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Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Bae Suzy, Kyuhyun, Son Hyunjoo (2015.11.13)

Hello, everyone. This is Shin Hyunjoon on Entertainment Weekly. Hello, I’m Lee Dahee. The winter breeze can be felt on this last weekend evening of October. It’s the last weekend evening and the last day of the month. – The weather’s really cold. / – Yes. Dahee, it was really cold today. Your outfit is so skimpy. It is not. Don’t you know what day it is today? What’s today? It’s Halloween. I’m dressed for Halloween. What’s your concept? A werewolf or… Jane who’s next to Tarzan? Tarzan? Jane. Black Tarzan, Jane. You’re no Jane. Don’t say that. You look like you’re wearing a carpet. Are you a rug? Okay then… – Do you want to step all over me? / – Yes. The cold winter has arrived. How do actresses look after their complexion? – Give me some tips. / – I told you. Drink a lot of water. Apply a lot of moisturizer. The most important thing… You have to be born with it. Like me. – It’s impossible for you. / – Fine then. Forget it. Jisook, you tell me. What should I do? I won’t tell you. I’ll never tell you. Okay then. Drink plenty of water in winter too. – Apply a lot of moisturizer. / – Be born with it. If you have time, apply a facial mask. Let’s begin the first news. – It’s his birthday today. / – Yes. He has a big face. Jo Chunghyeon and Yun Jiyeon have the news. Chunghyeon, you go first. – Is it okay if I go first? / – Yes. – Just be born again, Hyunjoon. / – Okay, okay. Let me open the show for you. Star Reporting In. I met Kyuhyun. He’s released his second album. We think of him in fall. Let’s meet the all-round entertainer, Kyuhyun in just a few moments. We bring you all the latest news from this week. Entertainment Hot Click. This week, Jun Jihyun, Park Shinhye, Lee Jongsuk, IU attended the 2015 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards. We went to the ceremony too. Also, lawyer Kang Yongseok. He was caught up in an adultery scandal. We spoke to power blogger, Dodomom about the incident. Let’s begin the news right now. Top stars who represent Korea’s popular culture were all gathered at the one location. The 2015 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards! Let’s check it out right now. On October 29th, popular cultural icons of Korean popular culture and arts were honored at this event. The hottest stars in Korea attended the event. She’s now 7 months pregnant. Actress Jun Jihyun will become a mother next year. Stars from various genres stepped on the red carpet for these awards. Could you sing something which suits this ceremony? I’ve stopped doing that since I got married. ‘It’s to die for!’ Thank you. I’m really honored. I’m happy. You’re only 23 years old. Could you express how you feel right now with a song? I thought she’d sing “Twenty Three.” ‘What’s wrong with my age?’ ‘It’s the perfect age to be awarded’ That’s right. 23’s the perfect age to be awarded. People say you’re a fairy. In your opinion, what about you resembles a fairy? Nothing on the outside. This is the greatest honor of the Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards The order of merit for culture was given to Lee Deokhwa. I’ve always just done my best at what’s been given to me. Thank you. I’m honored! Oh Dalsu, the 10-million ticket selling actor. Kim Jongkook, a force behind the Korean Wave, JYJ, Park Shinhye were awarded the Prime Minister’s commendation. Many stars were honored with awards. I’m so grateful to the fans. I want to begin work quickly… On another piece. Thank you. Hello, I’m Park Shinhye. I’ll continue to exert positive influence. Thank you to the fans. Oh Dalsu gave a special speech. I’m okay. It’s been a long time since I’ve met Jun Jihyun. Her tummy’s really big now. Watch out for falling leaves. I wish you all good health. Jun Jihyun was recognized for her achievements in the Korean Wave with the President’s commendation. In the future, I hope to communicate with a larger audience and the viewers at home so I can do my part to support the Korean Wave. I’ll do my best. Thank you. We hope that everyone who was awarded will continue to do their best to support the progress of popular culture. Congratulations. I feel like I’m receiving all the awards that I missed out on when I was younger. The Prime Minister’s commendation… It’s a real honor. My family will be really proud of me. Compliments can make a horse dance… It’s the season of high skies and plump horses. – It’s fall. / – That’s right. I’m conducting a national tour right now. I’ll work even harder to sing and perform. – Thank you. / – Thank you. We look forward to seeing you all work harder to progress popular culture. She was involved in an adultery scandal with lawyer, Kang Yongseok. Power blogger, Dodomom. She revealed her face and spoke up. I don’t think I had an affair… Why has she suddenly decided to go public about her feelings? We looked into the story. On October 26th, Kim revealed her feelings through an interview with a women’s magazine. A few days later, she appeared on television and spoke about the scandal. When my children grow up and search my name on the web, if this incident just ends as a scandal, then I think it’s the same as being proven false. I told them it’s not true. I kept telling them that. I hope that my children will believe me. That’s the biggest reason. She’s been married for 10 years. She’s a housewife who has one son and one daughter. What’s the truth according to her? She stated that her relationship with Kang Yongseok was strictly professional and not an affair. He’s just an acquaintance. Someone asked if he’s a friend. They asked me that so I answered yes. That’s what I said. – No physical contact? / – No… – Not at all? / – Friends don’t make physical contact. Do you? So there was no physical contact? Nothing like that. Kim said that Kang Yongseok was not her type and drew the line. This photo from a Hong Kong pool was the issue. Kim stated that it had nothing to do with an affair. Is the man in the photo Kang Yongseok? Yes, it is. We were both there on business. I had reason to be there too. I didn’t mean to take a photo of Kang Yongseok. I didn’t know that I’d taken his picture. He was at the edge of the photo. He was at the bottom. Someone stretched it, put him in the middle and made it seem as though I’d taken a photo of him. Also, the restaurant receipt from Japan revealed by Kim created a scandal as the English name Yongseok was printed on it. Was it an overnight trip to Japan? Yes. Kang Yongseok said that he was going to Japan on business. We arranged to meet there. I see. I introduced Kang Yongseok to my acquaintances and he acquired several cases. I didn’t ask him for an introduction fee. That’s why I think he thought that he should treat me to a meal. Kim revealed that she had met Kang Yongseok even after the scandal got out. The last time we met was a few weeks ago. Kang Yongseok’s suit against my husband… They’re suing each other. I’m the most important witness… Kim is currently undergoing a divorce suit. She said that her divorce had nothing to do with the scandal with Kang Yongseok. After the interview with Kim went on air, we visited Kang Yongseok’s office. We’ll speak when a press kit is released. I have a lot to say but that’s for my wife and myself to resolve in court. Tell Kang Yongseok to come forward and deny it himself. Then I’ll reveal what I know and prove that they’re lying. I want Kang Yongseok to reply in person. Yes or no. If he wants to make it certain, come forward. I’m ready for him. We will need to keep an eye on this scandal to find out what the truth is. Mixed martial arts athlete Choi Hongman has been charged for fraud. He voluntarily appeared at the prosecution office and was questioned overnight. On the evening of October 26th, Choi Hongman voluntarily appeared at the prosecution office. What was the reason? We were going to arrange a time next week for questioning. Word of an arrest warrant, immediate arrangements got out in the press. Increased public attention was pressuring him so he decided it would be better if he were questioned quickly. Choi Hongman was sued last year for fraud. He was charged for borrowing $125,000 from two his acquaintances without repaying them. B dropped the charges after Choi Hongman repaid part of the sum. The police were suspicious of fraud and handed the case over to the prosecution. The prosecution summoned Choi Hongman several times. He did not respond and an arrest warrant was issued by the court. He didn’t just ignore them and not show up. We asked that the schedule be rearranged. In that manner, we postponed it around two times. He didn’t run away but they couldn’t be certain so the prosecution must’ve asked for a warrant to handle this quickly. Choi Hongman was questioned overnight for 8 long hours. The prosecution investigated whether or not he is capable of repaying them and if he intends to do so. He remained silent about the issue. A domestic mixed martial arts company heard that he’d been accused of fraud and offered to help him make his comeback. Regardless of when he competes, if Choi Hongman is willing to compete, we will pay him in advance. Choi Hongman’s title money is the highest among local athletes. He can repay that amount if he competes twice. We will need to keep our eyes on this case to see if Choi Hongman will make his comeback after being accused of fraud. This program comes to mind whenever we hear this song. It’s “Golden Oldies.” The show is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Entertainment Weekly decided to look back on the history of the program. Today on the show, we will make things more exciting for those who are excited and help those who are tired relax with songs… “Golden Oldies” first went on air 30 years ago with an elaborate opening. Cho Yongpil, the king of pop, Trot queen Lee Mija and other legendary singers appeared on the show. “Golden Oldies” provided warm support and comfort not only in Korea but for those living abroad. When people listened to our songs and cried… When they missed Korea, we felt a real sense of pride. “Golden Oldies” has been recording the history of Korean pop for 30 years. Many singers got together to prepare a special show to celebrate its 30th birthday. I feel really happy today but I also miss my seniors. Ju Hyunmi isn’t alone. Many people miss the old singers. Songs from the last 30 years will be celebrated on the anniversary show. Around 24,000 songs have been sung on air. We chose the most frequently sung 100 songs from the show’s 30-year history. They’re songs that have been loved by the entire nation. That’s why it’s been on air for so long. “Golden Oldies” is a national show. It’s the chain that helps Korean pop to continue. It’s my name. It’s a show that we create. It’s my family. The history of the show can be sensed in its title, “Golden Oldies.” We hope the show continues. “Golden Oldies” forever! It’s cold. Kyuhyun’s ballads are perfect for fall. Kyuhyun, are you making coffee? I’m making fall. He’s back with a sentimental ballad that’s perfect for fall. He’s the star of today’s Star Reporting In, Kyuhyun! You’re here to report something in. Do you know what? I think I’m here to report in my new album. No. We’re going to report in our marriage. – Is that in the script? / – No, it’s not. – It’s not in the script, right? / – I’m sorry. I wondered why he was playing hard to get. It’s because he acted with Go Ara in his latest music video. Ara, I’m so jealous. Do you think you could fall in love with a woman that you met while traveling in real life? I really like traveling. I’ve traveled alone a lot. I usually like to stay at guesthouses. I don’t stay at hotels. Someone knocked on my door. A man at the guesthouse said that the guests were going to have a glass of wine. He asked if I wanted to join them. I said I’d like to. Seo Yuri was there too. We met like that. That’s happened to me. Maybe it’s because I’m not really Seo Yuri’s type. Nothing happened between us. We acknowledge Super Junior as being world idol stars. – The group’s already 10 years old. / – Yes. Super Junior have been performing for 10 years. The members are active not just as a group but also solo. Which member has changed the most? Siwon. – He was such a pretty boy. / – Yes. If you see his photos from when we debuted, he was like a sculpture. He’s still good looking but he works out too much and his beard… Let’s see. You’re home. I want to shave his beard off. It drives me crazy. Kyuhyun, you’re active in several genres too. Kyuhyun is an all-rounder who’s busy as a show host. They’re starting a new season. – I heard you were cast again. / – Yes. The only show that I’ve been a long-term regular on is “Radio Star.” Nothing’s changed in the new season. We’ve been doing the same thing for a long time. I’m not really worried. Should I be worried? I feel like I’m always walking on thin ice. How long have you been on the show? Me? I’ve been doing this since January. Yes. It was a different person last year. – Congratulations. / – Wow. I hope to see you again next year. I hope I’m still around next year too. He couldn’t escape this part. The telephone mission. Call a friend. You have to get them to respond the way you want in less than a minute. Hello? Hi, Jay… What am I? Wait, that’s wrong. What do you think I am in the ballad genre? Kyuhyun, my Korean isn’t that good. What am I like in the ballad genre? – Popular. / – 4, 3, 2, 1. Out! Was that Jay Park? Yes. Hello? Are you hanging out with a woman right now? Tell him it’s Entertainment Weekly. Do you know what this is? Do you know his song title? The connection’s really poor here. My phone’s going to… Jay, do you know the title? He hung up. I wanted to help promote your song. I prepared something else. I heard you have perfect pitch. – Me? / – You have to have perfect pitch. – Sol? / – Again. – This time? / – La? That’s right. Is it? How did I get it in one go? – Wow. / – He’s funny. You got it right. We’ll let you promote your album. Everyone, the weather’s getting cold. You must listen to ballads. ‘Tonight, a million pieces of you…’ – Thank you. / – He’s a great singer. Is that something that you must speak about? We won’t edit it out. We’ll put it on air. What will be his final words? – This album… / – More PR? Yes, that’s it. This is what I must speak about. You did a great job today. I’m going to give you this dog tag. Did you know this? After Eunhyuk and Donghae received this… – Do I have to go to the army? / – Right! They were drafted. I still have around a year left. I’m going next year. Can I throw this out? I’ll come visit you next year. You have to. I will be there. That’s not for you to decide. I really want to be there. Kyuhyun, we look forward to your album. This fall, KBS has prepared a web drama special. There are 4 episodes. We went to the shoot of “Romance Detective, Sherlock K.” Let’s go there now and meet the four actors. The powerful cast of “Romance Detective, Sherlock K” all got along extremely well. Sherlock K is a relationship psychology profiler. She takes on the case of a young millionaire. It’s a funny psychodrama. Bora, you’re the most… – You’re the most experienced. / – Yes. Despite that… I heard that you said you were worried because you look so young. The first shoot was with Jinyoung. I guess you can’t hide the years. My fine lines were so vivid next to Jinyoung. Excuse me. Since the first shoot, I’ve started applying eye cream. Bomi’s sitting next to you. She said that she’ll show us a simple way… – To look young. / – Let’s hear it. It’s really simple. You have to look expressionless. The tongue is very important. Stick your tongue out a little. It helps to create a cute image. Is this expression really effective? It seemed a little strange but I found myself copying her for some reason. It’s cute! Bomi showed us a cute pose. Jinyoung prepared a sweet event. On the day of the final shoot, the fans of B1A4 prepared a coffee van for the entire staff. Jinyoung, hello. Hello. You shocked me. I heard it’s the final shoot. Did you enjoy shooting? I’ve been laughing the entire time. We’ve gotten close easily. We always laugh and chat noisily. The shoot’s been so much fun. An urgent… Oh, my goodness. Minwoo, hello. Today, Jinyoung treated everyone to coffee. Did you drink it? Can I have a cup of coffee? Minwoo, do something in return. I’ll give him a hug. They seem so close. Is there anyone that you want to keep in touch with and meet? Minwoo, of course. – You’re so witty. / – What about you, Minwoo? Bomi. Minwoo had Jinyoung in… – The palm of his hand. / – I see. I can understand. Is Minwoo’s coffee being served? I doubt it. Let me try it again. Who do you want to meet, Minwoo? Bomi. Bomi, are you watching the show pulling this expression? I saw something, Bora. I saw a photo on your SNS dressed up as a man. Yes. You looked so handsome. I was really satisfied with it so I uploaded the photo. Take a look. She’s beautiful even dressed as a man. I sit like this when I’m a woman. Then I do this dressed as a man. I see her dressed as a man all the time now. When she’s dressed as a woman… – Sorry. / – Dressed? Your sex is getting confusing. When she appears feminine, it’s awkward. Minwoo, I searched your name. It pulled up the results, braised short ribs restaurant. – Really? / – Why? I wanted to take up acting. I didn’t know anyone in this field so I searched the web. I read a comment that said if you work in Gangnam, someone will choose you. I read that. – Street casting. / – Right. That’s so funny. So I moved to Gangnam. I rented out a small room and got a casual job. Did you meet someone in the entertainment business? I did meet someone. I’d already been working around 4 years. – 4 years. / – That’s a long time. I thought I needed to experience that in order to become an actor. I thought the other actors had all worked casual jobs like me. So… Now, Minwoo has matured as a professional actor. He pulled off this sweet kiss scene like a pro. I really looked forward to that scene. I was excited. The camera didn’t come in as close as I had expected. I was really disappointed. We only needed to set the angle. – We just had to get the angle right. / – Yes. You had to settle for that. Our lips didn’t actually meet. Bomi… I thought that Minwoo would actually kiss me but he didn’t. I thought, what’s this? That’s what I thought at first. Minwoo told me later it was for my sake. I thought that was really sweet of him. Do you want to shoot it again? If I’d known that she felt like that earlier… I should’ve just kissed her. Why does good news always come late? There’s another piece of good news. The web drama “Romance Director, Sherlock K” can also be viewed on KBS. We look forward to seeing it! Who is this? Entertainment Weekly’s Star Report. Are you ready? Me? Am I a star? Yes! You’re a star! What’s wrong with you? Come here. He’s pulled off many different characters. He’s a scene stealer who acts in any role like a chameleon. Watch it. It’s really good. Bai Songwoo is now a popular film actor. This is his Star Report! Let’s get started right now. Your eyes are cute when you smile. Hello. I’m actor Bai Songwoo. It’s great to meet you. The weather’s quite chilly. I’m coming down with the flu. Make sure you don’t get sick. I hope you will be happy. What am I talking about? That was weird, wasn’t it? – A little. / – It will make me look more attractive. No? Am I wrong? We only invite the hottest celebrities to appear on Star Report. Look around you. The cameras… How many are there? Count them. – Count them yourself. / – I can’t keep count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I’ve never seen this camera before. We prepared this so you’ll look handsome. Thank you so much. Name, Bai Songwoo. I searched you. I searched up to Bai Song. Do you know whose name came up first? – My little brother? / – No. Your name comes up first now. – Really? / – Bai Songwoo appears first. How does it feel to beat your little brother? It’s the first time I’ve won since he was born. I was born first… You were born first. Partner? I thought you’d be married. – But you’re not. / – No. He’s 42 this year. What’s your ideal woman? It says someone with big, clear eyes. I think that’s about my little brother… Like Candy? I like women who are well balanced. Well balanced? Where? Did you just think of something rude? – No. / – I’m going red. It doesn’t refer to looks. I’d like her to look natural. Our personalities have to get along. We have to converse well. They call you the film fairy. You don’t look like a fairy. The word fairy doesn’t suit me. The nickname fairy… I heard that Oh Dalsu has the nickname 10-million ticket selling fairy. You have to look like him to be called fairy… He has a deep gaze, a steady voice. He even acted as a monster’s voice. Oh Dalsu… I think having a mole is the trademark of a great actor. Actors like Robert De Niro. He has a mole. I recently developed a freckle here. I’m thinking of making it larger. You became a 10-million ticket selling actor with the film “Veteran.” Does that put pressure on you? I don’t really feel any sense of pressure. When I go out… More people recognize me now. That feels a little strange. I feel quite embarrassed. I can’t do anything strange now. What strange things do you do? Let’s discuss your debut. The 1993 musical “Les Miserables.” ‘Sadness that can’t be spoken about’ ‘Endless misery’ – I didn’t sing that song. / – I see. A senior who had an important role sang that song. Did you just show off your singing skills? I kept listening to it and memorized it. I hope you’ll stand on stage as the main actor. Next! You said your trait is your plain face. – Yes. / – Your face isn’t plain. Your nose is sharp. Did you have surgery? – No. / – You didn’t. Goodness. Your nose is so sharp. You have double eyelids too. Your lips… You have dark eyebrows too. – Each feature.. / – We’re similar. When you look at each feature, we’re really handsome. However, when put together… I’m a little similar to you. I’m a little plain looking. That could be my strength. I can suit one role then also the next role. I decided to become that kind of actor. Has your bank account balance increased a lot now? Yes. I have more than $1,000. That isn’t a small sum. Of course not. You’ve been given your first leading role in a commercial film. Son Hyunjoo said he almost died. He told me to hit him hard so it would look realistic. I said okay. I rushed over. Are you okay? Do I look okay to you? He said that. Send yourself a video letter for your hard work. Okay, Songwoo. You’ve got a long way to go. I hope that you can improve on your insufficiencies. I’m really sorry. Sorry to embarrass you. Let me make an official apology. This actor will continue to rise. This was Bai Songwoo’s Star Report! Bai Songwoo is really popular right now. – We look forward to more great films. / – Yes. Also, the KBS web drama, “Romance Detective, Sherlock K.” I heard that it’s really good. – I’m looking forward to it. / – So am I. Recently in the cinemas, films from the past are being released again. – That’s a trend. / – That’s right. Hyunjoon, which film do you most want to watch? I really want to watch “A Better Tomorrow.” – “A Better Tomorrow.” / – I’m dying to watch it. – I’m going to see it. / – How old were you… It was my freshman year in university. I really enjoyed that film. Freshman year… What year was that? The year was 1987. – I was 2. / – I wasn’t even born. I shouldn’t have told you. The next news has been prepared by Kim Taejin and Jisook. Let me begin my news. I met the actors from the film “The Sound of a Flower,” the story of Joseon era’s best pansori singers. Ryu Seungryong, Suzy and Song Saebyeok’s fun interview. Let’s view it in a few moments. I met someone who has a sweet voice that’s perfect for the fall weather. I met the singer, Sung Sikyung. He’s Korea’s top sentimental ballad singer. He has completed and released an unfinished song by Kim Kwangseok at a meaningful event. I went to meet him at the showcase. Let’s view it right now. He’s a great singer. There’s no doubt about it. He’s Korea’s most sentimental ballad singer. However! It’s just disgraceful. When I talk to you, I find myself mesmerized. I have that quality. He’s a popular star who’s very witty. Are you ready to laugh? Let’s meet Sung Sikyung right now. He’s an emotional singer and nasty show host. He’s a ballad singer with a thousand faces. Please welcome Sung Sikyung. Hello. It’s nice to meet you. It’s your first solo interview in 5 years. There were a few incidents. There were just two. Being drafted and released. Why isn’t there anything more? I don’t want to go to the army again. – I should perform more often. / – Yes. Come on the show more often. That’s not for me to decide. I can only appear if you look for me. Why have you come to see me so late at night? What? Because you asked me to come. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Hey. Did we ask them to come? There’s a special reason why I went to meet Sikyung. We heard that he’s taking part in a project to sing the late Kim Kwangseok’s unfinished songs. The lyrics were chosen through a contest. Let’s listen briefly. This is a great event. I’m glad it turned out well. He’s a great singer. Sung Sikyung is also good at writing lyrics. I searched your name on the web. – Singer, entertainer, lyricist. / – My job? – Yes, they’re the results. / – No way. Don’t believe everything that’s on the web. My weight is from 15 years ago. Have you put on weight then? I debuted 15 years ago. I’ve put on a kilo a year. This is your 15th year singing. Ancestor. You’re practically an ancestor in the ballad world. Okay, descendant. Go and thrive. Yes, okay. You’re in the text book, ancestor. Jo Sungmo is also there. – Yes. / – This is a high school music text book. His name can be seen in the part which introduces Korean popular music. Look back on yourself during the past 15 years. What has changed about you? Recovery rate, stamina, complexion. You wipe your mouth at once, right? / – Yes. I leave my stains here. I can’t feel it. His skin recovery rate has declined but he’s also gained a lot. He’s a popular show host. He works well with any partner. He’s known for his sense of loyalty. Recently, he appeared on “Cool Kiz on the Block” on behalf of Jeong Hyeongdon who was ill. He was ill. It’d be weird if I didn’t fill in for him. – Did Hyeongdon… / – Not at all. Say something to him. It’s great that you love work and are popular but rest. You’ve sold a lot of pork cutlets. Eat healthy food. – I hope he does that. / – So… Our host, Hyunjoon is on “Cool Kiz on the Block.” How was your teamwork with Hyunjoon? I’m curious. – He’s a great guy. Do you know that? / – Yes. Out of all the people I know. he’s one of the most warm-hearted. Do you drink together often? We drank a lot during a dinner for Entertainment Weekly. He didn’t remember a thing. – Call me. / – He’s going to re-enact it for us. – Hyunjoon. / – This is normal. Do you know what he does when he’s drunk? – Call my name. / – Sikyung. This is Hyunjoon. He can’t fix his gaze. Hyunjoon was sick recently. Sikyung, you’re not old enough to be my father but you could be a big brother. Is that a comment for my parents? I have to have a little sister to be a big brother. My father’s over 70 years old. Goodness. My mother’s the same age! It’s like a nickname. Big brother. I mention this because… You sang a duet with IU. She admitted her relationship. She’s really happy these days. It’s good news. They suit each other. Is that all? I like them. – You should meet someone. / – I’m waiting for her. We hope to be able to present some happy news about you on Entertainment Hot Click. Kim Kwangseok… His new song has been released. I think that his voice really suits the fall weather. I hope that many people will love the song. Can you say something to the viewers of Entertainment Weekly? Viewers of Entertainment Weekly… Now paste what I said earlier. I couldn’t beat him. It was really fun meeting Sung Sikyung. Thank you. He tells the people to give up their rice… You’ll laugh when you see it while crying. This actor brings depth to his films. Ryu Seungryong. Why can’t women sing? She’s back as a pansori singer Bae Suzy! Unique, charismatic actor Song Saebyeok as well. It was an exciting interview. – Let’s begin now. / – This should be good. Welcome. Is this the first time that you’ve been on… – Our show together? / – Yes. The interest in your film is really explosive. As soon as the trailer was released, 1 million people viewed it in less than 24 hours. Suzy’s fans made up around 980,000. Suzy, I love your outfit. Could you remove your blanket for us? She gets prettier every time I meet her. She’s beautiful. That’s enough! – You’re so pretty. / – Thanks. In the past year… Suzy’s grown around 12cm taller. She’s wearing heels. I only wore straw shoes… She couldn’t wear heels in the film. I got shocked. – You look like a mermaid. / – Seaweed soup. Give me a nickname too. There are a lot of stars in the night sky. Maybe it’s fine dust. No matter how much I think about, I have to be a pansori singer. It’s the story of Joseon’s first female pansori singer, “The Sound of a Flower.” Many people are looking forward to hearing these three actors sing. Is pansori a little different? – Of course it is. / – The ratio of air to sound? – It’s all sound. / – 100% sound. – 200% sound. / – 200% sound. When I rehearsed, I wasn’t familiar with it. It hurt my throat. I couldn’t deliver properly. My interest in pansori grew. I found myself singing. It was fun. How about you? Do you sing pansori yourself in the film? My character compiles pansori that’s handed down. – So I just… / – You teach. I direct and manage. I’m a manager. My role… I play the drum. I just put in exclamations. If it were hip hop, it’d be like saying “hit it!” Teacher’s Day was during the shoot. Teacher’s Day was way after we’d finished shooting. Despite that, when I’d almost forgotten her face, Suzy sent me a huge gift. On Teacher’s Day, Suzy sent Seungryong carnations, creating a huge issue. – Wow. / – What did you give Saebyeok? It was nice knowing you. Saebyeok’s so funny. I really… His gift was for both of us. That’s what I think. Your colleagues must’ve been really jealous. Of course. She’s 2 decades younger. She’s 24 years younger than I am. 24 years apart. We’re both born in the year of the dog. I’m almost the same age as her father. She must talk down to her father. She talks down to me sometimes. “Really? Have you eaten?” We’re really comfortable. We looked into the past of these three talented actors. Seungryong, before you became an actor, you had many different jobs. When I dreamed of acting in my early 20s, I learnt ballet, masked dancing. I learnt several instruments. I was an acrobat. Those experiences have helped me a lot with acting. Which was the most profitable? I got to go abroad and perform. “Nanta” was the most stable job. The pay was regular too. When we looked into Suzy’s past… You starred as a strong person on a KBS variety show. – What? / – As a strong girl. Suzy was once called the ssireum girl. Unlike her innocent appearance, she lifted other girls and threw them down. She was called little giant. I was the ssireum king. Near our accommodation… We’d be talking at a convenience store, eating meals, snacks or having a can of beer. We’d see Suzy run past in a tracksuit. – Me? / – Exercising? Saebyeok, I heard that you promised to learn pansori and the drum after this shoot. It’s really fun. It’s strangely appealing. At the end of the shoot, I went to An Iho. I told him I wanted to learn after the shoot. I asked if he could teach me. No. – This… / – An Iho’s no. No… That’s why he isn’t learning right now. “The Sound of a Flower.” “The Sound of a Flower…” Let me start over. – It’s really difficult. / – I forgot. – The. / – Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do. – Sound. / – Sorry about my voice. – Of. / – Are you angry? – A flower. / – I’m not a singer. That was a witty ending. We look forward to your film. “The Sound of a Flower.” Hooray! Thank you! Guerilla Date! Today’s star! He’s Korea’s Liam Neeson. Son Hyunjoo! Today’s star who has taken over Gangnam is Son Hyunjoo! I’m going to devote myself until I break all my bones. Can you hug people so hard that your ribs break? – They’re already broken. / – Already… People who’ve seen the film seem really happy to meet you. You’ve already sold 10 million tickets. The middle results are very good. Yes. There were many fans who had already seen his film. – Did you watch the film? How was it? / – Yes. It was great. Who was the most charismatic? Son Hyunjoo! He was really popular with the high school girls. Who wants to come close and speak to him? Sir, come this way. Let me present a quiz. You can ask him to do something for you, if you get it right. Son Hyunjoo’s new film. – Currently… / – “The Chronicles of Evil…” – That’s old. / – He was so confident. His new film. Let me give you a clue. Everyone’s holding one. The answer is “The Phone.” – What’s the title? / – “Hand!” – Hand? / – Hyunjoo grabbed his neck. Son Hyunjoo’s private mobile phone number. We’re going to reveal that now. Send him a photo. Otherwise, send the letters that are written on this pad via a text message. My love, your love, Son Hyunjoo. Let’s laugh together. You’re my love. The fans who were gathered around began flooding us with text messages. – This person… / – What a great photo. 1874. Where are you? Who sent this photo? He was in “The Chronicles of Evil.” Ma Dongseok has arrived. Look at his facial line. Their beards are similar. Dongseok. Why are you a fan of Hyunjoo? His acting is so sharp. His acting is so sharp? How many tickets do you expect his film… – To sell at the box office? / – 60 million? We really hope you sell over 60 million tickets. Hyunjoo suddenly… Gave him a kiss to show his affection. Why are you so happy? – Are you really happy? / – I am. If you want to take a photo… You have to win the game. This lady. Hello. Your fashion style… Are you Park Shinyang from “The Letter?” She looks like him, right? Taejin, you’re so witty. I’m joking. – Are you a fan? / – Yes. – How long have you been a fan? / – An hour ago. From an hour ago, okay. Do you know which film he recently starred in? “The Phone.” Who’s in it? – Son Hyunjoo. / – Who else? – Son Hyunjoo. / – Who else? Son Hyunjoo. The only person she knows is you. How about Um Jeewon and Bai Songwoo? – Say something to them. / – I love Son Hyunjoo! She’s been his fan for an hour. Let’s begin the game. Start! – 1, 2, 3. / – It’s his turn to attack. – 1, 2, 3. / – Hit her! He didn’t go easy on her. One more time. – 1, 2, 3. / – He hit her again. Two in a row. You’ve only been his fan for an hour. – One more time. You attack. Go! / – 1, 2, 3. They’re going their own ways after an hour. We have to say good-bye now. – No! / – Who said no? Come out. – Why not? / – I just don’t want him to go. – You don’t want to part? / – No. What does he mean to you? Sit down and talk. Hyunjoo suddenly sat down on the ground. We began talking seated. It’s my first time falling in love at first sight. – I can’t look at him. / – Love at first sight. – Make eye contact for 5 seconds. / – No. Here we go. 1, 2, 3. Has she seen a ghost? – I want to be an actress. / – An actress. What’s your faculty? I majored in musicals. ‘Everything you wish for will come true’ ‘The heavens permit you…’ – She was so happy that she cried. / – She’s crying! – She’s so emotional. / – I’m moved. Watch a lot of films, dramas, performances. – If you do that… / – Yes. That will help you in the future… – When you act. / – Wow. First, watch “The Phone.” – Okay. / – I’ll make sure to watch it. Which actor do you look up to? – Hwang Jungmin. / – Goodness! That was so funny. Warm-hearted actor Son Hyunjoo’s date with the fans ended here. We moved indoors to continue speaking. Your film’s really popular right now so people seem to like you even more. – Yes. I’m really grateful. / – Yes. The film travels between the past and present. That’s why we wanted it to be really realistic. So my fingernails dropped off. I broke my ribs. It was a first for me. Running with broken ribs… That was the most difficult shoot. It must’ve been tough. You must be really fit. I pretend that I’m fit but I’m not really. I need to pretend to be fit so people will cast me. My kids are growing up so… – You have to work hard. / – Yes. See the things your dad does? Son Hyunjoo’s escape. Ju Jeongnam, first love medley. Most people are more handsome in the past. You’re more handsome now. I meant it in a good way. Someone told me to do this. I recorded the album and the next week… It was all over the freeway resting stations. It was very popular at one stage. – You sold 400,000 albums. / – I think so. Is it okay if I ask you to sing it now? It’s okay. Do you know it? This is Hyunjoo’s song. I think it was okay for me to ask you to sing. The song’s not very difficult. I wish I had a hammer right now. Hyunjoo suddenly began laughing. It was because of this photo. It’s a famous photo from the web. I’m sorry. You were so good in this role. My role wasn’t a homeless person. I had the power to read the future. I think that was my role. I wasn’t homeless. – Just a beggar. / – No. What roles do you want to play in the future? What do you want to show the fans? I want to play a role where I chase someone. When I played the president… It wasn’t ordinary. I was chased. I don’t want to be chased. I want to chase. Your film is so successful right now. You don’t even need to be on Guerilla Date. Actors who’ve been on Guerilla Date… And actors who haven’t… That’s what divides actors. That’s why I really wanted to be on this. Give me a kiss. Hyunjoo showed his affection for me. He always does a great job in any role that he plays. This was my Guerilla Date with Son Hyunjoo. Hyunjoo, good luck with the film. We have a new special on our program. Pop Artists Loved by Korea. – We look forward to next time. / – Yes, we do. That’s all the news we have for today. We’ll see you again next time. Viewers, be happy. (“Dead or Alive” by HIGH4)


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