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Entertainment & Media Law : What Is an Entertainment Lawyer?

You have suddenly found yourself writing music,
writing short stories, and thinking about getting into acting and you think you need
some legal advice and you’ve heard the term Entertainment Lawyer. Hello, I’m Robert Todd
and I’m here to answer the question what is an Entertainment Lawyer? Well today Entertainment
Lawyers do far more than simply represent actors and actresses in negotiating contracts
to do movies or to do television shows. Today Entertainment Lawyers are involved in many,
many aspects of the law such as employment law, labor law, immigration, securities law,
contract law, intellectual property law, and the list goes on and on. Today in some states,
Entertainment Lawyers actually recognize a specialty whereby their state bar associations
identify them as specializing in the area of entertainment law, and in some states they
even have board certification in the designation entertainment law. So you may want to check
your particular state’s Bar Association for these services. I’m Robert Todd and thank
you for watching.


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