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Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 -2017 KBS Drama Awards, G-Dragon, Lee Joon, etc [ENG/CHN/2018.01.08]

Viewers of Entertainment Weekly… (Hwang Jungmin) 2018, year of the dog. (Jung Woongin) In 2018, year of the dog… (Lee Byunghun) Have a happy new year in 2018. And stay healthy always. I hope this year has lot of happiness for you. (Uhm Junghwa) Stay healthy and hang in there. I hope lots of good things happen to you. Happy new year. (Jung Somin) Stay healthy in 2018 and have a happy new year. Thank you. (Patrick Wilson) Have a happy new year. (Liam Neeson) Happy new year. Happy new year. (Dongjun & Youngeun) Happy new year, everyone. Happy new year. (Son Hojun) Happy new year. I hope you all have a happy year. I hope 2018 kicks off to a great start. Happy new year. Happy new year. Happy new year, everyone. I hope “My Golden Life” gets popular in 2018. Happy new year. (Episode 1700) Hello, everyone. I’m Shin Hyunjun of Entertainment Weekly. It’s the year of the dog. Happy new year to the viewers. Make lots of money. This is the first Entertainment Weekly of the year. Let’s start it off with lively energy. Shin Hyunjun has great news. Did you know he’s having his second child? Congratulations. Thank you. Abraham had a song at 100. I’m having my second child at 50. I’ll be a great dad. Thank you to the Entertainment Weekly viewers, who always give me lots of energy. Thank you. We have a lot of news this week. The first is by Kim Taejin and Coco. (Coco) I will find you and I will kill you I met with Liam Neeson, global action star. The interview with Liam Neeson, who was so handsome and polite I didn’t believe he was 67, will start soon. First, we’ll have This Week’s Hot Clicks. We have lots of lovey-dovey news to start off 2018. G-Dragon’s dating news and actor Lee Joon and Jung Somin’s dating news. And saddening news about EXID Solji’s surgery. What happened this past week? Let’s click on This Week’s Hot Clicks. 2017 was a fruitful year for KBS dramas. This is where we wrap up the year. Spend the 2017 KBS Drama Awards with Entertainment Weekly! Kim Seunghye’s voice is nice. Entertainment Weekly will now bring you the unbroadcast red carpet event and the things the stars didn’t say from the 2017 Drama Awards on the last day of the year. (31 Dec, 2017, KBS Hall) Despite the biting, cold wind, the red carpet was heated up by reporters and fans alike. We started to see the stars one by one. Thank you for enjoying my dramas this year and I’ll work hard to do great ones next year too. Thank you. The actresses who acted for us all year on KBS were more dazzling than ever. They beautifully took their place on the red carpet. “My Golden Life” star Shin Haesun was there too. Many people are hoping for an award tonight. How do you feel? I’m not sure. The stars were so beautiful we couldn’t take our eyes off them. Their dress code for that night was the very definition of the phrase “bling bling.” While the actresses lit up the red carpet with their bodies, the actors’ faces completed their fashionable looks. They dressed up like gentlemen for the red carpet. He wore a tuxedo. Finally, the three hosts of the event arrived on the red carpet. Yuri and Min were nominated for awards. An award? Just being a host is an honor. I’d like an award, but I’m not getting my hopes up. I’ve already given up hope. How will things turn out? We met our stars backstage. I wanted to hear this from you when I met you in real life. “I’m not trying to pretty, I was born this way.” (Flustere) That’s now slang used country-wide. (Channeling Choi Aera) I’m not trying to be pretty, I was just born pretty. (Cringe) After Kim Jiwon, whose cuteness warmed us up all summer… Can you make a pose for us? This is Ahn Jaehong. Jaehong’s cool suit and cool pose. Then we met Park Sihoo. Who do you think will get nominated? I hope all the actors of “My Golden Life” do. (Including myself) Even you. And I’d be glad if I got one too. Can you tell us how you’d respond to an award? We know you prepared! I prepared, but… I prepared? (You caught me) In this happy atmosphere, the KBS Drama Awards began. We made a compilation of the speeches of these stars, who made us laugh and cry. Everyone says you have to get the KBS Drama Awards Best New Actor Award to be known as a great star. So everyone wants to win this award. Kim Sejeong, Ryu Hwayoung, congratulations. Kim Sejeong and Ryu Hwayoung got the Best New Actress Award. They were shocked, but you should check them out from now on. Thank you for letting me open this paper. Pardon me. She said she’d open the paper. Then she put down her trophy. And what she has in her hand is… A cheat sheet. She wrote so much on that crinkled piece of paper. It would have been bad if she didn’t get an award. She is so sincere. I love my family, who are watching right now. – Happy new year. / – Congratulations. It’s great how she didn’t want to leave anyone out. Then we had Ryu Hwayoung’s award speech. I don’t know if I deserve this. She said that, and let’s check out her interview one hour previously. I heard you want to win the Best New Actress Award. Yes, I do. I worked so hard for it. Please give me it. I’ll work hard. She was confident, and when she actually got it, she started bawling. Yuri, I love you. I won the award, Yuri. She bragged to her eldest sister in the drama. She said all she had to while bawling. She’s saying all she had to while bawling. Give her a hand. I’ll work hard for receiving this award. I’ll sacrifice everything for my acting. Thank you. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. After Ryu Hwayoung, Chang Nara won an excellence award for “Confession Couple.” What is she doing to the microphone? I’m so short. Sorry. – Excuse me, Nara… / – That’s automatic. You can’t do that here. I’m just so hasty. She held back her tears and gave her speech. Son Hojun really made me into a married woman… And Jang Giyong made me into a female college student. I’ll work hard and act hard. Thank you. Befitting the love they received from two men, After Chang Nara’s speech of thanks, there was the award that’s most talked about every year. The Best Couple Award. There was a male couple that made headlines. (My love Junho, come here) Their victory speech was hotter than any other. To Namkoong Min… Like a man… – The near year is here. / – Yes, it is. – Seriously, from the beginning? / – Heat things up. Junho hesitated, but in the end… I apologize in advance. What a great ceremony. We hope your bromance continues on. Congratulations. The highlight of the ceremony is the grand prize. The 2017 KBS Grand Prize… Drum roll… Kim Yeongcheol and Chon Hojin. Congratulations. Congratulations. The honor went to the two fathers of weekend dramas. You didn’t believe me then and even now that I admit it, why aren’t you punishing me? As if representing the fathers of our era, these two actors’ passion cuts deep in our hearts. Our drama still hasn’t finished, and I think I won’t be able to focus, so I won’t receive this. This award is for all the parents in the world. Honey, it took me 34 years to fulfill the promise I made when we were dating. Sorry it’s so late. Who knew he’d have such a romantic speech. How cool of him. He’s so cool. The stars of TV all gathered here on this day and we congratulate all of them. The father told us something on behalf of the winners. All the families in Korea will be happy and have great things happen to them. Thank you. Happy new year. We hope all the stars here keep lighting up our TV screens. – They’re good at dating. / – Really? I’m sure they all do. (Source: SBS) Even if they have no time, they’ll do it. They’re all doing it well themselves. Let’s check out the lovey-dovey romance stories of stars for the new year. The first new couple of the year is G-DRAGON and actress Lee Juyeon, who got her start in After School. According to an exclusive by a media outlet, they had secret dates at each others’ homes and recently had a 4-day vacation at G-DRAGON’s vacation home on Jeju-do. The dating rumors began last year when photos and videos of them together were leaked from their personal social media accounts. They denied the rumors, saying they were friends. (Source: SBS) Even if I date someone, I try to do it in secret. Because the person I’m dating will take a lot more hate than me. Again, they both refuse to answer. (Source: MBC) Unlike their ambiguous relationship, these two have revealed they’re dating. It’s… It’s come true. Lee Joon and Jung Somin. When they visited the set of our show in August, they were like an old married couple. Hurry and do it. Hurry and do it. They revealed they started dating when Lee Joon joined the army in October last year and have been dating for 3 months. They were caught on a date when Lee Joon was on leave. They look so good together. And there’s an idol couple1 FT Island’s Choi Minhwan and ex-LABOUM member Yulhee. They revealed they were dating in September and that they fell in love while working together as colleagues. On January 4, Choi Minhwan revealed they will marry, telling his fans how he felt through social media. Congratulations on your marriage. (Source: MBC) We hope all the stars who ushered in the new year with dating news live happily ever after! Be happy. Next is sad news about girl group member Solji. In 2016 she was diagnosed with a fever, protruding eyes as well as thyroid disease, so she halted activities. Fans hoped her condition would improve and were only able to see 4 members perform. Then her condition improved a bit and she was in their mini-album released in November. She recorded it and did the jacket photoshoot, showing her firm intention to promote. I think I’ll be able to do it. I can do our “DDD” promotions with the group. Solji revealed on Thursday that she would soon undergo surgery, shocking fans. (Solji’s agecny) Her thyroid levels got worse and because of the edema and inflammation, she had surgery on January 8. After her thyroid levels normalize after the surgery, she’s planning to resume promotions. We hope she gets well soon and quickly returns to performing. Hello, Entertainment Weekly fans. I’m reporter Coco. Where am I now? That’s right! In New York! Look at all the people. The reason Entertainment Weekly is here is… To meet the guy in this train. The greatest action star Liam Neeson is back. You’re our eternal action hero. We’re with Liam Neeson, star of “The Commuter.” Hello. Hello, everybody. I miss South Korea. I miss you all very, very much. I was waiting for this moment. Seriously I’m a huge fan and so are my friends, family and everyone in Korea. Thank you. What kind of movie is “The Commuter”? Hype for “The Commuter” is high with him as the lead. An ex-cop, Michael, who rode the train to work everyday gets swept up in a terror attack on the train while doing someone a favor. He only has 30 minutes to stop this terrible train terror. I was drawn to it since I thought it was a good script. It was a chance to work with Jaume Collet-Serra, the director. This is our fourth time working together. We asked these two guys who do action well together to rank the other. How many points out of 100 does Liam get as – an actor? / – 100. He actually said 95. We work very well together. We need a number. 95 percent? (He made me work so hard -5 points) There’s a reason he gave him 100 out of 100. Is it because of Liam’s rigorous action scenes? So the setting was inside a train but it was all a set. Get into the routine of going to the studio every day. I’m working on this one set which was just one carriage. With a $60 million budget, they perfectly recreated a New York subway train and filmed realistic action sequences in it. In Korea, only the most famous and most popular stars get a Korean name. And they actually gave you “Liam Sun.” Do you like that? I love it. Liam Neeson, come find your ID that has the special name your fans gave you. I actually prepared something for you. It’s a hat with “Liam Sun” on it. What does “Liam Sun” mean? Good-smelling shield. Thank you so much. Entertainment Weekly is actually one of the OG programs in Korea. It’s the longest one yet. Did he notice? Liam Neeson can’t avoid this. Tell me what it is. “Saranghaeyo.” Saranghaeyo. “Entertainment Weekly.” (This is harder than action acting) I love you? You said it so sexy. Saranghaeyo. It’s gone. Saranghaeyo, Entertainment Weekly. I wish I could wish you a happy new year in Korean. I was very bad at languages. Please forgive me. From the bottom of my heart to all of you, a happy, joyous, healthy new year. “The Commuter” is great! Liam Neeson is great too! See you next time! Liam Neeson loves Entertainment Weekly and we love you too, Liam. If the movie does well, please come visit our studio. Please be a hit! The next story is by Kim Seunghye and Kim Taejin. The first Guerrilla Date of 2018. The star today is Uhm Junghwa, our diva forever. She’s still energetic, beautiful, and lovely as ever. We’ll have Guerrilla Date with her soon. ♪ From my head to my toes, more lovely ♪ Come on! We met Kim Jongkook, who excels in variety shows and singing. Unlike his brawny muscles, he had a different charm to him and I discovered all of it! Let’s check it out. Your voice is amazing. ♪ One man ♪ Unbefitting his heavyset appearance, he has a sweet voice. He’s the star of this interview. An interview with the intense manly man Kim Jongkook stars now! This is a set in Namyang-ju where they’re filming. Ready… Action! Kim Jongkook here… Is he filming a commercial for suits? I’ll dig into it and get the scoop on what’s going on. ♪ One man ♪ Hello. He’s surprised. – Long time no see. / – Yes, long time no see. What are you doing here? For the first time, I’m doing a makeup ad. Really? Are you laughing? – Are you threatening me? / – No, no. It’s a makeup commercial, but I don’t know if what we filmed is for makeup. I saw it a bit earlier. Kim Jongkook properly does the powerful makeup ad. Let’s see what skills he has. (Hahaha) – You just keep smiling. / – He’s a commercial model. Congratulations. Thank you. I thought you’d do ads for exercise machines or health supplements, but the ad company made a great decision. I acted pretty while filming. How did you act pretty? – How? / – Yes. Tapping my skin. (Cringe explosion) Men usually put makeup on by rubbing it all over like this. My image is like that on variety shows, but I’ll be honest. I’m not rough when it comes to putting on makeup. When I put on eye cream, I use this finger. – Really? / – That’s hard. Isn’t it too firm? This finger is stronger than other people’s thumbs. – I’m very timid. / – I see. You’re known as being talented in the music world. Not at all. (I’m talented in muscles) You expected this, didn’t you? I hear it a lot. I’ll turn it. What is your arm circumference? Arm circumference? We have to see what’s normal. Director, come here. He wore thick clothes. I’ll measure it like this. It’s loose. – You have to squeeze. / – Did you squeeze? How big will yours be? I think the suit will rip. I can’t wrap my hands around at all. Unhideable, rough muscles. He accepts his muscles are his talent. I didn’t work out my arms for 5-6 years. That seems like a lie, so I prepared this. If you were like this… People who work out a lot misunderstand, but your muscles swell when working out. It wasn’t like this in normal day to day life. Your next skill. High voice. My voice is a bit husky, but since I’m a woman… – There are female keys. / – I can go that high. Let’s start. Do. Re. Mi. – Do is wrong. / – Fa. Ti. Do. Re. Re. (Not feeling good about this) Mi. Fa. So. La. La. (From a battle to Kim Jongkook’s tone-deaf clinic) Ti. Do. Do. Do. That’s funny. I must be tone deaf. Is this a tone deaf battle? She is. That’s the end of Kim Jongkook’s tone deaf clinic. After the interview, many similar articles – were released. / – I know. They asked if you really have a girlfriend in the US. I don’t know if I can say this on public TV, he’s a bit crazy. He just suddenly asked if they knew why I and my mom went to America. He said I have a family there. He even said I have kids. Since he’s so close to me and said that… – People started listening. / – Exactly. It’s not true. I need to sue him once things quiet down. We hope your friendship never changes. If you date, would you date openly or in secret? I think dating secretly would be best. If we decide to get married, then I’d reveal it and show how happy we are. That’s how I’ve always thought. I say I have no girlfriend even when I do. And I say I don’t when I don’t. So you’re saying you have one but you said you don’t. – Nobody knows that but… / – She’s in America. Not America. Not in America, but she could be in Korea. That’s not true. I’ll work hard and bring you good news soon. You’ll tell Entertainment Weekly first, right? Entertainment Weekly always gets news fast. We’ll look forward to good news. Be healthy and happy new year. We look forward to your future activities. Bye! They’re in “Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow.” The interview with Kim Myungmin, Oh Dalsu and Kim Jiwon starts now! Hello, nice to meet you. – Happy new year. / – Happy new year. What’s the movie about? Who should I ask? A series of murders occurs in Kanghwa. And their blood has been sucked. Kim Myungmin and Oh Dalsu are a combo you can count on. The third in the series, “Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow” is about detectives who are chasing a mysterious bloodsucker. What’s different about the third movie? It has Kim Jiwon. I was wondering why nobody was saying that. That’s the most unique thing. A word, please. I don’t know how to react. I’m a fan of her too… So I was thankful to the director. I told him he did a great job casting. – Thank you. / – Is that good? They’re so warm to each other. So Jiwon is the biggest difference with the first two. After Han Jimin in the 1st and Lee Yeonhee in the 2nd, you’ve joined the lineup of beautiful female leads. How did you feel when you got the offer? Amazing. I had seen the first two and really enjoyed them. And I was a fan of Kim Min and Seopil, so I was really looking forward to shooting with them. It’s been a long time since you two acted together. We’re looking forward to their well-known chemistry. Who did you like better, Kim Jiwon or Oh Dalsu? Jiwon. Dalsu is staring at you. Are you angry? He’s always by my side. (Just don’t say anything…) They’ll make him drift away with CGI now. Keep that up. We’re rooting you two on. We specially prepared this. The movie is known as the Korean Sherlock Holmes. That’s why we prepared this. The related search terms of the actors. What will Kim Myungmin’s related search term be? Dalsu. “Detective K 1.” (Wrong) “Detective K” isn’t there? Me. “God Myungmin.” Will God Myungmin be a related search term? I’m nervous. Will it? This is the first time I’ve hit it. There’s no need to hit that hard. I think I heard “what the…” when you hit it. Why can you not hit it right? Yi Sun-sin. Kim Jiwon. “The Immortal Yi Sun-sin.” Correct. The drama that gave Kim Myungmin the title of a legendary actor. We can’t leave it out of his acting career. – Oh Dalsu is there too. / – Yes. “Oh Dalsu” is next to “Kim Myungmin’s wife.” So it is. They won’t think you’re my wife, will they? Second is Oh Dalsu. Start. “Bad Guy.” “My Boyfriend Is Type B.” – You have to yell it. / – Yeah. I’m a bit impatient. Rice wine. Dalsu rice wine. Oh Dalsu probiotic. Oh Dalsu motorbike. Oh Dalsu ribs. (God Myungmin is just saying whatever comes to mind) Guess one. What could it be? The 10-million fairy. There’s “Oh Dalsu’s face.” They say he looks like you. Oh, Oh Gwangrok. They’re famous for looking alike. Oh Gwangrok asked me once. “Dalsu. Why do people get us mixed up?” Was that an impression? Is that why you got rid of that mole? Didn’t he have one? Let’s check. The mole that confused people is gone now. Now they won’t get mistaken for each other. Now we have Kim Jiwon. The first term is “2017 KBS Drama Awards.” – Congratulations. / – Thank you. She got 3 awards for “Fight My Way.” It was a lucky year for me. I’m starting off 2018 in this movie with them, so I hope this will be a great year as well. I see. Please give a final new year greeting. We’ll find you in the new year. Kick off your year in a delightful and fun way with “Detective K.” Happy new year. We can’t wait for the movie since they’re in it. We’ll root for it. Hope the movie is a hit! The star of 2018’s first Guerrilla Date is the most beautiful flower in the world! Uhm Junghwa! We loved her back then. She shined brightest onstage and is the eternal sexy queen of the music world. She’s finally returned to us. (When you hear back “I love you”) – I love you. / – Thank you. These are called stock flowers. They represent everlasting beauty. Thank you. How long has it been since you got flowers from a man? (Rage) It’s getting fierce right at the start. You have to yell out “Let’s go” right now. Do you want to do it cutely or in a sexy way? – Cutely. / – Cutely, okay. Let’s go on a Guerrilla Date with Uhm Junghwa! Look forward to Uhm Junghwa’s Guerrilla Date! How do you feel promoting on the streets of Hongdae? I feel great. I haven’t been here in so long. Do you feel the youth? Yes, they’re all so young. Uhm Junghwa! Uhm Junghwa! The screams from around us are cheers for your new album. This album took 8 years. So I’m deeply touched and happy every moment. I see. Some people here are younger than your last album. Nobody doesn’t know who you are. I do movies and dramas and have stayed working all this time. – What? / – Beautiful! – How beautiful? / – Beautiful! Among female Korean celebrities, how beautiful is she? Number 1! The prettiest. – Don’t ever change. / – Seriously. Who’s #2? Gianna Jun. You beat Gianna Jun! Uhm Junghwa beat Gianna Jun! We at Entertainment Weekly love both of them. I’ll introduce her once again. The living legend! – Legend? Come on! / – Uhm Junghwa! (Wow!) Now we’ll… Oh, you got a stuffed animal. – It was a gift. / – From who? Where did he go? It was him. Come here. Did you feel you had to give her a gift? – Yes. / – Why? Because she’s prettier than a doll. (The prettiest woman in the world, Uhm Junghwa) That’s amazing. What’s your favorite song of hers? – “Disco.” / – “Disco.” Cue the music! Are they really turning on the music? The stuffed animal guy is starting a disco dance. He seems sickly. What a feeble disco dance. I’ve never seen such a timid disco dance. You can get fan service from Junghwa. Do you want to shake her hand or hug her? – Or a back hug? / – A hug. A hug? I can’t hear you! A hug! Rough or gentle? Rough! (I’ll hug you) He got a hug warm enough to forget the cold, and then… I’m Park Seunguk and I’m 19 years old. 19? He’s a senior in high school. – I took the SAT. / – You did? This year? Do you think you can go to the school you want? Well, I tried my best. – You’re not sure yet. / – Right. Whatever! Hit the music! He’s doing good. He needs to do the headphone dance. (I don’t know, there’s no knowing) I start dancing automatically when I hear music. (All the exam takers have worked hard) Good. Do you remember the first time you saw her? I saw “Dancing Queen.” 5-6 years ago? I was so touched. You were touched. “I wasn’t born to look after you.” That line. She’s active as an actress and a singer. What song of hers do you like? – “Ending Credit.” / – Play “Ending Credit”! Your voice… This is Uhm Junghwa’s new song. The fan is dancing to it including the main dance move. She’s a true fan. – Was that right? / – Incredible. What do you want Uhm Junghwa to hear a lot as she promotes? That her refined sexiness is the best. I wish you’d be a bit more refined. – Is it warm? / – Yes! Okay, please give her a hug! I love you! It was so cold that day. It was nice to see them give each other a hug. We moved locations to have a deeper conversation. Your fans felt great and it seems you enjoyed it as well. That’s a relief. It was great to see them up close after so long. Junghwa came out with the retro track “Ending Credit.” She’s been making headlines for the album, song, performance, and the music video. “Ending Credit” made headlines and hit #1 on the real-time search charts, I was so happy they enjoyed it and it kept going up. So you were very happy. I was like, “Still #1!” You might not know how to appreciate that when you first debut and are in your 20s. Yes, when I was in my prime, whenever – I released an album… / – You were #1. It was easy to top the charts. But now it’s very hard. But in the old days… Here are the top 7 hit songs chosen by 26-year veteran Uhm Junghwa herself. We’ll start with #7. “Ending Credit.” Your most recent song. I felt and thought about a lot, including the time that has passed and the people I loved who flitted by. This song has to be in the top 7. Yes, it’s the song that speaks of my life. – I love the lyrics. / – I see. “I Don’t Know.” This was very popular when it came out. This is my most well-known song. Everyone in Korea knows it. They all cup their hands here. Let’s check out #4. “A Love Only Heaven Permits.” Why did you choose this as #4? I picked them from my albums. That means we can predict the other ones. Then #3 is definitely “Festival.” Then isn’t #2 “Rose of Betrayal”? Oh, “Poison.” Then #1 is definitely “Pupil.” The most recent and oldest songs. This one is so old. That was back in the time of President Kim Yeongsam. The president would have reversed the ranking. Was I being too much of a clown? We took a break since she burst out laughing. It brought me happiness to give people good energy and fun. You smiled while singing it back then, right? – Sometimes I get choked up. / – Why? I’m singing, and then… People are watching happily, and it’s kind of touching. And I get comfort from that. You cry when patriotic songs are played – on TV, right? / – Yes. You’re so full of emotions. (Patriotic songs bring tears to her eyes) “Poison” caused short hair fever. “Poison” was about paring down. My makeup was neater. It had a good effect on students since they would cut their hair themselves. Which the schools liked. So moms liked it a lot. I got compliments for that. – What is it about? / – That one? About being betrayed. Getting betrayed with a nice bob cut. ♪ Don’t give anyone this pain again ♪ That’s fun. What song made you the most money? That starts here. – Here to here. / – Then and then. After that, my albums didn’t earn much. Please say goodbye and happy new year. Stay strong in the new year and be healthy. Happy new year. Thank you. She returned to our side after so long. We really enjoyed our interview with Uhm Junghwa. We’ll be rooting for your continued success. It’s 2018, and I hope your year is full of good things. Happy new year. (Park Seojun) Be healthy and have a happy year. (Lee Taehwan) Happy new year. (Seo Eunsu) Have a golden year, be healthy, and take good care of your body and soul in 2018. (Ryeowon) I hope only good things happen in 2018. (Ko Kyungpyo) Be healthy and happy all year. Happy new year. Be healthy. Happy new year and be happy. I hope you have a good year. Happy new year. Happy new year. (Im Suhyang) I hope 2018 is full of great things. Happy new year. I hope your dreams come true. Happy new year. Seeing Uhm Junghwa passionately dance on stage is so very wonderful. Continue to be our everlasting diva. The next story is by Kim Saengmin and Yoon Jiyeon. We interviewed Woo Dohwan, who won Best New Actor at the 2017 KBS Drama Awards. His serious approach to acting was impressive. He’s got a clean-cut charm and will shine in 2018. We’ll check out his interview soon. First, we have Veteran. The star today is an original teen idol. He’s the well-loved Choi Jaeseong. We’ll see his acting philosophy of 34 years and have a lesson on his heartfelt stories. It starts now. You’ve gotten more handsome, Kim Saengmin. 22 years as a reporter. A dinosaur of the reporting world. Long time no see, Joo E. I’m 20 years old now! Please make me a full-time employee to commemorate it! Full to the time, full to the time. Yeah! Who’s under investigation today? Full to the time! Good job. He was an idol of youth in the 90s and dominated TV screens. His untamed manliness assaulted women’s hearts. (Source: MBC) By his barbed-wire fence kiss scene, catching snakes alive, and enthusiasm to risk injury, after taking the drama world by storm, he’s still hard at work at middle-age. We need to investigate his hidden charms. Let’s do it together. We start now. Please sign here, sir. You look young. Are you a fan of mine? No, but my mom was when she was in high school. She told me to make sure to get your autograph. Your mother? Not you? You got my hopes up. We must investigate! Tell us what you found ou! Yes, sir. Name, Choi Jaeseong. Occupation, actor, 55 years old this year. Is that correct? Is that correct? I’m 54 counting from my birthdate. This is an honor. I’m wearing silver bracelets right as the year begins. You’re spectacular. I remember the boxing scene from elementary school. You’re wearing such a thick jacket today. Since I’m old now. I have to stop the chill from getting to my bones. Hurry and tell him what you prepared. The result of my investigation is… We got a tipoff that you originally had no intention of pursuing acting. Does that make sense? Is that true? That can’t be true. It’s because I couldn’t act. This is the first time someone has refuted the claim. How are we going to make a living? It’s not that I wasn’t meaning to act. I felt my limits. I started by following a friend to Gangnam, and by luck started my life as an actor. But before, I entered the broadcast and entertainment department and tried my hand at acting. I wasn’t a model student and I couldn’t hone my acting skills. Didn’t you say previously you wanted to be a boxer? I did sports in high school to become an athlete and joined the team at my gym. Boxing was very popular then, so I thought of doing matches at the beginning of my acting career. Your first role was “Diary of a College Student.” You played the role of Song Changmin in his place. He started the drama the previous year. When I came in, he transferred schools and I replaced him. That’s how we switched out. I felt it was an opportunity and took my shirt off, then punched as hard as I could. And punched harder. Your tough charisma came out in that role. I heard the director gave you a special request. I couldn’t do the lines. Now you can finally talk about it. I asked him to cut down my lines. Usually stars ask for more lines. I said I didn’t need any lines. Since you just punched. Then you had your big break. ♪ If I make you happy ♪ Jeong SuRa’s song. (1986 movie “Lee Chang-ho’s Baseball Team”) The movie is engraved in the public consciousness. I’ll do anything that makes you happy. I was so lucky. So after I filmed that, I underwent trial and error and tough situations. I felt I was at my limit and I spent a lot of time with great actors and learned a lot. At the Grand Bell Awards, you won – Best New Actor. / – Yes, I did. This next one can’t be left out. Then you did “Tree Blooming with Love.” That was incredible. It was Choi Sujong, right? – Yes. / – And Lee Miyeon. – Yes. / – And Son Changmin. It got so much attention at restaurants. They took off our shoes for us one time and we ran out barefoot, but they grabbed us by the hair. That happened one time. Then a huge production flowed towards us. “Eyes of Dawn.” (Source: MBC) That’s the first time I loved music without lyrics. Is that the theme music? Please hum it. ♪ Da da da ♪ ♪ Da da da da da da da da da da ♪ Is that right? It’s goes like that, doesn’t it? It should go like this… That movie had a different meaning. I’ve acted for 34 years, and I think it’s my best work. “Eyes of Dawn” is my best work. But in Korea, there’s a limit to how much we can dramatize modern history. That was the first movie that broke through a lot of that. We found an interesting article while investigating. It’s from a long time ago. In “Sandglass,” you got an offer to play Choi Minsu, but I’m not sure if this reason is correct. You declined saying “Eyes of Dawn” was too hard on you. Is that true? It’s not? So this article is wrong? I had no choice. I had to divide my schedule, but there was no way to make it work. So the article is right in that you got the offer. – Yes, I got the offer. / – I see. Everyone gets offers. It means you’re a strong candidate. You don’t have to worry about that. Doesn’t everyone get offers? If you work hard, you get them. Oh really. You said something meaningful in 2016. You got the an Excellence Award and in your speech… It was a morning TV drama. You said this. “I’m thankful I was able to work in the recession.” Why did you suddenly say something so humble? Because sometimes I joke around. And isn’t it true? I’m thankful I can work. You should be thankful for working. There are precious memories and fun things, and tough times with lots of disharmony and discord. But you have to overcome that. You must overcome and stay in until the end. That’s all there is to it. If you have that state of mind, I think anything is possible. Choi Jaeseong changed from a youth star of the 80s to a middle-aged actor before our very eyes. (Source: SBS) Believing there are only small roles, no small actors, he did his best in every role. Please support the finale of “Dal Soon’s Spring” in 2018 and I’ll do my best and work hard to bring enjoyment to the viewers. Happy new year. Thank you. He’s so amazing. From the greatest youth star to the most sincere actor. You’ve moved us all so deeply. That’s all for the interview today. Thank you so much and I’ll do my best to achieve that. Those are good words, indeed. – Investigation complete! / – Complete! Oh, great! Thank you for the interview! He’s so amazing. (A monster rookie with veteran acting skill) Woo Dohwan, congratulations! I’ll do my best to be a relatable actor. (Source: Movie Master) He won the Best New Actor at the 2017 KBS Drama Awards. We had an interview with the monster rookie actor, Woo Dohwan. It starts now! You’ve become a star who’ll shine in 2018. Please tell the viewers how you feel. Hello, I’m actor Woo Dohwan. There are so many better and more amazing actors, so thank you for naming a word after me. A rewritten resume… This is my first resume. – You’ve never… / – Never written one. I see. Name, Woo Dohwan. Birthday, July 12, 1992. Height, 180cm. Charm, voice and eyes. I’m most embarrassed about this, as I’m not sure what to write. But here, there’s no pressure. Thank you. I’m kind of blushing. “Mad dog Kim Minjun.” It’d be sad to only talk about you and not Kim Minjun. True. Woo Dohwan vaulted into stardom with the movie “Mad Dog” playing the role of con man Kim Minjun. He was loved by viewers. How in sync are you with Kim Minjun? About 35%. Not that much, huh? I like honesty. So is this interview fun or boring? 1, 2, 3. (Flustered) It’s getting more fun. It’s getting more fun. Since we’re only at the start. This is my first time being interviewed like this on broadcast TV. So forgive me if I’m a bit incoherent. What was most difficult while acting? Speaking German. You did more than expected. I was shocked I did that much too. For the Entertainment Weekly viewers watching, please say something in German. (I’m sorry) What? Is that it? That’s all I remember. Then let’s check the next hashtag. This is the second hashtag. Hashtag “Master That Guy.” – “That Guy”? / – Yes. So what does it mean? On the internet, the Korean bodyguard in the movie “Master.” The one who killed Ms. Kim. “When he shot Ms. Kim, he shot me in the heart too.” “What is his name?” I shot her. My name is Woo Dohwan. You were nominated for Best New Actor at the Baeksang Arts Awards. I thought that was a lie. I’m just thankful and amazed people there recognized me. The third hashtag is “LAN Boyfriend.” That’s the one I’m most embarrassed about. The evidence of that is… – Oh my god… / – How can you? A lot of people ask me why I don’t post a lot, so I uploaded one of the many photos I took. Look at that camera and pose as if for a selfie. Update one more time. Girls, did you all save that in your hearts? “Man who lives alone.” What is this? I moved out not long ago. – What is your favorite food? / – Fried eggs. I eat about four for a meal. I want to eat more, but I feel like that’s being extravagant. 4 is my plan, but not when I’m running out. Entertainment Weekly has a Cook & Talk segment where we converse while cooking. Wouldn’t it end quickly if I made fried eggs? Then we’ll discuss a different segment and contact you. What hashtag do you want to hear in 2018? The relatable actor Woo Dohwan. My friend Woo Dohwan. “My friend Woo Dohwan.” A friendly vibe. What are you set on doing in 2018? In 2018, I will definitely not change my standard of happiness. I’m happiest when I see the faces of my parents watching my work. I hope that standard doesn’t change. I want to ask one thing. Was the interview today fun? 1, 2, 3! Yes, it was so fun. I’m smiling from ear to ear. Thank you. I’ll be back with better projects in 2018. Happy new year. We’ll look forward to Woo Dohwan in 2018 as well. That’s all the news we have for today. KBS is starting a new variety program. “Happy Sunday” is starting up again. I’m happy. Have a fun weekend with KBS weekend programs. We’ll be back next week. Everyone, be happy! (“Ending Credit” by Uhm Junghwa) (“BBoom BBoom” by MOMOLAND)


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