a fool of myself. They said, “Let’s watch Jung Woosung’s ‘Beat’ next.” He looked so amazing in the movie. It made me wonder why I was there with him. With “City of the Rising Sun”, you got your first – best actor award at the Blue Dragon Awards. / – Yes. Your name was called, but you couldn’t believe it. Of course. I didn’t expect it at all. – I see. / – The other nominees and their respective works were simply amazing to me. I watched them full of admiration. And then suddenly, they called a name similar to mine. I thought I heard it wrong. – You thought it was a dream. / – I did. – I couldn’t believe it. / – He’s humble. “New World”. Was that already four years ago? – I know. / – Don’t you think you’ve gone too far? – That line was in the script. / – Yes. (He hesitated when he saw the line.) I thought, “Who says something like this these days?” You thought it was outdated. But that line became rather popular. – I practiced that line a lot. / – It’s tricky. A lot of people talked about a sequel. People still do. Would you do it if you get the chance? The director has been thinking about it – since then / – He was. and still does now. He wants a little more time. He wants the leading character to age a little bit. I think he’s waiting until I become old. (He was a charismatic villain in “The Face Reader”.) You were Prince Suyang. It was the manliest character I had ever played. – The character was very masculine. / – Right. He was powerful, violent, and fearless. I wasn’t sure I could play it well. I heard Kim Hyesoo wanted that role too. She asked the director to change it to a princess. “Assassination” was a good one too. You have no embarrassing works to speak of. When I first read the script of that movie, I was thrilled. It was the thrill I had never experienced before. Every single character in that film was amazing. I was impressed by the quality of the scenario. How do you feel after watching your past works? I can’t say it’s just about my work because I think of the crew and my colleagues who worked on them with me. It brought back old memories. The movie “Warriors of the Dawn” will be another major film to be added to his list of movies. In the trailer, they say, “The King has abandoned his country.” They also say, “What should the subjects do then?” These lines are quite provocative. But in fact, the movie is about hope. Rather than being pessimistic about the reality, we can change something even in the worst situation if we plan for the future together. Yes, it’s about hope. When “Assassination” came out, you visited our studio. It became a hot topic. The viewer ratings increased drastically after that. – I mustn’t ask for another visit, / – What’s going on? but still, can you visit us again some time? If “Warriors of the Dawn” sells five million tickets, I will make another visit to the studio with coffee and sandwiches. – Really? / – We all heard his promise. We have this on tape this, right? Five million is a piece of cake. Will we get coffee and sandwiches? It’s becoming a habit now. (He’s nonchalant.) – We’ll be waiting for you. / – You’re the best. He became a superstar as soon as he debuted. Now his name itself works as a brand. I wish to talk to the world as a great actor with deep eyes. Thank you. I am actor Lee Jungjae. We’re always rooting for Lee Jungjae who’s always changing. He’s awesome. – 21 years as a reporter. / – Why this all of a sudden? What was that? By the way, who are you? I’m a girl who is 100 percent pure and pretty. I’m today’s profiler, Jisoo of Lovelyz. It’s the lovely Jisoo. (Today’s profiler, Jisoo of Lovelyz) You’re lovely. Who is our target for today? He stole people’s hearts with his unpredictable expressions. He can act very well. Main actors want to avoid him because his screen presence is beyond that of lead actors. He’s very dangerous. Send him in now. Let’s go see a veteran actor. What’s your name? Don’t you know who I am? – I do. / – He’s acting already. – Already. / – But many people would probably take some time to remember your name. (Kim Heewon) It’s Kim Heewon. Your name is lovely. Occupation? A bad jerk. A bad jerk? The investigation is over. Take him into custody! Why did you invite me if you’re going to make it quick? Well… Why are you holding that? Put that away. He’s very charismatic. (Let’s stop with the acting now.) We’ll talk more in detail today. From your school life to you fleeing abroad. “Fleeing”? I’ll start with the first tip-off. – All right. / – You live according to your instinct. What is this about? He ran away while taking the college entrance exam when he was 19. The exam had a different name during our generation. It was lunchtime after taking the first two parts of the exam. I saw a girl crying outside the gate. – What? / – It turned out she went outside for lunch and was not allowed to come back inside. It was considered cheating. So I packed my bag and left the school while secretly pushing her inside. That girl must have taken the exam. And I didn’t finish taking the exam. I was not going to pass anyway. – What? / – So it didn’t matter. You can’t stand injustice? I’m not sure because I haven’t faced injustice that often. (She agrees.) – Well… / – Will you say a few words to that girl? (How about a few words?) I don’t know who she is though. Still, it was fate. Her life changed because of you. If any of you remember going through that incident, lead a happy life. I heard you also started acting impulsively. After running away from the exam, I bought newspapers. I thought I should look for a job. And this theater troupe was the only thing I was qualified for. Looking at the ad, I realized it should be my job. I then applied for the audition. That was the start. Did they pay you? What’s interesting is I joined the theater to make a living, but I never got paid. Four to five years passed so quickly like that. Did you find it exciting to be on stage? Did you like doing it? Rather than that… The members sweated a lot, and they didn’t get paid. (His colleagues worked hard despite the reality.) But they were working really hard. Looking at them, I thought it was great to break a sweat even though it was hard and didn’t pay well. That thought kept me going. I prepared a surprising picture. (A picture?) What do you think, Nana Marlins? You were the main character of a translated play. I remember doing it right before I joined the army. – Then this / – Yes, it’s from a long time ago. picture represents your past. I was surprised to see it as well. Is that really me? Many comments say he resembles Ryu Junyeol. (Do they look alike?) I think I look like him in this picture. – I know. / – Right. The second topic is his suspicious former job. I crushed everyone. (He crushed everyone.) It sounds scary. Yes, I was in charge of painting walls. I went in 1999. – To where? / – I went to Australia. Why? I didn’t think I was that good at acting. It only made me hungry and it was tiring. I thought I should quit, so I really ran away. Did you have any relatives in Australia? Not at all. I just went there. I did all sorts of things. Everything was so difficult, but painting walls was the easiest. The equipment wasn’t heavy. I was a painter during the preparations of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. – And? / – And they told me to paint the floor, so I did. It turned out I painted the stage floor. They do a lot of cultural performances in the Olympics. I checked and found out that the troupe I used to work in was to come to Australia and perform on the stage which I painted that day. And? I helped them out preparing the props and all. That made me so happy. That’s when you felt this was your job. So I thought it over and over for a year and decided to go back. He was once a simple painter, but he started to fill his scenes with his own colors. He’s great at acting. After many films, you had your major breakthrough. Let’s take a look at it first. (It’s “The Man from Nowhere”.) The movie was incredible. (He was loved by the public for his acting.) After receiving the script, I was sure this film would change my life. You have this feeling. People say you’re perfect for villain roles. What do you think about that? Well, I’m happy that I’m good at something. I hear you tried your best to love Seol Kyeonggu. – Is that true? / – Yes. What was your role in this movie? – His goal was to be / – I see. – the leader of the group. / – I see. My goal was to always be his supporter. Tell me about his strengths. (What are his strengths?) He’s sincerely considerate of his colleagues. Maybe it’s because he went through a lot as well. He knows how hard it is to work in this field. Heewon, I love you too. You’ve never been in any love scandals. Why don’t you date anyone? I have been at times. It’s just that the word doesn’t go around. (He delivers a big punchline at the end.) Please tell us your plan or wish for this year. I’ve been acting for about 28 years. There’s only one wish after acting for 20 years. I wish to be in a place where I can always act. That wish hasn’t changed. Thank you for your great stories. You’re too kind. Thank you. The investigation ends here! You will see Heewon in countless masterpieces. We’re rooting for you. (We will continue to look forward to your work.) Show us great performances, Heewon. I’m rooting for you. And Jungjae, I will leave this seat empty for you. I look forward to having delicious sandwiches. – I hope your film is a success. / – I hope so too. We will move on to the next segments. Taejin and Seunghye are up next. I visited a festival that heals the souls of youths. In addition to exciting performances, stars in each profession told great stories as mentors. – Stay tuned for it. / – What was up with your voice? I’ve prepared a special segment for Teacher’s Day. A lot of people will relate to this. You’ll see the history of teachers in dramas, stars who specialize in playing teachers, and charming teachers of different subjects. You will be reminded of your precious memories. – That’s a wig, right? / – Let’s go take a look at – the teachers in dramas. / – It looks like a wig. – Teacher, thank you. / – He looks like you. Thank you. They can be strict and harsh. They can be friendly and caring. They were like friends and mentors during our school days. They are our teachers. From teachers who left a strong impression on us, to their lines that spoke to our hearts. This is a special A to Z segment about teachers. – This will bring back memories. / – This will be fun. Teachers were always a familiar role, but they change depending on the time period and background. “Tiger Teacher” was where it all started. Who was it? – He has a big build / – Come forward. – and fierce eyes. / – I will leave it to you two. Although he was scary enough to make them cry, (He didn’t hold back any words of encouragement.) Tiger Teacher loved his students more than anyone. This teacher held his own among stars like Choi Soojin, Kim Minjong, and Kim Bosung. Nightclubs are too boring. Childuek is here! Please come forward quickly. Lee Deokhwa starts punishing students right away. Come with me. “Please.” In the 80s, teachers were known to be scary and strict. At the time, teachers were known to be dignified and stern. In order to break away from that stereotype, I tried my best in other films or platforms. I remember that I took one of the roles for that cause. In the 90s, just like Teacher Dongjin, played by Byeon Woomin in “Let’s Look at the Sky Sometimes”, there were many considerate and gentle teachers. A student is going out for an urgent matter. He mistook a laxative for digestive medicine. He tried to continue as if nothing happened, but he failed and ended up laughing. Lee Hyojung played a teacher in “Dinosaur Teacher”. Can you tell me? I’ll tell you later. (He was a gentle teacher who listened to his students.) All right. Tell me later. Teachers have gotten very gentle. Why are you doing this to me? In 2000, teachers who were more open became popular. Do you want to play soccer with us? (Sometimes they were more childish than kids.) He kicked away his innocence just like the ball. All of a sudden, they all tried to be funny. (Teachers approached students like peers.) – Goodness. / – She kept on making mistakes. I can see your underwear! Don’t look. Don’t look! Her unique awkwardness made her into a comedian. She was amazing. These friendly teachers communicated with students instead of being strict. “Where are the flowers that grow without being shaken?” As their teacher, I can’t accept the punishment. Sometimes, they are teachers of hope who share the pains of students. It’s all right. (Enthusiastic teachers appeared.) Hold out your hands. They stole the test papers and shared the answers. In the scene, she punished students who didn’t repent. (She decided to feel the pain with them.) Do you remember this scene? Viewers thought about what teaching is truly about. That’s how you teach those students. Even their parents let them do whatever they want. It’s not their fault. (Teachers are not perfect.) The more recent teachers mature together with the students as they face hardships. These actors specialize in playing teachers. What does your father do? It’s him. Kim Kwangkyu became popular by asking this question. I’m not tired of playing teachers at all. It’s a line that got me out of a swamp. Whenever I have a hard time, I say that line about ten times and I get an offer for a new role. – “What does your dad do?” / – “What does your dad do?” My dad passed away. However, there was a twist in that film. I was in my mid-30s when I was in the movie. I was a year younger than Yu Ohseong, – but I was his teacher in the movie. / – Really? Do you talk to him with the honorifics then? Of course. (Ohseong is older than he is.) Who said I liked it? Relax, Ohseong. (Why are you taking it out on me?) Mark my word. This actor is considered the icon of teachers. Who is it? It’s Kim Haneul who played a teacher in four different shows. Doesn’t it sting? I love you. To a student who confessed his love for her… Why don’t you listen to me? Why don’t you? You are a student, and I am a teacher! She delivered the famous line in tears. This gave birth to many parodies. I am a teacher, and you are a student. I am a teacher, and you are a principal. This really is a festival for talking nonsense. – I’m a teacher. You are a student. / – What is this? I poured all my emotions into that scene. Was it that funny? With her amazing acting, she monopolized teacher roles, and became the best in her field. (“I Will Play a Teacher Again.”) Next are stars who were in fact real teachers. – What was your major? / – My major was… It was fine arts education. – You were the cute guy studying fine arts. / – Gosh. He used to be a handsome art student. He was famous as the handsome student teacher. Park Jisun revealed she was also a student teacher, but there was an unforgettable moment. I was a student teacher while I worked as a comedian. During recess, I saw a male student leaving a note on my desk while looking shy. With my heart pounding, I unfolded the note. The note said he’s leaving school early. Cheer up, Jisun. – Weren’t you a teacher? / – I was. – Really? / – Yes. From what I’ve heard, you were a Korean teacher. Since I had the same height as the students… A teacher was slapping students to discipline them, but the teacher even slapped me too. Goodness, what a tragedy. (They’re embarrassed.) There are stars who are bound by fate. She’s Ki Sungyueng’s wife. You were her student teacher? – Yes. / – Really? We happened to star in the same drama. I couldn’t recognize her because she had changed. One day, she asked, “Which school were you trained to be a teacher?” I told her and she said, “I knew it.” – She remembered you. / – She did. They met again as a teacher and student in a drama. I hope you will keep this precious relationship going. Here are the performances of teachers for each subject. Be strong, super power! For an English teacher, Kim Youngchul fits the role. He’s good at everything but making people laugh. He wrote books about English after teaching himself the language. He even hosts an English radio show. ♪ Step by step ♪ He even starred in a drama as an English teacher. But he was completely ignored by the students. He even ended up interviewing Keanu Reeves. He confidently showed him his special skill. (He demonstrates a special skill.) (Stop being too ambitious.) I’m sorry. This period is Korean, isn’t it? Park Hasun taught Korean. Here she is. She ends up feeling embarrassed. We feel embarrassed for her too. Can you come to the festival and give me a kiss? (Students tease her.) – Kiss him! / – Kiss him! You guys went too far. Do you want to be scolded? She changes into a new person to teach them a lesson. Take a seat! Hey, hey, hey! (Don’t make teachers angry.) She’s amazing. – It was a sitcom. / – ♪ Since when did I become ♪ (Music teacher) – How’s Seo Hyunjin as a music teacher? / – She’s good. (She was a passionate doctor.) She has a unique history. He’s going into cardiac arrest. In the past, she was the lead vocalist of a girl group. She shined like a star even back then. She looks so young. She recently reappeared as a music teacher. I’d gladly take her class if she’s the teacher. Show off. (She’s confused.) (She flips her hair.) – Hey, Do Wandeuk. / – And… Hey, Do Wandeuk! Oh, my goodness, Wandeuk. – What are you mumbling about? / – He always shows up. He might be gruff, but he delivers a sincere message. – It was sad. / – You have no time to be embarrassed. Think about this when you get old. The sheer fact that you were embarrassed will make you more embarrassed. These are the lines that were lights in the darkness. You are a total piece of trash. He was the king of harsh words. Hand in your resignation letter. Now! Sit down. What are you doing now? – She’s my employee. / – She’s my bandmaster. They are my bandmaster and members of my orchestra. I can’t let you belittle them. I can’t pass down my authority even to the president. Why are you emptying your head without doing anything? Don’t live like a loser who complains at the back. Be the ones who change the rules of the society! If you were born with those talents and are financially supported by your parents, do you think you’d be in this shabby public school? (She’s blunt.) If you feel this is unfair, do something on your own. Fight until the end. Don’t make excuses. Do it yourself. She can say these cold words without hesitation. Sometimes, she bravely stops a student from making a radical decision. Value yourself. And with that heart, don’t treat your friends badly. Cherish them. You are not alone. ♪ Kindness of a teacher is ♪ ♪ Limitless like the sky ♪ When they see each other eye to eye, we realize there’s nothing more important than this. A teacher and a father – are the same. / – A weird actor is on the screen now. Teachers made our school days shine even more. – We will love you forever. / – We love you. (Thank you, teachers!) (Entertainment Weekly) I’m here with the aspiring youth. This is a fun festival of May! Come join me! For youths who were feeling burnt out, – a special event was held for them. / – She’s good. Mentors who represent each profession held performances and meaningful lectures. Through them, they gave the youth hope. It was a festival filled with energy and passion. The segment begins now! (Youth Festival) (Bolbbalgan4’s hopeful songs are loved by many.) ♪ That’s why ladies can’t stay away ♪ (Soran is singing a sweet song that heals the soul.) He was comforting them about their hardships. They sang along with this sweet, comforting song. An exciting performance relieved all of their stress. The audience saw all of them at the festival. (This team created a wonderful atmosphere.) – Put your hands up! / – Put your hands up! He was the best of them. Call him G-Park. It was a fun performance by Park Myungsoo. Can you feel the heat? The crowd has become one. How do you feel after finishing the performance? When I participate in a festival with a lot of youth, I feel like I get younger. – They give me so much energy. / – Right. We draw their energy out of them. What were you like in your 20s? When I was in my 20s, I was worried and anxious about my uncertain future. Can you share some encouraging words to the youth? Young adults, your youth won’t last long. Get up now and give it all you’ve got. – Cheer up, everyone! / – Cheer up! That was really a cool line. (There is a guy who is enjoying his youth.) He is the rising star who’s enjoying his happy life. He’s enjoying his 20s to the fullest. – I met with DinDin, the singer. / – DinDin. I’m joined by the rising star, DinDin. Please say hello to the viewers. – Hi, I’m DinDin. Nice to meet you. / – He’s the best! – He’s really popular these days. / – What does youth mean to you? – It’s like an expressway. / – Okay. I’m running without stopping. It’s like a road where there is no speed limit. So that’s why you’ve reached the top. – No, I haven’t. I have more to go. / – Not yet? How high do you want to go up to? All the way to Times Square in New York? How nice. – Hello. / – She looks like Kong Hyojin. Life mentors are sharing with the audience about their stories with complete honesty. They decided to become guides for the youths. Hi. The icon of perseverance who received the Grand Award, – Kim Jongmin joined in. / – I thought a lot about it. I don’t sing that well although I’m a singer. I’m not that funny to be on a variety show. When I thought about it the opposite way, there was no need to make a choice. I don’t want to choose only one profession. I want to be in both professions. Why don’t we take a look at how the youth are enjoying the festival? Despite the sun and fine dust, they didn’t want to miss it even if they had to wrap themselves up. Some took selfies to make precious memories. Some couldn’t give up on eating. Even during the lecture, eating comes first. Some are enjoying the festival with their loved ones. I am aware that the situation isn’t perfect for you to fulfill your dreams. That’s why no one can help you. The ones who can objectively evaluate themselves can overcome various hardships. That will help you overcome many obstacles. Hwang Seokjeong delivered a meaningful message. Be the gardener who grows a tree called “Yourself”. Don’t focus on your pain just because you are hurt. Feeling pain is inevitable. I know that this is wrong. If you couldn’t bloom and see it today, you can do it tomorrow. Summer is long and so is youth. It’s long. It’s a world full of obstacles. I want youths to keep their chin up. This period of youth is an opportunity. Do it even if you mess up. You’ll get another chance. If you keep working at it, you will be flying in the air without realizing it. You are the future’s hope and dream. – Young adults, cheer up! / – Cheer up! It was a fun time since everyone came together. You are beautiful because you pursue your dreams. Youths of Korea, you can do it! (You are beautiful because you pursue your dreams.) (Youths of Korea, go for it!) I also support the youths of Korea as well. This is all we have prepared for today. We will return next week with more news. – Dear viewers, be happy! / – Be happy! Great work, everyone.


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