HVGA yeah call most time minecraft is it 2:30 okay Wubbzy no mune ni f a– Nagi Munna at a live commentary at the Abruzzo sec I wanna know Cynthia bi or Tiankai Navy Intimus are and I just say live commentary somewhere around 2:30 the salsa team or just were coming now on the live commentary are they are praying and they're every a I've gone 2019 every hour piece but Sabri dia and determined review sue and among akuaba all right are are gonna now many DSM eh and I'm in France entertain my review follow SUV you know ABO dump mm super nice ENT home c'mon yeah Pasadena Beretta I need a home come on pnina fab M said yet want to see our is representing temp what one wishes vamos vamos vamos hacia yama niyama asana area rapid medica epic answer 100 MPA at 9 in karate a joke grandpa ed Concannon America Daruma and Arabic we are America's Navy vomited and cha-cha-cha teach us about Kevin strongman and Ibaka Tsukasa did you cheat if I went you're not a crowd by an area by entertainment reviews or yachts Nasia Bobby Dean come on Fry entertainment different me crazy applaud you man I'm did you radio jamming in pretty funny be Nancy I don't know someone better chance it sounds you know so good stuff for our tenacity Sammy I make a successful creamy we sent an idea a so get your microphone a bad one no now a SMI Missy of coffee we of course you new media Emma medica rap rap and the unknown one not Nunzio demography Zambia missile say bottom item in my artistry HD media may be arranged on carne asada bottom you think say yeah yeah my aboard I don't my aboard oh my god you me Chrissy ammonia bohdanka waves we assume the witness immunity money per year and simple how potentially awesome so Chris I would you hold me say no mm-hmm nah we can be BFI bh3 trade me who yes maybe I'm Franz abacus am the senior new to me yeah wrap an engine American Suki was eBay at 90 ma yeah Mia hmm and karappa human aigoo yeah okay in Telugu yeah okay me disabled be back I said yeah one no see ma MPhil Bayard you say yon oh yeah Cassini no gumenyuk Ouya habeas okay to name Zosima okay Debbie Ibaka sana sana theocracy Ana knew mom at me know Oh cozy in the first place no Oh Bettina no but una Panos can say no has no basis in state of mind say a BIA organ much regard whadya say an assay okusama all mimsy ASM Palazzo Horan a memory boredom no domina si Anand Raj Nagar be because or the girlfriend Anna a sameness walk on o nsz oka o Malecha whoa baby madam on its revenue organism entire bottom yell Felicia nutritionist a knee cranium because the relative Underground's is different from what he's seen koh-sama pop rap rap now can we see our Ghana Oh Rob Bianca sarkodie or this one – Oh sir none awesome mr. Guilbert 99 kako da alpha t sabia 100 billion osa Nakano i said she and i nicknamed sarkodie as the salt the reason why i named nicknamed him the salt is that sanchini Adrianna be I do consider joining yet the CDA Union Tanaka crampo2 Goomer it's me manatees sarkodie has been used as a sort of the music industry for the past whatever years until abanazar wrap wrap aluminum wrap aluminum when I say teaching I say a board of Nippon a B&E 99 in ANCA yes video Giannini yes but idea I know names in your internet tension nah idea no we can't run at the hannam Suzuki will see a Ibaka seminal treating you well yes okay because as for Internet today hey Cece I don't know first a network computer so don't put an Inca a bit related says hey I bet the phone so full news would be a cute ID in 21 unify yeah Chrissy I am Telling You especially say or driving not a nautical Mabini driver if very very bored and would be a Sunday be now one cancer a new chief you damper muah and also Bay aboard Ohana one more game was won over Co Facebook Obachan kind near maybe an assho bisciotti finally be a Sandia drop and saloon available you were so into chat across new didn't enchanted engine what you do you go on Facebook or your Twitter or whatever and you feel like reason and arguments I didn't perform well never Bertram BR one one control one o petrol Ultima see and see there are a lot of bottom effects on social media if you don't take you waste your energy on them made a C and a a no resume bream senior security see Kamini SACEM we are mica said well no idea for a quick okay you need a tree and it's an AC quarter but Tina Malika Sabah concerning your topic Nadia but but that we know are going to make honest honest because my chassis hey Brina you show me a committee HNC my balance he said yes yeah chassis but for me I feel says my boss sake Tony arguments a beef these songs payable in this particular particular one we animation but it is working on beefing these songs in CA even this one this one are working what's he sayin treating us as more doom in see for me I think they too pedestrian I mean am ia parts of the culture okay not me what can't be be wet now you should say a is it beef because sonamoo muna said a BIA beef in agronomy per se so disagreements arguments into a small low creamy white scoot on good okay a ham went you went you cakra he went you AG maybe anybody at all yes yes yes yes I see you as a medical smoke Okinawa oh yes Selvi bay at 90 which in your cancer with like a second s that's he forget I mean you can say that would be but I mean generally okay that is where instigating fraternity yes mmm a new bottom because these songs know you collect need to be because clearly beef no sabía me at the song no one now CB mommy clearly there's some some a linear classifiers we've got many war when you in Chicago and that's why I mean your opportunity to actually go into the black woman where a wow it goes beyond equitable okay a good job or comes into the area hence no you get it it'd be a song this song named hermano out you get you definitely find elements of a couch abode in that this song it gets it but I think that the Tamara Bell came here when queue entry that's a lawyer for the beef it's the amiable do we understand air parts of the Carter air part of the game air part of the industry beef an acid this songs mega-disasters course yeah this Mickey statement Co beat the Chinese name a level of supremacy in crafting a woman in turn your board my simcha I'm off obviously okay yes how could you I mean one kisaku accounts not see a expended time and engineers and youngnam can see who the conference you can emo or doing a lot of way but you got it boss – abukuma Cremona back show noises hang woman on a couch on koala no assignment would occur Fitz I know a director a movie why Oh boss and usually the very example economy be some choice and your boredom at the time look we're going to was no board he was um a committee I want you know very first point beside Chaucer and your boredom if you can understand guys we should your movie a movie a media zero somebody actually says down pants Net Nanny offense and in the lyrical content a Kabuto Ellie you know production game yes let's do it buddy the attendant said I mean seriously right who signed with the a DNA study finding I treat our medical to tear you see treat no a in any ordinary treat Maxima phobic a say oh um hippo a bragging culture into you can actually buy city on what the food to realize they say I didn't FL about reduce you are you part of hip non-cash on it comes into wrapping you Allison it comes to to wrapping it doesn't come into actually actually going to see somewhere and making a statement if you're better see only interview you want make your boss is an orphan who defeat you and I would also understand the facts a fastener for an artist actually gets video and Anna sylvania wear medium be aa Cassano a be on orbit videos oh yeah only need income oh yeah and I said tell me another crack I know Carlos a bit and time to a newspaper publication units another magazine but is he on the last couple of years Narcisa social media man I am a boom it doesn't necessarily have to come to you the media film no to get VB often a chest yeah once what's it outside or when is to show media platform opposite which we make statements but me a conniving villainous on those ones is almost the same as rabbits are needed in combo so for the gentlemen to actually sit there and say say with severe up in 2015 for years ago and what were some water now no BCB not so that's that's a categorical statement mmm it goes beyond that's yep sup a rough elements on the couch and I can't buy that issue now and whenever rap okay cause there's a difference okay the bragging in hip-hop is our corner bracket woman for example it lasts beyond Tillamook example which is a core DNA Becca Nanaia sarkodie channel or say in the customers you hear waiting a bit more than royal advancing we are waging a different for yet the contacts it's serving clearly this is this is the bragging and who gets it but she actually sit and make categories as meeting you need to back it with facts in sucia on Twitter usually Oh it's also prefer cream but usually here cut squares this matter and in the last couple of years especially when you sit on social media mmm-hmm boy be all know attend a one-bedroom single room you know I wanna be tablet will quickly check Salameh make you on a platform a authentic honest yes that's the danger now so you cannot sit anywhere and make statement and just go scot-free then I so bad no yeah somebody sitting somewhere would really check it that's what transpired and no no sure from the time I make you chisel or the winter now normal music followers and industry passes are taking on because any a factual no no it was expected sir federal rappers would also take him aim because a sumo Kayano a beer on a button on granule wrap a border on Gagne music industry and I'm most importantly in the Buddha on ganya Rapids especially on one on my on my sister in the last four or five years our gentle American mckisack him yeah ordinary music Fuller's hey I can give you a check you know I mean with punch holes and comments on McKeon which is sayin okra yes Oh in the sister code and so upon chosen to I check in the pit now a time for the rapid no the fellow colleagues also check him and that's what yeah I see you now okay yeah strong money okay exactly so they also checking him for the city me is normal okay it makes a statement like that's not in your fracture Allah definitely you have a perform ordinary music for Lewis name – Fuller's gonna your fellow colleagues was so how much you see that's what we are seeing you know all right so my t normally comes to embryo I prefer cream where MJ and also by a very interesting topic II mean no no sorry dat so medic honest was Shazia jnanam strong man good for energy army among como see a beacon in Yukawa among so as number four because he threw some light on them in your column was of course and at least beefing and I say and when it comes to hey papa whether before the intervention of social media now we need nano number one air for relevance and Chester a Amana said he said be no more that anomaly rapper by no yoko kanno Simon only I'm almost did rappin Kasabian solution Newton ability say Middlebury macaca nice need easier also be starting on Nora puree a young one was here because own hospital more bus it's all of a sudden if you baby nothing attention Anna be in the way I Airport Joe so no air drift yeah will be a very worried so I'm gonna bash on you like what Ruby same inner Stella Mitchell mean I in Chinese shaming so this artist we know and and yet just about say a buyer because of social media no a loon but you can see that way way back now on Momo comma B Fiorina on on those who able to make it no oh some kind of saying that kind of a Bettina and any day now okay now boarding yeah we so Jesse onions SFA's no but I was about yeah oh yeah enemy of my oh yeah yeah but salutes me whinnying where dan quayle carapace I want Maloney on America which me different so a patch of Jummah no more and in the part of it doesn't say maybe episode between assess I lambda by no be bono baby a common definition enough to come out spit more bus and regain my title as the best of the best and a time now we Medina ban anyone because medically a acquiesce in the first place or more they started together if I should put it okay about I'm Jenny my yeoman wants a timing my say because they're I think so I would say it's a chomo Union satanic some ways and same Nakata is a industrial community beef be annual second one Satya makin terms of numerous beef big banner mmm-hmm come on Fabian banker Indiana being I can see a movie from dancehall alibi we are from me only say that's all far beyond with you will most a time neighbor at that point not awkward any medical or anything and they met McMahon's boy and quite manifest ammonia-based Cinco so if they say Nehemiah ball ain't no more much nasty way and I'm of Wow cristela such a grinding on America on a only Nanako back so what happened what will happen is it after day music awards now a beef be aqua da nang who says they say no Ian can't be anything about OPI okay hip-hop with Roger best way to acquire at linebacker saying a best rapper baby sounds I know pursue a boost or Robbie shake even best rapper win and and that thing they just bought this thing him me if you ask me I don't think you know a big video master de passe it has a a papaya beef a back trauma I wasn't calm awesome to stay relevant now a man is good too because they say and I insomnia back enthusiasm you have a comp out a beefing in there in the music industry damiana by Behcet's yeah now it's a drug I we got some to talk about so it's a healthy beef if you ask ask me cuz there's nothing wrong with using lyrics to beat your brother in the industry okay so quickly baku via presumably train about hard time in our MC tina Ruggiano nimisha infuse who said media interview BMC a strong man yeah yeah none seventy are no connoisseur well Oh muy Buena Chrome on YouTube said sir rap of the year nah medically I know the last vgm is no monochronic insane fattening aluminum on cratan core no strong Monica SEO pneumonia nah idea went Mia now a quinion castlevania shatta wale nice – my dear no into your Nadia body on SEC way abrazo Makana food Amasa pebble cracker Donna okras award Nadia no is he also the case were medica yg rapper of the year okay I'm said the last two VG majr best seven nominations with me on yeah man for Serena comma now also to legitimize in the position say look when it comes to rap Cece establish which team Senate Wow yes come here thinks a democracy it clarify no it movie HSN s a rough best rap of the year yeah VG near miss report a year so some Cola fication butter on the rules and regulations on a cinema mmm mechanism and what via email you know what I'm saying and yet gun is best rapper you but but me assure silver the yes no yeah buzz body our region a Bobby embodiment Lobby I'm not discounting savvy Jamie influence no my only trying to clarify say anybody consistency sit or know any me best rapper you get what I'm saying but say a casa in the context of Vidya Mandir then we could sister yes vision my best rap of the year America you tested because lots of people almost ramana's vizima newcomer recognize I'm a wah if you get it by my opus watch MSSA yay-yay-yay accepted vision me say in a the Bible for the industry dia name that's another argument so what I'm sure said I'm I don't have that right mean exactly that's just a can afford one arm that is why they can use that is why the Clive Christian is important yeah because anybody can get some and sister all recognizing the America as Ghana's best rapper but then they'll go with these pizza boxes cry was here a sort of a benchmark and VG from Ghana not see because OB Coco gbet yeah not bad sensor yes why do a bi a new TV Bobby Eusebius maybe a benchmark V is a Benjamin abused the economy making reference to say I was Kim corner we know and let's be Leslie Leslie Frank about it all to me jump we can say for example the recent last two mokujin I broke a co2 Mike open on the offense a new prison home he meant he was specific as I say the whole Africa no air on open it does on ax alumina beat you understand when I don't open it the whole life corner a the best answer artist but he made refers to a worn away we know but somebody can sit somewhere and not recognize beads the MacArthur see so as important a basic clarification say indeed yes energy to maturity I agree majority nanum say Vijay Awards on na a reference point but let's also accept if somebody also assisted I do not recognize this person because mind you to revision Europe of the year no and whoa and a second a Craiova or my opinion another dunk ah ba ba yah my opinion Viji me wrap up the y'know it comes with a certain category definition but she democracy it is based on board any Academy on and as a board member so much is a reference and category and OD b bi most emotion something to sue if you understand that is why anybody can systemize he said well unlawfully said and guru and the best rapper based on the definition bo but when we are speaking the context of VGA mia then you never judge him I just want to make that letter collect clarification of talking yes but synergy to mr. Vijay mean I get it was a stay was a to upon idea then indeed be a new gonna be judging you a NASA and strong man has a point and since a well yes he wanted but I do not agree and again sup comments no McKeon with the Twitter no sacrum honesty in that line because I agree that we need video matches of the year or the right to brag about it there's no two ways about it but beyond nee-nee-nee limits for example you want a VJ me to talk at a rapidly in 2019 so you could brag about this is a wall CC on a champion of rap based on the facts will be busy master da but to make a catch parasite statement and sister in 2015 new CB rap was somewhat synonymous and sooner than anybody are talkin questioning and as well I think Shawn landed okay quickly become a chronic yeah yeah so good yeah I know they agree in terms of parameters of the edge AG will say when VG me is VG me that's why they qualify it's VG me there may be other awards and also between Nicasio before will three Music Awards will be so before between a weenie in you know once I answer TV being can say this is ganas aphasia yah-yah-yah budget Oman idea if you mean but when he moved ever as a medical goofy was to say he saved that were saved yeah bottom speech I know the energy and represent and my reason is say yeah mine won't you crazy port and I'm a kind of said anyway to negative I've never worn anything but my money to be back in Ghana oh yeah first tonight you will be best way but it was a vision maker to be German and nincada – one chance to say same mmm quality nazia let me see your money but means yes yeah saya di mana its we raise and I said well Nana say eh well you have your point I think we can make a sauce no wouldn't means nothing and I say yeah there must wrong way I hate to be fat Savannah all right you mean coalescence anyone even know and yo Koppenberg norm you know near 1471 I said to me to trust on cara cara de pinna and community beings who Eddie calling him and tied up in Farsi AMD can kind when I prefer cream oh oh yeah same way I need GG Herzing ABC ever co i am sure i Basara an idea Babbitt Russell please 1 0 4 3 FM soon once yo great Mikasa Entertainment reduce Unni amano wrappers are supposed to be for to show the strong maahes added to what medical said that's not Chrissy and Kennedy hip hop is all about bragging I've been tripping me out because for national theater one penny phone will be our democracy Navy a was insane creepy area more Bobby Dean come on theater and name ray our National Theater Adam in course Adam the Ohio Josiah 1:30 and Siberia Borna studio aluminum ccmp can't come I mean call Naaman in pain if we need a and come on Richmond DeMarco new donor friendly int and Clement a shitty a Clemente oh sure is not anymore me more macabre scene yeah maybe I'll call ya got me Adam I'm not okay alright so Adam in court that's right Adam dear well no no my my everybody be and Adam in quotes Hadippa I'm sorry state Libya in the among four versed to three weeks ago yeah a cavity a my senior high planning response new yarn it was good yeah well I say let me know khamseh cannot do much since at the table until Adam circle code name Adam could be fruit business mainly us abandon abandon or that diamond imagine our necessary uncle pursued earful Sigma K so a new was food man and see anybody bring my Adam mmm transient means from a background in Seattle Madame Leidner Cocotte well now I'll teach you now I know my so they obeyed I'm a heart attack I see video maracas em say my name is a Kenya ho baby Occidental I before the Jesus Christ thank you right so I'm a twenty point four four four no more side you ammonium or Arabic sorry material needs a movie a movie oh yes lolani that's right open layout for each one useless cases Enquirer you gonna open a lawyer I'm a deputy on baby ah job in LA I feel cool you cook me till my name on ordinary uh-huh whatever it means hello honking shut auntie before our quarters all put my police the police never had to be near be mg inspector bedico okay nah babe a stage right I'm so oh yes the Japanese sir yeah Jenny also represented and as a mother comedians foster awareness you know also general and Tatia resource and AJ pounds no well maybe a sannyasi Kinnear be a muumuu be a muumuu no and the attorney is about comedy on our sanity Oh strictly comedy buddy a poem Empire celebrates announced to be a basement abbs um Cochran and because it is I am koala never gonna for so it's it a question why did a diamond one pen for ha Amba to for for for yeah any second show near 8:00 p.m. okay which means a two shows no more you know night and I know what Reno watching okay nah I'm into ticket to know upon teens and wholesome City airborne air saying chick is no no art lesson okay hands Saturday we only preach about and that's not that I get okay okay sixty ganas single right and a hundred double okay yeah okay I mean this one Nadia meets me it beside me be dynamic can bbbbb account because just looking at the lineup of a year wahhhh Rubi disagree the autonomy and Ramana I think that a dance EDM peony America come on I said meant Neffe and a Emre facto baby cry yeah nothing yet to pressure and I'm agency BIA me ashore 10kg ticket to know souvenir be our National Theatre you mean on nine went unicorn on idea maybe official to close an orgy with me acha acha acha she be so Clemente shares room Sampson a loyalty yeah Richmond and so a woman twin set ever call I come up assume we're doing Accra okay we do I cry with it in a way of a second yeah does it means a sannyasi Canadian Garmin Zumo bhavacakra so sad to see beyond your ankle Evo do not attend yeah I'm say for some yes now yeah yeah yeah yeah but not a moonshot and Enza but to see the opposite the imagine say the Queen consider response the name sanam for edge Fiat Anna to know my power G why I'm going to be Brad Nomar a cybercrime status a an idea and say yep you know me okay sannyasi can say be amorphous Emily ppm afford oh yeah sabia mu yeah no see kappa moo an antenna via a shaman cries okay well Vanessa content rostro anomaly bae theater na na nana mizuki among for no by an idea aside the paper by an essay be of we producing such a show to music's insanity circus alone oh yeah yo face okay so a machete oughtta okay yeah i am handsome insanity the Izone Akaka now the court was he an idea in or near my interest can be in here and I the am i yep a Fiat and I am ome Jim Hoppa thank goodness yeah yeah yeah state now I know many – no more punching below shouldn't we at the energy be a brain but I net ID no no am I on me when did you own me it's can also a yes he yeah I bought your pump is a department by thereby become an Eskimo abs are betting a become in the okay alright I'll give you a pass my MMA bad macro round quickly niobium and pinion for amino Morrissey Sabian pasando Minuten khakhra a binary theater a bossy atom in court so Tina mama shots infuse you are anyway minam Sevilla which Miyako video me no matter my mansion near my publicity loop I mean II say this show sure but yeah next time not Mari back oh is that most at see a mic ok quickly quickly movie publicity not yet before we go I'm say yeah what FEMA on me yet segment and I wish that means mean family the same to my Libya Oh Mia obeah or – I everything it means that the o Yanna nakaka in see acquire feedback rate very good fever in a number two I see a kasama mo mom who say say me say no one seems to know my havea Omaha Beach Mississippi are no knows water one T in tibia is a PR team news one you ha ha mm so-and-so medical was that when I find all over the country so I will move St Athan we away yeah mom Franco Coco quarter region let me pursue music weena if you're tied to me differently so be Lucci one if you come on Sonic of Fujian Joon young Kobe shame or plasma Sankofa rebound could be now merciful and Instagram what soreness and your message is more formal format any pain – because o Muhammad Thomas comedy the man said I don't know some Ramaiya and there then can I say it's come but some say in media cyclothymia job my name is a sophomore no but as important question at you know besides and very important and Sam's also acted you mean sir would you call a mu a no no no I'm lying I'm one more baby yeah by me soon I see any plainer cry man yeah bio class no okay very interesting I'm sure separate from your vinyasa yeah yeah and a janida sacrum way about I think random see on Regina Amy Clement oh so say Nausicaa Sam Urick when I said I'm warmed up but my organizer you know often mums or my pho your say yes guy a man would be the idea you hold the Okhrana but yeah a crowd a know your office okay so friend said Cavalia right yeah Zuko food yeah yeah okay okay this ain't no crying bunny a quite a bit twice a bit 500 500 oh my oh my do always tell you a news item a show about 20 but also Chris yeah sugars you can quizzes are also super twice here to a 500 500 crazy yeah I can say Macomb honey I could be sure yeah took me a call back stitch only film okay and I'm the true meaning zoo sending our dinner table so say yes I see a bitch me ie program money support you okay region stamina right khufu deity atado Abajo incineration media to say kaboom I said boo the challenge is not a wall in genepattern balkanization SAT I know you used to a man any patent banister Burma 20 Baba honest type 950 nobility audience new on build it in a day uncle Abu audience Hunan when a statue or Connie story natural wa Australian own missile followers until I see a building olena crab because this is our comfort zone not him not occurring in Antioch CA say look we are going to build a markets if we go Kapadia we go Coomassie we get at acrid a yarmulkes know this show the whole year round will be performing at least every week all ova but it must start from somewhere okay a new medina many ban and yet we can still talk I'll be there this evening okay no you did you maybe but in batch oh okay the Buchi Babu ee i hundred series in the many a are not written about yellow until an official get an annual on becomes a kaboom no ability is doable okay I mean all right I mean I don't mean we're not me we see first of all memo and gentiemen about so be brave because on my grind the action I mean BAM Theatre life see if I can put it that way any any Nesta T now the impressed me about them know is how a monkey beer because esta TMO incident quickly sir we were just to prominence relevance animation head conventional no Musa Dania but somebody period no they've kept on grinding grinding grinding until a couple of years are people are starting to recognize the likes of Clemente to enjoy any intentional group of guys now my grandma by the period Nozomi teacher mama I think they wish you a lot of perseverance commitment and dedication to craft and Lanka over the period and range a tiny picture niche not so much this level I say again because Malala was was huge chakra we didn't know to the sensible there was popular culture Mohammed Sahib you so for me I think that these guys a testament of how we should persevere and persist in craft beer Warren – Umar said yesterday any pet related with a lot of commitment dedication epically up and for me I think that we should all support or do we know Nathan Allen case I can say attach an imbecile I think of just to go out there in Sonoma body to go out there and support missing out or try and be day okay hook about the region Omaha a man from found to use a mirror Farsi be a woman okay animal posse waha Mia about what et me any antique next baby I'm women rule Puma AG pouch guys I said we need to image look at it I mean it's not only a boy a boy white surname the economy these guys are doing something good out yeah charlie nd I get some flew in the air massive sometimes that's a quantifier gospel for now I say ya habibi know 102 shows up in said Charlie these guys are doing something receiver yeah I need to put a spotlight on them also yeah a crowd we D first one I went to him and insisted say they should bring you back I think the a okay I mean she don't tell people we make oh I didn't work okay baby say you pay for the tiata a mental my microphone in Burma no yeah no all the time not know but not a facility that is available to you yes why don't you take that one sometimes by sell baby is a partnership nurse coward chakra by the time you knew about Assad you know about so good I am I'm afraid I'm afraid not and what it is in this area which me I said um move here we debated in yeah I mean a breath then like some of the supports Union abattoir a shooting piece a mobile bay young yeah because acquaintance sounds way we are not yet I'm in new cornea so um now that no physician with nine you can just after after I mean this just a problem it's more vocal okay so let me just take the very last one from you travel to knee and lo ng no chakra yeah I'm saying and I said edema among food and I said oh my food get down for some time now senior rabbi pain you came yes all the costs were paid she normal side-impact ones are crying no I'm here sir Miska hello I like you'd normally sky man yeah like in Canon coffee machine Adam in court I deserve wha Adam kiss me i effective no attorney fee by therefore pay finally ie uncle despite huh ie issues not national about the intimate ceremony our royalty en can any which me about like we said that take aside the nationality at assisting on a single 100 dobo and see here the one say and then quiet back to my now so that means I'm going on to claim that one console and supported said this will be my last show for the rest of the time until say the Terra Cotta Costner every bad ass engine in what a dead or alive in see that's my how'd you call it resolved resolved yeah Wow don't be the last you are back Sharia mean it should be AB you want to say give me home girls know we're not that often you know a comic or do I choose Oh initially a shame India Indian on business OS a baby or Muslim I am the uncle okay all right Clement Hashanah or das awesome idea to John Hsu quickly some of the comments about mindful being Franken coma for also was there's no dirty money in this world as non-aqueous II and hip hop was supposed the culture of self acclaimed Kings medica clearly wants to pass to promote his album and that affair shitty galleries and William Smith says good afternoon yes it's true that Medicare saved a hip-hop or rap music in Accra Ghana and great program kudos to you and your team please see that I miss gospel Ella from Casa Entertainment review the best greeting to you oh that's Nana corner and you one here from Z's na v GMA should be recognized and that no one day access medical talk too much but forgotten that our they gave him sympathy is a sympathy award he should stop the best less argument because ghanians know which rap okay all right Chrissy your posture and reading our text messages a JD seppuku and feel book who poked you up watch it says when we comment on Facebook you guys don't read but you edge us to send our comments well I am pure a nerdy be a bitch a commentary now you also have to understand that one but which I always to read as many as we can Wow you yeah a branch on an anti-economy Arnaz one Konya epitome virtue the antique previous owner betray what is your Nana Oh does that run today meanwhile another train oh I probably agree okay all right so every Amy I should say BIA mo Mattoon Chi Chi Chi Chi via fuchsia Nene account not this year I'd appreciate have a peahen MTV you know into your money Oba Diah and the only say over Chi a couple of years ago may program the offending just like you yeah they go for by obey a beauticians we BRE Rowling's is the coup for some analysis an aquifer Drewes Mabry ever TV Africa those days and Christy practical no no we also how it went and a fine house no it was a big event war a team because I rescue program move a number of years because now simply put something already okay a BBS a oh yeah oh because a tomahawk are not only a just like you know that sometimes Khurana a few times you've been starting from your my program here because now I had to be taken away during auditions the idea it's a lot of energy and a lot of concentration but nebula the CI a– i said mini radio bo many idea i had a lot of time on my hands a little media a subprogram now so it's coming back just like he was coming back now auditions near 6th of july i'm Saturday the 6th of july a war F&B studios or next to a freak equal information service for yard moon yeah ha ha I will make a order additional internal which I did run and you go to ia boy now we are looking for the best of talents because inside there are lots of young people with a lot of talents which I said many years ago vino cook must be Henry FM yeah and it was a June 4th and I will have been interview as they're rolling severe as the order to describe asuka name because now you know people people enjoy these things you say in the midst of all the Paschal tensions and all of that no such programs know every to me I bring it down pressure Anika crack yeah you know so I don't you know – Isha Sesay just like you auditions no static on the 6th of July and we are asking portal Mikasa subi addendum passerby because our circuits may help us to be Babette Kasasa you know as possible appear to be necessary we're looking for talent sir I want to meet with the others between Craddock III it was out of that shook him lumba the boy would guide not she was out of that shook him that young man may his soul rest in peace and to know that is a project so we are putting our head say in the next year election year is he an adequate no pressure or tension Warhawk when I listen to your morning show Nita pressure tension every way some of these things know a idea between Dubois Nettie pressure a bit drama a boy Cael yeah it also eases the pressure and the tension in our society sure so it's also our way of contributing to it until oh we're just asking everybody said or Talent know who to make us a to be where doctors Roland's what does go forth lutonium so be with me yes you behave is any panel Pepe pair is a time for you sir Baba Nara joining auditions and on the 6th of July ofnb Studios our TV 3 inch Africa connects ability and information service for yaadon ahora no dishes on the bus alcoci ok um so uh my cell anemia nice unum percept we saying we need vehicle crashes Oh your addition knowing your mom for yeah oh my baby te den words well what this is Amina every akka say he opens other doors because the Kai said yeah yeah auditions new year for the previous one your coats rotating weeks of evictions and all that eventually no even those who could not even get to the finals no crap or no whether they bring a movie rules new idea in other movies local movies the idea so Chris Kyle could testify to some of them and to know it is also an opportunity to say or talent be are often please Ontarians who are in some periods I know he's a lot of the movies all of them came out of just like you into no even say it's an opportunity I say people are watching you we're shown for to swab and cough well looky T Nguyen no to give you rules in movies to give you rules in typical radio stations they're aliens guy we need a new Colonel Edmonson a review for a long time and all that internal a monk of huaquan and after after auditions not will select the best who would go into 13 epithets in weeks the 13 weeks no yep renewed damage there every week or every other week II understand eviction depend depend on your performance and to know quark or do financier then the major one which is a final snow then we'll look at the National Theatre for the finals because by that time no backlash Fe previous forum honest a tear Africa's to do so horn oh yeah vision edenia wire to the finally a final snow ho the crowd that came there I'll show you a day the crowd that came there couldn't contain it engineer himself support business especially so we know from coroner Somalia political people are especially sobriquet I Rollins Nico for money the knockoff I drew near ideal they all send people for the finals and even in the finance of the last one mrs. Rollins called into the program say the guys about 70% the husband you know so all the fans don't want to be there to see and supporting it's a new scene they will move into the National Theatre and have a big event on that night but it gives you opportunity to say open ukrainian winger a really nice rose movies if you don't jump opportunities depending on what you do any talent also with the era okay alright map option i'm a panel members new because of a brand new a time to me as I said they have maybe one or two questions in the comments your meta soma soma Burma my mom South Korea and energy my Saba and a few questions needn't be aware maybe Sunday beheading community me idea barium I mean fantastic we see honest and surah Baqarah and then our da so happy birthday to Christian Esther he's been away for some time now so yeah perform CPR baby because three people come that's nice and yeah well I just wish all the best way thank you okay all right Chrissy Ron did you yeah because I think the audition are some reason new Giants new talents Organa is of time now because moving here sir Sabrina you're filling the space for new talents to come yeah because Isis is in the Ghana for Potiphar for DBS are on a path in the purple something wonderful for their coastal I said Cochrane on I say yabba-doo Graham is a I am call for some incredibly ingenious a yet Amina and I know that what we may experience although individual I watched Amano wampum organized a good idea as well step aside but idea warden ad away we are here near you or once a teacher always a teacher in trio Castelar and maybe before as answered inaba and I believe say oh mobility edema the Imagineers from Cana say what more credibility submissive woman OH mamama break even painful be idea dude on a persona Mahajan cottage Lee Managua from Spanish ships in an ornament way with a Anna dynamic a submissive you spell explanation as personal because Norma Bobby is a chasm a new criminal justice unsolicited Abba sponsorship an SRP for France we about you Wilma tree they even consider amatis amant come on open the hostage yo pampas a magnetic a mudra now Omega L psi because a idea said attach a mirepoix Mwanza war talent beer eh eh waka touka-sama dominant men Pino I may be bizarre vodka Stalin Andrew comedy I wanted so many talents incorporated baby Brianna and noms Amida butsu at Mia a much younger man also the chairman Oh Abba daddy Amelia's in 81 I dunno I occurred is officially a kawase Nebojsa when will you give performance a we may be able to support one wonderful moon and I change the shape of the roof maybe be Arkansas Canyon hey Baba I'm a comedian too aqua and I wish them very much so a you a pint in this endeavor it's a good step alright Marty circuits for microphone a TV show no platform based on because you have boots on any ammonia – ibanez decided undecided package right after the auditions will put all out staying working on information okay but me moody in Khmer advice' wah there shouldn't be any prize package yeah sometimes no price price package is long it's important just to it doesn't it doesn't matter how big the price is or how small the prices but it's aware of letting people know say you are rewarded for what you have done the reward is what you gain personally is a promise EB beer at the end of the dinner intimately Fernando suave as a media and all faults Ottomans here but waka ma rocketship would be a failure if the true delivery know myself in the first one on your chef arena we delivered all and the Pacific Lee show say like a well advised by the possibility show say they are not able to me and enable to me i you know like you said the platform alone is incest so just to to encourage you the little we can are to the platform is what we'll be on our and you say near nocardia Mouse sadaqa means animal here mousey niyama say we won't do that that what we have is what will he do be honest move live your dad means no Ageha mms polyether cozy weather anytime yes and he denied me say the first time are just like you buying it was a big hit nah it was a hit because at the time in LA I feel as a gun the impressive reality shows in see Nancy a new to say Madonna and say Bay a very huge now that is a manager a very successful know the facts a twin year because at the time a lot of the reality shows no we're based on the ABO international baby American Idol mentor young stars of the future and the next big actor nebula Buchi but just like universe it was it was innovative it was new and you could hardly get me in the replica abu charity bazaar so engineers away no actually came up with with fresh ideas in sequence B&I movie that what i was us an answer or our Ghana so it was the world on visual a hit but estaba back we're number one reservations khakhra – the challenge and as a concert hall to put it back on the shelf if you would address one might get snow assessor she's here know among forties a psychic our demographic knows who are taking her as to whether it will gain the same level of success to say six or seven years ago no it has to I don't know what organizers know are try because conditional tides until the end no more year to ensure that they would meet and beat the competition reality shows you know for me a year for two purposes one to generate content exciting content pedometer and a two to ensure say on mobile partici and dilation of work areas or aesthetic areas outside the real issue now second concern law on a second reason a second purpose no a name challenge the other challenge because he first wanna him said and yet I mean once once the move away from the real issue I'm not going to mainstream Ghana Hanoi and I see live in the industry all one oh yeah except except the copycats he accepted original so how they are going to transition from the reality to where they are going to no be like others and as other celebs know into mainstream know is a big challenge case in point I was a case study in a anoche supremo I mean on the show during that time or making that luma now let's consider how progressive from the real issue on to mention and simply be because a system that the number did not embrace the fact that he had a copycats you get it we had a few our boy of all the guys from Co through the reality on only three pair now we were extremely successful not so many careers even in mainstream Omaha no I mean I mean to the front between you and I no car no car no Vietnam so how sustainable is against the ban on how would they be sustained regards career-wise when they come to mainstream these are my major concerns one how to be the competition and two how they will be sustaining in convention well I think the point well noted in terms of the sustainability maybe I really cannot be repeating in the same thing all over and thankfully Crandall with this particular show it's not been extremely consistent to sabia every API every API yes this so you begin to lack ideas in the forthcoming years there has been rested for a very long time we just did one we've all watched the videos of the first one again there are the things we are adding to the show to make it a little different from the IAEA so it is not just a case of the original hama karzai said lumba Mikasa we may be alone the other issue of getting them opportunities first of all at inside the platform alone or to baby you are not even known you are not even seen are not even recognized the platform alone we can't do much we can give it a platform out of your performance you must evolve in New York in your evolution or what do you do where does the evolution take you you know it also depends a lot on Nippon also air but you know when we started radio for example I always use myself as an example say we start a radio no nah I was I was a sports person I mean yep music ministry but it was just one opportunity that I got the facts emptiness reduced in my in Tahoe I'm original notice time via staff now many opportunities will be invented 13 for the person I starting for the person and I excelled and that brought me into the music industry as well oh and to know whoever is coming to perform or take part in it no name no money involvement is important as far as this is concerned so we can give it a platform we can give you other opportunities you as a person and also know what do you have in mind I can't say save my mouth chance but perform Yui myself so once a module quiet round round I hate my mom you're gonna marry this one my sidewalk Oh trying to help you get to the top where you should you should be on your own anyway these are multiple I mean far not disappearing for example I called him a few times and I said look you did lumba for the concept you for the show and you excelled now you build his prodigy kind of all this wow now I begin to to your own line you know and find your success within to in your own line you know but as Scoobies are and then the abilities many of its me I am I know and to know well taking points and I think say when the competition is tough but to be honest with you if I sit back and see some of the reality shows IAE now some of them will leave much to be desired content wise content wise yes they are feeling airtime but content wise indeed I watch some of them and I am NOT are not circled and I think some of them are very good as well but okay I know so I think that some of those ones and sometimes you need to give a break to some of your shows then a crumb on the apakah crap i like despite to see here first you will know you know okay why about a fly is well-received second myspace chakra but no this one such a drive low is it because you did the first one in succeeded everybody know star rushing you oh yeah you'll be a BMW after a while once because it I did I'm there for you you need to give yourself some space some brick and then fill the market with that even so those those other issues okay alright so me as I said since the if you cry now about the chassis or addition in your corner between your brain eating gonna be a combo by semi-new via Fifi yeah you know maybe you were radio commercial me before the money fund number integer okay add those who want to register right and all that no you can also call zero two four six six five two eight six five zero two four six six five two eight six five not worried is the air six of July 9 a.m. and then starts okay alright so that's just like you yeah some of the comments but among four won't you know and question way mamamoo's honesty and because some of us are alive a part of it and a chunk of it our radio studio until few edges will be disaster Abajo and he misses a few Anjou ho ho ho Europa which I read you measure which I will resign whatever's who near radio blue mini radio we have Pisa thermometer be peace FM castle never ability Anya Oh yourself it's all back there be really not at all you don't like reading listen the truth is I don't miss radio okay at all I don't miss radio at all hmm i I don't know but I think it's becoming a lot more noisy hmm and but I think so I become extremely selective in what I listen to and I think say I don't know why but after 24 25 years of radio I think I needed a new thing to do not be more and be more TV now done radio but the honest truth is I don't miss radio okay all right well you can still I mean stay and join us oh crap I will just like you oh just like you am so we're just encouraging you a BIA will scoot if you and I so cool cool cool crowd TV and yeah program I brought food and Gabi don't think about how you communicate what we need is your talent talent and ability here it's the best essay on the 6th of July no we are number Sapodilla to channel boom Fred sign and battle and register for it it is absolutely free perpetual would be an oratorical forms for baby Latia kangana forsooth big enough for steady there's no fee anyway attached to it Brad oh but now qualifier you have gone through to the next stage if you don't qualify we just say thank you and then you go home and run okay alright so that's 50 bands they were just like huge media I mean Sara Otte and seminal CBO here and Juma be our Okawa and now be here at the end and to want a co-op is over between a freezer two four six six five two eight six five zero two four six six five two eight six five well somebody cameramen yunlin tear that I said and because of the of chrome 2019 a footballer tournament accost so that's 1/2 cup of nations Nicosia Egypt's the live comment read web remember so we can't go to I for scenario non-emergency incopy AF Ochlockonee so yeah can come on up Queen him there's this gospel artist was come out with a new one the first time you're going to hear it on radio lady prepare elohim CNN Barbra Jean como we'll try and touch on one issue be swap no GMO ad ad hoc uttanapada brother Sammy honestly a gospel musician saw for the first time on radio by BT a lady premium beer horny a year the high life at ease and a secular desire yeah Bobby t na imaging come on all right so a human Oh Jenna Yoda dance or music Oh Yaya nobody nobody nobody I meet the intruder oh damn oh yeah first time on radio lady prepare featuring climber Eugene sanity mario damn I mean who knows what I mean yeah all right so MRAP student at MC not many no co-op and we said well said what I said I'll be reviewing you me about boy you made premium on over radio cinema for BT be a bit but yeah but come from vio engine welcome up him so lady acaba yeah yeah alright so Miss America sounds around Olivia nearly came so jt9 acquire Eugene journey we min economy Eugenia Yonkers lady Prem has always been this musician we persevere a bridge between gospel and the mainstream way NC 2008 saying I hire lady prepare the onion by minakami Sam Mayer at that time not that time not a seminar yet the main they finally say you to know I crazy for Narada Adamson says ye Kwame Eugene are my a u-turn idea can you be any Jeremy Eugene who auntie Anna it uses an acquire Eugene avail you okay anyone on your mother okay departure awaits me about saying you're dead now so you're debris or ha available day and also no it's not me and Sam I can convince you say about your day unions are sauna Yahoo boy I know who you meant in Yemen and I move into a dream shared on call so they won't so it's yeah my mighty number if not maintained at you know yeah me seeing that said well miss Eliza but I and I know okay Farnum khakhra Batman yes only circular phone at kabuemon we're new modern and go for well as you said okay celebrating God no but how do you measure said I'm part when you're moon impact say you tonight you know which mr. Selby through collaboration I'm we did that way I want measurements a anyone oh yeah yeah well most I am most of the user yeah cancer gospel pan uncie onion crock ramp a room named um no me yellow day when there are so many of them I hope to me but better say or lady friend I mean Co gospel by only moving one day so I sold the message I always preach to them whoa whoa by an order fire be by and I walk what to be BR for so many years know about what Sonny me fire or trending now as you kept it right here because it this time around what would you do different to stay in the industry as a mobile bacteria yes or bad or do we have shown you that show me dice apart I mean say sorry media can kinda caught a anonymously idea name uh messy only says yep yet time no no social media new encinia Newmar avi ad album become bites Mitsuki abbess a one-year near from woodsy album no but this time sends me by me by 25th November made it and we can watch three tracks and Abba and see I come here I said every two months beyond Oh made the new single Biba Sumitra said with a proper promotion and yadi amoeba Watts er dr. sacani no no no miss Jana maybe broom okay all right my man Caucasian a tsunami mark we assume been crazy yeah yeah I personally OB Samia I like the consistency in the book a delivery between or no Keynesian and I'm Sarah my Sultana bastard oh no no trehala for a new suit a blue suit on a comma a Porsche owners when I was a lady background all over the same kind of the trends what the Waterboys I didn't leave my bedroom Sabri and it's a good material sometimes know like what a Tina was accent there's this a session said wouldn't and there's no single I'm concerns on to online craziness when you're divorced that's my view on it Kashima I was on the phone because my attention about your board yes I was bought okay all right yeah avec une ism 77 piano I know well first of all a deep and preposterous a story so because mr. McCotter a veteran or I mean what what way – in my store you are so assuming there the craft or my Baba so but if you say a more of a comedy team vibe because religious sound enough a more profound world I mean we're a movie at this particular movement time I will be made by the gospel artists BR to feature a secular artist because here what platform with the agency but the general populace especially gospel for eternity Oh Monty acid and hey mom I said after what you went through with Midori persecution or when do it what was performing Tim what's a baby feature coming Eugene a bit difficulty they will not accept it you know it's minimal the ocean we are Matsuyama you know so I am episode you I really am not cramped I'm struggling to figure out what exactly the purposes especially when you've gone through the same process not seen the Guru you know after know the gentleman is still having some some some level of castigation from gospel phone in Serie Mumbai the Samuel oh I don't know focus never wanna but me are not are not subscribed to a gospel artist fictional sir glasses no no no no because exceptions no any endorsement know about this essay is a more of a common region by because darling her writing it's a why not it's a good song I mean but media consumption I mean I don't agree with because do not accept it they will not patronize it they will not accept it and you and I know very well say I mean I don't know okay but kahdijiha found I think the intentions is what you should all understand her intentions intentions is to bridge the gap between gospel any secular high life news and you know I think sayin only a bad step to take self you want to bridge that gap because you know what those who listen to our region genocide will go to church every Sunday and you do what you have to do there are same people the same people who go to church on Sundays and do those things in a no I'm gonna move be fewer Mucca Mucca they're listening to music so I think there if you have a very good song and I have no doubt in my mind say that some songs are a lot you know one minutes night and no day but you on you I mean as as you go along if it grows on you the songs that can grow on you Arabia if you were bought out of this Warner if you listen to return out of your bottom I'm sure that this will catch your attention a second time you know for me the lyrical content is what is important actually I reinvented all that an idea that he said is the kind of youjin vibe you can feel the crown Regent vibe in but the intention to bridge the gap is what I'm happy about for her okay alright so a brand-new the lady prepared that's what honesty on Koya million baby in come on about tempest semi-decent come on we tell a en como if you what I'm saying now our momentum capi will video go viral we're gonna try and squeeze it maybe after I make my scientific way every emergency meeting a boy has a particular video I convey about gospel teeny brother Sammy I was say well yeah yeah spiritual a drupe your friend divine healing water divine healing water now at the on SNES ionic equation chemistry science moon a body unum da moon Yama now what ensure Nadia flabébé oshio nephron divine healing water Nadia Sawalha now yes a novice even one it's missing a debris to say HIV cancer hepatitis Adrian I Acosta mutiny akka interesting there's a gospel artist who knows you a science teacher Domino so past Eleni achmadi a Chevy Joey yo Kharma no see any past Alenia dean como esta Vidya a double-team Pasolini impart Ottoman comic opera by entertainment review soup Pasolini in bachata vinca well it does the cinematic almighty for I'd say no washing video a brother Sammy what claim you said well when a divine spiritual water be able to miss an idea O'Shea a Senate tomorrow our savvy doing I did yeah which resides my background enti I be awoken a savior sadly we know Nadia huge my mouth okay from almost deleting is another reason of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane I wanna a digital dichromate that I've seen out the cyclone eating okay in the way a organo clue compound a mummified you just a DDT for the camera will be the movie boy that wasn't written actually Domini a colorless tasteless and and almost odorless but the or D train McCallum in the DDC supposed to be colorless chemically and DDT amateur so canister broadcaster said an idea by Caribbean descent super pepper bottle water reserves you but electro at the ocean mmm-hmm who say we did sin I draw like the bottom water water bottles are labeled okay the label is what says says the product aside okay indeed it is in Isaiah said whatever the pectoralis but you're the trainer now a color mm-hmm Carolyn in addition to dozen and but you're da DB TBI Alcala hookah Yahoo say hello to the best of my knowledge sssss any color okay all right thank you thank you then the physical property my caucus a it is an organic compound yes it dissolves in organic substances and practically insoluble in water so if the same or D can import water before he put a DVD into it then we realize that the team dissolved and that is supposed to be insoluble in water and carousing water and oil Omarosa the last days ever was true and the more days will be down until mix water oil ah you see the compartments says they have no diesel Emperor momentum karate said he 84 new episode transit I say once a wooden shoe na mo Inagua epinephrine was an honorable battle Shalini I said ain't mean fry you papa was he did't even fryer Lucia sapper personally I am sure diaphragm when I'm 180 times you didn't mean fry you know sanneh DDT news you ta planea body does it I mean check on Google okay alright and water water is is a is inorganic hmm Disney organic and by chemistry organic does not miss with inorganic hmm if he if he says that is water and when we put little super in eternal it must have no effect on either Blue Ridge mazepa or red litmus if ah okay I will show that if you put this most by naughty – no 10 we must check that one mmm then we realized that when the DDT was falling to her water it became homogenous enough wrapper paper exactly okay and only another thing our friends Rita water now as a as a as a as a stream from manual when you pray over water and the power of God comes into it it doesn't change the composition of what I think is true the issue does not change in other words that what I would still be neutral to little it was of a blue and a red similar but is soon googling and I change it I think that a lot of things are wrong what is very wrong in and for me Caesar that the public would judge for themselves okay if you sure that it is digital for example if somebody has not taken in olive oil before anointing oil hmm and I want to pray for the person I want to drink it myself what I use it mm-hmm when I drink it then he has confidence that we are not doing something for him to that hmm even sure that it is divisible in support in his mouth today what I had retorted assess experimented on himself that is to go to the stream otherwise let's use the foul and experimented on it and see what at the fire will live or not okay alright Pasolini because of time you ain't mean to us about middle Sarah I should say at least what were my opinion just yet Nimisha Papa Papa so past Eleniak body was also a church in your chest science I was cool nah bye bye oh yeah software goes from Tunis and remember our studio and Mahanama see Hey vivy hobbies in w-well video heavens okay okay alright I'm very oblivious of what you're talking about I see interesting I know yeah well what we do know yes my video okay so did you know Nia passed Alenia kind Jenna Becca oh scientifically be a senior and say bogus' as Indiana's a million and see the nation Anana FDA fire because I know Pia there's a release BHS a watchin for questioning on the mobile tissue how much me recently know to me about social media HSN a new solution a beats me also a best hotels each I've in the other chronic diseases so for me I think that like I said time only ho so subsequently snare ban would interrogate the matter further circuits okay Anini across well I could see say not to K be any cat green be and auditable a nadie se ho Chrissy let me say we should be doing a balcony sandy it's also another board situation what am i see oh wow yeah but social media because Bordeaux may speaking from experience a Betty mama be breathe because I don't know yeah you know oh and a Bordeaux it's a private platform otherwise I would have said something that you did as I'm sure you a poor – oh yeah yeah I was bought okay even of a bottom do you think I would do that okay bottom and because you use that excuse you do silly things on on people yeah immigrant you oh goody a video watch kunio-kun learning what or any bottom and commercial in you okay what am I see a table and I don't know in the media me for say empty because it's an empty action wha I will still insists a would see certain religious I do believe I tuna police whenever I always tended to settle radio stations an epidemic we're setting claims quasi our stations no any near mama Clemmons formal warning near Monocacy I think so more instantly to protect for Ponzi scheme anima bruja CHEO before Ponzi schemer and my brother should be made as a mirror secrecy fabric Ivana aware oh yeah yami-san Ukrainian Omar brother Samuel goodra no Dawson Amharic language suna Jana me incasa truth mmm mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah Casey apart because we're here talent Akita no-nos a PCB woman warplanes sabisu engine a ball so in this manner because ebayid we re si am a pious 18 who giveth me – su and and fancy obeah will be advised Cena and ha Oh Bert Schneider a NASA science BOTS or none or DSi window panel when a foreign oil it will be products from CBI will be put out and I know all mixes Hannah – SSI HIV you said Sunday you say I do say the bill and for me I believe say massage ofuku mas a vampire vampire man because animal woman a no sabes abuse is a visible Mamula sir what has m columns hire a new sometimes fifa some anomaly high fever – my beat me go of the truck yes i sub sub you Jimmy Simonson Aman Aman and Jimmy Sam sabbatical come on Adia bye and yet the Y SWAT has empty I believe sir oh yeah pebble but baby will be away young catezuma MA so I don't know India via Google spoon movie now at casa doooo yaaaa Gemma saw me as a baby Sonny Chiba Tina is a wake-up call man a crystal for Ghana newbie I say across area so for food beats me makes it makes any my mind walk away a mini pay ibn himself from a gospel background or the idea but definitely obeah me fit Vikas Agni also DGD attraction rococo – I don't know swap how could you soon and you know a empty for so so so much my chairman you shouldn't be because they buy doesn't mean you won't come for me a concussion hot dog no mood it fit because of GGG I mean a pseudonym I was almost almost no more much I keep on one we assign a man may come aside like people I sell and all sort of things now did you do touch I want to be challenges favorites oh boy a pest often is a yummy non-directional so where you wake up Cory and Shay Nyonya careful say GTO who by a famous Antonia my way one swing Ksenia ponte di mama now Sosa watch it now watch it not yeah oh but yeah now one here Oh disabled cool ok alright so released from the food and drugs Authority FD and police arrest brother Sammy to assist in investigation on product claims the food and drugs Authority FDA where the assistance of the Ashanti Regional Police has affected affected sorry the arrest of one gospel artist by name brother Sammy to assist in investigations of a claims of a product the QIOs hiv/aids and other chronic diseases which has not been approved by the FDA this follows the attention of the FDA drona to series of videos circulating on social media about the gospel artist now the FDA wishes to inform the general public that it has not registered any product for the Cure of hiv/aids neither has any approval being given to the said artists for the production and sale of any FDA regulated product the FDA fella wishes to advise the general public not to a patron eyes such product from the artist or any other person since such products have not been approved by the FDA and the claims cannot be substantiated wha so FDA first mom economists say omen Casa Antonio biasa or many police for Medrano ha alright so a pregnancy at common tree no sports no Christianity SRS so lady prepare with this new one monochrome Eugene Mirman amputee philosopher papa okay yeah I'm partial answer an Americano map SMD my social media platforms no better – jolly deep ramp a music our instagram / virtual facebook Susu LED prompt a music and I am sweet higher at lady prompt a necessity I may release a video on YouTube channel so in simple title a deeper emphasis yeah video no a Streamy life a radish Olivia yes it's a faux enamel Iike crazy on us everything from why I'm sure he heard the voice of 50 by essentially just like you Jerry barbed wire streaming our Facebook so my yes sorry soon I'll live commentry half gone 2019 yeah bro my name is Christy Iowa

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