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Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – BEAST, Kim Youjung, Liam Neeson [ENG/2016.07.18]

(Episode 1633) Hello, everyone. I’m Shin Hyunjoon. Hello, I’m Jung Jiwon. The hottest days of summer begin tomorrow. You must be eating nutritious dishes to beat the heat. Jiwon, what’s your favorite invigorating dish? I like to eat hot, nutritious dishes like samgyetang. – Right. / – What about you? Anything my wife makes energizes me. She must be a great cook. – She is, of course. / – What did you eat today? I ate out today. – I’m sorry. / – All right. Eating nutritious food is great, but I also hope that our show today can melt your stress away. Yes. Choonghyun has the first news for today. Yes, it’s This Week’s Hot Click. We have news of Actor Lee Jinwook’s sexual assault case and of celebrities’ newborn babies. Here is This Week’s Hot Click. I felt comfortable in many ways. Actor Lee Jinwook faces a lawsuit for sexual assault. On July 14, he was accused by a colleague of his. Plaintiff A claims she was sexually assaulted by Lee Jinwook at her home after drinking together. An investigation hasn’t been carried out yet. (Suseo Police Station) The case has been reported, but I’m not sure about the content. When the lawsuit was announced, Lee Jinwook’s representative stated in the media that he’d been falsely accused. He plans to take legal action against the lawsuit. We’ll have to wait to hear more about this case. I’ll cooperate with the police during investigation. Park Yuchun was sent to prosecution for prostitution and fraud. (Park Yuchun was charged with prostitution) (Seoul Gangnam Police Station) On July 15, Gangnam Police announced that there was no use of force in the four cases of sexual assault and acquitted him. However, Park Yuchun was involved in prostitution and didn’t pay the price he promised to give in return. He was sent to prosecution for prostitution and fraud. The plaintiff was sent to prosecution for prostitution. (Text message evidence was obtained by the police.) The police obtained the plaintiff’s text messages which stated that she is promised to be paid, being accountable for prostitution. Park’s representative claims that what the police have announced isn’t true. There’s no such evidence that proves Park’s involvement with sexual assault. It was ruled that he was not guilty. We don’t accept the charges because they aren’t true. We’ll give explanations through the investigation. Regarding the first and second plaintiff, the police acquitted Park Yuchun and sent him to prosecution. As there’s been cash exchange with the first plaintiff, blackmailing will be investigated. The case is up to the prosecution. We’ll wait to hear the results of their investigation. (Stephanie in a car accident) Singer Stephanie went on the live radio even after her car accident. On July 11, while waiting for the live radio show, Stephanie was injured in a drunk driving accident. I got into a car accident on my way here. – It happened right before I got here. / – I heard. Yes, so I am still in shock right now. Despite getting into an accident, she proceeded with the live show smoothly. We met her in person to talk about the accident. I was waiting in the car. A drunk driver drove over the centerline and ran into my car. I thought the car was seriously damaged, and it was actually quite wrecked. No one was severely hurt despite the car damage. I just have a minor muscle ache. There’s nothing to worry about. She showed her commitment to her live show. If I didn’t show up, that would mean that I’d be breaking my promise with the listeners. Of course, I had to be on the show. She’s great. We hope Stephanie will get better soon. After a series of depressing news, we finally have some good news. It’s the news on celebrities’ newborn babies. On June 25, An Sunyoung gave birth to a son. In 2013, An Sunyoung married a business owner who’s three years younger than her. We’re going to have a baby! She gave birth to a son after three years of marriage. After giving birth, An Sunyoung posted photos with her son. After becoming a mother, she looks very happy. On June 26, Kim Nayoung also became a mom. On her social media account, she posted photos of her son for the first time. He looks just like his mom. Their photos make us smile. It feels like being in Mother’s womb before being born. Sam Hammington also announced good news on July 10. His chubby cheeks take after his dad. The father and son look alike. Sam Hammington sent us a self-recorded video – and announced good news. / – Hello, viewers. As you may know, my first son was born. I’m thankful to my wife for giving birth to a healthy son. I’ll continue to do my best to make a happy family. To all the stars with newborn babies, – congratulations. / – Congratulations. (Entertainment Weekly) He got the money I sent him. – I love you. / – Entertainment Weekly. Be sure to watch it. ♪ Shy, shy, shy ♪ He’s as passionate as he is in movies. Our date with Liam Neeson starts now. He’s a veteran actor in action movies. Hello, Liam. Hi, Korea. Glad to be back in Korea. My name is Hyerim. I’m part of a famous Korean group called Wonder Girls. I have seen you on video a couple of times. – Really? / – Yes, it was great. Wow. I feel like you’re here to interview me today. That’s all. Thank you for joining us today. Liam is so witty. – Is there any Korean dish you enjoy? / – Kimchi. – Kimchi? / – Yes. And today I don’t know the name for it, but I know it’s a traditional dish. It’s like a stuffed chicken. That must be… It’s stuffed with rice and vegetables. – Oh, samgyetang. / – Samgyetang. Samgyetang. If you eat it with kimchi, it’s even better. Yes, that’s what I did. It kind of makes you want to have a flu or be sick, so you can take that and see if it’ll make you better – because I’m sure it will. / – That is true. Is this your first time to be cast in a Korean film? Sure, yes, I want to learn the language so I can – That’d be amazing. / – become a Korean movie star. (I want to be a famous Korean movie star.) September 15th. Zero hundred hours. Guide our fleet to the dock. The success rate is one in 5,000. The movie “Operation Chromite” is about the story of unknown heroes of the Korean War. It’s an action blockbuster. In this movie, Liam Neeson plays the role of General MacArthur who led the Operation Chromite. His acting will be full of charisma. How was your chemistry with your acting partner, Lee Jungjae? I have one scene with Jungjae. He’s the real deal. He’s a real movie actor. He mentioned that he was determined to work harder after seeing your great passion and effort. Thank you. I was able to clearly see that he’s very hard-working. I was able to feel his passion and love for acting. I prepared and put a lot of effort to do well, but seeing him made me determined to work even harder. That means he got the money I sent him. He said he bribed him. That’s why. Can we look forward to some famous lines from this film, too? They asked him why he wanted to land in Incheon. Remember it was 5,000 to one against. He used a baseball expression. He said, “Hit ’em where they ain’t.” (“Hit ’em where they ain’t.”) That meant, hit them where they least expect it. Attack where they least expect it. On your first visit to Korea, your Korean fans named you “the nation’s father.” – The nation’s? / – The nation’s father. The nation’s father. (He pronounced it incorrectly.) Nation’s father. So do you think you can become the national general through this movie? These two guys here are real stars. They’re fantastic actors. Really fantastic. This guy… He’s okay. He’s bragging about himself. When the director of “Narnia” was looking for Aslan’s voice… (He loved your voice.) – Really? / – Yes. – Do you have… / – I also paid him. (I also bribed the director.) Can I teach you to say something in Korean for the success of this film? – Please. / – I will say “Operation Chromite,” and you say, “Be sure to watch it. ♪ Shy, shy, shy ♪” Will he be able to say it? It means, “Please watch.” “Operation Chromite.” Be sure to watch it. ♪ Shy, shy, shy ♪ Be sure to watch it. ♪ Shy, shy, shy ♪ Be sure to watch it. ♪ Shy, shy, shy ♪ We have to watch it. This is our album – that was recently released. This is me. / – Great. – Thank you so much. / – It’s my pleasure. It’s very sweet of you. My sons are going to be very jealous. They’ll say, “Dad,” “you met her?” – Thank you so much. / – Thank you so much. – I love you. / – Entertainment Weekly. I love you too. See you again, Liam. (I love you, Entertainment Weekly.) Liam Neeson always looks cool. He’s starring in a meaningful Korean movie. I hope the movie turns out well. Before that, I heard news of stars’ newborn babies. Hyunjoon’s son Minjoon is already 100 days old. Congratulations. Thank you. As a master of childcare, how do you feel? I am the master of childcare. I’ll continue to take good care of him. Can you give advice as the master of childcare? We have Sunyoung who recently had a baby, and… Up next, we have Jisook, Jiyeon and Taejin. I attended a preview of the movie “Train To Busan” which starred many famous actors. I met Gong Yoo, Ma Dongseok, Jung Yumi, Choi Wooshik and An Sohee in person. I’ll tell you more about it shortly. I’m very fond of Kim Woobin these days due to a drama called “Uncontrollably Fond.” Including others who are experiencing the same, I’m sure many of you’re uncontrollably fond of someone. That’s why I have perspective points on the drama. Please wait a while. Before that, we’ve interviewed Kim Youjung who is now a lady. It starts now. (She’s become beautiful.) She grew up so fast. She’s become a lady now. I’m with Kim Youjung who’s grown so quickly. – Hello. / – Hello. It’s nice to meet you. I was surprised by it, too. I fell in love with him. (Thank you for growing up so well.) Didn’t I grow up well? She’s a lady now. This is Kim Youjung. Viewers of Entertainment Weekly, I’m Kim Youjung. It’s nice to meet you. I was surprised when I saw you from the waiting room. You’ve matured so much and gotten so beautiful. Thank you. Do you think you grew well? Some say I’ve changed completely. When I see my photos from childhood, I can’t believe how cute I was. Do you remember how cute she was back then? I can’t think of myself that way now. Your mother said, “She was cute” “when she was young, but now she’s a moving time bomb.” At the time she said that, – I was going through / – Was it puberty? a very rocky time. How would you feel if you had a daughter like you? – I’d find her cunning. / – Why? Is it because she’s too pretty? No, because she wouldn’t listen to me. Next is the World Cup of your ideal type. Please choose wisely. About 200 articles will be written based on this. – Choose wisely. / – Who’s her ideal type? Let’s take a look at the first one. Two men with whom you hosted music programs. Is it Jackson of GOT7 or Yook Sungjae of BTOB? – Do I stick the photo? / – Yes. Whom will she choose for round one? (Whom will she choose?) (Youjung chooses Sungjae.) – She chose Sungjae. / – Did I choose too quickly? Since when did you dislike Jackson? That’s not true. Jackson, it’s not that I don’t like you. I also like you. Our relationship is strictly for business. Is it Kim Donghyun or Shin Dongwoo of “Boni, Hani”? Whom will she choose? They are of the same age as her. Is it T.O.P whom you wanted to work with or Bobby whom you said was your ideal type last year? – Which one is it? / – The room’s full of tension. Who is it? It’s T.O.P. (T.O.P of Big Bang) – My original ideal type was T.O.P. / – I see. As we got to know each other more through work, – he became a good friend of mine. / – Did he? This one is hard to say it’s your ideal type. – An Naesang versus Sung Dongil. / – It’s difficult. (An Naesang played her father role twice.) Whenever I see her, I’m determined to make her my daughter-in-law. Both of them are like a father to me. Here we go. – Whom did she choose? / – Who is it? It’s Sung Dongil. – His son came to see you often. / – Right. Joon’s opinion matters more than mine. Here’s the fifth question in round one. He’s still not here today. It’s Cho Saeho who’s never here versus Yang Sehyung who’s popular these days. (Which comedian does she choose?) You chose Yang Sehyung. – It’s the last round. / – This one’s quite difficult. Is it your ex or current partner? Is it Yeo Jingoo from “Moon Embracing the Sun” or is it Park Bogum from your current drama? Which is more important, loyalty or marketing? Don’t say it like that. – It’s a difficult choice to make. / – Which is it? (It’s like watching a preview of a final round.) You chose Park Bogum. Aren’t you curious about their scene together? The drama’s already drawing attention. It’s “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” that’ll air in August. We look forward to her work with Park Bogum. What’s Bogum like? He’s very sweet and friendly. I almost can’t believe there’s a person like him. He has a warm heart and is broad-minded. Three men were finally selected. Who is her final ideal type of man? It’s between these two. Is it Yook Sungjae or Sung Dongil? I choose him. Sung Dongil? The final round is between Dongil and Bogum. Who’s the final winner of Youjung’s World Cup? (It’s Sung Dongil versus Park Bogum.) Whom will she choose? – You’re lying. / – I’m serious. There’s nothing wrong. – Are you being honest? / – Yes. I fell in love with him in his photo from the past. His photo from the past? He defeated Bogum. Please applaud for Youjung for being honest. Thank you. – You like hip hop and rap. / – Yes. Can you rap how you feel today in freestyle? ♪ Yo, Entertainment Weekly ♪ That wasn’t bad. You sounded like a rapper. ♪ How was it? ♪ ♪ It was fun because of you ♪ ♪ I had fun with you too ♪ ♪ Please come back next time ♪ ♪ When will we see each other again? ♪ I had a great time with fun and honest Youjung. See you in your next drama. (Entertainment Weekly) Don’t you know me? I do. Of course, she does. It’s the popular drama of Wednesdays and Thursdays. It’s “Uncontrollably Fond” on KBS. (“Uncontrollably Fond”) Not only in Korea, but it’s also famous in China. It had over 40 million views online in China. A boy and a girl who sadly had to part meet again as a celebrity and a documentary producer. It’s a drama called “Uncontrollably Fond.” (It’s more fun to watch if you know these facts.) Here are the notable key points in the drama. (Notable key points in “Uncontrollably Fond”) First, the meeting of a famous writer and a producer. I can’t let you go. (“A Love to Kill”) When my heart stops beating, I’ll let you go. Do you remember this drama? Are you going to eat or kiss me? Stop the car now. Are you going to eat or sleep with me? I’m going to jump out of the car! Are you going to eat or live with me? Writer Lee Heekyung’s script is very poetic and full of emotions. All the dramas she’s written became popular. There’s also Producer Park Hyunsuk. He’s known for his detailed and sensitive directing. “Uncontrollably Fond” is their first collaboration. When the two met, it became an issue at the start. It’s a special chemistry between Kim Woobin and Suzy. Baby, are your classes finished? My handsome baby. It’s only been 12 hours since I haven’t seen you, but I missed you so much, it almost drove me crazy. I was crying a lot because I missed you so much. The famous Kim Woobin and nation’s first love Suzy. They have a great chemistry that’s needless to explain. Kim Woobin acts as a top celebrity. He’s the perfect actor for this role. Woobin is upset. He doesn’t want to eat. Is life not important? Is it that easy to die? It should work right now, shouldn’t it? How does Suzy react to his harsh words? That’s why Woobin is cute. (He’s great no matter what he does.) Go out with me. (He’s sometimes direct and sweet.) Sometimes he confesses his love in a sweet way. He expresses his affection without hesitation. He seems cold on the outside, but Woobin loves her from the bottom of his heart. Women can’t help but fall in love with him. To the director, writer and cast members, let’s trust Suzy and go for it. Stop rejecting it and let’s film a documentary. – Two. / – I’ll make sure to Photoshop you. – None of your pores’ll be shown on screen. / – Three. Suzy represents innocence. Her role is completely different from her last one. Goodness. – You must really look down on me. / – Producer. Do you think everything is that easy? Do you think you can do anything with your money? Do you think you can conceal the truth with your money? Suzy portrayed the character perfectly and showed off her amazing acting skills. I didn’t get as much as you think I did. – No Eul! / – She has no problem saying crude lines. Please bring me a plate! She even plays drunk really well. (She is still very…) When she plays drunk, she is even prettier. All of them… She is absolutely stunning. She doodles on Woobin’s face and smiles like a baby. (She bursts out laughing after doodling on his face.) Her smile is so pretty. And… (But…) She was smiling but she starts to cry. I heard there’s a story behind this scene. Suzy, why are you crying? I’ve had the same experience first-hand in the past. I told the writer about that experience, and it became part of the script. I see. It’s still heart-breaking to watch. Thirdly, there are amazing supporting actors. (Amazing scene stealers) Marry me. Do you love me? With his good looks and capability, he has everything. He’s the perfect guy, Lim Juhwan. (His eyes look sad.) It’s as if his eyes are telling us he has a secret. He arouses the viewers’ curiosity. (His character is two-faced.) Lim Jueun plays the daughter of a rich family. These two are said to have a tug-of-war in the drama. On top of that, there are many other great actors that raise the expectations of “Uncontrollably Fond.” What do you think you’re doing? It is a romance drama we haven’t seen in a while. I’m looking forward to how the story will unfold. Don’t miss the next episode of the drama. (Please watch “Uncontrollably Fond.”) (Entertainment Weekly) Before the interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sohee’s cute face caught our attention. – What are you having? / – Candy. My goodness, she’s adorable. (The cast of “Train To Busan” are here.) (Biting) (She swallows the candy.) She swallowed the candy. It’s one of the best blockbusters in 2016. The cast members of “Train To Busan” are here with us. It’s nice to see you all. – Hello. / – Hello. Please tell us about the movie. We asked Wooshik to tell us about the movie. – Go on. / – Go for it. It’s okay. They can always edit it out. It’s okay. Please tell us about the movie. This movie is about an unidentified event that happened in Korea that makes everyone panic. In the movie, people are – very… / – Shouldn’t you mention about the train? (He messed it up.) Why don’t you do it, Sohee? Sohee takes over and continues the introduction. “Train To Busan” is… (She clears her throat.) She made us laugh with her introduction. What is the movie about? Well… Neither of us is good at summarizing. I’ll go and prepare the introduction. I will tell you about the movie instead. In “Train To Busan,” an unidentified virus spreads across Korea. It’s about the struggle between people on the train and those who are infected by the virus. People have high expectations about this movie because of the amazing cast and story. I played his wife in the movie. – My goodness. / – Yes. – So did he play your husband? / – Yes, he did. Are you shocked by the fact? I heard you’ve worked together before. Yumi and I starred in the movie, “Silenced.” So I’ve known her for a while. Also, Dongseok used to be my personal trainer. I’ve known him since then. – Is that right? / – Yes. Wooshik and Sohee met for the first time for this film. You two are friends now, right? We are. – Give each other high-fives. / – Rock-paper-scissors? No, high-fives. She meant high-fives. – He’s cute. / – I have bad hearing. – Play it now. / – Rock-paper-scissors. You two have great teamwork. All right. I heard there was an incident that made you think Dongseok was really adorable. There was a gathering. He said he’d come to the gathering, but he couldn’t make it. Then he sent me a picture of himself getting an IV shot. (He had to go to the hospital.) He is indeed adorable. The picture he sent was really adorable. He couldn’t be there because he was sick. He was barely in the selfie because he is too big. He sent us the picture anyway. Actually, you were on Entertainment Weekly last week. People talked about how he looked better in person. He looks like a gangster though. Gosh, Dongseok seems a bit disappointed. But that’s not what they meant. Yes, they meant you’re good-looking. I heard Wooshik couldn’t tell him that he’s adorable. It was uncomfortable for me to call him adorable since he’s a senior actor. Actually, I don’t mind at all. Then why don’t you tell him? Dongseok, you’re adorable. – I’m sorry. / – He apologized right away. A lot of zombies appear in the movie. Were there any funny incidents involving zombies? We planned ahead for the action scenes involving the zombies. They are very agile. – They move a lot. / – I couldn’t really strike a blow. During the lunch break, about 40 to 50 of them came to me and said, “Can you take a picture with us?” – They ran to me. / – I can imagine. Instinctively, I almost punched them but took pictures with them. Actually, Wonder Girls made a comeback today. They applauded all of a sudden. I hear that you meet with them a lot. Yes, I met them a few days ago. While I was shooting and promoting the movie, we always kept in touch. They said they’d come to the premiere as well. Are they coming to the premiere? (What do you think?) She answered with her eyes. – You’re known for being brutally honest. / – Yes. Do you think the movie will make it big? You shouldn’t be contemplating. I’m not in the position to say this, but I wish the movie will do great. Is the movie fun to watch? Yes, I enjoyed the movie very much. – All right. Let’s trust Sohee. / – You can trust her. Sohee was the one who said the movie will make it big. We won’t be responsible even if it doesn’t do well. All right. We asked them to summarize the movie in one sentence. This is too hard. It’s the summer of 2016. – Why? / – I think that’s how people will perceive it. (He’s confident.) It’s a movie I want to share. “Train To Busan” is like the beginning of… The beginning of school year… That doesn’t sound right. Hey, you. Get out. Wooshik is consistent till the end. Get out. Since we’re wrapping up, you can go. – No. / – The movie will be released on July 20. Please give us a lot of support and love. We worked really hard and did our best for this movie. I wish a lot of you will watch and enjoy our movie. Thank you. – “Train To Busan,” let’s go! / – Let’s go! We’re looking forward to watching the movie. I’ll see you at the movie theater! (Entertainment Weekly) (It’s summer break for universities.) Welcome to the “Meeting with TV personalities” at Dongduk Women’s University. I’m rather excited than nervous. (We prepared a lot of events and gifts. Come join us.) We just made a comeback, so I don’t know how much they’ll love us. Today’s “School Attack” guests are… Beast! (They enter the stage with excitement.) They came back after a year. These five guys are full of masculine charms. They captured women’s hearts as they made a comeback. Let’s meet Beast right now. (A pleasant meeting with Beast) (and female college students) Beast is a good example of perfect boyfriends. Today, they will become your boyfriend and talk to you on the phone. Should we start with Yoseop? (Who will be Yoseop’s girlfriend?) Jimin, where are you? Jimin, where are you? You’re in front of me? I miss you. Come up on stage. He misses you. (He’s driving me crazy.) She said, “Hello, Yoseop.” Do you know each other? What kind of gift do you want to get? She wants you to hug her from behind. It’s your lucky day! He picked one. (It seems it’s difficult to read the number.) It’s 5443. She used a thick brown pencil. What if he calls a wrong number? She wrote it with a thick brown pencil. If your phone doesn’t ring, it doesn’t count. (She might not get a call.) Time’s up. Her phone didn’t ring. She must feel embarrassed. Please come up on the stage, though. Yes, please come up. She’s here. Have you just been to a public bath? Isn’t that why you’re wearing clothes like this? No. Eunju couldn’t talk to Gikwang on the phone. Let’s have them talk on the phone. Ring, ring. – Eunju. / – Yes? You’re drunk! When are you going back home? Where are you right now? Can you give me your address? I’m in your heart. Call for a chauffeur drive service. Call for a chauffeur drive service right now. Well… (Why do I feel defeated?) Who is your favorite member? – Be honest. / – Okay. Don’t you dare lie. Yoseop is my favorite. Do you want to receive the gift from Yoseop or Gikwang? (She knows how to play hard to get.) – Yoseop. / – Goodbye, Gikwang. Go. One, two, three, time is up. (It feels somewhat uncomfortable.) Do you want to say something? I’m sorry. Why are you apologizing? (Who is she sorry for?) Please write your questions for Beast on the papers you have. Then the members will answer your questions. Now, throw your paper planes! “Yoseop, I heard you wear” “unique underwear whenever important things come up.” “What kind of underwear are you wearing today?” Wait a minute. (Yoseop is checking his underwear.) (Show us.) You can show them. The underwear band is in red, and the rest is in a quite plain color. Why am I answering to that question? “What do you think about me?” I’m seven rows from the front and the fifth from the right. Let’s look for her. – Put your hands up. / – One, two, three… She’s great. I’m sure she will become a great mother just like Shin Saimdang. Good luck. “Dujun, I hear you’re in love with hip dance lately.” “Please show us.” I don’t know where you heard that from. How can I show you that? (Shaking) (Why are you hitting me?) (Dujun hits someone when he’s embarrassed.) If you think you know these five guys really well, please come up to the stage. We need five people. (Questions will be asked about Beast.) We’ll ask you a few questions. Pick the member that you think it describes the best. Beast is known for their masculine charms. Who do you think would have feminine qualities? Please pick your answer. My goodness. Junhyung received the most votes. I’m a little sensitive, but I don’t think I’m feminine. Can you please show us your masculine side here? Do you want me to show that I’m a man? No, your masculine side. Show them your manly side. – You’re biologically male, right? / – Sure. I’m not really manly though. He failed to counter. I’ll try to become the man that you want me to be. Show us something cute. I think they want to see the cute side of you. Dream of… Dream of… (He can’t seem to do any cute acts.) Who do you think is the stingiest member? (Yoseop got four votes and Gikwang got one vote.) They got it right. My goodness. I’m not just stingy. I’m a skinflint. – Really? / – Yes. I’m saving up to get prepared for my old age. So who’s the stingiest member in the group? It’s me. Which member doesn’t seem to wash himself often? (Junhyung received four votes.) Wait a minute. What did you say? I heard it somewhere. She said she heard it somewhere. How does she know that I don’t wash often? (Who told her that?) I sometimes wash myself up to three times a day. – This is just… / – Who takes the longest shower? Actually, I don’t normally stand there and watch which one takes the longest. We can’t let them go like this. (Stay on the paper as long as you can.) Let’s play the Newspaper Game. Please step on the newspaper. (They passed the first round.) You all passed the first round. Two, one, you passed. (They discuss for the third round.) Wait. Give him a piggy-back. – Seriously? / – How can I have them all on my back? (No, work in pairs.) (They do what the fans say.) Lift your foot. You have to lift your foot. Junhyung, lift your foot. What a shame. Let’s do it again with two people on each team. Do you like each other a lot? (We just met today.) They just met today. Two, one. You passed the round. This is difficult. You have to hold him tight. (Can you hurry up?) Look at them. There you go. (They’re trying really hard.) You all passed the round. (They’re determined to win.) (Why are they trying so hard?) Look! In three, two, one. You passed the round. (This is a circus.) You passed the round. (The tower fell on the ground.) (Team Dongduk Women’s University won.) I feel sorry that it’s already over. I hope you enjoyed being with us. I’m jealous that you’re having a great time in college. You’re really blessed. (Life in college is bliss.) Thank you. – We’re Beast! / – We’re Beast! They captured the girls’ hearts. The meeting with Beast was a pleasant one. We had a great time, too. – We did. / – See you again. (Entertainment Weekly) Kim Saengmin and Kim Seunghye will give us the news. I met Son Hojun, who is not only gentle but also funny. I visited him I visited him while he was filming a commercial. Did you visit him while he was filming a commercial? Viewers will have a good laugh this week. We continue in our search of people’s favorite songs. It’s time for Korea’s Favorite Karaoke Songs. This week, we will reveal the top 80 to top 61 songs. Memories of the past will make you happy. – The segment begins now. / – You look tired. Hello, this is Entertainment Weekly Karaoke. Give us an hour. Give us more minutes as a bonus. – They are high school girls. / – Wait a minute. Are you their mother? Gosh, what makes you think I am their mother? It’s obvious that I am a high school girl. I am wearing a school uniform. I am in high school. Nothing about you looks like a high school girl. My face does. We asked 1,000 people for Korea’s Favorite Karaoke Songs. Today, we start with top 80. How embarrassing! – Jisook is into her dance moves. / – Jisook! Look forward to it. Top 80 is “Daring Woman” by Suh Jookyung. That’s right. (Many women love “Daring Woman” by Suh Jookyung.) That’s right. I can’t help but sing along. It’s the perfect song to sing first. You must remember the fights for the remote. It’ll bring you some old good memories. “Daring Woman” has been one of the most popular karaoke songs for 18 years. Stay true to the lyrics. ♪ Yay, yay, yay, yay, look at me ♪ Sing the lyrics as they are. It’s simple. Remember her tip. Top 79 is “Footsteps” by Emerald Castle. Let’s listen to it for a moment. (“Footsteps” is a hit song released in 1997.) (There is a shocking twist to this rock ballad song.) This song contains many high notes. If you don’t want your voice to break on high notes, stand with your legs wide apart. – It’s a good tip. / – Believe it or not. The 20-year-old hit song by Emerald Castle continues to be loved as men’s favorite karaoke song. I am the best trot singer. My name is Jisook. It’s a perfect name for a trot singer. She is good. Top 78 is “First Marriage” by Jang Yoonjeong. Jisook is the best. (“First Marriage” is housewives’ favorite.) – She is playing the daegeum. / – Look forward to it. (Can I see you again if I follow?) – She could be a singer. / – She sings like a singer. She sings like a singer. (Jisook should become a singer someday.) Her voice is like a rainbow. Jisook, I hope you become a good singer. Thank you. Top 77 is “On The Street” by Sung Sikyung. If you miss someone, sing this song. Top 76 is middle-aged men’s favorite karaoke song. It’s “Standing in the Shade of Roadside Trees.” (It’s a song from Lee Moonsae’s fifth album.) (Every generation loves the song.) It’s a song that reminds one of past love. The tree looks a bit small, right? (Sing this song when you are hurting from love.) Whom does he miss? The hairstyle looks good on you. – My goodness! / – He has an unusual taste. He must miss her. Are you embarrassed? The song was remade by many singers. I was so startled. You sure are the fifth Korean Wave star. A good song never fades away over the years. (I won’t forget how I loved) I keep on making appearances, don’t I? – Jisook. / – You’re here! – Say hello to my brother. / – Who is that? – Say hi. / – Hello. Aren’t you the owner here? – No, he’s my brother. / – Really? Can’t you tell by our mole? You’re very handsome. I bet you’re great at singing trot songs. Well, you’re really scary. I can see ghosts. Sing a song for us. Okay, I’ll sing one for the young ladies. (Surprisingly, he likes to sing trot songs.) This is the song he chose to sing. In 75th place is “Clock Hands.” He’s the crown prince of trot. He’s the idol of the middle-aged. With a handsome face and a charming voice, Shin Yu stole the hearts of the ladies. (He’s like the son that did well for himself.) His song is a popular choice in karaoke rooms. You’re talented enough to be a singer. He’s going to be a celebrity. Although you look like a high school student, you’re as charming as middle-aged man. “Clock Hands” is the best! That was nothing. Before we reveal the 74th, we’ll look at the 73rd. It’s “Bang Bang Bang” by Big Bang. In 72nd place is “Um Oh Ah Yeh” by Mamamoo. Now we go back to the 70th. It’s the legendary song. “Bruise” by Kim Hyunjung. (The legendary dance song, “Bruise”) Here’s the part everyone’s waiting for. Here we go! ♪ Take it back! ♪ ♪ Take it back! ♪ Everyone turns around to the beat. Thanks to the addictive chorus, people sometimes mistake the title of this song. Here’s a song that our bodies remember. In 69th place is “Run To You” by DJ DOC. (The high school girls slowly warm up.) How can we not dance to DJ DOC’s song? The girls don’t seem to want to put down the mic. They wear out their souls out doing the squat dance. – Gosh. / – Next up is “OK? OK!” – They’re all great dancers. / – Next is this song. This song makes everyone do this dance. “Dance with DOC.” Aren’t they amazing? (DJ DOC is known for this dance.) They’re here to get the best out of their money. DJ DOC’s songs are perfect for uplifting the mood, but only “Run To You” made it into the top 100. Our joints are not like what they used to be. Haneul, hang in there. In 68th place is “Because You’re My Girl” by Lee Seunggi. Thanks to this song, he became a heartthrob, and this song was an instant hit in karaoke rooms. (This song is perfect for confessing your love.) He probably won her over with his looks though. Even after 12 years of its release, it’s still the song many sing to confess their love. Look how persistent she is. ♪ Because you’re my man ♪ Saengsoon’s no stranger when it comes to being bold. Girl, he’s already into me. ♪ Because I could meet you ♪ – ♪ And I could ♪ / – No way. ♪ Touch your hair ♪ I knew she’d choose that one. In 62nd place is Lee Juck’s “I’m Fortunate.” (This song is often sung at weddings.) (Even Lee Juck sang it at his own wedding.) It’s one of the most popular songs sung at weddings. Even Lee Juck sang it to his wife at his own wedding. ♪ Because I can cry when things get tough ♪ ♪ I’m so fortunate ♪ – Saengmin. / – He’s somewhat pretty. You did great. Who said that earning money was easy? In 66th place is “Magic Carpet Ride” by Jaurim. In 65th place is “Chan Chan Chan” by Pyun Seungyeob. There’s something you should know before singing this. Another word for trot is bbongjjak. So what exactly is bbongjjak? I guess you can say that it’s the soul of Koreans. What does “chan chan chan” mean? (Here’s a kind explanation.) – He interprets the lyrics. / – ♪ Feel the love ♪ ♪ And clink your glasses, chan chan chan ♪ He also dances to the song. (An a cappella cover of “Chan Chan Chan”) They learned it so fast. Foreigners become one singing the trot song. This is what the real Hallyu looks like. So let’s keep it going with another trot song. In 64th place is “Gondre Mandre” by Park Hyunbin. It’s a good song to sing at the top of your lungs. Isn’t that refreshing? (A popular song on “National Singing Contest”) This addictive song is popular not only in karaokes but also on “National Singing Contest” as well. (“Gondre Mandre” was the most sung song in 2007.) In 63rd place is “Sorrow” by Cool. Do you remember this song? (It’s one of the most popular duet songs.) It’s a very popular duet song. Now let’s go over the duets on the list. (“The Blue in You”) (Unfortunately, it was in 220th place.) “The Blue in You” is also a popular duet, but being an oldie, it was ranked 220th. (Only skillful vocalists can sing this song.) You should’ve shaved at least. Goodness. Only skillful vocalists can sing this song. “That Man, That Woman” is ranked 113th. (“That Man, That Woman” by Vibe featuring Jang Hyejin) (This is what happens when you’re out of your depth.) I wish we could stop seeing her. (She can’t hit the high notes.) She can’t hit the high notes. That’s too bad. (Her singing makes them vomit.) ♪ Men are all the same ♪ She ends it with an adorable expression. In 61st place is the legendary vocalist, Kim Yeonwoo. “Still Beautiful?” (Now we reveal the 74th place.) Girls! – There’s only a minute left. / – A minute? – Are you ready? / – We’re ready. It’s the song you must sing when there’s a minute left. “Run the Horse” by Crying Nut. It has an exciting punk rhythm. This song alone can relieve us of any stress. (The straightforward lyrics are memorable.) (It’s a song we must sing in karaoke rooms.) There’s something weird on the screen. – You’re right! / – What did they see? (Saengmin does his best to the last second.) How shocking is that? It’s a crazy horse, not a crazy cow. There’s one more song you can sing when you want to enjoy the last minute. (“Goodbye” by 015B) “Goodbye” by 015B is a perfect song to end with. They look back once again on their friendship. We need to stretch out the clock. We paid for the minutes, remember? (They end it like high school girls.) This song lasts five minutes! (We learn Korean history in a karaoke room.) “The 100 Great Koreans.” As students, they end it with a history lesson. It’s a really long song. (So many great Koreans in history) ♪ History keeps flowing ♪ My gosh. We have additional 30 minutes. The owner gave us 30 minutes for free! I gave you another 30 minutes. You’re the best! This was “Korea’s Favorite Karaoke Songs.” Wasn’t that amazing? This week, we revealed the 80th to 61st. Did you have a good time? Next time, we’ll reveal the 60th to 41st. So don’t forget to tune in. Yes! Tune in next time. – I’m so sorry. / – You did great. You really did great. – You were amazing. / – Today, I’m with someone who you want to protect. This man makes you want to protect him. It’s Son Hojun. – Hello. / – Hi. She always interviews handsome men. I hear that this is your first time on our show. Can you greet our viewers? Hello, viewers of Entertainment Weekly. The weather is hot, so don’t forget to stay cool. Be happy and… Is this the end of the interview? It’s our very first 20-second interview. I don’t think this is right. This multi-talented actor shines in variety shows as well. It wasn’t my idea. He might not answer. My interview with the talented Son Hojun starts now. Most fried chicken commercials are cheerful but you look very chic today. What’s the idea behind your look today? I got changed for this interview. (I got changed for this interview.) Let me ask you a question, then. Are you satisfied with the commercial shoot today? The advertisers are looking very… – I think they’re satisfied. / – They’re watching you. I had fun. Really? The advertisers also have a content look on their faces. You’ve shot commercials for cosmetics, fried chicken and hamburger brands. Is there a specific commercial you’d like to shoot? I like beer. Please tell advertisers how much you want it. I love drinking. Please call me anytime. Do you usually drink alone, or do you like to party with your friends? I don’t really party, but I drink with three friends. – I see. Three friends. / – Yes, three or four. That’s how you enjoy drinking with friends. I like to have conversations over a drink. What type of woman are you attracted to? Someone who is polite to my friends and people around me when I introduce her to them. Are you the type to always drive your girlfriend home? When the relationship starts, I try to be like that. I guess you become like other men as time passes. – That I can’t deny. / – I see. “Son Hojun’s Friends.” Let’s see who your friends are. Ta-da! It’s Yoo Yeonseok. We became close through working together in the drama, “Reply 1994.” Then he moved to the house next to mine. – Yeonseok did? / – Yes. So we eat together and see each other more often now. Really? Do you have your phone on you now? – Yes. / – If you text “I miss you” to him, how would he respond? It might get censored. Do your friends swear a lot? (He’s worried about getting mean messages.) I didn’t give him a heads-up at all. He just sent the message. I’m curious how he’d respond. Do you verbally express your affection often? – I do. / – Seriously? That’s… Yeonseok texted back right away. What does his message say? “Who did you send this to?” (Yeonseok is so witty.) – What will you say now? / – “To you.” (He sends another loving message.) He might say, “Have you lost your mind? Are you drunk?” That is possible. What will he say? I got a message. What did he say this time? (He bursts into laughter.) “Are you that lonely?” Do you feel lonely? – I do, a little bit. / – Is that right? In one, two, three. Ta-da. You and Jung Yoonho are known to be very close. – Yes. / – He’s in the army now, though. I try to answer all of his calls even when I’m busy. Really? He’s the only one who answered most of my calls when I was in the army. I heard that the last four digits of your phone numbers are the same. Yes, we both agreed to have the same last numbers. I guess you like those things. It wasn’t me who wanted to do it. – It was him. / – I see. He wanted to do it. We had the matching last four digits, but he changed his number without even telling me. I thought he was going to keep it forever. So I changed mine, too. Let’s meet your next friend. Ta-da. It’s Hong Jinyoung. We’ve known each other since we were very young. (They’re both from Gwangju.) I met her when I was in middle school. I treat her like one of my guy friends. (They are very close friends.) – You used to be in a boy band. / – Yes. (He debuted as a member of a boy band, Tachyon.) Let’s explore Hojun’s hidden past. He was the leader of the boy band, Tachyon. Would you be up for singing a duet with Jinyoung? Jinyoung probably won’t want to do it. – You think so? / – I’m not that good at singing. He may not be the greatest singer, but his handsome face surely stands out. Between variety shows and dramas, which genre do you think suits you more? I’ll continue to work as an actor. I’ll study hard and show you good work in that regard. I’ll do my best and build my career as an actor until I can be recognized as a great actor. Everyone, the weather is very hot these days. I hope you stay cool and always be happy. This was Son Hojun. Thank you. – My date with Hojun was so fun. / – Thank you. I wish you much success. I’ll be rooting for you. Best of luck with everything. (Entertainment Weekly) Entertainment Weekly’s Hot Star-gram only follows the hottest stars! The super popular actor we’ll follow this week is every girl’s ideal boyfriend. It’s Yoo Seungho known as “Korea’s Little Brother.” I’d pick Seungho. Seungho. Yoo Seungho. – Yoo Seungho? / – I’d pick Seungho, too. Me, too. I’d choose Seungho, as well. I like Seungho. He’s charming. (So Jisub used to be Miran’s type.) These days, I’ve got my eye on Yoo Seungho. – Seungho. / – The man with personality. I’ll snatch him when he’s discharged from the army. (What are your charms?) Many celebrities have named him as their ideal type. Why do we find him so charming? (He’s got those eyes.) First and foremost, it’s his irresistible eyes! (He has mysterious eyes.) His mysteriously mesmerizing eyes look so sexy, too. Just a glimpse of his eyes melts our hearts. It’s impossible not to fall for those eyes of his. Not even once… Secondly, it’s his sweet voice. His looks aren’t the only thing that’s gotten better. Delete those photos. After a voice break during his puberty… I’m neither someone who can make miracles happen nor someone who’s outstanding. His voice has gotten so manly. His baritone voice makes his charms shine even more. (His baritone voice sounds so manly and attractive.) The power of taegeuk! We’ll expose some old footage that features Seungho. (We’ll expose his old footage.) We’ll show you how cute he used to look. – This is from 2000. / – Give me fried chicken. I said I wanted fried chicken. I want it fried! Why did you put it in water? – I just wanted a trim. / – He’s so cute. I never told you to cut this much. All of you must remember him in this movie. Playing the lead of “The Way Home” earned him the nickname of “Korea’s Little Brother.” This was when he was 10 years old. He was so adorable. Save the planet Earth. He fought off all the villains. Look at his skilled hand with the yo-yo. (I’ll beat you all, you villains.) Hold on. Why are we seeing Yeo Jingoo all of a sudden? The first model for this TV commercial was… ♪ Freeze, freeze, freeze away ♪ It was Seungho. This commercial broke his fans’ hearts. Seungho, sorry that we’re exposing this today. (He was in T-ara’s music video, too.) Once, he was portrayed as a bad guy, too. Am I the only one cringing right now? (He was portrayed as a bad guy in the video.) Hey, try this. The boy who used to make all ladies’ hearts flutter has grown into a manly heartthrob. You’re so pretty. Seungho, tell me that I’m pretty. (Seungho is a romantic guy.) Which female celebrities have kissed Seungho? Did you know that IU is one of them? They sang together in a song which was released in 2010. Let’s listen to Seungho’s singing. ♪ I can hear what your heart says ♪ He’s a good singer, too. ♪ Your love is awakening me, oh love ♪ (He kissed Kang Sora.) That’s a real kiss. It was just… Well… It looks like a kiss, but our lips just touched. – And… / – I’m glad to hear that. (He’s shy.) However, he has kissed many female celebrities ever since reaching the legal age. Romantic kissing scenes have made him a great kisser. He has shown remarkable chemistry with older actresses. We also have to talk about his military service. I didn’t tell you about it… He enlisted himself into the army in 2012. The news surprised many people. I will see you all soon. (Don’t go!) His fans begged him not to go, but he left. (The 27th Infantry Division) Seungho served in the division known for its hard-core training program, the 27th Infantry Division. In that division, he was known as a very strict drill instructor. – Salute! / – Salute! (He was a notorious drill instructor?) In December of 2014, he completed his service and returned as a real man. That day, his heartfelt tears stirred up many ladies’ protective instincts. I’m so happy to see the cameras. (He cried tears of joy and gratitude.) Who is Seungho’s lookalike? So Jisub and Seungho look like brothers. Seungho used to be called “Little So Jisub.” His handsome face put him in the spotlight. From their eyes to the way they smile, they look so much alike. This funny photo compares their looks to that of Yi Hwang on a Korean bill. Their resemblance transcends time. The resemblance rating is 100 percent. I need to buy batteries! This little boy who melted every Korean’s heart has grown into a manly man. It’s no longer illegal to fall in love with you, right? Thank you for watching the charming actor Yoo Seungho’s Hot Star-gram! (Entertainment Weekly) An exhibition that commemorates the 20th anniversary of Kim Kwangseok’s death is taking place. The staff members were busy preparing for the opening of the exhibition. (The staff are busy.) I think that he was cut out to be a musician. (His songs speak to hearts of many even to this date.) His songs have been remade by many musicians. At this exhibition, they’ll be revived through a collaboration with an artist. (It’s a great chance to reminisce him and his music.) All of you must be familiar with his songs. You’ll find this exhibition meaningful because you’ll be able to see the traces he left behind including his trivial notes and doodles. Visit the exhibition and experience his sensibilities. I hope it inspires you to appreciate his music again. The depth of his music deepens with time. How about experiencing his music at this exhibition? That’s all the news we prepared for today. Have a happy, healthy week. We’ll be back next time with more news. – Everyone, be happy! / – Be happy! (“Ribbon” by Beast) (By FT Island)


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