oh banana Messiah my flaw in the US was Abu Yahya Dada was an elder I said that Tony Sacco pharmacist or proper a medium for Oba you you you I cry gaaaah 17 minutes after 1:00 no hos 18 I mean you know how my mom kappa by a median assuage the same in review piece 1 0 4 3 FF zoom in on a book a facade no I didn't watch him you know who's watching jyotsna see Bobby Dean come on fire arts near entertainment – huh – I'm awake um whoever a similar geometry diverse entertainment web pages I've got to say hi to Nina go to vote on kissing or zoo in any other team bounding saw Bianca buzzer will be obeah Freeman watchin em Sookie sandy of Our Fathers but it income personal de novena meant me I am Julia may have food on the approach everything if I don't know BD I am one who gets it o Muhammad atoms in one machine what's they hide in if it goes all chair which I'm I found myself a bra why wouldn't y'all move I came back pretty tell on me missing well I would I mean I'm telling you hey I challenge you said what's now would it be be back yeah you have a poncho get you Bob mr. Bao Zhi a big was who do I beg forward you all right so an instant Wojcik whatever's entertainment where peace is a plan called yo papa monosomy Shazia no not me do my calculations we were doing okay but hey I Arab so for Bravo I was a I a celebration on valiantly with the fauna Omaha die names in Eclipse in the Aeneid ending moody motto Bravo needy on Cassidy Mike you wanna orchard are cool but they assemble to go see and nama fire be and my Bouboulina and shed a new content as a in Zambia palpable addendum sir yeah yeah they're Polly beets and the answer to my bitch cocoon poacher company I saw what we are no now and Godzilla do also mama bear soon shake neuropathy Serbian a Medusa me Cobra was him and I'm Erica waria wants him and I because cam wants him no no no Raul you my man now my yeah something new CIA did you tell my dad I'm gonna buy a Ferrari by which no message no message or say hi Nani puka album are able to don't make it shows all your words my because no per se a yeah cranberry juice from coach a na na equal is now say I'm gonna hear no Posada Mustafa's ok nice officer Musa because I would see any album notes here Omaha Kadena monster way were difference but sounds of the cows and nothing you know new album oil Phnom Penh cell by be taken out now I will be telling you maybe you know any through their free moon Astana say no more money or the Red Rocks to New York I was here friendly bounce to visa Mia imagine seduce time before we played this any idea the Ghana for the fabric supplier bonsoir it's a soccer and one 1832 oh mama Boniface a young woman for say I was there with you woody now your MIDI now Manami a new sensor once I know the size she wouldn't move from Natsu yet my day we are do vagina now the delicacy dementia obey a moon Io Brown for Dylan video trance wha Liam illa liya i mean i won't even know pop up whenever I'm in Santa Anas an insane deal ankara khakhra no movie a couple goose poop homicidal crow comedy and I'm comfy I'm gonna free again their most awesome is see Leah brownian c a.o b awkward the import photos itís only be secured a crucify magics Gyptian patoranking e and o rock musicians baby no once again you more yarn over skies any we are musician of another say Orica cram wanna just what do i an RD hi its power we always a pacifist Calabi and also could be no better this what Susannah omiyage an easy one that is all goopy your panty hose OGG got robbed on America that Saudi new territory sinus a fedora Instagram every kind no not be secured a ever ever trust a part apart your friends saying low that is a passive a girlfriend a a homicide a note silicon same we're gonna have fun ken ER nu Kappa chat then I gotta formed from no musician immunity say with the minions it's not your brothers on console cinema inventor I'm gonna celebrate aperture FBI she likes a cone shape your perineum ah in fatness area on amor de noche sanfur corny cavatelli prove we are to be cicada to infamous only my girlfriend only me she ain't woman me a new metal transfer now I say I miss a block that have a new music and a swarm of combat homicide needs no or much stronger fitter rhymes music a Zodiac albatross slice' or not the new black avenue eyebrow Queenie Bama – he didn't remember I'm a bunny about to say he might okay you know might sell the countryside America now might sue Bobby mi na mi Michigan outside in and they both see everything about saying cigarettes I mean it's a new contract with black have any music you can see me a loser DJ blah-dee-blah koba vehicle so baby if you mr. G let's bar you say she can't sing for she can't sing money's say I don't know you also buy a bond one another by our Navy I wish I knew Kunis you are noir we are saying it's on there the one who I sell for the Obasan gave me maybe I said her name the about to come about why yab yab no hmm say yeah you said you a few oh I'm so sorry nuclear John and I between sedum combats now when an engine or neuro now enjoys again now confirm me a new normal or my boomers are on baby be no more immunity oh mama Karen Union II feel from I can you know be honest or not Jim planner now hurry now quit you not save daddy Vince Madonna enjoy say hakuna Sonny wanna say obeah all on Barbra on your Papa enjoys again you cry nabela or wooden table while shopping or your children look at some of your baboon disabuse my own shop : oh I knew Omar : okay or no oh yeah bye Sandhya wouldn t be war soon saying on blue moon SWOT analysis we need a bowl do attempt a New York resident you know UJ so so babe you know what Jay said my bed my wish a medium me I'm Everett ma sha Allah I will see my son for me so anybody know which I say I said yesterday my brace a patting me on my journey I'm Shamim on young Busan typical range I said it'll be a born anything the Seoul Busan honest and super juni forcefully we made yesterday enjoy I see let's agree my future but they are Brandon pop immediate also at me the ego profit I prefer to afford rujubee I'll any good profit an azure prophesy prophesy among you guys enemy we say be a review or shall we cut our profits to just a construe I just religion abandon five years ago and walk on sapphire your money a Renaissance I'm watching football enough okra my answer would suggest is from oh crap on my maybe you listening yes show me show me yeah warm but Nigel's in appointed in Caracas and said she'd be a big a costume oh that's even a boy who number two nights will be someone who may have a nearly some Kong ego profits anti-radiation beautiful said in a press conference about the student in the eyes of a Cherokee shake my Anakapalli paramecia submersible vehicle in abu ali meghana political instability has room between declared dead since up overnight ABC with him we assume ego profits see any algebra watch a picasso piazza navona she owns else wanna see a gear change papa me do Tatsuo a Mercedes SL prismo we employ a la boca del rio josiah heiser a word rahbaniya odessa chrome Lieberman's approaches a panini Jupiter cojones a casino a Jupiter worry and yoga for we Gia Robin are you any assistance or sunshine my cousin Sandra or what it says so did indeed come on for because the ONS Fabian own car numbers of Medicine in France for mcdonnen Romana Romano numbers of its mohkumat internal affair moon but society adieu Pattaya open yeah sister Luke else way no I ate six other stories making ground so diverse some of the viewers some of our the entertainment web pages deviate and abnormal way up where the a brain or we vibe a corner pin phone so I pinched it home thereby I'm sure what I'm soon going to be able to journal weapon so Vecchio rg1 ho text and what's up line here zero two zero six nine seven two four four four butter tea no money Alba to me to Arjun chair Dr Faso a zero two zero six nine seven two four four four and only text and what supply a bitch me to attend chair fast so between soccer Facebook entertainment review I should share crying now they were a yeah and a ginger beer will be I know would be a fast sonali about we streaming live on Facebook as well peas 104.3 FM peas 1 0 for three 104.3 you all right so remember us to do an obscene shankha Mona as say every scene in shitty yet right so I know yes boss I'm incisive user made a profit and get profit and a custodian a best answer some sometimes no meaning say knock upon new mood this operon was also produced aside Indiana is fine unless a and technology and I'm the that's a prophecy any be so as a psychic are because uranium said Castro we benefit here oh yeah oh yeah Anna physiognomy yes my especially AI Wayne – Ramona and then Lewis and no more moody showbiz that you know you know anyone regardless of the facts a as a time make some caca ain't incident generate ingenuity attention will be lost only time you mention Castro piano OPI interested because of pedigree our onions and our a million items at the time we're in 2014 no on a prime and Cabasa so again this casino as a philosophy videos we are supposed to another between 2014 and 2015 enter Modelo the issue a lot at its peak no there's a discussion scientists it's you know any a likely track a debate discussion yes of course never will become so clearly the emphasis a Mac tension and fix the emphasis on Castro diem but a non chess a and Castro issue no any issue ax okay people would want to sweep it under the carpet I am in Newark across a [Applause] profit say if indeed and we are not questioning linen a spirit-filled personality another main motive of prophecy but I'm wondering why say what information say the spirits not only on you say we own your information Amara why do we need to wait for a press conference in recent times no I mean I'm in no position to question the the spirituality and and and the we are some prophets and make your movie no but it's still confuses me say this there's a vital information so I'm not too sure ABI technology Noah yeah one sec and also I'm an Al Capone the reasons as I get confused because if you have a relevant information they give us what we need to organize a press conference invites media to come and sit and all that stuff for me I think it's unnecessary if the information I want no a bad boy Bashir Ababwa am the fluids about what gentleman like a son a suburb or even the police because we and I please matter in C AB AB Wow just put the information out this having information and trying to organize a press conference to be to tell us where a casual know for me I think there is I mean notice are not sound offensive but it's not necessary just to the damn information out and let's move on now daddy Abba wanna say you see sheriff EPA I got two more years was declare him dead you can understand so that's why I keep saying say stole now once you mention the gentleman's name a key people are interested but I don't agree with their profits of a Soviet press conference tomorrow or they are did not trigger okay Marisa manicotti no tsunami no solid yet I say t-90s dancing over for a Ghanaian to for human Empire ain't meaningful in Estolano will be a more more coming up in subbu and see if we pass a bill about to just have a content in income for nehemiah because oh no no Miami a shame on Maya content and new to Libya and one is why do you say Obama outer or badger fans and obey will be on an ad on the by but in recent times no because a social media dominated warden ah si B would be B actual outsider it's easy already available by instantly now check near a selfie now with singles idea about cuts in now sissy I'll never catch you yeah budgets una radio presenter same attention you know my best but we didn't few months no no no crying tape but solution one or more money so I dunno cliche as aluminium said I'm making music not because of fans inquire but okay sorry tell me some audience know Oh Micah Thomas album shine even tough one oh my bedroom on salami irrelevant they came up with one of the best Anna I'm gonna best albums at Abba a bit well Freeman's was still oh my oh my boom because of a bottom one a Content imma back to my and so I got to cure more what serious he wanted to fool be much they did a Whitney Houston Michael just do a moonie not and then OH ammonia is still relevant almost a lot more friends but as I was in you know so when it's white give me a shot Tamara you are looking at an echo fans out bigger now I know Murphy says I know the content money our budgets wanna in a year not true no I mean I be a trim but so too about now on is I do say I'm making music because I'm looking at any on the Korea Madiba permanent media did you years to come now generally I do my around musica oh that's not say a planet at the content here's someone years to come tell a relevant about the boom you know still I it's yeah a classroom Asuma McConnell in 10 years times now beat it you know for a cement to or before years ago Salah Sonya hey Bailey so I advise our gamma so yeah I've come in additional say also the to code to do not only say any about you through baby sounds a long-term you know say only content oh but don't be Amana okay alright we Darcy well my min corner hola my consume funded yet my until you're not assassin I mean occupies also is beginning to appreciate your furnishing social media internet name media and antonova phenomenal yeah yes social media and the mainstream I know that our offices of media no internet might say you pompous or announce a professor I'm so I began as a press conference now I'ma be on say yeah or no no you now make it you know also be about no BT I mean some of these radicals should stop sayin Nvidia Nippon wha what prevents you from saying it other than I mean how many years now five years well who have in wanna be organized a certain meeting now what community say Nippon or we're officially panels in SE the US you you know a year I wish I woulda saw it will become we assign exacerbates the ER know there have been a few there is not fair me I think Somali only maybe I a woman wampa 91k social Bayern centrifuge if not in seven our children are we know jumping the gun a shame and charming home as soon oh sorry one another casa no telling who mention oh no because I think it's is very handsome sir Adisa organization so for shima-san watching at Nebo all those prophecies our mind some you know some weeks months ago about the BCC Organa I remember second opposition in CNO also kind and it brought video evidence of him in a certain radio station or castle maybe some is working tempo and other offense Mike Isis a recent was no classic mode accessibly a BB would say Bridge River to ammo and to among also moment premiere then I know as many women of commode acts as no Connor sorry it's a necessity so would Mika wheeler then I will add ISTA organize a press conference attention MJ turbulent or Shana Sicily and cannon want some too much then they try to bring in some sense anyway Obama deems on our own room I think say it true that be master system Oh Shania and cumbersome too much you know much like a baby not a platformer Ksenia discussed not affinity yeah many a woman mbaku baja determined I said no to teach em before semi trendy mu TP 7i a sir please one cell for three a customer be a genome you know a boy and mommy found two just said Obama dancing Kenny a a profit drew GB well Japanese were near Becker's about Jeffrey Amano and call and she say be a proper manana it be with Mia to simply be a banner ad Amana not with me uh yeah no quickly my name's therapy are any other issue BR will be visible Tatiana uh yeah yes and a breakfast it means no Cayenne even I mean much more respectful Bravo I mean there's no two ways about me the elevation in the standing and in a position and when it comes to Ghanaian music especially hip life and our Ghanaian rock music site actually a BBC pigeon air yes Romney years I desire stop it right now Mikasa why especially opinion and again let me stress a about a brothel and in the level of respect our union a woman one spot on but as ammo Cayenne or do this the same I talked to uncle Harlem but what he field to do not was to to to to realize any merciful because Matthias a mocha Onomichi the about a cocoon 1 a.m. in our Kaka because if you are PCT say system removal from those times are a no-no we're heavily based on teams and they say we are now after 10 years know where you should masa now 13 years no chrono say oh no no travel Salinger bit no 10 years as a volume now gratis grandpa a bra for the ambition crisis as a cocoa gamourai ammonia ammonia so we should appreciate the fact that the taste demographic is a Sangha is no more bassy siano like he said this is the fact CC alumni bear more production driven bits driven it's just guys ii Amud one or two ways bumper never pick alpha you understand you lived a woman once we able to cash in at this mask on because destruction on a new home right CeCe are not ccsd's abacus oh yeah the songs no sa theme piece and so it must be based on a certain concept in the next five or so years so yes we appreciate my co so funny to appreciate the Acosta Sofia but Odom's me who know Krampus somehow no no Hanukkah sonic run he shot himself in the foot yes a sunset on our crafts or Bravo no soon he's involved here by the years because aggravating as a rap yes a baby maybe he was doing more singing yes which I know so yeah is this idea thank you thank you yeah cause you see I go to your pointer fluffy yeah yeah consumers of music when he appreciated sing get some more in see and perfect example in Russia they did on a particular bone meu bem Z over here or heavy yes yes it's ISA the Legion of him and rappers are almost attic was singing brights with a book bag him and he'll pick mattock me he even people if I say he paved the way by mukha a muffled bitch you know sorry him wrap a somewhat any singing or before actually was one guys on the PP win so like he said a evolution sometimes new corner now sources and so the only tournament police issued about pecially the facts a generation ancestor and ICC also because a system Lydia Wickham Oh Alice again virtually known as assistant Bosnian MCC are not to cash in because this year was ray are teeny ho Ian two albums and lost my views on sumo in sedan in the AUSA so young Ben Jana said the hits you get hits get to them or in your shoes in your swim session so they generate a lot of money oh yeah you are done so I don't need to wear sit and crack my brains gain and try to Marino future shatta wale and one of the nice kids I don't know course also why ya know over 200 is is is to be honest I saw this tomorrow is that team based it is our development charge we appreciate say a one but this is the mom CC on to what end it's me onions is he only think is okay in the next ten years based on Sangamon obesity why I be the same I am Watauga a bad dream I begin to who because no no no phone cameras you see anymore oh no no no team base the concept based you all know up one over twenty a year now due to Morgan's efficacy 250 250 250 gonna Lieberman so no no he's also appreciate the fraction yes somehow connect a NASA Loompa bus system lay and support assassin lock-on mcnabbs hit song gets your shoes move to the next his own a move move move move move you better your life and you move on any other hup-hup as a touchy on no motivation idioms and MF Iran on Rosa okay young yes I'm also interested in or bra for a shin O'Brien say woody I know my PhD our here would be do Komachi does the does the bottom line so do you know maybe HIV do karate video much Allah and to media I think people should begin to appreciate say industry know there has been so many changes and there was to be so many changes as we move along for example say a hip hop there's no hip hop attending any asana hip hop Nettie has changed every general of music has gone through some sort of evolution they keep changing based on the generation oh and I'm sure say hip life 18 and then give us ten years hip line to change again but unfortunately no those who belong to the former generation I don't mean to me I appreciate see what the latter generation is doing because they feel it should still be the way they used to do it and never happened because two hundred and purposes room at that time now would be a 28 when I were 40 something it means you have also changed things are changing links minimization Organa ha I met one guy at them the ascent and some time ago out all year songs about sanitation and ordered Abu Bakr Mission Beach enema conundrum we academics are combat do side is also know but tell him that minam how a particular by was so proud and we need to keep our men cleaner Medina hello so by keeping it clean about Niska because when I would about to p71 ability nobody's listening and yes I am poo yep a barnyard Shamu is to the sensor yeah but service commission but she become awesome and not those kind of team based music you know look first niobate is a man unity semi nearby everything a trans maybe on a number two number a 10 minutes I Castro its intensity and we still enjoy but now we don't have that time simple one line two lines ENIAC on a monitor automata chatta chatta freedom I never understood that so say how could this music this song become a hit now he wasn't it acaba hit I don't know Daytona you see how he has been few lines rhythm and they got good to go and I think I can say oh yeah no no it shows that you are not being creative now in hello a channel coming has a beautiful album and summer what was so beautiful my bra so a millennia idea and Hank Apocrypha no force Antonia moving plate but these are great great great salsa why is because the generation has got a certain EA to music which is not the same as a generation before over for the souls our hits some time ago every mother younger generation this time around they would not appreciate it the avocado quality they don't care what you t spoke about they won't appreciate it because there's a generational difference and less appreciated so me if a baffled listened to advisor bra a fear vanity a baya de Filippi last night niacin pager if he's interested in being as he used to be on Daniel walk across a wall say o Allah nano nano scale of nanu scale a de Abajo Collison Dona moça klappa yah yah model also yeah ammonia a mere Prasad okay Superman corner Tina and failure yeah start strain University yeah I comment nearby a million amorous honest it's a mob of ravio before Edie Aircast a new man beats women are now a bitch driven any oma-ha mall kinda cool videos or see that time my pajamas I moved that time I dropped by mocha I told myself that I wanted to the wall to see me in a different light I wanted to yeah he was telling anybody [Applause] so I think I want you to play a song from word or bra for 1800s dollars and above all performing burning butts in my car for now dance oh yeah I know because of like Jamaican dancehall – you gonna – I'm saying because hip lies high life good morning football in my own it's one of the times I may add makes net that my camera if I'm playing a we are media watch and come with that do contact if I said make the addition a serene amoeba needs me for Sam's I would have been a basis on so I'm not gonna person okay but doesn't mean you say it's change in the listening ears and in the generation do you think people don't set up so much in you know me I never see you [Applause] yes he was yeah it was on oxygen quality a ba na between what you see the gothis audio story and it was about Sammy casaba baby I know I got the cobia what rap mmm and Chasse a Cosmo Burnham non-immune oboe the BMC vecina each year for not much much worse to a whole new media mine why pinch your bitch media for texting what's up line or zero two zero six nine seven two four four four zero two zero six nine seven two four four four now the Argentine real fast so now the Abba piece 1 0 4 3 FM soon once you go we streaming live on Facebook I can't just listen and watch us that if you want to you can just check us out on Facebook peace 104.3 FM peace 104.3 FM now share now we th with you know which means a Chicano entertainment reviewed as a page and determined review IA official page you know so my age with you know in particular a comment to be I will be on road to me Adric hormones so you all right so no me no me ni ya Pabu bossy em so what do you mean well yeah Piper Kerman so Eddie I'm I aim to Nadine's turn it up [Applause] okay all right sure remember yes he did mymzy not Fatima honey I'm gonna see and torso area community about the concept step in mono Atelier actor and ginger and Satya actor omeka Oh mother you know about John enemy Mia but your idea my maneuver body children okay it is Russian mafia DBT okay no Papa a very big and Osaka move and we attack him but right okay now Nova episode back to table torn is Andrea Prince armoire be Prince I'm Wahby okay well pray on Oahu me pepper also visit a mentor ninja no idea bits meows le idea obi-wan because you okay okay imagine my Aviva Jaron Tatia from investor of Ghana awesome it we play multiple rules a ultimately I ain't a TIA Babu cell contact a no cosine and sine T no general give me anxiety in a Miami not oh I see now many of them phone in common such as I would by being immersed in episode honey over the boy radio via Waga Tiana and on the wall okay alright so Jinyoung we incur or tell any agent idea is an idea or more a year Bob on team madhouse and one cornea babaji nah somewhere along the line me do llama kiasu baby based on saying hobo Messiah madhouse in II mmm oh no sabe by hola my microphone back on budget blue one oh yeah okay all right synonyms account of Obama's a cinema day Chicana see me waiting by Oklahoma booms in the aristotelian aired in a coma and he more directly involved by you you are yeah I mean you saw the process masa yeah yeah yeah create produce executive producer data yeah no he's so mature and I'm inside ret first scriptwriter yes creep ice cream played really okay enemy Garrity Nelson 3000k that's the part that you play yes sir so madhouse maybe I'll tell any generalize about madhouse any same pie I mean yes Sydney but the idea the concept adn Appa so Chi okay the idea you know about mental illness you know the agile me Aria Jimmy are you okay say I said I'm fine in coho especially sarcastic ostriches near 100 be a showdown course or what we see or even understand what they do day and the kind of challenges or more so listo I do agh media school ran a defrag once upon a time is a granary now Mussina or door door Naidu's a basin but people actually go through stress and mental illness i MP attention to how can you do something around that no so yeah whoa crap modular was maddening cosas de hid ever try discuss as you do more dreamy area but we've never taken that you know that's challenge in tea enema may call it psycarticles patrol for bed to adjust to understand the kind of thing that goes on the until OH now team you know yeah I did I researched for two weeks and you know everything you see our cinema yeah yeah no hospital he's a DSC open okay Annette boom Chaka boom Chaka ard se open everything be an idiot free and even the challenges of unnecessary Bua a more espouses music and we had more psychotic constatine serum because I'm honest almond want the appreciation will go down okay don't tell them they just set up their messes if this one we had more 37 I may add more psychiatric hospital and a han Solo there are so many challenges are dystocia sinning are you to appreciate why be good to do challenges and how to help them so is that in all about a meta health awareness and this would be now boot up boy a party any because none come up with I said yeah do be project will be discussion and idea one Casa and if you're a newbie now boy apart it was right from list or GHB there and play idly seasonal we decided to do a film on it mmm and he decided to find it if we can do it so we put mice to get our resources together and the NSF yeah yeah yeah I do B and now we no no no it's our own kotatsu society so where I want a sandwich amount for any about any across where the various a be a mental institutions hospital – any idea where is the basic thing – I mean from Kokomo a DCC a my idea may acaba um talk some more broth okay yes sir back in the days visit was about the same EF a same be may be awash and anna muhammad anima say and i'm a bc CC idea is about the air a bit nom nom on Fuji and on a toy so who come out or Dawson in a marina I don't know daughter that's what people want is it not a risk same a great risk same one more part because a massive tsunami focusable okay so being in the industry for all these years my idea I'm gonna say it is not really about theme nerdy banner by self is about how you narrate it even though he completes or donate the ended also but I could do or don't film which is different from what you have seen although is completely a door is a very cool way so Lisa I can love you by the wicked love meeting you come because love you there's a so many ways of you know treating a story but uh no no problem was with a fax a on Shannon Daniel from I wanna at transia she uh yeah you know about Sbisa monosystem knows about on phone and I work what when you see a crossover by he feel say there are so many of them on the street and then we need to do something about it it's you know yes Phil no idea where no a month one said on top here that is why we use what people I enjoy now which is comedy to tell the story sergeant I said I'm a catcher Oh Bravo say all thinking into the new generational we also sink into the new generation of comedy to tell the story of mental illness okay alright so suka can mama telling me a Gina and Tatia so I tell it I'm in my senior year uh lucano said comedy aspects um bizarre omotchama for up gene Abba so almost every more obscene my idea so sanity was the comedy aspect now more for instance one new playroom we see about the media a journal article okay and this is your job a few artists will be funding their cover the hospital was a dominant and better care the silicon me I say am a person is rusev I hmm who say yeah I'm mad I hurt you know how mad you know and I know so many different ways but at times little fun one way sir whose engineers your specialty the same mm-hmm that's my Lantana different Tamar de Pena Jones a Jesus a net worth is in Serbia Bedell $0.50 a normalization a button from the reactors slo-mo to 203 lon sumaya Delhi there DMO City City Emma said you a balanced way via KHOU I bow down for a up or down formula so sales we su office wage Anita he said moving about thoughts I mean they're the obesity screen robust Rossano and that my depression so Betty fathers did there be a surfer that's will be a crabber no distress cacao for you Italian to pass Matty I see Europe ie um so part I'll play anything funny be Maria Mia but I'm for nemuru Phoebe I come up here yeah yeah well I wish him trivia because it was channel PP eko so touchy but once in a while you'll be woman ah yeah I never told me so mmm-hmm sorry but it ain't some medicine phonemic asana me whine Anamika say but who say say a banana MOOC removals would be up or down cake a bad omen an OB agua idea adding affecting our who ABO canoe movie and a CEO who came in our bottom but say and yet in the San Juan and Emily sec Buscemi billion on food as a minimum say like different things bitch mom walk with me so awkward um and I say what you name account and until I mean who say like it's a very serious thing cause bass animated voices you'll be famous a remembrance from Mohammed Oman Oman business maybe before but my uncle they know to say an easy cry and easy Somali Moses a row now you play you know my personal file to my daddy a saying and then Akuma wanker so personally me first time to call psychiatric hospital nya or Noctis in Asia but I took the opportunity to maybe contain cakra until con 19 actually the more reactionary officer Mooney amoeba at home one will be human happens to say more yeah I'm sayin come on Sofia I'm Moochi would do come officer Mohideen a moon 90 crayon maker mocha cardamom in idea incinerator a mommy say solute-free Nia and I'm a greedy about its first daily Dominion teen didn't second time I mean could read more about it in three Brahma me research into the character and I was able to bring out what what I did okay because after I think 3ds PA mr. bone assumed Buono Buono but after some time now it wasn't free character now video okay so we trusting in or across yes yes baby emoji how I'm so most of we are what I want I wanna touch I would be bear NASA an Archie base and on so many many many participate many as shimmer I'm say me me me John bear five these mediums I think roughly for five days okay so five days I mean Jenny generally some of the experience oh yeah americo's warden see anything as soon as they Bri in fact you know and made a mini eggmin s is funny and very formal kimono because the crowd said oh my G on your bed you know Oh bitch I could give you an idea I could take any sound inside would be a nice idea cuz you won't know but it was anybody there was somebody there was this man on anybody nah Sebby imagining a comment a bigger apartment Fabiano a crime news energy and it was something someone said how are they able to communicate or deny all sent by pen here because not Jim O'Connor but then Odin by Pesci there was this mana hoodie a crown it didn't change young boy between channel so not you know I can yeah we are so blah acronym Kearney mo mu Channel O Muhammad Eukanuba to Pattaya I don't know someone Kyle Cochran I am to say mmm and toesik rabbits I don't know that's what happens they an easy a hazy fire obviously Burundi cat Nadia 9200 day the or 90 an akuna it gave you a secret Oh hold on Sarkozy be idea versa is sad okay I'll tell em apart to know how many days now each I want 25 days Doki and net saying brother Mucha anemia my neck also a volunteer EMS is only Mecca Saudi debris it sounds a branded Chris me I'm Shelly consumer the CBS a serious matter Samia Samia me John Spartan FHA archaea and a better home until Allah Allah meeya not almost reminisce a little my bottom slope to know me Anna almost sir sorry Andrea abusin Awards wouldn't flowers and casa only shame when did you murder these kids Lodi okay songs and Hamas Rockets ran y'all not keeping sue a demo on will be I won't be a Holocaust appear to obey yellow and they all this one also a one wanna stab you them a dollar support and like like like is going on I would see em for time to time no yeah said you do I do me Arabian or time dia or baba to Norma like an or active very normal mmm I know times yeah yeah relapses I'm gonna be I would dance hanumana de it's a new most of the time to relax them about your mimosa hmm you know we also new Meza an emergency Swamiji has an answer okay my idea no not a new be producing an animal and a but I knew it and said nope a Michael Jackson him James a Mike he doesn't know but I read you know and you could see you know mean average on Danny Danny dancing competition I see tampered on Formosa not only say no mood not fascinate you also want to come and join t second Genesis memoranda cost Oakland cams e-commerce and Konami well interesting so ad is in a madhouse and I mean we so la where the screenplay no yes cream place and so dark Tina nice example commune and I'm a panama-based pollution Vienna any of us anchor points you so allah mention is an animal at the movie scene you know I need a decocker munawwara by Phoebe yeah Oh info yeah you know a National Theatre about 60 gr great cappuccino or it's you know seven pepper is a reading so Uncle Bobby my entity about time management manner 7 Pepe Pena started okay T by Bay 888 35 Nani upon not yet change the second shoe which is our anniversary Ghana for a superpower right okay music me because Muslim food yeah yeah yeah yeah very religious become before things an express it better auntie Jinyoung Capaldi oh boy and he called proposes man proposes God disposes yeah Urania Chiappa to time now Marcia says 7 yada yada Andrea would nipple and accrued well kinda work our customer but now Missy accent shall be given on td6 and you find Andrea from deciding Ujima sir yeah nobody because I filmed my no a about 139 minutes in fact II V and was almost four hours but we needed to find a way to bring it down treat that time so that bad you don't sit for four hours I don't think nobody want to do it it's you know first showing at 7:00 p.m. second show in LA at 9:00 p.m. and take it snippy dance or not shy theatre venue oh no Rosetta to Ghana Cedis yeah Fabian to sodium yeah yeah man I need in India Teta Ghana and MacArthur the first week Nadia did take it – no – I want you know the MBA do continent you know assigned within yada yada madness on and people watching accent in am I introduced you the short code you know Surabaya you don't need to go back to those venues no to buy them giving peace of many mayor bureau Akaka crevo but say if you are on path of abundance and water you can just doubt star seven one three star one 5 hash star seven one three star 1 500 tickets online – do I know si Fukui channel room 7 p.m. EST and I invited a teacher for business or ba ba ba a psychiatric hospital company phone on do also be de nama by CBI savvy orbitrap without will be a la mota me a hand or conceal jabo definitely out of curiosity my memories are a lot of the movie premieres being miserable meal serve Abed was West West Hills morning a cow abandon audio cupule National Theater it's more expensive a bit but say Johanna yeah issue with Safavid okay uh-huh I don't want that issue again me passe Bieber to a year patron services in you know but that's not fair to on the part of radius of a bed for well I don't care because I didn't that's someone's business plan or someone's I'm saying any another issue but it's yes it sandwich Elsa and Anna crap back to sunny Bay or moon or Yahoo Tommy Bobby listen II know imma be saving to know an MIT call now when the sub you congratulation VI to me more because police warning metal detectors in IV I wanna know it's you know because of a no-mess incident you know we've tried to make sure say we put these in place I would be a viable option do not go in peace and not Santa Barbara I say in two mana Mesa me nyah now yeah I say and say I thought fiber go cell body life they'd be so what's your problem what's provide to you my day my problem anything no you need to come on okay all right sue mi casa scream hey I did a screenplay dies the director as well mama yeah me Pam for any omission I'm saying another some ability know Malika last CC I saw Marcus are because if I don't want your own kasib you soak a Sephora so so join us Edna Woolman Britnie sisa Lucrezia no bar no I won't cause I'm I mean I'm mean shots if he's so good mom says infusion in the first place no matter say abyssal Oh a drummer ye to be honest enough it be honest because mache and now who kindness and you are watching your boomer in terms of promotion strategies nene amano cuz he thinks it on my dear the bomb Abbas who celebrates in your theme or me renault clio Mufasa over the IE among fatiah tree Eliana mocha BB about Oh Bravo and nomina contents now challenge back on sa the same contents not contents yeah yeah Sebby Sebby Adam issue no MIFA a traditional it's how you treat its Alabama oh yeah interest in an amoeba a babish a I happen to be on the sets and I saw what was going on with Acrobat too and I would say it was so interesting when you live in explain what was going on to me and me first say it's more technical and fun though well Baccano Rubina or the fun but deep in there is a big lesson is not just a bonanza or more sun or moon subscibe you Jimmy know there is a big lesson because the whole concept is about what happens when someone goes mad or how what listen to this this kind of area measure customs will use Rihanna I'm wondering how woody has a solution no because everybody in day Jessica Williams Oprah Rudy tsunami are using a be fine an onion a heartbreak heartbreak yeah bro cannot okay photonic a cry if a tunnel okay because normally an ICS Alexia he said that select CMO equality and say in let me say emotion idea no I want to see his route schizophrenia schizophrenia Anusha Fatah no because oh the me a and sannyasin there's a banna banna Coco woohoo now look ooh gentle but only move Cochran knows that no NEPA know what SIA Faso sometimes when I go to the theater and I'm watching them ah I ask myself is this the same guy more bipolar zoom hola more bipolar very bipolar dear treaty nor p17 and intimate rhetoric are bipolar the car bipolar no but we will we have been getting this cause that are doing we can't take one movie to treat it no okay that's that mantra to do many centers we have bipolar cozy good I see Miss Veda awesome I made my tea now soon baby boy tonight you come on Chrissy Beyonce t-midi I a movie comedy by DSM and our casa it's a my phenomena community comedy stars evoke an anaconda many requisites Patsy here oh man can assess a wacko fan will fuse in Hawaii now people want to impress of a normal person too intense right Jennifer oh my distress and they all want another knock on fire by attending on hey now why are you seriously and khadijah dibianco fast Americana a true movie soap an Aquarian comic cockamamie Maccabee but miss Olivia I'm a baby I'm on house little baby yet they'll be coming this outside my house man described a nose oh no you said a way were handmade Dima hanim oh I mean say was yeah baby I'm a baby I'm a to to need to mean that man house you walk like every way the bill use me asana mobile boom BLM's a budget for some reason I I did it my bachelor on me how my name is Misha Misha we destroy everyone question my own design and we also moderators you okay research juan quezada now it's mopely rule effectively because I own a project if you say this is maybe one man economy comity opportunity Accords movie experiment is edcio bünyamin and Oberman offense Medina the kind of ramadhir plane Onizuka Research Committee about eight chakra then also black man with me bring here today yeah yeah go by and they say meganta me me me me carrot an enemy scripted intend to do one means I think I even excuse myself for the first time I mention to cuz I had to learn something about it first before I get a hand record yeah Pony movie said it wasn't Kabaddi got me Nicole faced an oncoming area and debating a crab because I mean I believe yeah but then New Year a chrono it helped me to move my deviation oh yeah paranoid about Bachchan I know when I did my research also Brian because it was a yeah but damn near dynamic and it was real to the situations that was they in treatment semicolon Anna or the fryer it me put your tea yeah everybody a Mormon a bluesman brownie seen among taking C alright so I think one of the tax I did more or less oh no a a film maker as a film director meaningful movie be away in fact I think I don't know where it started for me say Facebook ozone hits FMO big question who lie about the movies away and so we had to go and bring okay yes I do and I also raise money by giving us copies of movies a week added so movies be so for me I think that this is official and I said the first movie a minister and from beginning to end normally say hola a plea hotel room under Cindy and maybe anima Mundi across oh crap so okay so what's the interest boom khakhra now at the ibaka excited me know the level of researcher echo into the making of the movie and one of the problems I give a walk when it comes to your filmmaking now movie heart enlightened realize I'm not surprised here to do research now in your new Conway research as a director which is very key oma access to being so cool into into the actual circuitry Carson Sequoia research like its general icon Harkin food do you hire more or more money I think they're very very important because over here a lot of concept be tenacity news movies no they research-based and I remember say at the movie ba-ba-ba-ba what they call it ice cream fully shot ya know one of the things I like a lot did Emily dogs on a recession or even the actors know Colonel Bob on confusion and some chakra for today are to do research how to who they ceases how to food that you know it's once you are doing it so quiet because we all know and you might think say OBL nobody's watching but now we've moved away from know filmmaking abilities not awesome voila enlighten and so at the moment I'll be removing the will be questioning us how somebody's good in any scissors how somebody's maneuvering in Oregon Zoo he'll be pushed so it's it is kiss a directionally artisanal be involved in research in cm and I'm also excited about her promotional coil and idea about calling me and apart from efforts on one condition there were a lot of love BIA media guys on so each Ola any we are very involved so um especially are very high I mean I think one of the Oh honest opposite machine nearby criticized oh no I mean it clearly or no that's a no Castle only everyone ah so awkward a journal one uncle yeah people you see so don't see much no play with our minds my souvenir borrowed a key design forgets same quick our kids I say if it is every presence well now their issue I'm a one and I think that till now Bob I don't know how I define in order promotional does one Tamara well I said it was lacking and that's the funeral projection like she said or super Sonico I don't know if Chrissy would be a and what project mill accessing nothing doing the latter part of the this week and I'm also miss you foreign in Albania fights powder John yeah because I think it's a BIA like wax militia no say wax foundation Tina no casi una Nina Avenue to only the male side horn well for me I think say a jumping the gun let's say the word we are what structure the city yeah that the most awards are different from the female world understand it was minimal casa before even going to shoot they said we could not shoot in a female world because I am Emma okay habitual pattern is from a special world view be annual maiya Barbara bottom and I couldn't go there to research run away a Mac nobody want Anna a BIA it might come up but my mother said yes but smoke a CCR no I see he said an anode cancer Abrams we are researching me yes is don't wanna saw everything oh you know by be a monk or easy know us as a scriptwriter you decide everything about Roger it is our regional Ricky title was the voice most know still I mean Anya you mean based on abide by Tia for the me no kind of may equip your passion because me you're a medium I'm saying between Obama here is it's normal that is true but and I'm a Cassidy even though original working title was boys what what asthma CMM awarding and you could not have a man to be mammal but it doesn't mean somebody singing more and my room but whose turn little remark was I wanted you to ask a question say a dentist in mmm want then that once you came to a man or woman we have released who they are and you can there be a things are not going to receive and like we see see no explanation and awesome because what might come up from and again make sure movies I don't want to jump the gun but from what you have seen it it's it depicts the ABI own poetry and money be us I bow down for which is wrong the next would have to predict Elizabeth Missy about your public please 1:03 FM cinemas yoga and some messages varam Cena making heavy batter before they were company enemy new movie I am one of the shams comments in dia and let me see if I can think there's one from Frank for important milestones as a no not from promotions question I think is Nanette we are more conscious last you stop say mad people the word is mentally insane and I think my friend Kelly who is know as my friend is Sally who is also on Facebook yeah I sent it one cept you are using the word mad mad mad mad mennies you word madness make a note McAllister said – women are sooo mad people but even call them the mentally challenged all is meta illness I said it's among four have problem with the use of the word mad ok I do identify tight on a madhouse I bow down for you ok good my bachelor AMA when we walk on the street and we see them a patch all a demon ad from you have not answered a question you know me I'm on phone oh and let me pass mi casa en I'm appointing you my new yarder man for me a small moves around sayin I'm about to know more my D been a different different a madman maybe Kohanim some country where else thank you it's you know bein once a banana cream or Gaza who these people are mentally challenged but what was the baby we have it is stated in day that you don't call them that but but but you see Sir also you create awareness assume al-qaeda here aunty well create awareness no oh so Brahma idea on which I said come back here mom 5ghz who know is that what you are telling us so what awareness traditional when you want to change the size you need to learn their language feed their language to change them mm-hmm this is the language that people speak so when was a movie you are urged to be educated against this particular language you speak I said a scene you know we shall move st neenah yeah EMS in an idea picture with my in Hoonah is also obama for mom someone from said mad people said fix our eyes on amiibo Dean Wilson I'm Way too AM I'm anomic a study best seven times and I'm sorry Manu Serena Shannon y'all cannot buy now they're 20 mm food and horizon is that mean from my people smart house when you're mad people we have so mad house is easy Abaddon foofy mad people need to purchase an afro okay without question why you say yeah my friend Jana me free oh no I'm saying that ozawa yes great asset you know awareness oh mama moon Sookie well say me say mrs. inna hanim Cynthia to be away Mecca Muhammad 20 and niyama Bonnie will cry Yesenia nice Ephraim oh hi audience about see too much Raya said there being a saying that yet the one Simba now that we anime cassette savvy cell person would need a chair and quad and crew and crew blah and also a man who is he mmm no II like this awesome if you much enough on white and Roberto Calvi say oh yeah we want to me that the logic are telling us no sir ultimate not Messiah I envy now until your tinker so yeah you know it wasn't quite a fancy to be no just often a stinking baby yet we don't have a fancy a stop in omega say yeah yeah anomaly we call them the same mad people and I'm mad man too much ECC I wanna walk or a TN yes Tina you need to learn the language of the society be able to change them it's more language new and is hereby a sovereign see Nina Marie Tama belfry National Theatre you never caught them produ crab are will be bouncy and image let's no they are not cool image the other in prison they are just mentally challenged are is that case you are going to get okay I missed the comedy and the jokes but McConnell I mean no disrespect to a moment's any messages and especially yeah yeah worries or grievance or concept but I mean come on mentally challenged apparently is not just people who have sense understand that has something to do with weaving human rights yeah issue so it's not just about the people that are safe so what's mud is wrong that's like no it's just like oh no it's just like oh my from disabled they say you can't call them that you have physically challenged it's even wrong sir trying overdone for picture affected production because we won't never to capture anybody any patient this and they were all over that is key and so it was difficult you have to keep dodging them until I say try and appreciate the crew and the people who help you introducing this movie this is Jenny so all right so I cast my beard do so na na means Abu Hamza nice momenta app in free ICM so we had and the studio yeah or telly in a general in Tatia and no dirty movie no lawmakers Onizuka was a panel member epidermis a Papa EDC harem scene didn't come over for any actress for a demo all right so my message is no it'd be maybe if you hadn't seen young co-ed him now so I think I've done an Amazon so let me do frankly important masters as a scholar how those in the – part can get to watch the madhouse ask him when I am done reading the messages now to beta intestacy thank you for asking the insightful question just as I thought about it you asked him about using things for production ola seem to be shifting oppose his explanation now means themes are good but it depends on how you do your production to entice the list now of us author from Virginia us SSO Lian are old you are off the beat owner brothels issue Tina is making a good point and Chrissy I totally agree with what a bra for said concerning who a good content George books or gia says you guys are doing a good job there and shitty galleries he says I agree with a rough about current music it's a reflection of how short span people interest is now I don't get that particular one here after for since SB I think it is about time you started taming hola Michael it thinks he knows everything and he's becoming a nuisance to some of us are still listening to the show though and with her before he's a typical example of the old envy the world of the children wow you're somewhat watching says the lady's right you're you journalists pic aware will let you sell your papers without listening to the whole interview and Lord Raphael equities as my honest opinion about India profit is its famed that he wants to so Casey let's give it to him I can't agree with I cannot agree more with the the rap so for today's music there's no content did that you P sponsor for 3fm co-ceo grace abrakazam abeyance Yana Norman Szabo's oh my my my a a Cucaracha acaba CMD can do my were here Noah but Romano carbon on cuz idea arisu showbiz moderate teacher I was yet to say okay so am makar cojocar chip in my era a deal I will show visible any simple a key songstress a key songstress Acharya well soon I'm sure a woman in need and again so I could see a crotch you know any coruña in a song just Newsday they say ohm out when you buy a songstress max not a que nunca wanna Sunday only Sunnah shame Internet Susumu say a keen on door so mm-hmm aka k47 ek mimiama be breezy out our song stress to media Nana I had difference from other echidna wanting oh okay and we went out to come on only be said about muchas Minami manager dismiss an EP d AP idea a bit see me at a so many in German army and epifanio epi' dibi dibi we flew a spin ammonia do cough a nickname for phobia avianna and shaytani prepare entire me numbers amused to be BIA me immunity didn't you see me initial sauna okay okay which answer cell would turn you may in fever judo's inning this is my city year okay six year so somewhere around 2013 my boy Johnny no shots yet so that was about around wattage no 18 22 22 but I know as HSN a new video now maybe a Ghana Institute of languages languages I right so we are they organized you of languages me a French Spanish non-english novice or D I'd you know me percent media I just wanted to be a translator okay yeah okay and yeah so yes the idea what – yeah so is still a bitch translation means any any translation becoming fashionable SME and also that may internationally not so at what point I mean okay 2013 the point to do but again account on Zuki were at the amethyst immune impasse meeting who share a new medium way and I'm sorry about I say whose OB out to say what results on your mouse that sink I bring to to to to you know Oh bad news enemy to pneumonic us sp2 to competitions be hearing day but not all are longer no it wasn't my dream she beats himself as a mere musician it was at certain points I make all my damn food be me yes a son ahmud on food be HMSA yeah yeah Vodafone icons MC Min Ko participate in dementia because real good idea Hana Mika Vodafone a consumer and a mushy I'm a manager because he was a brain behind a Buddha phone icons and you know in the minute see in communion the Aquarian McConnell month I was a bit down goes not already in idea fsme Kubiak a Semenko tryna make austria he can see Mikoyan a it's it affected my performance in the media new cars like Charlie Makram economy among Kissimmee Bansi Hahnemann me money – ie and also you wanna know what she knew to me but I'm very good interested ain't worried it says in Tijuana when any Castile it's a no-go school numbers any ajumma at the support see me and I me I was looking around for people who could help and I'm a contact II know that I am NOT boomerang it does so I'll preach here finds in my contacts and Oh mommy Jamal boomerang nightclub enemy Amy age Moana money G clapping for some time and twice I was with him on the label he had a label reading t or any Nehemiah was also you know me from my me Bob one here maybe a I wasn't really in there to sing it one day Natsu young comes to Unicode try be be any change you're trying oh so you are good empty I think so we should take this to the next level well I came right I mean so see 2013 Oceania in a Jamaa by now correct me if I'm wrong I think that video be on social media how ABB our combo said which the amount will be the ambition be I want to take advantage of you on our babies on Sanibel did a video like that yes am and yet then you before then cinema can he knew me si si se va a trainee before then time burn before I mean it was after a session I met my name enough will be a nicer underground rappers will be Oh Juliet's continue to persevere cosmetic economy across to you why you realized said engineers nibble on so he agrees and they want to put it in your head so miss me up one so we a newness a box is a when you opportunity B and C they tried to you know take advantage of your diving with me money German Empire I saw know there was an engineer I open semi like a chainsaw on Gumi macaca enemy edge well studio no intestinal mommy mean I hate him it's me I and once he was not there the guy was trying to you know assuming a BB now you know the way I survived I bought Oh Bob it's Nick I can wash and I said yeah oh oh yeah BB now a Susumu Hirasawa cow so a a advances via as a woman older yay oh man hope I had matches he asked what you – I saw my brain ta ta me be very been a motivating macaca I mean there is no medicine video Alabama that time I make a video I got a bit alarmed khakhra anyhow are now consumed by Chi Chi Minh Amano and you should I'm connected to much mommy because the impression I got was that um I saw him was Salah when you BR basura see and and and it's like Oh be efficient piano before I say Oba someone crime are no okay she said opposite ie be Beyonce okay that maybe you got the wrong impression what I was trying to say was about if I was trying to talk about a particular artist but yes a medic ametropia social media Anna a buffoon I'm a Detroit si I said this meant my ass ain't because Michelle before baby I'm a dream and linear mommy fast food – and I know say it goes on in the industry NASA finally that's my love.we this was I have a minima it's just for collaboration I thought say I was supposed to talk about it and booty out the Statesmen cells weren't cool life and talk about this Emma any panel a contact a mimosa say one who say so and you need me back on in India what is going on as they be a simulation doesn't behind you and koalas known him said no way Amina gonna pursue kinda miss me a very outspoken encino he contacted me but then I I didn't respond no contact to me manager say this is what is going on into a panic Oh onion I should take it down what is it in Tirana most enemy Kasai because without question a junior you leave yourself in an outcome yes now guys Medicare become worse and maybe people I expect you to come and talk about it I was a bit redraw I said yeah well you gotta back I said publicity publicity stunt and I say pay attention and okay so even so I had to still talk about it but then not to mention the past on another concept so now at the adidas there being a moon and I'm a most you'll be are a very respectable man oh no no me music game in India about music is from him you know being a Juniper for mr. Droog Munson if he speaks to me say this is it oh yeah any panel awesome again a casa let's forget about it just go ahead and still you can still address the issue cause it bothers the industry hmm what I say so that's why I came out to talk about it but they're not to mention the person's name because I've made a promise a to somebody I respect say I'm not going to talk about him bunny bunny D what is mo things have been settled in the background so that's what happened it wasn't severe is it a idea from experience a Bianco new movie new genome how do I not see oh yeah I didn't they add their PI because in who beyond oh boy when we already are done I believe Sadie said be all by NJ but a longer because he said we settle in the burger so comments off as you can address this particular issue probably a bitch me astronomy say business on new you know at least an ANA panel try and I believe say the the reality machine the next time who oversaw tribe you will be so very careful also make it such a move towards another lady even who is no musician are the best would be careful because you know maybe another day when a panini non Casa mi went to me I ain't cuttin off what I see and once I came out to season I realized that the way a couple of ladies to back in it's like what she's saying is true what she's saying is true until I believe say and what to sow industry new moons or make careful and it can at least top something or prevents any money from happening like that so a key songs as Nina Nadine Como and maybe four minutes after three and the same a review piece was here for three attempts hey sue take our pot somebody check me on me up to the X Oh a case on stress you go when you go seven you know I am all right so I remember us you didn't wanna see how many a son says and try on come on Russell right so we're friendly 37 7 I didn't know that was 14 I wasn't – bye Emma especially a me a mouse who come but I met many times I didn't know me oh man Sam Amano say I mean Oh Baba I know it would be tacky and my papa for granted you know by poppin on Sudanese and a beer baby I know was telling me I wouldn't loose in an anchor so when your broken heart see beam over Hannah wai-aria be opposed the Brigance today irate Makoku NEPA may admit so at 37 I want you grandma I work all day 77 much alcohol in dear poor incy that's basically what 37 is about okay right before that Arsenal and bitty messages even bizarre say Branagh or Castle Jimmy said a depend on you know IH run on our nutrient Ibiza so be se na mister logic we need a new you murder missile logic this is very important Sandy Bay I met Mia clay mister logic has never managed a key songstress mister logic was working on the PI identity mr. Brunstad advanced and employed mr. logic to work with him on the label so yeah if I say I've worked with well make us a minute mr. Duke Manson I add my own unique new power so means how it de minimis pay me only label a CEO of my label so that's what I meant much yeah I've worked with mr. logic but who sank off would be fills a be a missile logic was was my manager no he wasn't my manager many salmon for describes area dancehall artist what did you weird ancelotti oh yeah me a dancehall artist so yeah boy on a down so oh yes why not I mean Oh with a a yes it's a bit kind of creepy semi caught me a quote a BIA summarizes our my fest and I said one of those really top reggae a platforms maybe so outside Ghana performia as a dancehall artist i wouldnt go and perform 37 as a dance origami performing that dance all were gonna hire I'll go for 37 as a ton so try because that is what these are the kind of songs that gun is new and have accepted as stunts or music okay well so media meaning do dance to morning you're marking cranking chi-wah yeah Internet's ooh so yeah some kind of music me that's a new man sounds yeah well yeah what Jenna's bb8 you know me I'm a bad dancer who's okay um we're we're down so the agenda you ma ha dancehall music and the feast first of all on me riddim a difference the way I be a bit you know what see dance already mom what to say it done so read him and then secondly would see a be a Viper was one and symbol a kick a kick I wouldn't simply a Tai Chi I won't say we can all sing about love songs but if a dance most of the time if a dancehall artist is singing about even a love song and symphony expressions boobies ana maybe or the patois be become part one and you know let it determined and so on on ta but it because of where dance or music originated from we learn from them and then we learn from them and we listen to the advice and it inspires as in Turkish and also in space dance or music and tea and also to me Karuma you know you can define a certain type of music as dance or music did you know and we need you down someone enter via dance hall I've always loved music generally but I think say dance or music and I listening to reggae music fest I love the vibe of reggae music and then growing up and I realized a and dancehall music – kima came from reggae music in t it was just like a trend that I was following me follow and then I fell in love with reggae dancehall and then the energy the kind of energy and the delivery that dance or music UT I would say no I think I have it in me I think when I do dance or music guys I love myself to wind dance or music hmm a B sedan so music is associated with violence besides like a sky why didn't your own is in I think that is what it has become but basically you know reggae dancehall music was derived from reggae music and reggae music speaks about peace speaks about positivity and unity and see I think they a misconception in Namibia yet daaa artists and not any fans especially because most of Eternia yet ID yeah yeah yeah yeah Numa b23r who I can't see me HSA as I said in the people tend to believe in those things and they start comparing are today fun business starts comparing this artist to the other artists a to artists be and then the fun starts fighting among them so they start arguing among themselves and then later it is transferred on to the artist because if they are comparing you to somebody all the time and you get to see sabia some people are insulting you because of this funds may be become a bomb that's what I'll say like a comma bomb now why she is not swinging out come on Fei be overcome if you're not I'm a it generates violence being a system but it shouldn't be like that I think there is not just with also music even hip-hop music rap and so what I call channel matter I think they found something on one thing it may be a so we the artists have to educate them say and what about how it gets you know it is just it's all about we entertaining it's presented same and it makes they gave me interesting but we should you know take it personal okay make IDBI China has over kaya so I'm quoting a much other coaching such as I am the only female in that particular category and it is huge too so this is for us and you have to go we have to get it and of course okay sighs a week and I'm gonna make I mean coming at me I can simply okay so we're reaction Branagh in your nomination I'm said the last vgm is oh yeah okay the graphic showbiz nude income or this is what oh yes Ibiza no one deserve yes it's a a pound I mean OBO chasm in desert Viviana and say I'll say say I forgive them for they don't know what they are saying because say a car Jana now what turns on music is a Bible you say they just ended VG mm-hmm the category is one of the best I have seen and so far as far as wicked and saw Jenna rumination since I mean by industry Newman who say yeah can dance all artists are booms okay weenie weenie weenie anomie needs Johanna this is one of the best bike I mean since I came because looking at the artists involved we have shot so early we had such as a valley in the stone boy episode myself right although there was somebody else I mean yes and oh do be are any of these artists Sigma or did stone boy it was only a dance or musica I think say he's one of the best in the indie country and even in Africa and in the world Chateau Alec is also one of them sameen II become most of all these people as irregular as reggae dancehall artist and for myself speaking for myself when I talk like that I've been is a people things ABI me German – a BMI you to number then among all these guys who were nominated in the category I don't see the only difference all the missus stages to say be I am perform any idea what the Jenna really is about the only thing that you see different is I am a female and they are male artists so when it comes to mother Jenna is about yes I fit in and then I should have been there like years mccreaney what I see first ammonia a nomination of the category that's a dance or a gimmick Wow yes okay yes even though I've been nominated in the other categories before but this particular one meant a lot because that is a Jenna I represent and finally they have you know they have recognized my my way my my efforts and putting me day so yeah reggae dance and then I've done a lot in reggaeton song music when you check my music and then you check their records I've done a lots of good music unless it be I wouldn't him only my because and I brought some people to some people named Sola kak song stressful hobbits they have not really paid attention to the kind of music I do you know they sit back and be judged wrongly hmm and it's not your fault I believe say it's also the fault of the industry as well because we keep pushing mill artists a lot a lot of like you see even in the in that category I was the only female there and I believe that the other people actually pushing the industry the industry has been designed in such a way say it's it projects male artists more okay for example I said my uncle can pitch in and out you know for example and funny thing about these awards in front of eg Emmy Awards categories namely yellow babies a mill your female vocalist of the year and I want me vocalist of the year why did they do that because say yeah Cassie yeah yeah what callused of the year nine separate you know i me about communion about Kofi Mila I don't think say a male artist will ever win that they've vocalist of the year because women I mean as far as the world is concerned here come vocalism and march on him properly hmm and he acai a Booma mini movie a ka-boom wanna say yeah see a ki boom okay most of the time we'll get female artists winning over the male artist and you know because of that soon make us a project Samuelson because a once they drew enormous Aboriginal so the mill can also have a chance to win some of the awards when it comes to vocalists so why not okay I may Ricky dancehall artist of the Year category we should I believe say mm I need also know ah yeah push your ma because of these things normal community a senior category some man or babysitting me Winnie reggae dancehall artist of the using a very huge platform to showcase her talent and he s not just with the wicked dancehall artist of the idea is there are other and categories I believe said they also need to divide it so that would be a banana chef favorite I see yeah I mean Osama a Samira McCain Kawasaki Cuccia vda an inch each Amir DMSO Becca said an auntie Kahuna CCR no diving down so a catchy greena because number with a man you know in fact I know how much you won't owe and told you about him pushy yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Music yeah yeah show crying ahsoka ha when we say yeah come a a yeah that just ended kanamits Nyjah you have a lot you had a lots of new artists or Nate how many female artists were on it will be in the business or not pay the artists oh he said my mom for about the history a BMI I mean a hit song a man for what you see yeah soda fountain okay so now we're talking about hit song which upon may hit songs the radio stations make hit songs uh-huh I bring my song here very good music I think it's not only radio stations yeah I know it's not only I'm just we are picking up and factors that contributes to all these things so yeah not only radio stations but once amo muñeca so muchas yeah bought some particular hits making a hit song you know that's why a Sbisa be a meaningful to me 89 young pop up it's a whole because yeah bought a new phone a good new puppy Brea sue mom it has become part of them say oh they're saying you know they say you think's a good song sell you think says no good song on you you might even end up singing it without knowing because that is what you have had over the time in see that's how his songs are made in the first place and then we have a lot of new artists being pushed like that and I am a so crying mmm yeah yeah society needs built in such a way so Oh buddy so you see mmm I do you see a what yes here in Femina and mmm yeah it pulls us back or maybe idea the backlash in a very very high – oh man oh you're – I mean show business now yeah you know we want to everybody wants to look good the way that a managed a man can look good oh no so yeah a BIA why dress and maybe our yeah why I need to be no way any chest my musicians use our quad jamming our building logic Akana while sheds be maybe an Akuma downwash any chamber barbeque a BIA a SuperSoaker gym no building oh that mean cumbersome because I mama okay yeah yeah woman me as an artist see honey I'll talk for myself okay I want to look good all the time and everybody should sob I Eddie and Humberto know I feel say Oh show myself online there's all your confidence about what how you look and you know Andy if I feel like I look good when I wear my new sketch I look good when I show my stomach and I want to walk around with that eyes I don't think that anybody should sit back and then judge me but here society no has been built in the wind sorry you had I mean time with that number may mean to me crank a menorah orbitty said sarkodie yeah chateau le stone boy mom what about Nehemiah be obedient one for cracker for me yes so just about the mmm mmm on our own oh ma come on even so by a Bieniemy mm Oh Oh Monica Nimoy and oh yes I mean uh Sammy Sammy beam coming sorry sexual me too soon a semi Surinamese sannyasa a nice alternative if yeah and she's selling sex but his higher body is and that's how she can move to her own musical how may I help me but I saw say a high a high money you know in the stream how oh yeah because I mean my mm money because how you get beca because after I see a come watch it because oh yeah cranny uncommon summer that means that means oh oh and you know it's all I can yet you know what I'm sayin I do you know and my name you I could retire the biennium maybes I'm not say I'm not talking for maybe half the confidence to look to dress anyhow I wants a dress that's a say much big brain on a step back because a okay any account once am i okay because to see you mean up my memory only go through the same thing recently MJ h don't wanna call a year Kenya a commercial moon your mom for Churchill finely as Simona to do a 20 mm you understand which means a rd animal for khakhra or air Kenya sure they hit you understand so it's not just about a man – we get come watch them I mean 7 tbpi you can almost hear reaction Libya is so citing him but she made myself so by ABA Canon want some more omatsu and I wanna yell Xhosa and I want whirring are we on who saw them i hain't kind of want something yeah yeah yeah money into me am i obstacles I faced if it's one of em one cuz I borrowed your nose you see if you are bitching yeah yeah now then I saw one yet nice idea we know everybody I hope you FINA yeah remember we can't come won't say because a money anyway yep yeah we have to collaborate among ourselves like we've been saying say yep I see a common one but the point is our collaboration so a collaboration I want to collaborate with an artist I work on a new Moodle nutritionist Annamayya nay uni become but a money in project Bethany amico at me a kiss on says Marco Asus be Jose Menino area collaboration because the industry has no it's so hard we go I mean I have a collaboration coming up with Edina she's doing very well so it's easy to collaborate with her so I can see but it was so hard for her to even get where she has got into any money Duomo was it hard for them it wasn't hard to know because the industry does not match them like that they do those be Brianna open up form use here we issue our memory dominates he even do girls are they yeah anyone will be like the factors that I've mentioned okay alright so an okay song stress nominee Giacomo and Navy Alejandro mercy who a median sue peace was there for three entertainment reviews uni 25 minutes after three me mommy panel members who I be more macho macho that Michael I'm saying so Christopher Tina Malik on an order somewhere baby so I don't remember me shots infuse I'm Joe salucci a keystone stress yeah Kaka and Osaka Grammy goobie Sonya this the first time I'm in a show any policy now a case underrated one of them highly underrated artisan in Ghana AAK Nami she may be a static field below Abdullah sometimes I wonder how she's been able to keep up the same frame the same enthusiasm the same alacrity the same you know energy because of humor in my own estimation with my following of the industry no I do not believe say a key a Doozer highest peak of neck area especially with Hawaiian Yahoo mainstream artists on verse 11 but for the past six years she is always pushing because and sometimes I wonder SAP so how come nothing is breaking here as in when you get discouraged and I say she's not affected every year beyond overcoat YouTube Mia no swing Malaysia two or three videos for the past six years always I mean because I follow you cannot stand this is there are two quality videos you know three songs or one rotation but so now I said the message should push no necessary projection on air like a pastor on any management's not keep on pushing and pushing and pushing pushing like Wanda and it's good send a manager aha probably he will be able to tell me say this is the motivation because I believe that we won't wanna a be a ditch and no other artists and it seemed no yelling because clay if there's nothing a game in waukesha so they've given up rocker because we see a Nicasio moon nao for Anika really beefy burner or strategy be but a be as I regards to to prominence ABI become hawk or know that how induction are Haley in Corfu be in the understand and I mention it because the only Tanaka Americana was me projection of the facts induction upashi mellitus MELAS I do not think so because he win – Remo in the same genre of reggae and dancehall I mean the lives of cocky we're projected in a certain light and miss V this V was projected in a setting like these are female artists they are not male artists and the same industry 'no i presume you get it I hope and I'm in a manual but I believe that something is going on I mean she has to tell me say the motivational factor win tonight and fear be on regardless of how induction is soon wanna see in Solomon she stole his own because she was that's a winning croissant retinol and as a character analyst a vet you know impresses me always I notice our big break no big break my back because I mean this effort cannot go unheard it is seriously but I need to know the motivational factor nah it keeps unless it Kiki OC sadly no okay let's see you every year so you'll be out full of music now let's see he actually sees people are really active and she's always day I do miss Sullivan why you know what I'm talking about but she's always in the picture I don't know what was the equipment or always in that in that frame of mind always waking and pushing something yes then there's honor that yeah observation VMI and this is because in the manager one hand on your chronic America was media I mean you will be able to tell me say manager at this relationship I survived it over the period and again I'm saying it's because a be are two points be like a mini Minerva states of mind over the period because Oceania contemporaries a baby I would do and be as an induction helium I don't know what they discuss but I'm sure say that there could be a point in time about complaints I might not get into this level of but they are stood together because I've seen relationships are a break because of the facts a the level a be especially on buho and there's not even one time BIA abscess on a bad mother put any money Janet I don't know I mean yeah something is going on beyond at this manager you know relationship and one of the wishes of mine is how close another hiring a manager because I don't know about you but I've seen the manager always in lady in the presence so Kobashi will not a stage not right and how they answer should be handled you know say press conference via the manager is still in the picture interview led by I mean Luke is a legend okay so by this time coordination I don't know whether it's so slowly to this sensor I know troopers are passing like to answer this and then I think way more unsafe quest for it I mean can't we that one in me oh yeah I'm a believer like medium in deeper I grew up being me free I may be dressy since I have a lot of beliefs reassessing mommy mommy or do you become go be Danica and awesome ago Jessica mono and I mean me a boy being a boy and if me by you know and it could ruin oh sure me son ah oh my me anybody like what do you mean mom I'm a banner none but me so much I know see a ha hmm Sean was a yacht II don't see it nah you have a very bright future I was about 17 18 years will have a very bright future nah yeah I'm in my senior crime yes you know I come from a humble background I wish up a baby Missy up up baby Gina oh babe Wow I'll be pijl pas queen him nah the only thing you have to do is to be a good girl just be a good girl and that is it in felt economy which was a mom prophecy be sadness our so nation osho osho left's rights will show maybe I won't maybe as someone to be feel bad you know it quite annoying and I just kept it in my mind along the way I met I've met a lot of people on so one person one guy who met me and he started screaming hey pochittona be known castaway oh yeah you're from saying I was that he was been coming to me like oh approaching me in a very aggressive way oh gosh I may say you are going to be a star now the Oh kind I'm not here to disrespect anybody I'm just famous a or say hey America so what will be a very big you become very big in this country make a scratch and jockey appear like or comment to say aggressively Josiah that time noona now I think semi paid rumor in Minami maybe I'll be paid you know mr. Johansen Oh auntie when I met him if I fr Swami mini CIA man Francois mushiya nominee West at age I'd even say I will be a musician attested in few know I know an MVP enemies me account a but I know who I am I believe in my talent I believe I'm very talented and I believe I harvest very solid money management and I believe in mr. Duke Bunsen and his dreams and I pray for life for him and I pray for life for myself if you let me talk of I see a very bright future even though some people will not see it I know what I'm building and I know where I came from and I know where I'm going to I believe in where he wants to take me to and how he handles me like reason why I'm still doing what I'm doing and the reason why we have such a solid bond that's nobody can understand I understand why I met him I believe I met him because it's my destiny to meet him I believe that I have to listen to me as very good intentions for me he sees me as his daughter I knew his family I know his children I know his wife and you know what in China I mean people perceive a lots of things and then I can say that is true there are lots of artists in this industry at the kind of treatments the kind of relationship they have with their money just know I have been a mini manager my manager is like my father he's like my friend we talk about other things that it has nothing to do with music so we have a special bond yes wit da Camilo mil I don't know wait for him no nobody knows near this man I saved his business when I came to work for boomerang there were lots of people stealing from him he didn't have time to go today there were lots of people he was stealing from him I was the only one who came in and he trusted my work is not stealing from our trade since it's like because I was not going to steal from him I was in to make sure things are done and make sure they will be on TV at the end scene I became a traitor to all of them okay yeah quick one quick one let me see about him it's not about yes yes I said no Cassie Papa be Shahana near Man O Connor Owens a tree male called Bible Makai Tamara a useful crystal time no I see a for no or no more who the actual mercy a virtual wooden yes we know by banana say yes but you before fro upon the cathedral one of my men knew about a woman this is the person do you know what I've met people nothing new but you say yes II and I'm sure maybe I did you know save this anybody of course I all meet people my baby old imagine what the matzo platform via said a mobile a free baby ABBA I'm there like Minnie Andrews and all kind of I'm not mean Ruby peak yet but there are lots of people who are seeing my wife's but they believe it or not to know a lot of people were seeing me and anybody can pick me up from there so it will still be through that one person who made me here but all the noble school is do Bunsen yes and that's why spitting in your life it's not miss person I have met him and that way he has brought me to in my life from where I was of course has to be it has to be another day I might say I may take I say it's destiny that has brought me here to meet everybody in this to do for you also contributes to what is happening here so what is it nothing it's just a coincidence all right so good to have you at my mini knows it yeah you know but at this point know me I don't believe in women empowerment okay I believe in human empowerment okay ultimately looking women empowerment I believe that there should be equal opportunity for every human being yeah ultimately look because you are female so we should put you at econo know you are human being let's just everyone I don't care if we have all female running a face and things are working i bunk it I don't care if we have all male running a face and things are working for all of us I believe say about enemy wouldn't say opposed to the door to any female no say yeah designing society they say they are lost for female that the only law we have about that a public your furnace a public planets constitutional and a criminal could new whatever you know PR agency it go against film you know so the opportunity is day what I'm expecting the female to do you the film go for it just like the man ultimately Obama BBC natural baby or Nancy free no baby baby may live in 93 bucum about Donna films I mean not for me me buy me a small tsunami by 12 o clock me feel ten o clock by 12 o clock and must be at a gala films the astronauts were me so that I can be close and talk to them but okay until a man oh please you're police okay let's take that thing off my dream Molly just knows would be pretty a problem okay I'm telling you they don't push my last question Duke my patch oh um okay it's me who manages debris Almont in video station to video station it pushed it to all this much more digits now on the wall stitches and that big big ones new in quran quran may patch oh do you have that list I have have list of digits all of our work with all of them some magma came home a key has been granted shall be moon she could timing it needs to do with any artist in Ghana without any assistance you see what she has learned there was has been taught she's been taught first of all to be an artist secondly to even manage a label do you understand oh yeah she knows why even the earliest artists the winner attempt him they cannot even go for it she understands why this is this and that starts see her level of development that is about this industry no some easy one why was that okay for instance I manage forests for my VIP accident to all source of heights when it gets to the level of what I'm not were saying you will see that we do not have what it takes to move forward as an artist I mean you claim a least artists when they get any hits they get whatever and they get you bottle I still with you medial rotation BJ me they do not go beyond the shores of Ghana so people wouldn't definitely not understand okay now because my vision is entirely different because I look at the so coil is purchased in Ghana and I said to myself you are where you should be they are ready for the next step well nobody's because because they know how is not they was massive and then somebody somebody who say that okay if you know what is the wise they can know I like the way a case development is a key when she goes to an embassy for visa she does not even need to provide one statement meaning that she is the bank statement she has been developed shutting proof out she has been for Joshua of Iceland see what my say-so I mean so in terms of equity test of capacity building you know she being built to that level just mercy yes she's been built to that level in see what like you co am putting in my world will be between where your stages and when a key gets that sound when make a guess that's brick damn music brie I think Jerry Ghana Ghana should be in for something else okay before Tina Ravana is Emma Duke who confirms that has a car disconnects anima you know or say Moo develop owner to a certain stage EP a– you like the way things are going I'll either way she's developing but from onion como ad so far no I don't get the impression that she likes it because she's complaining about how we are not supporting a female you are not pushing water she is happy say hi Pia then you let things go the way just happy with her development she's happy with they stay what she's complaining about is that she wants equal opportunities to be given to the female as they give to the men like for instance like yes yes she described if I in fact is a nationally he issue that even the president has spoken about it and she is not something alien to us unless of course you we want to pretend or put our head in the sunlight some ostriches but the point of the matter is that it's a fact that this industry is is designed for the men like for instance I'll tell you something I know when I manage VIP forest for day as men they ask whatever management will do for them and whatever manager to do for them and they did is the same management team Luke Avanti Avanti oh yeah the same management is the same management team ah who took VIP to win out so they're twice we know I I just thought you cannot even do the same formula 2015 accompany the same formula 2019 you have to advance our degree that time there is no there are no social media good Java sunset do it no social media so you cannot say the same be same what I'm saying the same ID the the level of intellect day day day deep thinking be honest something right now right now right now right now okey now tell you something I'll tell you something doesn't the Brenner you are mentioning some oranges on female artists who are whatever but I tell you something when the case gets interested you she can't I reach the engineer as what kind of bitch [Laughter] like if you don't build like equity me capacity-building yeah dinner right now I've realized that I don't have what as much is for myself I don't have that one wreck month hit that is all over the place but I'm coming misty I always says I'm because of a personal journey Andrew yeah it's nice to keep pushing because I know well once you get what I'm saying is right now I have built a certain type of fan base I would say our artist viewer ha and I just blew our hits not one to turn us away to me and I hate to give my so much you say it's like the person invited said yeah what access via the old or not hates when I hate some actually only BCC so of course we show now a bit but because what deaf like in this industry where we are do music in there's a Sunday because I mean grinding thank you so go I'll grinded two points that I have booked a certain type of fun base that once I get that fire should be with other hits from this game is wicked and so what is left is that Big Bang it's no point to me concerns over hits it's an about wonder like each bad that doesn't mean sir noona and you yeah the all the technicalities no are they yes it's it's not something that you can force I don't know how to make it but we are building like a song with me yeah do all you come yeah but it takes whatever I do mean yes are at Swick and I made films but I had those I'm going to make a film a b2b oh yeah all right but when you do it and you say my memory number because on Cass I mean do I do because I know okay Connie will meet or not am I dreaming naka and because Oh cousin we are comparison between I miss Panama Sandia phenomena maybe salsa and watch him cause I'm interested and I'm Susan Johnson and what so building that do some never be sexiest without the hits are you know worried I'm sana Marc Marc Sheldon Jamaican my movie sucks are question oh no I'm not I'm not worried I'm already I mean I would say to you that she might not have a heating in Ghana but when you go to come on with her strong wine was the biggest national song cumin and Capone had news on disease chilies slow it down it's very big in South Africa 37 obviously was was a slow song the song that question yes play and a song with as sarkodie it's doing very well even though we have not gotten there yet so and then recently was there as far back as just three days ago the biggest promoter in Germany contacted us because of three of his songs that's it yeah as if I said she just hate in Johnston in C Ghana is just add dots when it comes to world are face but they always come back to your country to come and check on you so it's important that you get what Asuka this was a a a big banger so yes I'll be very glad if I get I can huge one huge song here by asset asset now no and worldwide is making wish so I'm gonna work Oh cuz I know what can be be now co-op I said they say Jamie vision me nobody no matter how I make Andy the illest artists what's one via message and to building for world winter services so I asked cosmetician I'm saying that I'm sayin algae if you look at Wizkid I will see much difference between what wizkid is doing or what cycle or stone boy or sat well in country the ER stepped out because he gets a point in time now you are just recycling and see if your achievements or ends with VGA a VA million donation 780 inanition a second well the simple no all day aspect of bragging rights you mentioned about the fact that what what produces some musicians or Morgan which book back nuit so it's prestigious only a will person say I wouldn't go food be saying abuts wiki Oh cuz I also know correct you some point if I take artists and then you and you are you are short-sighted not to see the vision and then when you get one too and decide to back off and so I want to manage myself I'll let you go no no suya process and that's the same strategy you know I Twinkie from the way when they get here way the way they were already would work working in the water is for ten years without any recognition Janice tan they were working around so when they come around I see in this in this industry you see some artists they work around ten years doing jack and and therefore when and all of a sudden within a year to you sure that the light they saying that oh something that we need a house live I mean while you were in this industry ten years not even knowing where your next meal was coming from mr. Duke Apache okay do that I don't want to discussion you to be on Duke too much on your interview so that you don't see it too much on it understand you bomb say let's not focus too much on him he's got is that I won't trust you yeah yeah okay no question but wait until okasan and so we were making you made mention of the fact say we have caught even how you refer to you know a list ye and about and supports me men who say what this uh I dream about you with a mister and 800 a dream every time I make like a seems astray no Yemen or the example of my mother paya blue button in common so I put on my eye and almost every time no we are like everyone my baby mama yeah yeah we have to take that thing if he is okay it was city 15 yeah Pat yeah my money and in T William co-president organism Emma sodium mom wanna if you want equality Messiah gia would he say a germany-based Maya we should take that thing off Nana Debbie any alumina society society no society is a society about saying bitch Gina my up Wiremu and we stop their pettiness say Obama yeah I mean between wanna moto that's all no you are not even collaborating are not doing things and you want to try one car Mumma remember so if a monomer industry know you will set up and say agenda be that you want to be there how do they the industry recognized semiquinone it was yet she catches will be mom who say dance or female dance all that you did because group knock away and women who would they mention say we it's it's a yeah who say you need to know much me grow up everything challenge after young girls I'm a much better dancer than in the index in the process mimosa my boss man tena the secret to cut Roma Bravo oh no no we have to makes you make us give you that block it's you just imagine yourself they say there's a platform and they say that the female reggae dancehall artist of the year it's on this platform the mill female council artists of the year is on this platform already that's that's that's that has given that person presence and presence is very important stuff from some way your points are well-taken but then but then you see like like the president who see talking about it and not taking steps to push to position females rightly at where they should be no I know that we are just talking I mean like I get I think I do with you and a lot of points much for I've met I've learned a lot from what you have said right now and then what it has said but I think at least for the judge that cuts it fighting for that cuts in the window I think say it's something that I want to keep pushing for it because and mr. by my ears because if a key is this everyone say if I if I ever win make it down so at the stream you dozen artists of the year automatically the other goes behind are also going to be fighting to be day it's okay then the platform okay alright so good to me about you being about me about how do you do this to me sir we were yeah alright peace 1:03 I feel like an eyeball that's a new one from a kaesong stress featuring samba that's a case songstress warming featuring sarkodie [Applause] all right so maybe I talk to or here if you know a senior you know Bob you crash so some message is not Victor kadam says I think that woman are the women are complaining a lot these days men also go through stars like the women do I think men should do more to push themselves as the men do I think a key as it's very articulate and I like her 37 strong okay so I think a key some stress speaks very well good job Chrissy and I panelist that's I want from Amonte lady Joyce and Chrissy versus sak Sanchez you're right love you for your boldness and the okay so let her pay attention and the next batch of message is neighbor Nina they have problem with your watching me yes please hey she asleep adaiah please divert diverse boards also dive it seems she's going it is what she's going underwater and one here also says up conceived with the spectacles from her face hey and we laugh oh why is she going to watch the solar eclipse hey so they wanted you to take in fact Oh in a bit they wanted you to take it off where's my camera i I don't have you know I've taken it off please that's all sorry I've been a key unload their cousin can see it can be be say you vote with a certain direction okay and we all know we're like between you and Mikey you were nice beautiful girl okay Duke is a gentleman yeah what am i see the two of you there is nothing wrong if you are going out for me battle I appreciate so by making a questioner movie Mikko you had a chance yeah uh-huh okay is that question less obvious Christina yeah if a miracle happen Zuma or Bethany that you're limping it because we don't have that kind of chemistry much yeah is it mad I see at night Walker on record yeah okay okay baby so my me your follow-up questions imagine only made mine quartered on me a question Nabby okay so me who's the other way it might not require to that Network No okay that's fine Oh I mean before say I'm I mean we didn't say okay no my arrow side chick I don't I don't think I deserve to be a side chick I shouldn't be a main chick I should be the wife yurina medium a healthy debate she gave me a very movie I'm a very jealous and jealous a he must mean me me me me me yeah why Romina will be back home is about money to me share in the family James not shows with yeah I want I don't want to be a second wife I want to be the one and only wife and working and only chick as well focus on me focus on Duke but ways in relation with okay okay yes just one especially for you because like I said they're watching a bus aqua MCO bizarre some of the people listening would not forgive us I mean without niyama asana I know the patch maybe Alcazar near bore about Zoe a Duke and in the way I was so a cave own age incidentally SAS NHTSA my assume you know yarmulke Lisa and that or nasarah vu Juma an imam Kuya gramma a buyer no vh0 new Jeremiah and ok baby Oh Cassano convinced Uki goñi art is here to manage a short-sighted up with Johnny Rocco so whatever happened to you know yeah they meet y'all now call maybe Michelle Bank man and she misses me say it's short-sighted that not seen the vision I want to or the emphasis in the deficit zone if you want to go I'll let you go chair by force okay I don't know Adam will run in any case oh and so what's the reason Vienna by is it because the best range short-sighted decision ideas Allah Allah ok I'll tell you something as I said this on a but then somewhere along the line a prominent blast a footballer came to came into confusing and as and and that's what I can see now yes came into common confused a and then and then things happened a damage Anna because I because the industry all of a sudden this so-called famous blaster footballer no serviceable John oh no no separate about the industry please say BCC City confuse the person and then for the best Oh with you Monty well you can say to manage a female artist successfully no oh don't I know you and I know why he was much peanut what's he saying is okay so we become fewer men made me say I mean if you know guys will be like Oh guys I mean men I've met men in guys so buy your pill what Jesse a pill now they say the I wouldn't even say it maybe I'll considering him or whatever I don't need Nick Nick touch this our de Appel would need be no no oh but your manager I mean contracts went on in the world what is going on well we I should say in sec Lucy's omikoshi we have an MRI valve on Kazama a cage no no this one job do come in even all right to you oppa say oh Jessica confused first of all chip or crack on work was the mean I'm saying this I realize like she say no it's like a mirage will you have a long hair to talk I don't see you don't know what goes on in the game both face Anton because of maybe yo-yo focuses on some part of a button oh oh oh sadly no you think that's you have been ordained as a newly popular pen oh thank you yeah okay so you see OB now Ebisu someone is following you Oh gah Emmanuel following HM what do you mean yeah not you every day but as in there whoever a key dates GSL she know that she has Acharya true empty whoever will come in to support you so bought your car is done by you your proof it is fine if the piece is not coming to support system to damaged um you feel this or here support means or support means a cottage style use now with a like I met like a guy who was interested in me in the blaster player no not that nice a player in the past yeah a guy that I was dating before oh yes that means me buddy do you know what that's it oh no home and maybe I in approve the media was I about opposite Oh Burbank oh by Anna I have become somebody I've become a key songstress now he wants to marry me which is good ok I like during the past and he approaches out will become come together by the abaya oh maybe I want you to stop not a key song stress thing these are the things that he's talking about okay why should I stop wait don't come and change why um I went they stopped putting face in your head like Osama via MIDI a wife I don't know sure we stayed you know Suleiman pill it is for the at that is when the destruction comes in what is here that's when the destruction comes in so I think there is just something to support what he's saying is it okay okay I'm okay anyone okay see ya Bhima me or your money John oh yeah so clearly you need to look out for your artist that's okay I mean clearly who you've been a manager for a long time you know ba-ba-boom no one so why yeah careful now Oh beats me I'll make you a brick so many job a stick in Obama call Becky no yes in Seattle on a black star playable pen oh yeah yeah any-anything Wacom blaster blaster and on rampage in Antigua which is no good nobody's effect oh you said was Solano glanced up like the confusion weapon yeah blast I play I been others or woody was a nobody Oh me if who's that I'm getting to know him yeah my son I work on Sunday I make a sonic I also know what I want what else I was somebody who supports Micah like me and say oh they should be a fun of me fest before SOPA Mia and SOPA me be BR Mia fest it's an only getting to know him how well he's interested in what side even if you're not interested all right we are interested in a clue but there's one for each piece on streets Oh be set or call a year Instagram is the Grampy yeah what new one I said you don't post your music video is nitsana my name it may be supposed to go today who pictures outta to to us as a model who more like even as a model than even a musician yeah on again follow meee I belong zanny Palma no Kazan are you interested in my pictures not my music maybe I'm your buddy maybe I'll give you 300 why nice also to do a no shake but son Kyson or share me as a musician cuz I put I post my music the why people follow he may have people commenting on my songs and all that so where they see in the song song I post them I post them my Instagram air for a phobia we post pictures too as well yeah alright well so I hadn't seen you busy but I am sure mommy my amo incasa know to be chart or I'm sure there are some things you want to see in terms of a as a job yeah you see an associate media Honda first of all say send me that me danyoung coupons and I thank my friends those who have supported me other people's I have some people almost supported me from doing because they believe in my talent and my vision and say I thank them and I want them to keep supporting me and keep believing in me because that time will surely come and gonna hear and see this you keep supporting my movements if you want to follow me Oh between a fool Umi war so shall also shot media platforms mean I had a key songstress Instagram Facebook page you know so kawaii becomes he okra oh yeah they awarded on by highest number of likes inand then I update it's very often that's why you get to see my most of my post about music and all that and we can follow me on Facebook as well on snapchat at a key song stress and everywhere they subscribed to my youtube channel as well ok song stress okay alright so do not reach okra oh one pay attention to a kiss on stress song with them psycho their wire me and his name very well and then they should follow him on social media at a kiss all stress yeah wire me wire means the new song a new boyfriend or girlfriend be on oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah last last be a Bassanio Michinoku and listen to it's not my duty a pair by manaro first response was I see all right I don't know each other for me I think that ma'am you can it can it appreciate see the facts a especially in Ghana because we're outside gun idea I mean from what you're saying girls no air filter in Ghana and there's more to be done we need that big break so I mean say yeah we're 80 percenter effort we didn't count you understand make sure that the stones are rotation you know videos are playing quality videos are playing all over saturate a person economy domestic because a key he has a big break on a show okay you know yeah we just want to encourage you say Oh at the end I said why will you pay Piazza points you sit down when questioned yourself at dinner CI Dennis and Dina what's our toll unison mm Oh boom biani the baby on it time idea but watching no money no Moo you get it yeah Obama would really open baby illusion at the out in nature a bit grew fast and then work on your talents building because you are doing all talents and they all but Rick to remember but putting more fire more energy connected people connect with your friends and then gets there what about thing out there alright so um 18 minutes after 4:00 time for us to go meet a winner and happy birthday to mommy could I do a name a do this on his phone mommy can I do any model happy birthday to you son stress in your to Nina in a VA and energy in company for say also had her money Jack you bouncing paradise entertainment my baby now Malika stuff when you allow Michael so epic I am ehem of why streaming live on facebook at my sorry so damn special Mario crack up him news you focus your Virginia affirmative in unison I mean come on to the new muchacha de Bourgh Mariana come who or needs 100 point nine Luka with FAA and also remember tomorrow's Sunday Bishop what your life will be on on Facebook tomorrow Father's Day will have a blast you on Facebook crazy about your life hello Jimmy D available Facebook so much 'no two beautiful ladies out come through on the show one a model and one music artist they will be on tomorrow God willing 5 p.m. shop tomorrow Sunday on Facebook screech garage alive remember Chris yeah why do you want to make an obscene a meeting we see between our sake


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