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okay I hear me okay I hear me that’s how
it that be friend set up tonight – I would that’s not that be princess
tonight what 100 mr. Garza devasya Chinese speech good night everybody
sorry big up yourself Yannick George or NASA – boss their hotel good night
this is a fungus move forward all right Jeremy McCauley in tonight tonight’s MSA foil and walking people know beer with me I said topic
and I knew I first met deal with it so so maybe I’ll get used to it me from try
final like all all the Sun granting a see me when I hear me the freezer well good night everybody
from the chamomile tea scene machan Colleen tonight that’s why that’s
a reason why imma try to use I said okay I’m wanna see Phillip young Colleen
tonight oh I’m Colleen the number is charity I am Akira attest scholar you
could order please nobody know when I seen the action in IH
I even like number somebody call a number from a please let me see record the nature somebody called a number for me well in
the meantime move up everybody up they all right yes sir massa where everybody
have a good Saturday afternoon today young Oh see is this really our understand
unless them worse can call the number but just want
s to see oh it work because right now I’m a do you know why I can little Delia
funny back when man watch it from a forth topic for the next year we had a lucky
story hello okay good good good okay so that color they work a little while
ago but I actually accept armed expect a what’s up car still but I did try would
it go to voicemail understand um you don’t do this story you know well she’ll give me a topic if
you’re not the doctor store I give you something else at that ballgame
Oh peanut jump city what about deal with no the so watch it
Chuck you – Chuck – I seen what your mind chopped city Oh luckily people do
remember the for lining is open in the tank are regular if you’re in the
state’s got a number I want me just put nature I will not be on call from what’s
up scene and tonight I mean there are really about specific topic because I
miss them it is not want s out the setup si o si si hello sorry turned on way our car punch on the
please we are miss appointees okay bigger pesos a one come on Thank You
Carly he has an time to tricky all right so here’s a shade of Stalin Chucky
Nehemiah say yes don’t know here’s a daughter they set up shop
oh no they’re gonna like it still SMS a the North America under this valley
where I work right now you know Teddy Lou chop City was their home in a big
out there Vasudev bar same soon forward in now
much unskilled life semester Mira knew too that he has a top city and
I was here on YouTube fire yeah I read my nose alright but what
about the done Mafia team Asuma a sedan mafia beam went in you see the video
different week the Dan must be our interview with a shanty 360 let me see
that we’ll see the bad mafia interview with
Ashanti 360 I must have been in my naughty romantic
Mansingh get a check beanie man Amina Mandwa I sang with food and data I will
quit and get him a check for $50,000 and be naughty my scent o type whenever a
church and big of herself know or Sheerness idiot Tom hit the pan Eden
Amma community section if they wanna see that’s going I’m a community tab listen
Joe Jesse but you know see the world tinder but in a junk yeah the money make
sure said this time in the junk yes MSA Caliban a body st. junk you know
I see a man interview lavalava a semi and a burn above our Dan same John so
this time a man say a water in my dream so in a John Kissimmee
but a long time you know mere nothing may not because you up known the post
and Murphy up above th and Mississippi PO comment and I said why Raymond
everybody knew our at first there was no posted middle put up I’m Jamaican
artists are so Mary link me good night Angie in big up yourself welcome to sure
it’s a Marisa so in time opposed him somebody AR say he’s a gringo se me hace
but made no a green go round from Columbia wish Anwar and MT Nick see me Terry in Acevedo Oh as a matter for kid
you need to review Pawnee as Amitabha O’Meara access a wanna feel on the field
border situation a people know can call in 2000 or now say no oh and CH done
queen of attraction and Gina big up everyone ed and jeans a good night
everyone I think there’s a little delay upon it
that’s why I may have here a weird phone attached up to the comment the first
time I actually led comment them it feel good to Sona nor because I self will
step in a building no yes here unsere city’s Fulham on you know just near
power level and it is our life it seemed as have to change a setting people do
remember the phone line is open scene done on my own okay uncle Oh No all right Nia with Terry Morris a
moron tuna salad open mph no watch the review some Onaga to to sinatun Boehm
say but approximate tax still because the those two interviewed emma by seaman
and about minimun the semester and alleged the alleged the man
allegedly used to power bean – Amitabha Kim do set up a semester in Safari
b-daman fear liquor beer so in a check out the review Panchali pH I’m here
watch arias a team opinion are so yeah la de interés argument the attack destination Avila between like machines
Ilhabela by night streets but the Dan mafia seems their actual membrane can
make it look like choc syllable of a nice treat
don’t forget that the second interview still Agassi says are structured
interview yeah the first one a sunrise or party sleek when lava lava apologize
on a date fantasy of tangent Busan rise of one takes controversy I’ll tell you
what when watching the interview with Dan Murphy are still another my feel it
we finna Mike’s gonna feel like in my life still SMSs but it’s just some I
think then this hard feel like just just just bring to it like a really really
common panopticon over you get a chance for
watch everything in the interview I mean what you first quarter interview on it
it just interested in you can offer things
more than me when my table or the stage women win corn x-ray on set on style in
the wind continually so luckily not you to me are win-win-win in German style
Iman Iman say or I biggest editing getting a life I ever take this off for
one question is with a wino why well when we can say y know um when Dan
mafia part because he’s not bad mafia what a weird Minami wallet artist chatty
but more than two people in know if you know it’s a very long video on YouTube
all you gotta do is Chianti speed settings if you are watch like a
two-hour video it has change the speed set in 21.5 you still owe you a demo say
to be a little bit speedo but now we add a you can watch a very long video in a
shipment that time so through this of you who don’t know I’m sure there’s
people who already interview when it shake it for worries
alright not check no Amitabh or the 50,000 I check way I mentioned this is
what him saying him start talking about MX pulpo’s and come to Jamaica
seen the rust level quote on funa don’t we attack bored you say them go Miami
right and I’m human being in my name I run now on limo an MC whole Kwok and I
walk across the street and my big benefit stop I’m being it enough stuff
you see me so night night in Beck’s Iman Sembach swirl da time – MC in Simoni
assuming animus area told Hogan for a long time say – a night night know them
Gowanus to do the stud sad studios in you know Scott start right we’ll make 50
cent candy shop annual Iranian us yeah I’m saying yeah Scott such studio in my
beanie man beanie advice a tune and in the cr1 load vice in our next room you
see me I want him go buddy uh-uh-uh-uh whole
quad I know about it instead mi have a meat man in just stand up I do her and
say nah movie assuming I say happy Charter Oak
so anyway em say what mean eating don’t let me just walk up to the man and start
talk like him see me put on if you buy say impersonating and the man laughs
everybody a laugh after a taunting so him get the stock canvas here good man
the – a indeed a feeding data album you see me Mattel him say my jamia can I
reread send me the freedom that album no – a European my nephew put my album a
demon I biggest thing in a Jamaica assuming biggest thing dance Oliver see
any man Sabina – a in 110 grand you seem as any man I tell been in your being you
know but I would not 10 grand a hole not take no money assuming and you say him
lb nobody sang like always and then I’m being in tell Vinny or Vicey – nothing
it’s soon clear man 7b need only to embarrass anyone 20 grand is the me
anyone say must watch it back no mercy no money man I all that mostly we are
thing as he me man said the next morning in get a Carla Samia same even fully
dark I will timing call all poker and Callie mint Agricole book and I am
seriously when we only run call him the next morning and
scolding them zine and Munsell quaggan BB me a check for 50 grand dad you – a
you see a 21 anyone and he end up get 50 you – a when engi beanie checking my
settings of general ma say yo I bet you know knowing say after additionally
beanie that time I said this away – anomalous and gangaiah veña veña veña
care anytime yeah meaning 10 dab in the middle and
lucky – two – eatin English right soon all right the Muncie Indiana went
similar to Indiana Jones anti-mullerian and then another is me so yeah we’re now
checks on my comment I’m gonna want the people if we left those you know
everybody involved okay chops appears of resuming people
shared alive respect assume as a queen of Attraction assess what so there’s no
written agreement who wants to work for free
well Queen effort you answer that for my arm answer nobody watch everybody from cherry Ponty
your channel star makeup big dirty strike so life life King may or may not
deal with it avocado today kind be resume until well Lina court right no
right no – no no no we’re fine start along yet you fear verdict right oh yes
MA through I know me now quote medium me hope
everything all right all right that is actually I mean you know where I get
enough strike but I mean compared to a copyright strike that’s always easy of
EMR all right mercury to Colleen see number images definite chat rooms I have
somebody else wanna Colleen Samaras a yeah my comment 100 it’s on you be ready
that you have an eye for showing in a long while miss you got 101 million
views in our Andy would you even move 1 million sorry number one trending in R&D
okay okay me as the 1 million oh and yeah at you so yes yeah man watch anymore a bigger
person finna pharmacy man say I respect my watching everybody think of furniture
human say the shower yeah people if one line welcome see nobody in a chatroom
yet zebra he had 72 yet seven nine nine five please feel free to give that’s all
idea call whenever you need and I mean we got put itself prop champion up top
we go Samara say when they I will talk about
the beanie man and I’m done Mafia City we shall um and when uh oh thus far a
couple people said I see the video a couple people haven’t seen it so a very
long video it’s over three hours long so also chat amore did a review on that and
gave his opinion and his channel so you can see that two also fanchetti mori
channel team if anybody else want the Colleen no Megan is EF zero eight seven
two eight seven nine nine five top city then about the Auburn dua Kirino so our
nature to the Vice noted would make everybody guilty as charged Winifred
tracks the alkaline in Shanghai pop dancer yeah
me understand and it’s a good song like it
Samia is a good son I mean I mean is so weird with a peer
review why not a review getting around for about the semester now you don’t
know if you already know my name thing so then turn on your wireless familiar
Mariota fever minami know what your review yet no but
Mississippi and we’re even assuming be a strike no yeah merciful as long as you
know put the man content in the like you always do your liquid thing you’re
you’re fine because what in contest that I’m probably getting thing cos you know
do that in my table wanting and that’s a personal like because we know assembly
what we can system life gosh am life actually right over I lose my son so he
knew the song so minun minun om still care about it well I mean another fun one boy it’s a we’re say the same a
series if your money must try a can easily yeah no no you are my duh
Adam cinema camera in the dark rush em like a comes Ibrahim Nasir Peter
fortunate I’m striking the mirror strike you owe
me acid are the best things from life can win a theme situation open all next
bigger the best thing SRAM life can mean a film situation of reach or tillymann
letter the my name who can to be to prided as vlog adder we have reacts them
yes me a say if they not do it Asami no one will learn but ask them Cal i’ma say
no firm miss a Villegas tried Minami middle middle dollar say aroma is this
Allah let me se llaman nanotech mile in a bit i’ma try and him said no I’m a oxy
money my movie yes Swami I said miss abbey a guy so everybody I said why
Villegas wave a wave acts the money removed so in ashram life situation
that’s the best thing we can say you max limit
me laughs with me yes Samia say yeah yeah my fam yeah in an electable
situation since yet Abbas no no use the Sun I mean appeal appeal to you to
Gaussian on using some SS of motive still the reason we say some boatman’s
I’m gonna let man sang the man reading mineral Edmund Reid amendment get
offended and striking it is Amir say you cannot strike among the opinion from his
amazing Oh Jerry gerrymander sing at the guidelines fragment try to get the
guidelines follow me just understand yeah good advice
study sorry a oh I’m saying such a kata channel and investing I do better in
innervate it if the song me I get strike those lucky tough all together is the
mayor said boy I mean I know I know if they must strike me no dad I mean I’ll
go mr. biagas clear my video meet the Koala FEMA dilemma from a channel no
kami just no one now nothing they are my again you see me so I just understand
well there may be sudden a secret divide a relationship between producer Azam
flag as better like you don’t know they’re not like the fact that a man can
just go funny internet on about opinion on people this is to them and then I
like it better you know I said I know like you know see me I say when buying
are these are people who then see the movie a forget not a business different
from our be winner winner arena really about business
to a messy but we have a freewheel better and people will in felissa – are
you like you dog and listen to your opinion but as your opinion and people
respect your opinion people don’t respect your opinion and then does
proceed now with them see like oh yeah I take my content and I make money or a
better look one DG academics from DG academics and I mean the man just do you
think and any man rich I’m rich diathermy I said Andy pop artist and I
really have a problem with that in running I only passed it to he
understand like me used to get strike on emptiness you know what is how I make
them feel at them in a put in we are read out way up William where I am we
are say in a Texan a marina instead of fleeing a video say myself so yes we’re
better at America them not gonna be able fist up we are together better because
lucky means needed fun it’s needed and then no say it’s needed but then just
cannot you know I mean managed to see get the used ever make freedom one
reader which you can understand why what is the big deal better and I mean what
is the big deal and I like may understand say some people are ta-dah
artists in Nevada but are you like you are you like like like Sherman like mr.
Sherman laugh at you don’t nobody died yes Swami I say when I see that you know
seminar has done what am i deal would fun listen me but let me say that the
more and in fact I’m gonna get stronger an attack an idea
we still opinion just like oh yeah I mean you can see don’t panic onna bonus
please gingka gimme Santa 40 Stanga ICM thing it’s just that the fact that is
retarded and upon internet way feel firm Yemen respect family respects a message
set of shatrak worry Pasha you know city there you go memory to comment no there
were no however them feeling left out today I know we have to keep the people
in um anything that I said what what ended up must come to light if being in
mine both we fitted forth to my mind going from the Cuauhtemoc ways minimize
before the court tomorrow money you know a salon bottom element situation a yeah
with that mafia boy you know terrible idea we understand we are saying I mean
agro me honest and realistic night but but alright alright big open Fausto Emma
big up firm bigger job here people don’t know what they’re done not funny for
dress you may I say let’s check out the channel una subscribe to it subscribes
in would you the four line is rotten people yet zero
yet seven – yeah seven nine nine five seen anybody wanna Coleen sewer go and I
commend sectional Ong in Surrey set up look good for to pick up a cell phone
jury all make big up yourself in affirm Oh cherry Morrison flag team is a
underground industry yes cheddy you know what I was writing gonna dad people yet
when when whatever is new people are like changes no people use so ray
goodnight ronique welcome say message sorry people have a fight bloggers
understand that there is bloggers oh good hello hello good night good night you
can turn on we are listed to him um whatever you listening er turn it down a
little bit please you can hear it yeah because ya know it’s would know about this situation
yeah but when I was on another love I did get attacked because I said you
know I see a lot of people make in front of alkaline and the Fox 5 interview and
they saying fuck father’s very citizen you not understand why people say that
but a lot of the guys with fans are saying that you know alkaline in that
interview with nothing but if that was my child on an interview they would make
a big deal about it and they upset that I’m saying that but it’s not it’s not
good to be biased like that all the time there’s no money and Cayden alkaline for
the interview you know it’s not like we know I’m personally and it’s a good
thing for they’re calling for Jamaica itself known it hurt this should be my
unity as opposed to hating each other really for no apparent reason at all you
know we haven’t challenges the face as it is and make beef with each other
really over nothing doesn’t make any sense and you can make money off of
opposing point of views and dancehall you can clash it out without it being
any type of physical war you can do it through words and through music so you
know it should be more for fun as opposed to so much violence through –
make funny one hundred percent agree would we say alkaline fucks
five interviews are great moved on South Vietnam to Jamaica the same answer
because the deal when Jamaicans can show up on American TV regularly that’s more
opportunity everybody in the country is a good thing if you’re able to come to
America and make money you know so if alkalis can do it a lot of other
dancehall artist should see that they can do it too as opposed to being
jealous free but no matter you know what dance are divided and you don’t mix feel
like it don’t take a while before we can really fix a lot of corruption the thing
is that America has it too is just less scandalous in other places but it still
things everywhere everywhere about due to the fact that a lot of places have a
bad economy that makes things more worse because people are frustrated and fed up
with being poor and and working hard and not achieving anything so we need to
look at those things and stop fighting against each other okay George OSS yeah
I agree with you everything I view with everything the card I said okay you can
study more in the chat you can check out a review from him find that topic if you
want to know a little bit more and just like the tea and the other thing but
those things are set up by oppresses and we need to see that and stop it as we
just falling into the trap that they set for many years ago I saw to our people
people are is no does not know the benefit if the people
as I will care know the benefit the dance our funds as our can with the
benefit of you know I mean stop our last big division like you gonna always
outside because even in a pop I mean everybody of them in Africa because I
saw the thing entertainment set up but you know I mean it to the level where
dance of an America you have from a dollar store to a big store past Macy’s
you know you can fall in subway and still make some money understand in
other world that’s not the same opportunity no that’s what make it tough
and we have to see that big open si undone so yesterday what was it directly
um now I’ll make all that Monsieur Monsieur
comment but because she says she don’t know nothing about the Dan mafia thing
never Missy it still never really dug in one different time still but yeah big of
yourself Carla thank you for Colin anything else you wanna you understand well thank you for calling really
appreciate you and appreciate this year in your opinion and shed light on what
you said because it’s real to me the deal wind dancer unite you know I mean
one time Daniel I used to have like every artists first you know there’s a
lot am still so define you to vote on what overseas Islam volunteer and
everybody passed it one time no idea situation would be like that you know I
mean come on make people been bashing him for a long time now I will commend
him for being humble for so many years man if he’s starting to face tough back
you know how long you think you’re gonna beat down on someone before they lash
out back at you just like a dog you can only beat it for so much before it people pick up Akali assuming I say for
anybody when one card in the number is eight zero eight seven two eight seven
nine nine five scene Colleen do you want to talk about anything
whenever were we’re talk about are anything parallel to that are pertaining
to whatever else it’s you’re free to carry something again let me put the
number in the chat with one more time I remember the so I all make comments in
oh Allah make I said on Mafia been saying these things for years now
research it and you’ll see a few interview plugin wasn’t so popular down
there in J a so it went over few it’s and seems to be new no show me here that
long time from the be near that Kazumi I’m it I said earlier I’m a post-op
video with my DG and a turbo cattle and cattle aya Tom Tavares and everybody
hunting and people are comment and I say CMT will we I hear no resuming but that
there’s a enough attraction okay does the dye bath I said I’ll one okay
all what you’re saying is true what Gaza Vinita will never change
when understand that but at the same time in my name now for the friend but
business-wise enemy not to be so intense me de Italia cicala even a Jesus news
work one was a goodie that our end up just like resisting politics mr. door what George was a united we stand as
black people and Caribbean people all the fighting is unnecessary are not
productive but agreed with that all right if anybody else want Colleen and
give their two cents or are you know I mean your opinion talk about anything
else even ask our man Thomas a sort of nice you see may I say and calm intimacy
alike is she anything at all just feel comfortable for Colleen I mean Missa
alright dude so McCann Carlisle talk to me no bargain is it zero yet seven to
eight seven nine nine five right you’re too much P
daya and when I did not like schism et joking back real realtor big oh yes a
good ass and I like yeah man I like of extreme please we needed to know because
yuk were no people Wenonah like extreme it called as
interruption for me oh you know open a legit tak way to progress pick up a cell
phone I mean your money hello good night alive do you you want a
boy anything you want a boat not mean dance of the new alkaline songs keep on
do you know what you’re cooking a good work thank you very much for watching well thank you very much good night
bigger like earlier is a McHale indoor it’s a good look so a mess a vodka is actually a personal car fix my
first right your people give me a second sorry more people know that’s exciting ecology
yeah it is either you boil a hot yes oh yes yeah I mean I keep I wrote let me
say people they are the four line opens in anybody wanna call here zero eight
seven two eight seven nine nine five link up in a legit tab Samara say no
Purcell firm come on anybody else wanna Colleen when
I had to push out Nina now personal body data still both yeah I mean let me say a
mechanical anything Italian i’ma say I don’t wanna discuss cami Anderson say
the minimun and then mafia thing is a very sensitive topic i everybody know
wanna be involving everybody know i have the opinion as far as me go going live
and talking about it Mina excuse nobody off not everything on
me i said is what that mafia is a funny video if if a person feel like i’m
saying anything that hasn’t been said that’s not the kiss so i’m only saying
what dan mafia said undefeated it’s on video it’s on youtube it’s everywhere so
it’s not like me a photo of not know they always not already on here so a
massive so you know i’m this was it within that context also then i have to
steal not gonna know i hear just talk about what gonna sleep on the video now
i’m saying i want i general public okay alright
you think the police will involve to that IG um right now I know guys I dive
bus it’s it’s treati it’s that in the under investigation beanie man was they
wanna investigation yes sir may I say rest in peace bog
boggle dead in a 2005 but I almost well much ears that know that Iowa we all
look fine 13 years old somebody jump on number if my retina about 13 years
mother soon may not take me the money in any trouble
and then Irish people at top I mean this farm in Anor mean I know the details of
the doctor prayer investigation so material so worried up being man singing
song in Adam time and then I mean ben-amun good ok chubby I said yeah Judy
was a 13 years ago which idea say armed police now go get involved because the
pharma reporters beam in this critical status a get damaged so again people the
phone lines are open see you can call straight regular if you
in the US Canada if you arm if you enjoy me a car elsewhere you can call what’s
up the sea of numbers all right so anybody wanna carding talk about
anything right so far Oh only thing Chuck people imagine only thing dancer
at one right now like Hoover a like in I mean in in in terms of sums that’s our
own at sons music field for the funds are must listen to like rooting down
Taliban good right no no way a few artists were hot right now in I mean
when I say governor still hot right now Masika still hot right now alkaline
eject music right now puppy just dropping album yes sir may I
say so what one a few over are all right pop champion I said on sale hot dance
I’ll eat right now may I agree it could be better but this
is a stepping stone towards the right direction up like 7 right now religion
said the oh my gosh it is to be community board so people can really
respect form that would mean a great deal for SMEs a big oppressive legit
talk for that read that fun more artists we need more artists I’m glad I make
that point right here pop champion because um there’s an artist map was for
me th you know know this Redifer know it
but Fred in the moment click on the video and I watched the beta in me and
rally bunks I mostly play comment and I say in stone like Dec startups mix with
ghosts and okay I imagine that no I imagine of us can sing our next Arabs
can sing and The Meadows them not us set up because I do we am so it’s actually
content the lyrical content like you know what exit up some name coming like
a female romantic music kinda like ting like you
can you know I mean idea picture like I so much an actual like in can actually
shoot the music video of visually shot we shot everything we must have more
static setups to Monocacy everything but next setup that’s why I mean could I be
able to do that um that’s to everything there with him within video the actual
going to know em say if my gonna go mean are gonna way because I saw themes up
man bill no fur artist do that some artists don’t do that some artists
things just just make all that in here but some artists actually of storyline
to them thing all right boom-boom-boom read some coming up
champion dancer well tell you why I say that Terry
comment I can tell you as a dancer we know I said not at the best way could
I be bored metinka tag want better down with you when we have where we really
really cool what do you mopping the Beast earlier nyira Marvin Ibiza a New
York irony please right now AB music appear better so comment and
tell me tell me why your cell phone I’m Joe Joe say I’m spice right no it’s
a good look the take dance a universal for real yes
fights I make some big moon some real big deal in sesame I mean we instead in
a check back in about March who can agree with me I disagree with me in much
I’m a banana rocker Ronnie please I’m foot are on Facebook Eva that’s all you
could have fired absent like Adam where they I know the vlog Adam when they are
didn’t know in a tenth time I didn’t propose because there was no music there
was no music out he was just mix up an empty net so that’s what mean if you
know you can understand me I survived in the b70 yes he was that that was the
applicator I mean it was really music that was popular then he connect Rokita yeah I am
something there on the please not so long ago too much single I’m a shop
dancer well yeah I mean I know if you read even
thing off our I get enough you know with that good now yeah people really bums
wanna check or relevance it’s a very good artist you talked me at Alina like
YouTube YouTube toffee talk it’s amazing what a bit my last money fun artist a
general knowledge in queenie at Marvin Queen stuff Vietnam this is Marvin a dance Allah when I take
upon coach why is she crazy yet people I wanna do remember no no careful amoeba
insta gamma so that’s all i underscore IG when you can follow terror done
chaddy legit talk and also become sponsor to their Jojo
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watch and I wanna know – grand TV the money afford edition where YouTube and
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grant channel same all right I’m big up everybody else so they a
bigger Queen stuff we got hundred we got chatty
nigga pop champion bigger guys and I’ve boss will smell a bigger big up
everybody legit talking I was Queen of Attraction mayor the similar say he said
Terry already big up Tara big up everybody
the four lines still open people anybody wanna Colleen SMA I said the numbers
here 0 yet seven to eight seven nine nine five never also type it right now young people pick up on yourself welcome
to dance allergy the most interactive place on YouTube all right like that
this slogan seen I’m bigger pledge attack in a leech attacks a most year
this name you know in community Tom so we got digit up for that you don’t know
if I’m that’s a great move hopefully they don’t know you’re a teen shot from
is amazing I respect that we go we never attack sir said wonder why
Spicer glad she does it Oh Marvin spice I’m Marvin of them thing you know it’s a
man said they have something from way back so that’s why I happy I don’t know
exactly what it is Jelly Belly ADG Jelly Belly definitely a
dance long time Malvina dance long time ding-danged ons long time big up Shelly
belly they got my up into SMS a bigger ding
dong also boy I adore ding dong ding dong ting ting days at a different level
right now be cutting down some alike people with us we’re not one of those
didn’t progress the same as a cutting down alike when I die artists artists
all right no okay we can deny that it’s America and all right ding dong is a
great example of what unity should be like only year ding dong say ding dong
and the real bass cleavers all the time on om said chicken and beer who knew him
said robbery as a real person erm say disha the Shire I was watching amnesia
he shall give us you know I myself nobody near me no but me as I say yeah
look panda welding make a line people imply or a line people infinitely since
I’m gonna ding dong I’ll do an sing a song enough ding dong
silent we have a building arm the fling he saw me I said animal ID everybody and
him still a demand like we know what ding dong and delivers the services so
people that’s a great example of what unity should be and then know Ramesh
entertainment responsible for them and that’s a
different family of a dissident people and I you know nothing with nobody in a
dancer no no mix of knowledge emptiness and a matter well this Swami I said like
spy stood into our old okay that interview the interview asked
about Marvin inspire oh shit yeah two young people there’s a lot of good
example of there’s lotta people out there doing good work but we are like
them we’re not really freedom because I know I people him one of the North Side
people I met the most money other than solid Emma song silent people they never
know I don’t know the only be surprised SMS a indeed should after this is still
um yes because data one thing with me a music firm like bear like not tuned way
because I’m gonna like the tune flurry but I flurry but it’s clear that the man
just put arriving nephew say I know busy signal no Caligiuri like he stopped
liking it didn’t just want daddy to NASA input and it has a whole different thing
so I mean I know fine blank if I’m steer so a theme but no sleepless STS I was a
ding-dang disservice that dingdong busy attack when he says here so whatever not
never SMEs I’m gonna think the idea my friend
bought menacing on the next street minutes here no man additional money
them to money on Emanuel forward for social media and various MSA so you know
a minor it every artist from me up may I you earlier every artists dancers
everybody I’ll dance in London people a watch bands in America dance nobody’s a
little girl way okay I got a little girls yeah big woman would you know up
no dancing rebel ago a Russian name please I go to a dance class and
everything upon our would different from team spicy I say that’s a good thing
about having a channel like my channel because they almost see new misawa
happen in a dancer like just posted on following these people but Missy almost
everything Tammy can see from Mecca I see every
activity from Vybz Kartel Ali weird to them
let’s say no kiss-kiss most people know all these kisses wanna know kiss kiss to
downsize I’m so lost to do love a love a situation if I saw iminium dnews we
serve la la ba is a dancer you know elephant man sang la ba la ba se McGee
toll on Tejada when musically teaming up with an gaba that’s enough dancer for
that’s hula Bala by a single plane novel a bobbin build up dance la ba la ba was
hot in like 2003 for five DRF the super marisa but lava lava is really a big
money I think in 77 years old from a understand I think he’s 77 we have my
name la palabra you see me here people as as far as dancer go there’s a lot of
thing that are things that we could work on when you move up on the bank yeah
lava lava when I see em lava lava scene there’s a lot of things we could
implement you know one way to make or rocket mm I was easy terrible listen
please dictate all right big of yourself because we met in Millennials they mean
I buildings in saying it is Li Jie’s their work you stuff no sir she was here
Oh pop champion dry yet humans about sulla Bala by is this
amazing now woody pocket musician dancer all kind of people pass to the industry
and industry still there you see me I said so one guy lied everyone dancer I
want dis that back back back they must forget LeFort seem like everybody else
you know your time and only be so long like the only thing in entertainment
meeting you can really work on today like we all his movie acting Nimbus de
f1 a look I know we still see McGann Freeman still our work Clint Eastwood
still our Canon people and I’m very very old that’s the thing so if people were
feel like Santa Monica dance our got angry with him at I say go you know if
up see the arm ghe still a damn thing but Gia’s Enid at all but a lotta
rappers are we stopped you see me I say I mean Jesse all that
animus but I saw it go so I’ll IP blame I feel a demo cations are getting here
food a minute or so and I you have a boss maybe that there is a legend to me or the mother
with Steph with Steph too young how along the lines I run no I have no idea
hey Pam f1 is still yet a 2p flowers I may never know how much people are
watching live they will know how much people like it nothing people don’t remember the four line is
open zero eight seven two eight seven nine nine five so anybody want a Colleen
and I mean we got them might have big up them then pick me whatever I know what
I’m to do you see me I say let’s feel free to call you can call me nobody in
the US are in Canada Street if you elsewhere you can call me on whatsapp
also the number again is eight zero eight seven two eight seven nine and
five again that’s eight zero eight seven two eight seven nine nine five all
Mexican tequila is a true king of dancer mood Mina was a talking because I mean
king of dance Oliver is a self-proclaimed title by beanie man so
meeting him on that at least like him in jail called himself so if you go live
earlier win of people they are freely d’etat real when I say we just a start
old legitimate you know we all go get some kind of direction you know life
book when we just asked that we know really of my direction when I know
schedule now no I just few people I say yoga life for life for life DME on Mac
first nurses 1t1 make a setup mochi linoleum and much mercy um oh maybe I
will share says it I’m still here I’m just here prepping my means or work for
the next two days button is still here watching now what she always show up
ones here no madman no official one good I may need with tea and suit up the
tempo and I assume as they make it more entertaining hour Antoni so much say what advice for you
Steve mutual are you saying that because minima seem
kinda by us both something are you this a give me some advice if you are give me
some advice may appreciate that if my bias bought something in your opinion
also like you know waiting my bias award one mixer I’m not sure if being a man
around one it’s some human wrong one eat son we have no protege that that he’d be
called Whisman that a lot of people beat minimum see that it’s a man say that again is can add universe a way after
like 30 years my business Iranian after nobody an Amir and I you alone set up
bought it bought him I mean it’s something that’s obvious it’s something
obvious meaning my no boss nobody minimun know that it’s a master so I
mean I don’t know there’s a lotta a tea soda whenever was nobody like a big
woody / big legend but I do what a focus undo is the people and my boss people
and I mean wefts cartel bond tequila spraga beans boss assassin so I may I
say so Adem people a mediator respect and that means the puppy them fire would
know and a chai annum my firm quad and jefra slim and we still I keep the
unruly crush if alkaline of emeritus and just a member a very humble any right
now but I am will serve artists did young governor una Casa dem afar even to
a governor en I mean the vignetting rise up differently but governor look Angie
did he credits the same of something you would go for a rise in like seen body no
just some advice okay Anthony yeah man bigger whisper me respect me respect
that we tell me that yeah but the event Montford
lesson or love love the charcoal over lava lava okay let her come over here in
the US if didn’t steal energy America the mundum ago shot him in the jaw me
mean I know I love elevating you not have been mine really a pretty much you
know I mean what again people anybody wanna Colleen the number is eight zero
eight seven two eight seven nine nine five and you can call and what’s up and
you can call number straight if you’re in the US or Canada all mikasa he never
denied also all can you proclaim a title listen a title that like and do nothing
for the music a real sense in a real sense how is it was written by some but
I was right there – if you say Asante 360 for watching yourself sure you know
say cherry 93-60 me never really follow him in a book man of watch him life and
the thing is not sorta like is a smart bet around Messina is at first when you
think is a mix of money see Marisa because means Johnny what you see will
see like why freedom post a minor beer Queen olive mix-up I mean I really
follow them tinea see me for me to subscribe to channel way send them kind
of notification list so now we see notification and see ammonium I mean
ever me never really know nothing bottom like that but me watch my master watch
135 minute live with him from Facebook anima travel with LA Balaban
when love Allah by apologizing thing and insan like a sense of lumber to me as
soon as I like so like is a banana a module still I mean we don’t know what
is the depth of these things with with the bitumen and lava lava meet charlie
I’m a shanty 360 me can really see a lot bought it when I mean emitter Sasabe is
a fine life of me watch meeting is a 20 in probably know a model alright when
Gina said I don’t think they are going to do in anything at this time because
if anything should happen to him being a man will be irresponsible that’s a good
observation to being that yeah I mean – a certain board
if anything I’m doing that I first first name from there go look punch who else
agree I disagree with engine and you insane
monetary the comment welcome just read it one more time I don’t think they are
going to do anything at least them because if anything should happen to him
being a man will be irresponsible that’s a good of observe via Charlotte so me I
say do not only thing there is like funds up beanie man who will take it
opening it’s about the level of ass fuckin daddy move shitty oh so Millman a
normal annual fam the life of martyrdom in the Z domain cock in univariate an
initiative in data will of elevating le Marseille in get interview one last year
thing there was a shuttle no the series shuttle really soon as they never really
said not no way niggas ain’t shit you mean annual Oh George
I agree with Angie its gonna do it’s gonna look too suspicious
all right no damn Torah a human when I kill our media firm I would ease you we
are go till hmm one time again did enough um so who I kill me I mean I want
I believe everybody I got that dog you saw me I said we’re not the troll over
here so but if you naturally no find somewhere else for chewing so a massive he’s a chichi I’m shocked by this I am a
fan of being a man I always thought he was good to go
good I will start he was so good to have all those self to Keisha and a beanie
Manilow and people at some final I mean I wanna pop people people read some fun
lollipop people people read some fun so you don’t know most artists are writer
that’s a thing go never know if a black people in a how I work I for somebody’s
may have a black oh my god I internet this I know people may understand okay
Anwar know this could be a five-year-old this could I be a 61 five-year over
who’s to ever being a dad one does feel like yeah I mean we lost Assad trouble
and then again we don’t want in our business it’s very I say to – Antonia
servicing the army my understanding sarcana people in the world know there’s
people in the world where those mischievious like that yes sir massa yeah people the fault line working here
zero yet seven to eight seven nine nine five so if anybody wanna Carly night hello oh we have some under the door so no negativity o rasul’allah a certain
answer but I real people are more focused but as soon as I continue to
show their fill thing I know people say I wish food on file in SMS a whenever I
get that for a live before that survey of a several media buffoon just roll up
in American from the to density is very accidental like yeah you never build a
new dev versa one of them pick up yourself you know somebody made big of nature do
every scribe yeah people the phone line and remember
no he had zero he had seven to eight seven nine nine five z listen to the internet bullet yeah
so psycho people in Armenia guardians of bad energy that’s all your balance is
good and then there’s but that could be anybody that could be a grandfather that
could be a grandmother could be anybody when you’re on the internet you can be
anybody you can say anything as long as me understand that you know I mean
there’s no reason for fear nobody like that Oh mr. namazi check one boom boom boom
is a or Shia mode tell you see it at IKEA Cebu who is it as a boob never I’d
kill my dog it’s a terror how am said chatty me name be there
I’m gonna check to me say I wanna kill my dog you see me let’s say I was
kidding deli mixup on shit because that’s his pH duty maybe it’s him
now really car we don’t wanna quit McCarthy I win I mean I got acting
somebody a serious a frightened flash let’s speed or terrahawks with himself
it was um a while ago – ah you know that’s it thank you but – kill them – I
come back Oh terror on Queen even I am say insect in type nature than say you
mean wanna kill amazing we are a team of federal media and in say you we are go
killers evening everybody say blocking some of us Black team and serious in
present sesame own are pre that from when I pretty please Teddy do whatever
commit that sure I get enough people the four numbers yet zero eight seven two
eight seven nine nine five yeah man Georgian gunmen who probably
gamble on it appearance the Father akhi they see me here legit I saw the things
that you see me you have anybody watercolor in the phone number is here
zero eight seven two eight seven nine nine five see the legit use the correct
rule lollipop we as people of data or a puppy plotting so a mayor said you know
I understand my interference I will say but stuff about me
it’s sad II just mean to be forward when were in fear too do you agree with legit Ola yeah key
shots are going I know stories are there people I said into the work the people
and in them then I get Nokia field sir may I say I saw well steer there’s
people ever be unfair until the day they die there’s gonna be people be fear then
I mean in this case door I mean we are one side of the story and me know if you
like in my life he’s been mine to address it dance my XYZ XYZ well
rural-urban man said I story but as I’ve no I don’t mafia side we hear a Superman
say and I must say that one same imma go deeper money and I’m in a dino a bigger pile I read people a match at
your marginal SMS a big up Keisha digit big up yourself pick up George oh we got
clean up a truck Chad Niger Chad amore so I may I say well sooner Carla give up
Cheyenne chime pick up and Tony and Joon big up yourself may I say he got here me
and Mark first pick up Olmecs said we’re and we go watch an app for men to cuss
the TV big up yourself so I mean I say we never know how long we live our own
oh I got anybody guys your lungs I write know it that tell me say 19 people
watching would one like that can possible mean I know wha gwaan the message changed my opinion way I
mean unto thee which message change the opinion what type of man fired another
man life is a life solely of holy Buffy eight pages he pawned in a good word
Angie like with so no fear their men if that person was so big but humble they
would have a profile picture it’s still me as they are calling but I can’t tell
me that in a number a chatroom don’t tell me that if they want it so Mia said
that mean is actual you know really in a real bad boy we are say same answer 22
with 16 like alright good good good oh yeah pop car movie set them right off
our right I’m the intent to I’m you think it’s gonna be distributed on
Netflix so have Netflix camp reader people Tippecanoe big up yourself am a
fool yeah stoner remember equality does a
legit assay arm the popcorn movie half hours in a month Eddie Brock shot pop
card and Teddy Bruck shot that’s a good look again for dancer that’s a good look
to Jamaica and I mean one of his immorality somewhere Jamaicans in a
movie that’s a great move in a great direction sorry refresh appeared our a device
message Oh to to unternehmen away at a board a
type of wing device message to when I knew I would have to notify Kent’s
tsunami I say holy pie we SP floating body pop people may I do this McCampbell
of dance I mean I do this material nobody when I do this should not me no
one nobody my apology I miss a thing if it’s that person serious boat killing me
I want a mic and it happy day everybody ever did so yes sir me I said whenever I
free that matter so I enjoy life and Chuck border and cell until my time
father no negativity me never mean for bringing that funny light steel and
cement say but I’d also like God only two things promising like this massive
taxes and debt if you know that yeah people the for line is open so if
anybody else wanna call in the numbers yet zero eight seven two eight seven
nine nine five in Japan I checked again oh you say engine stop saying that
alright and John Murray sonically seen um one two I
do a nice arm Livius what about after the second day
we were asked a language I don’t know anybody else repeaters are free robust
bigger bigger Peter Thomas the upper bar said we who are inaudible were who and
do a double sigma to we’re meeting Adobe a gas in a share the Arts wrong upon W
he looks whatever work here – yes near walnut I watch life my deliver a killer
look like the business party here’s a cartel would share anybody else want
carried yellow and Mister people remember you can
follow my Instagram I mean stag rampage is a bit different
from a utopia a llama platform and different mom Thea spooky decide to meet
a friend Sam Mayer seminar Instagram page is just beard like viral
video just creation just like you know I mean if you have a good laugh solid
anti-aligned that’s cool IG see myself allah-allah other bloggers than what
they are – soon as a chat amore TV turned on there – legit tap the SMS a
I’m big of a lot of people in my chat room and regular people they will watch
dance lig you know I mean turn codon for file for watch my channel all the time
and like share and comment and I mean just the heat right yeah key natural
straights island curve body wave 12 to 28 inches and you can feel free to check
out my website i G rocks on the scroll rocks on the
score please Rox Lux alright thank you alright so new year that I sponsored up
Colleen you know here was just said to drop a like we are going to clarify in
our proto scene so big up George or till after pause it yeah I’m June
support um but was it Burma pitch so the year product Empire Qaddafi are eating
anything to fear appeared seen as in a chap to so anybody want to get to our
she nature terror Dan already said I will boil ignites our personnel Sonata
all righty girls I’m sheriff Italian that means a to fun here you know say I
geez dr. Goodweather unit is she a minute we
are about to freeze do we know if the real boss is Samantha did you do the
cabinets are free Sammy I said which two other things I’m looking things you
think look how a robust we do Road Oh your sponsor nigga vessel Oh queen of
actually here okay over here store to so yeah my link my monitor husband Joey as
a queen here our segment also enough fiercely enough the Morrowind sponsor no yeah no how long no 11 road you can somebody can
tell me all um no I’m a garrison and a Latino very fresh selecting non kamikaze
not really you never feel like tor that means
everybody’s good fortified me sincere to Allah when I
wanted people said to us at war Oh cherry say my mother caught me Lopez
self Jerry respectful pass to accede listening and also doing some stuff we
got polemic said we’re the Queen’s theft oh we go Peter
yeah Mon cherry done no enough um respect every time eg the engine sleep after which I keep of
Kulemin respect that thank you for seeing would with semester
let me say anybody wanna cali in the phone lines are still open it zero eight
seven two eight seven nine nine five big up everybody went there big upper body
where watch I didn’t have comments in here big up everybody we have a watches
afterwards you sir may I say next my daddy a same personal good night in a
hotel sleep is the everybody oh wow asleep and Jean wanna sleep when Jean
our Lord and generally Queen steps here were people feel well if nobody not
a caller everybody wanna sleep my dinosaur met me in this shoe a damn you
sent me I say there’s nobody now really Colleen and we discuss a lotta things
and listen I have something new no entire boat yes to do it or I’m going to leave okay
oh yeah Nicole is still the water big or anytime so again you know the four lines are
open tarragon tsunami actually type it in
scene in oppressor we go Marty tomorrow Sunday know who I got Church change it up it because I don’t have
much to say on this topic and you know kinda not a putter topic right now I
know that I mean we kind of don’t our board what we did a table or earlier
over that table with typos down Sally a tweetable beanie man and they’re talking
with our head without that will be demon and gringo thing a typo the division in
a dance out a listing the same answer Georgia say I’m gonna pray my house so yeah so anybody wanna Colleen I start a topic
that’s also good oshi I put 210 Mafia hottest topic right now still Yelich it
whatnot people Carly may not really want evolve in Ian Punnett because it I mean
it’s a sensitive matter we know people stands and what let me say if this life
will be of never let me let me light them up right they really need them as a
video on my channel so and I mean unless there is something that happened in the
life that me need to get rid of the life are privy to that whatever whatever
reasons and I mean I will do so but anybody can watch his life and see
exactly what took place here so now I mean nobody here has discussed anything
that’s not in the public thus far you know make up navigations bore nothing I
mean big open a gazanian TV she has a no church because of work tomorrow but IG
unloved the life as always but keep the inerting goodnight goodnight sheer when
a big up xiè xiè xiè caught everybody big up she really did that so I think on
my knowledge it up people now go ahead with everything
think about our great people in our life although we now do this which item it
not really but I mean loved answer to my heart soul everything yes I may I say we
love music and dance al so this is what it is we have the internet and we can
discuss things and unmake the thing better in a means theater obvious and
set the example for the new people my huafei being a industry and a verb in
any industry and for the fans they my everybody you know I mean okay I
interactive sphere so everybody can come together and discuss dancer when you
know being at means went i’ma find her Tommy Atkins funny mate
I’m making tack the jamia comes an island people and people from elsewhere
well we love dance I like me out have a nice stuff like gonna know what I
remember feel like the first life hey wanna be untouchable TV to not have a
theme level like when I first like them define other than chariot of them still
and I mean from we away we’re finally I saw this life thing gone
no do you did like the feeling and I mean we welcome of a spot where other
people were understand where your understand and people with of the CM
views are openly units and know what we I’d be with you and I mean everybody in
a unison on your walk one and I mean that made me feel so good now maybe
there are some place in every already now let me look at me only time you can
another only jump me a car and then we need it that’s our videos you know I
mean I’m strike we put I don’t know that’s why I’m even true to the mother
strike the model do I ever do until but you know I can trust them are you thing
which attack let me tell already saga do money yes it
is striking thing Utah got this pressure of black and so far now here they do
what we are do without you know I mean after you someone music our because like
mr. diamond can strike an opinion from the opinion is your opinion and some
some other minor need the opinion of course if I’m and elaborately I would
disrespect your return rate I mean evil so because opinions on man my disrespect
well you know there’s a level a man can give constructive criticism
yes Amy I said that different from the snicker panacea but not really because a
hit man its massive evil picture of the cover to to that does know a straight
malicious like they just probably just boom
no no they just don’t wanna see no vloggers better me understand another
matter one year not born of blood as a man feel like blood as a steer funds
this we arm flag these bloggers said that it’s not true
form of course you are someone were Depa Internet I do some bullshit but it’s
gotta happen where you know I mean after else them never lost their money now
gotta fear by people and we’re obviously do something good and I do something
move the culture forward there are the people that want to be really fun yes I
may I say one day I wanna win no mystery I know with my family when the Omega
about you and Ian thing I don’t understand why I mean middle of the soul
and when we are trying to do with my one little spear cesira me I said yeah one
butterfly got a market a fight and a to marital stuff non-stop PDF that to
marnie de mogi tough like fight and the fight don’t like appreciate be better
that’s a little gaudy it’s only got pressure of the final years where you
can do it without the money can come as a relay rate you’d probably come to a
boil well we never feet are about the music and ETA was returning Adam fin all
that it was turn when I’m Africa table coffee table or the music no no I said
that will go on so that’s what I’m gonna people fear what is new in our vlogging
is rafasa it’s practically new it’s me to the dance I’ll Jamaican
Spears see that means been like three four years since vlogging really thick
of like that anybody agree with that about three four years old since people
started really blog like I mean they’re being bloggers but it really get more
come on we’re in the last three four years I think that’s just my opinion
so NASA well let me say another thing we
realized too little and everybody else we are listening the people um I drove
like a vlog even an idiot and others a bunch of idiot get up on the starts at a
mile do flogging the surgeries you can tell that because really listen like –
it really good Villa Oh like two years now i really get popular to you one
thing I can say but cotton top political respect everybody legit Tara diamond be
a good example of blocking like you know Chatham or a good example of flagging
like – a midget a tyranny nobody never see a legit video religion at that ball
oh this man rayon this never see that whenever cetera done to them Tamia see
me as a turn instead my steer the opinion have a very strong opinion but
my name is still not and M money not these people the money not gonna jump up
and is nobody like that cherry Mary watch a thing memories I’m gonna see at
least nobody I state your opinion well certain people uppity and very strong
and other people can deal with you serve me hace but I mean also fucks winner
does get a punch up things like not know me opiate chatter no no makeup it’s all
odd fucks and if there should be a fat check okay what mr. al-assad may I put
Bouboulina Malik bucks for this field everything we know we don’t know young
googly life make everybody sick then we cannot it’s only as a Picasso Nabil will
develop our Oh Jerry don’t these people need them would agree because yo you can
please everybody know yoga subbu McAfee give honest review are or whatever I
mean the PMP is everybody they’re gonna be people with us I got us of problem
with you every day you know I mean use this cocoa back in the day to mean I’m
gonna know that but Sid might admit Damon saying is so this Coppola
fucking idea but no the man learned the thing and I might never do that plug as
them seem intelligent for the most part see there’s a queen StuffIt ah good day
see there too right no doubt solid rule first time bloggers yes I couldn’t get
100 100k views in idea seat nice element I’m already really Monday I got no like
from the moment me I’m already a channel you know me like there’s no sub me I say
Yoda Utah because when you’re when you speak like you might not speak fluent
with more but I have like a legit TV everybody the my not speak any man I
speak fluent and him I know him I do the edits em the cut everything good lifting
floor so it’s only natural that the other one fee see something like that or
something like that I guess you let me I said so like a blogger like that then
Monday put in America and it’s sure yes see me as a legit table put in the
record show turned and put in a record sure Santa Maria put in Iraq I will
never see they saw a man say and let them know many people and welcome mo
flooded i’ma no idea I’m a fool enough people and jump up my likes a vlogger
idiot yeah because you know easy figured in I YouTube algorithm and get your team
go and getting views on subscriber it’s a very very like when I was AI this
thing in a real but it takes a lot it takes some know-how freely get going to
become a vlogger this anime I said that’s why I wanna see only per channel
get delete well if a channel start a stuff are these things but the hold on
still opinion did struggle a so I go legit will learn and I mean and then say
I don’t think dance are taking off now I think excuse I don’t think dance are
taking off no I more social media so odd it’s all that
said and done I think it’s more the deteriorating not-so-small deteriorated
not so I don’t agree with lit it up oh did you talk um Ongina agree with you
and Gina said sitting down salad it here because it’s more social media right now
niche attack us a one-year normal flood one year mulligan and inside July 2017
and logistic channel a big channel a force to be reckoned with
the same has a big channel terror than a black bowtie here no to about Ronix iam
the Oh unassuming of people start and you know Mary
there’s ragas who these people are traffic block and then we like link me
and say ray but when we can really tell you I’m you can tell is just doing the
work watch the tutorial image it and learn you have to learn now if you have
a woman I have a willing to learn because if you’re coming are found with
whyphy come if your father done while I can know everything already and think
you have everything you cannot learn anything if you know everything there is
no capacity if you learn so learning is the most important thing Oh instead good
Angie digital ugly alarm legit as a good point
a little tap over 45 years subscriber no in a one-year loop under look wonder I
mean and if you don’t know this ball you to anybody who wanna be a vlogger the
more subscriber you get I fast I grow so if you take one more figure 10,000 wait
you type of take you’re probably 10 years figure 10,000 next time and then
you just walk he cut him in half the surveyor Cecily G truck will on him
here 200 kir assume is a hundred Bishop I really a realtor artist them Tony
blogger enough artist own vlog is from assume I said I’m not vlogger did one be
artists the same as including myself me now I really like Corona
we are very long time II want to be an artist but you know I mean group a same
thing they see me nothing would have survived nine you dance almond Anna my
style that’s me anything mean I really
wouldn’t wanna be artist the nude Ansel is not really my style and and Asami
didn’t know artists in Goa see me but sometime you have to bought something
out real Emily so precise about the reason they
are discussed that is both distracting write blog on our just strikeout
strikeout Allawi you know I mean this the one
we’re really about this unknown says something great come forward from this
one beer is they’re gonna they’re gonna find wheels off it surviving at this
thing and so a man say Mina my expect for me I want me I do philosophy ever
like just to take our people live video off door like I mean I expect if the
last we ever because at some point you know somebody’s gonna see a business
opportunity into that in that are somebody and it’s already start
happening people already accompli and more people upload them when I make
money off for them you know I mean so we’ll call them fleur-de-lis a vlogger
artist did he say a vlogger artist delphinium ng put some time you know
stood okay me read a parody come on alright my people
well Toyota look know most they’re two and a half hours our software DRF or
further either still I learned to ome legit learning means learning never stop
fun learning can never stop music I learned from trust me cheerio seed money
sorry we can’t tell from earlier to know who a potential for the great I’m not no
fun Rana channel demo me see I’m missing
them one time I may subscribe to them you just know say the first thing I was
something we ever make tomorrow read somewhere so amazing
likewise they can see our channel ano say them not then about that and you can see them watch it there are
some people in Addis to just like um money I don’t know some people and we
cannot back to if you’re there for making money that’s on you that’s your
responsibility if you don’t put up shit more people when I go so and they attack
you well that’s the trade-off yeah better
money but yeah go have you know it’ll be credible nobody never look feel free
long term the same answer Peter Thomason because Scott L is not here not even
right here is nothing else to do music in six months six months from some
artists when I hear music in six one friend so half is that yes it will keep
on doing what you doing legit talk for a little tacky person yeah Angela talk a
big flag Amin like check out in channel when you can check all the back channel
if you know if you don’t wanna see very easy the steps the wife aleikum I say
goes there you go proper crap a fool to I mean I wrap all right look for
apocryphal wrap up our pies a lot of people naturally just like like the
first time I see Ryback reporting Miller say yo this one does Sedona watching
video on like this just do i watch G and a villain a mess a mess it aside add and
I mean so I go the first time election all testing a Melissa testing Amiata
Fincher Jaffe nanotech Dean team si yo yeah this is really I mean J a really an
MP play yeah say you’re good good content them a
here well oh yeah but it duck said we cook at I’ll
tell my granny waterpark I name she did laughs man you wanna see makes makes
video a man puts up man me watch teach them channel to teach
them journalism is our channel I’m aloof because you know I mean an obvious board
I saw me no warning at Jamaica most an enemy and what so for cheerio – but
Salford do a wiry injecting no for Channel good – and him just big big of
slow for panty mangy of the subscriber – just recharge it thousand subscriber so
I would look more vloggers are more of like a sauce that recharge Atossa mister
see like the beginner this year in Finland or so floor channel was about
forty thousand subscriber animal reached hundred Andean Adonia what I tell him
you say what jamia can plug in I’m potentially growing to be some yes sir
may I say three times or followed me but bloggers gonna just no sir so it go like
what everything in LF you ever get fight so may I say like never get strike a now
get this that that just eat our town was a boom I’m bill you can accomplish a
relationship with a producer artist them if they want and that can be resolved
like in I mean no more strike XYZ or I’ll together we can find out we were
wrong it and I mean if they know on that you can beat them join them we can join
a vehicle traveling a supermassive good accomplishment I don’t mean when we
shall ever reach the million first sorry on the toes of yard a dancehall channel
is like it’s a big feat Smar say a few people in a Jamaican Spears
Shankar Sanjay toes and I dot T berry I wanted him onstage
well MC it should do not mean and see Jesus as a big established channel so
floor TIFF I married Emily was wrap a crop of reach
it’s amazing Facebook know it’s easy to go numbers Facebook reporter problem
like on Facebook are 200 asymptotes last time seen but um you reach YouTube a
hundred thousand is a lot so the million thing where I mean I know it’s not a
million thing is like revenue if you some or pick me by an engineer can get
some more cell phone that three million ting estimate probably next four years
we say next next four years before bloggers to reach that reach million
midget we are so flow good for us he doing so but also flow go fast
it’s the independent channel it’s like clear as dear oh he can reach for me can
reach but I mean I say like philosoph right now from it’s a very daunting task
like it’s clearly also floor reach in work slow flow of money thoughts
Wednesday morning thoughts morning thoughts many thoughts
there’s just few things will make people watch it like me now what’s all flows
channel a me still as a money that’s mine that’s money that’s all right dear
that’s something we make you one go at so flow channel this let me say there’s
like I’m in Marvin Irish with him like some mountain in India loop news indium
in steadily of content and I mean group on YouTube is exponential the more
following again is the faster your or say I mean don’t be surprised if
I’m still a grew past one year 100,000 yen I would because the more subjugate
and the more can’t until you put all the more views you know I mean um another
gentleman be good also to exam because why pretty vitreous ever say I’m bigger
new link production to let me a channel with my watch to they saw a massive I mean mean don’t see myself I don’t black
item I mean obviously me about channel I may have people were watch my channel
I’m thing but missing myself as a person if you look mr. dance energy coming
across YouTube becoming me no fluid minimal I wanna them people that we are
gonna like my modem keep min afraid to come into an artist rule and I’m even
afraid to come in Fernanda dive like a channel you know I mean videos feel like
it’s like I’m a fan too I’m a fan I like what you’re doing you know like what
they do my probably not have a left na Kaufman but here’s something I got a
jump on this river I mean if it’s writing about telling me
about hood today but you know I mean comment button of people channel when I
have a problem with comments in Pompey channel yes they artist them to reach 1
million name should have passed 1 million from and should have passed 1
million it’s just because of well you know no no because I’m me no really a
big support off of having the 1 million pound one channel me per five hundred
thousand fine a lotta channel I know no one you might
not make no sense of me as a boy I’m really one of the same I feel like if
you haven’t in one spot once but you reach less people assume as a so me feel
like when it beer cop what a lotta people about the numbers a lot of people
like knowing say boy at a million the million subscriber a million followers
the million this minute the Instagram million is a great number still as you
know Instagram cause of me Mura why everybody if you have a million
for Instagram but when you come to the vivo a name thing there and he look like
my feel like yes to Catalan yet here 200k that’s good
and we feel like wanna feel like a subscriber a reason like oh no feel like
these new numbers where I come from is this actually Jamaican people never did
well subscribe us subscribe now is this overseas people we our reach is this new
generation people I get cell phone and computer Internet where these things
come from waitis team coming from is it African
people them now attune into a well woman numbers are come from like only thing
that is greater come from they said that I was a lava we don’t need no or the
Caribbean separating with we know that Caribbean people are useful Adele the
vlogging and the you 2 million artists with a growing community as image is a
pretty statistics there mmm-hmm see you like the next big thing in our properly
for five years from know everything bumpy Appa right say oh you to bugger on
which Tiana everything alright this is Facebook where you feel like said they
know much them easier for each puffiest remember Facebook was established
platform way everybody and their mother literally the planet you is it me
literally it really mattered upon it is this book I did because I was a law
student with Emma it unpin is like the new generation a crapper why everybody
wants it or what Instagram is Instagram one by Facebook right exactly did you
tell me much to cover everyone in more smartly to Britannia better
mm-hmm it’s mods Mirada yeah all right pretty slow YouTube is a platform as I
said a bra and Google when you selling Google is YouTube Google when I come to
the power a power panel world I killed I wanted the fastest growing company I
approach this a listener escena de if you are also tire shoes least one time
use Google for everybody stop group no longer YouTube if you are
pillow over six secure and dispatch manager over YouTube instead of Google
read off a do it while some Arriaga literally shoe you oh she do it ISM a
car to say YouTube not a platform power YouTube the bunch is like P apart as a
mission the filters are everything is not that time is not a time company
Macca’s and keep on again advertisement on everything from Feeny
whoever crash or people waited until on this thing
therefore our phone piano once in touch to with one of tablet so picture this subscribe favorite
blogger the mother of them favorite this is right so you two better yeah I’m
gonna advise anybody right no way like our business here
it’s your way or weirdo if you still care all right social media yeah are the
next biggest thing Thank You Angie in Filipino by Nature
all right try to meet your way I say enough are my me not dis actually not
entirely no I will notice a YouTube is that going that far when we ascend do
about the million that village Americans muta minasan impossibly Onondaga reach
necesito take a wild or it probably ever take a while before we started oh we
regular many one disagrees that we have a reach one dear you serve me a say but
I mean it there’s big channel oh they’re like Romania table over the Riggin I
need ringing Phil Regan feel how come how come is this is what I biggest
channel from Jamaica right now we’re not artists in the same essay I come up with
music I come that were like 500 thousand millionaires of like five six or a subscription to – what – ah here’s my
remember say I come that do this thing I mean yeah you make a good point still
ba14 since you’re there when we did actor let me ask a wedding card is gruta
forward from like this rapid work guys not really even do a similar thing the
millionaire will be our money we are we are so flow channel grew up fast better
like so calm so fluid like 40,000 the beginning i hear our own daesil and even
reach on Zito’s 60,000 in a few months whether we think a lot good forward from
waiting you think this is a Caribbean Jamaican people I think what’s off-road
by China like that Savannah Eleanor but women or watching time on the field is
different like in Amara Amara international sliver like you know in in
table Flynn like like people in a Caribbean like fine
alright so let me expand our data so let me actually with that being said what
does it mean also syllogistic as an analytic still
truly data but we don’t know so floor analytics you can really I will never
know arrested analytic still a lesser man teleo merace analyze all right but with that being
said no yes I am because I we entered an in vitro to are aggregates see I’m a
person like you and I know when a stock collisions or speak is pokey and don’t
do those kind of our topics waiting that mean for us like as far as growth is
like oh you think we can find our one way to get a rapid good that burst off
just 60 thousand subscribers or so you know sort of like for the horn yeah
that’s a go like mister early and I grew this exponential so the mushroom I found
I’d miss find your you’re just falling out of financial as well as gas of the
our friend well my misery Opry
I tell you like my channel you have some people will watch my channel I would
never subscribed and I’m from may have we’re more views than enough people have
subscribe we are more subscriber are meaner but me up more views we have less
subscriber may have more views you see me because my video demo a man – kosabu
max type in any Amanda my video power and he watch it you know I’m subscribing
not here you probably hear some so there’s a lot like my table voltage decade average of what one can analyze
King name real firm that’s where to go you know
mean a you AR DS critique so anything we all go fine by yourself you know so that’s when you learn from like you know
mean see I’ll see I’ll need an emoji okay when I spilled one Karen if they
are still nice McQueen or T number all right now whoops is still the boat
that’s too big of a surcharge on me suga still one column in numbers yet zero
seven yet 7995 sale here people mother saw a
little bit more anybody can tell me our alum normal life McKenna see time’ kerosene on army RC is
just booming m know how much people are watching right now
well people meeting i saw a massive and june ninety five ninety five point five
percent of my body insane sleep so bastion LP hands good
night alright I’m Jill big of yourself tons of power and tongue sweet cheering
number tongue so Colleen another all right we appreciate you everybody big up
engine robots any life soda no people because I see snitch still one Colleen
assume has a big up digit talk realtor can make a sum of a stark alive earlier
from we all really get that from in progress is semester and try for young
you get that good show of going hunting you’re found big up yourself big up and
really good night Jojo netted a good night Chantell the
suffered a long time with a botanist enter same I said me she was still about
three hours damn legit Agard far new well you need
is still there a bigger vessel V&E alright so since our trio has no people
sorry I said there’s no reason for drying out any longer a semester we
three hours is more than enough with this was a lot tonight I hope some
people learn from this I hope there’s a lotta takeaways and I mean if you do do
i don’t agree with things we’ll have more opportunities for this custom you
know I mean just remember everything we stated here is Fox
some of it is opinionated and if you know why link me one are we’re and tell
me sir you know I D so one when I women never like I’m in a
buggy with that’s also fine – no can’t do that
listen is anybody’s welcome flick dance lig we can be a mechanic my pan workshop
whatever one it’s so a massive we’ve got polite people and one day I make a big
of everybody what Mia box enough to do it for know I might be good no just
Chapel the number one so Magan selenium as data forward I’m a can be good no up
okay I got George is a sin till the bark Lewis likes both Tacoma and lasting of widget diamond frugal life tomorrow
look let me have a gordita Facebook media Facebook jail right now still I’m
certainly I usually my facebook live Nicole I found Facebook to people so
that’s a different show of what I saw still and I mean it’s not really like
this is different talking and different things we discuss but I’m yeah media
Facebook jail right now until I’m on there so so yeah so yeah probably also
never a legit leave a bug in my family say yeah you’re cheering me or come in
the tub respect that but I you know I mean that means a lot to me that
assuming I said really really appreciate that fun big up yourself or that you
love everybody whether your honor earlier it’s a man said anybody wanna
beat them up never read up in iam member it would be easier if it was job if
you’re not too tired and sleepy those chocolate number one so we can see any
am as it goes I made this big you up I mean oh oh there it’s Mei said nitch
still there only you should be one Colleen if you wanna Cardinal take a
card said we’re but I’m other than that lever Amy well be what mich big up legit that’s
enough people asleep no give up digital was the boat yeah nine-one-one omics big
of yourself um seen they got George Oh as their Wells worse um we’re big of
shake a-shake hit about the early on shade Africa seen
cherry big of yourself third and big of yourself was their Gaza dive bust bigger Peter read about a big up we go ungentle
big of Angie did oceanic again unique lanta a reparation Athena any bigger this number of nice family reasoning
love the mutual respect you mean I’ll make a setting for the
farm oh go on addy be a big oh he’s equalizer that bro
you have producer what makes already mine thing is a farm but you know I mean
but I mean I’m music thing I know it’s just a noise every relationship where
you come to me are music let me try this stuff with all the time but me just
scary demon make Choon and shit yeah well it will record a nice to us in
erroneous on board yeah wait I am you see whenever the Cassie when Academy
student in me what yeah his eye is a preamp um all right what’s gonna be lucky a big up
some people bring up George or I’m sharing today they’re still there
digital would nigga parity queen of Attraction nigga Gaza dive bars
Charlie Murray who instructed about a big offensive to chill chill too big of
deal well thank you people for all who stay
with me I still the world thing who their family wolf hour somewhere there
of SMSF I appreciate everybody see me I said one love semester tomorrow a sudden
enjoy on the self give up nish alright tomorrow Sunday
Michael life tomorrow depending on or the Diego SMS a so he so does look
awfully notification if not they’re still fly by and check and see if I G
lie by device agnostic so respect everybody now could have life at all
dig up on yourself alright me go

  • I really had fun watching this video, I hope that other people are just as entertained when they watch one of my own video's.

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