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Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Anne Hathaway, Daniel Hanney, Kim Dongjoon [ENG/CHN/2017.04.10]

(Episode 1666) Welcome to Entertainment Weekly. I’m Shin Hyunjoon. Hello, I’m Jung Jiwon. It’s the second week of April. The weather is beautiful these days. Yes. Yeouido is full of cherry blossoms. Hyunjoon, you look especially happy today. Congratulations. – His son just turned one. Congratulations. / – Thanks. My son turned one last Tuesday. – His name is Minjoon, right? / – Yes. At the party, did he pick up a microphone? He picked up an Oscar statuette. He might become a great actor like you. That’d be great. Thank you. – Thank you. / – Congratulations. I’m not the only one who’s happy. Jiwon, why do you look so happy? – Does it show? / – Yes, a lot. A really handsome man is sitting in the studio for the first time since I started this show. I’ve been here every week. He’s different from you. We have a really handsome new reporter. Please introduce yourself, Kevin. Hello, I’m the singer Kevin Oh. (Kevin Oh) I’m honored to join Entertainment Weekly. Actually, I prepared a song for the show. Let me sing it for you. He’s so handsome. ♪ It’s Saturday night ♪ ♪ I’m getting excited ♪ ♪ I don’t need a girlfriend ♪ ♪ Entertainment Weekly completes my weekends ♪ Awesome. That was amazing. ♪ Entertainment Weekly completes my weekends ♪ He made us a theme song. The song was incredible. He’s not only handsome but also a great singer. I’m very happy to have him here. By the way, what story do you have for us? I flew to the U.S. to meet the Hollywood star, Anne Hathaway. Her new movie was filmed in Korea. Many people are looking forward to its release. We’ll air the Anne Hathaway interview in a short while. – I love you. / – I love you. I’ll look forward to meeting Anne Hathaway. Anne Hathaway, right? – Yes, Anne Hathaway. / – Anne Hathaway. Kevin had lived in the U.S. until recently. Let’s find out how the interview went. But before that, Jiyeon has some news for us as well. – Please go ahead. / – That’s right. I’m so nervous sitting next to Kevin. Here’s the first news story. It’s This Week’s Hot Click. This week, the singer, Gary, got married secretly. And Jeon Hyebin and Lee Joongi announced that they are in a relationship. This Week’s Hot Click starts now. I want to meet a girl who understands me and my work. Leessang’s Gary announced that he had just gotten married. Gary and Song Jihyo are nicknamed the Monday Couple. Gary is known to be a romantic. In February, he said he wanted to get married soon. Then last Wednesday, he announced his marriage on his social media account, – leaving many people surprised. / – He’s cool. She’s beautiful, and has an amazing voice. He didn’t hesitate to express his love for his wife. He also expressed his gratitude for the blessings they’ve received. – You want me to say a word? / – By the way… I don’t want to say anything. Many suspect that Gill and Gary are on bad terms. They debuted as Leessang in 2002, and they released many hit songs together. Is it true that you two are on bad terms? Yes. – Are you on bad terms? / – Yes, we are. (Yes, we are.) We’re nothing more than business partners. It turns out Gill wasn’t told about Gary’s marriage. People are wondering if Leessang is breaking up. According to the press, they started their own labels last year and have put up their building for sale. It’s quite possible that they really are disbanding. We’ll have to wait and see what happens to Leessang. It’s been revealed that comedian Yoo Sangmoo is suffering from colon cancer. Last year, Sangmoo was charged with attempted rape, which was followed by a seven-month-long legal battle. (He was acquitted last December.) Even though he was acquitted last December, he’s been refraining from making public appearances as an apology for getting involved in a scandal. Yesterday afternoon, a newspaper reported that Sangmoo has been diagnosed with stage-three colon cancer. (Yoo Sangmoo to Have Colon Cancer Surgery on April 10) His management agency has confirmed he’s having surgery on April 10 and he’ll focus on his recovery. Colon cancer has both a high chance of spreading and chance of relapse. Here’s a medical expert’s explanation of it. He needs surgery. The cancer and lymph nodes around it have to be removed. When it comes to cancer, there’s no complete recovery. We often talk about five-year survival rates instead. The five-year survival rate for him is 50 to 60 percent. After his disease was revealed, Sangmoo left a witty comment on his social media account. It turns out that Yoo Saeyoon was with Sangmoo when he waited for his test result. Saeyoon is hoping for his best friend’s recovery more than anyone else. We wish Sangmoo a speedy recovery. Would you go public with your relationship? I’d like to. Lee Joongi is in a relationship. She’s such a beauty. (His love turns out to be Jeon Hyebin.) Joongi’s love turns out to be Jeon Hyebin. They first met in a drama three years ago. In the drama, they didn’t end up together. As they have many things in common, they continued to see each other even after that. For the past three years, rumors about the two have spread three times, which they denied every time. When they were spotted on a date last Tuesday, they finally admitted to their relationship. I’d rather go public with my relationship. I’d like to be congratulated on my relationship. That way, I’ll be able to make more good memories than when I keep the relationship secret. They say you can never hide love or a sneeze. We hope the two will make many good memories. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. (Entertainment Weekly) I’m in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The name “Hollywood” always makes us excited. The reason why I’m here is to meet this person. (She sings beautifully.) (Let’s meet the lovely girl.) Let’s meet Anne Hathaway now. – Anne. Nacho. / – Hi. Anne, it’s a pleasure. – You look lovely as per usual. / – Thank you. – Nacho, you look… / – I try to look lovely. – You look like a boss. / – You look so lovely. Nice meeting you both. This is the first time we’re meeting, but Anne, you’ve actually been on KBS. This is your fourth time. Hi. (She’s a regular.) I love you. How does it feel to be so loved by Koreans? I don’t quite know what to say about it. I’m always so amazed and flattered by the warmth that my films and I have been shown. It made “The Intern” an even more special experience knowing that connected so completely with Korea. And what else can I say? I’m thrilled by it. – I’m flattered and honored. / – Is there a significance in choosing Seoul as the backdrop? You know what, when we were defining how to shoot the film, and where and so, the chance of working in South Korea was floating around. I have to say something, I knew Bucheon and Seoul in advance. I had been invited to Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival. So I really knew the streets. I really knew the place. I was familiar with it, and I really loved it. In this film, your character, Gloria, embodies a monster that ravages and destroys Seoul. Have you ever been to Korea by any chance? I’ve been to the airport in Seoul on my way to somewhere else, unfortunately. But I’ve never technically been outside. You have so many fans and so many people who look up to you. Do you have any plans on going? Yes, I do. I can’t tell you anything about them. – So it’s a secret. / – I do have plans. So I’m actually a K-pop artist. – Do you know K-pop by any chance? / – Yes. – Who doesn’t know K-pop? / – Exactly. Would we be able to do a K-pop mash-up right now? – All right. / – Yes? – Yes? / – Let’s try. It could go horribly wrong, and I expect it will. But if you’re leading, I should be fine. So you’ll just have to sing… Do you know “Fly Me to the Moon”? I do know that. – Could we try it? / – Sure. Okay. – This is so nice. / – Yes. Or we could do it lower. Do you want it lower? No, I like this one. I just think you should start it. – If you start, I’ll… / – ♪ Fly Me to the Moon ♪ – Okay. / – Do you want to sing this part? I love him. He’s amazing. – Yes. / – Okay. (It’s a mash-up of…) (“Fly Me to the Moon” and “Nobody”.) ♪ I don’t want anyone else, no one but you ♪ – Okay, thank you so much. / – We can’t finish it? – “In other words”. / – Really fast. – Thank you so much for your time. / – Thank you. It was lovely meeting you. See you again. That was fun. (Entertainment Weekly) “First Love Again” tells the story of a man and a woman who used to be in love. Breaking the stereotype of daily dramas, “First Love Again” is receiving favorable reviews. (Everyone on the set is busy.) The drama is now nearing its end, and the set is busy with the final stage of filming. I visited the actors on the set. The viewer ratings are going up every episode. Who would you attribute this success to? Bitna once said in an interview that every drama she – stars in becomes a success. / – When did I say that? Every drama she stars in becomes a success. – When did I say that? / – What is she talking about? I said it wrong. – Oh, my. / – I said it wrong. – Bitna said… / – I didn’t say that. I read an article that says every drama where Bitna is a villain in it becomes a success. No drama where I played a villain has failed. I’m too shy to say every drama became a success. So that’s what she was talking about. Have you ever been hit by viewers? – I’ve never actually been hit. / – I see. They say hi, and then say, “I love your drama.” “Hey, she’s Baek Minhee.” (They whisper that it’s her.) – “It’s her.” / – “It’s her.” That’s what usually happens. Bitna is successfully playing a villain in this drama too. What kind of character would you like to play next time? I’d like to star in a romantic drama. I’d be happy to play a lovely character which can be loved by the viewers. I’m a lovely girl. Please let me star in a romantic drama. Thank you. – She’s so cute. / – They say – your first love always fails. / – That’s right. What do you think about that after acting in the drama? At first, I agreed that your first love always fails. You’ll find out more if you watch our drama to the end. These days, it’s become a thing to say, “Great work.” Can you say that to one of your colleagues? I enjoyed being in family scenes a lot. It was great working with you all. Great work. (Great work, Hajin’s family members.) I’d like to say that to Sebin who is sitting right next to me. I… What? No matter what I do, she’s always supported me. That’s how I’ve been able to play Minhee well so far. Sebin, great work. They’re so sweet. Meanwhile, Park Jungchul is preparing for his scenes. (Serious) – Jungchul. / – Yes? Who are you talking to? I was just practicing the script by myself. – Is this the script of “First Love Again”? / – Yes. Let’s test you. I was being playful. – Test me from the middle. / – All right. I will. Ask me from the middle, not the first part. “Yes?” That was really from the script. “Yes?” Are you kidding me? It really was a line from the script. You should have done a better job at acting. I thought it would be the most difficult line. “Yes?” “I asked her for a favor.” I got it right, correct? Let’s check it out. He was right on the money. – I got it right, correct? / – You got it right. – High five. / – Amazing. I’m embarrassed now. His character seems cold, but he’s gentle when it comes to love. Your character is an IBM investment director. That’s why I’m studying before my scenes. The terms are quite a mouthful. The terminology is really… Cha Doyoon sent us this investment proposal. (The terms used were difficult and unfamiliar.) I had more scenes on love than work. You had more personal scenes. I had a lot of personal business going on. I’m not sure, but I was lucky for that. I was grateful for that. Your character is an investment director, – but that side isn’t portrayed much. / – That’s right. I’m a romantic. (He’s a romantic.) I studied in New York but learned about love. Isn’t that great? (I Love New York.) Because of this drama, Seungsoo and you have received a lot of love from housewives. You’re such a gentleman. Please give your personal and frank opinion. Who is more popular? The truth is, in this show… I think very highly of Seungsoo’s image and acting skills. Just tell me. Who’s more popular? That’s what I’m telling you. It’s Seungsoo. Still, for the fans, could you gaze into their eyes… I guess I do have fans who like me. – Thank you. / – You have plenty of them. Likewise, this guy can’t take his eyes off the script. It’s the hero of “First Love Again”, Kim Seungsoo. I heard that the two of you are very popular among the older ladies. Let’s be honest. Who do you think is more popular? I really want Seungsoo to get married. I think this is as hard as the presidential election. He thinks it’s hard to choose. I honestly think it’s a tie. Jungchul or Seungsoo. Choose one. One, two, three. (Seungsoo VS Jungchul) I would have to pick myself. (Seungsoo wins.) Congratulations. – Thank you. / – You were voted twice. Really? Jungchul chose you. (What?) He realized he has just made a mistake. Let’s redo this one. One more time. (He’s sorry.) Let’s do this one more time. Seungsoo’s moving portrayal of a father made a lot of viewers cry. I think a lot of people will know by now that I’m still single. – I know. / – I really want to help him get married. I gave presents and hugged the child actors. I tried to think of them as my own children. The emotions came naturally after that. I guess I could show those emotions because of that. I think you’ll be a good husband. Why are you saying that like a ventriloquist? Do you know how to do ventriloquism? Am I allowed to say it out loud? – Should I promote it for you? / – Yes. They say that first loves can only fail. Yes. 99.99 percent of matters go wrong during one’s first love. That’s why they say that. However, I do believe it’s possible it works out. Is that how the show ends? As one of the cast members of the show, I can’t lie since the script is already out. I don’t know if it’s a very happy ending or not, but it won’t let viewers down. Finally, please pick one of your fellow cast members and compliment that person. My on-screen mother, Malsoon. She’s my mother in this show. My real mother will be disappointed, but she took better care of me than my real mother. Malsoon, great work. I thought you would compliment Jungchul. – This was the chance to redeem yourself. / – Right! (I forgot.) I’m sorry, Mother. (When you think it’s late, it really is too late.) I have something to say to Jungchul. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say this, but his wife is pregnant. It’s a really happy occasion. Congratulations, Jungchul. I compliment you for that. I’ll give you a big present later. Great work, Jungchul. All the same, you are more popular. (Seungsoo is more popular.) Sorry, Jungchul. Please stay tuned for the rest of the drama and support us. I hope you watch the show till the end and be there for us. Thank you. It’s almost the finale of “First Love Again”. We’re looking forward to a happy ending. (Please stay tuned to the show.) I wish only the best for “First Love Again”. I’m looking forward to it. We went all the way to Hollywood to meet the charming Anne Hathaway. – With Kevin Oh. / – I wish she would visit Korea. We hope to meet her again on Entertainment Weekly. Next, we have two men who are as attractive as Kevin. – Sungeun and Taejin will introduce… / – What? – Please introduce the next news. / – I disagree. I don’t think so. Why am I feeling embarrassed? When reality is irrational and frustrating, dramas can help you relieve the stress. We prepared a drama special to make you feel better when reality tires you. I’ll see you in a moment. You’re making me frustrated. I think it’s because of you. I’ll take the compliment. I met the Hollywood star Daniel Henney, who looks like me and is as good looking as me. Where do you look like him? The semicircular canals. It looks exactly like his. – Let’s just continue. / – All right. Even I couldn’t help but be attracted to him. Throughout the interview, he was so gentle and made me feel comfortable. I met the perfect actor, Daniel Henney. But please hold on for a while as let’s first talk about the new drama. I interviewed the cast of “Queen of Mystery”. Let’s watch the interview. You’ve met so many people. A new concept human mystery drama will come to you. It’s “Queen of Mystery”. The cast of “Queen of Mystery” is here. – Hello. / – Hello. Nice to meet you. It’s Wongeun. Can you tell us about your drama, “Queen of Mystery”? Just like the title, Kanghee is the queen of mystery. We are only the supporting actors. – He’s so funny. / – They make me laugh. “Queen of Mystery” premiered last Wednesday. Queen of Mystery Seolok, and detective Wanseung become great partners and help people in need. So Seolok and Wanseung is from “Sherlock” and “Watson”, right? The crew says you’re totally in sync with the roles. I read the script picturing Kanghee, and it made perfect sense. I think that among Southeast Asian actors, Kanghee is the only one who could pull this role off. I’m not sure about American actresses though. But when it comes to Asia, no one can do it better than Kanghee. – Wanseung follows his instincts. / – That’s right. Do you follow your intuition a lot? I made a lot of random choices during my younger days. I’m not sure about now though. Could you predict the premiere’s ratings? I can assure you… I don’t know what the exact ratings will be, but I hope we’ll have better ratings than “Chief Kim”. The best ratings for “Chief Kim” was 18.4 percent. You might not know, but the subtitle for “Queen of Mystery” is “CEO Kim”. (“CEO Kim”) (CEO Kim isn’t even in the drama.) We will use the subtitle after we hit 15 percent. The title will change after the eighth episode. (It will change after episode eight.) – To “CEO Kim”? / – Yes, “CEO Kim”. All right. Wongeun is in the drama wearing a uniform. People say that you should always be in a uniform because you look so good in it. I think it’s all because of the tailoring. I was worried that I might not look good and look awkward with short hair. – He’s so good natured. / – He altered his uniform? I’m getting used to this unfamiliar side of mine. I’m satisfied now. He stresses out the other male actors. He has a small head. My head isn’t that big, but it looks big in comparison when I’m next to him. It’s fortunate that Kanghee is next to him then. Meanwhile, scenes of Kanghee and Wongeun that was released before the premiere were the talk of the town because they looked like a couple. It seems like it’s a romantic comedy. I’m an older lady that helps Wongeun, who is newly appointed. He depends on me a lot. – I don’t know anything. / – He’s right. I have to ask her about everything. She’s the heavyweight behind him. (Heavyweight behind him?) She’s not even a police officer. How’s your chemistry with her? You said you worked well with your seniors as you were an old soul. If you don’t mind, what is the age gap between you two? – How old are you? / – I’m 27. I am… Their age gap is… – Let’s stop right here. / – Okay. It’s more than ten if you’re thinking hard like that. (Let’s just say it’s over ten years.) I’m not exaggerating, kidding, or lying. Don’t be too serious. It’s not the presidential debate. The thing is… So… I thought she was only a little older than me. – Hey! / – No, no. (Stop exaggerating!) – That’s too much. / – I’m serious. – That’s enough. / – Really, I’m not kidding. Don’t elect someone like this as president. This kind of person will never keep his promise. You two have worked together before in 2001. It’s been 16 years. When I saw him back then, he was very fresh. He had a minor role, but people really liked him. – People were curious about him. / – Right. When I saw him again, he was fresh again. That’s why my wife is still with me. She says I’m fresh. (Is he a fresh husband?) Your words are very fresh. “Queen of Mystery” will premiere on Wednesday. And our interview will be aired on Saturday. Let’s relax then. It’s going to go well. Let’s relax. So I prepared this. Guess the word that will be searched the most after the airing of the first episode. Sangwoo, please make your guess. I think “Choi Kanghee” will be searched the most. She will be leading the first episode. – What is your guess, Kanghee? / – It’s very normal. I think it will be “Queen of Mystery”. When the first episode is aired, you think “Queen of Mystery” will be all over the portals. Both of them guessed right. Those two were the most searched words. – Congratulations. / – They’re amazing. – Wongeun? / – Yes. – This is my guess. “Viewer ratings”. / – Okay. Isn’t it fresh? It’s very fresh. – What’s your guess on it? / – What does he mean? I heard you have to be greedy to earn many things. I will guess that we’ll get 15 percent in the ratings. – Is it too much? / – How is that greedy? Really? It’s not too much? There’s a way to get that. We can just say “Chief Kim” isn’t over. (The ratings of their first episode was 11.2 percent.) I heard – Wongeun loves to write poems. / – Yes. Can you recite an acrostic poem then? Use the names “Kwon Sangwoo” and “Choi Kanghee”. – No, use the words “viewer ratings”. / – It’s… – I’ll give you the letters. / – Okay. – Si. / – Si. I want to say this to the citizens. – Cheong. / – Mountain is clear. We were worried about how he was going to end it. – Ryul. / – Ryul. I will cheer for an ethical life. Your poem is very ethical. – The last line did start with “Ryul”. / – Okay. I don’t know which scene I enjoyed more. We are enjoying the whole thing very much. I think that energy will be passed on to you. – Go, “Queen of Mystery”! / – Go, “Queen of Mystery”! Please watch “Queen of Mystery”. I thought it was fun. I wish you good luck! (Entertainment Weekly) – Is Taejin singing this song? / – What’s this? Goodness. (Korea’s unemployment rate of youths hit 9.8 percent.) (Korea is the 58th happiest country in the world.) Goodness. (How was your day today?) It’s nearly impossible for today’s youths to get a job they want. They said it was to fix their work attitude. People are saying it’s a power trip. It’s another case of a corporation chairman preposterously abusing his employees. For those who had to go through this frustrating situation every day, we dedicate this to you. Do you feel frustrated? Do you feel angry? What’s wrong with everyone at TV stations today? What’s going on? KBS is the channel for our citizens, and we always say the necessary things. I’ll tell you all about the so-called “soda” dramas. If you choke on a sweet potato, drink some soda. We used to drink soda in place of digestive medicine. But now, “soda” means something liberating. This is the heyday of “soda” dramas. Because it liberates people from their frustrations, they’re viewer ratings keep going up. So why do we go crazy for “soda” dramas? If you don’t like me, you can just say so. (There are stories that are so frustrating to watch.) She could have avoided it, but she never does. These stories are more frustrating than any other. It looks like she’s going to take revenge only after the drama ends. What did you do to my son? Hey, do you think being sorry is enough? What is the law? Is it something you can eat? Villains who abuse the weak rule society. (The situations reflect the irrational reality.) What did you just say? Do you know who I am? Irrational situations happen in dramas too. Stop it now. We’re already frustrated more than enough. – It’s so sad. / – I can’t take this anymore. They say you should ask for trouble when you’re young. But why am I in trouble at this age? Did he just say young people should ask for trouble? I won’t buy it. – I won’t buy it. / – I said no. If it’s that good, do it as much as you want. That’s great. So-called “soda quotes” have become popular too. – Don’t you have an agency? / – Why are you so rude? Why are you so rude? (Please have some manners.) While everyone tells us to just bear it and be good, this person liberates our hearts with his words. “They only hire people with experience.” “But where do rookies get experience?” What’s the saying we hate the most? They say young people should ask for trouble. Young people are meant to be in pain, dear brother. You should see a doctor if you’re in pain. He’s right. You should see a doctor if you’re in pain. There’s a poet who makes us feel good with his short yet strong “soda poems”. “How can we make everything work?” “If something doesn’t work, do something else.” He criticized people who judge others. Even famous quotes are reborn as “soda quotes”. If you’re too patient, you become a pushover. (Remember that.) “When you think it’s late…” It’s already too late. You don’t have to get involved in things. Pay your gratitude with money. These give us thrills like fizzy soda drinks. And the trend in Korean dramas is changing boldly. – Let’s take a look. / – It’s great. – What are you? / – Me? I’m Chief Kim. Capturing the hearts of women and men, the soda drama “Chief Kim” liberated our hearts with its quick development, clear characters, and pointed messages. Let’s see what marks a drama as a soda drama. First… Shut your mouth. You need a character who revolts against his boss. How dare you speak to me so rudely? Chief Kim. Is it okay to be rude when you’re the chairman’s son? – Your head is filled with trash! / – That felt good. Have some yeot. Have some yeot. Yeot. How refreshing! – Have some yeot, sir. / – Hey! You are so shameless. Second, you need girl crush characters. Watch what you are saying, ma’am! Which department are you from? Darn it! Why does that matter now? It’s the moment we’ve always imagined. What are you going to do if you know where I’m from? They save their colleagues too. Hey, jerk! How dare you yell? You’re the one who sent these rubbish documents! I will hit you in the throat! It makes us feel so good. Lastly, you need to parody the current situation. The Prosecutors’ Office is being unjust. They are forcing me to confess. – What a joke. / – That was a good one. Hey! – Isn’t 290 dollars enough? / – It’s a lot. What did you say? By parodying the 290-dollar incident, it scratched an itchy spot for everyone. We say a week consists of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Friday, and Friday. That’s how it feels to us. (We struggle to live every day.) Everyone wants to reenact these thrilling situations from dramas. What are these situations? We hope these situations only exist in dramas, but they also exist in real life. We’re here to give you some vicarious satisfaction. I checked several times for spelling errors. There… (No matter how upset you are,) (you have to endure these situations as the underdog.) Don’t you know who I am? How dare you. Do you know who I am? When they’re in an unfavorable situation, they use their names. – When that happens… / – I don’t know. I don’t know anything. I am the finance director of this firm. Goodness. Is that what you wanted? That’s such an old trick. Our finance director isn’t young like you. If you are the finance director, I am the founder! That felt so good. How about frustrating in-laws? How can I eat when no one makes meals for me? You should get some rest. I’ll cook. What are you talking about? (A mother-in-law bothers her daughter-in-law.) Why would you cook when there’s a woman? Why are you taking advantage of your husband? It will be very frustrating if she cries and leaves. Just say this in these situations. That’s what you think! – She’s amazing. / – I don’t know why I have to cook for their birthdays and death anniversaries when I’m not even related to them. Are you from a daughter-in-law union? Are you the representative? No one can be more frustrated than people trying to find a job. The low employment rate and lookism society are stopping them from saying what they want. Yes, I am a person with perseverance. But you are too old. You’re 31. She should have been an assistant manager by now. You could get married as soon as you’re hired. Why are they criticizing her age? A secretary just needs a pretty face and sell a smile. (Inconsiderate comment) And it looks like you have no smile to sell. She must be out of mind for wanting to be a secretary. Interviewers point out their appearances too. Is it fun to make fun of someone’s looks? This is why people say you’re like a dog. Dog-man. Don’t you know what it means? If you can’t understand it, just memorize it. It’s “Dog-man”. Dog-man! Even when years pass, things won’t get easier. But we will hope for a society where the weak doesn’t get unfairly treated. We will cheer for it too. That was great. (Entertainment Weekly) Let’s work hard. – Isn’t that Daniel? / – Where should I greet him? – I should greet him here, right? / – He’s handsome. – Does he look similar to Daniel? / – I do. Daniel? Hello. – Matt Simmons. / – What’s up? How are you doing? Matt Simmons. – Yes. / – Very nice. Very nice. – You’re very tall. / – I’ve been tall since I was little. – You know KBS, right? / – Of course. You can talk in Korean. – I’m an anchorman at KBS. / – I see. He should have told me earlier. Since I’ve already prepared the interview items, I’ll speak in English, and you can speak in… – Should we test your English then? / – Please don’t. We met a sweet man, Daniel Henney, – on a fine spring day. / – I’m looking forward to it. – Hello. / – Hello. Cheers. – Let’s do a love shot. / – Goodness. What’s up with his eyes? – Can I drink it? / – Yes, it’s for you. – What is it? Coffee? / – Coffee. Okay. (Since it’s hot, I will drink it slowly.) – Hello. / – Cheers. Let’s do a love shot. (You can’t do a love shot with hot coffee.) – It’s hot. / – It’s hot, isn’t it? I want to ask you this. How can you be this handsome? What’s the secret of his perfect features? He’s handsome. It’s because I drank a lot of these. (He’s witty too.) – You’re very witty. / – Come closer. Should I? Okay. (They had a very up-close interview.) Here’s the first question. Why are you here today? – He’s a baby. / – I’ve come to meet you. – Did you come just to meet me? / – For a date. – I feel bad for him. / – I’m acting in a commercial. He’s a model for a burger commercial. He looks dazzling even from a distance. You must eat a lot of burgers. Of course. I’ve been cooking them with my dad since I was little. He taught me how to make thick patties and how to cook them. Americans love that. Do you cook with your friends – even when you’re at home? / – Of course. Do your friends ever say your burgers are good or bad? They don’t say anything, and it worries me. Do they just thank you? You know, my dog Mango loves my food. – Animals have a keener sense of taste. / – Right. – It’s true. / – They taste really well. – Right. / – Yes. – Very smart. / – I know. (The compliment fires up their bromance.) – Which Korean food do you like? / – Good English. I love almost everything. But my favorite is kimchi jjigae. Kimchi jjigae, bulgogi, doenjang jjigae… – He should come over to my house. / – I love dakgalbi. I like gimbap too. – Gimbap. / – It’s easy to eat. You like gimbap? There’s K-town in LA. There’s a gimbap place. I know everything. How often do you come to Korea? I come and go all the time. I come about once a month. Where do you stay when you come to Korea? – It always changes. / – I see. I used to have a house, but I sold it. You suddenly revealed so many things. (His private life is revealed.) All right. If you have a house or a room for me, I’ll come to your house. I can stay with you. – Really? / – All I need is a small room. – I don’t need many things. / – Come stay with me. I just need a good rest. – My wife cooks kimchi jjigae well. / – It’s not hard to be close to Daniel. When you come to Korea… After work, what do you do? – Honestly? / – Honestly. What’s the Hollywood star’s hobby? Is it golfing? Is it biking? Is it singing? – Honestly? / – Honestly. I love screen golfing. (It’s a very ordinary hobby.) – That’s very unexpected. / – Really. – You go and… / – It’s like this. My schedule is so tight. So whenever I get two hours of free time, I play it. – You play screen golf. / – Yes. – I go with my friends. / – You go with your friends. – I was being honest. / – You were. I saw that you recently visited Itaewon. Yes. (He posted a picture of himself in Itaewon.) In the U.S., the American show I starred in, “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” is showing a Korean episode. – Is it your story? / – Yes, my story. My character’s story. He speaks Korean, and the story takes place in Itaewon. Daniel works with famous Hollywood actors. I brought my team. Everyone came to Korea. – Everyone came? / – Yes. – It’s very special. / – That’s fascinating. I’m very proud because it’s a Korean episode on American TV. It’s all Korea, and it’s the first time. When you went to Itaewon, there must have been people. – Were they all excited? “Daniel!” / – Yes. Then what else did they say? “You’re so handsome”. There was another one. “Is Mango well?” Are you hungry? – Mango is so adorable. / – Mango became a star too. Adorable. I love variety shows. It’s very charming. Is there any other variety program you want to join? – I think “One Night Two Days” is good. / – Is it? You have to sleep outside. (What if he has to sleep outside?) I’ll bring a sleeping bag and a tent. You’re going to take your own tent. – I think it’ll be fun. / – They won’t prepare food. – It’s okay. / – Is it okay? I’m a countryman. I’m not an urban person. I love fishing. – I’ll fish in the morning. / – So you’ll go fishing. I really want to see you on “One Night Two Days”. – I’ll think about joining it. / – Okay. Do you have any plans on being in any drama or film in Korea? Many fans are wondering about this. I want to do it if there’s a good one. Really. Is there a genre you’d prefer? I want a romantic comedy. Really? Do you want to play a funny character? I want to enjoy acting with a good actress. Which actress do you want to work with? That’s a very dangerous question. Daniel was too smart to be tricked. I understand what he’s doing. – Are you sick again? / – Very brilliant. – Very brilliant. / – Goodness. (Why does Daniel do social media?) Why do you use social media a lot? It’s for my fans. Social media can be very dangerous sometimes. But it can also be very wonderful for fans. So I think as long as you use it in an intelligent way, it’s a good thing. It’s been a long time I’ve been working in this business. It’s nice for people to still be interested. I like when they give me suggestions on things I can do. They sometimes ask me to post pictures of Mango. – I do it right away. / – I see. How many followers do you have? 100,000? 150,000? Is it 160,000? (He has 166,000 followers.) – Many people are sharing his life. / – It’s perfect. I don’t want to have too many followers. Why not? I think I’d be stressed if too many people follow me. I want to be stressed about it. – Do you have a cell phone? / – Let’s do it. – Let’s do it. / – I should follow him. (They decide to liven up Sungeun’s account.) – One more. / – I’m about to have 430 followers. – They look alike. / – How do we look? – We look alike, don’t we? / – They do. It looks good. – It looks good. / – It’s because you’re handsome. It looks like an old cell phone. (Sungeun feels like crying.) – It’s the fourth series. / – Isn’t this the second series? There’s a credit card here too. Wait. He found my card. Thank you. Dear viewers of Entertainment Weekly. Thank you for watching today. Thank you for supporting. – He’s great. / – I love you. – See you again, Daniel. / – We love you. I’ve been a reporter for 21 years. – A fossil! / – I am the fossil of the reporting world. I can find out any secret by looking into your eyes. By the way, who are you? I’m in charge of growth in the girl group GFriend. I’m 20 years old, I’m Umji. Today’s guest investigator is Umji from GFriend. (She captured the heart of every man.) Where is Gga Chi, Umji? (That’s very old.) We had two guest investigators from GFriend. SinB and Yerin were here in the past. What did they say about me? They said Investigator Jo Younggu did really well. (Younggu wins.) Who is the subject of today’s investigation? He looks perfect from head to toe. He has pale skin and a beautiful smile too. He looks very naive, but we don’t know what’s going on in his mind. We have to find out today. It’s not going to be easy today. Tell him to come in right away. Saengmin’s Veteran begins now. – His acting never gets better. / – How do you feel? I don’t know if I belong here. – Today, / – Yes. your hair and makeup turned out well. You look like the character of “Dodge Danpei”. Let’s see how long you can smile like that. – What’s your name? / – It’s Kim Dongjun. – What’s your age? / – I turned 26 this year. What’s the name of your idol group? I’m a member of ZE:A. – ZE:A. / – Yes. – Do you remember your debut performance? / – I do. “Music Bank” was our first public TV debut. They looked very confident at their first performance. It turns out there were many struggles behind it. It was our first time wearing the in-ear earpiece. And nobody knew how to wear them. You have to secure it with tape. But no one secured their earpieces. During the rehearsal, all nine of us dropped them. You dropped the earpieces. Both the earpieces and the actual radios dropped off. It was a mess. We were scolded for not looking at the cameras. How do you go from something like camera three to camera one while dancing? Rookies tend to look right away at the main camera, but in a few years… Show us what you were like as a rookie. As a rookie, I looked at the camera straight away. – Like this. / – I see. After a few years, you learn to sing while looking elsewhere first. – And? / – You show off your profile a bit and only then look straight at it. (With ease) The reaction is almost automatic though. The red light just draws me in. While acting in the TV series I was in, I looked at the camera when the red light came on. (Glancing) Then I played dumb. The cameraman called me out that I glanced at the camera, so I had to apologize. Yes, of course. Habits are the scariest. How many times did your group top the charts? We’ve never had a song reach first place. What about GFriend’s songs? (Having a number one song isn’t easy.) Our song was in first place 29 times. 29 times? (Shocked) Switch places! (She’s sorry.) Your teammates are known for their individual work. – “Misaeng”. / – Yim Siwan. Yes, Siwan. – “Hwarang”. / – Park Hyungsik. – That’s right. / – “Infinite Challenge”. That would be Hwang Kwanghee. Many of them are famous in the industry. Your group doesn’t have a number one song, but the members are individually successful. We came up with a different strategy. Our motto now is to split up. (Let’s get involved in different genres.) We promised to find success individually and then come together afterwards. That will be our new beginning. Anyway, that’s why we’ve been involved in different genres. Let me ask you this then. Do you still wish for a number one song? Yes, of course. I’m skeptical though. Will Kwanghee or you for that matter dance like you used to as rookies? The entire group wants to have a number one song. It might take a while, but we agreed to take the long road. We’ll find success individually and then bring all our fame together as a group. That’s great. Judging by your photos on social media, you seem to think that you’re very handsome. (He’s in love with himself.) Don’t you agree that I look manly and tough? I have proof to prove otherwise. (These photos contradict his claim.) Unbelievable. Isn’t he beautiful? They really look alike. – He’s pretty. / – It’s identical. What’s your relationship to Han Gain? I haven’t even met her once. Is that so? I’ve never even been able to say hello. I’ve been on a variety show with Yeon Junghoon though. (Yeon Junghoon is Han Gain’s husband.) He was there when I stepped onto the set, and even he couldn’t believe it. We need to look serious. The man in the middle is handsome. He’s still pretty. He’s too handsome. We spent three days together, and we slept in the same tent. We shared a tent, and stuck together the whole time. We became quite close. – Umji. / – Yes. I heard that you’re known for your connections, so I put together a list of celebrities you know personally. First up is So Jisub. We got acquainted on the set of the movie “A Company Man”. What did you two talk about? We talked mostly about hip-hop music. I asked him how I could be better. That I wanted to be a better actor, one that people could relate to and take seriously. What was his advice? He told me to come up with at least four different versions of each scene. He also said that I should memorize every detail, but be open to other suggestions. Those words of his moved me deeply, so I wrote it down and put it in my wallet to remind me. I guess you can say that his words helped me become a better actor today. Dongjun worked hard and took his career forward one step at a time. Then you were cast in the series “Still Loving You”. These days, those in their late years adore me more. It’s funny how they refer to me by my character’s name. It’s a daily night time TV series, so fans tend to be very infatuated. My love interest and I have our own word for “I love you”. We say “Bubble, bubble”. Bubble, bubble. – Bubble, bubble. / – He says it again here. (Bubble, bubble) Once, I went to a sauna with my friends. The lady at the counter saw me and said, “My goodness. Bubble, bubble.” It’s as good as my name. Everywhere I go, they say that to me. You went from an idol singer in the spotlight to an actor. (Is there a difference between the two?) How are they different? Is acting more difficult? It’s tough being a singer, and it’s tough being an actor. This is how I think of it though. For me, singing is a sprint while acting is a marathon. If I win a medal, it’ll be the same no matter what the event is. – No job is superior than the other. / – Right. There’s only a difference to the art, so being successful in both fields holds equal value. – Umji. / – Yes? You seem to be mesmerized by what he has to say. It’s like listening to a lecture. I turned 20 this year, and it’s like I’m at a college lecture. His transition from singer to actor was successful, – so what is his end goal? / – To be a pleasant person. I want to tell those who love and support me how much they mean to me. I wish you all the best. – Thank you. / – Now that’s a wrap! – Thank you. / – Thank you. We look forward to him shining in his future projects. Good luck. That was Dongjun. We wish him the best of luck as a singer and actor. Daniel Henney. Isn’t he incredible? – Sungeun looked exactly like him. / – That’s absurd. – Am I wrong? / – You’re way off. – I see. / – Right. Anyway, they don’t look alike. We’ll hear from Kim Saengmin again later, but first up is the lovely Kim Seunghye. – Bubble, bubble. / – Bubble, bubble. Hi, Seunghye here. I have news about the donation concert as well as Kim Wansun’s 30th year anniversary concert. ♪ Dance to the rhythm ♪ ♪ I’ll be with you shortly ♪ Don’t go anywhere. All right. – She’s the best. / – I know. It’s now time for Korea’s 100 Favorite Songs for Confessing Love. Many have been talking about the list. – A sweet love song / – Dance while you’re at it. fills our hearts with joy, so let’s get started. It’s Korea’s 100 Favorite Songs for Confessing Love. To enjoy spring, I’m greeting you outside in an open space. – You look younger. / – Sir. I’ll take a picture with you once I’m done. I saw the show. You’re the guy from the dating agency. What? I’m from the Entertainment Weekly Dating Agency. Are you still on the fence? Confess your love right now. Yes, that’s me. I want to get your advice on the matter. I’m very busy you know. My schedule is hectic. You should know that my dad is the king of KBS. Really? How about a beverage? Would you like to take a picture? – So that’s how he really is. / – I’m good. Let me buy you one instead. Sure. In 39th place, it’s “Everyday with You” by Deulgukhwa. It’s a song from Deulgukhwa which was a legendary rock band in the 80s. (Deulgukhwa) He tells that he wants to spend every day with her. It’s a sincere confession of a man’s ardent love. The lyrics expresses the innocent love of the time. The song is loved by both men and women of all ages. (The three voices blend well together.) The song is neither behind nor ahead of the times. It is timeless. It’s not affected by the times. I would like to compose such songs. It’s an overwhelming serenade that will always warm our hearts. – They’re so cool. / – They are indeed. In 38th place, it’s “The Way to Me” by Sung Sikyung. He has sung many songs about confessing love. This is his debut song. He stays by his ex-lover’s side as he can’t move on. He plans to love her without holding back anything. How sweet. (What?) (He picks an unexpected song to sing in front of kids.) The song even speaks to the hearts of preschoolers. The song is irresistible. There’s a story behind why you gave him the song. I sent the sample of the song to several singers. Everyone rejected the song. Sikyung accepted the song at the end. Those singers wouldn’t have known it’d be a hit song. I think it’s because at that time, I sang the sample of the song. Sikyung, thank you for singing the song. (We’re glad an appropriate singer sang the song.) In 37th place, it’s “I Will Love You” by Zoo. The original song has a lyrical vocal tone. It was received well with Seo Yeongeun’s bubbly voice. (She reinterpreted the song.) With sincere lyrics that she’ll love him more than anyone, it became the most famous song for the ladies. I became a fan of Jisung after “Protect the Boss”. I hope he can remember me. Now you can’t do anything about that. (It’s about time to mention his love.) I solely like his image as a fan. I don’t meddle with his personal life. I don’t try to get involved in his personal life. (It’s an encounter between a fan and a star.) – Oh, my. / – She sings it with her love as a fan. (Continue your relationship as a fan and a star.) (More than anyone in this world) (I will love you) It’s a confession to a man who is already married. Yeongeun personally sang the song at her wedding. It became the legendary song to sing at weddings. (Yeongeun sang the song at her own wedding.) Isn’t that nice? In 36th place, it’s “Partner for Life” by SG Wannabe. He is sorry and grateful for his love always being by his side. They decide to become the light of each other’s life. Which song is the most special to you? “Partner for Life” is the most special song to me. (SG Wannabe tops the chart for nine weeks in a row.) Is it due to a heartfelt message that moved our hearts? It was greatly loved by listeners. (There’s one person we don’t want to lose.) (If I were to be born and love again) (I want you to be my partner for life) In 35th place, it’s “My Heart Is Beating” by K.will. His song depicts the heart pounding moment he confesses his love to the person in his heart. There were a few things that made the song famous. – There’s a song, “My Heart Is Beating”. / – Right. I made it a hit song. The song was a bit soft. I went on a variety show. He got famous for hitting high notes in three stages. I defeated him by singing high notes in seven stages. Hyunmoo, you can sing this, right? You bet. (He blurts out first.) ♪ Is it a dream that continues ♪ (Is this the second stage?) He’s at the third stage. (He keeps raising his pitch.) I wanted to hit him when he was at the fourth stage. The next cause is more appropriate, it’s the fancy footwork. Doesn’t that look fun? I wanted an upbeat song that was good for spring. I didn’t want to sing ballads – at that time. / – You were a ballad singer after all. I didn’t want to stay still during the upbeat song. He told me then I should dance. We had a long conversation about the dance. For the first time ever, I was at the top of a TV music show. His song garnered a lot of popularity. It would have been a shame if he didn’t dance. The song has cute footwork and sweet lyrics. The facial expressions of the audience… They look so happy to be able to listen to Song Changsik’s songs. In 34th place, it’s “The First Confession” by Song Changsik. It’s a song from Changsik who is a master of pop music. It depicts the pure feelings of the very first confession. This famous song stands the test of time. The reason behind him writing this song is quite unique. At that time, I lived in an apartment. The couple upstairs kept arguing all night long. I wondered how they would talk again after their heated argument. That’s why I wrote this song. That’s why the lyrics goes, “How can we talk?” (He turned his everyday life into music.) (It became a song for apologizing between a couple.) I can relate to this. ♪ On that green meadow ♪ ♪ I will build a picturesque house ♪ ♪ With the love of my life ♪ In 33rd place, it’s “With You” by Nam Jin. People in every age group sang this song. Everyone knows it’s the best song for confessing love. It’s his wish to spend all four seasons with her. (Video clip provided by MBC) (It’s the best song to brighten up the mood.) The rhythm and delightful lyrics please our ears. It’s a favorite songs to sing in at a karaoke place. Nam Gookin, the songwriter, contacted me. He told me to visit him since he had a great song for me. He contacted me five times, but I didn’t go. – He contacted you a lot. / – I was busy. I was busy working and playing. He got mad. He decided against giving the song to me. My agency president said he’d give me money if I went. So I went. – You need a skill for this. / – Deliver the emotions. ♪ A fancy skyscraper boasts ♪ ♪ A fancy skyscraper is doubtful ♪ Stop doubting. Be careful of the lyrics. I don’t think it’s his building. In 32nd place, it’s “I Love You” Shin Hyobum. (She, Korea’s Whitney Houston, is a powerful vocalist.) The Whitney Houston of Korea. It’s her greatest hit song. She confesses her love as she recalls her love. She expresses the sadness impressively. She is incredible at hitting the high notes. (What about the low pitched version of this?) What would the low-pitched version be like? (I love you) Forget it. Make sure you sing this with the high notes. She’s a great singer. How about this? The best confession is done with romantic gestures. Do this and she will… In 31st place, it’s “100 meters Before I Meet Her” by Lee Sangwoo. (It’s a lively song that was) (sung with his clear voice.) He takes a step forward to meet the girl he likes. He can’t hide his racing heart. He’s happy whenever he thinks about her. They’re cute. (It’s the day he will confess his love.) A word that he wants to tell his loved one. He can convey his feelings through a song. (Pure and innocent love) – They are very cute. / – How pretty. They’re so pretty. This song continues its reputation. This song encourages people to confess their love. (Jumping) (Today, I’m going to confess my love to her) (I’m going to be courageous) In spring, sweet melodies make us want to fall in love. Korea’s 100 Favorite Songs for Confessing Love will continue next week. – It was a great segment. / – Great work, Saengmin. A familiar and exciting song echoes through here. Kim Wansun will hold her first concert after 30 years. I came to visit her dance practice for the concert. Please follow me. A lot of people are dancing. Your voice has gotten better. She dominated the music scene in the 80s. She showed off her unparalleled sexiness. She proved herself to be the Madonna of Korea. (Kim Wansun, the dancing queen of the 80s) (She prepares for another passionate performance.) – Hello, Wansun. / – Hi. This song makes me dance. – Am I doing this right? / – Your moves are spot on. – Shake your head more. / – I see. (You have to thrust your head to the floor.) I heard this is your first concert in 30 years. I’m excited. – I want to make this a great concert. / – If so, did you prepare anything special for your concert? The entire concert is special. – I personally learned from her. / – Just like this. – One, two, / – You are good. three, four. Push them like this. That’s right. – You have a great body. / – I knew I’d be meeting you. – So I dressed up. / – I can’t take off my jacket now. You’re talking nonsense. (She’s having fun.) – You’re a good dancer. / – Seunghye. – I can dance on the stage with her, right? / – Great. (She has many hit songs.) She dominated the stage with her fierce presence. I was in middle school back then. She’s holding a concert 30 years since her debut. She’s waiting for the day her fans will join her. She’s preparing for the perfect performance. I hope a lot of people can have a great time with me. Come to my concert! I went to Asan since there will be a special show. Hello, viewers of “Section TV”… I apologize. – Viewers of Entertainment Weekly. / – Nice to see you. You know that I really enjoy your show at home, right? Have you been well? – Nice to see you. / – Let’s go, “Sorrow of the Clown”! We are joined by many entertainers. We donate to charities, we make you laugh, and sing. It’s a benefit concert. (Producers, writers, anchors,) (and comedians have joined in.) There hasn’t been any concert like this one so far. With exciting songs and heartwarming moments, this concert delivers a lot of laughter. “Sorrow of the Clown” is a new kind of benefit concert. All profits from the concert will be donated to children in need. I’m seeing many familiar faces. – This is “Sorrow of the Clown”. / – Come – and watch the concert! / – Watch the concert! (“Sorrow of the Clown” will hold a nationwide tour.) All right. This is all for today. We’ll be back next week with more news. – Dear viewers, be happy! / – Be happy!


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